Best Fishing Jig Heads 1/8 Oz to 1/2 Oz

Heads 9 Dec 2022 10+ Comments Open

1. Heads Freshwater Fishing Painted Crappie

Heads Freshwater Fishing Painted Crappie

This lure is more durable than other small Jigs for crappie. Fishing jig heads with realistic 3D eyes and a willow leaf blade are more attractive. A bright flash and continuous actions even at the slowest speeds can be achieved with a premium fishing blade attached by a premium fishing swivel. The underspin jig head is available in a range of colors. Different weights and colors give you a good selection. There are five colors: black, white, pink, yellow and orange. One box includes 25pcs jig heads. It's a great fishing tackle for different conditions. The heads of the fishing lures are made of lead, vibrant color and long- lasting powder-coated paint. Premium quality fishing hook. The hook has a needle point for easy penetration. Hold your soft plastic in place with the bait keeper. There are five Jigheads in a case, total 25PCS. Please keep fishing hooks away from children.

Brand: Jiatai Fishing

👤The number of jigs was stated. The paint appears to be of good quality, and all of the eyes seem to be set firmly. The hook is sharp, but not sticky-sharp. The hooks are free of paint. If the jigs lie evenly and flat, they will be held in a small plastic box. The box won't close if they are tipped to one side. The box closes securely. The willow leaf blades are what made me remove a star. They don't always spin. If they don't spin, they will provide a flash if less vibration. I tipped one with a Berkeley power grub and caught a few smallmouth bass this weekend, and other than the blade issue, they performed well. If they came with a Colorado-style blade, I would buy more of them.

👤I was expecting a 25 pack, but they look better than that. I will show you how they do as far as the hook bending. I think they'll get the "fish on" update when the weather is nicer.

👤This was used to catch crappie and thunder tails. It's best to use 2 rods on one and use the heavier one in 10 feet of water in the blue hills.

👤These are well made and have a nice finish. I'm going to throw one out in the lake.

👤A lot of crappie were caught with this hook. The hook bends before my line breaks so I don't get hooked from debris.

👤The willow leaf blade is small. Similar style jig heads. The willow leaf blade is larger. Returned.

👤The willow leaf spinner is great for crappie fishing.

2. Knot Kneedle Designed Knots Fishing

Knot Kneedle Designed Knots Fishing

The fishing tackle has a compact box that is easy to fit in your fishing seat box, fishing backpack and fishing vest's pocket. The Knot Kneedle is a faster, easier, and better way to tie a knot. It's a fishing knot tool that ties over 20 knots in less time than you think. Assists in tying the blood knot, nail knot, uni knot, davy knot, orvis knot and many others. The integrity of your tippet or line can be maintained with a soft rubber grip. Small, portable, and convenient. A fisherman might have too much fishing gear. It's great to have items that are easy to carry. Ties on the smallest tippet lines can fit in any vest pocket or tackle box, taking up very little space. Is it 6 g or 2.5? It was long. FLY FISHING, SPIN FISHING, TROLLING, AND MORE: All fisherman tie knots to attach flies, fishing hook, leaders, and more. Why don't you waste time? The Knot Kneedle will be your companion. Take it with you to the water. It's great for ice fishing, fly fishing, freshwater fishing, saltwater fishing, and more. Every fishing tool kit should have an integrated accessory for every lure box. It's one of the most useful fishing gadgets to have in your kit. Get back to fishing. The fish are in the water. Use this amazing line tying tool instead of tying knots. You want to spend time fishing. Get back out there and catch more.

Brand: Knot Kneedle

👤The metal collar has to be pushed down to expose the hole in the line. It should be easier to do. The spring is hard to depress and it's hard for the thumb and finger to get a purchase on the smooth metal collar. Put a zip tie on the collar. It's easy to hold the line securely if you depress with your thumb. I was going to send the product back because my hands are not as strong as they used to be, but I tried the zip tie and it worked. It works great now. You can find a solution to make the collar easier to depress, but this one works quickly and costs a few pennies.

👤I just got a new and improved Knot K needle. It's amazing. It's easier to use than the previous one. The small form factor is no problem since the spring is less tight, and it's easier to thread the eye with line since it's easier to compress with one hand. I love this headband. Shout out again! You keep making it better and better. Thank you! I've had a knot needle for over a month. I'm still learning how to tie it. Even though it was a tad smaller than I anticipated, it's very solid in the hand. It's helpful because it almost acts like a third hand because it's holding onto the tag end of the line while I tie the knot. The videos that show step by step how to tie the various knots with the Knot K needle are some of the best. The product was great and the customer service was great. Shout out to your customer for being treated with care. It's a good thing. American pride is at its finest! Thank you!

