Best Fishing Hats for Women Baseball Cap

Women 9 Dec 2022 10+ Comments Open

1. Columbia Stateside Large X Large Triangle

Columbia Stateside Large X Large Triangle

98% cotton, 2% elastane. The classic fit of Columbia's PFG Mesh Stateside Ball Cap provides comfort for long fishing days. There are some details. The fishing hat has a logo patch. Ventilated backs add comfort to wear no matter the temperature. Quality fabric. The fishing hat is made of quality fabric and is comfortable to wear. The fishing hat is comfortable and stylish, perfect for long days out on the water to casual days outside.

Brand: Columbia

👤It is great. The L/XL is a perfect fit for me. Light weight and very absorbent.

👤The hat is snug on a grape.

👤Really? I can't ware the size I bought. This thing is not big enough for a patrol cap.

👤Can not beat the price on this cap. I have always wanted the Texas logo, but didn't want to spend over $25 on it.

👤I gave this to my husband as a gift and he loves it, it is very comfortable and well made.

👤I have a small head. It is perfect. Does everything need to be done with a hat. I get a lot of praise.

👤The hat is great and I bought it for Christmas. The way it was packaged was terrible. The hat was out of shape because it came in a small flat envelope. I have a bent hat sitting on a bowl, trying to get it straightened up.

👤It was a perfect fit. The husband likes it.

👤The fit is perfect and the quality is great. I have purchased 5 caps.

👤Exelente producto Aunque tardo un poco en llegar. The producto is a satire. 100%

👤Me gust la calidad y la recib el da.

👤Perfecta, excelente calidad la medida.

2. HH HOFNEN Baseball Adjustable Burgundy

HH HOFNEN Baseball Adjustable Burgundy

The style is perfect. Premium baseball cap soft feel bring both luxury and comfort to your day, it's cute multiple designed, various distinct colors to match your individuality. 100% cotton is the material. It is soft and durable. A gift for your loved ones. The basic design and washed look is classic. It can be used for your usual activities. A must have item. The metal buckle back closure and soft crown are designed to protect from sunshine and wind, and are more suitable for outdoor activities. The head circumference is 21.3-23.6. Most people will fit in one size. The 6 panel eyelets structure is great quality. Sweat is accelerated when you go on a trip, fishing, climbing, hiking, walking, running, boating, and so on. The soft cotton makes a perfect cap. 30 day money back Customers have no risk in enjoying a 30-day money back. If the hat doesn't meet your expectations, just contact them and they will provide you the best service after the sale.

Brand: Hh Hofnen

👤I took a chance on this hat because it was smaller than average and I am an adult female with a small head. I was happy I did. I can tighten it enough that it doesn't hang over my ears. The burgundy color looks like the picture I ordered. I like wearing it with a ponytail. It will be great if I'm hiking or spending time in the sun. I wore it into the grocery with a mask on and got way too overheated in the 90 degree weather. The hat doesn't seem to be too hot on its own when a mask isn't needed. It's probably not going to be that warm in the winter. The price is great for a small cap.

👤The basic hat looks good. I ordered one because the seller claimed that the smoke smell would no longer happen and that was the reason for the reviewers complaints. There was no smoke smell when I opened the package. The hat had a very light smell. Is it more of a manufacturing smell? I washed the hat in cold water to get rid of the smell. I wanted to make sure that no dye would get to my head, so I let the hat hang to dry, and the smell of the factory was gone. I will probably purchase more colors in the future.

👤I would have liked to read more reviews. The cigarette smoke smell reminded me of the 80's. It was very strong smelling. The dye left stains on my hands when it came out of the package. I hung it to dry so it wouldn't shrink, and threw it in a cold-water wash to make sure it wouldn't shrink. The smoke smell is gone, and the dye rubs off from the bill. There is a If you don't have a small head, this hat won't fit very well. What can you expect for ten bucks? My son has a new hat.

👤The hat was very heavy with cigarette smoke upon arrival. I gave it three stars because I threw it into the wash. It was put in the dryer as well. It was great to machine wash and dry. But still, the SMELL.

👤It fits my head and is cute. I'm considering returning it for a refund because it smells so bad. I didn't smell anything until I removed the plastic from the box so they could work on it, I don't want a hot that smells so strongly of cigarette smoke that it causes a headaches.

