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1. Columbia Watertight Jacket Black X Large

Columbia Watertight Jacket Black X Large

50% nylon, 50% pliyester. The technology is advanced. The Columbia Men's Watertight II jacket is made of a waterproof nylon shell and can be used for a variety of purposes. There areANDY features. The rain jacket has an elastic hem, chin guard, two side pockets, and elastic cuffs. COMFORT AND WARMTH: What are they? The rain jacket is made of nylon and lightweight. It is also in your pocket.

Brand: Columbia

👤The jacket I received is not real. To compare the lengths, I ordered a tall. Look at pictures. The tall jacket is on the left of the first three pictures. The fake jacket has a sticker on it that does not have Columbia embroidered. The tag on the inside is different from the one on the sleeve. The fake jacket has no "Packable" on the inside of the pocket. If I didn't have the tall jacket to compare, I wouldn't have questioned the authenticity of the jacket. I will return it.

👤I couldn't verify if the item I received was legit or fake based on the other reviews. I got a replacement and it had a non embroidered chest logo, a missing packable tag in the pocket, and a non diamond omnitech logo on the left sleeve. I called Columbia to make sure that the product number on the tag matched the number in their system, and they did a great job. They were unable to address the concerns. I contacted Amazon and they couldn't verify if the product was real or fake, so they will open an investigation.

👤I am on the border of large and x-large with most of my clothes. I read it's a little big, so I went for the large. It fits nicely with a t-shirt underneath, but not a lot of room for me. It's a bit snug with a fleece mid-layer. If you're on the L/XL line in most of your clothing, I'd go with the larger one. If you plan to use it as a summer raincoat over a tee for hiking, then I would go with the L. It's fine for me.

👤I am going to hike the inca trail in Peru. We had no rain, even though it was rainy. There is a I wore it during a rainstorm on the way to a house lunch in NYC. It was raining for the 15 minute walk. Put the jack up to dry. When I put the jacket back on, it was soaked all the way through. It's like putting on a wet cloth. Very disappointing. The jacket looks nice, but it's not waterproof. Never did anything with a jacket. There is a Please let me know if you think I have a bad jacket. Would try another to see if it works.

👤My husband likes this jacket. It is waterproof. My husband is a mountain bike enthusiast and he builds the trails. He said that the best days to build a trail are rainy days because they keep him dry. If you are barely a large size down to a medium, you should be measured. The large runs fast. Medium fits my husband perfectly. My brother inlaw is 6' 220 lbs. and the large fit him perfectly.

👤I had this jacket for about a month and I can say it's awesome. It's perfect for rain and a good windbreaker. It's not completely waterproof because I haven't been in a monsoon rainstorm, but it's kept me dry during other rain storms. If you don't need it right now you can pull it out and put it on, but if you need it later you can pack it up. The left pocket has a label that says "packable", so you can put the rest of the jacket in there. Depending on how well you put it in there, the size of a normal picture could be between 6x4 and 3-4" Hope this helps!

2. Columbia Powder Jacket Black X Large

Columbia Powder Jacket Black X Large

There is an omni-HEAT. The ultimate body heat management system is their patented Heat Reflective garments. The metallic dot pattern is designed to retain heat and the fabric is Breathable. The winter jacket is collapsible. The Columbia Men's Powder lite jacket is made from a water resistant fabric, insulated, and has a thermal reflective lining. It is designed to keep you warm when the weather gets cold. The technology is advanced. The Columbia Powder lite coat is water resistant and insulated to keep you warm and dry. There areANDY features. The jacket has two hand pockets to keep small items secure, elastic cuffs, and a drawcord hem to keep the cold out. Warm intrusion. Thermarator is a 100% polyester insulation that keeps you warm. It is available in extended sizes.

Brand: Columbia

👤A lot warmer than I anticipated. Your body heat can be held in the omni heat layer. Don't hesitate to get. I got 2 for less than the price of one. The chart is accurate.

