Best Fishing Hat with Neck Flap for Men

Hat 9 Dec 2022 10+ Comments Open

1. Coolibar UPF Mens Convertible Fishing

Coolibar UPF Mens Convertible Fishing

Blocks of 98% of the UVA/UVB rays. FABRIC: The fabric is soft and lightweight with a cotton feel and Cooltect technology that makes the crown cooler on the water. The features are Tuck and zip away neck drape, chin strap, and floatable foam brim. The drape length is 5 1/2 inches and the circumference is 23 inches. It's best to stay on the water for long days when you need to keep dry and stay protected from the sun. Not recommended for: active fitness, which can cause overheating.

Brand: Coolibar

👤I bought this hat for my dad. We knew we needed to get him some better protection from the sun after he had cancer spots removed multiple times. I ordered this hat after finding it. I'm ordering more gifts for family members who saw him and wanted one for themselves. The flap on the back was great for hiding or letting down. No one had to worry about losing it. He says the longer brim helps keep the sun out of his eyes. The hat is very light and has a good amount of air in it. My dad's neck and ears are covered by the back flap. It was too big for him to order a S/M. I was surprised to see the S/M was too big because my dad has a normal head size. I tried it on my fiancée, who has a pretty large pumpkin, but it was a bit loose on him. There is a better way to secure the hat onto his head, but it still doesn't fit perfectly. This hat is expensive. I can't find a similar style where you can tuck the back protection up with a different brand. When it comes to sun protection for someone important in my life, I want to use a brand that is well known. An ounce of prevention is cheaper than a pound of cure.

👤This is one of the best hats I have ever seen. It fits my large head. It has a neck protection flap in the back. I feel fortunate to have bought both of them, because it is a great product that is manufactured with quality materials. I bought 2 of them and might buy more. The features of the hat are explained in detail.

👤I ordered this cap in a small size using the website's sizing guide to measure my head for proper size. I received a cap that was advertised but was a small "S/M". I couldn't wear it because it was too large. I assume the "S/M" label means small to large. I think the price of this cap is too high.

👤I have one comment so far. I found a small black plastic device when I opened the package. I haven't needed it yet, but I'm not sure where that goes.

👤I had a 24” head and it fit perfectly. The size of my hat is 7 1/2, which is the same as the size of baseball caps. Wide and slightly longer brim, comfortable material, not too hot in Florida sun while biking, partial coverage over ears is fine for me. This hat is for sale. I bought the same hat again.

👤I loved it because it kept the sun off my next, even though it was small. I can put it in a pouch on the hat if I don't need it. It is very well made. Unless you are the Giant, it will fit most people.

👤Excellent hat. During the summer, my face gets burned by the sun.

2. IYEBRAO Pieces Protection Fishing Grey&Light

IYEBRAO Pieces Protection Fishing Grey%EF%BC%86Light

100% high quality nylon, soft and quick drying. One size from 22.8" to 24" is comfortable. Sun Protection & Breathable:UPF 50+ wide brim hat with neck flap, keep the sun off you head, face and neck. The large mesh design makes the hat very soft. The weight of the hat is very comfortable to wear. You can either take it with you or put it in your bag.

Brand: 29 Iyebrao

👤Great hats! It's super comfortable. I live in a place where it could be hot as balls all day but still have wind, so I like the fact that they have a chin strap. They get a bit warm after awhile despite being breathable. I have thick hair so it happens sometimes. I get burned really bad on my forehead and back of my neck when I sunburn. These hats are the OG. I look radical after the purchase.

👤I was surprised by the high quality of the hats, considering the low price. They fit and look good. The material is light and comfortable to breathe in. If you don't need to use the wind strap, you can put it in the crown. The neck cape works well. Couldn't be happier with the purchase.

👤There is plenty of vent in the cap. If you have a smaller head size, there is a draw string elastic that will adjust it, but I have a large head and it fits very nicely on me.

👤The neck is protected from getting sunburned with a protective flap. Southwest Florida has a need for the ventilation feature. The price that the name brand shops are selling them for is less than that.

👤I can enjoy the park with insects on my neck.

👤The reason for purchase is that this hat will protect you from the sun. The product has all the adjustments one would need, so it's ideal for this purchase. Sun protection is my goal and comfort for my large head, however I am not fond of the color. I have been wearing the SPF hat for 5 days.

