Best Fishing Jacket for Men

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1. Frogg Toggs Pilot Jacket Charcoal

Frogg Toggs Pilot Jacket Charcoal

The rain jacket has a hood with cord locks. There are multiple accessory D-rings. Splash-resistant zippers have internal storm flap and shock cord. The Co-Pilot liner and bib can be purchased on Amazon. It's perfect for fishing, hunting, hiking, camping, biking, and other outdoor activities. The Pilot II Guide Rain jacket is durable.

Brand: Frogg Toggs

👤I love this thing. It fits over a jacket, but can be adjusted to fit without a jacket. I've worn it several times. We've been having rainy days, and I teach the motorcycle course. The hand-warmer pockets are great when the weather is cold. Even if I still have my hat on, the hood covers my head. The jacket is worth a lot of money. The bib pants I bought are also awesome. I don't have to worry about where I'm going to put my teaching materials because they are in the side pouch. I'm 5'11", 215 pounds, and I bought both in large, and they fit very well once you adjust to your size.

👤The whole package was bought by me. I'm 6'2, 310ish and I bought a jacket and pants. It was a perfect fit. This gear is awesome! I bought it to see if I could tolerate the cold. I wore a long sleeve shirt and light sweat pants under my gear while riding my motorcycle in the 40 degree weather. I was warm. The gloves don't provide much heat, but they help a little. Good gear will be worn all year round. Only negative. I don't want to be charged to return an item. I decided to upgrade to $90 Pilot II pant after buying the $39.99 pants. I was charged $7.42 to buy more stuff from them. Not a fan of that. Don't get cheap on the return, I just spent $300+ on their gear. Get the gear if you have to. Good stuff.

👤The waterproof layer of the rain jacket is no longer enough to keep the rain out, so the material gets saturated when you stand out in the rain. The jacket is completely different from the beginning to the end of the rain. The cost on this jacket is much higher than others but it does the job, I guess the saying about you getting what you paid for is true. I wish I knew about this jacket and company a long time ago.

👤When I am sailing in a rain storm in Florida, I use ideal rain gear. I chose the yellow because of visibility. It was a good fit. The straps are around the wrists. Water intrusion can be prevented by the use of zips. The hood protects my face.

👤A nice rain jacket. If it's cold outside, the large fit well with enough room to put on a couple of layers. The material is good. There was one problem. A flaw in the sew job made the front zip up all the way up. I took a small amount of super glue and put it back on the small piece of material. I could have sent it back, but it's not a big deal. This is the reason I gave a four star rating.

👤The jacket arrived with two different parts. See the photo. I don't know how it was made, it was impossible toZIP it. A cruel joke by a seamstress and no quality control before she leaves the factory. It was made in China. I ordered an exchange because everything else was what I wanted. Good luck if you order one to inspect it. The exchange jacket arrived with the same problem. Does Amazon check the merchandise it sells? No problems when you send this one back and order it from another source.

2. JINSHI Windproof Waterproof Jackets Mountain

JINSHI Windproof Waterproof Jackets Mountain

The material is 100% Polyester. Waterproof: A professional jacket. The fabric is quick to dry. The design of the zipper can keep your body dry and comfortable, it can fight for bad weather. The cuffs and skirt help keep the wind out. The fleece lining and storm hooded keep you warm. The pockets are great for money, cellphone or wallet. The application is for something. The insulated shell jacket is ideal for outdoor sports.

Brand: Jinshi

👤I had a great jacket that kept me warm during my vacation. -2 to 0 Celsius. I was kept warm when I returned to Boston. The price for jacket is great.

👤I wore a t-shirt and long underwear while snowboarding in the mountains and was very comfortable. My son wears a t-shirt under his pants and he was warm and comfortable the whole time. If it's really cold, you should wear gloves because the jacket's pockets are not lined. We kept the lift ticket in the front chest pocket and it worked well. The string that tightens the hood broke on me, but is still functioning. I give 4 stars for broken string and pockets that don't warm, but I like the jacket and would not hesitate to buy it again.

