Best Fishing Jig Heads for Bass

Heads 6 Feb 2023 10+ Comments Open

1. Temorah Fishing Freshwater Saltwater Assorted

Temorah Fishing Freshwater Saltwater Assorted

Sturdy double-eye design with premium high-carbon steel sharp hooks. A wide range of fish-attracting colors can be found in the paint finish. They promise that over 85% of jig have clear eyelets, they are easy to set up and will perform after cast. The color guide is sorted into white, black, pink, and orange. The color guide is divided into two tones: white and pink. The sizes of the hook are: 1/32oz - #6 hook, 1/8oz - #2 hook, 3/16oz - #1 hook, and1/2oz - #3/0 hook. Jig heads come in a container.

Brand: Temorah

👤The quality is good. A skirt was loaded with a fish. The hook snapping when retrieving from the fish was a problem. When using pliers to get the hook, it snapped in half. Looks good.

👤The jig heads from china are not very fair. The colors are good, but over painting closes some hook eyes and causes constant re-adjustment, which is why the single body barb is painted so much. Pass these by, do your own thing. The only way to get there is with the 888-405-7720 The Double Cross Jigheads with 2 barbs are the best. Save yourself money and frustration by ordering directly from them. There is a fair warning.

👤I needed to get some jig heads before I went fishing. Was surprised by them. I just bought another pack. They are my new go-to's. The 1/2oz was the perfect size. The boat was cast well and sank quickly in the afternoon with a lot of wake from other boats. The hooks were the best part. The lip was always stuck into it. They came out easy even when the bass tried to swallow them. The lime green heads were the most successful. I did best with the lime green colors. There is not much data to back that up.

👤I don't know if I should be saying that, but these should cost more. The quality is excellent. It is easy to get your line through the closed loop hole. The jig-head has eyes painted on it. The paint is good. I use these with a 4 inch swimming mullet or 5 inch soft plastic to catch fish. I prefer 1/2 ounce from shore.

👤The paint looks decent. There is a plastic box that is easily secured with a rubber band. The barb on the hook is small and may make it easier for a fish to get off. Not a bad purchase for the money.

👤Have not used them yet. 3 stars is enough. These seem decent. The package was cracked on arrival but they are just going in a tackle box so that's not a deal breaker. When the ice is off, I will update my review.

👤The paint on these jigs is not covering the eye's. 1/32nd has a hook. These are great for pinning a mealworm under a float.

👤Looks great! Quality craftsmanship, lots in a box, eyeholes are not painted over. Will get bigger soon.

👤J'aimerais, vous avons sais, un Tte de Jig qui a été un petit grosseur. The qui is comprised of an été cassé sur le cté. J'ai reu le tout ds l'enveloppe. J'imagine. It's not a problem, it's just the transport. The photos were sont l'appui. Les couleurs sont quand-mme trs belles. Merci. B+.

👤Jig hook was bent from thread pressure only. Jig is not a good choice for game fish such as trout over half a pound. I can bend the hooks with my fingers. It's sad that so many purchases on this site seem like bargin, and look good on arrival, but it's not. A waste of time and materials. I think I will give them to the kids.

2. Booyah BYBJ12 18 2 Ounce Black Pumpkin

Booyah BYBJ12 18 2 Ounce Black Pumpkin

Weed guard was present. Penetrates brushpiles and drops them through grassbeds. JIG features. The black nickel light wire hook is flat- bottom. Baby Boo Jig has a proven record of catching big ones. The 60- strand ultra fine Silicone skirt patterns are very effective in size and color. It is difficult anddurable. Hard coat paint with a Spike.

Brand: Booyah

👤I was excited to try it out. I've always shied away from jigs because of fear. I have been fishing with plastic worms. I watched my fishing partner catch a big fish while I was catching a small one. He was fishing. I watched a few videos on how to fish. I took them fishing the next day after mine arrived. A nice Largemouth Bass was caught by the second cast.

