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1. Matrix Golden Eye Jig Head

Matrix Golden Eye Jig Head

The best jig head for soft plastic fishing lures. It is desired that the water be used for 1 to 6 feet. The fishing hook is made for fishing. TARGET use: speckled trout, redfish, snoozing, bass, Flounder and many other inshore fish. Use it with your swim baits. The trout magnets are these jigs. It's easy to rig. There is a locking pin on the hook. The Matrix fishing jigs are proven to work for freshwater or saltwater fishing. The Golden Eye Jig Head can be used with Matrix Shad, but you can also use other soft plastic lure. Fantastic no matter what lure you use. If you don't like their products, please contact them and they will give you a money back guarantee. Check out the rest of the matrix lineup for some of the best fishing line, lures, jig heads, and gear. It was created by the good folk at Matrix Shad and DockSide TV in Southern Louisiana to make sure you don't lose out. You can see their other products by searching for Matrix Shad.

Brand: Matrix Shad

👤I used this product for fishing on the Snake and Columbia rivers. We are fishing in the middle of winter. Will use them again as we get closer to spring.

👤It is not accurate. All 5 weighed less than 1 ounce.

👤These are realistic and durable. A get add for any person who fishes. I hope you can catch as many fish as I did.

👤The jig heads are awesome. The trout love them. I pair them with Matrix shrimp creole.

👤Jig heads are great, they hold up to everything from redfish to sheepshead.

2. Last Cast Tackle 4 1oz White

Last Cast Tackle 4 1oz White

There are 10 Jig Heads. Easy bait attachement is built in Barb. The structure was built with strong hooks. Great for both freshwater and saltwater fishing. There is a convenient storage case.

Brand: Last Cast Tackle

👤I thought it would be better at a buck twenty each. I give the paint a few bumps on the bottom or 2 fish before the rest of the paint goes. I should not have to repaint them. The barbs designed to hold the plastic on are pretty stupid, and on a couple of jig heads, they don't exist. The hooks are strong and seem decent. Not happy with the purchase, but not disappointed to send them back.

👤My father lost a fish at the boat before we could grab it. His jighead had no barbs. 2 of the 10 hooks had no barbs. Requesting a money back.

👤The jig heads I ordered were from Last Cast Tackle. They arrived the next day. The jig heads have a lot of the paint chipping off of them. Poor quality. Don't waste your money.

👤The jig weight is correct. The paint work is very basic. At some point, I'll probably repaint these.

👤I needed some white jig heads in the tackle box. I am more impressed with them than they are. Don't prefer lure heads with red dots. I will use but not my first choice. Quality is good.

👤I ordered a small one. They arrived as expected. Not a piece of paint. I have ordered the same size three times. I hope these will arrive in good condition. They chip easily. If they become chippy when shipped. How easy will it be to chip the rocks when fishing?

👤All of the jig heads were painted. There were two bags and no imperfect ones.

👤Jig heads were the worst I had ever seen.

3. Thkfish Fishing Saltwater Freshwater Swimbait

Thkfish Fishing Saltwater Freshwater Swimbait

It was manufactured and warrantied by the company. Jig heads with a bait holder are great for holding soft bait and keeping the swimbait nice and secure. The bait holders should fix that. Live minnow and artificial bait are both suitable. The extra length of the long suck hook is great for baits like long curved worms and whitebait. Premium durable material, quality craftsmanship and the mechanically-sharpened barbed hook point ensure a better penetration. The hook is the right size for bass or walleyes to get hooked in the roof of the mouth or upper lip instead of swallowing it. It's easy to extract the fish. The hook is very sharp. The ball jig heads are an extremely versatile fishing tackle, they can be used on a verious of fishing rigs,rig it with a craw trailer or other creature trailer and fish like a texas rig or flipping jig. If you want to fish like a swim jig, use a minnow or paddletail trailer. The weight is 1/6oz. 10 pieces/pack is included. Customer service and email support are included in the price. If you have a problem, please contact their customer support.

Brand: Thkfish

👤These babies have a good hook. Strong, but thin. The retaining wire does a nice job of holding the soft plastic in place even when the lures are resistance. The price is right and less than the brand names. These work as expected. A good basic jig.

👤After 2 small fish, the first hook was bent out. The next hook should tell you everything you need to know because it bent out on a snag instead of snapping at the leader line.

👤They are supposed to be in a pack of 10. I got 7.

👤Great baits for swimming.

👤We were supposed to be 10, but we were seven disappointed.

👤They tried to coat them with powder. The heads fell off. They wouldn't take the paint when we tried to heat them up a bit less. Won't buy again.

