Best Fishing Items for Kids

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1. Zebco Quantum BB8FCC FB6 Spincast Combo

Zebco Quantum BB8FCC FB6 Spincast Combo

Introduce your children to fishing or fishing with your family. There are special kids fishing rod, youth fishing combo and adults fishing gear. They have something for everyone and all levels of experience. Make fishing easy and enjoyable is their goal. It is unique for ages 3-6. Pre-spooled with 6 lbs of Zebco line, all-metal gears with a STAINLESS steel pick-up pin. The no-tangle design was patented. The QuickSet Anti-Reverse has a dial-adjustable drag and right-hand retrieve.

Brand: Zebco

👤Bengal will go to the umbrella stand with all the teasers and bat at this one. He runs to his "cave" under the table when I pick it up. He'll fight the fish with his paw. The most reliable cat toy. Is it supposed to be for fishing?

👤The kids fishing pole is awesome. It's short and perfect for a small child. The tip has a self untangling design so you can flip it over and untangle it. The casting button is easy for little hands to use. We lost a few poles to the bottom of the lake, but I am happy to finally find a pole that floats. I would buy this again and again.

👤This is a cat toy. Attach a stuffed animal to a cast. The cat likes it.

👤I got these for my 5 year olds and they are awesome. It is easy to use. My children are crazy about them. They cast out a long way. The value is great.

👤It gave us what we wanted. It was worth every penny. My kid was very excited to see that reel. He wanted to fish like the rest of us, even though he was too young to use a hook. This is perfect because it has a little fish shaped casting weight. He fished as far as he could and got it back in. Four-year-old will be a pro fisherman in no time. It was a great first step. He had a great experience casting with this rod and we made great memories that day. Absolutely worth it. He probably cast out no less than 70 times with no issues.

👤This is a kids fishing pole and I didn't think it was what it was described to be. It is for a child around 4 or 5 years old. I was disappointed in the description and thought the pole would not work and I would have to buy another one. I could see how this would work for a younger child.

👤I have ordered this pole three times and it has broken each time. The return process is fine, but it doesn't matter when the product keeps breaking. Would not recommend it. If it weren't broken, it would be a great pole for beginners.

👤How much is this? I am a fly fisherman so that makes me gear nerd. I would expect to pay fifteen dollars for a pile of junk. This rod is the best I have ever seen. It is one of the best rods periods. You are a Star Wars fan. The drag works well. It is pretty stout. The setup is built to take abuse. I am buying more or less.

👤I had to exchange the first one because it was damaged. This rod works well for my child. The white isn't white. It looks old and yellow, but that could be because it isn't snow white. He's kind of a dirty white so that might be why they chose the colour.

2. Fajiabao Toddlers Colorful Floating Children

Fajiabao Toddlers Colorful Floating Children

The fishing rod case is useful because it protects your rods from being damaged. The best bath toy for kids. The fishing rod is a great educational tool to help toddlers develop hand-eye coordination and body balance. The fishing game is complicated. The fish hook which is similar to a real one and large ring on the top of the fish makes babies fish more challenging and fun. It's great for in or out of the water. Try to catch all the fish at the same time. There is a toy called the "COLORFUL BATH TUB TOY". The three fish are different with cute and friendly faces, a kid will not be bored with them in the bathing time, and parents can teach toddlers to identify different colors. Design for Beaux Arts: Small parts are mold free and safe for children. The sealed construction of the bottom prevents water from entering the interior. It is easy to dry and the mold will not grow inside. During shower time, kids can play in a water table, pool or bathtub. There areDEAL gifts. It is soft and durable, so that it won't hurt your little angel. Birthday, Christmas, Halloween, baby, little girls, boys, toddlers, 18 months up, ideal present.

Brand: Fajiabao

👤The toy is great for bathing. My 1 year old is worth a 5 star rating because he catches fish and his face light up. The toy is built for kids. I have no fear of him breaking the cord or swallowing the plastic hook because it's very strong. The 3 fish that come with the product are very nice and will not be easily destroyed. They float well and make bath time more enjoyable. If I had one suggestion, it would be to provide a mesh bag to hold all of the parts, that way you can hang it to dry after a wet and wild time of bathtub fishing!

