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1. Carhartt Waterproof Insulated Mittens XX Large

Carhartt Waterproof Insulated Mittens XX Large

All-purpose polytex shell. The fingers and thumb have digital-grips. The FastDry technology lining keeps sweat away. Fleece cuff with wrist strap.

Brand: Carhartt

👤I've owned them for a year and a half. They were bought for snow-blowing after reading good reviews on Amazon. The linings are never dry. I've started hanging them by the finger tips from the ceiling light over the wood- stove for a few days. They still don't dry out completely, making the whole room stink like ammonia. It's gross. The manufacturer never responded to questions about the issue. I'm probably going to have to throw them away because they're not suitable to donate to. I don't post reviews good or bad because I don't take the time, but I thought that anyone reading reviews of this product should know about the problems with the linings and the smell.

👤I run 16 miles on Saturdays no matter how cold it gets. My feet and hands are the only parts of my body that I have trouble protecting from the cold. I have warm gloves that are awesome. mittens are the best solution for runners because they are better than normal gloves. Why? All your fingers are together to keep you warm. You can warm up the main part of the glove with your thumb. The mittens are very warm, and so far this winter they've been out in 18 degrees with a 20mph wind. My hands were fine even after spending all morning outside.

👤My wife ordered five sets of gloves for me to try out. I've always had cheaper gloves with individual fingers and the problem I've had with them is that my fingers get very cold after a while. The solution was to pull my fingers into the main body to warm them up, which was a double-edged sword. The finger tips were getting cold as I warmed them. I've only worn these for a couple of days, but I'm pleased with their performance. I notice that my fingers are warm, but sweaty when I work hard. I was shoveling snow in the cold and my hands were getting too warm. I can't comment on their performance in the bitter cold because the weather has gotten much warmer. I can't say if I should have replaced my beat old gloves sooner with these, as I'm almost certain they would have kept my fingers warmer when it was in the negatives this past December and January. They're just about perfect. The grip is not perfect, but it's ok for how I use them. They're perfectly fine for use in a cold car, on a cold steering wheel, or while shoveling snow.

👤Carhartt makes some good products. These mittens? Within a week of purchase, they began tearing at the seam. They are warm, but not as warm as my Kombis. They don't seem to dry out if you get snow in them. I built a quinzee and wore them while shoveling out snow, and some snow snuck inside the mitt. I used them while shoveling the snow in Minnesota, and while walking with the dog. I'm going to see if I can exchange or return these mittens.

2. Palmyth Convertible Fingerless Thinsulate Photography

Palmyth Convertible Fingerless Thinsulate Photography

It's possible to convert from warm mittens to fingerless gloves with magnets, freeing your fingers for fishing, knot tying, line stripping, pocket opening, photography, texting, running, and walking dog without compromising performance, protection, and dexterity. The gloves are insulated with 40 grams of 3M thinsulate, orange microfiber fleece and 4-way stretch shell that provide warmth without excess bulk or loss of dexterity. The insert keeps hands dry in long time sports. If you sweats a lot, air dry for a while. It's not great for extremely cold weather or heavy snow days. The pocket on the wrist is heat-pack compatible. Silicone palm grips are made of synthetic leather and Anti-Slip Silicone to give you better grip on fishing rods, cameras or phones, and also protect your hands from blisters, calluses and insect bites. Nighttime security is enhanced by reflective strips on the back of the mittens. You will be more visible during those early morning running workouts. Even when the gloves are wet, the wrist pull and finger tip pull rings are easy to remove. Size tips Women should choose gloves that are smaller than they normally wear, the gloves are labeled as men's size. If you wear a size L, you should buy a size M. Measure around your palm to see if you can pick a size. If you are in between sizes, please choose the larger size for a more comfortable fit.

Brand: Palmyth

👤They were very tight on my hands. I returned and got the larger version. They are the same size as the Large. No difference. Who knows what size they really are, so I'm afraid to try it. Apparently, it was made in China. They seem like they would be good gloves. There is an update. I finally got a size to fit, which is barely bigger than the previous one. I have big hands, but not the kind of hands you see in a movie. After 20 minutes of walking, my hands are numb. The thumb flaps are useless. My fingers were cold. These are a total disappoinment in fit, comfort, and usefulnees. I wonder if any of the good reviews have worn them.

👤I bought these for a fishing trip that will be in the cold weather. They arrive today. I am going to try them out on the river. I wear a women's size medium and it fits me well. I thought they would be too bulky, but I don't think I'll have any issues. When the flap is turned back with no poking or binding, all my fingers are open. I think they will be fine, even though I haven't tested them for warmth yet. I think they pass the water resistance test, because I ran them under water in my kitchen sink. I haven't tested them in the field yet, but they look great for fishing.