👤After retiring, I took up bass fishing again and had to refresh my rigs and tackle. I've never been much on jig fishing but after learning how to jig the pads and mats, I couldn't wait to try it. Bass need to find cover during the day in Texas because of the intense sun. It's not like they can shut out the light when they need to, because they don't have eyelids. I slayed them this year on this lure with a trailer or color coordinated craw. The weed guard is more functional than any other jig I tried this year and I did not lose it once, nor did it get hung up, except when I had to rip it through the grass. I got better response from a medium heavy rod than it did from a medium fast one. If you want to get after the big-uns, check out the videos by Roland Martin. This lure made me think about bass fishing in a different way.

👤Ya get what you pay for. I bought a brand that was good quality at $7.99, and I think this lure was the lowest I've seen being sold. The weed guard only has a few bristles. It doesn't affect the hook. You can pull the jig over trees in water with the other brands. For price 3 is good, but would be 2 star. If you are in the open water, there is nothing to worry about. It is better to buy lots of bass and lose them in the weeds. I only bought one so maybe it was a mistake. It must be a known issue due to the low price. I really wanted to try the other colors.

👤The jig fits most trailers and has plenty of room to hook the fish. I caught a bass in 4 casts so I have no reason to not like it.

👤The quality of the jig was disappointing. I received a package yesterday that had rust on the barb of the hook, and I noticed that half of the strands just folded over and placed on the rattle. There is a lot of glue exposed where the weedless "plasti spikekeeper" is placed. The picture on display here looks nothing like this one. The extra cash that was spent on the Terminator Pro Jigs is definitely worth it.

👤A dozen Large and Smallmouth Bass were caught on this Jig. A Rage tail trailer was used to fish through grass and weeds. It's a good idea to keep up a bit with the thicker stuff. I lost both of the rattles on one strike. Didn't catch the fish. The hook is at the edge of the boat. My fault is due to the hook angle. The rubber that holds the rattles stretches. The fish weren't hitting it the same after they left. Doesn't seem like they sell replacement rattles.

3. BOOYAH Baby BOO Jig Black

BOOYAH Baby BOO Jig Black

Several eye catching colors produce bites in tough fishing situations. If you have a dark skirt, use a light-colored trailer and vice versa. Weed guard was present. Penetrates brushpiles and drops them through grassbeds. JIG features. The black nickel light wire hook is flat- bottom. Baby Boo Jig has a proven record of catching big ones. The 60- strand ultra fine Silicone skirt patterns are very effective in size and color. It is difficult anddurable. Hard coat paint with a Spike.

Brand: Booyah

👤I don't shop Amazon products often anymore, please turn off my Prime membership auto-renewal, thank you. Kenny.

👤The jig is great. I lost my first cast in a tree after crying for a minute and used the backup one I had, and caught a 3 pound bass that was under the tree where I was intending to drop my first cast.

👤I used it in salt water to catch red drum and whites.

👤I tried out the jig today. Not a single bite... Three hours of fishing. I was expecting a bigger jig. The hook is strong. I would have liked to catch a bass to see how it holds up.

👤A great jig. You can tell from the bottom and the bite on this jig. I use the only jig I can find even on cloudy days and muddy water. I use a lot of different trailers, but I only use my main zoom craws and Berkley craws, and I don't want to stop using them if I get lucky. This is my go to jig.

👤I only use this jig to catch bass.

👤Great for bass fishing into the grass, a litlle bit smaller of what I wanted.

👤If you know how to use a jig, you can catch a large mouth bass using this and a senko worm style trailer.

👤I usually add a Crawfish to the lure.

👤I haven't tried it yet but it looks good.