👤I like how light the jacket is, but I have to wear a long sleeve shirt under it or it will be so hot that my arms will sweat. It is just the inside doing it. There is a job. I don't need much for the winter because my body temperature is high. The jacket is perfect for me. It is so light that I am afraid it will be hard to tear up if it gets caught on something, but so far it has been perfect!

👤I ordered a Columbia X-Lg jacket that was very similar to the one I received, but the high-tech liner was a bit different. The one I ordered had a solid lining that claimed to be the same as the one I had in black, and I wanted to have another jacket very close to the one I had in black. I ordered this one because I wanted a red one. I put it on after I took it out of the box. The sleeves were larger than my jacket. The jacket was a bit shorter. I couldn't get the zipper started. When I put it in a T-shirt. I couldn't wear it because it was so tight. I don't know. My coat had a name embroidered on it. This one was printed on. It didn't meet my expectations.

👤I ordered 6 different columbia jackets and all others had size issues, but this was a perfect match. I was looking for light weight omni heat and exact fit, but keep in mind it will be little more on slim fit side.

👤My husband hated the winter coats so he wore a light spring jacket all winter. I ordered this for him for Christmas because he has to live in the midwest in the winter and it needs to be heavier. He really likes it! He likes that it isn't long or short and it is warm. He wears it when it's cold but insists it's too warm when he's driving. It was a good looking jacket and it came quickly. I ordered him his usual size and it fit perfectly.

👤It is a light, warm jacket. During the cold times of the year, a hoodie, vest or warmer is needed.

👤Everything. There were no complaints. I bought this jacket for my husband because of the weight and the warmth of it. My husband is always cold and he said that this jacket is very warm. The jacket is great for warmth, looks, and price. My husband is 5 feet 10 inches tall and weighs 175. It works great.

👤There was a cold snap in Seattle yesterday that peaked at 12F in the morning. I wore this jacket outside with a T-shirt, sweatshirt and scarf to keep my upper body warm and had no problems. Considering how light it is, this is impressive. This jacket is good.

3. Columbia Glennaker Packable Jacket Medium

Columbia Glennaker Packable Jacket Medium

Water proof technology. The Columbia Men's Glennaker Lake Rain jacket features their Hydroplus waterproof nylon fabric for the ultimate in lightweight, wet weather protection and comfort. It is convenient and packable. A waterproof jacket with an attached hood is packable and can be put away in its own chest pocket. It's perfect for when the last rain stops. There areANDY features. The drawcord hem locks in the dry and the hood and hand pockets keep out the rain. It is aTILE fit. This rain jacket is perfect for rainy days. Columbia's attention to detail is what sets their apparel apart. Only the highest quality materials are specified. This jacket will last for a long time. The shield has advanced repellency.

Brand: Columbia

👤My teenage son is wearing this rain jacket. I wanted the rain jacket I bought for him to have more substance to it, but that's not the point of a spring rain jacket. This is not supposed to have a soft lining. We live in Virginia, not this year. There are only a few days in the spring that are warm and raining. A non-rain resistant spring jacket won't do either, even though a lightweight winter hooded jacket is too warm for the weather. We don't like carrying umbrellas, so this lightweight hooded rain jacket is the solution. I bought Columbia thinking that he could own it for many years since he's done with all of his major growth spurts, and our area doesn't have enough of these days to justify buying a new one every year for a growing kid. It's also very portable, so it's the kind of thing that I would recommend he put in every suitcase he packs for trips, as a "just in case" kind of thing that takes up less room and adds less weight to your luggage.

👤This jacket is very light. I wanted something small to pack for the trip. It began to pour one day. It was very easy to get into my pack and put on the coat. It kept me dry. I like the way you put it in a pocket in the coat, so it's not a big bag. When you are trying to zip up a jacket, you should use a zip up bag. If you don't want the hood, it folds into a pocket at the neck. 3 of them were purchased in different colors.