👤These 1/2 oz hooks are very similar. Two packs for fishing on a river. I was worried about the hook bending or being straightened. No bend or straightening of the hook, it holds the rubber twister tail very well. I have used buck tail patterns for walleye and they work very well. A rainbow was caught on bucktail. I was worried when fighting the fish that the hook might not fit. I inspected the hook after fish landed. It's still sharp, straight and true. After testing the origional purchase, I ordered two more packages. Will buy when I need more.

👤Sehr ungeeignete verpackung fr scharfe angelhaken. Da ist das paket an und die hlfte. Die bleikugeln ist immer immer, das ist immer richtige. Werde, I am so happy.

4. Temorah Fishing Freshwater Saltwater Assorted

Temorah Fishing Freshwater Saltwater Assorted

Sturdy double-eye design with premium high-carbon steel sharp hooks. A wide range of fish-attracting colors can be found in the paint finish. They promise that over 85% of jig have clear eyelets, they are easy to set up and will perform after cast. The color guide is sorted into white, black, pink, and orange. The color guide is divided into two tones: white and pink. The sizes of the hook are: 1/32oz - #6 hook, 1/8oz - #2 hook, 3/16oz - #1 hook, and1/2oz - #3/0 hook. Jig heads come in a container.

Brand: Temorah

👤The quality is good. A skirt was loaded with a fish. The hook snapping when retrieving from the fish was a problem. When using pliers to get the hook, it snapped in half. Looks good.

👤The jig heads from china are not very fair. The colors are good, but over painting closes some hook eyes and causes constant re-adjustment, which is why the single body barb is painted so much. Pass these by, do your own thing. The only way to get there is with the 888-405-7720 The Double Cross Jigheads with 2 barbs are the best. Save yourself money and frustration by ordering directly from them. There is a fair warning.

👤I needed to get some jig heads before I went fishing. Was surprised by them. I just bought another pack. They are my new go-to's. The 1/2oz was the perfect size. The boat was cast well and sank quickly in the afternoon with a lot of wake from other boats. The hooks were the best part. The lip was always stuck into it. They came out easy even when the bass tried to swallow them. The lime green heads were the most successful. I did best with the lime green colors. There is not much data to back that up.

👤I don't know if I should be saying that, but these should cost more. The quality is excellent. It is easy to get your line through the closed loop hole. The jig-head has eyes painted on it. The paint is good. I use these with a 4 inch swimming mullet or 5 inch soft plastic to catch fish. I prefer 1/2 ounce from shore.

👤The paint looks decent. There is a plastic box that is easily secured with a rubber band. The barb on the hook is small and may make it easier for a fish to get off. Not a bad purchase for the money.

👤Have not used them yet. 3 stars is enough. These seem decent. The package was cracked on arrival but they are just going in a tackle box so that's not a deal breaker. When the ice is off, I will update my review.

👤The paint on these jigs is not covering the eye's. 1/32nd has a hook. These are great for pinning a mealworm under a float.

👤Looks great! Quality craftsmanship, lots in a box, eyeholes are not painted over. Will get bigger soon.

👤J'aimerais, vous avons sais, un Tte de Jig qui a été un petit grosseur. The qui is comprised of an été cassé sur le cté. J'ai reu le tout ds l'enveloppe. J'imagine. It's not a problem, it's just the transport. The photos were sont l'appui. Les couleurs sont quand-mme trs belles. Merci. B+.

👤Jig hook was bent from thread pressure only. Jig is not a good choice for game fish such as trout over half a pound. I can bend the hooks with my fingers. It's sad that so many purchases on this site seem like bargin, and look good on arrival, but it's not. A waste of time and materials. I think I will give them to the kids.

5. VMC Dominator Tube Fishing Lure

VMC Dominator Tube Fishing Lure

The Hook is 4/0 Round Bend.

Brand: Vmc

👤The hooks work well in tube baits for large or small mouth bass.

👤Excellent quality and sticky.

👤The weight is concentrated at the eye of the hook and I like it. The fish seem to like a different presentation. It could be Texas rigged with flatter tubes.

👤The seller did not specify the quantity. It works out to about $2 per jig. It should not be more than 50 cents.

👤The hooks are sharp and work as expected.

👤I bought these 1/2 oz jigs to make stupid tubes for bass fishing. They worked well for this setup. Next will be 3/16 oz.

6. Z MAN Trout Jigs Tackle Gold

Z MAN Trout Jigs Tackle Gold

The Shroom Jig is one of the best ways to catch bass. 3D eyes for maximum attraction. The Mustad UltraPoint hooks are black. The conical keeper barbs are very sharp. Pair perfectly with Z-Man plastic. Each pack has 3 jigheads. It was made in the USA. There is a warning Cancer and reproductive harm can be found in California.

Brand: Z-man

👤The big eye is something I like. A lot. It appears to be strong and well made. I used a single jig head for the first time and caught a mix of reds,trout, rock bass, and other flats fish, and even though I had to remove it several times, it held up well and still looks fine. The reason for not giving 5 stars is that it is shorter than other jig heads I use on flats, but it did not seem to loose me any fish.