👤Doesn't matter if it's raining or snowing. The jacket I received was of outstanding quality. I ordered a large which fits me perfectly, it has deep side pockets and is tuck underneath the cover to prevent it from being damaged by natural causes or foreign objects. It would be medium/large in us.

👤Has been a great coat. I have been kept warm and dry by the rain and wind. The temperature has been in the low 40s. Quality and materials are very good.

👤My second order. I ordered a US size last week. It was small when it arrived. I ordered 2 more. It's the biggest they had. I work out doors. The neck is tight. The jacket seam was good in -12 degree last night. The hood is small. But it is tight. The size is not US standard. Skiers don't layer as much as a contractor. I had this for a week now. It keeps you warm. It is not -12 to -20 degrees outside in the NYC area this week. It's keeping me warm. I recommend this jacket for its price point. The neck size is tight but can live with it. Also water proof. I have two of these and I'm good for this year. I have no complaints about the plastic zipper, it's what it costs and what it can do. Update after 2 weeks. I like the jacket. One of the pockets has a hole due to the thread getting undone. It's a manufacturing issue. I have to fix it. It's a good jacket.

👤They replaced a women's large with a men's large. The dumbest substitution of all time. Doesn't fit and zips the wrong way. I have to repack and drive to the store. This brand will never be used again. Beware.

👤It's a perfect fit, it's warm and waterproof, and it's comfortable. The hood is a nice touch if you don't want to get wet on the fleece. It was perfect for our hiking trip that ended up being very rainy. It was very worth the cost and I was very satisfied with it.

👤The strong chemical smell from the man made fabric of the outer shell was the first thing that was noticed when opening the package. The fabric was a bit sticky at first, but has gone away. The coat and sleeves are both long. The sleeves are snug at the wrists. The coat is not fleece. The coat seems to be water resistant. It blocks wind and drafts.

3. Carhartt Rockford Jacket Steel Large

Carhartt Rockford Jacket Steel Large

The rain defender has a durable water-repellent finish. The lining of the body is made of mesh and taffeta. The hood has a draw-cord adjuster. There are two chest pockets with flaps. The left-chest pocket has a media port.

Brand: Carhartt

👤It's a good looking jacket, but it didn't keep me dry in the rain. I was hiking in the rain and wind for an hour and a half and my clothes were already wet. It wasn't a strong rain, just a medium rain with strong winds.

👤I knew this rain jacket was going to be good. It's perfect. I'm looking forward to getting wet with it. I think so.

👤Every time I wear or use this coat, I have to write a review. The coat is useless. I wouldn't call it water resistant, it's just a nylon coat. I live close to where I work, so I just walk. I'm in the rain for ten minutes and the thing is completely soaked, with water coming through and soaking my shoulders and arms. A regular rainy day is what I'm talking about. I have a backpack and my back is dry. This is a regular nylon windbreaker. If you were to wear a hoodie, you would have more protection from the rain. It will probably dry quicker. If it is raining, you need to walk from the far end of the parking lot to the office or store. You're going to be in the rain for a short time, so I wouldn't bother. This is advertised for rain and sells for $50. If you want to buy the yellow $20 jacket from home, you have to find something else because it is the most useless rain jacket I have ever seen. It has many positive reviews. Carhartt is usually too large, but it fits nicely.

👤Before pulling off tags, I check out fit, quality, zippers, snaps and seams. I liked the jacket's look and fit. I was looking for the right weight. The problems started when I tried to open it. It would jam up before I could zip it up. I could get it to zip to the top, but I don't want to mess up for two minutes every time. I carefully looked at the piece of furniture. There was no one spot that was bad. The internal flap of material under the zipper was jamming it. If I pulled the material away from the zip up, I could move it a few more inches up. I swore loyalty to Carhartt quality and I liked everything else about the jacket. This jacket was a big miss. I ordered a different Carhartt rain jacket after returning it. I hope my brand loyalty doesn't get damaged.

