Best Fishing Kayak Accessories for Rail

Accessories 9 Dec 2022 10+ Comments Open

1. RAILBLAZA Holder MiniPort Track Mount

RAILBLAZA Holder MiniPort Track Mount

The kayak rod holder can be used to position the fishing rod. Rod Holder II is compatible with fishing equipment. The collar helps prevent theft. The rotation could be of a degree. The MiniPort is tool-less and has a small design.

Brand: Railblaza

👤This product is pretty good. I have it on my car. If you don't secure your bait/hook to the pole's eye, the bait will wander around your pole making it a chore to unwrap. I can store my rod in more of a horizontal position with this holder, since I don't have to unwrap my string from the pole.

👤It falls from the rail on my acend 12t. I bought a few. I know how to install it. I went kayaking for fathers day and the rail attachment was not secured. Gone. One use. Try a different brand.

👤I like that this rodholder can be used in a variety of combinations. The miniport works with a lot of Rail Blaza products so it's not limited to just the rodholder. The rodholder has a twistlock feature that I like better than the strap-style locks. The knob cannot be moved to the other side.

👤I had to return it because it didn't work for my rod, but it was well made and strong.

👤Very strong! If you want to take out all of the wiggle, you should reinforce the rail on your kayak because the rod holder will be more sturdy than it is.

👤It's easy to Mount up. The rod is held great. I like how it keeps it out.

👤La alta calificacin por la calidad tienen no lo he usado.

👤Great product. Works on different types of reels. Fly reels are used for spinning, casting, and other activities.

2. YakAttack GT175 Generation GearTrac Heavy Duty

YakAttack GT175 Generation GearTrac Heavy Duty

The kayak mount track is designed for harsh marine environments. Medium- heavy duty application for aluminum construction. No backside access is required for the topside installation. The hardware is compatible with 1/2 wide track hardware. Wd X 1-3/4" Lg. Their Built for Life Guarantee protects you from defects.

Brand: Yakattack

👤I bought the longest ones I could and then cut them in half, I used my dremel to round off the cut edges, they are good quality pieces, but the price is insane to offset it.

👤I am very happy with the product. It is made from aluminum. I was a little worried that it would be soft and not be strong enough to hold up under use, but I found it to be more than adequate and ready to use. The rails still look brand new after being set up and taking down every accessory on my kayak. There was no sign of wear on them. It's easy to cut to a custom length with a compact hacksaw, one of the plusses of the lighter metal. You can round the corners of your cut by rubbing the metal on the concrete until you get the shape you want. I ordered six of these and cut them to the sizes I wanted before mounting them all over my kayak. Don't forget to use a good quality silicone in the screw holes, so you don't end up with leaks in your boat. I've been very pleased with Marine Goop. I have a rail wherever I want it. I ordered an extra rail to keep in my bag so I can modify it if I find another spot where I want a rail. After a full season of kayaking, I have no bad things to say about this product and would purchase it again. I'll update this review if that ever changes.

👤The track boards on my kayak are old and not very good. I think they're a good choice. The boards that came with the kayak didn't allow dual T bolt mounts to hold heavy rods. The tracks bolted to the top of the board improved the sturdiness and allowed use of the full length of track. It comes with small screws for mounting, but that was the only downside for me. For me, it was better to buy the bolts with washers and nuts. Since there are 16 holes and I had 2, it was necessary to spend more money to make it right. I think they are a good purchase, even though they are a bit spendy.

👤The mounting of rod holders and other boating accessories is very convenient because of the "T" headed bolts. You can easily remove items that are secured using this system. If you have something that you want to use, you can loosen the bolts and slide it off the track, then tighten it up when you want to use it. Works for many items. I never realized how useful it was until I had a kayak. The strongest system is made of aluminum.

👤This is a fairly easy to install system. The included self tapping screws can be used to drill the pilot holes. Before putting the screws in, be sure to put a little aqua seal on the holes or on the threads. This is a great way to attach lightweight accessories. In situations where my mounts are already spoken for, I have positioned my VisiCarbon Pro to accept it. The flag doesn't need the strength of a mount or trac.