👤The Z-Man Trout Eye jigs are just plain work. Combine these jig heads with a Z-Man trout trick to catch speckled trout. There were 5 or 6 guys fishing this inlet on the Gulf of Mexico, but none of them caught anything. I didn't catch anything with fresh shrimp. I caught 2 big specks after I switched to the Trout Eye and a Trout Trick. I caught more specks in that spot than I had in all of my other trips combined.

👤I liked bouncing the jig head off the bank. I used it with the Z-Man Scented Jerk and it worked great. The wife was missing all the action with her Popping cork and live shrimp as I was catching fish. I tried to get her to change. She was stubborn. I caught 7 on that drop and she didn't. I don't do reviews often but this one deserves it. You will be happy if you get one.

👤The live shrimp was the only thing better than this jig for the Gulp Swimming Mulle. The only downfall is that it doesn't last long and if you leave it on the hook it will dry out. Highly recommended.

👤These are great jigs, they work with a wide range of soft plastic and soft plastic lures.

👤It works well with any bait. There were no issues with them.

👤Another great jig head. The plastic paddle tails work best with these jigs.

👤I purchased the other colors and they were better than expected.

7. Round Heads Fishing Saltwater Freshwater

Round Heads Fishing Saltwater Freshwater

100% satisfaction guarantee. Quality assurance and professional customer service are offered by their frog lures. Feel free to contact them at any time. Within 24 hours, their friendly and reliable customer service will respond to you. The Sharp Barb Fishing Hook is made of high strength fishing hook, solid and durable, super sahrp hook for better penetration. Hook eyelets are smooth and durable. The jig head is smooth. The big jig head hook eye allows for better connection to the fishing line. The jighead is designed with an anti-slip soft lure back hook to keep the lure in a right place and make it easier for fish to bite. The Round head jig is used in both freshwater and saltwater. It's perfect for Bass, Trout, Bluegill, and other species fish. 10PCS in 1 box, comes with a plastic fishing box. Please keep fishing hooks away from children.

Brand: Jiatai Fishing

👤The best jighead on the market.

👤The hooks are so thin and break so easily that I'm not going to use them.

👤These ball jig heads are wonderful. I hope they stay on Amazon.

👤I bought these to practice powder coating. Hooks are sharp. Set your drag because they are light wired. I haven't bent any yet.

👤The hook is small and it comes out of a trout trick.

👤The hooks I bought to jig in saltwater are not good for big snook or jack.

👤4inch baits don't work well with a hook shank.

👤Exactly what the picture looks like, and very happy with the purchase!

8. Swimbait Saltwater Flats Realistic Heads

Swimbait Saltwater Flats Realistic Heads

There is a convenient storage case. The leaded head of the jig heads gives them the perfect look of a real fish. The head has a double anti-slide annelure on the stem. It will fit perfectly for all your shads and give them a very attractive rolling swim. Jig heads function and occasion ultra is versatile and is suitable for all fishing techniques. There are 5 different sizes of fishing lure. Jig heads in 5 packs. Different weight for different water or different fish. The Sharp Hook Jigheads are used for theUtilisation of:Sandre,Black Bass,Truite,Lieu,Morue,Bar-Loup. And so on. Sincerely service. They will reply to you within 24 hours if you have any problems. Please keep away from children.

Brand: Jiatai Fishing

👤Nice hook. Good for using with plastic lures.

👤The plane jig is great. head The bait can sit on the bottom of the lake or bay if the lead head is wider. When it is sitting, Kicks the back up for action. You can color them as you please. We used nailpolish. The color can be re-done. I haven't seen any better fish catching using the polish.

👤I use a 1 ounce jig head for Striper fishing. I add fish eyes to my jig head. Work well. Strong and sharp hooks are what they are.

👤Excellent quality and weight. Can't wait for my husband to try them out. Highly recommended!

👤Can't wait to use them.

👤Product was described. It works well.

👤It's a good value to add to your collection.

9. Reaction Tackle Flipping Jigs Black

Reaction Tackle Flipping Jigs Black

Two per pack is what the flipping jigs come with. The flipping jigs are an excellent way to catch fish. There are fewer hang ups and less weeds in led flipping jigs, which makes them better for getting fish in the boat. Their fishing weights are diamond polished and have a high quality paint. 99% lead and 99% tin free! Lead weights are larger and more sensitive.

Brand: Reaction Tackle

👤These are small and nice. The jig is made into a nice little package by the reduction of the overall size. The fall rate should increase the reaction strike. I didn't have any issues after pitching this all day. The hooks are heavy duty but not ridiculous.

