Best Fishing Jacket with Hood

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1. North Face Mens Resolve Jacket

North Face Mens Resolve Jacket

Ready for rain. The Resolve 2 jacket is a versatile, waterproof shell that has enough style for everywhere, from the trailhead to the town. There is a waterproof fabric. This jacket is made with DryVent performance tech and is waterproof, windproof and Breathable. It's easy to care for and wear, you'll love it. The standard fit. This jacket is perfect for easy wear or layers up. You will experience freedom of movement through the shoulders and chest when you are in town or in the wilderness. It is possible to have outdoor competencies. Staying protected with a hook-and-loop closure storm flap that covers the center front zip and keeping your items safe with a secure-ZIP chest and hand pockets is one of the thoughtful features that help you go further. Take the day in your stride. This jacket is an essential closet staple and is a go-to classic for hiking, training or just kicking back. You can wear it with your favorite joggers, pants or shorts and proudly wear the badge of exploration with The North Face.

Brand: The North Face

👤The stitching under the logo is a mess, and if the seller had looked at the product before shipping it out, they would have seen it. The flaw was out in the open. I don't think a quality company like North Face would end a line of double stitching in the middle of a jacket like that. I have to wait for the jacket to be shipped back to the seller so that I don't get frustrated. I have to wait for them to process the return before I get the credit to my account. I will use the credit to purchase another jacket. Spring will be over by the time I get a jacket. I will have to wait 3 months before I can pimp it.

👤North Face does it again. When this arrived, I was not disappointed. I weigh 175 lbs. I wear a jacket with a medium face. They don't run very far down my backside. I don't want them to. I can still wear a sweatshirt under it. The material is waterproof. I didn't want it to be a warm jacket, as others have noted. It is perfect for early fall or late spring rains. The hood adds some bulk to the collar. I would buy this jacket again.

👤The jacket is great and arrived quickly, but I disagree with the size on the other reviews. The Medium was too tight for my husband, who is 5'9" and 165 lbs.

👤I have used this jacket in the snow and it has kept me dry. The hoodie can be tucked under the collar, that is a nice feature. I have a large and it fits perfectly.

👤I bought this for a trip to Europe this past summer, expecting to wear it almost daily in the misty conditions. We had great weather with a few rainy days and the North Face handled the water well, providing adequate breathability. I wore a good looking jacket that was easy to breathe in on sunny days. The hood is hide-away. I was surprised that the collar has a light fleece coating, it was a bit inconvenient on warm days. I see times when the fleece will provide needed warmth and wind protection during the fall and winter. My wife is totally satisfied after I bought one for her.

👤I'm very pleased with this jacket. It was a bit of a surprise to see how big the collar is. If you are trying to go for a lower profile look, this jacket is not for you.

👤The jacket appears to be well made and should last a long time. This isn't a winter jacket for use in northern climates where the temperature drops to zero F or lower. It should work well in the 50s and 40s. I need a winter jacket for my trip to Norway in November. The jacket won't be warm for that. It should be great for a winter in Orlando where the temperature rarely drops to freezing or for spring or fall use up north.

2. Ourcan Suits Fishing Waterproof Lightweight

Ourcan Suits Fishing Waterproof Lightweight

Ourcan has a new rain suit for men. The rain gear is made from high quality materials. The rain suit is easy to dress in. You can put the pants in your boots or shoes to make you dry better, the cuffs of this rain suit are elastic and easy to wear. Drawstring on the waist, pants top, and jacket hood keep the rain out. The rain coat has two elastic Velcro pockets, but also has open pockets in the pants, which is a convenience. You can access your own pocket with the split pants pockets. There are buttons in front of the rain jacket hood. You can easily remove or dress. The material for the rain suit was different. They used a water resistance coating and a thick material to keep you dry and lightweight. The mesh is very soft and keeps your body cool. This waterproof rain suit is the best choice for you. This stylish waterproof rain gear is perfect for multiple occasions, it's perfect for daily working, fishing, hiking, mills, Road construction, timber harvest, agriculture, mining, shipyards, forestry, utilities, hunting, food processing etc. It is great for all occasions. The rain jacket for men is loose size. The pants of the rain gear were designed to fit into your boots. You can compare the size chart to the picture. They are confident that you will love this rain suit. They will ensure your absolute satisfaction if you let them know you're not satisfied.

