Best Fishing Gloves Men Warm

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1. Extremus Fishing Gloves Convertible Mittens

Extremus Fishing Gloves Convertible Mittens

Extremus Ice fishing gloves are water resistant and windproof. An elastic wristband holds the convertible mittens in place while a one-hand operated elastic cord seals the top of the fingerless convertible mittens to keep out snow and cold air. Extremus convertible mittens are lined with 40 grams of 3M Thinsulate for superior warmth, comfort, and absorption, making them a good choice for ice fishing gloves. The palm is anti-slip. The fishing mittens have a synthetic microfiber palm and a printed pattern on them. Extremus mittens can be pulled back to make them fingerless gloves. The thumb and finger flaps are out of the way when you use your phone or camera. These gloves are great for many activities. American born Prym1 Camo is called "Be the Predator". The Extremus mittens have different colors to match your gear and are inspired by nature.

Brand: Extremus

👤I am always looking for a reason to turn back. Cold fingers or hands are a big reason for winter. The guide is small for me. Magnetic clips are better than velcro. Another reason to cut training short is that previous gloves irritated my nose/forehead. The bandana I keep for sweating is made of the convertible mitten. I can get supplements, txt and re: zip without having to stop, which is a reason to call it quits. Fleece lined so it doesn't get wet. It is just like a car convertible, get hot, take down the top. They look cool. It was made for ice fishing. I think they can be washed. I will let you know. I would recommend buying another pair before the price goes up. For purposes of running, should last a long time. I don't give 5 stars because I haven't washed yet. Would recommend!

👤I am giving the gloves away in the hope that they can help someone, but the gloves had a lot of problems, some specific to me, and I am not sure if they can help someone. I should have listened when reviewers said the thumb cover was a serious problem. The thumb cover can't stay closed and the thumbs are exposed to the cold air. I am surprised that the manufacturer didn't fix the design flaw. I tried to correct the situation by removing the stitching on the thumb cover and moving the place where the thumb cover is attached to the glove thumb. The thumb cover was kept closed. The cover was still working despite the fact that it could still be opened. It was hard to put the thumb cover back on when the gloves were on as there was so much material inside the cover. My second problem was warm. The circulation in my fingers is not good. I can't wear gloves or mittens because I can't keep my fingers warm. When the temperature is between 50 and 35 with no wind, and I need some gloves for cold weather, I bought these gloves with their promise of warmth. I have a standard size 7 hand. The tight fingers of the glove limited my circulation at the same time the cover was too big, so my fingers did not have enough circulation to warm the big space with the cover on. I had to cut a number of lose thread endings, the gloves were not that well made, and there was a big bead at the end of each tightener elastic that added unnecessarily to the bulk of the gloves. I found the gloves cumbersome and made it hard to use my hands, as a result of the above problems and all the improvements I tried to make. It was difficult to use my keys because they wouldn't fit in pockets and bags to get things out. I have given up on them.

👤I got very cold because my fingers got very cold. They will get the job done. These are fresh out of the package. The coating seems to wear off quickly. I've worn these mittens three or four times while clearing snow from my vehicle or playing fetch with my dog, and as shown in the pics, they no longer shed water. The thumb is large, but these seem to fit in with the rest of the body. The tip of my thumb pokes out when the thumb flap is open, which affects dexterity for tying fishing lures. The thumb flap doesn't stay closed. I think the design needs improvement, too, and I think this may have to do with the oversized cut of the thumb. These seem to be decent. I'd like to see a better fit and functioning thumb, and I'd like to see thicker insulation in the mitt flap. These mitts have an average rating of three stars.

2. Palmyth Magnetic Convertible 3 Finger Photography

Palmyth Magnetic Convertible 3 Finger Photography

Magnets are much easier to convert than the buttons and Velcro used in ordinary gloves. freeing your fingers for fishing, knot tying, line stripping, pocket opening, photography, texting, running, walking dog without compromising performance, protection, and dexterity The high-stretch fleece gives you great freedom of movement and the 3-cut fingers design never gets in the way of dexterity. The fishing rods, cameras, and phones are all in your hands. You will never want to take gloves off again. Warm your hands is made of soft high-stretch fleece. These gloves are made of anti-pilling fabric. The pocket on the wrist is heat-pack compatible. Silicone palm grips are made of synthetic leather and Anti-Slip Silicone to prevent daily wear and tear, and to give you a better grip and protect your hands from blisters, calluses and insect bites. Size tips Women should choose gloves that are smaller than they normally wear, the gloves are labeled as men's size. If you wear a size L, you should buy a size M. Measure around your palm to see if you can pick a size. If you are in between sizes, please choose the larger size for a more comfortable fit.