👤The weed guard is a little far away from the hook point so it does not hang as well as other brands of jigs, but I straightened out the hook on 2 already, I use 40lb braid and 20lb flourocarbon leader with a 7 foot heavy rod, and the weed guard I'm not upset about it because it's for the price and I'm Tungsten. I could not have done it without bending the hooks out.

👤It was very well made. It was nice for punching through the lighter cover. The weedless guard is not stiff like some brands. More fish get hooked. Will order more in the future.

👤I have been using these for a while with a skinny craw trailer and they catch the bass and are very durable.

👤I have never felt a jig so sensitive. The soft weed guard makes for easy hook sets. In the first 20 min., I landed 2 bass each over 3 lbs. The paint started to chip off after about an hour, which is not bad since I was dragging it across. The small profile makes it easier to skip. The overall weight is the only issue I have. 1/2 oz is about half the size of a trailer.

👤I love these! It's compact and awesome.

👤The flipping jigs are great. I bought a bunch more after I caught a lot of fish.

👤Perfecto! Muy bueno punching ligero. There is a Compre el de 1 onza.

👤It's perfect for someone who likes fishing.

10. Strike King TGSSJ38 234 Grade Fishing

Strike King TGSSJ38 234 Grade Fishing

A balanced swimming head. The needlepoint hook is black. It's great for targeting Largemouth, Smallmouth, and Spotted Bass.

Brand: Strike King

👤I like the idea of this swim jig since I fish bass in Florida. The eyes, jig head, skirt, and EWG hook are all good quality. The hook on the 3/8 ounce model looks to be a superline EWG hook. I am very pleased with this swim jig. I recommend scarring the hook eye if you fish with straight braid.

👤The skirts are excellent. The hook is about 5 to 6 degrees. The line tie needs some work. Good and bad reviews have been seen by me. Nothing lasts forever. I am looking forward to putting these in the juice soon with some Strike King swimbait trailers.

👤This is the best on the market, close to the jackhammer chatterbait. The weedless presentation is the best part. Comes through the weeds. Burn it and stop it.

👤I have a rod that I tie to one of these swim jigs. I love these. Weedless action.

👤It works like a charm. I love it! Fast shipping.

👤The big boys were caught by a solid hook. I love the colors black and blue.

11. Fishing Lures Heads Double Assorted

Fishing Lures Heads Double Assorted

1/32 oz-#6, 1/16 oz-#4, 1/6 oz- #1, 1/6 oz- #2, 1/2 oz- #3, 1/6 oz- #3, 1/6 oz- #2, 1/6 oz- #3, 1/6 oz- #2, 1/6 oz- #3, 1/6 oz- #2, 1/6 You can get the best quality with the best price in a bulk pack. 3d fishing eyes make it look like a real fish. Baking after spray-painting is a brilliant stable assortment of colors. Including seven processes. The fishing jig head has a premium solid and durable body design. The tip hook is strong. You could get your bait to the target with the sharper hook.

Brand: Merlaxy

👤I got a 1/32 ounce for trout, crappie, and other panfish. I will tie my own jigs during the winter. The points are very sharp and easy to scratch. The hook eye is not covered with paint and the wire strength is good, my 4lb test line will snap first before the hook will bend out. There are many color combinations for presentations. I'm happy with my purchase and it's good value.

👤I used these to catch crappie. They worked well. The hook eyes were full of head material and had to be cleaned to get a line through them.

👤The product looks good but the hook size is small and the description is not descriptive.

👤Terrible, terrible, terrible. I opened the box and it was clear that the open container for the jig heads was strewn around. I did not receive all of the pieces I paid for. Several of the jig heads were not good. I would give 0 stars, but it wouldn't let me.

👤Bass fishing hooks and Jig heads are included in the MERLAXY Fishing Lures. We ordered the lures because we couldn't find them in our area.

👤Lots of jigs, sharp hooks and clear eyes, a great price.

👤The jig heads appear to be good quality and the price is good. There are a lot of these in the river. Just need to try them out.

👤Small hooks are not sharp. Throw these out and buy a better brand. This is what I get when I try to save a buck.

👤I haven't used them yet. Good size and quality.

👤Today, I received a package of jigs. Jigs seem to be of good quality. Paint is easy to apply. Strong and sharp hooks are what they are. Will be ordering more.

👤Many trout were caught with these hooks.

👤Petit plus beau sur la photo


What is the best product for fishing jigs 3/8?

Fishing jigs 3/8 products from Matrix Shad. In this article about fishing jigs 3/8 you can see why people choose the product. Last Cast Tackle and Thkfish are also good brands to look for when you are finding fishing jigs 3/8.

What are the best brands for fishing jigs 3/8?

Matrix Shad, Last Cast Tackle and Thkfish are some of the best brands that chosen by people for fishing jigs 3/8. Find the detail in this article. Temorah, Vmc and Z-man are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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