👤It was so warm with finger movement. I bought these for my dog. Just used them today as the polar vortex was dropping in. Really nice. Magnetic holds make it easy to hold them. It's lightweight, but sturdy. These gloves are worth the price. Every fall, I do a search on line for the "warmest convertible gloves with convertible thumb." This is the first pair of gloves that I've seen, and the only time that every feature/aspect of the gloves is exactly what I need.

👤The magnetic catch on the thumbs is terrible, even though I purchased the gloves. It flaps around and doesn't hold at all. I swapped gloves for another pair I had ordered. The second pair was the same as the first. The magnets are not good. I will be spending my money somewhere else. I decided to try a third pair because I couldn't find anything else like them. I loved everything but the magnets. I ordered a bigger size up because the XXL fit like an extra large. I was able to flip the magnet on one side of the flap under the stitching and it fixed the strength of the magnet for me. Maybe there is a quality control issue. I really like these gloves, after discovering some nuances.

👤It hasn't been cold enough yet to try them out, but I ordered them as running gloves. The gloves are as described and seem to have everything I would want in a mitt for trail running -- flip top fingers and thumb, straps on the fingers to help pull the gloves off, an internal pocket to hold a hand warmer, and no velcro to scratch my hand. It would be a complete package if they were waterproof. Since I haven't had a chance to try them out in cold weather, I can't say if they keep my hands warm. I guess they call it Thinsulate because it seems a little thin. They looked like they were water resistant, but when I wet them, they soaked up more water than I expected, and my fingers stayed dry. I'm hoping that they will loosen up with use, they are a little stiff. I have high hopes for these gloves this winter. I will give them 5 stars for their first impressions. I'll update my review after I use them in cold weather. Over a year later, an update. Dropping from 5 stars to 2 stars. The gloves are not waterproof and will soak through easier than I would prefer. They are still stiff and I haven't gotten used to the bulkiness. The thinsulate lining seems thin and they are not as warm as they appear. I don't like wearing them in temperatures under 30 degrees. These mittens have been used as backups. The standard softshell wool/poly flip-top type mittens with thinsulate interior are my go-to when it's cold. They are more comfortable to wear. I paid less than $20 for them when I first bought them. They're now $40. I'd be hard pressed to buy them again for less than 40.

3. KastKing Fishing Protection Outdoor Kayaking

KastKing Fishing Protection Outdoor Kayaking

SPF 50 Protection is the name of the gloves for men and women designed by their team of elite anglers for a snug fit and a rating of SPF 50 to ensure you are protected from the sun's harmful rays. The Sol Armis Sun Protection Gloves are designed by their team of elite anglers for a comfortable snug fit and a rated UPF 50 to ensure you have sun protection for your hands from harmful UV rays. They use a fabric that is Breathable to keep you cool and comfortable. Their stretch fabric is snug and won't affect your dexterity to change hooks, baits or land fish. Microfiber re-enforced primary wear points on the palms help to extend the life of your gloves. Pull tabs on the cuff and middle finger make it easy to take off gloves. Prym1 Camo is a machine washable with American born Prym1 camo. Machine wash the Sol Armis gloves after a hard day of fishing, they are easy to clean. The Sol Armis Gloves are designed to protect you from the sun.

Brand: Kastking

👤The color is great, it doesn't bother fish from what I can tell, and these will be perfect for early season bow hunts as well. There is an Orange requirement for hunting public land and we meet it with these and a hat. The pull tabs on the middle finger are not something I like, but they are the best and they are super comfy. I use it to hold the fly. I hunt heavily in the winter and fly fish in the summer. I am a big fan of the camp pattern, and have started looking for other pieces because it is very sleek. I had these one day and immediately used them for fishing, they fit great and stretch nicely. If you have large hands, you should buy the med/small because they fit great and I don't like material bunching in my casting hand. The average man has a good hand in the S/M. They are into delivering quality and packaging was nice.

👤I now own one pair of each color. I have washed my oldest pair 10 times and they still look brand new. Don't hesitate to purchase! My first pair of fishing gloves were from Kast King. I decided to get another color after using the first pair many times. The quality and price are unbeatable. It's easy to care. I have several Kast King products and I am 100% satisfied with them.

👤So far, I'm very pleased with the gloves. Light weight. Will buy more in the future. These will become an asset to my kayaking gear. It was as advertised.