👤I don't write reviews, but I feel like I should. I have purchased three of these hats so I know what to look for when I get a new one. The hats are usually the same and I keep coming back to purchase more. I was let down this time. Quality is a random crap shoot, you'll either get a good one or a bad one, I provided two photos to raise awareness. The first two hats were good. There's a seam missing in the new hat that can change the appearance when you wear it. The adjustment buckle was installed backwards so it didn't tighten correctly. The last issue was that the strap was cut in a way that it didn't fit into the hat like my other hats. I'm not a fan of this new style and I'm not sure why they would change it. I don't know what to do with these hats. I don't know if future orders will be like this. I hope this helps people.

3. NeuFashion Ponycap Ponytail Adjustable Baseball

NeuFashion Ponycap Ponytail Adjustable Baseball

The loop and hook are closed. There are various styles and colors. The Ponytail Hole is in the Classic All Cotton and Mesh Baseball cap. There are various colors for your choice of womens hat. You will find what you love. Search for Distressed criss cross ponytail cap. The mesh/trucker caps are of top quality. The finish is lightweight and soft. Excellent quality. In order to gain rapid sales rank increase, they offer the most competitive price. Don't hesitate to purchase their products. One size is great. The inner circumference of this hat is 22 inches, but it can be adjusted to fit different head sizes. It's easy to wear with a messy bun. The Ponytail Design is a slot size of 3.0" x.5" and can be adjusted to fit your style. A great gift idea is a visor peak bill for UV protection from the sun and convenient design for leisure. Runners, golfers, tennis players, and any other activity outdoors. It's great for all seasons and provides shade while running.

Brand: Bocianelli

👤I love this hat. I saw it advertised on Facebook and thought it was a good deal even if it didn't work out. It was cheap enough. The quality and fit are great. I am a small woman with a small head. The bill is small enough to fit over my ears. I think it can fit most people. Will be ordering more.

👤I was a little bit skeptical about buying a hat online, but I was pleasantly surprised, I think the quality is great, and I love how it looks, you can adjust it if you want it tighter or looser.

👤I was a bit frustrated when buying this hat because I thought it was the multiple crosses in the back, but it is really amazing. Very comfortable. I like my ponytails high and no one can tell it's a hat with a bunch of holes in the back. Will probably buy the other colors.

👤This is definitely worth it. I bought these for golf because I was tired of wearing visors, but I don't like the way a regular baseball cap looks on me. The top of your head is where the high pony is, so don't expect a Flinstones look out of it. I didn't have to change my hair during the round of golf. I will be buying multiple colors.

👤I bought the one in black for my daughter who has long hair. She ties it in a hair tie and then loops her pony tail through the hat. This adds a bit of style to her and she won't look sloppy in a ball cap. The package arrived quickly and the cap was not damaged from shipping. I was pleasantly surprised at the quality of the materials we paid for, but it was not top of the line. I will be buying one for myself and one for my child.

👤This is cute. It does what it needs. It comes with a weird bend in the front that I can't get out of. I use it for fishing and the beach. I wouldn't wear it as a statement piece.

👤The product was great for the price. I like it. It took a while to get in. The smell was my only complaint. It had a weird smell that was probably from a warehouse. It took two washes to get it on my head. It was 3 bucks so it was not that big of a deal.

👤I ordered this hat to keep my hair out of the pool. I can do a bun in a high hole of the hat. I got black to match my outfits. I haven't worn it to work out but I have worn it to run around and play with my nephew. It works so far and is cute.

4. Unisex Foldable Protection Baseball Portable

Unisex Foldable Protection Baseball Portable

The material will protect your skin from harmful rays. The cap can be folded and fit into any pocket, back pack, or hand bag. Breathable and moist material keeps you dry. The plastic Buckle and stretchy strap keep you comfortable. The life time warranty. The caps are backed by a life time warranty. 9M clothing company guarantees the quality of the product.

Brand: 9m Clothing Company

👤I have a small head. This hat was too large for me. The long visor looks weird to most people. It's hard to tell from the staged photos because the visor folds into thirds and is hard to get rid of. It looks bad. I had a similar hat, "FITKICKS Folding Cap...". The Fitkicks is almost identical in design and material, but it was a bit smaller and the visor was easier to fit into a standard rounded visor.

