Best Fishing Hook Urn Necklaces for Ashes

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1. HOUSWEETY Stainless Fishhook Necklace Cremation

HOUSWEETY Stainless Fishhook Necklace Cremation

There are special gifts. It's a perfect memorial gift for your friend and family and comes with funnel fill kits to fill the memories. The high is 36mm and the width is 20mm. The main color is black and the material is steel. High quality 304L steel, no fading, nondeformable, allergy free. A small amount of cremated remains, perfum or a lock of hair can be placed inside to express missing. A 55 cm cross chain, a velvet gift bag, and a tinfoil funnel tool bag are included. The color of the funnel is random.

Brand: Housweety

👤I love this! It's a great way to remember my step dad.

👤My brother is an avid fisherman and loved to fish with our dad. I put some of my father's ashes in this so my brother can take him fishing whenever he wants.

👤I don't think this should be considered an urn pendant due to the small size of the actual place to put ashes. My opinion. Someone else might like that aspect of it.

👤It was perfect size. I got three. It was good. Timely delivery.

👤It is perfect. It looks like it shows here. It is exactly what I expected it to look like, but I wish it was hollow to hold more ashes.

👤Overall, the part for the ashes is a good value.

2. Fishing Urn Necklace Jewelry Cremation

Fishing Urn Necklace Jewelry Cremation

It can be engraved, you can choose the option of engraving date, name,letter,heart, and promise on the locket pendant. It's perfect for gift giving occasions. It's a good gift for your family, friend or yourself. The materials are aluminum, stainless steel. Anodized aluminum personal cremation urns are waterproof. A wonderful memorial and cremation collection. It is suitable for gift giving.

Brand: Cremation Permanent Urn

👤I bought 2 of these to hold my father's ashes. The amount came fast and as pictured.

👤The product had two holders for the remains. Our father will always be with us when we are driving, so we hung it from our mirror.

👤The picture shows it is smaller than it is. The boat was not part of the necklace. My chain broke. I was going to replace it anyways. I'm still excited to put my uncle's ashes in it.

👤The lil pendant broke off after only a month. Does the job.

👤You are paying for the charm. It has nothing but an urn, no funnel, and a small spoon.

👤I might just put the cute little thing in my car.

3. Cremation Necklace Jewelry Stainless Waterproof

Cremation Necklace Jewelry Stainless Waterproof

Premium material is made of 316L STAINLESS STEEL and is built to last. You can fill the trinket with loved ones ashes inside, and it will accompany you in another way. The ability to seal is super. The threaded screw top of the cremation pendant has an air tight gasket to make it leakproof. A necklace that helps remember the passing of a loved one. It's a perfect gift for friends and family. BUY WITH CONFIDENCE If you have a problem with the products, you can contact the sellers.

Brand: Gisunye

👤I bought this necklace for myself. I did everything I could to help my Dad's family after he died. I wanted to wear it on this day. I will not be spending the day with him on the first Father's Day. I was disappointed that it was much smaller than I thought, it had scratches and was not as shiny as in the picture, and the writing was very small and hard to see. You can see in my picture. It's not like it's in the Amazon picture. Very disappointing.

👤When opening the package, I was very pleased. The necklace has a heart on it, with an inscription on the front. I was surprised at how heavy it was. I was able to fill it with the funnel that came with it. The use of the long pin was not very clear until it needed something to fix it. I kept the funnel in the hole while trying to do so. The full amount was probably due to the clog. I didn't realize it until I removed the funnel. To remove the particles from the little hole and push them through from the narrowest part of the bag was necessary. I didn't know how much was needed to fill the heart before it died. I could have put a little more in to see if it had more room. I was satisfied that at least some of the ashes went in. The entire event was done in about 5 minutes, because the tiny screw came off and on easily. The rope chain will prevent twisting.

👤The chain and urn charm were bought for my 7 year old when she was a child. The charm has been scratched from daily wear, but it has held up well. Would purchase again. The urn charm is still together after the chain broke.

👤It was a beautiful necklace. It will be nice to have a part of my dad that I can carry around with me.

👤I bought 3 of them and they showed up in perfect condition, which was exactly what I wanted, it was a beautiful piece I could wear every day, and the prices were very good. I would like to have the option to order in silver instead of the current option to order in stainless. These are going to my kids, so perfect.

👤The necklace has beautiful words on it, but it is a sticker. Not engraved happy. I read the reviews but didn't see this. One review said words faded after a year. I should have known, but my granddaughter wanted it. I will keep looking. I didn't realize that this was double wrapped when I received it. It looked like a sticker. I apologize. This is beautiful. I hope the words don't fade as they did in one review.