👤I like the fit and feel of this jacket. It's light and airy, but thick enough to help with wind and rain, and it's 888-282-0465. I'm big. The 3X was perfect for me. I wear a rain jacket for warmer weather and sometimes wear another light jacket underneath if it's cool. I'm not crazy about this. Carhartt's marketing uses the words "rain repellant", which tends to stretch that a bit. The jacket is resistant to rain. It is not rain proof. This jacket is great for short trips outside. It's not good to be outside all day on a cloudy day or when there is a lot of rain. It will become saturated with a mist or rain in a matter of minutes. If you want a truly water proof rain jacket, it's going to be heavier and made of non breathable fabric, which is acceptable. Be aware of what you're buying. It's the same thing. Excellent rain jacket for quick trips. It wasn't good for working out in the rain.

4. TEZO Jacket Waterproof Lightweight Windbreaker

TEZO Jacket Waterproof Lightweight Windbreaker

The material is 100% Polyester. The professional waterproof coating and seams are fully sealed and welded with a TPU Membrane, which guarantees a long- lasting isolation of water droplets and effectively preventing water molecule from entering. The jacket has special design and wear resistant material. Non-fleece mesh lining fabric is more lightweight. Multi Pockets:Seal Tape invisible inside and outside chest pockets, two waterproof side pocket provide enough room to put the accessories, such as keys, cards, etc. Prepare for extreme on-trail weather with a hood and cuffs that can be adjusted for wind and rain. An essential and relaxed-fit outdoor and travelling insulated jacket for year-round use. There are ideal outfits for sports, hiking, camping, rock climbing, cycling and other winter outdoor activities.

Brand: Tezo

👤I was very happy with the jacket. It has a breast pocket that's great for a cell phone, and an inside pocket in the liner. The material is sturdy but not stiff. It's not the jacket you would take backpacking, but it would be great for camping around town or car camping. There was a problem with size. I could not get in the mens large I ordered. I'm 6'2" and 190 lbs, so I'm usually between a large and a small. This jacket fit my wife perfectly. 125 lbs. She loves it. I will definitely order another one for myself, but I will definitely go up one or two sizes. The left side of the pull is odd. It's a great value, but you might want to order a bigger one.

👤You should bring extra clothes with you. The jacket looks great. The material is of good quality and it is comfortable. It is light and easy to work with. It is not waterproof. The logo on the chest is the first place it leaks from. I would suggest spraying the logo and shoulders with a waterproof agent. I hope you have a small phone. The inside pocket of the SAMSUNG s20 is not waterproof and the phone pocket in front is not.

👤My husband loves his jacket. He said wow nice jacket when my son in laws opened him on Christmas. I bought a Large when I should have bought a smaller one for him because I went by their size chart. I exchanged with no problems. The jacket has three pockets, one at the top, one at the bottom and one at the inside. You can put your phone in the inside pocket.

👤This product is great value and I recommend it. I wanted something that would allow me to work in the rain and keep me dry. I live in the South where the summers are hot and humid, and a pop-up thunderstorm is always on the way. I have long torso and wide shoulders. I prefer a more fitted style of jacket because I don't get caught on things. I found this to be a bit baggy and long with no drawstrings to adjust the fit. This is not a light jacket. It's heavy enough to be manageable, but not so heavy that it's unmanageable. The breathability is my biggest complaint. The purpose of a rain jacket is to keep you dry, but if you get wet from sweating it defeats that purpose. The quality of this jacket is above the price point, but it would be better suited as a ski jacket, a winter rain jacket, or even as a shell jacket. If you want to use this as a light weight rain jacket, you should keep looking.

👤This jacket fits me perfectly. I like it because it blocks the wind and rain and has many pockets. It seems to be very good. I got it last night, a day earlier than I expected, but am happy because the weather was freezing and raining when I was walking my dog, so this rain jacket already has to prove it's worth. I had to wear a regular jacket beneath the rain jacket for warmth. The jacket kept the wind and rain off me. The cuffs helped a lot. My wallet and phone were dry and secure thanks to the many pockets. I got something that was better than the advertisements, and it was not disappointing.

5. Frogg Toggs Action Jacket XXX Large

Frogg Toggs Action Jacket XXX Large

Made with Frogg Toggs, it is lightweight and waterproof. The jacket has an open-waist design and a tuck-away hood with E-Z Push cord locks. The front zip has a storm flap that keeps water out. The hand warmer pockets have been designed to provide added comfort and storage. The range of motion is improved by the ranga sleeves.