👤If you have a variety of impairments to fine dexterity, you might be able to work with fishing line and tippets as well as I can. The tool looks over designed, but it is well made and does a great job, making knot typing much easier. Videos for a variety of knots are very helpful. I hope you don't drop in a fast moving stream or deep water.

👤I saw this product a few times and couldn't decide if it was a useful tool or a gimmick. I'm a new fly fisherman and I'm frustrated by the fact that I'm getting older and have to use reading glasses whenever I need to tie a knot. I'm usually waist deep in a river with other things on my mind, like fish, cold or watching the hatch. This thing makes putting on the flies so much easier. I love it. It has made me more confident in fly fishing.

👤This is a must have tool. If you have trouble seeing the tag end of the line or moving your fingers, the KNOT KNEEDLE is very helpful. The video makes it easy to do. I'm sure it would be helpful for the beginner. It was well made. It is already worth it weight in gold. Making tying knots a pleasure. I believe it is made in the USA.

3. Round Heads Fishing Saltwater Freshwater

Round Heads Fishing Saltwater Freshwater

100% satisfaction guarantee. Quality assurance and professional customer service are offered by their frog lures. Feel free to contact them at any time. Within 24 hours, their friendly and reliable customer service will respond to you. The Sharp Barb Fishing Hook is made of high strength fishing hook, solid and durable, super sahrp hook for better penetration. Hook eyelets are smooth and durable. The jig head is smooth. The big jig head hook eye allows for better connection to the fishing line. The jighead is designed with an anti-slip soft lure back hook to keep the lure in a right place and make it easier for fish to bite. The Round head jig is used in both freshwater and saltwater. It's perfect for Bass, Trout, Bluegill, and other species fish. 10PCS in 1 box, comes with a plastic fishing box. Please keep fishing hooks away from children.

Brand: Jiatai Fishing

👤The best jighead on the market.

👤The hooks are so thin and break so easily that I'm not going to use them.

👤These ball jig heads are wonderful. I hope they stay on Amazon.

👤I bought these to practice powder coating. Hooks are sharp. Set your drag because they are light wired. I haven't bent any yet.

👤The hook is small and it comes out of a trout trick.

👤The hooks I bought to jig in saltwater are not good for big snook or jack.

👤4inch baits don't work well with a hook shank.

👤Exactly what the picture looks like, and very happy with the purchase!

4. Welch Products Pro Tec Chartreuse Fishing

Welch Products Pro Tec Chartreuse Fishing

You can use these jig heads to catch a wide range of fish, such as bass, trout, salmon and more. The process of painting in less than 20 minutes with Pro-Tec Powder Paint. It has a high gloss and durable paint. VIBRANT COLOR increases the glow properties of fishing lures and fishing jigs and leaves a very attractive color with a high gloss that will invite a lot of fish to catch. Paint more leashes. Save time and money by covering with one coat. There was no mixing or drying time needed. The clean-up was easy. There are over 3000 of the 3/8oz jigs that can be covered by a 2-ounce jar. It's a very practical choice for tackle manufacturers. A powder coating paint is environment-safe and non-flammable. There are five top colors of Pro-TEC JIGS and Luz powder paints. The mini jars are 2 ounces and are perfect for turning lures into attractive ones that will catch fish.

Brand: Welch Products

👤Two of the canisters were broken. The package was yellow and my art room was the same color. There was a smaller hole in blue. There is a packaging. I don't feel like returning the whole package as we had to use the others. I will update if necessary.

👤I think it's a good product, but overpriced to get them at eBay for seven dollars the same brand.

👤We received the shipment on time. The colors were accounted for. When applied, the colors look great. The orange we received was half full, and I can't find a way to get it replaced. We received the package the day before.

👤Brand new. I don't know who was measuring the orange. I received less than the other colors. I don't know if there is an option to return a single jar in a variety pack.

👤The powder coat is very easy to use and I love to paint my jigs.