👤The strap came off and strings were coming out after 5 minutes. Not happy with the product. Cheaply made.

👤I wish I would have bought this item in stores because it is so thin and doesn't hold any shape at all.

3. Camptrace Outdoor Protection Adjustable Fishing

Camptrace Outdoor Protection Adjustable Fishing

Their sun hat has a 3.9 inch brim and extra back coverage, which give better protection for face, ear and neck. The Sun hat is water resistant, nylon fabric, and stain resistant, and it protects you from UV damage. Breathable and Quick Dry Sun Hat. The inner sweatband will absorb sweat and the mesh side vent of the hat is for superior airflow. It's easy to take with you or it can be thrown into your bag. The hiking hat can be folded into a pocket or bag to save space when travelling, and the neck flap can be stored in the brim. The hat is outdoor. A quick dry mesh lining. It's perfect for hiking, camping, fishing, hunting, camping, water park, gardening, travel, tourism, and any other outdoor activities.


👤I love the Camptrace Sun Hat. The neck flap is great. If you don't want it to be visible, it can be rolled up inside the brim. The mesh on the crown should allow for some breath-ability while keeping the sun off my head, and a chin strap keeps it on in windy weather. I love the green color. It's not quite army green. A dark green that won't show the dirt. The elastic cinch allows you to adjust the brim size. It fits a guy with a 8.25 hat size and me, who is 21.5 inches around my head. That is a one-size-fits-most hat. Those are too small for me and too large for him. I'm very impressed with the size range. The sun is off of my ears, neck, and face at the same time. I'm hoping it will last me a long time. It's hand-wash only, but I can live with not throwing it in the washing machine. I received this hat as part of a promotion. All opinions here are my own, and I am not obligated to review it.

👤The mesh barrier around the hat is too hot. The material doesn't breath. I have had other hats that were badly constructed but made with better material than 7 to 10 dollars. This one is made with a thick shiny material. It does not breathe and is definitely durable. Not worth buying another for the 20 dollar price. I will try again.

👤I love this hat. The brim is wide enough to hide my face. I use a medication that makes me sensitive to the sun and it helps me go hiking and enjoy time outdoors with my family. It has a neck strap that helps keep it on during windy conditions. It is lightweight and doesn't make me hotter.

👤The hat has worked well for me. It keeps the sun out of my eyes and off my neck with the drape in back or the hat tilted back completely. The drape can be rolled up to fit a regular hat. I have had no problems with the chin strap even in a stiff wind from reviews on similar hats. It rolls up and tucks in my purse, so I can grab it when I need it, and it didn't leave me with hat hair.

👤I am very excited about this hat. It is light in the material. I forget to put on sunscreen but the back flap helps with this. It adds an extra layer to block the sun around my shoulders and upper back, so I will still be protected. I will be wearing this hat this Spring and Summer.

👤The inside of the hat is nice and the fit is good, but the stitching is exposed and it's kind of sloppy looking.

👤A nice hat. My neck and shoulders don't get sunburn because of the flap in the back. My head does not get warm. It was very windy on the 6 mile hike on Sunday, but it was never lost with the strap under the chin.

4. Tirrinia Outdoor Protection Adjustable Drawstring

Tirrinia Outdoor Protection Adjustable Drawstring

The ultimate sun protection material. The flap hats are rated for full protection against harmful UVA and UVB rays, offering complete UV protection for face, neck and ears. It's great for beach, pool, park, camping, boating, fishing, hiking, gardening, or any outdoor sports and activities. A moistue wicking sweatband design and two mesh side panels allow for good air flow and cooling in the sun. A chain strap cord lock keeps the hat in place when it's not in use. Quick-drying is windproof. The material for protecting against the sun. It's easy to carry and hides in your luggage or backpack when you're on the go, it's lightweight and water and stain resistant, and it's also easy to roll up and put in your pocket.