Brand: Frogg Toggs

👤If you're like me, and you're on the edge of sizes, you should order a smaller Frogg Toggs size than your normal one. I ordered the big one and it's on me. I went fishing in the rain and got a laugh out of my sister who said I looked like a man with extra space in it. It's that big on me. Since I'm past the return window, I decided to give this jacket to a co-worker and will be ordering a large. The fabric of this jacket is a bit odd, almost like tyvec, and has a bit of a crinkly sound to it. It's very light for those who plan on using it for hiking/backpacking, but its bulk may be a bit of a burden. I took it out fishing in the rain and stayed completely dry. It survived its first test with ease, even though it claimed to be waterproof. I'll be ordering the large before long and will test it out to see how long it will last in a good rain. I will get to test this jacket out in a good rain. I bought the large after four months since my review and it is a much better fit. It's still bulky but it will allow me to add layers underneath if I need to. I live in a area that was having a bit of a dry spell, and there were times when it didn't rain at all, or when there was a passing thunderstorm, which didn't allow for me to test the waterproofness of this jacket. The remnants of a tropical storm that passed today withstood the rain for a while but did not hold up as well as I had hoped. The jacket began to absorb some rain within a few hours. The shirt I was wearing got wet in the shoulders, but I didn't get completely soaked. I probably would have gotten soggy if I had stayed out in the rain longer. It was unfortunate, but not unexpected. The bad: This jacket can get wet, but it can also be used as a windbreaker, which was a blessing to me a few weeks ago while on a riding mower during a windy day. I put on a jacket and it kept me warm as I was riding that mower. I have dropped my rating from four stars to three. When there is a moderate rain and a bite to it, this jacket is effective. It doesn't live up to the claim of being waterproof.

👤It was received today. I ordered the correct size. I have a 40 inch waist and 50 inch chest, and wear it with a sweatshirt in late Autumn/Winter in the Lowcountry of South Carolina. It is not too large. Many rain garments seem to be made for a short time. I'll be happy if it keeps me dry. There is a heavy rain. Everything under the jacket was dry. I'm impressed. It was bumped to 5 stars.

6. Riverruns Waterproof Breathable Excellent Outdoor

Riverruns Waterproof Breathable Excellent Outdoor

The Riverruns fishing jacket is made of the highest quality material and waterproof. Quality HKK waterproof zippers, waterproof level 8000mm, Breathable level 3000MVTR, and quality HKK waterproof zippers are included. 9 storage pockets are all you need. Any large items can be found in the two front Magic buckle pockets. There is a fishing tool attachment band on the side of each pocket. There is a fly patch above the pockets. Two waterproof pockets allow for the safe storage of valuables. There are more features that are seen. The back of the jacket has a pocket for large items. There is a waterproof pocket in the left interior of the jacket. There is a waterproof pocket on the left arm. It is designed with fishing in mind but beyond fishing. The waterproof and breathable fishing jacket has two lined hand warmer pockets and two lined pocket under each arm that allow for adjusting the temperature in the arm. The fit well man's height is from 5'5" to 6'3" in fours sizes. Return must be made within 30 days. The product must be unwashed, unused, and still in its original package with original hang-tags. Products that are not salable will not be eligible for a refund.

Brand: Riverruns

👤I returned from Soldotna, Alaska, where I spent three weeks fishing for sockeye salmon. The jacket was put to the test after it rained for a week. During rain, the temperature ranged from low 50s to mid 60s. I was looking forward to seeing how the jacket would hold up in the rain, since I fish with fly rod and waders. The jacket held up well in the rain and I was dry the entire day. I had to hold my arm in to grab it before it was taken by the strong current. I already had a tight wrist and some water got up my sleeve, but it was not much. Even though the water got in, I was not uncomfortable as the jacket kept me warm. The waterproof coating keeps you warm in cold rain and dry. Works. I recommend a baseball cap for support, but the hood is nice and well designed. The Velcro straps at wrists are a major plus. Water gets in sleeve when fishing or doing other tasks. There are nice sized chest pockets. It's easy to maneuver but still keeps you warm. The coat was heavy by the second day because it was soaking up rain. It wasn't repelling rain anymore. There are no side pockets for hands to stick in. It is a big deal when you need to keep your hands warm in the rain. It is almost a really good fishing raincoat. If they could use material that could consistently hold up to rain, that would make it amazing and I would say you are crazy if you don't get it. I would recommend looking somewhere else. Side pockets for cold hands can be put in. I had to use my hand warmers on my waders because I had to constantly open my jacket. It fit well. Fix the rain part and I will buy another.