Brand: Palmyth

👤I am a mail carrier and I love my gloves. It is cold this year. I wear these gloves for work. I wear a pair of nitrile gloves underneath my small hands, but they are perfect. I am able to keep the fingers free to use the mail, but still keep the rest of my hand warm. I can cover those other fingers when I load packages into the truck in the morning. There was snow on the boxes. As temperature and snow dictate, cover and uncover one finger at a time. The spot on the wrist is stretchy enough to easily fit the disposable hand warmer in the pocket. The magnets that hold the fingertips back are good. I wish it was stronger. I am sure whoever designed it never expected what a mail carrier does. It is very easy to flip back open. This company needs to partner with someone that makes a hand warmer that is small enough to fit in a pocket.

👤I bought gloves for ice fishing. They keep my hands warm. The palms on my fishing rod are non-slip. My first pair is this one. I would recommend them.

👤They are very large and ordered the smallest size. In the photo, the left glove is thePalmyth Magnetic Fleece Fishing Gloves Convertible 3 Cut Fingers, and the right glove is a smaller one. The glove is 8 inches across the palm and from the top of the middle finger to the wrist cinch. The other glove is 7 inches from the middle finger top to the wrist cinch. The gloves are larger. My palm width is 3 and 1/2 and my middle finger tip is 6 and 1/2 inches. The gloves are very warm and the extra fabric and stitching around the openings will prevent them from unraveling.

👤These work well when I have to pick up after my dog. The fingers fold back beautifully when you need them to, but the magnets are better than Velcro because they catch all kinds of debris. They have a little gizmo attached to each glove that lets you hook it together, so you won't lose it. I hope they'll be warm enough for cold NY days because they are warmer than other fingerless glove/mittens that I've tried. They are comfortable behind the wheel. I'm buying 2 more pairs for family members because I'm excited about them.

👤I've tried a dozen different texting gloves and most only work partially or not at all, which is frustrating when trying to make ebird entries on my phone while in the field. I have to pull off gloves to make adjustments to my camera, which leads to freezing hands. I flip the index finger with these gloves. When handling equipment outdoors, they are a nice soft fleece. Mobility and hand warmer packets are always a good way to warm up when it's really cold. I ordered L which was too large for me but fine for my husband, M, still to large and finally S, which were all right. I wear a large glove, but the gloves run large. I got an immediate credit for returning the M. A bunch of my friends have gotten them as well.

3. Waterproof Windproof Thinsulate Motorcycle Sports Black XL

Waterproof Windproof Thinsulate Motorcycle Sports Black XL

200 G 3M Thinsulate +TPU waterproof membrance. Moreok thermal gloves are made with 200g 3M thinsulate insulation which traps body heat efficiently and provides twice the warmth of other type gloves. It's suitable for all winter conditions. The maximum temperature for cold resistance is -30F. The touch screen has an anti-skidding design. The rubber on the palm of the glove is anti-slip and helps you have a firm grip on the tools. It is light enough to ensure optimal mobility and dexterity, and it has a touch screen function on the middle and forefinger. Waterproof and bleach are available. The outer fabric is waterproof and protects against daily wear and tear. The double-waterproof effect was created by adding a TPU waterproof film in the middle of cotton. Moreok ski gloves have a warm velvet lining that keeps your hands dry. The Moreok gloves have an extended cuff and a wrist strap that is designed to keep them out of the snow and water. The nylon tower buckle and drawstring can be adjusted to fit your wrist. The cuffs on the gloves improved the wind resistance and prevented snow or cold air from creeping. Men and women have similar functions. It is designed with reflective materials to make it safer. MoreOK thermal gloves are great for outdoor activities. Their fan-favorite 12-month warranty and friendly customer service are what you get.

Brand: Moreok

👤I wanted the gloves to be a good pair of gloves for Minnesota, and I have had them for about a month. They are not warm except for the top of the hand. The bottom side is cold. I missed the return date because I bought these early to make sure I had a pair when I needed them. The weather around here has been very cold this season with the temperature dipping to the single digits in October. I wore them out for about 10 minutes in the high 30 degree weather and I wouldn't recommend them. I don't think anyone can make a decent glove. I tried another pair of Amazon shoes that lasted a year but died out on me, which led to this purchase. I think reviews and descriptions are not everything. Maybe they are not telling the truth. Up to 30f. No way! There is an update 11-11-2020. My hands were warm the whole time I was shoveling snow. The only conclusion I can come to is that when the gloves are wet it stops the heat loss. I was going to throw them out if they didn't work. They did a great job. I went for a jog instead of walking. My hands are warm. They should be called "warm when active" gloves. Not five stars since they aren't usable all the time, but a solid three.

