Best Fishing Jig Heads Bulk

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1. Temorah Unpainted Heads Ball Bronze

Temorah Unpainted Heads Ball Bronze

The general purpose fishing jigs are of the highest quality. Premium lead jigs. You can get the best quality with the best price in a bulk pack. The hook sizes are: 1/32oz - #6 hook, 1/8oz - #2 hook, 3/16oz - #1 hook, and1/2oz - #3/0 hook. They try to make the best hook for fishman.

Brand: Temorah

👤I have a channel on the internet. A lot of japanese jigs have been reviewed on my channel. The eye of the hook is too high and can interfere with the bite, which can impact the hook-up ratio. The vendor needs to make the eye 1-2mm lower. The hooks are very sharp. The garbage at Cabelas and Basspro is more sharp than the garbage at the store. Leland Lures was sharper than Sharper. My Mustad jig hooks are sharper than the Eagle Claw hook. The only hooks that are sharper than Matzuo Sickle are the japanese hooks. These are an amazing value at $13 per 100. I plan to use them for crappie in areas where I expect to lose a lot of jigs.

👤I am impressed. The construction is done well and the hooks are sharp. The hooks are small, but the 1/16th hook is perfect for crappie magnets or any 1-2" bait. The 1/32nd is perfect for small plastic. The hooks are flexible enough that you can bend them out on 4lb line and use them again. I'm not sure if these are for you, but if you're after crappie and bluegill, buy a lot of them. They are very easy to powdercoat.

👤The hooks were too small when I bought the 1/32 size. The heads are perfect and I decided to try them. I plan to use them for crappie jigging and will try the 1/16 size as well. These are a great buy because of the strong hooks and good lead mold.

👤I was surprised by the quality of these jig heads. The price is the only thing cheap about them. It was made with no mold and high quality hooks in a plastic storage box. I will be buying more.

👤The price was still a great one, but went to stock up and it went up a bit. They used to have a size, but it's missing. OVerall is still great in comparison to others.

👤The jig heads are not of the highest quality. The hook point is dull after a few casts. The bend can be straightened after a sea weed incident. If you are losing jig frequently, you wouldn't want to use the more expensive jigs. It was able to hold fish up to a few pounds.

👤It's probably bass in the Spring. I'm an experienced fisherman and the design is excellent. I haven't fished them yet but I am painting most of them. The points are sharp and I have to catch fish with them.

👤They work well, but they wish the hook was a bit longer.

👤The first hook I grabbed was bent. I could twist the hook with my fingers. Weak hooks are useless.

👤Good in quality and received in a timely manner.

2. MadBite Standard Mushroom Finesse Popular

MadBite Standard Mushroom Finesse Popular

Extra-small jig heads are used for fly tying. Per 50. The sizes are as follows: 1/64oz - 8 hook; 1/84oz - 8 hook; and 1/128oz - 8 hook. MadBite Ned Rig Jig Kits have an assortment of 48 Ned Jigs in 4 essential colors and 4 weights. The Standard mushroom style Ned Jig, the Weedless Ned Jig or the EWG Ned Jig all have a total of 48 pieces of premium Ned Rig Jigs. The MadBite Ned Rig Jigheads are mushroom style jig heads that are made for use with Ned style baits. The mushroom style stand-up heads are used for the needle point jig hooks. Ned Rigs are used for a lot of fishing. Every fisherman should have 888-282-0465 MadBite Ned Rig Jig kits are popular in 3 popular colors. Ned Rig jig heads are included in each kit and are the most popular colors. Each kit has jig heads in 4 different weights. Ned Rigs are designed to be finesse style jigs and are fished with light line, lighter action rods and smaller baits. MadBite included 4 different weights of jig hooks so you are ready for any condition. The kit includes jigs in the following weights: 1/16oz, 1/6oz, 3/16oz and 1/2oz. Ned Rig Jigs are usually made using a simple round bend, 90-degree jig hook. MadBite has created two additional fishhook style assortments for different conditions. The mushroom style Ned Jig is the first. The advantage of a weed guard is that you can fish them in heavy cover. The final style uses an EWG style hook that has a wider gap, and you can rig it weedless for heavy cover areas.

Brand: Madbite

👤These are garbage, but only 9 are usable. Most of the hooks are bent, the lead is cracking, and bait keepers are all over the place. The search is on for heads that are reasonably priced.

👤I thought these wouldn't be much. I was hoping to be wrong. I wasn't. The small metal hooks that hold your bait are not strong and break loose. It's ok for small panfish, but the bad quality was consistent on every rig. I wouldn't recommend this brand to anyone.

