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1. Big Hammer Head Plain 4 Ounce

Big Hammer Head Plain 4 Ounce

Each weight Hammer Head has a choice of hook size to match the size of Big Hammer swim bait you want to use. The keepers on the top and bottom of the shaft will keep your plastic where you want it. The heads and the Big Hammer Tails work well for fresh fish. There are many head/tail color combinations that you can come up with with the Big Hammers. Use with the Big Hammer Swim bait.

Brand: Big Hammer

👤Strong hooks. Good weight on the head. I use it with bait. I use it to jig with soft minnows. Would buy again.

👤I use this for salmon fishing. A 15lb fish can bend the hook.

👤Great product! Excellent quality and sharp!

👤There is a terrible mold. Jig heads are not symmetrical. The lead part of the jig is not aligned with the hook. You can buy better quality swimbaits heads from other brands.

2. Sougayilang Fishing Sinking Saltwater Freshwater

Sougayilang Fishing Sinking Saltwater Freshwater

100% satisfaction guarantee. Quality assurance and professional customer service are offered by their fishing baits. Feel free to contact them at any time. Within 24 hours, their friendly and reliable customer service will respond to you. 5 different colors of metal lure are included in this Jigging Metal Spoons. Metal Lures with good-looking and Attractive Color, The vivid eye Looks Totally Real and Hooks are Strong enough to Handle the Powerful runs, Teeth and Slamming Head Action. The Jigging Lures allow you to fish anywhere in the water column. The Micro Jig Lures and the essential addition to your fishing tackle are made from this Utility. Light Jigging is suitable for fishing species such as Small Tuna, Kingfish,Snapper,Amberjack, Cobia, Coral Trout and a massive array of other fish species. The build quality is outstanding. The Sougayilang Jigs Fishing Lures will handle the punishment of hard battles. Retrieve Techniques are limited by your imagination.

Brand: Sougayilang

👤I was excited to get these lures in the water because they look great. I lost two small fish the first time I used them. I looked at the lure and saw that two of the hooks were bent out. The body was roughed up as well. The lure body is nice, but the hooks are useless. You have to replace the hooks before you use them.

👤Fishing Long Island Sound in September. A lot of fish are on the finder. I threw this thing and it came back with fish. Not true. Up top, you can hit Blues and Stripers. Mid depth. The sea bass was added to the list. I fished a rainbow on a 3 foot clear leader for 3 hours and never lost it. The Blues always hit the tail. I wore the feathers and painted them off, but lost them in the rocks. I bought another set that was heavier. There are 1 and 2 ounces. I am able to fight the current better. The price of local bought is 1/6th of these. They must be able to mimic peanut Bunker. The day was stellar with these. This would have to be a killer using a mid-light rig. You can launch these things with a pole or light line. This is the only lure I have to lure summer blues and stripers from the shore. It's so versatile.

👤I did not get the product I ordered. Want to try these guys out, but worried about getting the same item.

👤Wow, first drop a grouper, 2nd drop a Mangrove Snapper, and 4th drop. I don't know what it was, but it was heavy and lasted about 15 minutes. The big ones need a bigger model.

👤The lures worked well and caught two fish with them. I would recommend replacing the hooks because they are easy to bend and rust after a few trips in saltwater. You can cast them far because they have good action. Good for surf casting, boat fishing, or off a jetty. A lot of species like striped bass and mackerel will go after the lure due to it's small size. This is expected.

👤The follow-up review for these little jigs is here. They catch bottom fish. Con: The assist cord and hook are not strong enough to support a good fight. The hardware was upgraded to a sturdy 4x 2/0 size heavy duty single hook. The strength assist cord was also added.

👤The big fish was lost when it reached the surface. The hook is not strong enough. The hooks need to be replaced.

👤The jigs are not that impressive to look at. The colors are red. I was skeptical when they arrived. They are hard to beat for the price. It's obvious that the fish disagree with me after using them. Several large lake trout were caught with these jigs. I was impressed.