👤The jacket is worth a 1 star. The jacket is trash. It is more absorbent than waterproof. It is a single layer, it has a huge Made in China patch on the collar, and the cuffs are stretchy water absorbing mesh/underarmour material that helps keep you dry. The back is too short and the back is backwards.

👤The overall features of this jacket were what I ordered. This coat is very well thought out and has been fabricated with great attention to detail. There is plenty of room for fly box's and they operate easily with a solid seal when closed. The jacket and hood fit just right. A solid hook for your net is hidden under a flap at the back of your neck. I have used this item dozens of times as I live right on one of the best fly fishing rivers in New Eengland. I have a lot of gear from both Orvis and 'LL bean.

👤The jacket is well made. The smell of spearmint was strong. I think it is the type of material they used. I don't know. I kept it and washed it, and put it in the garage for a few days to air it out, because my first jacket from them didn't have that smell. It now has a faint smell of it. The jacket seems to last and the craftsmanship is good. I wish it didn't have that smell.

7. MAGCOMSEN Windbreaker Jackets Lightweight Waterproof

MAGCOMSEN Windbreaker Jackets Lightweight Waterproof

The material is lightweight and anti-wrinkle. The soft shell jacket is weather resistant. The jacket has a hood that can be adjusted. Keep warm in cold weather by keeping the wind out with the hood drawcord. Multi Pockets have 2 large hand pockets, 1 waterproof pocket on the left chest, and 2 inner pockets. It's perfect for hiking, camping, running, hunting, fishing and other outdoor activities.


👤I bought this as a work jacket and didn't think much of it as it is a Chinese mass-produced jacket. The jacket is water resistant, but I might use a spray to add security. The red fabric seems to be less water resistant than the black fabric. It is rather sloppy when it comes to the embroidery. For those wondering, I don't really matter to me, its a work jacket. It's also funny. There is a front panel with a challenge outdoor jack on it. The neckline has the word "Sport" on it. The jacket is outdoors. Let's create our future with strength and innovation. The tag has something on it. " Out-Door" was repeated across the waistband. You get what you paid for.

👤I bought this for my husband who sometimes has to work in the wind and rain and needs a coat that will keep his clothes dry. This one has done the job so far. He likes the extra pockets and says it repels the rain.

👤I have a normal build. The jacket was nice, but the sleeves pulled up my forearms when I reached forward. The openings for the two front pockets were a bit backwards when I tried it on. You're supposed to reach in from the opposite direction. It's kind of weird. Quality looked good. I returned it because I couldn't wear it.

👤Love the bright color, multiple pockets, and promise of full waterproofness. The hood attachment where it zips onto the shell has a flap on it that will likely catch rain from the hood and leak through the zip or run into the face flaps. I have been wearing a waterproof jacket in the rain, but it doesn't keep out the water. It began leaking on my shoulder and down both arms after a few minutes. There is a The material used for the jacked may be able to keep out water, but the seams don't seem to be able to keep water out. That is the main purpose of a coat. I need to get a waterproof jacket that will keep me dry in the rain. Please provide the return and reimbursement information.

👤This was an amazing find. I needed a raincoat in Florida. The contrast in colors makes this a handsome raincoat. I can add a vest or jacket to my wardrobe. I have similar raincoats from Eddie Bauer, Izod, Nautica, as well as, North-Face and for the money this one is extraordinary. Pick up the black and gray one and check out their wear. It zips from the left rather than the right, that's the only thing that makes SALVAGEDATA I'm not picky!