👤The picture is shiny and open loops, making it look classy. It is dull and has small tight loops that are unreadable. The necklace looked like an old necklace. The product review should have shown someone wearing it. I now understand why. The seller was good and I received the item quickly.

4. Dreamoni Cremation Pendant Memorial Necklace

Dreamoni Cremation Pendant Memorial Necklace

The material is 316L STAINLESS STEEL, waterproof,durable, non-tarnish, allergy free. The fishhook's height is 36mm, width is 20mm, thickness is 6mm, and chain length is 55 cm. The fishhook capacity is a small pinch of ashes. The fishhook is not hollow and there is a small reservoir under the screw cap. Sentiment has no measure. The sentiment is the same regardless of the grain of ash or sand or strand of hair. Customer service has a 100% money back guarantee. If there are any issues with the purchase, please contact them.

Brand: Gredstar

👤It's for my grandson in remembrance of his grandpa. It seems to have been made well.

👤It was a beautiful gift. I am really happy to have met this.

👤The quality and price are better than ordering somewhere else.

👤It is very beautiful. It hasn't had a long time to wear it.

👤It's just amazing. A small amount of ashes is held. But perfect!

👤It was perfect for my aunt's ashes.

👤I bought this for my uncle on his birthday. He passed away last year, and his favorite memory was taking me fishing at night. He wasn't cremated according to his wishes, so I put a bit of dirt from his grave, and his favorite mall cigarettes, in his place. The funnel was easy to use. The 24 inch chain is perfect for long necklaces. It's good for people with an allergy to alloy steel. I never felt like the chain was going to snap because the clasp is strong and not in a 25 mph wind. I've gotten some that are already damaged or tarnished but this one was in pristine condition. Fast shipping. A nice purchase. I would recommend giving a gift to someone who has lost a loved one.

5. XIUDA Cremation Necklace Keepsake Memorial

XIUDA Cremation Necklace Keepsake Memorial

A tight seal is secured to keep your pet or human ashes safe. The chain, wing, and pendant are all made from the highest quality medical grade steel. Chain Length:56 cm(22") The fish urn necklace design is a perfect gift for anyone who needs to keep a loved one close to their heart, it is also a thoughtful gift for those who have lost a pet. One standard rope, one free extra pendant, a miniature funnel, and a sturdy steel pin are included in the great gift idea. The surface is smooth and comfortable to wear. If you want a 90-day exchange or money back guarantee, you have to order today. Add to cart and buy now!

Brand: Xiuda

👤The charm part of the necklace was good, but the chain was not. Was very thin. I ended up buying a stronger one.

👤This necklace is great. It took about a week and a half to two weeks to make it, but it seems to be good quality. Very impressed!

👤It's comforting to have your loved one's ashes. He loved fishing. When fishing in memory of my brother, I love to wear clothes.

👤The eye on the top piece of the necklace snapped off when I tried to screw it on, because I barely put a few grains of ashes in it. Poor craftsmanship.

👤Love it. My grandsons were given gifts in memory of their Pop-Pop.

👤It is very easy to get the ashes in a nice necklace. A piece of jewelry.

👤A nice necklace for a family member.

6. Memorial Necklace Stainless Cremation Jewelry

Memorial Necklace Stainless Cremation Jewelry

A tight seal is secured to keep your pet or human ashes safe. The chain is made from the highest quality medical grade steel. A Fish Hook Charm Memorial Necklace is a high-quality necklace with a chain length of 50 cm. UNPARRAL DESIGN" is always in my heart and can be filled with cremated remains and ashes. It is a wonderful memory for a loved one. It's something you like to remember. The surface is smooth and comfortable to wear. There is a packing list. The best choice to keep good memories is a standard chain, one free extra fish pendant, miniature funnel, and sturdy steel pin. If you want a 90-day exchange or money back guarantee, you have to order today. Add to cart and buy now!

Brand: Xiuda

👤The charm part of the necklace was good, but the chain was not. Was very thin. I ended up buying a stronger one.

👤I only use mine as a necklace. The husband of my fiancĂ©e passed away from cancer. At our wedding, I will put this around my bouquet. It is hanging around my neck until the wedding. Definitely recommend and love.

👤A child can carry memories.

👤My husband has a fish hook and loves it. He has never had a problem with it.

👤Sturdy, pretty and perfect. What I was looking for.

👤I could have never expected the shipping to be so fast. The quality of the urn is great. The other pendets are very cute. The necklace is not as bad as some of the others. It is a little long. The necklace is 16" in length and can be adjusted.