Brand: Tirrinia

👤Most women's stuff is too small for me. Hats are not an exception. The sun hat I had previously was nice, but I had to pull it down tight so it wouldn't fall on my head. I didn't want to look manly so I was hesitant to wear a men's hat. I searched for men's sun hats here. The green version of this hat was shown initially. When I looked at the options, I was happy to see pink. I don't like pink, but it's the only feminine option. The bill is large. It provides good coverage against the sun, but also limits visibility. I had to bend my head back while looking up the mountain. The material is thicker than I expected, so I thought this hat would be hot. The mesh openings on the side kept my head cool. The sun rays are blocked by it. I didn't have a sun burn after 8 hours of hiking and berry picking on a sunny day. The flap in the back allowed the wind to cool off my neck and that didn't bother me. The biggest plus is that his hat fits my head. There is a little more room.

👤I live in a sunny state and work outside. I need a sun hat that provides a lot of coverage, doesn't block my vision, and doesn't blow off in the wind. This is hard to find. I tried all of the different types of sun-blocking hats that I ordered from Amazon. Even though it was the least expensive hat I bought, it was the most effective. The major advantages are 1. It gives good coverage to my face, neck, and sides of head. 2. Even when it is windy, the hat stays on. The chin strap can be cinched down, and there is a string at the back of the hat. It rarely blows off. There are rings on the attachment point that allowed me to retie the chin strap after it ripped off the hat. 3. The broad side brims will make it hard to see. It is an acceptable level of obstruction. 4. The hat is cool. Vents help with air flow. I'm not looking for style. This was the only hat that worked well for me. I ordered 2 more because I liked it so much.

👤I bought 3 similar style hats for between 14 and 40 dollars. Sun Cucumber is a brand that makes a wide-brimmed sun hat with a neck flap. The Sunday afternoon's hat is an Ultra-Adventure hat. I am looking at the hat. The most well constructed and best quality hat of the 3, the $40 Sunday Afternoons hat, failed miserably when it came to the length of the neck cape. The hat covered most of the bases. The cape was very long. Even with your head tilted forward, it provides excellent coverage. The brim is slightly wider on this one. The Sun Cube hat was not as sturdy as this one. The terry cloth liner on this hat is nice. This was the cheapest hat of the 3. The crown of the hat was sewn onto the brim a little off center, which is the only issue with this hat. It looks like it's been cooked on my head. The Sun Cube hat was sewn poorly off center, and it looked ridiculous.

5. ZEXIAN Fishing Outdoor Protection Removable

ZEXIAN Fishing Outdoor Protection Removable

Protection from the sun is called SPF+50. 98% of harmful rays are blocked. The wide brim, face mask and neck flap protect you from the sun. The design is 22.5” by 24”inches. It is a good size for most men. The strap on the chin is changeable. The face mask and neck flap can be removed. One hat can be used in many ways. It can be used as a fishing hat, sun hat, beach hat and so on. It is made of quick-drying, absorbent material. It is comfortable and soft. The material is waterproof and ideal for wearing outside. Light and flexible, it doesn't lose its shape. It's convenient to carry. It is perfect for outdoor activities. Customer service is provided. If there is a problem with their hat, please contact them. They will follow up. Please inform them if you don't like it. You can keep the hat. Their promise is it.

Brand: Zexian

👤I bought hats for sun protection. I wore it down waterslides, had tons of water dump on my head, and threw it around when I wasn't wearing it. It held up well and never got floppy. My face is not sunburned and that is the best part. These are great hats.

👤Throw it in the suitcase. The other should be in the garage. The front flap is useless if you don't have glasses and it dries out nicely. I can't attest for that. There is a It is more than a reasonable price.

👤I was concerned about it being too large for my head, but it fits well and does a great job of keeping the sun off my head.

👤Protection from the sun. This wide-brimmed hat has curtains. When the flaps are snapped-in, the sun won't shine on your face, neck or ears. The headband adjusts to different sizes. I wear a 7 1/2 hat. Cool and crushable.

👤These hats with draped cloth are great for protecting your neck and face. I use them while riding my Zero Turn Mower which tends to kick up debris.

👤I like the attachable options. Use the back, not the face. It's light and can be stored in a truck.

👤They are comfortable and light. Keep the sun out of your face and neck. The wife likes that the face mask reduces the grass clippings in your face.

👤The 2 pack of wide- brimmed sun hats is the ticket for summer. They are comfortable, well styled, and keep me safe.