👤When we went to BC, he helped me with the cold wind and rain. The jacket is waterproof, but condensation can form on the inside during rains. The inside lining of the jacket is netted. The pockets are very thin but very safe when we use them for small things. The rain jacket is very light and we were very happy with it.

👤Great product. Some customers think it should be waterproof. It is water resistant. I was surprised to find it fit like a tent. It was replaced with Medium. Medium fits perfectly for this particular jacket, I am 5 feet 10 and usually wear a large jacket. This is a nice looking jacket and a great wind shell.

👤The producto es buena. Desde una campera para das hmedos y alguna, otra salpicadura de agua en sircuntacias. No va a proteger de la lluvia, the compré est impermeable.

👤What else is there to say? Quality products have been made for over 20 years. The name speaks for itself. The jacket gets the job done. I put on an extra layer of protection from the rain when the jackets lining feels moist. I work outdoors a lot. I would recommend and buy again. The rain hood can be placed back within the jacket. It's easy to pack inside a backpack. Not heavy at all.

4. Columbia Horizon Explorer Insulated Jacket

Columbia Horizon Explorer Insulated Jacket

This proprietary technology provides air-permeable protection that's waterproof and breathable, keeping mother nature's elements out, at the same time allowing the inside to breathe, keeping you dry and comfortable. No. There is an omni-HEAT. The ultimate body heat management system is their patented Heat Reflective garments. The metallic dot pattern is designed to retain heat and is part of the interior lining. The technology is advanced. The Columbia Men's Horizon Explorer insulated jacket is air-permeable and waterproof to shield you from rain. Warm intrusion. This jacket is made with special thermarator insulation and provides warmth when it's wet and chilly. There areANDY features. This shell top jacket has a storm hood, hand pockets, and velcro cuffs.

Brand: Columbia

👤Excellent quality, as always from Columbia. It feels like 3x when you order 2x. I'll leave it because I don't want to deal with returning it, but I will have to wear layers under it to feel fit. I am sending it back because it's too big.

👤One of the best choices in winter is heat reflective. I have a winter jacket and bottoms made by Workman in Japan that keep my body temperature warm even when it is below 0C around Mt Fuji, and they are thin and light weight. I bought a jacket with heat reflective inner because I trust it. I didn't feel cold in the morning when the temperature in Tokyo was around 6C. There are only three pockets, two at the front and one at the left, with no zips. I ordered it on Nov. 27th and received it on Dec. 3rd. The shipment from the US to Japan took one week. The jacket is in perfect condition and the size is perfect for me. My height is a little over 160 cm. Medium size fits on my body.

👤It's not warm enough for a real winter, it's more of a fall coat.

👤The collar zips up to your chin and the reflective material on the inside really sends your body heat back at you. Your neck is also protected when it's cold. I think the coat will last for a long time, it's a good quality product at a reasonable price.

👤It is a very light jacket. It doesn't make you warm, but it keeps you cool. This jacket keeps you at the same temperature in both warm and cold weather. It's nice when you don't get hot in the store. It's nice when shoveling. You don't get overheated. You might want to layer. It works well to wear a fleece jacket.

👤The heat retaining lining really works on this coat. The coat is good for cold temperatures.

👤It's a bit larger than I would expect. It is a great jacket. It was very warm and light.

👤The jacket is still warm. Good for our winters, I live in South Carolina.

👤I have bought a Columbia jacket for my son before. I had to return to the store within the first week of buying it because of the broken zip. The store fixed it for me, but it broke again during the winter. He zips this jacket up almost every time. I will never buy a Columbia jacket again.

👤Kalitesi ok is a beden olarak kalplar.

5. Columbia Oroville Creek Lined Jacket

Columbia Oroville Creek Lined Jacket

The technology is advanced. The Columbia Oroville Creak Lined Rain jacket is made of nylon and can be used in unexpected spring showers. There areANDY features. The rain jacket has two side pockets, elastic cuffs, and a drawcord hood. COMFORT AND WARMTH: What are they? The rain jacket is made of nylon and lightweight. It's a great piece to layer. The snug fit is made possible by the elastic details and a closed-loop closure. It'sTILE: This jacket is a must have for any spring wardrobe.

