Best Fishing Jig Heads 1/8 Oz

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1. Swimbait Plastic Saltwater Freshwater Fishing

Swimbait Plastic Saltwater Freshwater Fishing

100% satisfaction guarantee. Quality assurance and professional customer service are offered by their fishing baits. Feel free to contact them at any time. Within 24 hours, their friendly and reliable customer service will respond to you. Jig head fishing lures are made of soft plastic and have a smell that attracts freshwater and saltwater fish. Lifelike culter bait features realistic 3D laser fish eyes, plump trout shaped fish mouth, fish scale and fins to imitate the real culter fish. A big soft tail can easily attract bass, trout, perch, crappie, pike, walleye, and mandarinfish. Jig Head Fishing Lure has a lead block jig hook inside the head, a triple hook with a double connecting ring at the abdomen, and a reasonable counterweight for long casting, deep sinking and high catching rate. The package comes with 6 PCS lead baits that are in 6 different colors. The bass lure is 3.54in long and weighs 0.31oz.

Brand: Facikono

👤I appreciate the affordability, quality, and above all they work in this purchase. A friend was teaching me how to fish. He uses live bait. I don't want to dig them up. These are superb and my neighbor suggested them. The friend is going to order some for himself.

👤The selection was good for the price. The colors are perfect and they look durable. The smell that comes off them is very strong. I will try to get rid of it before I take them out for a test drive. Will check this out to see how they work. It looks like they were a great buy. I got a few smaller fish with them, but the catch of the day was a pike that got lost and is now feeding my family in the other room. It was definitely worth the purchase.

👤These are cheap, and I don't mean cheap. I'm not going to try to catch fish. Product photos are important in making buying decisions. I saw from the product photos that what I got didn't match what I ordered. 2 of the 6 were close. The other four were not. Some were more opaque than the photos showed. The fish gills, which look like gills in the photos, were just splashes of red in the general area. The colors were more subdued, the 2 jig heads that are shown with some green coloring were all lead-colored. The paint job looked a bit different than in the photos. Quality control must have been sleeping. Be careful opening these if you order them. There were 2 thin plastic bags with bare hooks.

👤A decent set of lures. Did they last me a long time? Kind of... I would like to give these 3.5 stars if I could. If you don't worry about having the hook on the lure forever, then you're set. I don't know why people think these are terrible, they are not, and I don't know why they stink. The eyes on the actual lure are cheap, and the treble hooks aren't fastened on very well, which is my only complaint with this product. I lost a Gar after it bit my treble and took the whole thing off the lure, the treble hooks are prone to come off after a while. The eyes are sticky and will eventually come off if you are hard on stuff like I am. If you need to order some from Walmart, these aren't bad, but you'd have better luck with a cheap set.

👤I bought these a while ago and now have 2. I have caught a lot of bass on these, but they are not durable. Sometimes I had a hook bend on 9” Bass. After the first bass, the hooks would leave the soft plastic. I've been sure that I tied a sturdy knot just to have it slip off. I have gotten some great bass on them and I still like them. The action is simple and they have realistic eyes so they are a good buy for short term uses.

2. THKFISH Fishing Heads Offset Colors

THKFISH Fishing Heads Offset Colors

There is an attractive offset jeg head. The Unique fish head design makes the jig more attractive. Ready to go to Texas. The weight head is permanently attached to the hook, there is no need to worry that the worm and hook will not separate from the weight and sink to the bottom. The great fish-pointed heads are designed. The shape of the fish head makes it easy to drag the rig through the weeds. The jig head has a 90-degree line tie and a fish-pointed head, which allow it to produce erratic darting action. It creates a horizontal profile for vertical jigging applications. This idea will save you time. A good jig head that works for a lot of fishing. The Hooks are high performance. Premium High Carbon Steel is used to make the offset hooks. A strong hook. The hook allows the angler to run. The hook point tex-posed allows for a completely weedless presentation. Without getting on weeds or rocks. Jig heads are great for fishing. JIG HEADS FOR SOFT PLASTIC LURES are suitable for soft bait. The jig heads can keep the plastic lures in place. Jig heads swing. Soft bait is being used. The offset hook is good for Texas rigs. It's great for Bass fishing. Jig heads for soft plastic lures are wonderful. There are five different sizes to choose from. There are five slices: 1/2oz(14g), 1/3oz(5g), 1/3oz(7g), and 1/3oz(10g). The package includes Jig heads in five colors. The Luminous color can't be seen in the dark. This is a notice. The package does not include any other items. The other fishing tackle is not included in the package.

Brand: Thkfish

👤They are good for swimming worms around lily pads.