6. ICOLOR 360°Protection Outdoor Sports Protection

ICOLOR 360%C2%B0Protection Outdoor Sports Protection

Icolor Women's Sun Cap Wide Brim Sun Protection with Face and Neck Flap Hat for Women is a lightweight,breathable material for all-day wear. It's great for all types of outdoor activities, no matter the size. Hand washing only, the free size fits most with a buckle. It protects skin from the elements and keeps delicate skin on the neck and face safe from harmful rays. WINDPFOOG: The hat stays put even in windy conditions with the flap design. It's suitable for the crowd: fishing enthusiasts, sailors, climbers, camping activities, personnel. They are dedicated to providing high quality products for their customers. If you have a question about their product, please contact them, they will try their best to make you happy.

Brand: Icolor

👤This is for sun protection for me. I used it for 5 days on vacation and it was comfortable. The fabric attached to the back is long enough to cover the sides of your neck, but the top of my head got too much UV exposure. The fabric that goes down your neck seems to work well. The top layer did not. After I got home, I had a flare up on my head. When my head is exposed to UV, I will lose my hair. I wore my transition glasses with two hats. The glasses were clear but with this hat the lens started to change. Do not get this hat if you are sensitive to the sun. Getting a UV meter will not trust the manufacturer's claims again.

👤The design is attractive, but the material that is supposed to cover the neck is very light and not sun resistant. The upf50 is for the hat part, which is true. The hat doesn't offer much in the way of cooling. The material covering the neck area is so thin that the snaps are hard to unsnap, so it will be torn around after a few unsnaps. I bite them open to avoid pulling on the fabric. The life will be extended a bit. This hat will not last.

👤I kept the all blue one because it was better at protecting against the sun than the prettier one. I returned the blue hat I bought because it was covered in sheer purple, grey, and white material. The neck flap material was thin and sheer, so it doesn't completely block sunlight from penetrating it. It has a snap in the front to gather and attach the neck flaps. The flap material is so sheer I am afraid the snap wouldn't last long without tearing off. I wanted to like it. The flap material was impractical. I tried the all blue one with the entire hat made from the same opaque lightweight fabric which protects your neck from the sun much better than the other one which used a thinner fabric for the neck flaps. I put away the mouth covering flap because I don't want to wear it for sun protection. I'm keeping it to wear in cold weather, but it seems pretty over the top. The bill on this hat is generous, and that it is divided into 3 bendable sections so you can fold it up into a small package, compared to trying to stuff a regular billed cap of this size into a backpack or whatever. I don't like that it has a big iColor logo on the front. The all blue hat looked worse than the gauzy-material hat. Neither of them will win any beauty contests. The all blue one is bright and dorky, but it keeps the sun off your face and neck. I don't have to use face and neck sunblock every day. If there is a breeze, wearing the hat makes me feel cooler, without the sun beating down on my skin. If there is no breeze, it will hold in the heat. If you're looking at these hats, you're likely looking for practicality over fashion, and this hat delivers fairly well. It's advised that you might get made fun of wearing it, but you'll have the last laugh to keep sunburn and skin cancer at bay.

7. KastKing Removable Protection Paddling Kayaking

KastKing Removable Protection Paddling Kayaking

The key features are the mesh vent that promotes air flow and the chin strap that has a fashionable Prym1 and solid colors. The Sol Armis Boonie Sun Hat has a rating of 50 to ensure you are protected from the sun's harmful UVA and UVB rays. The UV Sun Protection hat can be used as a beach hat, fishing hat, hiking hat, or safari hat. Cool and comfortable, light-weight material and vented mesh sides help boost air flow and make sure you are dry on hot sunny days. They have a band that will keep sweat out of your eyes. The one-size fits all hat can be adjusted with the elastic draw string inside the head band and locked in place with the rear mounted button. On a windy day, the chin strap on your hat will be lost. A neck shield is included for extra sun protection. This neck shield is great for protecting you from the sun but also helps to keep you cool and comfortable during the hot summer months and can easily be removed if needed.

Brand: Kastking

👤I like the hat. It is lightweight and works well because it keeps the hot Central Florida sun off my head. I don't have to wear a neck shield because I wear a gaiter around my neck. I put the hood up over the top so that I can hear better while fishing in the swamp. The size of the brim keeps the sun out and the rain off. I love that I can roll it up and keep it in my man purse. The sun was shining and the rain was falling at Universal Studios. I was glad I had it. The quality is top-notch. I think it will last a long time. If I could change this hat, I wouldn't. The light grey camo is perfect for my needs. I use the Kaskking braid on my reels and everything else. It is great! I like to use Kastking products.