👤The set of EWG ned rig jigs is great. The shape of the head may make these less weedless than the Zman Bulletz hooks. They will stand up better with the mushroom head. I will have to test them out for a while, but they look like a great option to fish a ned style rig in thicker areas.

👤It is hard to say how good it is without putting it through the paces for a season, but I have used enough ned rig hooks to know these look solid and the price was great.

👤The value is great. These were exactly what I needed when I lost Ned jigs. A good hookup ratio with lighter wire hooks. The EWG style is a more weed-less option. Will definitely be buying more.

👤Been using a ned rig for a while. I have tried many methods to make the rig weedless. Madbite is excited about the widegap EWG jigs. Adding additional jig head colors would be a good idea.

👤There is a tool for those that fish. I have a kit for when those smallies don't dig my tubes.

👤The wire weed guards are weak. If you are fishing, they hang up easily.

3. XFISHMAN Crappie Jigs Heads Kit Fishing Jigheads W Spinner

XFISHMAN Crappie Jigs Heads Kit Fishing Jigheads W Spinner

Each package has hundreds of strands. A round jighead with an indiana blade is a deadly one-two punch for making lethargic fish bite. The flash was great and the thump was great. The unique design of the Xfishman jig heads is perfect for ice fishing. The willow-leaf blade of the jig spin provides plenty of flash and fish-attracting vibration. The jig is rigged with soft plastic or live bait. The jig heads feature a bend that maximizes the power of the hook set. It's easy to use for all levels of experience, and it's great for catching a variety of small mouth predator fish.

Brand: Xfishman

👤The fish were caught with spinners. The hook design makes rigging a jig easy at night. They have a retention peg, which is great for holding bait on, and they come in a nice plastic box, which you can throw in a backpack, tackle box or even in your pocket. I wish I could order a specific color, I have been burning through the chartreuse.

👤My eyes were painted poorly. The picture shows them being stick on 3d eyes. My opinion.

👤These worked well for me. They were used to catch crappie and trout.

👤They work when you use foe crappie fishing in the spring.

👤I can't wait for spring crappie.

👤There are fish magnets. The bass, crappie, and brim cannot resist the action.

4. Ned Rig Finesse Offset Jig Heads Kit Weedless Mushroom Fishing Oz 4 6g 25pack

Ned Rig Finesse Offset Jig Heads Kit Weedless Mushroom Fishing Oz 4 6g 25pack

The Offset Weedless Ned Rig Jigheads are the best Ned Rig fishing Jigheads on the market. The offset hook design allows you to fish where no other Ned Rig has been before. The design of this rig allows it to slip through rocks and other cover better than any other. Thin wire hook and Ned Rig jighead allow floating baits like the Finesse TRD to stand up as they were intended. The thin-wire hook is ideal for ensuring proper penetration during hook sets with lighter rods and lines. It's built around an offset style hook and wide gap to allow you to Texas-pose your baits to help prevent snags. A mushroom-style head that is ideal for Ned baits and other small soft plastics allows them to stay upright when resting on the bottom and entice bass into biting. There are five jigheads. The bait pegs are attached to the hook and keep the bait securely in place. Saving time and money is possible by using bait pegs.

Brand: Xfishman

👤I like them. Thin wire hooks are reasonable. I didn't calculate the size 1/6oz and how that would translate to jig size, but I was surprised by the tiny Ned head. They are small, but I am still happy with them and excited to fish them because I think the fall rate and presentation will be killer with a shortened Senko or TRD soft plastic. The profile is true.

👤The high priced heads are found in tackle shops across the country. The same hook. This head is used to catch fish. This jig is perfect because it has been fished ned rigs for years. Have caught many smallmouth up to 5 pounds. I have bought more than once and will continue to stock my boat with them. You can save 50% off exact jig heads.

👤I would like to have a choice of one or two colors not big on red or white for my Ned's, but hooks will be tested tomorrow with my son.

👤The hooks are sharp. The paint faded quickly.

👤The product was well made and fast shipping.

👤I haven't had a chance to fish them yet but the hook wire is light and will bend with a heavier fish on it.

👤Regular Ned rigs are much preferred.

5. 44pcs Fishing Head Hook Plastic

44pcs Fishing Head Hook Plastic

It's a great choice for fishing for perch, walleye and pike. High quality fish. Premium solid and durable body design is what the fishing jig head has. The top hook is strong. You could get your bait to the target with the sharper hook. POPULAR STYLE SELECTION It is an excellent kit for the dedicated multi-species angler, with a wide range of sizes and colors. There are wonderful jigs for fishing. The highest METERIAL. Fishing Jigs are made from high quality materials. If you want to get the hole fast, reduce your lure size. 5 different sizes packed in one box. 2g-15pcs, 4g-10pcs, 6g-8pcs, 8g-6pcs, 10g-5pcs. The packing list has 44 jigs in 1 box. Customer service and email support are available 24 hours a day. If you have a problem, please contact their customer service.