👤These gloves are not warmer than any other gloves you might buy. The insulation feels like it's doing nothing, as it flattens out to the point. The material can be used outdoors for a long time. These gloves are not going to be used for real work. People in the south need to stop looking at winter clothing. Anything will keep your hands warm in the 30's and 40's.

👤These gloves are actually waterproof, not "water resistant", as was described online. My hands never got wet. My hands were warm and dry while I was playing in snow and sledding in Colorado. The grips on the palms worked great, and you can definitely use a touchscreen phone, although the thickness of the gloves still makes it tough to accurately tap or maneuver your fingers, but I'd just slip the glove off if I needed to use my phone real quick. These are great for the price. These are a win for me.

👤I moved to Minnesota from Washington DC in the winter. I'm happy with the quality and price of these, they were recommended to me by my neighbor. They are soft and fit well. These xs fit like a small if you're a small in ladies gloves. Happy!

👤My hands are 5 times the size of my hand. They are warm, but I can't grasp anything. I couldn't get my hand in my dog's leash while I was wearing my hood. It's a big one. If you can stand the bulkiness, they are warm. I can't return them because there's no store where I live that sells them. I don't want to pay more money and have another size not work, so be aware of that, they are laying in a drawer.

4. Fishfun Neoprene Touchscreen Repellent Photography

Fishfun Neoprene Touchscreen Repellent Photography

Fishfun fishing gloves are lined with microfiber and plush fleece to keep your hands warm late fall and early spring. Cold air can get into the gloves, so the palm and wrist keep your heat out. It's water resistant and Breathable makes it resistant to accidental water splashes. The material is strong and resistant to spills. Their gloves are comfortable to wear and protect your hands from fish fins, hooks and fishing line. The large area silicone pad has additional gripping strength. 3 fingers can be clip back and hooked for convenient changing baits, tying knot, pressing the shutter button or doing other fine work. Special material in the 3 finger tips allows you to use a touch screen phone. The hook and loop cuff is easy to adjust and makes the gloves snug around your wrist, no falling off and no getting loose. The material on your wrist keeps the wind out. It's a perfect gift for anyone who is in the outdoors and needs both warmth and dexterity. Light rain or snow days are acceptable for hiking, sailing, running, fishing, taking photographs, and other activities. It is recommended to warm up to 30 H. Do not use fabric softener or bleach.

Brand: Fishfun

👤I got these gloves because I wanted to try it out in the cold. It's designed for more extreme conditions so it would be more effective. I realized that it has a different feel when I tried it on. It's not as comfortable at the wrists. There is a I was able to appreciate how different they are when I took out the garbage. They are easier to hold. I can do a lot more with these gloves on. Without the gloves on, I can feel into my pocket, hold a lock, hold a door, hold a garbage bag, and hold a can. I will keep these gloves because they are worth the convenience. The velcro got caught on the seams of the gloves. It wasn't worth the hassle. I took the gloves to a seamstress and had them removed because I didn't need them pulled back completely. It would've been a royal nuisance and a destroyer of perfectly new gloves if it had been an extra $6.

👤I use both baitcaster and spinning reels, the ability to slide the finger tips off works great. I kept my hands nice and comfortable while wearing them. It worked as advertised. I would recommend these for anyone looking for fishing gloves. I am not sure how they would fare in extreme cold weather.

👤The gloves are good for hunting and fishing. It has 2 fingers in each glove that are covered to keep your hands warm when you want to grab the line. It is easy to manipulate even if you are not used to hunting or fishing. The thumb and index can be seen if you are a lefty. It has the same if you use your right. It can be adjusted for different sizes. I am getting another pair for my husband, he liked mine, we love ice fish. I read a review that recommended this gloves and I think they are worth the investment.

👤Too heavy. The fingers were too long. The hole in the second finger was too small to be usable. I returned them because they were too large and didn't fit me right.

👤The fabric is great and the design is sturdy. The gloves are too small for my son. He is large for a child. That will work well for my son.

👤These work well when fishing in the cold. You can fold back the finger. It's easy when you're trying to retire a jig. It's great to have on your boat.

👤These are nice. The finger tips can open. It was very comfortable to cast and reel in. It's very helpful for handling slippery fish. I kept my hands warm while fishing.

👤I bought two pairs for myself and a fishing partner. They wore out after three fishing trips. The gloves keep your hands dry, but the Velcro was a bad idea.