Brand: Ourcan

👤I'm not sure how you got 63 positive reviews. The material and quality of the product is not worth 50 dollars. I tried to pull them down, but the opening on the side ripped. You are not selling these to anyone working outside. There are no pockets or flaps in the pants. There are two big holes for water to come in. The reviews are not real. 80% of the negative reviews were deleted if they are.

👤Not waterproof. A few days ago I was working in a rain that lasted 14 hours. When I got home after work, I noticed my clothes were wet from the day. My pants were wet even though I never took them off. It's not waterproof when the rain comes for over 10 hours and you are working outside, so you will get wet. I like the suit and the pants pocket feature that allows you to access your regular pants pockets. I would recommend anyone to buy something. My co workers have bought other waterproof suits and they all performed the same under these heavy rain conditions, their clothes still got wet after a few hours.

👤Went out to the sea for fishing. After using this set, my clothes were still dry. 100% waterproof. Have to believe it.

👤I brought this Ourcan rain suit for my husband to wear. He was happy because it was a perfect fit and the quality was very sturdy. The material is strong. It would be perfect if he went fishing. My husband will recommend this Ourcan rain suite to his fishing friends.

👤I weigh 130 lbs. It's a little big. I like that it's baggy because I wear a lot of layers in the cold. I do bike delivery in a big city on cold, wet, snowy days. Since it's baggy on me, I get a lot of movement. The only complaint is that there are no pockets on the pants. If I use my pants in heavy rain, they will be soaked. The stripes should be reflective. I would love a suit that had red stripes.

👤During the summer of 2020, I ordered XXL. The jacket is too large, I could probably put 3 in layers or more to have a good fit. I'm 18W. It's too small around the waist and thigh. It's raining in Seattle. I'm so anxious to wear it at work. I was soaked from my back to my shoulders. It is a rain suit but it is not the same as a rain suit. The more it rained, the heavier the dam suit got. I was cold all night. I found that the reviews on here were dried. I bought this after reading their reviews. I regret it now that I have a tarp.

👤Disappointed! There is a Fit well... Seemed sturdy... I had a draw string in my wrists that was too tight. The rain kept me dry. The legs... Not much... It was wet from knees down. It was raining very hard and still wet. The hood doesn't stay on. The hood is too shallow. I will try it again next time I want to garden. The top worked well. The pockets stayed dry. I was able to manuever, other than having to keep adjusting the hood. Will update after learning that the bottoms are not waterproof.

3. Amazon Essentials Lightweight Water Resistant Packable

Amazon Essentials Lightweight Water Resistant Packable

Through the chest and through the waist. The fabric is water resistant and has a filling for warmth. There is a full-length closure at the front.


👤I was impressed by the sleekness of this thing. I wasn't expecting much for 40 bucks, but it fits perfectly and is a great color. I am 5 foot 11 and weigh 200 pounds. perfect

👤Lands End has maintained their sizing levels over the years. None of this slim fit with long sleeves. I want the winter jackets to be loose so they can assume some layers. I usually wear a large. I decided on X- Large after reading a lot of reviews on Amazon. I expected it to fit. The sleeves are not too long. If necessary, I can wear a layer. I wore a T-shirt and a long sleeve T-shirt in 35 F weather with moderate wind conditions. The jacket was warm in the North East. I took a star off because of the wind. It's a small issue. I would probably wear a fleece jacket and a thin primaloft vest in the cold. The hood stays in place if you zip up the jacket. You don't need anything. If you want a traditional size, go up one size. If you can't decide on a slim fit, go smaller. Got it? They will sell out for the season. I'm not sure why people are complaining, this is a bargain and Amazon has the best return policy. Leave an extra in your car or backpack.