Brand: Thkfish

👤This is a good set for money. I won't have to buy jig heads for a while. These are not the highest quality jig heads I have ever bought, but they are good and sturdy. The paint job on the head isn't perfect, but I'm pretty sure fish won't be upset about it. I will use the sizes that are appropriate for different fishing situations. One thing that's annoying about cheaper jig heads is when the eyelet is painted over, though it's an easy fix, and I just looked at every one of my jig heads and none have this problem. Purchase'm.

👤Strong hooks. You need to have this in your tackle box. There is a good assortment of sizes and bright colors. Jigging can be done with soft lures or bait. Would buy again.

👤The price for the amount of jig heads was amazing. You can't beat the price when you're getting different sizes of jig heads. The pan fish will be easy to catch with the decent hooks.

👤Unfortunately the case was broken in shipping and unusable, but it was still a great value.

👤3 different colors and sizes work well.

👤It's a little better than the cheap China stuff on Amazon.

👤Good variety, just what you need for curly tails and fake worms. The weight variety is great.

👤Does the trick. Excellent weight and color. First time out, I pulled in tons of fish. The variety is correct. Highly recommended.

👤Bien formadas y pintadas - el ojo es limpia. Anzuelo de bueno calidad.

👤Besser is erwartet htte. Eindruck und scharfe Haken is the stabiler.

6. THKFISH Fishing Winter Jigging Walleye

THKFISH Fishing Winter Jigging Walleye

If you have an issue, please contact them through the Amazon message system. They take care of their customers. There isFFICIENT ICE FISHING JIGS. There are 5 different kinds of ice jigs in the 50PCS set. The target fish is difficult to distinguish from the realistic ice fishing lures. The different sizes complement the natural colors. The Barbed hook tip design can be used to achieve higher hook-up rate. There is an attraction to ice fishing. The realistic raised fin attachment, brilliant brightness and high fidelity paint coating make this lure more attractive. Some parts of the ice fishing jigs glow in the dark. Fish are attracted from farther and deeper spots byglowing ice jigs. There is a wide range of applications. Game fish are attracted to these ice fishing jigs. Almost all of the ice fishing lures are designed for fish. Such as perch, panfish, pike, crappies and etc. It can be used in both freshwater and saltwater. Made of premium materials. Premium lead material and high carbon steel hook are used in the ice fishing lures. The hook tip is extremely penetrating and can be used to stab the fish. The ice jigs were packed in a box. It is easy to carry and store. The package has multiple styles and sizes. There are different colors and sizes of ice fishing jigs. Refer to the picture for a specific size. Your ice fishing trip is full of surprises because of the varied shapes and high quality characteristics of the ice fishing jigs. If you have a problem, please contact their customer support.

Brand: Thkfish

👤I gave this to my boyfriend for Christmas. It is a great gift for guys who are hard to shop for. I am sure he will love ice fishing. The lures seem to be high quality, and come organized in a small box, which is a plus for men that always seem to be losing things. The glow in dark pieces doesn't glow as well as it could. I don't have any complaints. They are tiny and cute. Will update after he tells me how they work.

👤I was a bit skeptical at first because the price was so low. I was blown away. I've caught over a dozen panfish so far this winter and would recommend anyone trying to fill up their tackle bag.

👤There are great size and color varieties. It's nice to have a variety of colors and shapes to choose from when jumping to lakes that you're not familiar with. The panfish set is awesome. It's too good of a price to not have them in your tackle box.

👤The eye holes have been filled. Some cheap jigs.

👤The product catches fish.

👤Excellent paint, very well made. The icefishing jigs are great.

👤The jigs are very small. Our minnows would eat them. A waste of money.

👤Good looking lured but one broke and could use better packaging.

👤Not good for fishing except minnows.

👤My son left the fish on the ice last time out, so I ordered a second set of fish that was fast shipping.

7. Fishing Lures Heads Double Assorted

Fishing Lures Heads Double Assorted

1/32 oz-#6, 1/16 oz-#4, 1/6 oz- #1, 1/6 oz- #2, 1/2 oz- #3, 1/6 oz- #3, 1/6 oz- #2, 1/6 oz- #3, 1/6 oz- #2, 1/6 oz- #3, 1/6 oz- #2, 1/6 You can get the best quality with the best price in a bulk pack. 3d fishing eyes make it look like a real fish. Baking after spray-painting is a brilliant stable assortment of colors. Including seven processes. The fishing jig head has a premium solid and durable body design. The tip hook is strong. You could get your bait to the target with the sharper hook.