4. Ned Rig Finesse Offset Jig Heads Kit Weedless Mushroom Fishing Oz 4 6g 25pack

Ned Rig Finesse Offset Jig Heads Kit Weedless Mushroom Fishing Oz 4 6g 25pack

The Offset Weedless Ned Rig Jigheads are the best Ned Rig fishing Jigheads on the market. The offset hook design allows you to fish where no other Ned Rig has been before. The design of this rig allows it to slip through rocks and other cover better than any other. Thin wire hook and Ned Rig jighead allow floating baits like the Finesse TRD to stand up as they were intended. The thin-wire hook is ideal for ensuring proper penetration during hook sets with lighter rods and lines. It's built around an offset style hook and wide gap to allow you to Texas-pose your baits to help prevent snags. A mushroom-style head that is ideal for Ned baits and other small soft plastics allows them to stay upright when resting on the bottom and entice bass into biting. There are five jigheads. The bait pegs are attached to the hook and keep the bait securely in place. Saving time and money is possible by using bait pegs.

Brand: Xfishman

👤I like them. Thin wire hooks are reasonable. I didn't calculate the size 1/6oz and how that would translate to jig size, but I was surprised by the tiny Ned head. They are small, but I am still happy with them and excited to fish them because I think the fall rate and presentation will be killer with a shortened Senko or TRD soft plastic. The profile is true.

👤The high priced heads are found in tackle shops across the country. The same hook. This head is used to catch fish. This jig is perfect because it has been fished ned rigs for years. Have caught many smallmouth up to 5 pounds. I have bought more than once and will continue to stock my boat with them. You can save 50% off exact jig heads.

👤I would like to have a choice of one or two colors not big on red or white for my Ned's, but hooks will be tested tomorrow with my son.

👤The hooks are sharp. The paint faded quickly.

👤The product was well made and fast shipping.

👤I haven't had a chance to fish them yet but the hook wire is light and will bend with a heavier fish on it.

👤Regular Ned rigs are much preferred.

5. Thkfish Weighted Saltwater Freshwater Weedless

Thkfish Weighted Saltwater Freshwater Weedless

1. The bullet design of the slide rig jig head won't disturb the fish. These are ideal for Texas rigging because of their super slider design, which makes it easy to find in the middle and lower water layer. The Bullet Jig has a fixed weight that makes it easy to get in and out of tight areas. 2. Weighted hooks let you use live bait. The added weight helps sink or swim the rigged bait. They do the job of getting your plastic baits down where the fish are by keeping the hook in proper position. Your hook is positioned to penetrate eager jaws. There is no need to peg a weight or worry about fouling up because of the way these heads work. 3. The hook has a wide gap hook. They can be used to rig plastic swimbaits, curling-tail lure, crawfish and turtles. You can crawl a small worm through the reeds and grass to find the bass. They make rigging much simpler, and they work well for Texas rigged Bass fishing. 4. The Super Needle Point Strong Hook is a strong and sharp hook that is perfect for small swimbaits and stays sharp for a long time. For big blues, flatheads, deep fish, plastic swimbaits are perfect. 5. There is a wide range of sizes to choose from. The weight is 1/6 oz, 1/6 oz, 1/2 oz, and3/4 oz. The model is 1#, 1/0#, 2/0# and 3/0#. The soft fishing lures are only for reference and not included in the package. When setting up your rigs, make sure you buy hooks that are fully prepared for different situations.

Brand: Thkfish

👤The product should be destroyed and all other products from Wuhan should be stopped from being distributed. There is a If you want to get plague, buy this. I destroyed the object I received.

👤Some of the weights broke off when they were received. Very cheap.

👤Garbage. The eyepiece broke off as I tried to pull a trout up the bridge. The fish was small.

👤If you want to catch mud, rocks, and anything else on the bottom, these are for you. There are many better alternatives. Sorry guys.

👤I have a problem with the 1/6 oz I ordered. I got a small amount. I don't know if I have the same problem again or not, but it was marked as a 1/16 ounce bag, so I'm scared to order again. I like the way they made them.

👤Does the job and hooks work? They get to the bottom fast. The shape of the weight keeps the weeds off.