5. NeopSkin Neoprene Snorkeling Spearfishing 3mm Black

NeopSkin Neoprene Snorkeling Spearfishing 3mm Black

These gloves are strong and flexible and provide perfect protection for your hands in multiple water sports, keep your hands safe against any dangerous objects or creatures. The diving gloves are made from premium neoprene which is thermal and covered with soft elastic fabric, which keeps your hands warm in water and winter sports. With the anti-slip rubber printed palms, you can be confident that you will never lose your grip while snorkeling, surfing, swimming, sailing, diving, kayaking, rafting, canoeing, boating or other aquatic activities. Wrist parts of wetsuit gloves can be adjusted to fit, so they don't come off and expose your hands to cold water. It's a great gift for water and winter sports lovers if you have a widely fit design with a five-finger fit.

Brand: Xuker

👤Very low quality. They were submerged in a cold bucket of water with a pair of namebrand ones from a surf shop. Both are made of blind stitching. These don't look like the stuff I own. The stitches are visible from the inside. I can't on other items that are covered with glue. Don't know if the stitch is correct or if too little glue was used. The water can cycle through with greater ease if I can see the stitches. The side by side comparison test proved that. The act thing that is supposed to prevent is what I felt as I moved my fingers. The competitor didn't feel cold water penetrating. Don't think much of these. You don't know what you're missing out on if you think they're great. I'm returning.

👤I got a pair in 3mm. It's hard to find small enough stuff for my hands. I have to buy kids' sizes for gloves and shoes. The pictures were well suited for determining if they would fit. After being in the water for a few hours, these gloves kept my hands warm. The gloves are softer than my old ones. I was thinking of buying them in the "kevla" version, since sometimes we go spearfishing and the rocks make holes in neoprene very easily.

👤I work at a detail shop and thought these were waterproof and would keep hands warm in the winter, but they don't hold water and stay that way, so if you want to use your hands still, you definitely want them. They weren't right for my need, but they could be awesome if you need them.

👤I got the 4mm. They are thick. It's perfect for wake surfing because you don't need to hold the rope for long, but if you are waterskiing you might want the thinner ones. They keep my hands warm. They aren't meant to be waterproof. They allow water in and keep it warm by covering your hands. The water in the glove is kept warm by your body heat.

👤I can feel the cold water coming in through my fingers while surfing. They don't keep my fingers as warm as they could. That is understandable for gloves that are not taped. The wrist is not cinched down tight enough to prevent water from entering. I put my wet suit sleeves over the glove wrists to keep them out of the water. It works well.

👤The gloves have a closed wrist so I don't have to put my gloves in the bottom of my wetsuit. Can't beat the price. They keep my hands warm.

👤I got the 5mm ones and they fit perfectly. They kept me warm. They are hard to move in. It was difficult to adjust my mask with my fingers. Fine control is difficult since you can't feel much through 5mm, but after some use they get a little easier to move in.

👤I followed the chart and it showed that I was on the lower end of the size large. These are too small to fit in the fingers. The length of the fingers is a bit long, and the palm is good, but the circumference of the fingers is way too small. I'm pretty sure the fingers and palm will be too big if I order the big one. If you have big fingers, size up, these won't work unless you care if they are too big. I wanted to use these for kite-boarding in cold water, so I wanted a comfortable grip on the bar, and tight fitting fingers. I was hoping these would be the ticket because my current gloves don't have the sticky palm and fingers grips that these do. I will have to keep looking.

6. Palmyth Neoprene Flexible Photography Touchscreen

Palmyth Neoprene Flexible Photography Touchscreen

The thumb and index finger caps allow you to manipulate your fishing rod, phone, camera, touch-screen devices, pistol or RC drones without compromising performance, protection, and dexterity. The back of the glove is stretch neoprene, which is good for cool days but not great for cold days, and it has an artificial leather reinforced palm for a better grip. The wrist strap will not fall off if you fix it. The cuffs keep the gloves snug to your hands. Measure around your palm to see if you can pick a size. If you are in between sizes, please choose the larger size for a more comfortable fit. If you prefer a loose fitting glove, the next size up may be better. The 2 cut fingers design means you retain manoeuvrability and dexterity so these gloves are suitable for fishermen, archers, hunters, cyclists, runners, and outdoor athletes. It's good for mild weather, but not for cold weather. Do not bleach, iron or use fabric softner when washing.

