Best Fishing Line Braid 15lb

Braid 28 Jun 2022 10+ Comments Open

1. J BRAIDX8 Filler Spool Dark Green

J BRAIDX8 Filler Spool Dark Green

Carrier Dyneema Braid. A smooth round profile line is more sensitive than other lines. It's the best choice for fishing. The chartreuse line is highly visible and helps detect movement.

Brand: Daiwa

👤This line is not a good choice for me because I use it on a spinning reel. It is very supple, but it leads to a lot of wind knots and loops on the spool. I can tell you that using a 1/2 or sometimes 3/8 oz jighead is not good for fishing off the beach. There are too many wind knots. Good for strength. I think it is great for a baitcast reel. The price is great for the application.

👤A quality braid at a good price. I have been using 832 for a long time. This handling line is very similar to the Sufix. The strength ratings and order by diameter are different than the line weight. If you like how 10lb 832 handles, you may like 15lb J-Braid. It will be more supple than regular PowerPro. Line twist and tip wrapping will happen with lighter offerings. The color held up well in comparison to other braids. I will be using the Daiwa braid on all my spinning applications.

👤Sufix 832 and Power Pro are my favorites. I thought I'd give it a try. It feels very soft and supple. The problem is something that therein likes. I have never seen a line that likes to knot and tangle like this one. There is no untangling it once there is a knot. It feels great on the spool, but once you put it on a reel, it becomes a problem.

👤The 20lb J-braid was bought. Very happy with it. The thickness is about 6lb mono. The braid is smooth. I don't think it will cut my finger when I whip. I don't use gloves on my finger. I whip with 1oz lead or bubble floaters. I like to watch the different colors when I cast, which gives me an idea of how far I am casting. I haven't had any wind knots yet. The braid is more sensitive because it has no stretch. I have not had any problems with the braid cutting or fraying. I break my line when my lead or hook gets stuck on the reef. The color bleeds a little. If you run your fingers on the line, it will make a colored line on your fingers. It is a great line and looks great.

👤The J braid is used on many of my reels. After trying to get it back, I put this 15 lbs on a new feugo lt 4000 and it broke 3 times in a row. Not even on the hookset. It looked fuzzy the last time I looked at it. There is a There were no cracks on the guide and it had a manufacturing flaw. How did it get past Q/A? To get a refund you have to ship it back. How do I get that back? Half of it is in the water.

👤Great hair. I have 50 and 80lb on different reels and like them better than Power Pro. It's very thin and sensitive, but also a lot more smooth than PP. It's fairly priced for the amount you're getting compared to other braids.

2. KastKing Extremus Braided Fishing 150Yds

KastKing Extremus Braided Fishing 150Yds

Superior Tensile Strength is built for extreme fishing conditions. The braided fishing line is made of MultiTuf fibers. The actual break strength under the test environment is more than the labeled strength, giving you ultimate confidence in fresh water and saltwater fishing conditions. Extremus braided line uses apetroleum derivative based coating that is the best for preventing water absorption and color fading, unlike other braid line brands that use water-based dyes. Extremus braided fishing line is made for fishing around hard structure and is extremely abrasion resistant. The KastKing Extremus braided line is available in consistent line strengths from 6 to 80 lbs, but with the equivalent of lines from 1 to 20 lbs. Extremus braided fishing lines are extremely sensitive. You can cast farther, feel the faintest bites even with heavier lines, and have the confidence to land a large fish. The knot strength is an added bonus. The bioSpools are made with wheat straw and are an extra benefit to the environment. BioSpool will reduce landfill bulk by decomposing naturally. Extremus will allow you to go fishing to the next level.

Brand: Kastking

👤If you're looking for a braided line stop here and by the biggest spool you can get, this line is for you. I have been using this line for almost 4 years now and I have found everything I need in the Pacific Northwest with it. I have never had a problem with it. 65lb superpower braid is my go to braid. If the extremists braid, I have a spool. I have a new favorite. The line might be a little bigger. It will do any other thing on the marked. I have power pro, spider wire, and Sufix. If you are running a bait caster or a level wind, it is an advantage to have it non coated. I don't have to say anything bad about it. Don't ever look back and buy all you can.

👤I have been buying Power Pro braided lines for a long time. The Power Pro Super 8 Slick was purchased two months ago. I had problems with wind knots after purchasing 300 yds. I used a plain Power Pro braid surf rod the same time I used the Super 8 Slick and did not experience any wind knots. I spent a lot of time removing wind knots and line because of the wind knots. I read good things about KastKing and decided to try it out. The KastKing Extremus is just as strong as Power Pro and you can keep more of your money if you choose to. I didn't experience wind knots like I did with Power Pro Super 8 Slick. I will never return to Power Pro.

👤I will post a review on 13th. I don't know much about how it holds up after extended use. It runs smoothly on my spinning reels. It looks amazing contrasting my red and black rods. I stress tested the braid in the garage and it is tight. Let's see how the snakeheads do against this braid.