7. MEMORIALU Necklaces Cremation Keepsake Memorial

MEMORIALU Necklaces Cremation Keepsake Memorial

TheERIAL: High quality, polished steel, will not rust, will be fadeless, and will not be deformable. The color of the images may be different on your computer monitor since it is not Calibrated exactly the same. ELLER PROMISE: 60-Day Money Back Guarantee or Free Exchange; if you find a problem with the necklace or chain, it's not no problem at all. Please contact them by email to get your money back. They check every item before shipment, but it may be damaged during transit. They will be responsible for this small event. It's easy to use and gift bag. The memories. It's a perfect gift for family and friends. The design concept is. A thoughtful gift for family and friends on Christmas, Xmas, Birthday, Anniversary, Thanksgiving, New Year's Day, and more, is this unique cremation jewelry.

Brand: Memorialu

👤I initially liked this item, but when I was at Kay Jeweler's getting a better chain, I noticed something was wrong with the word "Dad". Someone colored over it with a sharpie and put a sticker on it. It's not a good way to remember my dad. He would think that was funny.

👤My grandsons could have their grandfather's ashes. They have a nice amount. I bought others and I don't think they have ashes in them.

👤I wanted to give my dad and uncle a nice Christmas gift after my grandfather died. Four of them said brother. I want my money back. You can get this yourself. You have ruined Christmas.

👤It's not like size matters for either of them, it's just a little smaller for my first grandpa. They're with me and that's all that matters.

👤The pendant is similar to the item it represents. The design and wrighting are clean and nicely etched. It's a nice find, but the chain that came with it is quite short, so I'm not sure if I'll have to switch it out. It didn't have anything to put into the necklace. You will have to do it yourself.

👤It's nice but you need a stronger chain. The company knows that there will be human remains in this charm, so why have a bad chain to hold it?

👤I was very disappointed that I bought this for my brother. The loop that held it on as a necklace broke almost 7 months ago. He could have lost the piece of my father that he had.

👤The necklace didn't seem very durable and the bullet was supposed to have a cross on one side, but my parents didn't have time to make it right or fix the mistake.

8. Fishhook Memorial Necklace Stainless Cremation

Fishhook Memorial Necklace Stainless Cremation

The top premium materials are made from high grade 316stainless steel. The pendant size is 40mmx20mm, the thickness is 6mm, and the chain length is 55 cm. Hold your special messages, hair, dirt, cremains, and ashes from a memorable location, keep memories of your loved ones near to your heart. You can put a small amount of cremated remains, perfume, love proverbs, other's soul souvenirs, or any other tiny object you want to keep close to your heart in a multi function. There are special gifts. It's a perfect memorial gift for your friend and family and comes with funnel fill kits to fill the memories.

Brand: K-y

👤The necklace broke in 3 weeks.

9. Cremation Jewelry Ashes Stainless Keepsake

Cremation Jewelry Ashes Stainless Keepsake

The claw-printed hook-shaped casket necklace will bring you comfort and leave a good memory for your loved ones. Carrying your most intimate place with you is a good way to remember your loved ones. You will never lose your memories with this high quality cremation pendant. Urn necklace for ashes The necklace is also an ornament. A strand of hair, clay or sand, a small amount of ash, dried flowers, perfume, essential oils, and special information can be found in the empty interior of the pendant. They have options to choose from. You can engrave some text or images on the rectangle accessories and support the engraving content with 5-15 characters. If you have a question, please contact them. If you want to give a unique gift to your family and friends, this is the best choice. You might want to add something to make it even more special. The pendant necklace will be packed in a beautiful dark blue gift box, which will bring you good luck and blessings. The package includes a necklace, funnel, instruction manual, and gift box. They have everything you need, and they have elaborate souvenirs that you can keep for a long time.

Brand: Constantlife

👤I bought 2 hearts encased in angel wing. I purchased this beautiful hook because of that purchase. They both loved fishing and it was something they wanted to do for my nephew. My nephew liked this look. I know he will love it. I thought it would be lighter. It is substantial. I want to give him this.

👤After a week of wear, the threads on top loosened. I didn't realize it until the end of the day, but I couldn't retrace my steps to find the hook part of the necklace. Will glue it shut before wearing it.

👤My husband loves his necklace. I thought it was perfect. I was looking for a local boy hook that was more of an island style. It has a nice weight and is well made. We love it!

👤I am sure my sister will love it, it is very well-made and it is beautiful. Her husband died of a heart attack while fishing.

👤My product was supposed to be personalized, but it wasn't.

👤It looked good and was very good quality.