Brand: Columbia

👤This rain jacket is perfect for cool or wet weather, it protects you from the elements on the trail, around the campsite, or just out on the patio. It's perfect for spring, fall, and summer nights. This jacket is as comfortable as a T-shirt. It keeps you warm. It also has a Drawstring hem and elastic cuffs. It only has two side pockets and no inside pocket. This would have been perfect if there was an inside pocket.

👤I like this jacket. I think Columbia has the same quality as North Face but at a better price. It has an extra lining for warmth. I'm 5'9" and 185 lbs. The large is a good fit. The lining is almost like a thin fleece and extends all the way down the inner sleeves. If you're wearing a button down, you have to hold your cuffs. Your sleeves are pushed up. I would like the arms to be nylon. I hope it will work out after a while. It's a good purchase.

👤Lining a thin piece of cloth is not a purpose. A jacket with a warm lining is water resistant.

👤The fit is different. I can almost feel the zip on my wrists as I look at them. The sleeves are lined with more material than the exterior, so it is difficult to put my hand through from the shoulder to the wrist without getting my fingertips in loose material. The tech design is off, but workmanship is fine. If you put the jacket on, you will find the liner baggy around the length of the arms. Maybe it will shrink with a wash. Not a lot. I will return it because I paid full retail. The armchair midwesterner claimed to be fake. A quick search shows that the chest logo was swapped out for a vinyl one. The latter is waterproof because the threads on the former absorb water and guide the water through sewn holes and under the jacket. Old and new design can overlap and yield seemingly different products, but progress in design from season to season is the standard.

👤This jacket is great for rainy days. There is a light lining on the inside that keeps you warm. If it's warm or you're getting your heart rate up, the jacket will turn into a sauna. Fit and look great. It's all I need for the Pacific Northwest winters.

👤My 13 year old son got a men's L. He is tall for his age and fit. Not fat, but not overweight. He is an adult. The mid section is a tad big, but not too big. This will work for a child who has grown up. This would be great for an adult. The lining is thin and looks well made. Pack well for travel, camping, etc.

👤Great value! I found this jacket at a great price. I would have bought this jacket even if I had not. I bought this for my husband and he loves it. The inside is lined with a cotton sweatshirt material. If you are wearing short sleeves, this makes the jacket very soft and comfortable. Columbia is a great brand when it comes to jackets, snow pants and footwear. We have some of the worst winter conditions in the country. These products have been put to the rest. I have bought Columbia products for my family. I am starting to become a brand loyal to Columbia due to the consistent quality of their outdoor gear. The jacket is perfect for 3 seasons in my area. It's perfect as well. You should order your usual size. This jacket is recommended by me.

6. Columbia Glennaker Mountain Bluestone XX Large

Columbia Glennaker Mountain Bluestone XX Large

The hood was attached. The hand pockets have a zip. Drawcord has a hem.

Brand: Columbia

👤I wrote this review because I was so frustrated with the other reviews. Everyone else wanted to say what size they bought, but not what weight or height they were, thus not being helpful. A large fits my husband perfectly. The jacket has a thick lining that holds up well in wind, rain, and cold. That is how you write a review.

👤A great jacket was bought to replace a Columbia jacket. I loved the old one and it has a thin layer of fleece lining for added warmth. Fit was perfect. I'm 5 feet 10 and weigh 199.

👤The jacket keeps you warm and dry. The liner is more similar to a windbreaker. There are two outside pockets. There is a pocket inside. The bottom of the jacket has a mechanism that can be tightened to keep the wind out of the jacket. I like hoods that can be tucked inside or removed, but this one doesn't have that feature. There is a This rain jacket is very good for the price.