👤Mi piacciono parecchio, sono 4,5 cm, sembrerebbero un pocoli pic, ma da riva da alternare ad altri sono davvero validi, come ho letto in atre recensioni. ed ottimo

3. Swimbait Jig Head Minnow Fish Head Jig Fishing Shad Pack 8oz

Swimbait Jig Head Minnow Fish Head Jig Fishing Shad Pack 8oz

The Xfishman 3-D Eye Shad Heads are designed to trick all types of fish, with a realistic baitfish profile, high-quality construction, and universal appeal. The Xfishman 3-D Eye Shad Heads are great for smallmouth and calico bass, and they deliver an icon baitfish profile that cuts through the water and grabs the attention of hungry predator fish. The head of the Xman Fish 3-D Eye Shad Head is covered with a coat of paint and fitted with realistic 3D eyes for added realism. The Mustad ultra-point hook is the perfect match for the Xfishman Swimbait Heads. The swimbait heads from the X Fisher are the perfect match for a wide range of soft plastic swimbaits. The swimbait heads are covered with textured gill plates and have bite-triggering eyes. The swimbait heads kit is simple to use. The XFISHMAN's Swimbait heads up with the XFISHMAN's fluke Swimbait.

Brand: Xfishman

👤The colors of the jigheads are what sets them apart. I have not put them on fish yet, so I have only one question. They come with a small footprint container to keep them organized and a heavy duty rubber band to make sure they stay closed in transit.

👤Jig was 800-273-3217 Jig casts well into the surf.

👤Good price. It works well with soft baits.

👤Looking forward to using the 5 inch swim baits on my Atlas Rig.

👤I haven't been able to test them on the water yet, but they look great!

👤These are my favorites. I have caught two fish, but not in the winter. The fish love them.

👤The 1oz is in a hook. I was hoping the 1/2oz had the same hook as the 1oz.

4. JIGBOX Fishing Jig Organizer Tungsten

JIGBOX Fishing Jig Organizer Tungsten

There are wide applications. These jig balls are great for fishers of different levels of experience, which is great for catching a variety of fish such as crappie, bluegill, trout, bass and so on. The weights are 50 and smaller. Jig heads are organized by size, color, style, types and favorites. Clear water droplets can be seen before you open your tackle box. Both sides have waterproof gasket. Holds Long Hooks are full end to end cut foam that holds jigs at the hook and eye of the head. This helps hold hooks in different sizes. FINGER POKE FREE - The jig box design securely holds your jig heads sharp end of the hook down, so you can grab your lures without poking a finger.

Brand: Jigbox

👤I have been looking for a new box to use. This is much stronger. All my jigs won't slide around and knock the paint off now. That is a big deal to me. I found that the boxes were more centered around fly fishing jigs. The box is great for flys and you could fit over 200 small fly's in it. I was able to fit a combined amount of over 100 total in the case ranging in size from 1/32oz to 52oz, and 1/6oz to 36oz. I will be ordering at least one more to fill with handmade jigs.

👤My jigs are held solid. Very happy.

👤This will help you organize. No more searching for a specific size jig head. Once the lid is opened, the jigs stay in place. My only concern is whether or not it's completely water tight. It has a rubber seal. The large jigs may not fit.

👤I also bought a Rapala jig box. I loaded both with different sizes of jigs. The Rapala box worked better than this jig box. The clear lid makes this one nice. You don't need to open the box to see what's inside.

👤I have a lot of striper jig heads in it, so I will order another one.

👤The sled was on the ice and everything was in place. It seems that the latched things are sturdy.

👤A nicely built box with the size and amount of jigs.

👤I bought a recognized name brand jig box and was not happy with it. Difficult to open, can't see inside, and didn't secure the jigs well enough resulting in spillage and loss. The jig box eliminates those concerns. Happy with the purchase.

👤The case is great to keep your jigs organized. Small and portable. It has a lot of jigs. Good quality locks. I'll be the first in the water when my friends mess around with hooks.

👤The product is small enough to fit in a pocket in my ice fishing bag, the inside is well laid out, and the waterproofness is nice.

👤I didn't think my jigs would fit in, but now I can buy more.

👤The box has a maximum of 1/2 1/2. JIG maximum.