👤When I ripped open my expensive down jacket, I bought this jacket in an emergency. I was hoping that it would be good enough for me to survive a few cold days. The cheap jacket is better than the expensive one. Light years are better. The hood is a neck warmer and it dries quickly. This is a thing that I love.

👤I like this coat. It's warm and the wind doesn't cut through it. I have been wearing it for two weeks. I would like to draw strings on the hood. It doesn't have a way to pull the hood tight. The hood is held on by the coat. Pull strings would be better. This is my first review. I looked at reviews a lot and thought it was about time. The coat was very good in the first two weeks.

👤Excellent coat. Not puffy. Not very shiny. It dries quickly. There are pockets that have a zip. The Old Navy packable puffer is more expensive than the Amazon Essentials jacket. You have to keep the mini bag somewhere, but packing into a self-pocket is the downside. I guess that is more of a preference than a flaw. This jacket is not for cold days in the Midwest. You can layer a hoodie with fleece for additional insulation.

👤A great jacket. I usually wear a Large, but after reading the other reviews I bought an extra large. It works perfectly. The fit is great, I'm 6'2” and slim, the arm length is perfect. I returned the 32 degrees hooded puffer that I bought because it was very thin and not warm enough. This jacket is perfect for the bill. The price is great and I am very happy with this purchase. I highly recommend it.

4. Frogg Toggs Action Jacket XXX Large

Frogg Toggs Action Jacket XXX Large

Made with Frogg Toggs, it is lightweight and waterproof. The jacket has an open-waist design and a tuck-away hood with E-Z Push cord locks. The front zip has a storm flap that keeps water out. The hand warmer pockets have been designed to provide added comfort and storage. The range of motion is improved by the ranga sleeves.

Brand: Frogg Toggs

👤If you're like me, and you're on the edge of sizes, you should order a smaller Frogg Toggs size than your normal one. I ordered the big one and it's on me. I went fishing in the rain and got a laugh out of my sister who said I looked like a man with extra space in it. It's that big on me. Since I'm past the return window, I decided to give this jacket to a co-worker and will be ordering a large. The fabric of this jacket is a bit odd, almost like tyvec, and has a bit of a crinkly sound to it. It's very light for those who plan on using it for hiking/backpacking, but its bulk may be a bit of a burden. I took it out fishing in the rain and stayed completely dry. It survived its first test with ease, even though it claimed to be waterproof. I'll be ordering the large before long and will test it out to see how long it will last in a good rain. I will get to test this jacket out in a good rain. I bought the large after four months since my review and it is a much better fit. It's still bulky but it will allow me to add layers underneath if I need to. I live in a area that was having a bit of a dry spell, and there were times when it didn't rain at all, or when there was a passing thunderstorm, which didn't allow for me to test the waterproofness of this jacket. The remnants of a tropical storm that passed today withstood the rain for a while but did not hold up as well as I had hoped. The jacket began to absorb some rain within a few hours. The shirt I was wearing got wet in the shoulders, but I didn't get completely soaked. I probably would have gotten soggy if I had stayed out in the rain longer. It was unfortunate, but not unexpected. The bad: This jacket can get wet, but it can also be used as a windbreaker, which was a blessing to me a few weeks ago while on a riding mower during a windy day. I put on a jacket and it kept me warm as I was riding that mower. I have dropped my rating from four stars to three. When there is a moderate rain and a bite to it, this jacket is effective. It doesn't live up to the claim of being waterproof.

👤It was received today. I ordered the correct size. I have a 40 inch waist and 50 inch chest, and wear it with a sweatshirt in late Autumn/Winter in the Lowcountry of South Carolina. It is not too large. Many rain garments seem to be made for a short time. I'll be happy if it keeps me dry. There is a heavy rain. Everything under the jacket was dry. I'm impressed. It was bumped to 5 stars.