👤The most important thing about gloves for me is that they fit. A lot of L/XL gloves don't fit me well. The design of these helps with that. They're not too tight. If you wear gloves that are too small, don't worry. The pattern is nice, the layout of the reinforcements is well done, and on/off pull tabs are convenient, but I end up adjusting the wrist area after pulling them on every time. The faux leather material is thin and supple, which is good for sensitivity. They feel like they have a nice cooling effect on the first try-on, which gives me confidence that they're going to be great during warm days. I like that I can use a single pair of gloves to hike in to a spot, fish it, and hike out with a trekking pole in hand. The print could be better. I can't say for sure, but the print seems a bit dull and washed out, so I can't say for sure. The dark parts are probably charcoal grey. When you close your index finger, the pleather on it is doubled up, causing unnecessary bunching. I could see it being cut and sewn differently so the seams of the two pieces meet and there is no extra fabric. I could see why it was constructed this way because it looks nice and clean. The middle finger should be shorter. A lot of rods allow you to feel the blank by positioning a spot on the handle big enough for you to rest your middle and index fingers. I have multiple rods of this style, and with all the fabric on the middle finger of these gloves, I can't feel a blank. The pull tab has 3 layers of fabric from my finger to the blank. I folded the middle finger down so that I could touch the blank with my index and middle fingers. In the future, this could be fixed by shortening the middle finger and moving the pull tab lower. My first impressions are great. They're a new product and any issues will be worked out over time as the reviews come in. Why are there 4 and not 5 stars? There is room for improvement. These would be perfect for the small fixes I mentioned. I'm becoming a big fan of KastKing because they listen to their customers and update their products based on feedback. Big brands can do that, but KastKing is doing it very well right now, and at great prices. I'll be a fan for a long time if they keep it up. So. Yes. I'd recommend them as a perfect warm weather fishing glove, but with the changes I mentioned, I'd recommend them as a good fishing/hiking combo glove. Thanks for reading my review, I hope it helped. I received no help or discount in buying this product, and this review is not endorsed by KastKing.

4. Palmyth Insulated Repellent Photography Motorcycling

Palmyth Insulated Repellent Photography Motorcycling

Perfect gloves for almost all sports. While keeping your hands warm, operate your camera in cold weather, and use your phone while on the road without compromising dexterity, you can use your thumb, index finger, and middle finger caps. It's not great for extremely cold weather or heavy snow days. The water resistance of the gloves was designed for accidental water splashed, not for dipping into water or heavy rain. Fleece backing for better thermal insulation, partial synthetic leather for a better grip and durability. The wrist strap will not fall off if you fix it. The cuffs keep the gloves snug to your hands. Finger tips are easy to take off. The design of these gloves means they are suitable for fishermen, archers, hunters, photographers, cyclists, motorcyclists, runners, shooters, hikers and outdoor athletes. Measure around your palm before selecting a size. If you are in between sizes, please choose the larger size for a more comfortable fit. If you prefer a loose fitting glove, the next size up may be better. Do not bleach, iron or use fabric softner when washing.

Brand: Palmyth

👤I bought these for outdoor photography. The caps flapped back on the thumb and forefinger. With many gloves, it's all or nothing, both in terms of fingers and flaps. When they arrived, the fit I had chosen was perfect and nothing seemed cheap or flimsy. The snaps for the finger flaps were of good quality. When the manufacturer states that these gloves are not recommended for temperatures under 36F, they mean it! I've tried using them when the temperature was below freezing, but my fingers and hand were too cold. They have a thin microfleece lining but are not very insulated, and it almost seems as though the wind soaks into them. All fingers are capped. If you're looking for gloves for fishing, photography, or shooting at high temperatures, you'll love these things. If you were hoping for something a bit more insulation, you should look elsewhere. If anyone from Palmyth is reading this, please design an activities glove that will keep our hands warm.

👤Update! The rain fell this morning. Even though they aren't warm gloves, I thought keeping my hands dry would keep them warm. The gloves are water proof. After an hour and a half my hands were wet. I didn't need to have my hands in the water because fish weren't biting. I came back to the car after 4 hours. I took off the gloves and found pieces of the orange linking stuck to my hands and fingers. I want my money back, but after this review I don't think they will do so. I don't recommend anyone else buying this company's products. Don't buy these if you want warm ice fishing gloves. I got them in the mail and went fishing. The temperature was 41 degrees with a wind. After 45 minutes, my hand felt frozen. 2 hours before dark, I was in my kayak on a farm pond. I was disappointed in the warmth of the gloves. I prefer my 20 year old gloves with the mitten pull over. The gloves have cool features and fit nicely. The chart was correct. The magnets hold the fingertips back. The design is very cool. The gloves would be better if they kept your hands warm. If you ask me, it's a waste of $35.