Brand: Merlaxy

👤I got a 1/32 ounce for trout, crappie, and other panfish. I will tie my own jigs during the winter. The points are very sharp and easy to scratch. The hook eye is not covered with paint and the wire strength is good, my 4lb test line will snap first before the hook will bend out. There are many color combinations for presentations. I'm happy with my purchase and it's good value.

👤I used these to catch crappie. They worked well. The hook eyes were full of head material and had to be cleaned to get a line through them.

👤The product looks good but the hook size is small and the description is not descriptive.

👤Terrible, terrible, terrible. I opened the box and it was clear that the open container for the jig heads was strewn around. I did not receive all of the pieces I paid for. Several of the jig heads were not good. I would give 0 stars, but it wouldn't let me.

👤Bass fishing hooks and Jig heads are included in the MERLAXY Fishing Lures. We ordered the lures because we couldn't find them in our area.

👤Lots of jigs, sharp hooks and clear eyes, a great price.

👤The jig heads appear to be good quality and the price is good. There are a lot of these in the river. Just need to try them out.

👤Small hooks are not sharp. Throw these out and buy a better brand. This is what I get when I try to save a buck.

👤I haven't used them yet. Good size and quality.

👤Today, I received a package of jigs. Jigs seem to be of good quality. Paint is easy to apply. Strong and sharp hooks are what they are. Will be ordering more.

👤Many trout were caught with these hooks.

👤Petit plus beau sur la photo

8. AGOOL Fishing Jig Head Hook

AGOOL Fishing Jig Head Hook

The package comes with 60 pieces of ball head fishing hooks in different colors, enough quantity to meet your different needs, you can take them for replacement, and you can also share them with your friends who are fishing lovers. Jig head jigs have proven, fish-attracting color patterns; needle-sharp hook with ease; bait keeper collar secures soft plastic bait. It's nice for saltwater and freshwater fishing. A strong, sharp hook that will grab and hold on to during the fight. You could get your bait to the target with a sharper hook. You can get a 2-color paint job with black nickel sharp hooks. Features double bright eye that catches the attention of fish. Great for bass, snakehead, Mandarin fish, catfish, blackcarp, topmouth culter, makou fish, wildcarp, trout, salmon, redfish, yellow check charp. There are 5 different weight sizes for the 35 piece box. The color will be shipped out randomly.

Brand: Agool

👤I'm not sure what the issue is. The hook eyes were solid. I was unable to thread the line through the hook eyes. The hooks were all different colors. Would not purchase again.

👤The starter kit is perfect. It gives you flexibility for a reasonable cost.

👤Had to pick the holes so I could get the line through. I think I should give back half my money. What will you do for me?

👤Put them in a tackle box. The plastic case is not strong.

👤They were used as cake topers for my friends fish.

👤It's perfect for the type of fishing I've done. Good up for the price. Will be buying again.

👤The size and color variety are great. The paint is a little too bright but not enough to cause problems or cause the paint to chip off.

👤The product is very good for fishing.

9. Swimbait Jig Head Minnow Fish Head Jig Fishing Shad Pack 8oz

Swimbait Jig Head Minnow Fish Head Jig Fishing Shad Pack 8oz

The Xfishman 3-D Eye Shad Heads are designed to trick all types of fish, with a realistic baitfish profile, high-quality construction, and universal appeal. The Xfishman 3-D Eye Shad Heads are great for smallmouth and calico bass, and they deliver an icon baitfish profile that cuts through the water and grabs the attention of hungry predator fish. The head of the Xman Fish 3-D Eye Shad Head is covered with a coat of paint and fitted with realistic 3D eyes for added realism. The Mustad ultra-point hook is the perfect match for the Xfishman Swimbait Heads. The swimbait heads from the X Fisher are the perfect match for a wide range of soft plastic swimbaits. The swimbait heads are covered with textured gill plates and have bite-triggering eyes. The swimbait heads kit is simple to use. The XFISHMAN's Swimbait heads up with the XFISHMAN's fluke Swimbait.

Brand: Xfishman

👤The colors of the jigheads are what sets them apart. I have not put them on fish yet, so I have only one question. They come with a small footprint container to keep them organized and a heavy duty rubber band to make sure they stay closed in transit.

👤Jig was 800-273-3217 Jig casts well into the surf.

👤Good price. It works well with soft baits.