5. Little Donkey Andy Waterproof Mountain

Little Donkey Andy Waterproof Mountain

Waterproof and roofing are included. This jacket has a DWR Finish and a PU coated membrane that protects you from wet weather. The attached hood with the peripheral cord is very easy to roll into the collar when not in use.Hook-and-loop cuffs and elastic drawcord hem block out wind and provide a secure fit. Light weight and absorbent, mesh lining adds more breathability and transfers theMoisture away quickly, keep you warm and dry without bunching up or weighing you down. Roomy pockets are designed to hold your phone and wallet while you're on the move. It's suitable for any outdoor activitie such as traveling, hiking, sailing, fishing, camping and daily wear.

Brand: Little Donkey Andy

👤The best rain jacket ever! I needed a waterproof jacket for my job as a postal employee. I didn't get wet at work when I wore it. I would recommend.

👤I'm an avid hiker and climber so there are things that are important to me when it comes to my gear. The fit was perfect. I ordered it extra small and it fit perfectly. You could fit your jacket in a size up to small. It was 10/10. I was in a storm and the jacket kept me dry. Not as much windproofing. The jacket has areas where the wind blows. I was quite cold with a wind chill factor of 15. Even with a good jacket. I would highly recommend this jacket, it was a solid find for the price. I ordered this in gold and turquoise. The ones that are slightly more expensive have a different cut, have a different neckline, and have a different strap. The ones that are slightly cheaper have a different cut and are more of a rain jacket and windbreaker. I wouldn't recommend the cheaper option.

👤I'm very pleased with this rain jacket. I did a lot of research before buying this product. It's a lightweight shell, so I can wear it in the late spring and summer. You have to wear layers when it's cold. I kept the Large because the Medium felt too tight. I ordered the Medium because I am 5'4" with a 37" bust and 37" hips. The Large is much more comfortable than it seems, especially around the bottom hem. I'm wearing a thin shirt and sweater. I'm glad I was able to return it because I could've been okay with the Medium size. The two sizes don't look different. There are two slit pockets on the outside and one on the inside. They are all lined up. The outside pockets have openings, but they fall into a well. I don't worry about items falling out. There are fastenings around the wrist areas to tighten the openings around your body, as well as a drawstring around the bottom hem. The jacket has an interesting feature that I've never seen before: you can tuck in the hood into the collar, and then close it with velcro. The hood can be tucked away. I uploaded a photo of the process. I ordered a bright blue jacket because it's easier for drivers to see me when it's raining and dark. It's a bright blue hue, not a garish one. The interior lining is red. It feels like a high quality jacket, and the price is fantastic, especially given all these features.

👤This jacket kept me dry when I was in Ireland and Germany. I suggest wearing a sweater that is thinner, but still very good quality. I felt cute in it, it didn't fit weird or cheap. It can be packed into a small purse or back pack.

👤The rain coat has a liner. It can be cinched to stay down so it isn't riding up. My hair is in a pony tail, so the hood is rather "shallow". Without a hat, the rain wouldn't be off of my face. The neck is large and not "cinchable." I think rain could fall down the front of the neck. The fabric kept the rain out for 30 minutes. I don't think running in this jacket is a good idea. I got very sweaty. The liner isn't enough for that. I'm 5'3", 140 pounds and ordered a Med.

6. Columbia EvaPOURation Jacket Waterproof Breathable

Columbia EvaPOURation Jacket Waterproof Breathable

Air-permeable protection that is waterproof and breathable are features of their Omni-Tech technology. It allows the inside to breathe while keeping mother nature out. There is an Evap: OMNI-WICK. The ultimate technology for managing the outdoors. The fabric of Omni-Wick quickly moves the sweat from the skin into the fabric, where it can evaporate in a matter of seconds. There is a weather shelter. The Columbia Men's Evapouration jacket is one of their most popular jackets. It's functional design makes it a good bit of packable insurance when heading into an unpredictable weekend. There are adjusted features. The rain jacket has an elastic storm hood, underarm vents, and a drawcord hem with a drop tail to keep you protected. Seam is made from 100% nylon 2.5L fabric that is designed to keep you sheltered and dry. The jacket's packable design makes it easy to store and keep handy.