👤I liked the hat. It protects you from the sun while allowing air to pass through and heat to exit. The only problem I have is with how the neck gator fits into the actual hat. It is done with 4 small hooks that are attached to elastic loops on the inside of the hat. The hooks allow the neck gator to either come off or partially off. Quality is great other than that.

👤The hat was designed for its intended purpose. I need lighter weight material for hats because it's hot and humid in my area. This hat seems to be made of a thicker material that doesn't breath as well and relies on the mesh vent for most of its circulation. It would work on cooler days.

👤I got this for fishing a few months ago, but haven't taken it fishing yet. I use it more when mowing than I would fishing. Great hat. It works great. Very light. It keeps the sun out of your eyes and keeps your neck from getting burnt. Would buy again.

👤This was a gift for my husband who has kayak gloves. He liked the neck flap because it protected his neck. I had to catch it when it fell off when we were on the river.

👤One is perfect. The clips for back sun protection fell out frequently, because the loops were sewn too wide. I will have to make a tighter loop to keep the clips in.

👤The neck shield is worthless as the clip system doesn't stay attached. The hat is pretty good. The brim tends to fold over on windy days. I might try and find something different if I buy again. My honest opinion.

👤The neck shield is nice and the color is great. The only reason I didn't give it 5 stars was because I have a bigger head and it's a little snug for me, but it's not too big for me.

8. Jormatt Protection Outdoor Foldable Fishing

Jormatt Protection Outdoor Foldable Fishing

98% of harmful UVA and UVB rays are blocked by Sun protection. Whether you're fishing, camping, hiking, or gardening, a sun hat protects your head and face from the sun and heat. The hat is kept safe on head in wind with the adjustment of the drawstring. The fit for head circumference is 22. The side brim is 2.6 inches and the neck flap is 10 inches. Their lightweight hat has mesh holes, which lets your head stayventilated and it is made by polyester, quick drying. A hidden neck flap can be folded into the rear brim for daily use.

Brand: Jormatt

👤I believe that size matters when you are a big man or woman. I gave it to my nephew who is 15 and he loves it. It fits him perfectly. Even though he is growing like a bean, his head is small. I think that Amazon should do a better job in the Men's fashion department making sure that they are accurate in their size. You have to spend a lot of time trying to find the right size when you are looking for items that are not in the same size.

👤Style 2 is in a light grey size. My husband has a big head, and this hat just fits him. His head is large. He wasn't sure if the neck protection was attached to the hat. You can put it in the hat. It folds up nicely and has a pocket under the brim. The folded hat caused some problems. I put it in his suitcase to make it less wrinkled. He wanted it to pull the sides of the hat up. He never used the neck protection after we went to Hawaii.

👤The quality of the hat is excellent. Light weight and comfortable. I have to admit that the hats I buy at outdoor stores are more expensive than the ones I buy at home. This will be my hiking hat and yard hat. Many will use this as a regular hiking hat. I have very strict standards in this hot Arizona summer sun because of the amount of hiking I do. The company has done a great job. This hat is very good.

👤This sun hat has a nice fit with an elastic band for the head and a strap under the chin that can be adjusted to hold it on during windy times. The light weight material of the hat makes it comfortable for a long day. The chin strap gets in the way of the neck flap. I think the neck flap is a bit short.

👤The hat is light and comfortable. The shape of the brim is the same as my other hats. It helps keep the sun out of your face, but not so much that it's a large brim. I'm an average size guy with an average weight of 160 lbs. The hat is perfect for me. On a windy day, the neck strap would be useful. The neck flap stores into the brim is my favorite part. There is a square on the inside of the hat. Tuck the flap and make sure it doesn't come out. Simple yet brilliant. I love this hat!

👤I volunteer at a nearby wildlife refuge and some of my tasks require me to be in warm weather. While doing some of the tasks I volunteer for, which means I'm sometimes out for a few hours, this sun hat with the neck flap saves me from getting burned. It's light in weight and light in color to not absorb the sun. I washed it a few times and let it dry. Highly recommended!