👤The flip down tips are the problem. They are too large to fit in the rest of the gloves. I will use one of the fingers as an example of how this problem affects the thumb and two fingers. The flip tip has an inside diameter of 1.625" and it is designed to be slipped over the finger of the glove that has an outsize diameter. The gap between the two pieces can be close. It also means that the tip won't stay in place. A gap between the tip and glove finger is caused by flexing of the hand. I have tested gloves from other companies that fit tightly on the glove finger and stay closed when the hand is flexed. The bottom of the glove has no lining or insulation. The back of the hand and the top of the fingers are all the same color. If the manufacturer responds, I will update here using the address provided in the package.

5. Drasry Protection Fishing Fingerless Paddling

Drasry Protection Fishing Fingerless Paddling

SPF and UPF are woven into the fabric and not added with spray-on chemicals. UV protection factor does not wear off when glove is wet. Protect your hands from sunspots, skin toughening and aging. Synthetic leather and Silicone dots reinforced the primary wear points on the palm for a better grip. Leather in the palm of your hand protects your hands from blisters and also gives you better grip on fishing rods, paddles or steering wheel. After strenuous activity like rowing, fishing, and Mountaineering, they should be thrown in the wash. A sweat-absorbent terry cloth on the back of the thumb wipes sweat from the face after outdoor sports. The gloves are suitable for a variety of outdoor sports applications. The fabric is high quality and Breathable, which keeps you cool and dry. You can keep these gloves on all day long, and you don't notice them. You don't have to worry about affecting your dexterity. Wrist pull and finger tip pull make it easy to remove gloves even when they are wet. The design of these gloves makes them suitable for people with skin cancer and for fishermen, sailors, runners, kayakers, hikers, hunters, and outdoor athletes.

Brand: Drasry

👤I have been training for a 7 day hiking trip to Philmont in the mountains of New Mexico using these gloves. I wanted a light that would protect my hands. These gloves are made of material similar to a dry fit shirt with leather pieces sewn in to protect your palm and fingers. The leather on the palms has a rubbery finish that helps with the grip of the hiking poles. It was much easier to hold on to the poles with that feature. There is a piece of terry cloth on the thumb area. The pope's wristbands cause it to pill up, even though it's great to wipe off sweat from your face. The hiking trek started within the first couple of days. I walked for 6 hours a day with these on. They wash well in a washing machine with all the clothes and I just hang dry to avoid getting damaged in the dryer. I would buy these again because they are light and durable. I didn't have to carry extra gloves as I kept them on when it was cold.

👤Many of the fishing gloves are too big for me because they were made for men. This was my second pair ordered. I wish there was more choice, but these seem to fit my purpose and are comfortable. If you have any of the Velcro closings on clothes, tackle boxes, or gloves, make sure you watch them because they will rip the fabric. Like the terry cloth thumb too!

👤It was bought for hiking and kayaking. It was used for about an hour long hike. It was a great fit. No rubbing. I'm looking forward to paddling with them and seeing how my hands hold up. I change my grip to prevent blisters. My hands were not sore from gripping my walking stick. I'm impressed so far.

👤I wanted new gloves for kayaking. I had a pair of gloves, but they were too small. I could feel the pain around my thumbs after 1 hour, but these fit well and prevented my fingers from hurting. I'm going to have to get some paddle cushion grips. Ultimately, not the all-in-one fix.

👤The gloves are good for kayak fishing. I have seen gloves that are more expensive, but I think they are just as good. Fit as expected.

👤It was purchased for spouse and kayaking. Between thumb and index finger, it's a good idea to take a beating. The fingers in gloves were replaced by these. So far, so good, Durability is yet to be determined.

👤Those are soft and comfortable. I jet ski. It's perfect because you can still have full grip and not feel restricted. I have small hands and they fit perfectly. The padded palm is very comfortable.

👤After about 5 hours of paddling a kayak, the side seam under the thumb on the right hand started ripping out. I think the thread broke or was worn through quickly because there was too little material on the seam. I don't like the quality or workmanship. They are not up to paddling as stated in the description.

6. Palmyth Protection Fingerless Kayaking Paddling

Palmyth Protection Fingerless Kayaking Paddling

The fabric is woven with a certified SPF and UPF protection. UV protection factor does not wear off when glove is wet. Protect your hands from the sun. The sleeves of your shirt won't allow them to reach your wrist. A partial synthetic leather palm for a better grip. Leather in the palm of your hand protects your hands from blisters and insect bites, as well as giving you the better grip on fishing rods, paddles or trekking poles. The quick drying fabric keeps your hands cooler than wearing no gloves at all. You can keep these gloves on all day long, and you don't notice wearing them. Wrist pull and finger tip pull make it easy to remove gloves even when they are wet. These gloves are suitable for fishing, kayaking, hiking, paddling, rowing, driving, canoeing, paddle board, running, cycling, and outdoor sporting activities. After strenuous activity, throw them in the wash. Pair gloves with other UV clothing. The fabric is 100% suitable for people with possible skin cancer issues, because it retains its sun protectiveness.