Brand: Columbia

👤I needed a light rain shell. It was raining and snowing when I took it on the hike. It was so damp at the end that you could wet your hand if you rubbed inside. I assumed it was sweat after I gave it the benefit of the doubt. I put a piece of paper inside the shower. The paper was wet after I used cold water for 10 minutes. It repels some water, but is not waterproof. If you walk under an hour in the rain, it should work, but you should not expect it to block everything.

👤The forecast for the marathon race was 100% chance of rain, so I bought this. I'm 6' tall and 180 lbs. Occasionally I need a large, but I usually wear a medium size jacket. I debated for a long time what size to get because most of the questions suggested a large for my build. The large size is cheaper than the medium. I ordered a medium size because I don't want a very loose jacket for running. The jacket fit me perfectly after I tried it on. The style of the jacket does not match the picture on the Amazon page. See my photo as a reference. The jacket is either pinned on the back or one size smaller for the model to have, and it fits loose. The jacket is very good. It's very light and waterproof. I don't think it's as good as it claims. I wore this on the marathon. The jacket kept me dry while it was raining. My body was sweaty from running. Vents under the armpits helped a bit. When I stopped running, I felt very cold. Don't count on this jacket keeping you warm.

👤This Columbia Evapouration-nylon/poly( $85) is similar to other jackets. Sturdy and light weight is not Breathable. I'm 6'2' 230# 46chest /35 sleeves and I was mistakenly ordered XXL. In N. Calif. The fit is too long on the arms, and should have been a L or XL. Compared with Marmot minimalist Goretex, which is rubbery but also light and packable, but with minimal if any breathability, this is a better choice. It looks good, but it loses its elasticity. Both can't hide the hood. Even if it was double the price, the jacket was better.

👤I bought this jacket for my wife and I to take to London and Paris. The jacket worked well for me. 1. It is water proof. 2. It is a good idea to use as a light windbreaker. 3. It's easy to pack. The jacket kept me dry during the 2 week trip. I walked the dog today and the water did not penetrate. I would have sweated and been wet if it was humid, even with the arm pit vent open. I feel it's not easy to have vents. It makes sense that the air needs to leave somewhere. I liked the stretch on the wrists. It's nice to be able to remove the jacket without having to open it. The hood has an adjustment strap that will keep it from going down too far over your head. You can put it in a pack or a suite case. I gave it 4 stars because if you put it in the pocket and zip it closed, the pull on the zip won't travel to the outside of the zip, and I would go with the next size up, especially if you are at the upper limit of your size. These are my only gripes. I haven't had time to give feedback on a long term use.

7. Columbia Glennaker Packable Jacket Black

Columbia Glennaker Packable Jacket Black

Water proof technology. The Columbia Men's Glennaker Lake Rain jacket features their Hydroplus waterproof nylon fabric for the ultimate in lightweight, wet weather protection and comfort. It is convenient and packable. A waterproof jacket with an attached hood is packable and can be put away in its own chest pocket. It's perfect for when the last rain stops.

Brand: Columbia

👤The jacket was advertised as waterproof. I didn't buy one that was water resistant. I wore this for the first time today and it is not waterproof, as you can see from the picture. I was soaked from the hike. The product does not work as advertised. If you will be in the rain for a long time, you should not buy this.

👤This jacket is not a rain jacket, and I have had it for a while now. The jacket is only waterproof for a short time. If I walk into my office building in heavy rain, the water is already starting to get to the back of the jacket, and the inside of the jacket is starting to get damp. I discovered this after the return window, but it has been the same since the first time I wore it in the rain. It never gets particularly soaked, but some water does get into the jacket very quickly. I sprayed the jacket with a hose in the middle of the back to make sure it wasn't sweaty and there were no seams. After spraying, I let it sit for a while and made sure it was still dry. It was damp when it came back. When I put the jacket on, I could feel the water on my back through the shirt I had on, but it wasn't as wet as when I took it off. It isn't very absorbent. A lot of sweat will accumulate inside the jacket when wearing this jacket on a warm summer day. The jacket is more of a "water resistant, non breathable windbreaker" than anything else. Not impressed. I prefer my windbreakers to be more absorbent. I like my raincoats to be waterproof so I can stand in the rain for a half hour. The jacket doesn't fit either. There are some reviews like mine that claim it is waterproof, so maybe I got a bad one. Maybe the factory sprayed some waterproof coating on me, but forgot. This isn't a raincoat.