👤I'm very pleased with the product. My dad never took me fishing as a kid, and I didn't get around to it on my own. A few weeks before purchasing this item, I found a fishing rod at the local consinement shop and was going to try it out at the lake. Officer Wilson is a jerk and too dedicated to his job. He asked to see my fishing license before I even got to kill a worm. I don't plan to use the skill for profit, so why would I bother to get a license? Wilson snapped my rod in half and sent me on my way. I was in the dumps until I found this bathtub friendly alternative. It's great for learning the basics. When I pay the Gestapo their fee, I will be able to fish in the lake like God intended.

👤The advertising for this item is false. If you look at the picture, it looks like you're getting more for your money when you only have 3 little fishes and one hook. It was a waste of money because it was almost impossible to hook these fishes for 18 months. They expect me to pay for shipping and that's not going to happen, so I would request a refund.

👤The product is durable and cute. It was too difficult for our kids to use when they were young. She's regained her interest, but it's still difficult for her to catch fish with the fishing rod's hook. The fish flip over and float upside down, so we have to turn them over a lot. The hook has to be on the loop at the top of the fish and move in from the side. Even as an adult, it's not easy to be successful.

👤My 4 year old grandson loved it, though it was intended for his 7 year old brother. To aid as a fun coordination tool. I bought a replacement product for his brother because he found it difficult to use. The product is sturdy and colorful. It looks like it was well made. Very satisfied with purchase, great deal for price.

👤I had to take the plumbing apart under my bath tub to remove some small toys that my grandsons had played with, so I bought two of these fishing game sets. It was worth the money to not have to do that again. They love playing with these and they won't fit down the drain.

3. Wild Republic Dinosaur Sensory Favors

Wild Republic Dinosaur Sensory Favors

There are 6 piece random color dinosaur cars. Water games are a great value because they don't require batteries for unlimited play. Their water games are perfect for diversions of boredom on long road trips, sitting in a waiting room or just for fun on a rainy day. It is lightweight and easy to pack away due to it being 6 x 1 x 3 inches. Push down on the control pad and watch the colorful rings do their thing. For 3 years and up, do not drink the water inside or leave it in the cold.

Brand: Wild Republic

👤One was broken. They sent another that was also broken. I'm sending them back because I don't think they're worth anything. I could get a dollar tree for $1. Junk made cheap. They sent me a second one that said zero dollars, and I sent it back for my refund.

👤It was broken. Sending back the price of the item costs more. It went into the trash.

👤I ordered a pink one and a red one. The red one has missing strap holders. There are sharp plastic edges. My kid is very disappointed. The pink one was attached to the packaging. The red one arrived without a cardboard box, but it was in a plastic bag.

👤I gave it a 2 star because it broke in 5 minutes of use, but my boys liked them, so I gave them 2 stars. There was liquid oozing out. I would like it to have lasted a bit longer. Disappointed for sure.

👤I got this for my kids because they really enjoyed playing it.

👤I used to like these sorts of water games, but my kid missed them.

👤The kids liked it, but they didn't like it. I had my boyfriend busy for about 15 minutes getting all the rings on the hooks. It was fun.

👤I thought this would be a good toy for my son who has high anxiety levels but, it's so flimsy that when I unpackaged it, it was coming apart and I couldn't press the buttons. My advice? Don't waste your money.

👤The original was scratched so we asked for a replacement. The second one is the same as the first one. Disappointed.

👤My children's children have been playing with an amazing toy for many years.

👤My nephew likes this. Delivery was fast and just as described.

4. Fishing Shirt Fishsaurus Rex Dinosaur

Fishing Shirt Fishsaurus Rex Dinosaur

Father's Day is a great time to give a funny shirt of a T-rex walking under a fishing pole and basket. They will love to wear this when fishing. Fishing gifts shirt for boys The fishing dinosaur T-shirt is a great outfit for fisher kids who like fishing. A cool shirt to wear when fishing. The Double-needle sleeve and bottom hem are lightweight.