10. XIUDA Cremation Necklace Memorial Ashes Im

XIUDA Cremation Necklace Memorial Ashes Im

When they lose a special one on earth, wearing this urn necklace is a good way to let them know that you are always in my heart. The ashes necklace could hold your loved one's ashes, hair, dried flowers, perfume or special messages. Take the best memories of your Love with you. The pendant and chain are made of grade A 316L stainless steel, which will never rust, fade, or break. The pendant is sealed with a screw and rubber gasket. Love and memories can stand the test of time. The perfect gift is a velvet bag and a filling kit. A perfect gift for her, your mother, grandmother, your girlfriend, your friend, or anyone else. The heart pendant is 0.98''*0.55'' and the chain length is 202''. It is a perfect pendant size that can accommodate some of the ashes.

Brand: Xiuda

👤Customer service was great and the clasp that was missing was replaced quickly. I was hoping it was bigger and there was no way you could get ashes in it.

👤I wanted to put some of my father's ashes in this. The pendant is small and the chain is flimsy, it can be difficult to connect the clasp to the necklace.

👤A small funnel and spoon were present.

👤My son wanted to hold his dog's ashes, and he was happy with the look of the engraving.

👤Exactly as described... The purchase was worth it.

11. VNOX Cremation Stainless Cylinder Memorial

VNOX Cremation Stainless Cylinder Memorial

A beautiful, touchable reminder of your loved one is theCYLINDER URN NECKLACE:5 Pcs Memorial Ashes Pendant Urn Necklace. Keep your loved one's memory close to you. AREMATION NECKLACE size is approximately 1.5 inches and is resistant to scratching,rusting and tarnishing. Memorial jewelry is a perfect memorial gift for your friend and family. You could give them as a gift to a friend or family member, and wear the same one with them, to show you care for each other. If you have any further questions, please no hesitate to post into "Customer Questions & Answers" at the store.

Brand: Vnox

👤I have brought multiple urn necklaces and this is the best for quality andquantity. I would like to see Dates added along with the name of the deceased. If I need more. This is what I choose.

👤Not great but not bad. I gave these to family members, they looked nice, but one came undone and the ashes were lost. I checked the seals in each of them, but as of now, at least one came open. It was heartbreaking. These aren't bad. Super glue them shut before you wear them.

👤I used the urn necklace to hold a small lock of my father's hair. My son and daughter were given one each. We used a lot of glue on each necklace to keep it water tight. It was easy to use, and it was even easier with the little tools included. If you are on the fence about buying, this is a great recommendation. It was shipped quickly for me as well.

👤Friends and family can keep the Cremation Memorial Jewelry. Several of my son's friends said that they wanted to carry with them a little of him. I bought a set of 3 more. Each has a small stone accent wrapped in static plastic and placed in a bag to avoid scratching. The chains have a crab claw clasp. The jewelry has a small funnel with a pin to help empty it. They're a great way to remember a loved one.

👤I got this for my brother. I wanted something simple and not overly stylized. I had no problem transferring ashes into the pendant using a folded piece of paper. The necklace is not tight enough and the chain is too thin for the pendant's weight. I replaced the tiny chain with a ball chain and sealed the top to make it easier to fix. I am quite satisfied with this necklace, and the minor changes I had to make were acceptable.

👤We lost our son and wanted to put some of his ashes in a necklace. His name and birthday are on the necklace. It makes me happy to have a piece of hun every time. I reached out to the seller because of a slight issue with one of the chains. They responded quickly and will send a replacement chain. I appreciate that.

👤I bought this to hold my son's ashes. It was a nice necklace. I was worried that the screw wasn't working right. Everything was packaged perfectly.

👤I found my cremation and bought these cans. They were smaller than I thought. They seem to be a good quality. My children will use them to spread my ashes.

👤The actual pendant was missing.

👤Lleg en perfecto. Menos, promete ni ms. Aunque no cuesta mucho y, una vez cereado, por decir. Se tienen rellenar con facilidad.

👤Para poner las cenizas... yo hice una pajita, las introduje sin problemas, y se ponan bien. No me gustaba mucho, pero le puse una cadena ma de plata.

👤They look great, they came 9 days early. I need to get them to the funeral home for the ashes. Thank you.


What is the best product for fishing hook urn necklaces for ashes?

Fishing hook urn necklaces for ashes products from Housweety. In this article about fishing hook urn necklaces for ashes you can see why people choose the product. Cremation Permanent Urn and Gisunye are also good brands to look for when you are finding fishing hook urn necklaces for ashes.

What are the best brands for fishing hook urn necklaces for ashes?

Housweety, Cremation Permanent Urn and Gisunye are some of the best brands that chosen by people for fishing hook urn necklaces for ashes. Find the detail in this article. Gredstar, Xiuda and Xiuda are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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