3. Yakattack Track Mount Vertical AAP 1025

Yakattack Track Mount Vertical AAP 1025

The easy-knot trolley ring snaps into the base of the LeverLoc when not in use. The Bolt base is included, but the GearTrac is not. It's compatible with most factory installed track systems. It can also be used with bungee. The construction is marine grade.

Brand: Yakattack

👤I have never had an issue with the products. I feel that they deliver constant quality on everything I own. I use these on the accessory rails of my Sea Ghost to hold my kayak cart in place during transport as well as to clip shock cord tethers on for cameras and fishing gear in case of an accidental spill over the side. I wouldn't use them to secure a kayak during vehicle transport as they are just plastic and a t-bolt attachment to a rail. They work perfectly as a quick attachment point.

👤I bought a lot of gear for a kayaking trip down the Delaware water gap and it added some of the rediculously priced gear track to my radar. I could put more gear on the top of the yak. These were great for threading my straps.

👤Another great accessory! The value is great. I tie gear down on my kayak. It's easy to install. You can still wrap your bungee cords around the notch. I love the idea of being versatile.

👤The basic concept suited my needs and I was able to tether my crate to a kayak. I could not find any better options at the time.

👤They help secure my black pack on my gear track. They are used to carry my kayak. It holds my kayak in place if I put the straps through them.

👤Currently using straps. Will hold a light to medium weight cooler in place. Not sure about a heavy cooler. I may try a controlled inversion if the weather is good. The review will be updated with results.

👤I used them to run my strap through for my kayak cart. It works perfectly in the tracking system. They hold up very well once they are tightened down.

👤My Jackson Coosa HD has a nice addition. These fit in the rear tank well gear track and hold my pelican cooler. Everything I have ever bought from the yak attack has left me completely satisfied. Excellent quality and thought out products.

👤It doesn't fit larger hooks or rope well, but it's otherwise good.

👤Estn hechos con un material resistente.

4. Scotty 310 BK Holder Bulkhead Gunnel

Scotty 310 BK Holder Bulkhead Gunnel

Includes a track-bolt. There is a drink holder for cans, coffee mugs and insulated sleeves. There is a rack to hang lures and tools. The Bulkhead/Gunnel mount is included.

Brand: Scotty

👤I bought these cup holders because they were an affordable alternative to the $40 rail-mounted cup holder that I used on my kayak. I expected this item to be mountable to the rails on my kayak but it's my fault. The cup holder is too large for cans, even with a cozy/insulator, but it works well enough so that your can doesn't spill over. There is a slight wobble in the cup holder after it is mounted. It doesn't affect performance, but it is worth mentioning for those who are picky. I did not want to drill holes in my kayak. I attached the board to the kayak with a bungee cable. I am happy with the purchase. I like Scotty brand products. I think this cup holder is the best product for kayaks. Enjoy!

👤As it deepens, I wish it didn't stop. I allow my water bottle to go most of the way in, but it flops around because of the taper.

👤I trimmed the top off to fit on my compass and it turned out great, the plastic is very strong and difficult to trim.

👤The screws were used instead of rivets. My boyfriend has a kayak. He loves it! It was easy to install and sturdy. If you need to remove the cup holder, you can.

👤For my purposes, this is a way to wide cup holder. I put coffee in it and when I pushed my kayak into the water it tipped. Coffee cups that are tall would not work like tervis or yeti. Maybe the 30oz would fit better. Small coffee mugs or Nagelene bottles might do. Cheap foam inserts might help. I am disappointed.

👤When I ordered the kayaks, I was expecting them to allow a water bottle or YETI drink on board.

👤This cup holder is great for holding the jigs in my kayak. I mounted the cup holder to the Scotty mount by cutting apart the old one and drilling holes through it to make it fit. I didn't use the included adapter for my application.

