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1. HOOK EZE Fishing Knot Tying Tool

HOOK EZE Fishing Knot Tying Tool

The 10-, 5-, and 1-year residential factory warranty for heat exchanger, labor, and parts are guaranteed to last. Hooks of a Standard 10/0 hook can be fitted with the fishing knot and safe hook cover. Hook-Eze can be used to attach lures or other rigs including a small variety of flies. Everyone can tie their own knot. It's easy to lose a fish from a faulty knot. It's ideal for cold weather conditions, numb fingers, and other disabilities to the hands. It's a great addition to any tackle box. A TWIST top bottle opener is included. It's easy to join Line to Line or Leader. The braided line is used to lead to Monofilament. The HookEze is an awesome Bimini Twist tool that can be tied using only 2 hands and a HookEze. Travel safe, use Hook-Eze to cover the hooks attached to the pole, so you can safely transport your fishing poles while fully rigged. No more damage to your car, boat or caravan. Avoid injuries to your passengers or pets. The Hook-Eze is impervious to all weather conditions and saltwater.

Brand: Hook-eze

👤My hands shake when I have what is called Essential Tremors. It is difficult to tie hooks and other items to my fishing line. I wanted to see if it would help. I have to train my hands and fingers to use it. I was able to tie several snells and swivels in about 6-7 minutes, but it would take me a long time to tie one snelled hook without it. If you have shaky hands, I recommend this tool for ease of tying tackle. I recommend it to anyone who wants to try a unique tool.

👤For someone with larger fingers and dim eyesight, I need all of the help I can get, and I was skeptical of trying this, but I have to admit it does work. You can see how to operate it in the video instructions that are included with the picture view of the item on Amazon.

👤A good one. Great product. Shipping took a week with Prime and 2 days with AMZ. I like that Hook-Eze made it larger to fit 1/0- 10/0 hooks. They were not compatible with the smaller size model. Many of my Fisherman buddies have already bought this model and I would recommend it to them. If not for the inaccurate Shipping ETA and the Unnecessary Bottle Twist accessory, I would get 5 stars. I hope they make a Hook-Eze for Treble Hooks, in place of the Bottle Cap Twist off. Keep them lines tight!

👤I saw an ad for a product that made it easier to apply hooks and remove strings. Why not try it? I'm not disappointed. It's so easy and convenient that it almost feels like cheating. It also has the added benefit of enclosing the hook and attaching it to the pole so that there is no way to accidentally hook your car seat, clothing, or self anymore. It was a nice set. I know that my money has been spent and I will be buying more.

👤This is the best design yet. I have tried other brands and found them lacking. There is no need for a real learning curve. I encourage you to make another one from the same material. I would triple the cost of it. I like to fish for bass, lake trout and salmon. It's difficult to use equipment. Let me know if you decide to try it.

👤I bought this item because I have arthritis in my thumb and it hurts when I twist it in certain directions. A good knot is tied with that thumb. The tool that I use to get the proper twists to knot a good knot is very useful. I am able to knots faster and better than before. The device is difficult to open, but I was able to open it by taking a small fingernail file and filing down the small locking tab. It's a little pricey, but very useful for me. I struggle with other applications so I could use a larger rectangular device.

2. Gamakatsu B10S Stinger Hook Pack Black

Gamakatsu B10S Stinger Hook Pack Black

The system is advanced. Hooks are strong but not brittle. The point is perfectly conical.

Brand: Gamakatsu

👤When I ran out of hooks for neko rigging trick worms, I grabbed a few of these off the fly tying bench. It was cheaper per hook than it had been.

👤The hooks are sharp right out of the package. Although they were designed as a fly tying hook, they have become my go-to for bass techniques. I got a quality hook and at the sale price I got a bonus hook that has improved my hook to land ratio. These hooks are very good.

👤One hook to rule them all! Drop shot, wacky nose hooked, can be rigged weedless, and what a great base to tie flies on too! What can this hook not do?

👤I have different sizes and shapes of Gamakatsu hooks that perform well. The shapes of the hooks may be similar but the real difference is the sharpness, resistance and strength of the hooks. I get hookups where other hooks can slide off.

👤The best style hook for stickbaits!

👤The hook is the best I have ever used. I was hooked for the first time in my life. The fish should be careful.

👤I use this hook for saltwater flies. It was super sharp and solid. I have not bent or broken one of these.

👤These are of the highest quality. The only brand of hooks I buy. The best of the best!

👤A very sharp hook to tie flies.

👤These are the most fine hooks I have ever used. It's great for bream and other estuary species. It is recommended for all salt and fresh water angling.