Brand: Palmyth

👤I bought a neck gaiter from this same company, and I thought I would give their gloves a try. A second victory! The gloves are lightweight, have good silicone grips on the palms and fingers, and provide excellent sun protection, with only finger nails/tips exposed. Sun protection is critical in southwest Florida, where I do half-day kayak excursions. I can paddle under the blazing sun without any sunscreen with my Hanes DRI T shirt, gloves from Palmyth, and wide-brimmed hat. Awesome. It's cooler to paddle with gloves and an LS shirt. You would think less clothing would be cooler, but the right gear protects your skin from direct solar heat and also provides excellent wicking, keeping you cooler than bare. Anyway, I'm not here. These gloves are lightweight and comfortable for kayakers. Absolutely worth the investment.

👤I spend hours at a time driving in hot weather. I stumbled upon this brand and these gloves while searching for traditional "driving gloves" on Amazon. I wanted to protect myself from the sun so I thought these were worth a try. They arrived quickly and were exactly what they were described to be. I measured my hands per the guidelines and the gloves fit perfectly. I only had them for a week but so far they have performed well. They are lightweight and comfortable, and haven't made my hands sweat. I would recommend giving these a try if you are looking for sun protection. The seller reached out immediately after my purchase to check on my satisfaction and give me a line of communication should I ever have any questions or concerns. Nice touch!

👤I bought them for kayaking. After about an hour of kayaking, I would get a blisters on my left hand. That made kayaking less enjoyable. I decided to try them out. The problem has been solved. I no longer have blisters because they are lightweight and allow me to grip the paddles well. I'm a happy paddler.

👤I ordered a pair of these a month ago. My skin is very sensitive to the sun. I was looking for something to wear. I have smaller hands. I was worried that the cuff wasn't long enough to cover my wrist while I held the steering wheel. The cuff is long enough for good coverage and I'm happy to report that. They will hopefully last a long time. I decided to use them a week before ordering because I knew I wanted another pair. I waited a few days before ordering another pair. These gloves are great. I have not had any harmful effects from the sun. My second pair is for things other than driving. The exposed fingertips are great for manipulating things. I had no problems with my skin after several hours outside for a photo shoot. I have been looking for a solution for my hands in the sun. I would have liked to have bought them sooner.

👤The doctor warned me about exposure to the sun after I burned my hand with 2nd degree burns. It could be dark from exposure. I needed something to protect my skin. I was looking for burn care gloves. I had new skin from the tip of my index finger to my knuckle. I needed protection on my drinking hand, and this has been perfect. I can't say anything about the sun protection as I am not a scientist, but I have been in the sun for days with this glove and can attest that my un exposed skin looks lighter than my exposed skin. I'm pretty sure it works. Superior comfort and light weight! I really like it. The grip on these is amazing. It's a great product and serves its purpose for me. The material is well built, easy to take off, comfortable, good size proportion, and love the exposed fingertips. I don't think of a negative here. I'll update if there is a change in this review. A 5 star review is what it is.

7. Mechanix Wear MultiCam Original Camouflage

Mechanix Wear MultiCam Original Camouflage

Scan with the Amazon app and you can get limited-time Surprises. You don't have to worry about it, they will be with you. They are willing to try their best to solve the question. Their greatest achievement will be satisfied customers. TrekDry material with MultiCam camouflage helps keep hands cool. A secure fit is provided by the hook and loop closure. A seamless single layer palm provides maximum dexterity. Convenient glove storage is provided by a nylon web loop.

Brand: Mechanix Wear

👤I was expecting them to last a long time after the rave reviews, but they will fall apart in 3 months. There are holes on the pads of the fingers. I'm starting to believe that it's safer to buy name brand products directly from the company site than it is to buy them through Amazon. It's easy for counterfeit products to find their way into shopping carts since there doesn't seem to be a mechanism to make sure the products are genuine. I've been buying stuff from Amazon for decades and will continue to do so. I think I'll stick to generic non-name brand items.

👤Amazon is allowing the sale of counterfeit products. The product did not match the item picture and when compared to the pair of mechanic gloves I own, they are of lesser quality and have glaring deficiencies. It appeared that the price was good to be true.