👤I am happy I bought this jacket. I like the way the fabric feels on the outside and it's not really loud like other rain jackets I've bought in the past. For one reason, I am giving it 4 out of 5 stars. The hood is made of cloth. I style my head of hear daily. One would expect me to wear this jacket to work. I have to be careful when I remove the hood because it will ruin my hair. I understand that it will not affect everyone but for me it does.

👤I bought this jacket for backpacking. The weight was listed at 14 ounces, which was one of the reasons I purchased it. I put the jacket on the scale to see what the actual weight was when I opened the package. I expected an ounce or so difference, but it was 20 ounces, 6 ounces more than it was listed at. It seems thin and won't stand up to a hard rain. It fit well, came in at a decent price, and I like the lining, but I am not happy with the weight difference. I will have to wear it in the rain to see how it holds up. If it holds up, I will have to find a new pack. I don't want to be there, I'm over 17 lbs.

👤Not as described on the website. Nice jacket. Can't go wrong with the brand. The hood is attached to the back of the jacket and can't be rolled into the collar or anywhere else. The back of the collar is where it has to hang permanently.

👤I bought it for my son. College kid. It seems like it is water resistant. The quality of rain jackets is not that bad. Eddie Bauer and the North Face are the brands I buy for myself. It's perfect for a teenager with a great coat. Don't feel bad about it.

👤I got it for cheap. It looks nice. I don't like it very much because of the pocket liner and the way I put my hands in the pockets. The hood and collar are not nice. I would rather not have a collar there.

7. Columbia Glennaker Jacket Black X Large

Columbia Glennaker Jacket Black X Large

100% nylon. The Columbia Youth Boys' Glennaker Rain jacket is made of a waterproof nylon shell that can be used for rain, sleet, and snow. There areANDY features. The soft shell rain jacket features two side pockets, elastic cuffs, an elastic hem, a hood, and reflective detailing to ensure ultimate security and protection for your little one. COMFORT AND WARMTH: What are they? The boys' rain jacket is made of nylon and lightweight. It's the perfect first line of defense for rainy play dates.

Brand: Columbia

👤It was a good fit and lightweight. The X Small should last my son at least two years and maybe three. You're welcome for my service if you include the size chart that was on the tag. Your kids should be outside.

👤The jacket is well made and lightweight. It was perfect for my son. I wanted him to have a bigger room, but it was too big to exchange. The size chart will save you time.

👤I love this jacket, it's great for layers. My son is 5 years old, and he's wearing xs.

👤I bought this for my 11 year old son a couple weeks ago. It was the perfect layer for him to wear alone on 60 degree days with a tee and to have over his Nano on cooler days. It's lightweight to stuff in the pack or tie around the waist. It was never used in a rain, but the water was shed under the falls in Zion.

👤The quality of Columbia. A rain jacket. We bought a baseball jersey for our 6 year old son to keep him dry in the Seattle spring weather. I'm writing this because I wasn't sure about the size when I ordered. "Big Boys - Small" was ordered. Our 6yo is about 48 and 47 lbs. The jacket is loose but will fit for another season. Happy with the purchase.

👤We received this a few weeks ago and it was in great shape. We have to put it to the test this morning. My son had to walk to the bus stop, but we got a solid rain. I was soaked to the bone and his pants were soaked through, but his top half was bone dry. The hair on his face was dry so the hood was effective. The jacket protects against rain and wind. I don't know if it can fight off the cold well because it's hot and humid here. My son is tall for his age and the medium fits well. It may fit through next summer as well. I'll buy another one when he's older.

👤Amazon doesn't have much to offer big boys when it comes to rain jackets. I needed something that my son could wear in the rain. All the choices seem to come from random Chinese factories, so you never know what you'll get. The Columbia rain slicker is a name brand that is expensive. I thought I was buying something high quality when I found this. It was the lightest piece of material you've ever seen. I feel like I got ripped off by the price. I will never order from this brand again.