👤They are very sharp. Good hooks. I hope to catch some fish.

👤It's very versatile for soft minnows or worms.

👤I would have a choice on what color I bought. I will just repaint the color I need. It was a good price.

👤Product is large and heavy. Not as sharp as they could be.

👤After the 3rd one broke off, heads broke off tying 8lb mono and threw them in the trash.

👤Im schlecht aber die Haken ist super scharf. Also, ist es ok.

3. Reaction Tackle Shaky Head Black

Reaction Tackle Shaky Head Black

It's SHAKY HEAD. The fish can't resist it, especially large and smallmouth bass. TUNGSTEN is much smaller than lead, which means less hang ups, less weeds, and more fish in the boat. When you fish with Reaction Tackle, you will feel every rock, log, weed and strike. High quality. Reaction tackle uses the highest quality materials and has strong hooks. A professional grade. Their fishing weights are professional grade, diamond polished, super high quality paint and chip resistant.

Brand: Reaction Tackle

👤I like these jig heads. They are heavier than a lead head. The lures are held very securely by the spring. The hooks are very sharp and will stay that way for a long time. The fit and finish are very nice. The paint will come off in heavy use. They catch fish. I use them with 12lb fluorocarbon for coffee scent in bass tournaments. I lost my last lure and jig at the tournament. I kept fishing. The action wasn't the same because I couldn't keep my lures deep. A couple friends are using the same setup that a few competitors tried to copy. I can't find anything better than the drawbacks of high cost and the paint not being as durable.

👤I'm a freak of the head. I couldn't find one that I really liked. I started pouring my own. I bought these on a trial basis. I wanted to skip around the docks and over the hanging cover. I chose them for the purpose they exceeded my expectations for. I like the medium wire hook that these sport. I am also using a baitcasting set up. They catch fish with the paint. What more can you ask for?

👤A good quality shakey head is what this is. I took two pictures of the 3/16 shakey head next to the 4/0 worm hook and the 1/3 divine shakey head. I only have a 10inch plastic worm. The shakey comes with a 5/0 hook, so I would recommend buying it instead. This product is recommended by me 100%.

👤I never have to worry about the fish tearing my lures off because this shaky head holds my lures. Strong quality hooks and lure screws. When the bite has slowed down and my action lures aren't working, use the Shaky Head Jig. It is a staple in my tackle box. This is a great recommendation for all who enjoy fishing. The package arrived on time and was packed nicely.

👤I caught a bass on the first cast using shaky head jigs. The Divine Shaky Head Worm was rigged. These slide across the bottom of the water and give a good feel for what's there and create a lot of action for shaky head worms. Good purchase and quick delivery. I would buy again.

👤The weight and length of the hook are perfect for ballance. The eye is turned 90 degrees. It's ok if you cannot screw on elastech. I have done a lot with this shakeyhead. The screw should be sharpened a bit.

👤The shaky heads are very well made and hold up under extreme conditions. I was playing bass out of 5 ft of grass and weeks with these heads. The product was delivered quickly.

👤I used these to catch small-mouth bass. They did a great job. The order arrived quickly and met all my expectations. I ordered some equipment. Great job!

👤The Jigs were very good but the spring was brittle. The spring would bend back after setting a few fish. It snapped when I tried to screw in a new worm. I went through a lot of these in a few hours.

4. JSHANMEI Shaky Head Jig Hooks

JSHANMEI Shaky Head Jig Hooks

Jig hooks are coated in polished, durable chip-resistant paint that provides durability to endure as it is fished in heavy cover. The bed hook is sharp. The tip hook is strong. You could get your bait to the target with the sharper hook. A large spiraled bait keeper is a unique design. It looks like a real fish with 3D fishing eyes. Jigs for fishermen. It is a great lure for bass, pike, crappie, perch and catfish, especially large and small mouth bass. There are three different sizes of 1/3oz, 1/6oz and 1/16oz.

Brand: Jshanmei

👤The hooks were not very sharp compared to other brands. The hook was dull out of the package. They are what they are advertised to be.

👤I got them this afternoon and am going to use them with my light weight tackle gear. The item is light and will catch bass.

👤These shaky head hooks are great. I've bought them twice and will probably buy them again.

👤These work is so good.

👤It was performed as advertised. The hook penetrated through the lip.

👤Excellent hooks and very happy with the purchase.

👤The heads are well worth the money.

👤The picture shows a cork screw. No cork screw.