👤I've bought these gloves before for work. I like to carry a pair of gloves for the occasional work that isn't appropriate for thin latex gloves. I've gone through too many for it to be worth buying more. The first pair wore through the fingertips on a couple fingers of each glove for a year. My last pair was less than a year old. I was fighting with someone while wearing gloves. They grabbed my hand. The glove ripped in half when I pulled it back. I lost the glove in the fight. I needed the gloves for protection from my hands. If the glove was still on my hand, I would not have sustained a small injury to my hand. I don't use unreliable equipment at work and these are both. It's the same thing. I've lost my faith in these gloves to hold up to abuse. They are comfortable and easy to wear, but I think you are paying for the "cool factor" rather than quality. I can't justify buying another pair that won't last.

👤These are the most basic gloves that Mechanix makes. This one didn't do it for me, I really like a lot of the Mechanix designs. You can get a pair of similar designed Hardy's that are better stitched inside for less than six dollars. I don't think I'll buy another pair of these. I want to try the high dexterity version of the same design to see if it can be used to justify the cost. I think I know, but I like Mechanix Wear so much that I'm willing to give them a try. Some of their line has been more admirable than others. The first pair of these I ordered was from a third party vendor. The name probably discouraged me, like a Chinese company would come up with. They had a slightly better price than Amazon at the time, but they didn't state there was anything different about their gloves or what was advertised in the listing. Since the order was still being fulfilled, I was confident that I would be protected. I had no reason to doubt the authenticity of the gloves because I hadn't seen many reports of them being sold as fakes. I heard an alarm when I tried them on. I had tried on other gloves in stores and they were more comfortable. The cheapness of the Velcro made it feel like it wouldn't last long. A small amount of research. The gloves didn't seem to have the TrekDry material or the hook and loop. There were several seams that were single stitched and shown to be double stitched in the picture. The thermal plastic rubber clasp was different. I didn't want to accuse the vendor of selling fakes. This was the first pair of gloves I'd ever purchased. The customer support I contacted was very accommodating. I sent their support email pictures of what I received and they said that the gloves looked like an old version of the glove that they hadn't produced in a long time. They offered to exchange them for another pair, with a pre-paid return label, I received from Greatest Buys. The offer was generous. I took a picture of the glove that I received side-by-side with their updated version, which looks similar to the one pictured on Amazon. The upgraded version of the glove was much more comfortable than the older version, which I was worried would cause some soreness after a few hours of moderate activity. Less prominent seams meant more dexterity. The gloves are less warm thanks to the TrekDry. The older model didn't have a prominent hook and loop feature as advertised. The older version of the rubber closure had the cheap plasticy Velcro that others had complained about losing its stickiness quickly. I am pretty sure these would have failed in the same way after opening and closing them a few times. I don't think the older version would have been more durable, but I did see something about it that made me think it might last longer. The newer model is more comfortable than the older one. I'll probably stick with Hardy next time, unless they make me convert. I don't have to worry about changing gloves every time I switch to an activity that might be too hard because I can get a more comfortable glove for only four to six bucks. When it blows out, I can toss it and use the Mechanix Mpact line for activities that merit that type of protection. I'm starting to like Ironclad for impact gloves. I'm finding differences between some models. Their gloves are usually good enough. Some of their work isn't cutting it. The 4x material doesn't feel like it's any thicker than the standard ones. They need a lot of breakin before they stop cutting into your palm and fingers. I think they're loosened up, not that they were tight. I tried a size too large for me and it hurt the same, despite being baggy. Ironclad's Impact line is always as comfortable as they get, even though I think Mechanix is slightly tougher on the outside than Ironclad. The newest version is on the right side. The palm and glove are pictured.

8. Fish Monkey FM18 VSG L Stubby Voodoo

Fish Monkey FM18 VSG L Stubby Voodoo

Designed for captains, deckhands, professional guides. It is durable and comfortable. Made with state-of-the-art materials and construction.

Brand: Fish Monkey

👤If you have ever worn combat gloves from any of the aforementioned companies, use the size you wore in those. The pattern doesn't look like a Chinese imitation. Good stuff on the printing and the material. The material is what I was expecting. Would have liked an extra stitch around the fingertips. A solid 4 for under $30.

👤I needed to take mackerel off the hooks. First fish was grabbed and then it fell out. Next 2 followed the same path. I used a microfiber cloth instead of taking them off. The grip was good for the pole, but not for grabbing the fish which was the original purpose of the gloves.

👤These gloves are really nice. They have great sun protection, grip and dry fast. They are strong as well. To make sure you order the correct size, visit their website and measure your hand.

👤I have to buy a new pair of shoes for myself because I won't get them back from my 16-year-old, so I can only say that these work and are nice enough. It's much easier to pick fish out of the water with these. No slippage with these.