👤My oldest child just started kindergarten. I ordered him a rain jacket and some rain boots because we walk to school every day. We have to try it out at the teacher night. He loves it! I decided to buy a larger size and go with Columbia because it will hold up for a couple years for him and then we can pass it down to his younger siblings. He likes the color and it fits him. I bought him a size 8 and it will fit him through next year because I like the length on his body. It is a shell and does not have any warming layers. I want him to be able to wear this on warm rainy days in Texas because I want him to get overheated. My son is looking forward to rainy days when he can use his cool blue jacket, because we're very happy with the jacket so far.

8. Columbia Rain Zilla Waterproof Reflective Mountain

Columbia Rain Zilla Waterproof Reflective Mountain

The Columbia youth boys' Rain-zilla rain jacket is made of a waterproof nylon shell that is durable enough to endure rain at a moment's notice. The boys' Soft shell rain jacket has two side pockets, elastic cuffs, an elastic hem, a hood, and reflective detailing to ensure ultimate security and protection for your little one. The boys' Rain jacket is made of a waterproof 100% nylon shell and is lightweight. It's the perfect first line of defense for rainy play dates. A snug fit is possible thanks to the elastic details and a zippered closure. The lightweight waterproof shell and protective reflective detailing make this rain jacket a versatile staple for rainy climates.

Brand: Columbia

👤It would be beneficial to get a bigger size. I think my son is skinny. He is 51 pounds. He is seven. This fits him right now and could have been a medium. I like to get the product bigger so it lasts longer. The quality of the jacket is quite nice, and it has a fleece lining by his chest. My son and I like it.

👤It was a rainy trip to the San Diego Zoo and Legoland. The fleece liner gave my kids an extra layer of warmth. After the rain, it was easy to store backpacks. They will work well for the rest of the year. My son who wears a S in other brands wears an X in Columbia, the other who wears an X in Columbia is wearing a smaller size.

👤The jacket we love is the one we have bought for all three kids. The soft lining through the body is good. Has held up well during recess. It's perfect for spring and fall when you need a lighter rain protecting layer.

👤It is important for the little ones to have a raincoat that is waterproof. This one fits the bill. It has a good that is deep enough to keep the water out of the face. The coat is longer than the waist. Columbia makes quality zippers, so they don't get stuck or come apart. The front pockets are closed. If you plan to need an extra layer under this jacket in the cold weather, you might want to order it large enough. My son wears a fleece jacket under it.

👤A great coat for my son. Exactly what I was looking for. It is waterproof, lightweight, and windproof. We can probably get a couple years out of it before it's to small because it's a little big but the extra length keeps him dryer.

👤This was taken on a week long hiking trip in Washington. The pack has a soft lining near the neck and shoulders that makes it comfortable. It was easy to spot because of the red color. It kept him dry when we hiked in. We bought it with room to grow or to wear over a thicker jacket, so the hood and wrist straps were nice. It won't keep your child warm in the cold. This is a raincoat.

👤Moderately insulated and in a good way. It's especially important for less cold days. It's enough for inner insulation. Kids will be hot in this jacket.

👤The Rain-Zilla is a good rain jacket. The jacket has a thin fleece lining and reflective built into it near the neckline. My boy is 8 years old. His arms are short, but he fits the size. The sleeve is about 8 inches long. It fits around his chest.

👤It's nice to have a coat for rain in the summer and for a warm fall or spring in the province. Looks nice.

👤Muy buena calidad!

9. Columbia Steens Mountain Fleece Jacket

Columbia Steens Mountain Fleece Jacket

The Columbia Men's Steens Mountain Full Zip 2.0 Fleece jacket is made of soft 100% MTR fleece for the perfect amount of warmth. There areANDY features. The fleece jacket has two security pockets to keep your small items safe. ULTIMATE COMFORT: You're sure to be protected from the cold with a collared neck.