5. Pieces Fishing Heads Plastic Crappie

Pieces Fishing Heads Plastic Crappie

The package includes 15 pieces of fishing jig head hooks with 1 piece of plastic box, and you can choose from different colors, Sufficient quantity for your daily use and replacement, and you can share them with your family or friends. The box is portable to carry on and won't occupy much room in your fishing tackle bag. A good design for fishing is a fishing jig head with bright eyes and a leaf blade spinning in the water, which can attract more fish. The jig head is made of quality metal, which is durable to use, suitable for saltwater and freshwater, and the pointed tip makes it work great, providing a strong penetration and helping you catch fish effectively. The pointed tip makes it easy to insert soft plastic bait, and the jig head has a barb to hold fishing lure from sliding off.

Brand: Skylety

👤Have not had a chance to use. They will catch fish.

👤This product can catch a lot of bad things.

👤They will bend over backwards to get the big fish. They couldn't hold up to medium trout.

👤Works better than Walmart.

6. Owner Ultrahead Saltwater Bullet Hook

Owner Ultrahead Saltwater Bullet Hook

There are a lot of different colors and sizes of Jigheads. You can get a good selection with different weights and colors. The five colors are blue, red, green, andglow and GLOW. 1/6oz, 1/2oz, and 1/3oz are the four weights. A box with jig heads. It's a great fishing tackle for different conditions. The package has a dimensions of 1.75 L x 4.25 H x 6 W. The package weight is 1.3 pounds. Japan is the country of origin. The product is a fishing hook.

Brand: Owner American

👤It didn't take a lot of force for the hook to get straightened out. If you want to catch fish bigger than 5 lbs, I wouldn't recommend these jig heads.

👤I was expecting three pieces, but it was the right sizes. There were two pieces in the package.

👤I fish the Mississippi River below a dam with strong currents. I use this with a Berkeley ripple shad. Let it fall, rip it up, and hang on!

👤It's great for swimming in salt water.

👤I will be ordering more. There are many great deals on Amazon.

👤Well built. It's really strong for a saltwater jig head. The shaft of the hook has very little flex.

👤The hooks are very sharp and hold the bait well.

7. Kmucutie Bucktail Saltwater Freshwater Fishing

Kmucutie Bucktail Saltwater Freshwater Fishing

Great. Areas with high currents. 1oz, all white color, 12 pieces. A fish head with a big eye and a hook glows in the water. The shape of the head and placement of the eyelet help bring the lure to life. The Bucktail Jig is made with the most specified materials for resistance to both fresh and saltwater hooks. The jig glides through the water, almost swimming along, which separates it from all other lures with its tantalizing descent. It is suitable for any species of fish.

Brand: Kmucutie

👤I was hesitant to buy them. A Bucktail jig for under 3 dollars is a steal, especially when it has the look of more expensive and brand named ones. I was pleasantly surprised when I received them, they looked and felt like my other bucktails that I bought for less than four dollars. I was able to test them out a few days ago and they performed well. The hooks held up to the stripers and blues. The Jig head was a little bruised from the rocks, but that happens to all jigs after some use. After I returned from my trip, I washed the jig with some water and the hooks were as sharp as when I opened the package. There is a reason for 4 stars instead of 5. I noticed that the jigs lost some hairs after I returned. Still usable, but may need to add more hairs. I am not surprised. Rocks do not help the blues with their sharp teeth. After one trip, I never had an issue with any other jigs. I might glue the tail wrap on to give it more hold.

👤I like supporting my local bait shop, but at three bucks a piece you can't beat this deal. Bucktails tipped with pork skin are often used to catch fish. These are as good as the ones you pay twice for in a local shop. Pick up a good file, pinch down the barb and have a good time. Do you want a different color? You can spray the old rattle can. I ordered the smaller size as well. The lines are tight.

👤White bucktail are great for fish. Blackfish and porgies have also been hit by us. The lures work great. They are a good weight for light tackles. I think this is the second set I've purchased.

👤I bought these to use with freshwater stripers. The jigs were made well and the price was much cheaper than similar ones sold elsewhere. The "glow in the dark" feature didn't matter to me because I don't fish at night.

👤Exceeded my expectations. They look better in person than in the picture, I highly recommend these hooks, 10/10 paint job, 10/10 eyes, and the buck tail hair, they barely fall out. It is nothing to worry about. They are the same quality as in store and they are cheaper here. They were packaged individually and it was a pain to open them. I think this is a good idea.