👤The jacket is small and keeps me dry when I need it. The fit is great and the price is unbeatable. I decided to vote for Donald Trump in November.

👤This came quickly, fits as expected and repels water just as advertised. I knew this before I wore it, but I had no idea why it was important until I wore it a few times. I live in central Oregon. It is mostly wet. You tend to make your decisions when you head outside based on whether or not you want to get wet. If you don't care, you put on your coat and leave. If you don't, just head out without a coat and get wet. The "I'll just get wet" option is less enjoyable as I get older. I thought it would work well in the situations where I would just suffer getting wet. This was a quick way to stay dry without overheating. The sleeves are not lined. If it is a nice day, but raining as usual, and you head to the garage, it will be stuck to your arms like a wetsuit. This is not due to the rain. The coat is trapped in the moist area. It sticks to your arms when the material comes in contact with them. Which is not nice. I can't wait to get this thing off me. It is useless on days when the temperature says short sleeves but the clouds say rain. I will keep it as cold as possible, it's easier to deal with a heavy coat for quick outdoor adventures. There is a It isn't functional in the way I had hoped.

8. HUK Standard Pursuit Waterproof Resistant

HUK Standard Pursuit Waterproof Resistant

Huk is a performance- engineered, technical gear designed to fuel your passion and pursuit no matter where you fish. The HUK Pursuit jacket is built with 4 way stretch, 2.5 layers, two hand warmer pockets, and a chest pocket. Water proof impermeable The bib has a waterproof coating that repels water and protects you from the elements, while also keeping you dry. HUK's innovative construction and wind resistant fabrics keep you warm and allow you to stay out longer. There is a stretch. The blended fabric in this fishing jacket gives you flexibility and stretch, while maintaining shape and fit.

Brand: Huk

👤I weigh 178 lbs with 33-34/30 jeans. Some shirts are hit and miss. Being in Texas it gets hot. This jacket is a perfect all year jacket, maybe not all year in Texas, but close.

👤I have two of these jackets and I love them both, they look great, fit great, and function very well. I highly recommend it.

👤The size runs a bit small but fits well.

👤The price is not worth it, the insulation didn't keep me warm, but the rain fits.

9. JINSHI Windproof Waterproof Jackets Mountain

JINSHI Windproof Waterproof Jackets Mountain

The material is 100% Polyester. Waterproof: A professional jacket. The fabric is quick to dry. The design of the zipper can keep your body dry and comfortable, it can fight for bad weather. The cuffs and skirt help keep the wind out. The fleece lining and storm hooded keep you warm. The pockets are great for money, cellphone or wallet. The application is for something. The insulated shell jacket is ideal for outdoor sports.

Brand: Jinshi

👤I had a great jacket that kept me warm during my vacation. -2 to 0 Celsius. I was kept warm when I returned to Boston. The price for jacket is great.

👤I wore a t-shirt and long underwear while snowboarding in the mountains and was very comfortable. My son wears a t-shirt under his pants and he was warm and comfortable the whole time. If it's really cold, you should wear gloves because the jacket's pockets are not lined. We kept the lift ticket in the front chest pocket and it worked well. The string that tightens the hood broke on me, but is still functioning. I give 4 stars for broken string and pockets that don't warm, but I like the jacket and would not hesitate to buy it again.

👤Doesn't matter if it's raining or snowing. The jacket I received was of outstanding quality. I ordered a large which fits me perfectly, it has deep side pockets and is tuck underneath the cover to prevent it from being damaged by natural causes or foreign objects. It would be medium/large in us.

👤Has been a great coat. I have been kept warm and dry by the rain and wind. The temperature has been in the low 40s. Quality and materials are very good.