👤I recently used this jig and fished for hours without getting caught on weeds or rocks. The hook is strong and easy to use. These are the jigs I recommend.

👤It's easy to rig and cast a jighead like a bullet, but I haven't had a chance to do that.

👤In realt non sono male, ma toccandoli, alla vista, ma se non peschi finesse, fanno il loro lavoro.

👤Leur poids are exact, longueur 6,5 cm. Assez bonne, ils semblent assez solide. La pointe et l'ardillon sont. Parfait pour Texan. Dommage that l'un des leurres ait été compltement raté pendant sa fabrication. "brulé" tout le revtement. J'ai ajoutement a photo of the versions 5g et 14 g, mis part of the longueur.

👤J'ai commander a date vraiment dessus gaspillage de matériaux.

👤Excellent pour swimbait! On ne reste pas pris facilement. Pour le doré l'achigan...

6. Goture Fishing Freshwater Salmon Include Crankbaits

Goture Fishing Freshwater Salmon Include Crankbaits

This product is a must have for any fisherman. Soft bodies with internal lead weight are made of high quality material and are anti-corrossion. More attractions include a lifelike trout appearance, 3D eyes and T tail for swimming action. Higher Hookup Racket: The hook has a single top hook and optional hook hanger. The fishing method is used. Swimbaits sink slowly with side to side swimming action. A wide range of target fishes are suitable for saltwater and freshwater fishing.

Brand: Goture

👤I used this lure in the morning at Lake Pleasant. A large mouth bass was caught by me in a small cove. I think it will work for striped bass as well.

👤This is not a bait that mimics the swimming action of a minnow. It glides through the water like a piece of lead. Stay away, don't purchase. Had to give it one star. I would give it 0 if I could.

👤I love this set, but I haven't caught a fish all summer. It's not the bait, it's that the fish aren't stupid. Maybe this summer.

👤The bad news is that this lure did not attract any fish. The soft material almost immediately got bitten off, making the lures useless. I went through the entire pack in the morning. There are more durable materials that need to be used.

👤They continued to bite the tail off. I wish there was a hook in the tail.

👤I like these. They look real and are heavy. I haven't fished with them long enough to know if they'll work, but I haven't caught anything yet. I don't have to use a pinch weight when I use these. My casting goes further.

👤The hooks have clear plastic tubing over them. All hooks. The top and bottom hooks. They are a big pain to remove. I hope they land me some bass and it will be worth it.

👤After my first cast in the surf, the eyes fell off the lure I tried, I ran out of live bait, so I tried this lure. Not a good sign. I caught a Bluefish on my second cast. I wish they weighed more so I could cast them further out.

👤I am practicando al anudar de hay en fuera.

7. Gejoy Pieces Fishing Freshwater Saltwater

Gejoy Pieces Fishing Freshwater Saltwater

The hooks of the fishing jigs heads are made of quality carbon steel and have long service time. The double eyes fishing hooks are designed with vibrant colors, bright colors, long pointed hooks, and long- lasting powder-coated paint finish, which can help you to attract more fishes. The fishing ball head jigs are easy to use and increase your chances of catching bigger fish. The double-eye design of the painted fishing hooks keeps you from digging out dried paint, which is suitable for freshwater and saltwater. The fishing hooks will be placed in a plastic box. The package comes with 60 pieces of ball head fishing hooks in different colors, enough quantity to meet your different needs, you can take them for replacement, and you can also share them with your friends who are fishing lovers.

Brand: Gejoy

👤The heads are not 1/32 like they are stated. They don't have the barb to hold the soft plastic onto the jig head like the picture shows. It is also a box of 50 not 60.

👤If you are trying to learn how to make jigs to catch fish, these are the things you need to know. A good jig head.

👤The colors are bright and easy to see. I can't wait to start fishing.

👤There is a nice collection of colors. Can't wait to try them out.