👤The line cast is very strong. I use a swim jig and it works well. Will order more if it's a different lbs test. Thanks.

👤It worked for two weeks. The line went bad. Three fish were lost in a row. The fish would end up with my hook, line and anything else that was part of my rig if the line broke between me and the fish. Three fish are in a row. I used this line for two weeks and it worked great. The line is not strong on the fourth fishing trip. For the rest of the day, switch to my backup pole. I put Spiderwire Braid back on after removing the Kast King line. The Spiderwire doesn't rot after two weeks of use and three fishing trips. Never again will you see Kast King. The best braided fishing line is an incredible price point. The yellow color line is awesome for my eyes to see, it is Casts further than any other braided line I have tried. Highly recommended!

👤Excellent quality and a great price. Strength is everything I expected, and the thickness is fine at 15 lbs. The braid is a little rough, but I have not seen any signs of wear or wrinkling. The color seems to be fading, but I didn't care. I'm picky about my lines as I like to throw light lures but still want to have strength if I want to target something bigger, and this is where I've settled. It's more affordable than any other option.

3. KastKing Superpower Braided Fishing Line

KastKing Superpower Braided Fishing Line

Casting Superpower braided lines allow you to easily tie a more solid knot and even tie an improved knot. It helps you achieve a better cast and less chance of wind knots. Casting braided fishing line has greater resistance to abrasion. The Superpower Braid line has powers. Super! For superior hook setting that increases your catch ratio, use ultra-high sensitivity and zero stretch. Smaller diameter allows you to use more fishing line on your reel.

Brand: Kastking

👤Avoid at all costs. I needed it fast and it was one of the few braids in a 500yd spool that I purchased. It is impregnated with some kind of dye. The only thing that will clean it is MEK. When I spoiled it, my fingers were black with ink from a ball point pen. I tried MEK and it didn't remove it from my fingers. The Penn 6500 is covered in the same substance. The grey color was offered. The reel bail, roller, and rod eyes need to be cleaned.

👤After going through the ringer twice with this line of braid, I have dedicated it to my fishing crew and picked up a single spool of each color for them. The line is strong and durable. I fish out of Hawaii and have a lot of rocks and reef to deal with. The line has handled multiple instances where I have gotten stuck up on the rocks and needed to apply large force to turn a fish out of a hole, and the line handles each time. The braid has always stood strong while the hook line has always broken at the mono hook line. This braid has passed with flying colors in my experience, and it was put to the test by fishing from the shore. A solid price point for a product. The new pickup of line is showing promise as the last couple times I have tried it, and it is showing as much promise as the last time I tried it. I'm very happy to be trying out all the different colors.

👤kastking claims that the line diameter is 0.18mm, which is the main reason I purchased the 20lb line. I was looking for something similar to maxcuatro in the same line. maxcuatro has a line diameter of 0.19 kastking is almost twice as thick as maxcuatro, if I put the two lines side by side. Since the line is a little stiff, you might struggle with distance at first. It might take some time to break it. Will report back on it's resilience over the next week and see how it holds up with some abuse. Over the past month, I have been using KK enough that it's not for me. I thought the line would loosen up, but it didn't. I lose distance when casting semi- heavy lures. It can be the difference between getting your cast in the "sweet spot" or coming up short.

👤Great line for fishing. Just add a light leader and fish on your main line. Castro camp in Baja, Mexico, uses braided 65# SuperPower line with 40# leader. I caught a Seabass that weighed 62# and was gutted. Just got lucky. The years are pervious. I have gotten 30's and 40's but never bigger. The line was great. TommyTuna.

👤I was skeptical because of the low price. After a full season using this on Lake Michigan, I'm completely sold! Not 1 break off the entire season. The fish don't seem to care that the color fades after a while. I have 26 rods with this line on them. I use it to back on lead core rods and then use a fluorocarbon leader to back up the downrigger and dipsy rods. I don't see why I should invest in anything else when I can do this with the name brand stuff.

4. Power Spectra Fiber Braided Fishing

Power Spectra Fiber Braided Fishing

The line is round, smooth and sensitive. Handling performance is boosted by enhanced body technology. The fiber has incredible abrasion resistance. The strength-to-diameter ratio is high.

Brand: Powerpro

👤I received a roll of the line that I think is faulty. There were several breaks after I put it on my reel. They wouldn't do anything because the retailer said it had to be my fault. Amazon wouldn't do anything. The retailer is not authorized by the factory. The manufacturer wouldn't consider a replacement for unauthorized retailers. I don't recommend buying this product from the seller and I'm starting to question doing business with Amazon as well. They want your money and then point the finger at each other.