👤My second order. I ordered a US size last week. It was small when it arrived. I ordered 2 more. It's the biggest they had. I work out doors. The neck is tight. The jacket seam was good in -12 degree last night. The hood is small. But it is tight. The size is not US standard. Skiers don't layer as much as a contractor. I had this for a week now. It keeps you warm. It is not -12 to -20 degrees outside in the NYC area this week. It's keeping me warm. I recommend this jacket for its price point. The neck size is tight but can live with it. Also water proof. I have two of these and I'm good for this year. I have no complaints about the plastic zipper, it's what it costs and what it can do. Update after 2 weeks. I like the jacket. One of the pockets has a hole due to the thread getting undone. It's a manufacturing issue. I have to fix it. It's a good jacket.

👤They replaced a women's large with a men's large. The dumbest substitution of all time. Doesn't fit and zips the wrong way. I have to repack and drive to the store. This brand will never be used again. Beware.

👤It's a perfect fit, it's warm and waterproof, and it's comfortable. The hood is a nice touch if you don't want to get wet on the fleece. It was perfect for our hiking trip that ended up being very rainy. It was very worth the cost and I was very satisfied with it.

👤The strong chemical smell from the man made fabric of the outer shell was the first thing that was noticed when opening the package. The fabric was a bit sticky at first, but has gone away. The coat and sleeves are both long. The sleeves are snug at the wrists. The coat is not fleece. The coat seems to be water resistant. It blocks wind and drafts.

10. Frogg Toggs AS1310 109LG All Sport

Frogg Toggs AS1310 109LG All Sport

The fully seam taped jacket and rain suit is made with a DRIPORE GEN 2 middle layer for waterproof, wind resistant and all day comfort. The jacket has a hood that can be removed, a front zip, elastic cuffs, and a storm flap to keep elements out. Pull on elastic waist, open leg openings, and 4-panel cut straight leg design. DURABILITY. The perfect rain suit for hiking, biking, ATV, hunting, fishing, or any outdoor activity where waterproof breathability is a must. A quiet and supple waterproof jacket and pant can be found at an incredible value.

Brand: Frogg Toggs

👤I bought this as a cheap rain suit. A storm came up as we docked at Port Clinton after we went to a boating rendezvous on Lake Erie. I put the suit on. The storm grew to be very large. Waves closed a 4 lane highway. I was trying to keep the boats from breaking free. The water was close to the docks. The wind was so bad that the dock lines were pulling cleats out of the docks. The dock on the next row broke loose and about 20 boats, all larger than 40 feet, were attached and went up the river. I spent the night trying to keep the boats safe. 70 mph winds and storm surge all night. The only part of me that was wet was below the knee where I had been standing in the water. When I bought the amazing suit, I thought it was cheap paper. I would take this thing anywhere.

👤I ordered a large after reading reviews. This thing was huge. I wear large shirts and 34 pants. I could have fit two of you in that thing, no worries, Prime Member, returned it and got a refund in 24 hours. Two days later, it arrived. The medium is great over cloths. I hope this helps answer some of the questions on the reviews. Have not used it in the rain. It does not come with a carrying case. I followed another user's suggestion. Put the pants in half, put the sleeves in, fold each side into a hood, and put the entire suite into the hood. It is easy to fit and small. No ties or straps, it just fits. Excellent recommendation...

👤I was excited to try the Frogg Toggs suit after reading good reviews. It failed completely at what it was supposed to do. I drove 20 minutes on my motorbike to work in a light rain and had a wet shirt all the way down the front. On the way home from work I drove for 20 minutes in a heavy rain and ended up with my front soaked from shirt to pants. The suit leaked so badly that I was not kept dry. I will return my product as soon as possible because I can't recommend it.

👤My husband drives a tractor and is out in the elements for hours a day. We bought a cheap plastic one a few months ago. It ripped and never kept him dry. This one is very high quality. It's super thick. He loves the elastic waist pants that he can easily pull on over his uniform and they are long enough to cover his boots. I decided to go down to the XL because it is a perfect fit and roomy, as he usually wears 2x in shirts. He is 5'11 and weighs 220 lbs.