Brand: Columbia

👤The item was true to color but not true to size. I don't like the jacket. Fleece jackets can fit tight sometimes, and I know I can wear a 3XL or 4XL. I wanted one that was comfortable and had some extra room. This thing is way off the size I ordered it to be. I look like a large chimichanga.

👤It looks like it is a good jacket. It is not lined, that's my biggest complaint. It sticks to every shirt I wear when I put it on or take it off! The wind just cuts through it because it has no lining. It was 37 this morning with a breeze. My teeth were chattering as I walked from the parking lot to the front door. I was not wearing a jacket. It would be almost perfect if there was a lining to help eliminate wind passing through and to keep it from sticking to shirts.

👤I gave 4 stars because this jacket isn't as good as the one I got a couple years ago, the same brand and style. Things change to be cheaper, yet the price stays the same or goes up. I still like the jacket, and I am keeping it. It will be a little different if you get this to replace the same thing. They are a little shorter and thinner than they used to be. Since I prefer the shorter length to be lower than my waist, I had to return the first one I ordered and exchange it for a taller one. It is still a nice jacket.

👤I was very disappointed in my purchase. It is hard to find a brand that fits a big man. I wash clothes before I wear them. I washed it out of the dryer and it was torn in two different places. Didn't come stitched correctly. I can't use the zippered pocket because it's a straight hole in the front pocket. The elastic that grips my wrist went out, as well as the inside of my left wrist. In my area we had a cold front hit and I had to wear this jacket because it was my only jacket at the moment and I have dropped my phone through the front pocket countless times because I forget that I have a hole in my brand new jacket. I thought I had found the perfect jacket, but it seems like I got robbed of my expectations.

👤This was bought for the cold weather in the winter. The product arrived in good condition and was very fast. The color is nice. My wife likes that the material is soft and fuzzy. I believe that this jacket has two glaring issues, the first being that it is not waterproof. The wind will blow through this jacket. Not just in the front. Everywhere. The car is getting cold fast at the gas station. It will pick up every form of Lint known to man. Cat, dog, human. It's difficult to remove the lint because it has a form of charge. Even using a 3M lint roller doesn't improve your odds very much. The material crinkles. Blocks the roller from going over the stuff. You will find yourself picking with your fingers to remove strands. The anti static spray isn't much help. The collar stays up nicely when flipped up. There are two large pockets on the front. The openings for the pockets are large and similar to a hoodie. The 4X fits me well because I am a big guy. The cuffs are finished and do not scratch. The zip is not broken. I expected better from Columbia. I thought I was getting better. I will not return it because it is soft and fuzzy and my wife likes to walk with me. There is a This is not the jacket you are looking for. If average is ok for you, you can purchase this on sale for less than $30. There is a Minus one star for not wind proof and one for the maintenance required to keep the jacket from looking like you slept in the dog bed.

10. Columbia Steens Mountain Fleece Jacket

Columbia Steens Mountain Fleece Jacket

The Columbia Men's Steens Mountain Full Zip 2.0 Fleece jacket is made of soft 100% MTR fleece for the perfect amount of warmth. There areANDY features. The security pockets in this jacket are for small items. ULTIMATE COMFORT: You're sure to be protected from the cold with a collared neck.

Brand: Columbia

👤This is not a real Columbia fleece. First off, not fleece, second it smells like chemicals, and third the tag is sewn on the front and not embroidered, the ones Columbia uses are not the ones Columbia uses. I have seen fake North Face Fleeces on eBay but never from Columbia. The material is cheap. It will pill up immediately after 2 washes and won't last through more than one wash. It smells like cancer.

👤The black is a kind of black that is dark and dark. I decided to order the 2XL/Tall instead of my normal 3XL/Tall because it's a good fit. I'm 6'5", 280 lbs, with broad shoulders and carry a bit of weight in the belt, but the 2XL/Tall fits well without being too tight. The Steens jacket isn't the warmest or the best, but I got it to throw on, look good, and knock the chill off 40F+, and it works well.