Brand: Fishing T Rex Dinosaur Shirt

👤Shirt is a second sleeve is not the same as the first one.

👤The grandson loves it and it came quickly.

👤So cute. A 5-year old loves fishing with his dad and loves dinosaurs. This is a win-win. The royal blue is mine. It's true to color.

👤My nephew loves fishing and the shirt is cute. I received a 3 and a 3T.

5. Smartonly 275pcs Fishing Including Rattle

Smartonly 275pcs Fishing Including Rattle

Good quality gifts. Moderate in size. You can move forward with ease with me. It's the best gift to give to a father on Father's day. If you want to buy a fishing tackle box, please search the ASIN:B0969MM41G. For every fishing enthusiast! The Tackle set is suitable for both experienced and starter fishermen. Their lures will help you catch your fish, because they are special for fishes with 3D eyes. Bass, trout, salmon, and more can be caught from small to large fish with high-quality facts. The set includes 1pcs Crankbait, 1pcs Popper, 1pcs Pencil, 1pcs Minnow, 1pcs VIB, 1pcs Topwater Lures, 12pcs Metal Spinning Lures, and 7 Different Soft. The fishing accessories are made of soft plastic and are not easy to defrom. The bass and trout fishing lures had a longer service life than other fishing bait. The plastic fishing tackle box is free for you. All fishing tackle is packed in a small box which is easy to carry and give you the exact fishing lure kit you need at any time. It works well for both saltwater and freshwater and can be used in all water layers. All fishing lures are carefully selected to meet the needs of different types of fish. It's perfect for ocean boat fishing, ocean rock fishing, ocean beach fishing, lake, river, reservion, pond and stream.

Brand: Pwwdada

👤The delivery person stole the previous delivery. One of the box hinges was broken when the box arrived with no padding or bubble wrap. There is a Most of the items in the box are small. Some are good and some are cheap. It is a good deal for kids.

👤The hooks are great for sun fish and shad shiners, but good hook sets can be a challenge if you want to catch bass as well.

👤If you're looking for a good kit with lots of different lures, this is a good set for the money, but if you're looking for a good set of Frogs, I suggest ordering a set. The product is good for money. There is a lot of useless rubbers and 2 frog 12 spoons. A little baggie with some weights and hooks, as well as 2 snap ons with heavy line.

👤They gave me a lot of different lures, and I can't wait to use them this weekend. Two of the 3 hooks are broken on the circle where you put the line through. The frog lure has 3 eyes. The fish will not notice. The swim baits are amazing and there are a lot of soft plastics. The box is small. It is completely filled to the top. The starter kit is perfect.

👤Filled with whatever the fishermen use to catch fish. It is packed with goodness for my son.

👤I took photos on a desk with a keyboard, but I don't know what half of these are. After taking photos, I found it almost impossible to put them all back in. It has a variety of lures, gummy worms, bright colors, and 2 packs of hooks. The baggie had weights, hooks, and replacement pieces for the baits and lures. The green beads are in place because of the rings used to secure the gummy lures. The fish have decent hooks and are different in shape and size. The cricket and the frog are made of the same gummy material. The roostertails are heavy so it's going to be a guessing game for me. They come in various shapes and sizes. The gummies with the fun colors of worms, grubs, and other similar shaped gummies caught my eye first. There was an oily substance on them when they were opened, so keep an eye out for that. The box should be bigger but it's not a big deal. I caught a few bass with roostertails and gummy worms. I know they work.

👤The tackle box is cheap and useless. It was broken during shipping. I opened my package. I didn't have to buy more small tackle boxes for my bag because I bought the kit. I could've gotten a kit without the box. It was suppose to come with everything. 2 outta 5. If they used better tackle boxes, they would use 3 of 5. When I ordered it, I thought it was a cheaper set up. I work out of town so much that I need this for my tackle bag.