5. QualyQualy Fishing Crappie Mushroom Weedless

QualyQualy Fishing Crappie Mushroom Weedless

There are great deals on lure and Jigheads. The cost would be more if purchased separately. The Ned Jig Head is made with a mushroom style head design and has the advantage of a weed guard so you can fish them in heavy cover conditions. The final style uses an EWG style hook that is wider and more effective in heavy cover and grass. Great JIG HEADS KIT. The new Ned Rig Jigheads are used in fishing applications. The mushroom style stand-up heads are used for the needle point jig hooks. Ned Rigs are used for a lot of fishing. Each hook has shroom-shaped rings to prevent softbait from sliding off during fighting fish. It also has a round bend hook that is very sharp. There are 5 colors and 3 weight. 888-276-5932 888-276-5932 Light line, lighter action rods and smaller baits are used for fishing the rigs heads. The jig heads are in 5 different colors. You can choose from a weight of 1/6oz. Each pack contains 5oz.5 packs for each color. It's easy to use for all levels of experience for catching a variety of small mouth predator fish. Every fisherman should have 888-282-0465

Brand: Qualyqualy

👤The paint on the hooks seems to be applied well, so they should last a long time. The brush guard is rigid enough to keep them from hanging up on weeds while allowing a striking fish to hook up. A good price.

👤Livraison trs rapide et qualité semble correcte, par contre, finition middle et hameons trop grands.

6. Pieces Swimbait Weighted Saltwater Freshwater

Pieces Swimbait Weighted Saltwater Freshwater

Each piece of swimbait jig heads is 1/2 ounce in weight and comes with a piece of plastic box to keep them clean. The materials are not harmful for fish or water environment, which can last a long time use. The realistic fish head design makes the jig heads attractive to roll in the water, which can attract more fishes to come, and the weighted fish head can help hooks get into water quickly. The portable to carry is equipped with a plastic box. The correct size is.98 inches for your convenience, and it won't take too much space and you won't hurt your fingers. These spin head jigs are great gifts for people who like fishing, you can send them to your father, son, husband or other friends, they can improve their fishing skills and help catch more fish, saving your energy.

Brand: Skylety

👤It worked great. I almost couldn't get the speckled trout out. It felt like they set the hook themselves. Getting more!

👤A small snapped line and a lost fish.

👤I need good and solid to handle the aggressive fish here in the gulf.

7. Laxygo Plastic Fishing Accessories 16oz 10pcs

Laxygo Plastic Fishing Accessories 16oz 10pcs

You can choose the weight: 1/16oz 1/24oz. 5 colors: 1/32oz Hot Chicken Qty:50 is made up of the following: Osage Orange/ Refrigerator White/ Pink Tuxedo/ Tuxedo Black Chartreuse. 10 pack lead round jig heads. The jig head is smooth. The hook is made of high strength and durable. It's great for catching bass. The sizes are 1/16oz, 1/6oz, and 1/2oz. Each pack has a jig head.

Brand: Laxygo

👤I can't believe how cheap these are. I paid $10 for these weak hooks. The cheapest hook I have ever purchased. I bent one hook with my thumb and index finger, it was not much of a problem. Do not use these hooks.

👤I gambled and found that they aren't suitable unless you plan on throwing really small plastics, like Ned rig or crappie jigs, which is a waste of time and money.

8. Strike King MRCJH18S 1 Mr Crappie

Strike King MRCJH18S 1 Mr Crappie

The best finish for fishing is the start of Temorah. The jigs have a shiny surface and are irresistible for fish. The Hook-Size Guide has a number of hooks. 2 no. The nickel Eagle Claw is black.

Brand: Strike King

👤These jig heads are of the highest quality. You don't have to punch a hole through excess paint on the eye that usually results in me punching a hole in my finger. The hooks are very sharp. I don't have the skills to thread a plastic on them. The jig head is not to blame.

👤The jig heads work well for the bass in the pond. The lures are in place. The hooks are perfect. When a fish bites, I rarely miss it.

👤Like the hook and color. A person catches crappie.

👤The hook set is easy to use.

👤Great leadhead with sharp hooks, great for grubs.

9. Round Jig Heads Fishing Painted Jigheads Walleye Bass Crappie Fishing Assortment

Round Jig Heads Fishing Painted Jigheads Walleye Bass Crappie Fishing Assortment

The packing list has 44 jigs in 1 box. Customer service and email support are available 24 hours a day. If you have a problem, please contact their customer service. The Xfishman jig heads come in a 2-color paint job with black nickel sharp hooks. The baitholder on the jigs keeps soft baits from sliding down. Big eyes. This jig head has a bright eye that catches the attention of fish. Great eye, thump! It is easy to use for all levels of experience. It's great for crappie bluegillpanfish perch trout. A strong, sharp hook that will grab and hold on to during a fight is a must for any Fisher. You can't call your fishing arsenal complete until you have a few XFISHman 2-color round jig heads in your tackle box. You can choose from 5 colors: Firetiger, Orange Chartreuse, Pink Chartreuse, Blue White and Voodoo.