👤I love the fact that this hat is all black and not branded. I don't wear this hat because of quality issues. This hat looks like a normal hat for most of the time. There is no branding, just a subtle embroidered "UPF 50+" on the side. The headband is poorly designed and it will resist rain, but standing water will soak through. The band has a slit in it so it doesn't flop around. The band is too short, so it untucks. I had to fix the slit when I first wore the hat. - The bill's folding doesn't line up. The hat looks a bit crooked because of this. This doesn't look like a normal hat because of the longer bill. It blocks more of your view for things like stop lights. I use a different hat.

👤The hats are lightweight and will dry fast. The blue one is larger than the pink one and I think the front of the caps is too long. It's hard to see at the same time. Won't buy again. If you like a long front, you might like them. It is foldable. There are three folds in the hat. Nice colors. Not that happy with them. Would have returned, but was lazy.

👤I opened it when it arrived in the mail. I looked at it. I showed it to my wife. She said, "That's a Hat!" I said yes. I folded it and put it on so she could fit it in her back pocket. I wish I had it a long time ago, but I'm excited to take it to Alaska.

👤I bought this hat to protect my head from the sun's harmful rays. I tested the UVA- B meter and it offered less protection than competitors. I returned it because it tested well.

👤The rest of the cap is made of the same material and color as the brim. The sweat band is not made of terry-cloth. My wife and I like these. The colors are good. They are 888-282-0465 are 888-282-0465 We wanted the long brim because they seem to hold up well. The label says "machine wash cold normal". That's good for any hat, and especially one that gets sweaty. The best time to wear these caps is on a sunny day when you're not doing much physical activity.

5. Columbia Breathable Adjustable White Vivid

Columbia Breathable Adjustable White Vivid

98% cotton, 2% elastane. The classic fit of Columbia's PFG mesh ball cap provides comfort for everyone from long fishing days to casual wear. There are some details. The fishing hat has a logo patch. Ventilated backs add comfort to wear no matter the temperature. Quality fabric. The fishing hat is made of quality fabric and is comfortable to wear. The fishing hat is comfortable and stylish, perfect for long days out on the water to casual days outside.

Brand: Columbia

👤If you're looking for a woman's size, don't get this, it's a standard size ball cap. I don't like hats that go below the top of my ears, and women's ball caps fit well enough to not do that. You can see the size difference in the picture. The Columbia hat on the left is taller than the blue hat on the right so it is a standard fit to fit men as well. I have to tuck my ears inside of my hat because it's too big for me.

👤The hat doesn't fit your head. The plastic mesh back feels stiff. The band in the back is too wide. It was hot and sweaty. It's better for Fall or Spring wear. Maybe a mall style hat for city people who aren't doing much.

👤I love how this hat looks. I don't like how it fits. A tight, square like fit that has to be placed on the most loose setting keeps popping off my head. I love it, but I am disappointed with that.

👤The cap is too stiff and tight on the forehead.

👤It's pretty but uncomfortable on the forhead if worn for long periods of time.

👤Great hat for fishing. The pink and green are my favorite colors.

👤He is tall on my head and wide. It feels like a man is more fit than a woman. It doesn't fit like a traditional women's fit. Will wear under armour and Nike hats.

👤He comprado varias gorras, pero est en especial, siendo ajustable. No sea de mujer, no recomiendo para hombres de cabeza.

6. Columbia Unisex Mesh Titanium White

Columbia Unisex Mesh Titanium White

98% cotton, 2% spandex. Columbia's Unisex PFG mesh snap back fish ball cap has a classic fit that provides comfort for long fishing days. The embroidered fish design on the flag patch adds style and character to the fishing hat. A Ventilated back adds comfort no matter the temperature. The fishing hat is made of quality fabric for comfortable wear. The fishing hat is versatile and comfortable, perfect for long days out on the water to casual days outside.

Brand: Columbia

👤Is your wife tired of you getting looks because you're a beautiful dad? She looks at you when you leave the house and asks why you look like that. I'm taken and I'm a dad more than anything, that's what this hat says. She never has to worry again. It's like wearing her on your head. If you want to show everyone that she is taken, Husbands just turn all this around. The hat says it all. The American flag, the fish, and the hat? You are ready! I love this hat and my daughter does too.