3. XFISHMAN Octopus Hook Fishing Beak Circle Hooks Freshwater Red Black 100 50 Pack 1 Red 50 Pack

XFISHMAN Octopus Hook Fishing Beak Circle Hooks Freshwater Red Black 100 50 Pack 1 Red 50 Pack

The XFishman Octopus Hook is easy to use. The strong hook has perfect penetration and holding capacity. The hook has a reversed hook point. Sea Bass, Snapper, reef fish, and other species in the wrasse family are targets. It's great for baiting with Pilchards. The up-turned eye makes it ideal for a straight presentation of the bait. The methods used in creating XFISHman hooks are so superior that they're called PREMIUM GRADE. Only the most premium grade of high carbon steel is used. The metal can weaken the hook if it is blemished. The Octopus hook is a must have for any fisherman. It's easy to use for all levels of experience to catch a variety of predator fish.

Brand: Xfishman

👤The seller contacted me and said that they would be contacting the factory engineer to investigate the reason. They seem to want to improve the product, so I'm not sure if this means they will get better.

👤The hooks were bought based on price. I tried to bend the shank with some tying pliers, but it didn't snap. It had resistance on the bend and took some effort for a hook of this size. (red) Not as sharp as the Gamakatsu hooks. I will see if they work in the spring. It's time for tips to be tune up.

👤Fishing hooks do their job and you can't go wrong with them. They were a little dull for my liking. I just made them sharper. They work well.

👤Size 10 and 8 were ordered. All size 8. The bag was labeled as 10 but it was 8. Even if some were odd sizes and the loop on one hook was not complete, it looks like good strong hooks. It was worth the purchase because of the price for all the good hooks.

👤I'll be buying these hooks again after catching 10 on the same 2 hooks with outstanding hook placement. Using 1 and 3.

👤TheysAID Circle is not. Just J Hooks.

👤Even though I was crunched by ling cod, the hooks I used helped up.

4. Gamakatsu Strong Octopus Circle Hook Pack

Gamakatsu Strong Octopus Circle Hook Pack

China is the country of origin. It is made of high carbon steel. Circle 4X strong straight eye. It is designed for heavier lines and bigger fish. It's a good choice for chunk bait.

Brand: Gamakatsu

👤The package says that they're the same as the octopus circle hooks I ordered. They are not. These are just Circle Hooks. I would return them if it wasn't hard. I will use them. I like to receive my order.

👤They are the best ever. I have never had on fail.

👤You can't beat these hooks. These hooks are of the highest quality and never break. I have caught huge fish on these and they are reliable. I have seen name brand hooks, but the cheapest one I've seen is the one from Gamakatsu.

👤Use for tuna chunking.

👤These hooks are the best for surfing. They're strong enough for 6 ft sharks and resistant to the tough elements of the beach. They have a shark point in the box that is easy to re-sharpen after use.

👤For me, the best hook for what I fish for is Gamakatsu. A lot of grouper, mutton, and reds were placed on the boat by the 8/0 circle.

👤I find the best hooks.

👤The only hook I use is a commercial fisherman.

5. Gamakatsu Pack Offset Worm Black

Gamakatsu Pack Offset Worm Black

Mustad's wire technology and process makes hooks up to 20% stronger. 25 hooks are included. The type of sport is outdoors.

Brand: Gamakatsu

👤These are sharp. I took a hook through my middle and index finger while rigging my rod. It went in like butter. The hooks are tough. It took a lot of force to seperate the hood from the rest. I recommend using standard size plastic worms on these hooks, they go great with a texas rig. I have a fishing kit in my car.

👤Since I sold my boat, I've become a shore fisherman. I began searching for replacements after I realized that I was running out of 2/0 hooks. I haven't bought hooks in 20 years. The price has changed. I found these. They're called Gamakatsu. They're much better than buying 5 at a time because they're sharp right out of the package. These are a good deal. Take advantage.

👤I think these worm hooks are the best. The wire gauge is strong. The hooks are sharp and have a good hook-up ratio. If you take preventative measures, the hooks will not rust easily. I only use these hooks for Texas rigs. The packaging can be used for storage.

👤I ordered these and the Lazer Trokar EWG brand after breaking off a #2/0 BassPro XPS hook fighting a big bass. The first freshwater hook I've ever broken was the XPS hook. I feel better when these hooks are chasing the next big one.

👤I use this hook for wacky worm rigs. The hookup ratio is very high.

👤These hooks work well for whacky rigging anything but the monster size soft baits and are weedless, more so than the 'Weedless' hooks.

👤I ordered a 25 pack after trying a 5-pack. The 2/0 hooks work well, they hold your plastic worm good and stick those bass. I went to these after a broken Bass Pro hook, the first broken hook I've ever had.

👤These hooks are very sharp, can not go wrong with them.

👤El anzuelo sin duda. No, no, (Ms gruesos).

👤Possibly the beat hooks. It's too expensive.