👤The jacket fit well. I like the style. The contrast stitching. There is a It was sewn together with only one regular stitch. It serves its purpose and fills my needs at the moment. That's fine with me. It fills the gap between the flannel shirt and the heavy snow jacket. I would dress in layers anyways. Wear this jacket on the outside to block the wind. It repeals water. There is a I don't know how long it will last. People can buy a spray can for water repellence. It's to make the material less water-hungry. It falls of the jacket. Hope this was helpful. I plan to buy another one with the glue.

8. StrikerICE Cold Weather Conditions Sureflote Technology

StrikerICE Cold Weather Conditions Sureflote Technology

A heavy-duty climate jacket. The StrikerICE Climate jacket is made with unique materials that set it apart from other fishing jackets for men. The G2 Softshell jacket liner provides extra warmth and can be removed and worn on its own, so you can use it all year round. Waterproof technology: Heterogeneous. The material has a waterproof rating of 5000mm and a breathable rating of 5000g. This material can be used in extreme weather conditions like snow or heavy rains. Fishing features. The jacket has a number of accessories made for the professional fisherman, like cross-flow vent to regulate temperature, hand-warmer pockets, a magnetic storm flap closure, and even fast-drain hem and sleeve cuffs. It is essential that assistance is provided. A person can be kept afloat for up to 2 hours. This technology has helped save many lives by giving outdoorsmen the safety they need in case of an accidental submerging in icy water. High quality outdoor gear. The Climate jacket is perfect for fishing, but can also be used for other activities, like skiing or hunting, where extreme weather could be a factor. Pair this jacket with their StrikerICE Climate Fishing Bib and you have the ultimate outdoor gear combination.

Brand: Striker

👤The jacket was starting to get wet after spending the day getting snowed on. The claim that these jackets are waterproof is a bit misleading and I came across their explanation on the website. These jackets are not waterproof. They are to a point. The waterproof rating is not as high as that of Gortex. The pockets had some water in them, but they claim the zippers are waterproof. Maybe I am asking too much for a jacket at this price range. I love this jacket. I haven't had a chance to try it out, but I use the liner or shell. For general use, the liner is good in the 40s. I have worn the shell by itself as low as 27 degrees and though I could feel it a little bit in the sleeves, my core area stayed comfortable with just a t-shirt. My biggest complaint is that the sleeves are short when my arms are extended. Maybe that's a design. Maybe there's a reason I don't use this jacket for ice fishing. This jacket is one of the few that fits me well. This jacket is made in the US and not China, that's the only thing I want to see. I'd expect to pay $320.00 for a US made jacket, but not a Chinese one.

👤It arrived as described. Adding a folder over the flap on the two large, outer pockets would prevent water from coming into the pockets and items from falling out. It has a lot of pockets relative to the layer. Too many pockets may make it hard to know where things are kept. I was warm and dry in the low 40s, wearing both inner and shell. I had my kid wear the outer layer because the Eddie Bauer jacket didn't keep the water away. We were able to stay warm and dry for more than 30 minutes until we reached a dry location, thanks to this method. Some rain got in from my neck collar when I wore the inner jacket alone. While a higher collar may have solved the issue, not sure if it would have caused another issue when wearing the outer shell. I was happy to have the jacket perform and meet my requirements, even though it was expensive. I was very warm and had to "unzip" and still stay dry. When wearing the inner jacket only, my core was still warm and dry, even though the rain water was beading up on the outside. The hood has a wire that keeps it up.

👤The first thing I noticed was that this jacket was very heavy. Surprisingly so. It is very dense, not sure if it's the float insulation or not. It's very warm and I love the sealed pockets. I haven't had it out on the ice yet, but I've been wearing it around town in single digits and have been very comfortable. The only thing keeping me from giving 5 stars is the fact that the cinches around the writst are painful. The hard corners of the patch pokes into my wrists. Attached is a picture of the offending corner. A taller person might not have the problem if my arms are short. Easy 5 stars if this problem were solved.

9. Fishing Suits Waterproof Jacket Overall

Fishing Suits Waterproof Jacket Overall

The waterproof zippers keep it water resistant. The hood has cord locks. The chest and hand pockets are large. The cuffs and sleeves prevent rain from entering. A cord lock makes the bib pant a secure fit. It's perfect for fishing, hunting, hiking, camping, biking, and other outdoor activities.