👤It is a shame. I like the design of this hat, but after wearing it twice, it looks disgusting and makes me sweat.

👤I like this. It is a present for my dad. It was in a bag. Anyone that is a hat person knows that is a bad way to ship something. Hats can get messed up easily and be smashed, so store them as far as you can. I think a little box would be better for preventative reasons. I had to find a box that was big enough to hold it but not too big to wrap it. Which is fine. I know better than to put a hat in harms way, I have a hat obsession, but not a huge deal.

👤I have a big head, and this hat was too small for me. The quality of the material and design is great, but the fit is close, but the cap part is not deep enough, regardless of how I adjust the snap backs. The model that I have bought in the past was flex fit. They would fit better on my head. I like the snapback design better. I bought another Columbia snap back similar to this one but fishing flag, so we'll see if that one is too small as well. The design of the snap back might be changed to make it bigger.

👤I was in the market for a new hat. The fish themed flag on the front of this hat caught my eye and I decided to purchase it. The snug fit of this snapback doesn't make me uncomfortable. The quality of the material is good and it hasn't shown any signs of easy staining yet. The side tags are my only complaint. The tags on the side are large and look like an advertisement on the side of my head. There is no way to cut them off without ruining the hat. The front of the hat is good, but the sides are not.

👤I got this hat because I wanted it to be my go to range hat. I live in FL and it can get pretty hot. The materials of this hat are good.

👤Nice hat. My only complaint is that I have to adjust my head to the last hole. It feels like it's larger for kids than it is for adults.

👤Ajustable, solo alcanzo a ganchillo de 2 puntos de la gorra.

7. Costa Del Mar Chatham Hat Navy

Costa Del Mar Chatham Hat Navy

Cotton is 65% and Polyester is 35%. The fit is large. Deeper crown fit for larger sizes. It fits up to size 7. Six panels of a truck. The front is structured. The front graphic is woven.

Brand: Costa Del Mar

👤I love the Costa hats and have no idea why this was referred to as a woman's hat, as it runs large for a man. I like the hat and can recommend it to men. Good looking, decent construction, nice fit.

👤I don't know why it is listed as women's. It was a gift for my husband that he found online. He loves this hat. He has not taken it off since Christmas morning.

👤Not for women. I love it! It's perfect.

👤It seems very cheap. It was discolored very quickly. Very disappointed.

👤It was a good looking hat. I gave this to my husband as a present. The blue color faded within a month and it looked old very quickly.

👤This is a gift for someone. It looks like a nice hat.

👤Great hat. I own all the Costa products. It is a good fit and holds its shape.

👤No calurosas para ir de pesca, el producto es excelente, de buena calidad. El embargo le di 3 estrellas tienen un p├ęsimo servicio. No tienen horarios regulares, pero no hay manera de comunicarse para pedir. Tuve that ir tres veces hasta, pude recoger. I sucede as con Amazon.

8. Speedy Pros Ponytail Embroidery Distressed

Speedy Pros Ponytail Embroidery Distressed

The loop and hook are closed. Premium quality. The low-profile vintage ponytail baseball caps provide maximum comfort and are made of 65% cotton/ 35% polyester 6 panels. There are hook and loop breeches. Their dad hats for women have an adjustment strapback in the back that makes it easy to fit. PONYCAPS: Their Ponytail womens hats have a ponytail slop for your hair and messy high buns. This is perfect for working out and running and provides real comfort. There is aESH back panel. The mesh back panel of the womens hat and dad hat enhances the flow of air and makes you feel more comfortable. It's a good idea to stay fresh and dry all day long. There are unique designs and fun GRAPHICS. They put a lot of thought into the design of their hats. They have the best selection of ponytail caps and distressed trucker hats.

Brand: Speedy Pros

👤I can finally wear a hat with my hair up. The hole to pull the hair through was too small. I put the button on the top of the hat. It fits now. I have very thick curly hair, which might explain why it's small. Next purchase could be one with criss cross holes for multiple pony tail heights.

👤Absolutely love it! Two pony tail heights to choose from and the top one on top.