6. Gamakatsu Offset Shank Round Hook 5

Gamakatsu Offset Shank Round Hook 5

The point is perfectly conical. It's important to increase your chances of landing the catch. It's used by professional anglers worldwide. Each pack contains six.

Brand: Gamakatsu

👤I never thought that some hooks were sharper than others. I bought hooks from the local sore and used them. I lost a lot of fish over the years. I decided to try out the Gamakatsu hooks after I saw that Bill Dance used them. Is it more expensive? You bet they are. I catch more fish on hooks that are re-usable, so they don't cost a lot per fish. Don't let the fish have a chance to spit or shake it out, the hooks pierce the fish's lip or roof of mouth easily. I think. They are worth the money over ordinary hooks.

👤If you get the hooks into a stump, you may break your line because they are very sharp. Tie good knots with these or any hooks. If you hook a stump, try popping your line first to get it loose and not to force the hook through the structure. You can't ask for better hooks if you want to hold baits and keep fish on.

👤My uncle works for eagle claw and I prefer paying for the best hooks on the market over free eagle claw.

👤I only use a hook for fishing big bass in Florida.

👤These are my favorite hooks. The purpose of these server is fine, but they are cheap. I've gotten lunkers on these before.

👤I will only use these hooks.

👤This is one of the good products that Gamakatsu makes. Very strong, sharp, etc.

👤Me gusto son de buen material, me llegaron 5 packs, solo seria 1 con los 5 ganchos.

👤Estos anzuelos no te van a decepcionar. Buen precio y garanta.

👤Tout est rapidement.

👤ojales, cerrados, and afiladas para ninguna presa se escape.

7. Gamakatsu Circle Offset Octopus Hook Pack

Gamakatsu Circle Offset Octopus Hook Pack

A plain or white buck tail hook is available. The material is the highest quality ensuring quality and longevity. Size 1/0, Circle, Offset Point, Black, Per 25.

Brand: Gamakatsu

👤These are Chinese knock-offs, not real Gamakatsu hooks. The quality of the hooks is nowhere close to what I've been using for years. The hook in the pictures does not have the same shape as the actual product. The barbs are lighter and will lose you fish. There is a broken English typos on the back of the product that makes it clear that it is not a real product.

👤The pack of 25 hooks is a poor imitation of authentic Gamakatsu hooks. The hook was not the same color as a true Gamakatsu, the hook shape was not the same as a real one, and half the hooks were not sharp. This is a pack of hooks that are not real. Attached is a photo of a real person. A circle hook.

👤The hooks broke on me while I was reeling in fish. The hooks break at the bard. Will never buy hooks from them again.

👤I've stopped using gamakastu hooks. I know how to use circle hooks. Rod holders wait for the rod to load, long sweep set and reel down technique. It's rare for a perfect hookset, only 50% hookup on bites and a fish that is not perfect on a light drag, and lost some of its best fish due to hooks not digging in or shallow sets. Eagle Claw Circle, owner circle and Team Catfish are my favorites. The brands never lose a fish when the hook is set.

👤The hook for the catfish is perfect. Unless your bait is very much desired by the fish, you will get a guaranteed lip hook. I believe it's made from hardened steel. You can use it many times. I keep it in my tackle bag. I use a 25lb mono line from Kastking for this hook. Its point is very sharp and can land a fish. Many catfish were landed with this hook. Pack of 25 should last you throughout the season.

👤Here's the thing I ordered 3 times. There are two packs of smaller quantities and one 25 pack. I caught a few fish using one from the 25 pack. I noticed it was dull when I got home. I noticed that it was not the same hook as the one I had ordered from the other place, but it was the same quantity. The smaller packs are legit, with the other hooks, they stay sharp and straight. I would definitely buy again. I'm convinced that I'm right because I see most negative reviews from people who bought the packs of 25.

👤Don't buy these! I have used this brand for a long time and they are not even close to the same one half the eyes are open and made out of cheap Metal.

👤I have used the worst hooks. I lost a lot of fish with these. These terrible hooks have been the cause of a lot of bad fishing trips. Do not touch them! The Walmart eagle claw hooks are terrible.

👤I use my rigs a lot and the strong hooks seem to stay strong.

8. Gamakatsu 伽玛卡兹 3 0 Baitholder

Gamakatsu %E4%BC%BD%E7%8E%9B%E5%8D%A1%E5%85%B9 3 0 Baitholder

You will have more chances of landing the catch. It was made environmentally friendly. It was used by professional athletes. China is the country of origin.

Brand: Gamakatsu

👤The price of hooks on Amazon is double that of my local tackle shop.

👤These hooks are excellent for fishing. They don't rust after repeated uses. Highly recommended.

👤These hooks are very sharp.

👤Excellent quality was received on time.

👤These hooks stay sharp.