👤I am a delivery driver for a global company. I like that these fit well and allow me to use my scanner, and that they don't affect my ability to grip boxes that I deliver. A pair lasts me for about a year. The monkey on the palm improves my grip on cardboard boxes.

👤I saw an ad for gloves on Facebook and ordered a pair. They have great colors and designs, but I really liked the Stubby version because they are shorter on the hand and can bend your wrist. The palms of the hands are very firm and help with holding the rod on sweaty days. Would definitely recommend!

👤These gloves are very nice. I like the full synthetic leather palm. The grip is slip resistant and can be used with any rod. It's nice with any rod with winn grips. This is the second pair of fishing gloves I have purchased, and I will be a repeat customer. The shipping was easy and fast as expected from Amazon. I can tell that my hand is not as damaged from fishing as it has been in the past. If you get them wet, they will dry out fast. Thank you Fish Monkey and Amazon for a great product.

👤I bought this for my son. He wears them when he fishes. It protects your hands from the sun and also makes you feel more comfortable when you are casting for bass. I bought the other color for my husband. Both of them love them.

👤Gloves fit well. I wouldn't want any smaller. It is good for my hand size. I need to get out on the water, but I am happy with the product. Came faster than expected.

9. Palmyth Fishing Fingers Fingerless Photography

Palmyth Fishing Fingers Fingerless Photography

2 Pair Gloves and 1 Pair Sun Protection Sleeves are included in the package. Dexterity: 3-Cuts exposed fingers gives precise manual control, allows for fishing, knot tying, line stripping, rod handling and cameras, phone. You can play and work outdoors. Warmth and comfort can be achieved by using a knit fabric with a snug fit and wool fiber that provides warmth even in wet conditions. Synthetic leather palm provides extra protection from friction to enhance durability. Silicone is printed on the palm to add a secure grip. You can move your hands with a knit construction with rib elastic cuff. It's widely used in hunting, fishing, photography, and other outdoor activities. Hand-wash to ensure long-term performance. Lay out flat to dry.

Brand: Palmyth

👤I need gloves with open fingers to use the package scanning device, but still have warmth. The gloves do that. I have a walking route that keeps me outside all day. I live in a place where winters are cold and the wind chill is negative, and I only use gloves that keep my hands from getting cold. The gloves allow me to work with mail, packages, and the like. The size choice is negative. I have gloves that fit well but are loose and long in the covered fingers. I will be buying another pair of gloves for my job.

👤The gloves were in the mail. Since no reviews have been posted, we think a first impression might be useful to other buyers. The design is nice and the wool is good. If they were designed in the way that they were intended, they will be fine for the price. The single line of stitching securing the palm to the glove might not be enough under continued use. It would have been better if there were at least two lines of stitching or a "melded" material in the palm area.

👤The gloves came the next day after I ordered them. The inner-palm material improves grip and the stitching is good. I am looking forward to taking them fishing this winter.

👤The gloves cover half of the fingers and thumb. The little finger is too long. Otherwise they fit. The adhering ridges on the palm work well but the material on the palm makes the gloves less flexible. The gloves are perfect for photography. I bought a S/M for myself and a L for my husband. The covering for the little finger is too long in both cases, but the great qualities of the gloves make up for it.

👤When I leave the house, wear them. I can grab things from my pockets without taking them off. It's also great for driving because of the rubber on the palms. They keep my hands warm.

👤These are for winter fly fishing. I needed to keep my hands warm and use my fingers to change flies. These are great for the price. They can get wet, but still keep my hands warm. They seem to be together. The palms have an extra grip. I'm very happy with these.

👤The gloves I used on the trout fishing trip were very comfortable. Full coverage of two fingers allowed me to unhook fish while maintaining more hand coverage. I own a pair of hands that have 5 fingers cut back. I liked the palm that was waterproof. I would buy again. There was only one issue with flies catching on my hand. I had some holes.

👤My husband is a fisherman. He loves these gloves. He said that they are perfect for keeping his hands warm as well as allowing him to reel and tie. Well done! We will be buying a second set.

10. Carhartt Heavyweight Force Liner Heather

Carhartt Heavyweight Force Liner Heather

The liner is a big one. The palm and fingers are made of Silicon. The fingers are compatible. Force technology helps to dry sweat and dry fast. The thumb of the hand should be flat from the edge of the palm.

Brand: Carhartt

👤Howdy! I have long fingers and hands that aren't very thick. Every pair of gloves I have ever purchased has the shortest fingers. They are uncomfortable and have reduced mobility. They get too loose when you go for a larger size. The gloves have a snug and comfortable fit. I was ecstatic about my purchase. When using my phone, they perform very well. Not all glove liners do that. The quality of the fabric is great. I didn't know how to put a star rating on thickness. They are glove liners. They are thin, but the right type of thin. I don't think they will tear. I am not a vendor, a shill, or a bot. I want to help other average consumers by giving them something they can use.