👤The rainsuits were ordered with the intention of comparing and returning two. SWISSWELL Black Large is a Mens waterproof rainsuit. Result Mens waterproof rain suit (L) (Black) is $23. Frogg Toggs Men's All Sports Rain and Windsuit, Black, Large is $40.00. Swisswell was chosen in the end. Swisswell had the best fit, style, and function. Swiswell has their own pockets, no pass through holes. A quick test under the faucet proved that the material wouldn't absorb water. I am not sure how well these will breathe. I am confident that they will keep me dry. This was the top choice because of its appearance, fit, and draw strings in all the right places. I don't like the left handed zip up. Will update after use. The results were very rubbery and tight. I would have ordered a bigger size if I had liked it. If you have a budget that is below the other two, this one is fine for minimal use, but it came in last place for my preference. It is difficult to get back into the original bag, but only one of the three tested has a storage bag. Has access to the pockets in the clothing. Also has a weird left handed zip up. Get it right China. Frogg Toggs were large and made of a grocery bag material which was the most absorbent of the three, but I didn't like that it didn't have pockets or pass through holes to access pant pockets underneath. If I am standing watching my daughter play soccer, I want pockets for my hands so pocketless top and bottom was a deal breaker for me. The best way to put on quickly was with these. I felt I could have fit a helmet under the hood. Only one of the three had right handed operations. I knew this would be the winner because it would be worn over heavier clothing.

11. Mens Gunwale Jacket Black Medium

Mens Gunwale Jacket Black Medium

Huk is a performance- engineered, technical gear designed to fuel your passion and pursuit no matter where you fish. The Huk Gunwale Rain jacket has fully taped seams, a storm flap, and hand pockets. So you're fully prepared to be dry and protected from the wind, with a packable pocket for easy storage. The water impermeable material is: water proof and water impermeable. Water Repellent coating on this jacket repels water and waterproof/breathable material works to fight the water, keeping you dry while on the water. Quick drying. It's important that you stay comfortable on or off the water. The wind is blowing. Wind resistant fabrics and innovative construction allow you to stay out longer and keep you warmer.

Brand: Huk

👤I paid three times more for a rain jacket. This one is as good or better than most of them. I was very impressed with this rain jacket. The jacket is good for keeping warm and dry. When it arrived, it had an odd smell and was a bit loud. Set them out for a few days and they were fine. The quality of the material is very good. It was used in Mexico for 6 days in a row. Not a single complaint. I wish I could find the matching bibs.

👤A great jacket. On a hot day, I run my bass boat. It breaks the wind and is light enough to fish until the sun comes out. Just what I needed. I'm tall. I got a 3x. It was little big. There is a lot of room to layer. Get one.

👤I got a Large and it runs on the larger size but is perfect for layers. Normally, I am a large person.

👤I bought this for my husband and he absolutely loves it. We've been buying Huk products for a long time. He needs a lightweight jacket to stay dry and keep the early morning chill away from him. We live in South Louisiana so our weather is hot, humid, and sticky so for those who live up North you will want to buy something with a lining or more layers.

👤The product is great. Shipping was fast. The USPS tracking system is an atrocity, but that's not the fault of seller or Amazon. It's meant to go over layers and A+ is large. If you're like me, you order the 2xl, I got the 3xl, and I think the 2xl would fit with the underlayers, no problem.

👤My husband loved this rain jacket. I was worried about being too small, but there was a lot of room for layers.

👤The jacket runs large and the sleeves are long, so be careful when ordering.

👤Acabados en la primera lluvia. Acabado del sello est malo por esa rea.


What is the best product for fishing jacket with hood?

Fishing jacket with hood products from The North Face. In this article about fishing jacket with hood you can see why people choose the product. Ourcan and are also good brands to look for when you are finding fishing jacket with hood.

What are the best brands for fishing jacket with hood?

The North Face, Ourcan and are some of the best brands that chosen by people for fishing jacket with hood. Find the detail in this article. Frogg Toggs, Little Donkey Andy and Columbia are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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