👤It was perfect! I struggle to find clothes that fit at 6'7" but this fleece is perfect for a 3xlt. I run between 3 and 4xlt most of the time. It's not baggy or tight, it's perfect. It's warm but not cold. I have one for town and one for hiking and backpacking. I wear a rain jacket or coat on days under 30 or 20f while hiking and it works great as a layer of insulation in the winter. P.S. Columbia! They should have added a hood. I like a hood on my insulation layer, not my coat. As I get warm, I don't remove my top layer.

👤Even after a 1000 washings, I loved the previous version, which was very dark pitch black. The bottom was comfortable. The new version was too tight around the bottom, with no elastic. The "black" looked like a dark charcoal gray. It looked like black had faded. It's not the nice dark true black of previous years.

👤I ordered 4XL Tall because I couldn't find anything that fit me in a women's size. I needed it to cover my belly and backside, be long, and fit me with some room to move. The jacket exceeded all expectations. I already have a Columbia jacket that is too short for me, and it was getting too short for me. I recommend this to anyone in my situation that needs a long jacket because women's jackets are not as long these days.

👤The regular would be a half shirt on me if I ordered a tall. The width seems to be true to size. I am almost 6'3" and wear a regular 5xl. I have shirts that are 4xlt and they are a couple inches longer than this coat. If it shrinks it will be short for me so I think it will have to be donated. I would return it and go up a size but not have time to take the tag off and wear it. If you want something that will cover your butt, try one size up or go somewhere else. It would have been a 5 star coat if it were 3 inches longer. It looks and feels nice on a positive note.

11. Columbia Standard Silver Ridge Medium

Columbia Standard Silver Ridge Medium

Be safe and protected. The Omni-Shade blocks the sun's harmful rays. The UV absorbent yarns block harmful UV rays. There is an item called "omni-wack." The ultimate technology for managing the outdoors. The fabric of Omni-Wick quickly absorbs the sweat from the skin, keeping you cool and your clothing dry. It's convenient and functional. The men's vest has sun protection and is made of fabric that is absorbent. There areANDY features. Two hand pockets, a zip-closed and tab closed chest pockets for added security, as well as a drawcord hem and full length collar keep you warm and comfortable. Columbia's attention to detail is what sets their apparel apart. They use only the highest quality materials. This is a vest that will last a long time.

Brand: Columbia

👤I've been wearing vests for a long time, and this one is the best. I don't wear it for fishing, but it's great for all of the pockets, and there are plenty on this one. Each pocket has a specific use for me. I use the mesh lining of the other pockets to hold my wallet and keys, as well as the open pocket on the outside of the other pockets. I use the left breast pocket for my mobile device. My wipe cloth is stored in the pocket on top. The right breast pocket is small and awkward, but it's perfect for my garage opener remote. I wear this just for the pockets, so that my other pockets are free from obstructions. It's very comfortable to wear, lightweight and breathe easily. It's holding up well to daily use, but capable of handling some abuse. The price range and availability are not good enough for me, so I'm not going to pass up this vest.

👤This is a lightweight, all-purpose vest that I would wear on warm days in a fleece or quilted fabric. I'm going to take this vest with me for canoeing and camping. I've worn it around town, both under a jacket and as an outer garment. It looks sharp. I'm a slender guy with a size M and it fits close and neat. It has all the pockets I need for my cell phone, ID cards, keys, reading glasses, or whatever. I bought two of the vests in the dark grey and light grey because I like them so much.

👤I made a great purchase. Fashionable, comfortable, and inexpensive. The size is the same. The material is lightweight. I am very happy with the purchase.

👤It was just what I needed.

👤It looks like an old man is fishing.

👤The vest is great! Good fit and good workmanship!

👤Needed something lightweight for the summer. There are lots of pockets. Solid construction. It was a little longer than I wanted. It's good.

👤Comme la majorité des Columbia: qualité de confection.


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