👤Pro- It would be very functional once installed. Con- It doesn't fit into the tracks that it suggests. I'm not going to drill holes into my kayak just for a cupholder because it looks like it's mounted on it's own with screws. I wish the description was more clear.

👤Sturdy and strong. It's easy to install. The cup part slides off, so I don't damage it during transport or storage. There is a horizontal water bottle holder in front of my kayak. It's nice to have a vertical holder for cans.

👤This is what I was looking for. I put it on the deck of my kayak. It snaps onto the place. I will not be able to paddle with it for another three months, but I bought a second one for our other kayak already.

👤It worked out as expected. It was easy to install and hold the coffee mug. I didn't use screws because I didn't think it was a long term solution.

5. Anndason Fishing Holders Handles Hardwares

Anndason Fishing Holders Handles Hardwares

Has the ability to be mounted directly to a kayak. The package includes a handle, 6 screws, paddle drip rings, and 2 fishing rod holders. Side Mount Carry Handles are approx 27.5-5.25 cm and fishing boat rod holders are approx 19 cm. The material is strong and durable. It's lightweight and portable. It is easy to install and use.

Brand: Anndason

👤The first time I installed these rod holders, I had to figure out the best way to fit them in with the angle hole. The second pair was easy to install. Take your time and think about it. I do have the ability to figure things out, but I'm not experienced at this. I needed a drill, screwdriver, and a sanding attachment. The place where it's going to be installed had to be flat so that the screws could be tightened by hand. I bought the handles on Amazon and installed them with waterproof rivets to reduce stress on the kayak. The rivet holes fit perfectly with a 4.9mm bit. I replaced the screws on the rod holders with watertight rivets after redid the sealant. I felt they'd be more secure. If you're going to use carbineers, don't put the pad eye too close to the rod holders, since it will be more difficult to clip them.

👤Excellent quality. The bonus paddle holder is a nice feature. Rod holders will work well. They will catch on things if you use screws. Would suggest a locking nut for the hardware. Ehat could not catch a single thread because he was too short. Bolts with a fender washer inside and locking nuts are used.

👤Picked up an Emotion plane on sale. The kayak needed to have fishing rod holders. The Spitfire is an entry level Kayak so you will have to add more accessories. The set was fairly priced. I was able to install the handle straps and rod holders after some drilling and cutting. It was easy to install. The equipment was sturdy and good quality. It was all done on a budget. The local lakes and rivers are ready for kayaking.

👤This is a review of the huge discount you get when you buy this combo. The handles were easy to install, I decided to get a rivet gun and aluminum trifold rivet rather than use well nuts to mount all the anchoring points, so far the handles have worked fine getting it up on the roof rack, the rod holders haven't really been tested but the caps If you are like me and need the extra handles or rod holders, you can get this combo pack, even if you just want the rod holders, you can replace flimsy bow and stern handles with deck mounted options, or just keep them around as spare parts.

👤The kit is nice. The quality looks great. The bolts are too short and don't work unless you have access to the yak to put the nut on the bolt. I was able to use the screws. I got the handles mounted with the help of pop rivets. I would recommend buying this set, but you will need to get pop rivets or longer bolts to mount the handles.

👤The configuration of the kayak's sidewall wouldn't work, so I couldn't mount the handles on the kayak. Not 100% universal. Rod holders were easy to mount.

👤The fishing rod holders are not damaged. The hardware is useless. Bolts are long enough to go through a kayak. I paid for hardware that can't be used, so it's frustrating to have to replace it.

6. YakAttack Gear GTSL90 Mounting Track

YakAttack Gear GTSL90 Mounting Track

It fits the standard Kayak accessory tracks. It is designed for harsh marine environments. Patent pending design has superior surface mount stability. It is compatible with 1/2 wide track hardware. It is designed for light to medium duty applications.

Brand: Yakattack

👤I got these to hold the paddle holders that came with my yak. The only thing I would say is that you will need well nuts for them, it would have been nice if they came with them. If they had me, I would rep these guys to the end of the earth.