👤In a time crunch, these were great for an upcoming fishing trip.

👤It is very affordable and stands up well against fish. I got a bunch of birds.

👤Excellent quality 1/2 oz. There is a bucktail. Swimming mullet in 3 in. It works well for fluke in NJ.

8. Swimbait Saltwater Flats Realistic Heads

Swimbait Saltwater Flats Realistic Heads

The product is a fishing hook. The leaded head of the jig heads gives them the perfect look of a real fish. The head has a double anti-slide annelure on the stem. It will fit perfectly for all your shads and give them a very attractive rolling swim. Jig heads function and occasion ultra is versatile and is suitable for all fishing techniques. There are 5 different sizes of fishing lure. Jig heads in 5 packs. Different weight for different water or different fish. The Sharp Hook Jigheads are used for theUtilisation of:Sandre,Black Bass,Truite,Lieu,Morue,Bar-Loup. And so on. Sincerely service. They will reply to you within 24 hours if you have any problems. Please keep away from children.

Brand: Jiatai Fishing

👤Nice hook. Good for using with plastic lures.

👤The plane jig is great. head The bait can sit on the bottom of the lake or bay if the lead head is wider. When it is sitting, Kicks the back up for action. You can color them as you please. We used nailpolish. The color can be re-done. I haven't seen any better fish catching using the polish.

👤I use a 1 ounce jig head for Striper fishing. I add fish eyes to my jig head. Work well. Strong and sharp hooks are what they are.

👤Excellent quality and weight. Can't wait for my husband to try them out. Highly recommended!

👤Can't wait to use them.

👤Product was described. It works well.

👤It's a good value to add to your collection.

9. Round Heads Fishing Saltwater Freshwater

Round Heads Fishing Saltwater Freshwater

100% satisfaction guarantee. Quality assurance and professional customer service are offered by their frog lures. Feel free to contact them at any time. Within 24 hours, their friendly and reliable customer service will respond to you. The Sharp Barb Fishing Hook is made of high strength fishing hook, solid and durable, super sahrp hook for better penetration. Hook eyelets are smooth and durable. The jig head is smooth. The big jig head hook eye allows for better connection to the fishing line. The jighead is designed with an anti-slip soft lure back hook to keep the lure in a right place and make it easier for fish to bite. The Round head jig is used in both freshwater and saltwater. It's perfect for Bass, Trout, Bluegill, and other species fish. 10PCS in 1 box, comes with a plastic fishing box. Please keep fishing hooks away from children.

Brand: Jiatai Fishing

👤The best jighead on the market.

👤The hooks are so thin and break so easily that I'm not going to use them.

👤These ball jig heads are wonderful. I hope they stay on Amazon.

👤I bought these to practice powder coating. Hooks are sharp. Set your drag because they are light wired. I haven't bent any yet.

👤The hook is small and it comes out of a trout trick.

👤The hooks I bought to jig in saltwater are not good for big snook or jack.

👤4inch baits don't work well with a hook shank.

👤Exactly what the picture looks like, and very happy with the purchase!

10. Dr Fish Bucktail Saltwater Blufefish Chartreuse

Dr Fish Bucktail Saltwater Blufefish Chartreuse

Life is like that. 3D eyes and a scaled jig body. Premium made. Jigs heads are perfect for match with bucktail, soft plastics, live bait and dead bait. Provides realistic glides through the water. It's a product. It is great for jigging off the bottom. Also for bluefish. There are stripers, snook and other inshore species. The hook is sharp and has greatDurability. The weight is 1/2 oz and the color is black and white.


👤I did not know about these jigheads or Dr. Fish products. Thank you for suggesting this product. I have been fishing on the jetties a lot and I follow 7inch. These jigheads were recommended instantly. After my first cast, they got a lot of action. The person holding the rod is to blame for not landing the keeper red. The looks, quality and results have impressed me so far. I will add a picture to my review after I catch a nice keeper out on the jetty this weekend.