Brand: Navis Marine

👤I bought these on July 6, 2020. I wore them on two fishing trips. I am not a commercial fisherman. I used these just for the day to stay warm. The first weekend fishing trip was a success. I was kept dry and warm. The crotch tore open on the second time. The pant crotch should not have torn so easily. I would request a replacement but have no way of contacting the seller.

👤The entire suit does not allow for any comfort or light reflecting properties. The lack of quality and design along with the observations clearly shows that this item is very poor at best and the excessive price is just the additional disappointment of this type of item one would expect.

👤This was what I was hoping for. My clothes never got wet during the 3 days I fished in the tournament. It was not warm but it fit me perfectly. I ordered a men's small but wear a women's large shirt and medium pants. Couldn't have asked for better. The flag on my pants is upside down.

👤A complete piece of garbage. It is fishing time now and we just started using it. On the second trip, the leg tore down. The company did not offer a replacement. Amazon didn't offer anything. Get a garbage bag and cut out arms and legs. That would last longer.

👤The high quality zippers have shields. It works well lots of adjustments. There are many pockets. It was very well made.

👤This was a great purchase for my husband. He said he liked it more than his older one. He is 5'11. I got the suggested size. After we adjusted his straps, it was spot on. He kept water out with the right wrist/ ankle straps.

👤My husband only wears them a few times because he was bought them for work. He has 2 holes in it and it has not been returned in a long time. I am out of money and a rain suit.

👤I ordered this because I thought it would be better than the one I could get at the store. It wasn't. I spent a quarter of the price for a better quality one.

10. Waterproof Windproof Comfortable Unmatched Maneuverability

Waterproof Windproof Comfortable Unmatched Maneuverability

Waterproof/windproof fishing boat. The shell of the jacket is waterproof, allowing water to bead off, and it has an ultra soft fleece interior that will keep you warm on the windiest days. Storm's products provide superior warmth, flotation, and flexibility because of the revolutionary outerwear design by affixing ultra-thin neoprene core with proven outdoor fabrics in a special lamination process. The Stormr typhoon jacket is built with a purpose of keeping you warm, mobile and dry, and it is finished with thermal taped seams for maximum protection. A bandage is adjusted. They knew how important it was to make a tight seal around your waist, neck, and face, and that's why they used two interior cord locks for added protection. The new version has a non-corrosive splash proof zip with a nylon pull, full-length interior storm flap, enlarged interior pocket, and 2 AQ6 fleece-lined, splash proof exterior pockets.

Brand: Stormr

👤The weight is 6' 185 lbs. My shoulders are broad and this can cause a problem with fitting clothes. I ordered a large and it fits well. It's possible to fit a sweater underneath without restriction. This was bought for fishing. It looks bomb-proof. It is supple and will provide warmth. I am looking forward to using this jacket in the surf.

👤I have no complaints about the jacket. I didn't go for the level up jacket at $100 more since I wasn't sure it was worth it. I wish this jacket had more expensive features like cuffs and a better hood. I would not spend the extra $100 for the more expensive version and I'm satisfied with this one.

👤I am very satisfied with the product, a layer up with base layers and no need for heavy sweaters, this eliminates the need for bulking up since it gives you a lot of room for mobility. Throwing a castnet is a good investment for a recreational fisherman or outdoorsman who likes the warmth and mobility. I would recommend the bibs to get the full coverage from cold environments.

👤The best foul weather jacket I've ever owned. It kept me warm and nice when I wore it for fishing and shoveling snow.

👤I can't say enough about this jacket. It is warm, dry and looks great. It made it through its first NJ fall surf fishing season after I bought it this summer. I was upset I didn't make this purchase sooner. It runs a bit large.

👤This jacket is built to last. This jacket is warm and comfortable and I boat in bad weather weekly. The material feels good on your skin. There is only one reason for a star and that is to dry from a loop or something.

👤The coat had a lot of flaws on the exterior that made it look bad. I tried to contact the company to get a replacement jacket.

👤My son thinks this jacket is cool. It was the warmest. It's difficult to keep him warm while he's a professional diver. This works. I won Mom Of The Year with this purchase.