6. ArtCreativity Fishing Magnetic Interactive Swimming

ArtCreativity Fishing Magnetic Interactive Swimming

The fishing casting practice plugs can be applied in open field so that children can easily practice casting skills on yard, playground and other place, it is a good choice for the beginners to improve the casting skills. Learning how to fish is a life skill they all need to harness, and this pack will help your child start practicing at an early age. A variety of fish and sea creatures are included in the fishing toy set. Turtles, starfish, octopus, seahorse, shells, dolphin, whale, swordfish, boat, crab are some of the sea animal toys included. The fish toys for kids come in a wide range of colors. Cool magnetic action. The fishing toy set is made of high-quality plastic material and it has strong magnets to catch fish in water. The fishing rod is 17” long and the net is 13.25” 3. Bonding for parents and children. Fishing has never been more enjoyable. The magnetic fishing kit is a great way for parents to spend time with their children. The fish toys for kids are great for interacting with kids and parents. A great gift idea. Are you looking for a unique birthday gift for a deserving boy or girl? A Christmas or holiday gift for a small child? Get them a fishing toy. Also great as a gift shop item. For ages 1-8.

Brand: Artcreativity

7. TRUSCEND Floating Swimbaits Freshwater Saltwater

TRUSCEND Floating Swimbaits Freshwater Saltwater

We will provide a 1-year warranty to replace any faulty fishing bag in their product, 30 days no-hassle return and customer support from Ghosthorn. The double-blade rotating tail design of the TRUSCEND Fishing Lure Set creates noise and commotion that fish cannot ignore. It works well at a variety of speeds. The bass's tail will close when it bites the fishing bait to prevent it from spitting it out. Fishing bait has a weight on the belly that makes it easier to cast farther. The rotating tail will spin when you retrieve the bait. It's difficult for bass to resist it. You can see a real visual experience with handmade - WINNING QUALITIES. These fishing lures look like real fish, with full hand coating body and realistic fish scales. A perfect swimbait that can be used to cheat. It's important for striper and other monster bass to have a high quality, rigged with rust-proof sharp treble hooks and made of high-quality ABS material. 100% satisfaction guarantee. Quality assurance and professional customer service are offered by their bass fishing lure. Feel free to contact them at any time. Within 24 hours, their friendly and reliable customer service will respond to you.

Brand: Truscend

👤These things can catch fish. I did catch a bluegill on the bass. The action is nice, it is just enough to notice and float so you don't have to start your retrieve immediately and you can pause in the middle if the fish has bad aim. That's the good, now the bad. I think the hooks are small, but bigger ones would make it harder for them to throw. I am not sure what larger hooks would do. Don't throw it in the leaves or grass. If a strand of grass on the front hook blocks the prop's ability to spin freely, it will turn the lure into a very efficient line twisting machine. You can cut the twisted part off and re-tie it. The prop's blades are held on by screws, and they fold up when a fish hits them, but I'm not sure if that works or not. The screws are prone to backing out. Keep an eye on them. If you have a bait caster and rod you can cast light weights with, the larger size may be better for fishing a bait caster. If you like top water action, this bait has a nice one, it's cheap, and I put fish in the boat, because the blow up on the bait is the fun part of top. I will probably purchase more if they are still around.

👤Works well! The fish love it.

👤It has a short far cast with my other lures. It is on the light side. It cast from 75 feet to 80 feet with a 6 1/2 foot pole from the ugly stick. A spinning real is used for this lure. It looks real and it moves very well. I haven't caught a fish yet. The water was muddy and the temperature was 43F. It feels like a fish and swims well. The Lure has good movement. The main issue is it. Is it going to float on top when it's reeling in a short period of time? I have never used this type of lure. The fall rate is slow because it is too light on this type of lure. I am using a clip. I'm kind of a Noob at lure fishing. It's rare for me to catch a fish with a lure. I caught a fish with this lure. It can catch bass.

👤The lure is very good in use. The top water experience is amazing. But! The blades come off on the back while in use. The lure is useless after the screw is removed. I've asked for a replacement blade and screw, but they didn't send a pack of new lures, so I'm on number three now with a missing blade! These are nice lures if they stay together. I will add a small screw driver to my tackle box.