👤The video speaks for itself. The set was great.

👤Fit how they should be. Thin gloves. I bought them to use as glove liners and they work great. I have used them as hunting gloves. They work hard for that. It's easy to load shells in my shotgun and shoot while wearing them. There is a hole in the thumb from loading shells into my shotgun and I have taken away a star. I think it's great that it has the carhartt name on it. These gloves didn't meet expectations for my needs, not like I loaded hundreds of shells or rubbed that spot against something for weeks on end. They only get the job done because they are glove liners.

👤The fit was as expected, I tried this as a normal glove. Not large or small. The finger tips and Silicone grip are notexistent. The touch part of the finger works well on the phone. There is no way to hold these. As a liner, you don't want to hold it too long because it will catch on the glove. These are great as liners. It's not so much as a glove.

👤I have been using the Poly Pro liners for decades. I wear these indoors because I have very cold hands. I like these as much as the Poly Pro liners. They keep my hands warm. These are more expensive than a pair of the Poly Pro liners. The end of the gloves have a material that makes it hard to use a keyboard. These are good liners. It will take some getting used to, but typing on a keyboard is worth it.

👤These work well for me. They are thicker than some glove liners so they provide more warmth, but they are not thick enough to fit inside another glove. I wouldn't use them as work gloves because they aren't heavy enough. I wouldn't use them if it's over 40 degrees. The tips work as expected.

👤The glove is very good, he has a hard time finding work gloves that fit his hand, and he is a large man. It was a surprise to find something that fit. He said they are not a snug glove and they do slide around a little, but overall they are comfortable and he really likes them. He said the fingers on his phone work well, so he was happy about that.

11. Glacier Glove Fishing Black Medium

Glacier Glove Fishing Black Medium

2mm fleece lined. Blind stitching and glue.

Brand: Glacier Glove

👤They were bought for a fishing trip. The gloves are warm and water proof. You can tie knots while wearing them and they grip fish and line well. How quickly they get holes is a problem. I let the anchor down one time and it wore a hole through my finger. I pulled up the salmon with my thumb. I wore them for another day, but every fish I pulled up made them worse. After 3 days of this, I threw them away because they would just fill with water and make my hands cold.

👤My husband is in the army. We live in a snowy area and he has to work outside a lot. The warmth is important to him. Being waterproof makes a huge difference. They are warm and waterproof. He has a lot of movement in them. He says his guys are jealous of his gloves. We recommend these to anyone who asks about them. They're durable too. He used them to work on the railhead for 3 weeks. They were still waterproof and warm despite showing some wear and tear. These should cost more.

👤I wore them to the barn when it was sub zero. They didn't help at all. I thought they would help insulate some warmth, butnope. I lost them very quickly. I don't care because they didn't fit the bill for my purpose. They were waterproof/water resistant. If the waterproof part is important to you and you don't care about keeping your hands warm, these will work. I have normal woman sized hands, but the medium size was a little tight.

👤They were bought to use while ice fishing. We caught a trout and it was a good catch, we had a good grip on it. There is a big difference between water resistance and water proof. I used them to scoop ice from the hole, wrestle hooks out of fish, throw slushy snowballs at my friends, and clean and gutted fish. My hands never got wet from external water. My water proof is only when exposed for seconds, not minutes or hours. There was a little sweat on the inside of my hands, but it was a personal matter. They are running tight. I have long skinny fingers, but they don't hug my hands like the "large" size do, and this large size fit me great but tight. I hope you can judge for yourself what size you need. If you have what they call "sausage fingers", you should increase your size. It's worth it for the cost and the fact that I don't have to get my hands all frozen, slimy, and bloody. They are free of fish and smell like a life jacket if you wash them with dish soap and a good rinse. It is a good thing.

👤I returned them. I got a small but the finger fit was loose and short, seam hitting just below the second knuckle. I think I have long fingers. I wish they could have worked it out. I would add theshark grip to my uniform if the finger fit was better. I could see that they were wearing out faster than coated gloves. Especially when handling sharp fins or shrimp. Also liked the length.


What is the best product for fishing gloves men green?

Fishing gloves men green products from Carhartt. In this article about fishing gloves men green you can see why people choose the product. Palmyth and Kastking are also good brands to look for when you are finding fishing gloves men green.

What are the best brands for fishing gloves men green?

Carhartt, Palmyth and Kastking are some of the best brands that chosen by people for fishing gloves men green. Find the detail in this article. Drasry, Mechanix Wear and Fish Monkey are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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