Brand: Palmyth

👤Product was received before the scheduled arrival. The medium size glove is too big. I would like to see manufacturers make a small version. These gloves are not insulated and will not keep your hands warm in the cold weather. The gloves will keep your hands free from scales. The grip surface is not tacky like other brands. The tacky surface of other brands is something I don't like. The product image shows the index and thumb tips folding out. This helps in handling hooks/tackle, holding the line for casting, and using your phone. Excellent product. I wish there was a small glove. I replaced my old pair with a new one and added an image of the before and after. The glove on the right is my original pair, after Extreme and Heavy usage. On the left hand is my new pair. As you can see, the gloves lived up to their purpose. The thumb and index finger wore off after about 3 months of heavy use. I re-ordered a new pair of gloves because they were very durable. I'd like to try out the gloves when they sell a small size. Please consider making gloves for people with smaller hands. Is that what it is?

👤Been looking for gloves like this for a long time. If you need to use a finger print scanner or even just fine precision bare finger tip, I have never found that 'conductive tips' are accurate enough. I was looking for a traditional poly/fabric as these are a daily wear to the office, but the neoprene looks and works fine. Quality seems decent so hopefully they hold up over time. I'm thrilled to see someone making flip tips. Gill or West Marine sailing gloves have tips that are cut off for thumb and finger.

👤I will recommend them to the whole club.

👤I decided to use the gloves I just got for my camera during the dog walk this morning. My hands were nice and warm in 35o F, but without the bulk I wouldn't get the gloves that kept my hands warm. I can't wait to use them in a photo shoot. Nice product!

👤I was tired of photographing football games in the last few games of the season and decided to stop. I only have two cold fingers with these gloves. They allow unrestricted movement and I was able to access all of the controls on my camera and lens. They seem well-constructed and fit well. I only had a chance to use them 4 times since purchasing, but I'm looking forward to warmer hands next fall!

👤There were 6 different pairs of fishing gloves. These were the best fit for me and the easiest to fish with. I am giving away the others and ordering more of them.

👤This pair of gloves has been the most important part of my fly fishing equipment. They have held up for several months of rugged use and have not fallen apart. When you're hiking to and from fishing holes, tying flies, fighting fishing, and high-fiving your friends, there's some general wear on the palms. Highly recommend these gloves for fly fishing.

7. Palmyth Fishing Fingers Fingerless Photography

Palmyth Fishing Fingers Fingerless Photography

2 Pair Gloves and 1 Pair Sun Protection Sleeves are included in the package. Dexterity: 3-Cuts exposed fingers gives precise manual control, allows for fishing, knot tying, line stripping, rod handling and cameras, phone. You can play and work outdoors. Warmth and comfort can be achieved by using a knit fabric with a snug fit and wool fiber that provides warmth even in wet conditions. Synthetic leather palm provides extra protection from friction to enhance durability. Silicone is printed on the palm to add a secure grip. You can move your hands with a knit construction with rib elastic cuff. It's widely used in hunting, fishing, photography, and other outdoor activities. Hand-wash to ensure long-term performance. Lay out flat to dry.

Brand: Palmyth

👤I need gloves with open fingers to use the package scanning device, but still have warmth. The gloves do that. I have a walking route that keeps me outside all day. I live in a place where winters are cold and the wind chill is negative, and I only use gloves that keep my hands from getting cold. The gloves allow me to work with mail, packages, and the like. The size choice is negative. I have gloves that fit well but are loose and long in the covered fingers. I will be buying another pair of gloves for my job.

👤The gloves were in the mail. Since no reviews have been posted, we think a first impression might be useful to other buyers. The design is nice and the wool is good. If they were designed in the way that they were intended, they will be fine for the price. The single line of stitching securing the palm to the glove might not be enough under continued use. It would have been better if there were at least two lines of stitching or a "melded" material in the palm area.

👤The gloves came the next day after I ordered them. The inner-palm material improves grip and the stitching is good. I am looking forward to taking them fishing this winter.

👤The gloves cover half of the fingers and thumb. The little finger is too long. Otherwise they fit. The adhering ridges on the palm work well but the material on the palm makes the gloves less flexible. The gloves are perfect for photography. I bought a S/M for myself and a L for my husband. The covering for the little finger is too long in both cases, but the great qualities of the gloves make up for it.

👤When I leave the house, wear them. I can grab things from my pockets without taking them off. It's also great for driving because of the rubber on the palms. They keep my hands warm.

👤These are for winter fly fishing. I needed to keep my hands warm and use my fingers to change flies. These are great for the price. They can get wet, but still keep my hands warm. They seem to be together. The palms have an extra grip. I'm very happy with these.

👤The gloves I used on the trout fishing trip were very comfortable. Full coverage of two fingers allowed me to unhook fish while maintaining more hand coverage. I own a pair of hands that have 5 fingers cut back. I liked the palm that was waterproof. I would buy again. There was only one issue with flies catching on my hand. I had some holes.