👤Absolutely love this hat. Have always worn visors. The mesh back on this is great. I have room for my hair to go through, and I am hot. I love the color and the saying on it.

👤The ponytail opening looks like it will work, and the front looks great. The back is not gray as the picture shows. It is not dull.

👤Like the fit and color. The ponytail hole is higher than I expected.

👤I thought it was a pony tail. I love it, it is just the hat.

👤It's perfect for my messy bun and I don't have to worry about burning my face while fishing.

👤This hat is a great quality and cute. The work is nicely done. Coral is a bright color that adds to its happy look. Will definitely order from them again. The delivery was fast and the packaging was done well.

9. ICOLOR Protection Removable Baseball Activities

ICOLOR Protection Removable Baseball Activities

The icolor nylon sun cap fishing hat with neck and face cover flap is lightweight and quick to dry. Icolor's Sun Protect Cap Protection can free removal, as it protects your skin on the neck ears and face safe. The back of the hat has an elastic fast buckle. Even in windy conditions, the chin strap keeps the hat put. There are many ways to wear this cap, depending on your protection needs and activity. The icolor Folding Sun Hats is portable to fit in your other small bags or purses, can easily be folded and packs well.

Brand: Icolor

👤Did most of the people who were reviewing this product actually try it or did they just write a positive review because they got a free hat? I had to pay full price for the cap. I would like to get a discount. This hat is not waterproof. I can't understand what reviewers and the copy are saying about it being waterproof because the seams aren't taped and water does bead off the fabric. I'll be fair and think that I might have gotten a newer/older model, but if that's the case, someone should change the description. The face and side flaps can be used on their own. The cap is made of plastic and is easy to use for large heads. The face flap loosened a tiny bit after one wash, but I still have to adjust it sometimes. It is a bit more comfortable. I decided to keep this cap because the strength of the good points outweighs the bad ones. -2 stars for the snug face flap, which is waterproof when it isn't.

👤Excellent item. The fabric is great and the color is beautiful. The neck flap and face flap are kept in place with the help of snaps. It fits in the smallest purse, even a pocket. I gave it 4 stars because of exposed areas. There is a hole in the back for a ponytail, and that is an excellent idea if you don't need the solar protection there. If you have snapped the flap in the front closed, a good area of the neck can be exposed to the sun. The neck flap becomes a shoulder flap or cover when snapped in front. The areas at my temples/upper face area exposed to sunlight are a function of the hat's design. The triangular area is 2.5 inches outside of the eyebrows. I have skin damage in that area. I can reduce this area by snapping the neck piece flap in the front, but then pulling the flap away from the back of my neck, exposing the area above my shirt collar. I can reduce the exposed area at the temples by installing a face flap, but I would probably not wear it unless I was on a boat. Despite the issues, I decided to keep the hat as it is so small that I can put it in my purse and have it for protection when out and about. I sewed up the rear split of the neck flap to keep it from snapping in the front.

👤There is a use case for the outdoor pistol competition. Summer here now is so 93 degF+ (34C) with 80% humidity, and 5 - 6hrs w/ minimal-to-zero shade in HI. Several generations in HI so tan well, but still burn in these conditions. I used to have to wring out a shemagh constantly, but now it's 1/3 the weight and drier to boot. The claim is that it protects you from the sun's harmful UV rays, but not a doctor or authority on skin cancer or UV exposure. 6 hours in the midday sun, moving with only the cap, bill, and neck flap to protect my face and neck... does the job. Not the most English-literate ad copy writer? It does absorb and dry sweat better than a shemagh, which is the standard for Afghanis and our coalition in the desert. I don't think this claim is viable, because we don't compete in rainy, muddy conditions for safety. It folds into itself for your pocket or range bag, not to mention it snaps apart for washing. I was using a cap-dome-mesh-vented, but conventional ball cap and shemagh, and hated life. I saw a competitor with one, and noticed he didn't have to do much fuss with it. For $12+shipping it was a no-brainer. Two vent openings appear in the back of the two snaps that are taken forward. It doesn't appear to affect the amount of tanned or burned I felt, and definitely improved comfort. If you have to work outside at midday, you may be better off snapping everything. This allows larger earpro to seal to the skin rather than on the flap over the ears. It allows sweat to escape from your neck, which is better for comfort and earpro. It's a good thing. I think my use case may fit most potential customer use cases. The price is reasonable, and you can get more in this grey color.