👤I know how to use drag settings, but these hooks will bend on medium fish, like small kinfish or big spanish mackerel. I can bend the hook to the side with my fingers. The head is beautiful. It's not recommended for decent saltwater fish. They should have used Mustad or similar hooks.

👤Strong hooks. There are great colors for visibility. I like to use live bloodworms as bait. The weight on the head allows for jigging. Would buy again.

👤The jig head was still a good solid head with a sturdy hook.

👤A good looking heavy jig with a quality hook. This worked well for me.

👤They work! A nice 27 inches was caught.

👤The hooks were pretty good but they were a little small.

👤I expected it to be a bit heavier. It was a lot later than anticipated. Still able to do the job.

11. Temorah 32oz 1oz Freshwater Saltwater Assorted

Temorah 32oz 1oz Freshwater Saltwater Assorted

Sturdy double-eye design with premium high-carbon steel sharp hooks. A wide range of fish-attracting colors can be found in the paint finish. They promise that over 85% of jig have clear eyelets, they are easy to set up and will perform after cast. The color guide is sorted into white, black, pink, and orange. The color guide is divided into two tones: white and pink. The sizes of the hook are: 1/32oz - #6 hook, 1/8oz - #2 hook, 3/16oz - #1 hook, and1/2oz - #3/0 hook. Jig heads come in a container.

Brand: Temorah

👤The quality is good. A skirt was loaded with a fish. The hook snapping when retrieving from the fish was a problem. When using pliers to get the hook, it snapped in half. Looks good.

👤The jig heads from china are not very fair. The colors are good, but over painting closes some hook eyes and causes constant re-adjustment, which is why the single body barb is painted so much. Pass these by, do your own thing. The only way to get there is with the 888-405-7720 The Double Cross Jigheads with 2 barbs are the best. Save yourself money and frustration by ordering directly from them. There is a fair warning.

👤I needed to get some jig heads before I went fishing. Was surprised by them. I just bought another pack. They are my new go-to's. The 1/2oz was the perfect size. The boat was cast well and sank quickly in the afternoon with a lot of wake from other boats. The hooks were the best part. The lip was always stuck into it. They came out easy even when the bass tried to swallow them. The lime green heads were the most successful. I did best with the lime green colors. There is not much data to back that up.

👤I don't know if I should be saying that, but these should cost more. The quality is excellent. It is easy to get your line through the closed loop hole. The jig-head has eyes painted on it. The paint is good. I use these with a 4 inch swimming mullet or 5 inch soft plastic to catch fish. I prefer 1/2 ounce from shore.

👤The paint looks decent. There is a plastic box that is easily secured with a rubber band. The barb on the hook is small and may make it easier for a fish to get off. Not a bad purchase for the money.

👤Have not used them yet. 3 stars is enough. These seem decent. The package was cracked on arrival but they are just going in a tackle box so that's not a deal breaker. When the ice is off, I will update my review.

👤The paint on these jigs is not covering the eye's. 1/32nd has a hook. These are great for pinning a mealworm under a float.

👤Looks great! Quality craftsmanship, lots in a box, eyeholes are not painted over. Will get bigger soon.

👤J'aimerais, vous avons sais, un Tte de Jig qui a été un petit grosseur. The qui is comprised of an été cassé sur le cté. J'ai reu le tout ds l'enveloppe. J'imagine. It's not a problem, it's just the transport. The photos were sont l'appui. Les couleurs sont quand-mme trs belles. Merci. B+.

👤Jig hook was bent from thread pressure only. Jig is not a good choice for game fish such as trout over half a pound. I can bend the hooks with my fingers. It's sad that so many purchases on this site seem like bargin, and look good on arrival, but it's not. A waste of time and materials. I think I will give them to the kids.


What is the best product for fishing jig heads 1 oz?

Fishing jig heads 1 oz products from Big Hammer. In this article about fishing jig heads 1 oz you can see why people choose the product. Sougayilang and Xfishman are also good brands to look for when you are finding fishing jig heads 1 oz.

What are the best brands for fishing jig heads 1 oz?

Big Hammer, Sougayilang and Xfishman are some of the best brands that chosen by people for fishing jig heads 1 oz. Find the detail in this article. Jigbox, Skylety and Owner American are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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