👤My husband is a fisherman. He loves these gloves. He said that they are perfect for keeping his hands warm as well as allowing him to reel and tie. Well done! We will be buying a second set.

8. KastKing Morning Frost Liner Gloves

KastKing Morning Frost Liner Gloves

The glove liners are lightweight and Breathable and have a touch screen friendly thumb and index finger. The Morning Frost liner gloves are lightweight andBREATHABLE, and are made with 4 way stretch poly fleece fabric, which provides a snug comfortable fit and is fleece lined inside for extra insulation and warmth. The material is very absorbent and will keep your hands dry. The touch screen material on the thumb and index finger makes it easy to use a smart phone without gloves. There is an anti-sLIP palm. The printed pattern provides additional grip strength. It provides a great grip for fishing and other winter activities. These gloves are ideal for use as a light-weight glove for running, biking, fishing, kayaking, photography, or driving in cold weather. In extreme cold conditions, the Morning Frost gloves can be used as liners inside mittens or gloves.

Brand: Kastking

👤I measured my palm and found that the gloves fit well, the wrist part is tight, and they are comfortable. I read the reviews and was skeptical of the gloves, but I needed something cheap to wear in the mornings when I drive to work because my steering wheel is cold. I started running again and did not miss a beat. These gloves do not warm your hands. I feel the outside cold through them. They don't allow wind to penetrate which would make the hands cold. I run on the boardwalk and the temperatures were in the 40s recently. I was comfortable using these while running. If it was cold, these would not be as good, but I expected them to be a lighter pair of gloves. When I wore them to the car in the morning, my hands were warm and I could drive. The fit is snug so make sure to measure. The steering wheel is ok as I like to let it return to its position on its own when I make turns, but the grips are not great as driving is not great. Most gloves are weird to use, but they are easy to use with a phone, because of the snug fit.

👤These gloves are very good. It's just right for those cold days. It was very comfortable and fit on the skin. I have worked with them in the frozen foods section of a grocery store, and they are great for holding fish, holding a steering wheel, and touching your phone. To order a set of 2 more.

👤The Morning Frost Liner Gloves are a great choice. I'll give the good points first, and it's very well fitting... The statement "fits like a glove" really applies. Quality 4 Way stretch material is sewn tightly on the seams. The Silicone grip enhancement feature is nice. Warm up to 40 - 45 degrees for most people. The weak points... The Silicone grip enhancement feature should cover the whole palm. The thumb, index, and possibly middle fingers should have slit opening features to help with dexterity when tying fishing knots or using a spinning reel. When used as a glove liner, the Morning Frost Liner Gloves are very good, and good for use as a stand alone glove in milder temperatures. The gloves are good for what they're intended for and the price is good. I'm a fan of Kastking because they deliver quality products at affordable prices.

👤I've worn a pair of glove liners while cycling in the cold. The thin layer of material under my gloves helps cut out cold air. My old gloves were not as good as these KastKing gloves. They have grip surfaces which are useful when not wearing gloves. The price is a great value.

👤These gloves were a great addition to my bag. The wind was blowing and the temperature was getting cold. The fit was good. The non-stick on the palms helped keep the wet rod out of my hands. There is a The fact that these gloves worked with my screen was a plus as well as the fact that I try not to answer the phone while fishing. I didn't have to take them off to answer the phone or text her. I got a great set of gloves for winter. Thank you.

9. Drasry Touchscreen Waterproof Photography Motorcycle

Drasry Touchscreen Waterproof Photography Motorcycle

The fit of the three fingers and thumb allow you to expose only the fingertips without exposing the entire hand to cold weather. Allow your fingers to operate things without affecting performance, protection and dexterity. The use of non-slip touchscreen leather in the thumb and index fingertips allows you to use the touch screen phone without exposing your fingers to cold weather. It can also be used as gloves. The gloves are made of high-quality materials that can keep hands warm in cold weather and have good scratch resistance and wind resistance to help prolong the life of the gloves. Extra grip is provided by Silicone anti-slip points. The wrist strap is suitable for wrists of any size and fixes the wrists without falling. The wristband protects against cold and keeps it connected to your hand. Please measure around your palm before you use the size chart in the product image. The larger size will make it more comfortable. If you like loose gloves, the next size is better. Drasry cold weather gloves are not suitable for heavy snow or extremely cold weather. The waterproofness of these gloves is mainly used for accidental splashing of water, not for heavy rain. Do not bleach, iron or use fabric softener when washing your hands.

Brand: Drasry

👤When I bought these, they were on sale with a significant discount. I gave them a try. I have fished with them before. The design is thought out and they fit well. The gloves are warm enough to keep your hands warm in the cold, even though neoprene is not very warm. The placement of the dots to hold the fingertip folded back wasn't very well placed but that didn't affect my fishing. I used baitcasters and spinning reels while wearing these gloves and I think they are worth a full price.