5. MadBite Multi Color Irresistible Sticky Sharp Heavy Wire

MadBite Multi Color Irresistible Sticky Sharp Heavy Wire

Reaction tackle's fishing jig heads are more sensitive to traditional lead and this means that you can feel every log, weed, rock and fish strike; for a heightened fishing experience, Reaction tackle's bass fishing jigs are the answer. The new MadBite Bladed Jig assortment has an irresistible vibrating action that is tournament proven to catch bass and a wide variety of fish throughout the year. It's great in clear water or low visibility. Even in tough conditions when other baits don't work, MadBite Bladed Jigs can be used with or without soft plastic trailers. Silicone skirts are soft and supple and are available in a wide variety of colors to imitate natural forage and add incredible action and movement to your lure presentations. Blue with Black, Summer Craw, Green Pumkin/Orange, White/Chartreuse, and a Sexy Shad are some of the colors available. Jig heads are hard painted to prevent paint chipping and all match the shirt colors. The needle point hooks used in the MadBite Bladed Jig are black nickel plated. Even with the most violent hook sets, the heavy wire hooks will stay strong even in heavy cover conditions. Money Saving 5 pc and 3 pc Multi-Colored Kits include the best performing bladed jig colors for use year-round to save you even more money. All MadBite Jigs are packed in plastic storage boxes to keep them organized and ready to fish. Color and action are critical to catching more fish but equally important is using the correct weight of lure to ensure your bait is working at the correct depth. The most common weights for MadBite Bladed Jigs are 12 oz. and 3/8 oz. It is important to have a nice assortment of colors in both weight ranges to be sure you are prepared for any conditions you will face.

Brand: Madbite

👤I finally got out fishing this past weekend to try my new fishing lure. I've never had a blade with a jig. The 1/2 oz size was the one I bought to use in shore and pier fishing. I was at the fishing pier. South side. I started with the jig with the orange/yellow/speckled skirt using my baitfeeder. Between the wind, the reel, and a 1/2 ounce jig, I was able to make decent casts. I couldn't see the jig in the water. On the third cast, bang! I set the hook after the fish hit it. I caught a second fish after changing my jigs to the yellow color. I caught my third fish a few minutes later. The fish I caught were in the 2 to 5 pound range. I was pleased with the ability of the jigs to catch fish, so I will recommend them to you. Give them a try, they are not expensive.

👤The jig is very well designed. If I want to fish a bladed jig, it has to start vibrating as soon as I start retrieving. That is important when targeting bass. One of the easiest ways to get bass to react to a bait is to use a bladed jig. If the blade isn't doing what it's supposed to right away, I won't get a bite. Having the bait vibrate as soon as I start my retrieve is crucial to getting the fish to react and take the bait. The MadBite bladed jig does a great job of that. It is heavy enough to fish through some thick cover. It costs half as much as other brands, and that makes it a must have.

👤I want to discourage anyone else from trying these because I am having great success with them. I like the blue one the best on pike, bass and walleye.

👤The action from these is good. As you are reeling them in, you can feel the energy. You have to pull the skirts up quite often because they slip off and get matted. The hooks are sharp and I'm able to keep them from dragging the bottom while fishing. I haven't caught anything yet, but I had a few people chase it in and out.

👤I bought these because of a special promotional price. These are nice because they seem a little smaller. You have to give a hard twitch to get the blades to start vibrating. These start vibrating right away. I can feel them vibrating as they sink. I am pretty impressed so far.

👤The quality of the jigs is very good and the colors on the jig head and skirts are also good. Their swimming action is just as good if not a little bit less than my Z-man chatterbaits, but for way less. It's sad that there aren't more bladed jigs like this one.

👤The jigs are very nice. The hooks are sharp. They come in a nice plastic box. I will definitely be using these in my lure rotation.

6. Dovesun Fishing Heads Crappie Accessories

Dovesun Fishing Heads Crappie Accessories

It's easy to use for all levels of experience for catching a variety of small mouth predator fish. Every fisherman should have 888-282-0465 The jig head has a unique design. The baitholder is used to keep the soft fishing lure in place. Adding additional visual to the lure will make it more realistic. There is a sharp and durable item. The hook is made of high quality lead and steal. They want to make sure that the eyelet isn't blocked. It's great for crappie, bluegill, panfish, perch, trout. There are luminous jig heads. The jig head can help attract fish from a wider area. It works well under poor light. To bring a reward even in the dark. Only one color will light up in the dark. There are 4 sizes, each with its own color and size. You can always match the size of your soft bait if you choose a suitable size. The fishing jigs are packaged in a way that is easy to use. It's really convenient to carry. With enough to share with friends. A wonderful gift for a lover.