9. DDYOUTDOOR Fashion Outdoor Protection Fishing

DDYOUTDOOR Fashion Outdoor Protection Fishing

The new Sun Cap has flaps that are replaceable. IDEAL FOR CAMPING, BOATING, FISHING, HIKING OR GARDENING,LARGE BILL AND BACK FLAP PROVIDES PROTECTION FROM THE SUN. There areESH side panels with 2 large moss eyes for shade. The collapsibel is easy to carry. Material: nylon

Brand: Ddyoutdoor

👤The hat fits. It protects against the sun. I thought the neck flap would be annoying. I put it back on when I get hot. 5 stars for being a great sun hat. The bad news now. I use a hat for fishing. I have tried wide brimmed hats, but they get blown off, so this is far superior to traditional women's sun hats. It is ugly and has no feminine qualities and that is a problem, because on a lake, men will stand up, look around to see if there are any women, if they don't see any, they will whip it out and pee off the side of the lake. I've seen things.

👤It's exactly as the image depicts. The material is light and soft. It seems well made and fits exactly how I wanted it to, being outdoors in the blazing sun checking terrain for construction sites. It's a welcome addition to my gear.

👤In Houston, Texas, working outside for more than 11 hours a day is very hot. This helps a lot. Blocks the sun so no sunburn, and keeps my face clean from the yard dirt. The material is not uncomfortable. I can breathe with this one.

👤I'll add mine because I'm very satisfied with the product and it's easy to set expectations given everyone's selfies with product. When it arrived, I was skeptical about the negative reviews that said the clips on the back part would break. They were small but still adequate if you were trying to break it. I was out kayaking as part of a safety crew and I had to stay at a buoy to direct swimmers or help in case of emergency, not fishing or anything. I noticed a small black plastic piece when I was putting away my kayak, but I didn't think of it anymore. It was one of the inside black clips that had broken. Weird. I don't recall any stress. I think this is easy to repair. Only one star is enough for docking. I agree that clips like the front piece would be better. There are pictures of a broken clip. The front piece is pulled down.

👤I got this hat for a great price, it is very light weight, well made, and protects my neck from sunburn, I love it, and it is very cheap.

👤I wish I could keep it, but it was too small for me and I wear a size 7 1/2 fitted hat. The mask and backing had excellent coverage from the sun in the state of Arizona, and I felt cooler in the afternoon. I'm still trying, other hats haven't compared to the coverage. The back sun shade has plastic clips that hold securely, but may be fragile in the long term, because the mask has two sets of metal buttons that hold well. There is a liner inside the hat.

👤I wanted to use this hate in Alaska to protect me from the sun while on a glacier. The first time I tried to remove the face mask part, a snap botton broke, it took 5 minutes to open. Cheap quality is not recommended.

10. Home Prefer Protection Fishing Light

Home Prefer Protection Fishing Light

lightweight and comfortable wear is made of Polyester. The crown and back flap have mesh vents. The chin strap can be removed or adjusted. 98% of damaging UVA/UVB sun rays are blocked by the UPF 50+. It's perfect for any outdoor activities.

Brand: Home Prefer

👤I use this on the days I work at the outdoor pool. It is great. The coverage is great and comfortable. My wife laughs whenever she sees me wearing it, but in the hot Maryland sun it is a great way to protect your eyes and skin. The quality is good and the hat is very durable. The mesh vent on the top is perfect to keep your head cool.

👤I bought it in the Florida sun. I am a big fan of the design and color, but only found two things that I didn't like. One reviewer mentioned a large hat. It's not all the way around. The part is wide. I am assuming it's narrower since there's a neck cover in the back, but I wish it was bigger. The hat is tight for us with a large melon. I have a 7 1/2 inch hat. It's tight for us larger melon people, but I knew it ran on the smaller side. I used this hat in the rain, and it's a nice rain shield, so it comes with an added benefit. It's not waterproof, but if you're out in a light rain, you have an umbrella for your face. It's a good thing. For the price and features, this is a no-brainer for anyone who wants protection for their neck and face in sunny conditions.