👤I decided not to use it.

👤Love the small size. I had a custom motorcycle gps mount concept that I needed this for. It works very well.

👤Works as intended. It was well constructed.

👤It is easy to install and works well.

👤There is a great line of equipment. You get what you pay for with fast service.

7. Scotty Anchor Lock Side Mount

Scotty Anchor Lock Side Mount

While their products are manufactured overseas, they offer design and testing. Their design and testing was done in the United States. Their USA customer service team is here to help you with any questions you may have. Their top priority is your satisfaction. An anchor lock system for small boats. Roller bearing for smooth operation. The combination side/deck mount is included in the Scotty anchor lock model. The lock and release action allows anchor line adjustments. For use with rope that is not included. The dimensions of the Mount are 4” x 2” x 2.

Brand: Scotty

👤I don't think it's a good idea to not include the hardware you need to install this item. The backing plate is required to install. I bought extra tie downs for both of my yaks and they came with everything needed, but I think it will cost me 6-7 dollars more to milk them. I'm going to install this after I order the backing plate, but if it makes life so easy while fishing I'll never buy another Scotty product. It didn't come with everything you need to install on your boat, that's on me. Never again!

👤This is easy to install and remove from my kayak. The invention can change angles. The anchor can be put through the anchor lock by raising the line and letting the rope slide through it. It's almost as easy to retrieve anchor. Pull the line up with two hands. Just have a line management system that will keep the line free and clear.

👤It was perfect for what I was looking for. Will help anchor the kayak and stay out of my way.

👤If I ever flipped, I used to have my anchor and rope sitting around my feet inside my hull, which seemed like a dicey proposition. I would have to throw the anchor over and tie it off when I wanted to use it. All I have to do is tug on my anchor line and let it fall to the bottom. I wish I'd bought it a long time ago. I've had no issues using this with an anchor. It's easy to install.

👤I put this on my 2020 Hobie fishing kayak and have been using it every time since, even though the picture in the sales looks different. I will not go out without it. I'm anchored so I'm able to catch fish when the tides are flowing in or out. I'm very happy with my purchase.

👤I find Scotty products to excel. It's perfect for the front of my boat. I can raise or lower the front anchor from the back of the boat. It's important for a 63 year old with disabilities. Highly recommended.

👤I put 2 of these anchor locks on my jon boat. They are great. I can operate both from my seat. They were easy to install. They can be easily removed to accommodate the boat cover and are easy to adjust to. I've had other anchor pulleys, but none as efficient as these.

👤The product is very well made and I was a little skeptical at first. I haven't installed it yet. I ran a rope through it and it worked as advertised. The price is high but it does a good job and is very simplistic. The top part detaches from the base so that you can replace it. I think this was a good purchase.

👤It works perfectly. The kayak is a little big. It will work.

👤Very pleased with the item. Thank you.

👤Erster Eindruck ist. Im Verarbeitungsqualitt ist hohe. Is it possible to be leicht and montieren? In der Praxis, das ist sonstig.

8. RUBY Q Fishing Adjustable Reinforced Christmas

RUBY Q Fishing Adjustable Reinforced Christmas

This fishing rod holder can be used on boats, kayaks, canoe, pier, dock handrail and so on. It is a best gift for those who enjoy fishing. The high-quality Clamp. The set includes a couple of boat holders. The max opening is 1.8 inches. The fishing rod holder gives you convenience while fishing. The rod holder is easy to install. All types of rods are accommodated by the open end grip design. You can choose to have it surface mounted or rail mounted. The degree of adjustment is 360. Fishing rods can be adjusted to any orientation by adjusting two screw joints. It was designed as a multi-function rod holder for a wide range of uses from spinning, casting to spin cast and so on. Eco-friendly Material The fishing boat rod holder is made of high quality and eco-friendly material and constructed with high impact resistant heavy duty ABS. High impact resistant construction is what it is. The construction is easy to hold on the boat or kayaks. There are great fishing rod holders. It has metal hardware.