👤Looking forward to using the 5 inch swim baits on my Atlas Rig.

👤I haven't been able to test them on the water yet, but they look great!

👤These are my favorites. I have caught two fish, but not in the winter. The fish love them.

👤The 1oz is in a hook. I was hoping the 1/2oz had the same hook as the 1oz.

10. Thkfish Fishing Saltwater Freshwater Swimbait

Thkfish Fishing Saltwater Freshwater Swimbait

It was manufactured and warrantied by the company. Jig heads with a bait holder are great for holding soft bait and keeping the swimbait nice and secure. The bait holders should fix that. Live minnow and artificial bait are both suitable. The extra length of the long suck hook is great for baits like long curved worms and whitebait. Premium durable material, quality craftsmanship and the mechanically-sharpened barbed hook point ensure a better penetration. The hook is the right size for bass or walleyes to get hooked in the roof of the mouth or upper lip instead of swallowing it. It's easy to extract the fish. The hook is very sharp. The ball jig heads are an extremely versatile fishing tackle, they can be used on a verious of fishing rigs,rig it with a craw trailer or other creature trailer and fish like a texas rig or flipping jig. If you want to fish like a swim jig, use a minnow or paddletail trailer. The weight is 1/6oz. 10 pieces/pack is included. Customer service and email support are included in the price. If you have a problem, please contact their customer support.

Brand: Thkfish

👤These babies have a good hook. Strong, but thin. The retaining wire does a nice job of holding the soft plastic in place even when the lures are resistance. The price is right and less than the brand names. These work as expected. A good basic jig.

👤After 2 small fish, the first hook was bent out. The next hook should tell you everything you need to know because it bent out on a snag instead of snapping at the leader line.

👤They are supposed to be in a pack of 10. I got 7.

👤Great baits for swimming.

👤We were supposed to be 10, but we were seven disappointed.

👤They tried to coat them with powder. The heads fell off. They wouldn't take the paint when we tried to heat them up a bit less. Won't buy again.

👤These 1/2 oz hooks are very similar. Two packs for fishing on a river. I was worried about the hook bending or being straightened. No bend or straightening of the hook, it holds the rubber twister tail very well. I have used buck tail patterns for walleye and they work very well. A rainbow was caught on bucktail. I was worried when fighting the fish that the hook might not fit. I inspected the hook after fish landed. It's still sharp, straight and true. After testing the origional purchase, I ordered two more packages. Will buy when I need more.

👤Sehr ungeeignete verpackung fr scharfe angelhaken. Da ist das paket an und die hlfte. Die bleikugeln ist immer immer, das ist immer richtige. Werde, I am so happy.

11. Leland Lures Magnet 64 Ounce Silver

Leland Lures Magnet 64 Ounce Silver

The Zinger-Net weight is about 16g/PC, Line Nipper is 65mm x 10mm, with a nylon cord. The package is 9.906 cm long. The package width is 4.318 cm. The package is 1.27 cm high. Product type: fishing hook

Brand: Leland Lures

👤I used them to catch bait fish. One of them had the hook in their eye when I opened the pack. I tried to get it out, but had to cut it off. I lost one right away. The jog heads worked well. They can easily enter the mouth of a blue gill fish. I didn't loose any of them. When I pulled the hook up on the underwater branch, it bent. I was able to bend it back because it didn't break. I think these are good quality and worth the money even if you lose one.

👤Only 4 of the hooks are usable, so I have to give a 2 star. One does not have a point. The person who recommended these was a person who fishes. The quality seems low so far. It's disappointing to say the least.

👤It's great, sturdy and hooks are sharp. It is a great jig for small game fish. I think a split shot with a circle hook worked better for me than with the trout magnets.

👤The doctor ordered a good product and it was a great value, just a thin wire for pan fish.

👤I ordered a weight of 1/64th ounce of silver. I have caught Bluegill using minnows. The hooks are very sharp and the jigs are good quality. I bought several packs of jigs after trying them out.

👤Good quality. It works well if you pair it with a warm or plastic bait. It's great for pan fish or trout. You should recommend it.

👤I need some additional heads for my trout magnets. Work well.

👤I use them for crappie fishing. Works well!


What is the best product for fishing jig heads bulk?

Fishing jig heads bulk products from Temorah. In this article about fishing jig heads bulk you can see why people choose the product. Madbite and Xfishman are also good brands to look for when you are finding fishing jig heads bulk.

What are the best brands for fishing jig heads bulk?

Temorah, Madbite and Xfishman are some of the best brands that chosen by people for fishing jig heads bulk. Find the detail in this article. Xfishman, Thkfish and Thkfish are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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