👤They were used on a fly fishing trip. The temperature was 28 degrees in the morning. I was very happy to have these gloves. They kept my hands warm and dry. With the fingers cut out, tying knots was easy. It was cheap enough to have in the bag.

👤I want to like these gloves, but I want them to be waterproof. I was expecting the rest to keep my hands dry, but I knew the fingers would be a problem. The zigzag seam at the wrist instantly lets water through with a minimal amount of contact and soaks through the entire back of your hand. I would love them if this didn't happen. They fit perfectly. I was excited when they were snug on my finger tips, but they need improvement. The solid portion of the glove doesn't absorb water, so I will buy new ones, and I will get rid of the wrist zigzag seam. Buy them and they won't do as well.

👤Light weight, water resistant, good price. The grip is plastic, not rubber. There is a Run on the other side. It should work well for ice fishing. I really like them out on the ice. I am able to bait and unhook in the wind, but I have to take the gloves off. Certainly not perfect. Today was a good day on the lake with these gloves, because of the design, you have convertible holes and some line snatchers.

👤I only used them once, for fishing in the winter. I have big hands and the largest size gloves cut off circulation to my fingers. I gave them to my friend who loves them and uses them every time he fishes. The gloves were strong and durable. I would have kept them. I am not happy that I can not find gloves that fit me, that is not the manufacturer's fault. To be on the safe side, I would suggest getting a bigger size than you think you need.

👤The fit of the gloves is good. The width of my fingers is slightly wider than the length. They're not tight. It is difficult to make a fist because they are stiff. The tips of my fingers are cold, but they are warm. I don't think they would keep my hands warm. I don't know if I will keep them because of how stiff they are, I haven't tested them in wet conditions. It will be a hand workout for me to accomplish any work that requires a lot of gripping and fine motor skills. They work well on the screen of my phone.

10. Koxly Insulated Anti Slip Windproof Waterproof

Koxly Insulated Anti Slip Windproof Waterproof

Warm up in winter. Winter gloves are made of high-quality materials. The gloves have a lining of warm Cashmere and Breathable film to keep your hands warm. The gloves have an extra back waterproof zip, which is convenient to wear and take off, and the cuffs are slippery and comfortable, without restricting your outdoor sports and movement. The gloves are more suitable for most people's hands. The grip on the palm of the glove makes the connection between the steering wheel and the glove stronger. Provide security for your travels. The fingertips of winter gloves are made of high-quality conductive corrugated PU, which makes it possible for you to use smart phones and touch screen devices without taking off your gloves. It's suitable for daily use and work. The gloves can be used when walking in the street, biking to work, running in cold conditions, riding a motorcycle in snow, and in other outdoor activities. Windproof gloves are suitable for all genders. If you have a problem with your gloves, they will help you within 24 hours. They will provide you with a better shopping experience.

Brand: Koxly

👤I have been wearing the gloves for over an hour in the 32F weather, but I haven't seen if they are waterproof yet. It could be better, however, as they are very comfortable with it. They would suggest increasing the insulation during this hour. I was able to use them for a phone application, but it didn't work out. I had to remove a glove. I think they are not bad for the price. I gave them a 4 star rating because my hands were cold after only an hour in the weather. I agree that you could ride a motorcycle with these, but you would have a hard time gripping the steering wheel in the cold.

👤I was looking for gloves that were cost effective, fit well, were warm, not bulky, and allowed me to use my touch screen. I found these gloves on Amazon. They fit all my criteria and have a few extra perks, like the zip on top to help slide on and off and give an exceptional fit. Perfect gloves! I purchased 4 more pairs.

👤The gloves are not damaged. They're good for weather in the 30s and 40s. I'm not sure why anyone would expect that at the price, despite the company's claims. I'm mostly satisfied with them. Order up a size because they have large seams in the fingers. My comments about the gloves stand, but I've now received 4 emails from the company asking me to raise my star rating and offer compensation to buy a rating. This is completely inappropriate and annoying. I would not recommend this company to you.

👤I'm not sure what to think about these gloves' write-up and reviews. Maybe they are adequate for 45 degrees. I walked on a cold day and my hands got cold. I cut my walk short by putting my hands in the gloves. I thought they were work gloves, but when I looked at them again, they were warm. They're not.