👤It's a great sale price and it's great for fishing in wet and cool weather.

👤The jacket turned out to be a kind of neoprene waders in the form of a jacket, but I was not sure what other reviewers were expecting. It feels a bit thinner than a typical neoprene waders. It's more supple than I would have thought, but it's definitely not like the other one. I weigh 163 lbs. The medium fits me well. Moderate rain so far has been good. I am a saltwater fishing guide. I will have a better opinion on the jacket in a month.

11. Flygo Lightweight Outdoor Fishing Pockets

Flygo Lightweight Outdoor Fishing Pockets

Features include a regular fit, v neck, solid color, pockets, and lightweight. In summer hot days, the mesh on the back makes you more cool. There are multiple pockets. The work safari fishing vest has 15 different sized pockets. It is a versatile vest that can be used in the summer and fall. The styles are Style 1 & 2 and Style 3 and 4. Zip fly, regular fit, stand collar, solid color, mutiple pockets, zippered pockets, brass zippers, lightweight, breathable, mesh lining, 01 style back is also can be removed to become mesh back. A jacket can be used as a fishing vest, hiking vest, hunting vest, volunteer vest, work vest, military vest, bird watching vest, or river guide adventures vest. All items are US size, please check the size information in the product description.

Brand: Flygo

👤It is hard to find a decent fishing vest for ladies, but this one is pretty nice. It is a nice medium fabric and I think it will hold up well with lots of zip pockets. The men's reviews were all I had to go on about. I ordered an extra small. I wear size 10 pants and S-M shirts. It does fit a bit snug when zip over my blue waders, but don't tell my husband he was right! If you are my size, you might want to size up to a small because it is a great fit for me. I am not a busty gal. I didn't have a hard time zipping it, it's just that it's a bit snug. I highly recommend. I will amend my review if I use it this weekend.

👤You can watch video and see pictures. The product is good, but don't expect it to last forever. Order 2 sizes up. The back part is secure at the bottom of the vest.

👤I'm 5'8" with a muscular build and wear a 42 suit jacket and large size T-shirts. I needed a new vest to hold my gear. The photos are lighter in color because of my flash. I ordered a vest based on the size chart. The dark bluish/slate toned gray color is very pleasing compared to the khaki color. It was perfect in length. It has more room in the arm pit and in the body for maneuvering. The mesh fabric liner allows for good air flow on the back even when carrying a back pack, as the back can be folded away to allow for better air flow. There are lots of pockets, but the fabric is thin and requires both hands to hold down the pockets to put something in or out. Single hand operation would be possible when holding a camera or fishing pole if the fabric was much stiffer. Large items can be held in the pocket pouches. They are baggy and messy, not a clean cut look compared to the small pockets. The product pictures are stuffed so the pockets look full. There will be no baggy looking pouches if they are made of stretchy material. The thing that is odd is the zipper. The pull on the right side of my jacket's zippers is found in the US. The left side is where this is located. This is the biggest complaint I have.

👤I can have it mended, but I was not happy with the stitching, I just hope it's the only spot I find like that. It has an interesting back panel that rolls up if you get too hot, that was a nice feature. The color was a bit darker than I anticipated but will be fine with that. It's nice to be fit and feel good. It's comfortable. I'll have to have it repaired the first day I get it, but I was going to rate it higher.

👤I wanted extra space in the jacket so I could fit my camera equipment in the pockets, so I went with a 3X size. The jacket should have a 57.48 inch bust according to the chart on the product page. I'm a 52" bust. The extra 5 inches would be fine. I think someone put inches and centimeters together. It's more like 38 inches. Chinese made, Chinese size. There is a It just wont fit in the jacket. Too bad. Returning it and going with someone else.


What is the best product for fishing jacket for men?

Fishing jacket for men products from Frogg Toggs. In this article about fishing jacket for men you can see why people choose the product. Jinshi and Carhartt are also good brands to look for when you are finding fishing jacket for men.

What are the best brands for fishing jacket for men?

Frogg Toggs, Jinshi and Carhartt are some of the best brands that chosen by people for fishing jacket for men. Find the detail in this article. Tezo, Frogg Toggs and Riverruns are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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