👤There is a wide brim. The design is simple, has an air vent in the crown, and a neck strap. > The neck flap keeps the sun and insects out of your ears and neck. The neck flap can't be lost or insects can't crawl around it. It takes up little space in a suitcase. The CONS are related. The color of the hat is the same as the side of the brim. I have a hat that is black below the brim, which reduces glare and is useful when taking photos. The underside of the "Home Preferred" hat should have a black brim. It is possible that the neck strap could break after a few years when the plastic dries out. The neck flap is not removed. You can push the neck flap of the "Home Preferred" cap up into the crown, but you have a double thickness of fabric and there are no vents in the crown. > The wide brim on the sides and back is redundant. A baseball cap with a neck flap would provide nearly as good protection as a baseball cap, and would be less prone to flying off in the wind. It seems to be a great hat for reducing the amount of sun, heat, and insects. > It's less ideal in windy conditions when the neck flap is pushed up into the crown. I wore the hat for three weeks on a cruise of the Caribbean and Amazon River. I didn't need to use the neck flap as a bug barrier because I rarely noticed mosquitoes. If I had not secured the neck strap with my shirt button, the hat would have blown away many times, and I would have risked my life. If I take a similar trip in the future, I'll consider a baseball-type cap with a neckflap and neck strap.

11. Home Prefer Outdoor UPF50 Fishing

Home Prefer Outdoor UPF50 Fishing

Premium Polyester/Nylon,breathable, quick-drying, lightweight and soft comfortable wear. The wide brim and mesh vent for cooling the air through the crown. 98% of damaging UVA/UVB sun rays are blocked by the UPF 50+. The neck flap can be used as a bucket hat. It's perfect for any outdoor activities.


👤I don't know how big my head is. I can't find hats that fit, but I read a review where a guy said he had the biggest head on his construction site, and he said it fit his head. I thought I would give it a try. It does fit all the way out. My wife can wear it as well. It seems to be well made, and I have worn it every day for a month. Light weight and nice air quality. I have only used the neck shade a few times, but it works well. The strap works great when I go fishing on Davis Island, which is very windy. I ordered a navy blue fan, but I plan on ordering a few more in other colors.

👤I wear this hat almost daily. I work outside. I have worn this hat all day long. Sometimes I pair it with a towel to cool it off. I washed it many times. It has held up well. I was pleasantly surprised. You definitely won't get any cool points, women and men won't ask you for a date, but you will get a compliment from time to time. The tool serves its purpose very well. Highly recommended!

👤I bought this for protection from the sun. I knew it would cover my head from the sun, but it felt good on my neck. The top of the hat let the breeze in, so it cooled me. Great hat.

👤When I'm out landscaping outside 25/7, the product is really good, not cheap or expensive, but it does help. When you fold the hat in, you can put it in place with the help of the sweat band, and it also has a piece of velcro on both sides to hold it in place.

👤It should be much cooler than my older hat because the wind blows into the mesh top. My previous hat had something like a thin foam on it. It was stiff and foldable. I was hoping the brim on this hat would be stiffened but after spraying a few coats of starch, it doesn't droop. The material is thin and flexible despite the extra stitching. It's still springtime. I haven't tried the neck covering, but it stores nicely. Nobody has noticed that it has an option. I was worried that it would be too obvious. I was going to cut it off. I'll try to remember to update when the temperature is over 90F.

👤My husband is a USPS letter carrier. He loves it, keeps his head nice and cool on hot days, and commented that the brim is wide enough to shade his face completely. When it is time for a new one, will purchase again.

👤The hat was destroyed from the mail envelope. The crown of the hat was not able to stand up. I put it on a makeshift hat stand for a couple of days. The mesh isn't strong enough to support the crown. The interior headband has a tendency to roll down and out of the hat. The neck flap is in the back of the brim which makes the whole thing look sloppy. To be clear... This thing is not like laying a tee-shirt on your head. I am going to try a different hat.


What is the best product for fishing hat with neck flap for men?

Fishing hat with neck flap for men products from Coolibar. In this article about fishing hat with neck flap for men you can see why people choose the product. 29 Iyebrao and are also good brands to look for when you are finding fishing hat with neck flap for men.

What are the best brands for fishing hat with neck flap for men?

Coolibar, 29 Iyebrao and are some of the best brands that chosen by people for fishing hat with neck flap for men. Find the detail in this article. Tirrinia, Zexian and Icolor are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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