👤I bought them for winter cycling. I was pleasantly surprised by the fit and comfort when I tried them on. I ordered a large based on the size recommendations in the product description. The gloves fit snug. The temperature was in the low 30s when I went out for a bike ride. The gloves kept my hands warm and nice, and they were not restrictive. The touch screen fingertips are a bonus, I won't spend a lot of time on my phone while riding, but it was nice to be able to dismiss notifications and get back to my cycling app. I didn't want to spend a lot of money on gloves. I expected to have to wear liners at this price point, but that was not the case. I expected comfort and warmth from these.

👤I love these! Soft inside and out. The stretch and flex are good. So far, it's durable. Responsive to touch on my phone.

👤The gloves are not waterproof. It's more accurate to say they have a small amount of water resistance. I tried them out for 20 minutes in the rain and when I got home my hands were wet. The gloves were wet. You could say, "Well, you only paid $16 for them." The only reason I paid was because they were advertised as waterproof. They are not worth anything to me.

11. RUNCL Touchscreen Convertible Windproof Photography

RUNCL Touchscreen Convertible Windproof Photography

A special material is attached to the index finger of the user to allow them to work with all types of devices. The quick release loops are set on the index and middle fingers, so it's easy to pull on or off your gloves without turning them inside out. These winter fishing golves with 6 pairs hook 'n' loop on the thumb, index finger and middle finger, easily converts from full-finger gloves to 3-cut finger gloves, provide you with facilitate delicate operations such as tying knots, rigging baits, handling RUNCL's warm winter fishing gloves are made with plush lining inside to provide long- lasting warmth and protect your hands in cold outdoor activities. The hook 'n' loop wrist strap is suitable for any size wrist and can keep the cold wind out. The fishing glove has a softshell that is water-repellent and windproof. Keeping hands dry in light rain and dew is possible with waterproof performance. It's designed for accidental water splashed, not for dipping into water or heavy rain. The fishing gloves constructed with microfiber on palm and thumb for enhanced dexterity, protect your hands from cuts, abrasions and hand fatigue. The black finger seam has stretch to leave more space for larger hands. It is easy to store.

Brand: Runcl

👤I had to grab some gloves because the temperature has dropped and you start to feel the cold on your fingers. These looked quality and the Runcl products have never let me down. They keep the hands warm, but allow for dexterity with the flip up neoprene fingers. The feel and touch of the fishing gear is maintained thanks to the use of the velcro. The quality is high. The stitching is good. They are built to be tough. The material is well made and stands up to running through your hand. The gray color has a touch of blue. Really stands out. The tuff is held by Velcro. Padding works well for gripping. These gloves are great for the price. If I had a problem with them, it would be that the fit isn't perfect, the finger is long, and they bunch in a few areas. 99% of people have the same shaped hands and these should fit them perfectly.

👤During the winter months, I go fishing and net at the pier. I was looking for a glove that I didn't have to wear while fishing and pulling the lobster net. I was excited to take them out for the first time. The materials of the gloves are warm and comfortable to wear. It was easy to rig my fishing line and fish because I left the finger tips open for both hands. The rope of the lobster net was difficult to pull because the glove didn't provide enough grip. It was more difficult to pull the net up. My hands were bare. My net rope was a bit thicker than my friend's and it was easier to pull up with the glove. The gloves got wet as I pulled up the wet line. My fingers were getting cold. The glove was supposed to be like a wetsuit for your hand. When rigging my fishing line, the finger tips of the glove became cumbersome and bulky because of the fact that the velcro for the tips was no longer sticking. The glove is comfortable and will keep you warm. It would be great if there was a way to keep the water out of the fingers.

👤I don't know if it's my experience or high expectations that haven't matched the product, or if other people had better luck. This product is a solid 4 stars. A decent pair of gloves, but not a 5 star product. I rated lower because of my issues. 1. When you grab your tools, you have to be careful because the material on the inside is slippery. 2. I have a standard hand size. The gloves have a narrow wrist opening. It was hard to put on, but very loose once on. The thumb seems a bit long. There is about an inch left over. Do not have the same issues with any other gloves. The Touchscreen is a good feature, but not very practical. It is very difficult to type and easier to just do it with a naked finger because the glove is not snug. I don't understand why the finger opening side needs an extra piece of material. It would make it a bit more uncomfortable if it were loose. They are warm and a decent value, but I prefer gloves that are snug and easy to put on.


What is the best product for fishing gloves men warm?

Fishing gloves men warm products from Extremus. In this article about fishing gloves men warm you can see why people choose the product. Palmyth and Moreok are also good brands to look for when you are finding fishing gloves men warm.

What are the best brands for fishing gloves men warm?

Extremus, Palmyth and Moreok are some of the best brands that chosen by people for fishing gloves men warm. Find the detail in this article. Fishfun, Xuker and Kastking are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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