👤I don't like clone products, but $13 for a Whopper Plopper is crazy. I bought a pack of fake ones for only $12 in December of 2021. I was not expecting much but I am very impressed. The lures are built very strong and are much nicer than the River-2-Sea Ploppers. I was fishing a lock last week and hit it against the wall a few times, and it's still there. They do not list at all. Within 25 minutes, I caught an Oscar, a Bullseye Snakehead and a Largemouth Bass, all on the same cast. After the bass, I went fishing for a week in the Everglades. On the second cast, I caught a nice Largemouth Bass. The lure is so good that it's cheating. I only do occasional stops for a few seconds. The Bullseye Snakeheads are going to be crushed by this thing.

8. Kidz Xplore Outdoor Explorer Set

Kidz Xplore Outdoor Explorer Set

The design is crushable and packable for easy carrying and storage. This cute and fashion kid's sun hat is the best choice for vacations and outdoor activities such as fishing, hiking, camping, tourism, gardening, beach, pool, park, travel, etc. This improved kids exploration kit is suitable for Christmas or birthday gifts. It is one of the most interesting nature toys you can buy for your child. The kids outdoor adventure kit has everything a child needs to have fun. The kids hiking kit will help your toddler find the beauty of nature. The real-working compass in the KidzXplore outdoor exploration set is a great way to teach your child to read maps. This sturdy, well-made explorer set is a great way to show them how to understand direction. The outdoor adventure kit including boys binoculars is a must-have item for kids hiking gear. The binocular set for kids is lightweight and easy to use. The camping set has a binocular set for kids to use. The bug catcher kit is complete with the camping accessories. The kid explorer kit will make your child want to explore. Children can see bugs with the help of the magnifying glass. A butterfly net, a bug collector, a notepad, and a leaflet on common insects are all included in the package. The gear in the explorer set for kids gives you suggestions on how to increase your child's outdoor time, like camping, hiking, hunting or scavenger hunt. Help your child discover outdoor adventure toys and enjoy the health benefits of camping. If you put your camping toys in the carrying bag, you'll be ready to go out and have fun.

Brand: Kidz Xplore

👤The explorer set is fun. Comes with everything. My son loves to catch bugs and he loves the magnifying glass and cage. He was able to put his belongings in a sack and he really liked the compass. We need to replace sets like this every year because they get used so well. It's worth the small amount of money you pay here. We love getting our kids outside. It is amazing.

👤We took the two kits on a camping trip. Our kids loved them. They spent hours looking for bugs to put in the containers, looking through the binoculars, and playing with the nets in the river. The ball on the end of the blue tweezers was a game-changer. All of the kits were worth the money, even though a few of them were cheaper plastic that might break if used properly.

👤I am happy that I ordered the outdoor explorer set just before summer began, because my kids are 10 and 4 years old. The set is amazing and includes everything a little explorer would want to use to discover the great outdoors. My kids have been able to turn our backyard into a jungle. They have found many other creatures. The items included are sturdy and can hold up well to little hands. The set comes with a storage bag that is bright yellow. It has enough space to hold all the items and more. If you are looking for a set that will get kids to investigate nature, this is the kit for you.

👤My daughter is 3 years old and has become curious about bugs. This would be a great little kit to explore with because we will be spending most of our summer in our own backyard. She loves it! She uses the compass to find her way even when we are indoors. We have caught a lot of bugs with the catching tools. The quality is wonderful and the price is great, but a few of the items may not hold up over time. I highly recommend.

👤I like the idea of these. I ordered two for each of my children so they could use them in nature class. One of the sets had both of the bug collection containers broken when opened. The binoculars and magnifying glasses on both kits are scratched up. We were excited for these kits, but they seem to lack quality control. My kids were too excited to use the other things in the kit so I am not going to have to return them. If you buy this one, you won't get superb quality.

👤Several of the items in the set are redundant and seem to be cheap. They have a pretty advanced compass. It was a good gift for my 5 year old, but I don't know how much she will use it outside other than pretend play. The pieces of the outdoor explorer vest that I bought for my younger child are more durable than the ones I bought for the older child.