Brand: Ruby-q

👤They're made great. The value is great. Would buy again.

9. RAILBLAZA Holder MiniPort Track Mount

RAILBLAZA Holder MiniPort Track Mount

You can get a Value Pack at a great price. One should be on your belt loop and the other in your tackle box. On rainy days, bring a few. Share with someone you care about. There are many popular colors for the bait towel. Rod holder for spinning reels, bait casting reels or fly reels. Strong with fiberglass reinforced plastic. The rotation could be of a degree. The MiniPort is tool-less and has a small design. It's compatible with all the kayak tracks.

Brand: Railblaza

👤I did a lot of research before I decided on the Rail Blaza versatrack. The mini port track mount is versatile and can accept many accessories. It's easy to put on and take off. I have used it a few times, and I can see that it is not used for trolly. I wouldn't trust the lock system to a big fish. The honest description of the product made me aware of what I was getting into. The rubber washer on the bass was too thick to allow it to slide into the track. Is it possible that it was designed to work securely with other railblaza tracks? No big deal either way. The rod holder does what it's intended to do, it has a strap to secure the pole. I wouldn't trust it to a big fish, but it's fine for securing your pole as you paddle to the next spot, because the entire system isn't super sturdy.

👤Not happy with the product. The plastic locking feature on this product is weak and I lost it in the water when I first ran on the lake. The pole in holder fell into the water when I grabbed my pole to set the hook, after I set the lock, pole in holder and fish on my line. Gone! The Railblaza with starport HD base has a more solid locking feature than the other holder. Shame on me for not buying a second one. Which I will do now.

👤I bought three different rod holders to see how they would work on my kayak. I returned the item because it came in last place. The track mount is hard to screw or remove. I had to use pliers to loosen it and then tighten it on my wider track system. It was difficult to unlatch the locking mechanism that held the rod holder onto the track mount. The rod holder has a rubber strap that I use to lock my rods. The spinning and baitcasting rods were not in the holder. I found the Omega Rod holder to have a superior design.

👤The first time I took the flat nut off my yak, it fell off. Went right in the murky water and vanished. It is screwed on and too easy to pull off. 1/3 of what I paid for the whole unit is the cost of a new nut. If you have one of these, it's on there! The screw off nut on this is a failure. The nut on the mounts is crimped on. Not going to lose that!

👤This item is not easy to adjust. The angle of the holder is the only adjustment that can be made. The only way to change it is to remove the holder from the star adapter and replace it with a new one. The only way to lock the rod in place is with a rubber band. It looks like it can hold a rod.

👤The rubber that comes with the product on the bottom doesn't last and the clip that holds it together is terrible.

10. Scotty 284 BK Baitcaster Spinning Holder

Scotty 284 BK Baitcaster Spinning Holder

Simply pay shipping of the component and it will be guaranteed for 1 year. The cradle has a baitcaster reel in it. The sides of the rod holder can be easily cleared by pistol grip rod butts. The holder has a strap which snaps over the top of the rod. The package weight is 3 pounds.

Brand: Scotty

👤I don't know why I waited so long to add these. It takes about 2 minutes to install. If you don't like the location, you can just move them around until you are happy. I like the fact that I can leave the base in place when I am not fishing or putting my cover on. I troll for pike a lot and these are holding up well. Since installing these, we have hooked up roughly 60 times.

👤The Scotty system has worked well on my pontoon boat. Most pieces are interchangeable out of the box. I have several sockets that I install and then install rod holders or cup holders. I have a bait board with a fish on it. I did not deduct a star for it, but I did have a complaint about the attachment being too snug into the sockets. My cup holders and rods are held in there well, but they do move around a bit when installed. When travelling from one fishing spot to another, I use my rod holders to keep the poles out of the way. I haven't used them to hold the rod. I can use this with a spinning reel and baitcaster.

👤For the first time, I trolled these. It worked out perfectly. It is very easy to use and install. It works on 1 1/2 inch rails.