10. Costa Rican Trucker Heather Sailfish

Costa Rican Trucker Heather Sailfish

Cotton is 60 percent and Polyester is 40 percent. The fit is large. Deeper crown fit for larger sizes. It fits up to size 7. Six panels of a truck. The front is structured. The front patch isliminated.

Brand: Costa Del Mar

11. Columbia Mens Collegiate Large X Large

Columbia Mens Collegiate Large X Large

98% cotton, 2% elastane. Designed with fishing in mind, the PFG Mesh Ballcap provides all around great protection for the head. This cap has a perfect curve designed in to the bill, which is why it is Dialed in and ready to go. Shielding harsh sunlight and wind swept spray is styled for function. The design is classic. The bill is wrapped in cotton and has eight line stitching for long wear. The cap is for the true outdoor enthusiast. The Columbia PFCG is featured. Flexibility and resilience: these are the qualities. The elastane mesh fabric has a great feel for the skin. The Flexfit design does away with snaps and velcro, and offers up a clean fit and stylish look in both adult and youth sizes.

Brand: Columbia

👤The first time I sweat in these hats, they were ruined. Attempted to wash both but had no luck. I would avoid these hats if I were you because of the hot weather. I have purchased a lot of Columbia apparel and love it, but not these hats. If you don't have sweat glands, don't ever do anything strenuous or live in a cold climate, these hats would be great for you.

👤After 7 years, it was time to stop wearing my beach hat. You can see how it's held up from the picture. It has been a great hat. I bought an identical one and put it in my bag. The hat dries quickly. The new one fits a bit tighter than the old one, so I wouldn't say it's negative. It will stretch out nicely after getting soaked.

👤The L/XL was too small for me, and the hat was too big for me. I don't like hats that are too tight and this one was too tight. It was given to my uncle. There is a need for a large size.

👤I have purchased hats from Columbia many times. After a few days of wear, the hat begins to not fit well, and once you get it dirty and wash it, the hat sucks! I live in Florida and it's hot most of the time, you sweat in these hats and they stain quickly and stretch out. I wouldn't recommend them. I have purchased hats three times and am going somewhere else.

👤After wearing a nice hat,sweating in it gets dirty. Then you wash it and throw it away. The front is crinkled like bacon.

👤I want to be the cool kid on the block, please don't get the color I have, I want to be a great hat. People see the fishing hook on the side and know I've fished a few times.

👤It is a bad hat. Like alll Colombian lids.

👤It's comfortable, stylish, and breathable. They are the best. They are a bit big. I wear a size 7 and a size 8 for the fitted hats that are the S-M size. I think you would have to have a Large head to do that.

👤The embargo compre 2 del mismo tipo diferente estilo. Tal es una talla mas grande sin embargo, pero me quiere solo para dejan la linea de la costura. No dejan marcas.

👤I have changed my review after only a few weeks of wearing it. I have other thick ball caps that I have worn for a long time and have gotten harder, but it looks like it didn't happen.

👤No tienes materiales dejan, no se tienes de la mejor. calidad Adems las letras se despegan con facilidad ms en condiciones de humedad, pues se supone es una marca de deporte de pesca.

👤Anscheinend ist die cap. Ich ist die Stirnbereich Kopfschmerzen. Man is in Ihrer Gre.

👤It works my big well. Doesn't blow off when driving at 35 mph. I like curving the brim and this cap has a memory so can't form it the way I like it. I would like to see an all mesh cap. It is a good quality cap.


What is the best product for fishing hats for women baseball cap?

Fishing hats for women baseball cap products from Columbia. In this article about fishing hats for women baseball cap you can see why people choose the product. Hh Hofnen and Bocianelli are also good brands to look for when you are finding fishing hats for women baseball cap.

What are the best brands for fishing hats for women baseball cap?

Columbia, Hh Hofnen and Bocianelli are some of the best brands that chosen by people for fishing hats for women baseball cap. Find the detail in this article. 9m Clothing Company, Costa Del Mar and Speedy Pros are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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