Brand: Xfishman

👤A lot of fish were caught on these jig heads. All the holes are open and the colors are great. Definitely recommend these and will be buying more.

👤The value on these is great. If the hook part of the line actually gets caught, the hooks are vulnerable as they tend to break instead of the line itself. It's not a bad thing that you don't have to replace a section of line. If it happens while you're fighting a larger fish, you might lose.

👤The hooks are sharp and the eyelets are free of paint.

👤Don't buy them because they are painted poorly.

👤I love these hooks. When I add jig tails to these hooks, I have had good luck.

👤These are high quality jig heads. The paint job is very good.

👤A crappie was caught after 10 minutes. Can't go wrong with this bait.

10. Alwonder Fishing Mushroom Multiple Freshwater

Alwonder Fishing Mushroom Multiple Freshwater

The hooks on their Ned jigs are strong and sharp. Hooks that are sharp ensure better penetration and prevent fish from escaping. Premium painting process gives their Ned jig a smooth surface and bright colors that attract fishes. The mushroom design of their Ned jig will keep a wide range of soft baits pointed upwards as you drag them under water to lure fishes to bite. Ned jig has a wire bait keeper that locks down soft plastics. The package has 0.94inch*0.24inch*0.39inch and 1/16OZ.

Brand: Alwonder

👤The product works. The bait can't seat all the way on the hook because of the keeper portion. Works well otherwise.

👤Good hooks and good quality. Sure, pays 5 dollars for 3 through zman.

👤The original Z man hooks hold the bait better.

👤It is strong and durable, ripped through.

👤The item arrived before expected. The quality is excellent. The small case they came in is very nice. It works perfectly in my travel box. Will be buying more in the middle of the season. Thank you.

👤It was a little smaller than expected but it was just right.

11. Fishing Lures Heads Double Assorted

Fishing Lures Heads Double Assorted

1/32 oz-#6, 1/16 oz-#4, 1/6 oz- #1, 1/6 oz- #2, 1/2 oz- #3, 1/6 oz- #3, 1/6 oz- #2, 1/6 oz- #3, 1/6 oz- #2, 1/6 oz- #3, 1/6 oz- #2, 1/6 You can get the best quality with the best price in a bulk pack. 3d fishing eyes make it look like a real fish. Baking after spray-painting is a brilliant stable assortment of colors. Including seven processes. The fishing jig head has a premium solid and durable body design. The tip hook is strong. You could get your bait to the target with the sharper hook.

Brand: Merlaxy

👤I got a 1/32 ounce for trout, crappie, and other panfish. I will tie my own jigs during the winter. The points are very sharp and easy to scratch. The hook eye is not covered with paint and the wire strength is good, my 4lb test line will snap first before the hook will bend out. There are many color combinations for presentations. I'm happy with my purchase and it's good value.

👤I used these to catch crappie. They worked well. The hook eyes were full of head material and had to be cleaned to get a line through them.

👤The product looks good but the hook size is small and the description is not descriptive.

👤Terrible, terrible, terrible. I opened the box and it was clear that the open container for the jig heads was strewn around. I did not receive all of the pieces I paid for. Several of the jig heads were not good. I would give 0 stars, but it wouldn't let me.

👤Bass fishing hooks and Jig heads are included in the MERLAXY Fishing Lures. We ordered the lures because we couldn't find them in our area.

👤Lots of jigs, sharp hooks and clear eyes, a great price.

👤The jig heads appear to be good quality and the price is good. There are a lot of these in the river. Just need to try them out.

👤Small hooks are not sharp. Throw these out and buy a better brand. This is what I get when I try to save a buck.

👤I haven't used them yet. Good size and quality.

👤Today, I received a package of jigs. Jigs seem to be of good quality. Paint is easy to apply. Strong and sharp hooks are what they are. Will be ordering more.

👤Many trout were caught with these hooks.

👤Petit plus beau sur la photo


What is the best product for fishing jig heads 1/8 oz?

Fishing jig heads 1/8 oz products from Facikono. In this article about fishing jig heads 1/8 oz you can see why people choose the product. Thkfish and Reaction Tackle are also good brands to look for when you are finding fishing jig heads 1/8 oz.

What are the best brands for fishing jig heads 1/8 oz?

Facikono, Thkfish and Reaction Tackle are some of the best brands that chosen by people for fishing jig heads 1/8 oz. Find the detail in this article. Jshanmei, Qualyqualy and Skylety are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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