Brand: Dovesun

7. AGOOL Fishing Jig Head Hook

AGOOL Fishing Jig Head Hook

The package comes with 60 pieces of ball head fishing hooks in different colors, enough quantity to meet your different needs, you can take them for replacement, and you can also share them with your friends who are fishing lovers. Jig head jigs have proven, fish-attracting color patterns; needle-sharp hook with ease; bait keeper collar secures soft plastic bait. It's nice for saltwater and freshwater fishing. A strong, sharp hook that will grab and hold on to during the fight. You could get your bait to the target with a sharper hook. You can get a 2-color paint job with black nickel sharp hooks. Features double bright eye that catches the attention of fish. Great for bass, snakehead, Mandarin fish, catfish, blackcarp, topmouth culter, makou fish, wildcarp, trout, salmon, redfish, yellow check charp. There are 5 different weight sizes for the 35 piece box. The color will be shipped out randomly.

Brand: Agool

👤I'm not sure what the issue is. The hook eyes were solid. I was unable to thread the line through the hook eyes. The hooks were all different colors. Would not purchase again.

👤The starter kit is perfect. It gives you flexibility for a reasonable cost.

👤Had to pick the holes so I could get the line through. I think I should give back half my money. What will you do for me?

👤Put them in a tackle box. The plastic case is not strong.

👤They were used as cake topers for my friends fish.

👤It's perfect for the type of fishing I've done. Good up for the price. Will be buying again.

👤The size and color variety are great. The paint is a little too bright but not enough to cause problems or cause the paint to chip off.

👤The product is very good for fishing.

8. Goture Vertical Saltwater Artificial Fishing

Goture Vertical Saltwater Artificial Fishing

The high strength lead Jig will resist the attack of most big predators and ensure your speed jigs stay well for your next sea fishing. Special conjoined steel wire is reliable and durable. The fish scales reflect light in the water in order to attract fish to bite these jig lures. It will keep the paint from peeling. Different colors and sizes fit different water conditions. There are two sizes of green/blue/pink/white and 2.12oz. The pink/white vertical jigs have a glow in the dark effect. For a bright sunny day, bright coloured jig can be used. High Performance Jigs are designed to increase your fishing time on every drift. The weight balanced design will make them drop and lift quickly. It will make fishing more enjoyable. The Super Sharp Assist Hooks are pre-rigged with a custom assist hook that is anti-rust and resistant tocorrosion. The chance of catching big fish can be increased by hiding the hook in a hand-tied bucktail trailer.

Brand: Goture

👤PRO: 1. Well heavy. 2. No doubt about that. 3. Throwing the blue the most is a good example of various colors being good. CON: 1. They chip, I mean it's expected, but keep them away from coral and rocks. 2. I've seen a little of the split rings, but they are not bad. 3. Assist hooks are a bit heavy in the middle. Other: 1. If you're looking for a set of lures that have not gotten me any fish, buy them. 2. Don't. If you think this is a good choice for beach or trolly, buy it. Other: 1. I don't know why there is an eyelet on the tail, but I will find out when someone teaches me what it is.

👤Can't wait to use them when we jigging on wrecks. The 3 pack price, color variety and weight are what I love about them. Once the weather is better, you need to put them to the real test. They are highly recommended while I compare them to my other jigs.

👤The jigs are high quality. There were no complaints. The 100g and 150g are at the bottom. The 80g has some swimming action on its way down. The 80g is a good choice with no current or shallow water. The 150g allowed for a quick fall. The 100g isn't heavy enough to keep the current from pushing it out and it doesn't have any swimming action on the way down. If you're not expecting any bites from higher up in the water column, it's best to use it in deep water. These are standard vertical jigs, but they are very well made for the price. The fish don't care which color you use, but the different colors are nice to look at.

👤I have used these lures in various weights. I've caught many fish hits with the lures. Will learn more about using these lures. Jigs work well when they work because they help avoid sand shark bites.

👤I was on the Fish Finder. The captain stopped to look at the setup from the guy next to him. This is nice. He said that it was going to work. The guy next to me was landing stripers, but most of us caught sand sharks. I ordered them right away. I witnessed the success but haven't used them yet.

👤Me mucho, lo recomiendo, gusto sequel in yellowtail. Me trabajo azul, le cambie el assist hook, un poco mas large.

👤It was like candy to the Sea Bass.

👤I only got to use the lure once, but I saw how nice it was. The lure was easy to cast and had a good range. I lost when it got stuck on a tree that had died because of the lake being filled. It was a great lure.

👤I bought this for my boyfriend. He can't fit his lures in it. Maybe he's using it wrong.