👤Excellent quality with sharp hooks. I used them on my first fishing trip.

👤Not the right size. I ordered 1/32oz. They were much larger than that. It was pretty disappointed...

👤It works great for what he was making.

👤They aren't as shown. They don't have bait holders.

8. TOPTACKLE12 Pack Football Jigheads Fishing 608 14

TOPTACKLE12 Pack Football Jigheads Fishing 608 14

There are five different sizes to choose from. There are five slices: 1/2oz(14g), 1/3oz(5g), 1/3oz(7g), and 1/3oz(10g). The package includes Jig heads in five colors. The Luminous color can't be seen in the dark. This is a notice. The package does not include any other items. The other fishing tackle is not included in the package. Bass Jigs come in packs of 1/2oz. Jigs head Desgin means less hang ups and more fish. The paint is very durable and chip resistant. The Flat Eye Line Tie has a 60 degree round bend hook.

Brand: Generic

👤It's perfect for my jig set-up.

👤Good price. Love the colors. To see the quality.

9. VMSIXVM Plastic Crawfish Finesse Mushroom

VMSIXVM Plastic Crawfish Finesse Mushroom

The fishing jig head has a premium solid and durable body design. The tip hook is strong. You could get your bait to the target with the sharper hook. There are 25 pieces of all classic color in the churchyard scattering set. There are 2 pieces 1/6oz, 3 pieces 1/12oz, and 5 pieces of mushroom jighead, and 15 pieces of soft lures bait. PREMIUM SHARP HOOK The fishing jigs have a round lead head and high carbon steel bend hook which deliver unparalleled sharpness, hook penetration, anti-corrosion and anti-rust. The ned rig technique was designed for this purpose. Finesse TRD Lures are very soft and resistant to the fish bite. It's perfect for river, lake, beach, boat, and ocean fishing. These soft worm lures have a thread type that is very convulsing and makes swimming actions to attract fish to bite. They enhanced with fish attractant to offer natural oils from live bait. Fish attractant causes fish to hold on longer for more positive hook sets. The Ned worm rig bait is one of the best ways to catch bass. It's easy to use for all levels of experience for catching smallmouth and largemouth bass. It is a great gift for fisherman to increase catches and have fun. If you are not satisfied with their fishing lure, please contact them. 3 months after-sales service is provided by them. Within 24 hours, their friendly and reliable customer service will respond to you.

Brand: Vmsixvm

👤The first time I got this rig wet, I caught a spotted bass. The lures float vertically from the nedrig and have a lot of movement. The material is flexible and stretchy. I think these lures should be kept separate from other plastic. Instructcome may have said that, but you know how we read instructions. In a good container. I am glad I bought them.

👤I am not a great fisherman but these make me better.

👤Do you want to catch crappie with every cast? Then purchase these.

👤A small largemouth bass was caught for about 20 minutes. Good quality rigs at a fraction of the cost.

👤There were zero pigs. I received 10 soft bate, but no rigs. The soft bait is decent, but without rigs.

👤I wouldn't get another box if they gave them away.

👤I am sure these baits will work just fine, I have not fished them yet.

10. RUNCL Anchor Box Triangular Shaped Streamlined

RUNCL Anchor Box Triangular Shaped Streamlined

It is easy to use 25 Pieces Swing Hands Craw baits in a rugged, re-usable Plano utility box, give them to try on your next outing, you will be glad you did. Silicone skirts are hand-tied with wire underneath and offer an increased sensitivity that allows you to feel every pebble and identify the lightest bites, and imitate a killer crawfish with an ultra realistic breathing presentation that will work wonders around your favorite rocky spots. The flipping jig has a triangular-shaped head with a flat bottom that allows for a fast fall. It's perfect for fishing around all types of hard cover, like rock, wood, boat docks and brush. The weedguard system allows the fipping jigs to move through vegetation without being hit by cover, and provides a great hook-up ratio. The Spike trailer keeper has a barbed keeper that holds soft trailers tightly and securely in place, and a sleek trailer keeper that helps expand the lifespan of it. Several eye catching colors produce bites in tough fishing situations. If you have a dark skirt, use a light-colored trailer and vice versa.