9. DaddyGoFish Kids Fishing Pole Collapsible

DaddyGoFish Kids Fishing Pole Collapsible

The red tackle box is portable. The all-in-one kids fishing set includes a portable telescopic rod, pre-spooled (8lb test line) reel combo, carry bag, collapsible chair, rod holder, bait net and loaded tackle box. Kids have a place to rest wherever they go. The rod holder keeps the fishing pole out of the air. The covered design of the spincast reel keeps the line from getting tangled. Kids can use a net to catch their own food. The tackle box includes a hard lure, 10 soft lures, 6 float bobbers, 6 jig heads, 4 hooks, 6 treble hooks, 4 swivels, and a bite alarm bell. The sword bag is lightweight and can hold all your equipment.

Brand: Daddygofish

👤This kit was thoughtfully put together to have everything needed for little kids to start fishing. The foldable seat and the fishing pole holder + bell accessory make fishing more enjoyable for little kids just starting out. The bonding experiences will include the help the parent gives the kids when putting on the bait and getting the fish out of the hook. The fishing pole was of good quality and the other accessories were also nicely made. The fishing mechanism is covered so that kids won't get their hands cut by the taut wire while reeling in fish. The seat is very sturdy and my kid felt comfortable sitting on it. She liked the feel of the fishing pole and how she could use the thumb button to throw the bait. The guide pamphlet was written with care and without the usual typos that you see on many of the imitation knock off products out there. The maker put a lot of effort into creating the product.

👤Garbage the whole lot. The bag was torn open. We decided to buy a new bag. Or tried to. The fishing pole didn't work at all. The steering wouldn't move and the button wouldn't push. The waist is 100%. We thought the little chair was for my daughter's doll, but it was not.

👤My grandson and his dad love fishing. The chair broke after the first use, so I didn't give it a 5* rating. They sent a new one. Everything else is amazing. Adult supervision is needed because of authenticity. It is a miniature version of the real thing.

👤The set for our grandson is awesome. We might order more. You should not sling out the pole to extend it. It will work. Grandpa thought he would be funny and surprise his grandson. We had to put it in the freezer to shrink it so it wouldn't telescope back down. The set was great. It was our grandson's best gift.

👤One of the gifts that keeps giving is this one. She got more and more excited as she removed the package. We were unable to go fishing over the weekend because of the rain, but our son was working on his casting skills at home. She sat on her fishing chair over the weekend and watched Car 2 many times. A practice plug would have been a nice addition to the package.

👤I love this item. It's strong enough to catch a big fish. This package includes a chair, which my son loves.

👤Doesn't back down. I couldn't get it to stop. What good is that? The purpose is to keep it in the carrying case so we can go fishing on vacation. Returning!

👤The starter kit is small and lightweight. Our son and daughter are very excited to have their own fishing gear and it's a great motivation for them to get out into nature. We're getting more sets for our niece.

👤My son caught the first fish with this rod. This is not a real fishing rod and will break after use. The kids like it. It is cheap and not of good quality. If you are going to catch real fish, don't buy this for your kids.

10. YVLEEN Kids Fishing Net Lakes

YVLEEN Kids Fishing Net Lakes

The dimensions are 28” L x 12.5” W. The net depth is 14” deep. The strap is 19” long. The material is wood and rubber. The wood handle is clear. The kids fishing net is made of air intensive mesh and has a sturdy pole handle. SPECIFICATION is what it is. The extended length is 34.6" and the handle length is 25.6". The net depth is 7.9 and the length of the Hoop is 9.5. A convenient clip and foldable pole make it easy to carry and store. Function - The fishing net can be used to catch and release small fish. It's a good way to make specimen. The most sensible gift for kids is Minnow nets. Children will be happy.

Brand: Yvleen

👤My 5 year old son wanted to catch a frog. It has taken many slams to the ground in missed attempts. The mesh bottle holder of my backpack can be folded up, I can keep it dry.

👤We were looking for a net that our kids could use to catch minnows. I went with a smaller net to make it easier to manage them. My son was able to pull it apart while sliding the extended handle, which is not the most durable nets in the hands of a 6 year old.

👤I bought a dip net to get the leaves out of the water garden. It works just fine, and will probably work for scooping up fish when the time comes. It is lightweight, looks well put together, but time will tell if I have any problems with durability.