9. Chnaivy Fishing Crappie Freshwater Saltwater

Chnaivy Fishing Crappie Freshwater Saltwater

The Power Finesse Jig is easy to use and can be fished with or without a trailer. You will be glad you did, because you will be able to try on Finesse Jig and 6 Silicone skirt in a Plano utility box on your next outing. Jig heads are rappie Lures. The fishing jig heads have 5 different colors. There are 10 packs of 5pcs each and a total of 25pcs fishing jig heads. You can get a good selection with different weights and colors. It's a great fishing tackle for different conditions. Their freshwater fishing lures jig head has realistic 3D eyes and a willow leaf blade, which makes fishing jig more attractive. A bright flash and continuous actions even at the slowest speeds can be achieved with a premium fishing blade attached by a premium fishing swivel. The flash was great and the thump was great. The fish can't resist eye-catching colors. The design is perfect for fishing. Jig heads are used for fishing. Fishing jig heads are made of nickel and are suitable for freshwater and salt water. The jig heads feature a bend that maximizes the power of the hook set. The jig head features barb to hold fishing lure from sliding off, making it easy to use. It's easy to use for all levels of experience, and it's great for catching a variety of small mouth predator fish. You may want to give good fishing gifts. The crappie jig heads are great fishing gifts because of their high quality material and elegant design.

Brand: Chnaivy

👤There were items with all 25 pieces. The hooks are sharp. Some of the colors on the lures were not perfect and the eyes on the lure were not set correctly. The scale of star wouldn't allow it to be given a 3.5 star rating.

👤Good quality hooks are very sturdy. I don't use hooks with bright eyes or leaf accessories. It works. I have a chance to catch more fish. I think the lure looks real with eyes on it and the leaf is bright enough to attract more fish. Just love it.

👤My husband uses them a lot at the lake and river. He has been happy with them and that is a win for me as well.

👤I would prefer stronger hooks, but you get what you pay for.

👤The jig heads have a good size and weight. The hooks are very sharp. A great addition to my tackle box.

👤Good deal. They seem to be pretty good quality.

10. Tube Head Long Plain Sz3

Tube Head Long Plain Sz3

The package has 0.94inch*0.24inch*0.39inch and 1/16OZ. 4. 3 Ultra Point technology. The needle point is equiangular.

Brand: Mustad

👤It is super sharp. I buy Mustad brand because of that.

👤The star rating should be enough.

👤The weight drop on ledges slows.

👤I caught what I needed with this product. Good quality.

👤It is add on but it is not worth the value. You can get two packs for the add on price at your local tackle store.

11. Harmony Fishing Tungsten Weedless Jigheads

Harmony Fishing Tungsten Weedless Jigheads

Lead weights are almost as dense as the ones for germanium. That means your jighead is less than half the size of a lead head. You can spend less money on lures and more time fishing with smaller jigs. Because of their density, tungsten jigs transmit more vibration up your line. Weedless ball jigheads can be used in a variety of ways. If you want to fish like a texas rig, use a craw or creature trailer. If you want to fish as a swim jig, use a minnow or paddletail trailer. The bait pegs keep your soft plastic baits pegged on your hook and prevent you from having to adjust soft plastic baits frequently. You are ready to fish if you add your favorite soft plastic trailer. The jigheads from Harmony Fishing come with a black oxide color that won't chip like other brands' weights. It was manufactured and warrantied by the company.

Brand: Harmony Fishing Company

👤I kept losing jigs because they got stuck in the river bottom. The Jig heads were better not to get snared. I think I had 80% fewer problems. I was able to pull it free without losing the lure. I could cast these into the weeds. I had the same number of jig heads that I brought. A first!

👤The package had all the weed guards broken off. While attaching a small swim-bait, the one left broke off. Junk. I give it a rating of -5 stars.

👤What I was looking for. Thanks.

👤I like these heads, but have not fished them yet. For now what they marketed is what I received, post later on their effect.

👤The arm that extends out from the jig head fell out after I opened the package. I was practicing tying a loop knot.

👤The weed guards only lasted a few of the weed beds. If you need the weed guard feature, I wouldn't recommend it. They did not bend out when they hooked the fish.


What is the best product for fishing jig heads 1/8 oz to 1/2 oz?

Fishing jig heads 1/8 oz to 1/2 oz products from Jiatai Fishing. In this article about fishing jig heads 1/8 oz to 1/2 oz you can see why people choose the product. Knot Kneedle and Welch Products are also good brands to look for when you are finding fishing jig heads 1/8 oz to 1/2 oz.

What are the best brands for fishing jig heads 1/8 oz to 1/2 oz?

Jiatai Fishing, Knot Kneedle and Welch Products are some of the best brands that chosen by people for fishing jig heads 1/8 oz to 1/2 oz. Find the detail in this article. Madbite, Dovesun and Agool are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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