Brand: Runcl

👤There are 4 jigs for a low price. They are made from high quality materials. I was surprised when I got them. They were well packaged. They were in multiple colors. I am going to use the jigs for bass fishing and hope to catch some lunkers with them. I would recommend anyone to get a set of these jigs. The jigs on the market are all top quality.

👤I used these all weekend and caught bass. There are great skirts too. I've tried a lot of different jigs and the skirts always come off easily. These ones caught a lot of bass and are in great shape.

👤These are both quality and quantity. The skirts have movement in the water. The paint and pattern is good, the design is weedless, and the hooks are easy to use. I like them.

👤The price was good, but 2 weed gaurds came off of the 4 jigs I ordered. 1st jig The weed gaurd fell off my tackle box. The second jig-weed gaurd came off after I caught a small largemouth. I haven't used any of them yet.

👤I got 3 Swimming Jigs and one Football Jig. I told Runcl in an email that I had an issue. The customer service department does a great job.

👤It is a solid jig. My first cast was with a trailer. The skirt is also quality and the hook is good. The weedguard fell apart very quickly and isn't secured enough, which is the reason for lack of 5 stars.

👤The product has an amazing diversity in colors. The looks and quality are top notch. You can see they are still standing strong if you use them over the summer.

👤After 2 fish and a dozen cast the skirt just fell off the water, the bait was nice, travels good, only issue was after. The thread that was used to tie the skirt came undone. A rubber band skirt is a good bait.

👤El artculo lleg en tiempo, los materiales, el diseo, los colores y el acabado son excelentes.

11. Round Jig Heads Fishing Painted Jigheads Walleye Bass Crappie Fishing Assortment

Round Jig Heads Fishing Painted Jigheads Walleye Bass Crappie Fishing Assortment

The packing list has 44 jigs in 1 box. Customer service and email support are available 24 hours a day. If you have a problem, please contact their customer service. The Xfishman jig heads come in a 2-color paint job with black nickel sharp hooks. The baitholder on the jigs keeps soft baits from sliding down. Big eyes. This jig head has a bright eye that catches the attention of fish. Great eye, thump! It is easy to use for all levels of experience. It's great for crappie bluegillpanfish perch trout. A strong, sharp hook that will grab and hold on to during a fight is a must for any Fisher. You can't call your fishing arsenal complete until you have a few XFISHman 2-color round jig heads in your tackle box. You can choose from 5 colors: Firetiger, Orange Chartreuse, Pink Chartreuse, Blue White and Voodoo.

Brand: Xfishman

👤A lot of fish were caught on these jig heads. All the holes are open and the colors are great. Definitely recommend these and will be buying more.

👤The value on these is great. If the hook part of the line actually gets caught, the hooks are vulnerable as they tend to break instead of the line itself. It's not a bad thing that you don't have to replace a section of line. If it happens while you're fighting a larger fish, you might lose.

👤The hooks are sharp and the eyelets are free of paint.

👤Don't buy them because they are painted poorly.

👤I love these hooks. When I add jig tails to these hooks, I have had good luck.

👤These are high quality jig heads. The paint job is very good.

👤A crappie was caught after 10 minutes. Can't go wrong with this bait.


What is the best product for fishing jig heads for bass?

Fishing jig heads for bass products from Temorah. In this article about fishing jig heads for bass you can see why people choose the product. Booyah and Booyah are also good brands to look for when you are finding fishing jig heads for bass.

What are the best brands for fishing jig heads for bass?

Temorah, Booyah and Booyah are some of the best brands that chosen by people for fishing jig heads for bass. Find the detail in this article. Xfishman, Thkfish and Goture are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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