9. Gamakatsu Round Offset Hook Pack Black

Gamakatsu Round Offset Hook Pack Black

The hook has a round bend for larger bites. It's perfect for Carolina rigging or presentation. The system is advanced. The point is perfectly conical.

Brand: Gamakatsu

👤I have been using the Gamakatsu brand for many years. There is no reason to switch from something that is great.

👤My favorites are the gamikatsu hooks. It was always sharp and finished well. I keep multiple size tackle for bass fishing. The 25 pack is a great deal.

👤The best hooks are for big creature baits and weightless swim baits. You will never bend these hooks when you set them.

👤I ordered the 6 pk, but didn't realize that everyone had a 25 pk. They are strong. They are a worm hook. Not much else to say.

👤The best worm hooks are out there. I fish a lot and have yet to be let down by these. 4/0 os my all around size for bass fishing using worms, frog, senkos, creature baits.

👤I find it easier to set the hook with these.

10. Gamakatsu Split Shot Hook Pack Black

Gamakatsu Split Shot Hook Pack Black

You will have more chances of landing the catch. It is made with green materials. It's used by professional anglers worldwide. It's specially designed for fish.

Brand: Gamakatsu

👤The drop-shot hooks from Gamakatsu live up to the hype. I use other brands of hooks, but I always find that Gamakatsu has the highest quality. The drop-shot hooks do not bend easily. I ordered 25 more to have on reserve.

👤These hooks will catch you fish. If you like the feel of setting hooks, then you should use the circle hooks. Very sharp and works well in salt and fresh water. They are not like the Eagle ones. They are a one time use. They don't live on these for many trips. The reason for getting this big package is that you have to pay 1/3 of the cost at the local tackle shop. The price is great.

👤These hooks are great. The barb on the Gamakatsu hooks seems to keep the fish on. The majority of the fish I hook need pliers to be removed. I use a small bass. I have landed some big fish on the small hook. I think a size 2 would do well. The hookset locations that people mention are all related to how you set the hook. You don't need to fish on a dropshot rig, just lean back and reel in hard. You land on the roof of the mouth. The lines are tight.

👤I bought these hooks from Amazon but my wife and I already used the brand and size that we purchased from our local bass shop. The hook is very strong.

👤Go for the Gamakatsu brand. The seller was prompt to respond to my question after they arrived. The product was good and the seller was good.

👤The best shot hook ever made! These things are sticky and sharp. That's all the review has to say about it.

👤Fantastic hooks! The eye of the hook is small and I think 8lb test is the max you can use it with.

👤These hooks are great for dropshotting. Rarely looses fish after being hooked. The majority of my fish are hooked in the middle of the mouth. The sucker in the hard top part of the mouth is jams by a good hook set. A sharp top. I think the best hooks are for drop shot fishing.

👤The bend for the eye of the hook is too small to be a proper dropshotting hook. Will find a use for them. A very sharp hook.

👤Good hooks. The straight tip is important for successful hook set.

👤I am dado, y buenos anzuelos.

11. Gamaktsu Worm Hook Black Pack

Gamaktsu Worm Hook Black Pack

You will have more chances of landing the catch. It is made with green materials. It's used by professional anglers worldwide. There are five per pack.

Brand: Gamakatsu

👤As expected, points are very sharp. The points are usually repairable to some extent, but I think I average 4-7 hookset before I notice degradation in the hook point. I use these to compliment some baits. The paint on the structures will chip when dragged. Adding cadence while retrieving my line avoids this. I am aware of it. It is in the middle of regular wire and superline, which is exactly what I was hoping for. It's still very strong despite being not as thick as other superlines.

👤I think that Gamakatsu makes the best hooks in the business. Very sharp hooks. There are a lot of size options. The best fisherman use Gamakatsu hooks. There is a reason for that. There is only one best and it is called Gamakatsu it it!

👤The hooks are good, but the description of the quantity is a bit goofy. Pay attention when ordering.

👤They are one size too large, but they do a great job when rigged with soft plastics. The package was nice and sharp. You can't ask for better at their price.

👤I've used these hooks in many different situations. From the top of the water to the bottom. The extra money is worth it.

👤The price and hooks were excellent.

👤I will not use anything else. Perfect hooks for Texas rigged worms.

👤I received the hooks quickly. I have found them to be easy to use and sturdy. Great product!

👤Ich bin bin, weil die Haken formen. Ich ist weiter empfehlen. I was soll.


What is the best product for fishing hooks gamakatsu?

Fishing hooks gamakatsu products from Hook-eze. In this article about fishing hooks gamakatsu you can see why people choose the product. Gamakatsu and Xfishman are also good brands to look for when you are finding fishing hooks gamakatsu.

What are the best brands for fishing hooks gamakatsu?

Hook-eze, Gamakatsu and Xfishman are some of the best brands that chosen by people for fishing hooks gamakatsu. Find the detail in this article.

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