👤When opening the package, I was surprised to see how nice the net was. I paid for a nice net, but I didn't expect it to be so nice. It seems to be a sturdy net. It is a good size. Sometimes pictures can be deceiving, but not this time. The metal expands if someone leans against it. Our stuff goes through a lot of wear and tear because I have kids.

👤I use this net to clean the edges of my pool. I got this one to clean up around the edges because I can't pick up the heavy duty skinny net my husband uses. I find him using it occasionally. It seems flimsy, but so far it has worked great.

👤I had to buy one to transfer my pet oscars to a bigger tank. The net was wide enough and strong enough to handle it, which was a big plus for them.

👤Two of these were bought for our grandsons to use. They love them.

👤We just acquired a fish pond and this net has been great for fishing out the leaves. I like the fact that you can empty the net's contents by flipping it over and shaking it. Really good quality.

11. Nature Bound Pockets Durable Stitching

Nature Bound Pockets Durable Stitching

High quality outdoor gear. The Climate jacket is perfect for fishing, but can also be used for other activities, like skiing or hunting, where extreme weather could be a factor. Pair this jacket with their StrikerICE Climate Fishing Bib and you have the ultimate outdoor gear combination. The recommended ages for boys and girls are 5 and above. The design is ragged. It's tough enough for outdoor play. There are lots of pockets, including cargo pockets, pen pockets, and treasure pockets. The innovative design includes 7 orange loops so kids canfasten carabineers. It's durable. The front is heavy duty.

Brand: Nature Bound

👤When I bought the item, it said binoculars sold separately, but I didn't realize. A kid is dressed up for $20 When binoculars are in every picture and are featured in a cardboard cut out in the main picture with a boy using actual binoculars, you assume it's a picture with a boy using actual binoculars. I think it's very misleading. I had this stashed away in my gift closet, but didn't realize it until I opened the gift, and didn't have time to return it. The product appears to be made well but there are other products that are the same but with added items like hat and binoculars for the same price.

👤I paid $20 for a vest that appeared to have items as a part of it, but just opened the package and the items are cardboard cutouts that say "sold separately" and my question is- what did I pay for? I'm not buying anything from them after this experience because they didn't give me a lot of notice that they were cardboard. I will be returning to get a refund. I searched for gifts for a two year old and found this vest. The vest says 6 and up.

👤So cute! My son and I were going to the zoo and I wanted a themed outfit that wasn't going to be a lot of work. This was the best option. We threw a pair of shorts with it. The pictures turned out great with this vest. The material is light and durable. A four year old boy who gets hot easy and gets into everything. All the pieces stayed on during the washing. We are going to Disney and will have him wear it at the Animal kingdom as well.

👤The binoculars and magnifying glass are sold separately. The cardboard cutouts that are attached to the vest will prompt kids to ask, "where are my binoculars?" It's cute, but there are other brands at the same price with accessories included.

👤We got this for our 5yo nephew to have a place to put his tools and treasures because he was becoming interested in exploring bugs and other outdoorsy things. He's still wearing it eight months later and it seems to be holding up. Good purchase.

👤I bought this for my son. He likes the show Dinosaur Dan. He and his sister love this vest so much that I have to get one for her. It is lightweight and fits nicely. There are lots of loops to attach carabiners. The second time he wore the vest, the zip came completely off.

👤This vest is great for holding a magnifying glass or compass. We're enjoying it very much. I think he will be able to outgrow it before he wears it out because of the quality.

👤My 6 year old nephew is a great lover of the outdoors. This is functional and cute. The back of the vest is mesh net, not canvas, which makes it look a little strange, and definitely cheapens it. Overall, super cute and recommend!


What is the best product for fishing items for kids?

Fishing items for kids products from Zebco. In this article about fishing items for kids you can see why people choose the product. Fajiabao and Wild Republic are also good brands to look for when you are finding fishing items for kids.

What are the best brands for fishing items for kids?

Zebco, Fajiabao and Wild Republic are some of the best brands that chosen by people for fishing items for kids. Find the detail in this article. Fishing T Rex Dinosaur Shirt, Pwwdada and Artcreativity are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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