👤I am happy with the holders. The security strap is easy to flip on and give you added security to talk away from the rod. The issue was that the holders fit into the mount facing the water, so you could potentially knock them out of the holder. The holder is facing away from the water. They are small. I looked at a lot of holders, and these are the best in my opinion, second only to the ones I returned, but I'll take the security of the features of those.

👤This is a great item. I bought two of them for my rods and they do a great job. I didn't give 5 stars because they are very tight and difficult to remove the holders from the bases when packing up my pontoon. I will probably have to sand down the stem that mounts into the holder so that they won't be so difficult to remove.

👤Excellent product. The locks are tight. The 1 1/2'' square rail was perfect for the # 243. It is worth the money. It worked well for freshwater trolly from the side of the boat. Quickly remove from base.

👤The rail mount fits snug on the pontoon rail and the rod holder fits securely in the rail mount. They are easy to use. It won't hurt your rails. The pontoon cover can fit easily if the holder is removed from the mount. We already had one of Scotty's rod holders, so we bought 4 more. Customer service from Scotty is amazing. I received a phone call after I email Scotty's. It was very pleasant and helpful. These rod holders will make fishing even more enjoyable.

11. YakAttack SSO 1001 MultiMount Cup Holder

YakAttack SSO 1001 MultiMount Cup Holder

A multi-functional cup holder. It was built to stand the harsh marine environments. It is compatible with any boat.

Brand: Yakattack

👤I needed to find a solution because my kayak didn't have a cup holder. I had to use a track mounted cup holder because there weren't many places that I could put one. There weren't many options. I decided to spend a bit more and pick up the cup holder, because I didn't want to spend a lot. This is a good cup holder. The plastic is strong, the mounting bracket is nice and it is big. When I saw how big it was, I was a bit nervous. There was a chance the drink could fall out. I can tell you that it holds a drink perfectly. It's a little wide, but it's also tall so you don't have to worry about a drink falling out. It is large enough that you can put a wide variety of drinks in it. The size is the one con about this. I had to make sure it was in the right spot in my track, because the size is a pro also. If it was in the wrong place, you could hit it with your paddle. Everything was fine after it was decided where it needed to go. This is a great cup holder. Don't buy something cheap and buy something different.

👤This is a great hydration solution, it fits into the gear tracks and is good quality, but I am concerned that it leans to one side when tightened, so you will need to buy a container wide enough that wont wobble in there. I would recommend this product.

👤I'm not sure if this is a problem at the manufacturers or if the seller is not inspecting returned items. When I ordered the item, it arrived in an obviously used condition, scratches all over and 2 screws were stripped, making a rattling noise when I shook it. I asked for a replacement. The replacement had a stripped screw. The screws are loose and unable to be tightened, and you can see that in the photos I attached. I would love this item, it's large and would fit any cup, if not for the screw issue.

👤It was in good condition when it arrived. The plastic in the cup can be recycled, it has a track and a connection to the Yak. The blue cup was not included for that price. The small print cup is not included. The blue cup and only three stars were misleading.

👤I bought this cup holder for my boat. The cup holder is on the gear track. The cup holder was not budged even in rough windy conditions. Installation and removal are easy. Just put the gear track stud into the gear track, slide to the desired position, twist the cup holder until the rubber grommet is tight on the rail. The grooves in the cup holder make it easy to hang a lure while you swap one out. It's possible that a drain hole could be used. The cup holder is made for cans and water bottles. I don't think my yeti cup is a perfect fit. A great job is done by a person who serves a purpose.


What is the best product for fishing kayak accessories for rail?

Fishing kayak accessories for rail products from Railblaza. In this article about fishing kayak accessories for rail you can see why people choose the product. Yakattack and Yakattack are also good brands to look for when you are finding fishing kayak accessories for rail.

What are the best brands for fishing kayak accessories for rail?

Railblaza, Yakattack and Yakattack are some of the best brands that chosen by people for fishing kayak accessories for rail. Find the detail in this article. Scotty, Anndason and Yakattack are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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