👤It's hard to get excited about fishing line, but it's pretty amazing. After listening to my friends, I picked up a 30lb spool of fish. The braid is called Power Pro. I was surprised at how small the braid line was. I feel like that is the only part of the purchase that I went wrong. I should have bought 50 or 65lb. I'm not having any issues with 30lb, but seeing how small this stuff is, I don't see any reason to use it. The heavier braid tends to cast better with fewer backlashes. There is a The braid is very well communicated with movement. You feel everything with this line. I can tell if my baits are spinning right away. I can tell if my baits are swimming or being dragged sideways because they got tangled up. Mono is almost strange to me now. I know there are appropriate uses for each type of line, but I prefer using braid over mono or fluorocarbon. This will be the only braid I ever buy. It's strong, Strong, Strong Big thumbs up!

👤I can't understand why someone doesn't put a "born on date" or something on this stuff, this monster spool of 1500 yds has to be 3-6 years old, and it's light green when I put it down, but now it's white. I've been using Power Pro for a long time and never had a batches like this before.

👤The Power Pro Spectra Fiber Braided line was tested in February and it started to show some signs of wear. The liine broke at the tip of my rod when I hooked a fish that could not have been more than 3 lbs. Not what I was expecting from the test. I will use Mono in the future. I decided to give it another chance. Went fishing for catfish with bait. The bait hit the water before the line broke, and I had to use a different rod. Premium products like this rotted crap are not acceptable for any product. The rod and real are new. The line is not being damaged by my equipment. So far, no problem with Trilene Monofilament. I am changing my rating. I will keep the spool to make sure it was the real thing.

👤The bank of the local reservoirs is where I usually fish. There was no leader with a snap swivel. Since I can't just position myself anywhere I want like I was in a boat, I wanted to braid. I put this on a spinning board. I've used this a few times and have no complaints. I put too much on it. The loops would get tangled. I was fine after removing a few yards and re-tied. The color is bright. It seems to be strong. I was caught in a tree. I had to wrap the line around the pliers to get a grip. I was stuck, but good. The line broke at the knot. I put a lot of pressure on it. I would definitely buy Power Pro again after seeing the packaging I received.

5. Spiderwire Stealth Superline Fishing Line

Spiderwire Stealth Superline Fishing Line

The strength-to-diameter ratio is high. The package has a thin profile and is less weigh. Less waste. The microfiber construction of the Dynamo PE is strong. Shoot through guides line a bullet with microfibers. Quiet for "stealth attacks". Resists "digging in" on reels.

Brand: Spiderwire

👤The overall rating for this product is high, but the top reviews seem to be decidedly negative. I think I know why some people complain about the product because I used braided line for the first time recently. Many people grow up learning that you only use as much test strength as you absolutely need. That approach is not optimal when it comes to braided line. I bought the first SpiderWire at 10-lb test. It wasn't a great experience. SpiderWire feels like it's "chewy" when compared to mono or fluoro. It was hard for me to tie knots with it. The line doesn't have a lot of "heft" to it, but that made it difficult to manipulate the narrow line in my hands. In my first couple fishing outings, the line broke and flew into the river. I didn't understand what was happening, but I'm pretty sure that if you're using one of the very-light strengths, it doesn't hold up very well to side abrasion. If you throw something with hooks on it, there's a good chance that they'll hit your line and sever it. It can chew up the braid quickly if you're fishing in a place that has hazardous stuff under the surface. You can imagine how unnerving that can be when you put a rattle trap in the water. The line was more susceptible to loops and knots due to its thin nature. I went to a 50-lb test and most of the issues went away. You might think that the 50-lb test is ridiculous. Maybe it is if you are using mono or fluoro. The braid is thinner so you can get away with it. Maybe 50-lb is too much. I've heard of a lot of guys using 20/30-lb braid. I like the 50-lb because I can fit a lot of it on my reel and it's enough to haul in monsters or uproot trees if your line gets stuck. The heavier test makes it easier to manipulate. If I'm not careful, the 50-lb can still get looped and knotted. You can't let it hang out in the wind. If you're casting a drop shot or a Carolina rig, you need to avoid helicoptering your line. I think that's true of any line. It's true with braid. The lack of memory means that Braid has little resistance and twisting forces. If you helicopter your rig as your casting out, that twisting will eventually manifest itself in line loops/knots. Since I switched to the heavier test, I have not had any lures break off as I cast them. braid is usually dyed. If you put a large amount of it through your hands, it will rub off on you. I think that's not a good thing. If you use the line for a long time, others say it will go white. I tend to change my line more often than most, so maybe that's why this hasn't been a problem for me. Braid is not nearly as slippery as mono or fluoro. When you're tying knots, they tend to cinch up before you get them fully tightened. I struggled with this initially. I'd wrap one end of the line around pliers, wrap the other end around another pair of pliers, and then pull with extreme force to get the knot snug against the tackle. The solution to this issue is so simple that I feel silly about how long it took me to realize it. If you're trying something on-the-fly, just put the knot in your mouth for a few seconds and then take your saliva, and you're good to go. The only thing you need to allow the knot to tightly seal is a little bit of water. I don't really want to use anything else now that I've gotten accustomed to braid. It feels strong. I can put more of it on my reel. I don't have to worry about what might happen if I catch a fish that's too big. I prefer other options.

6. RUNCL Material Multiple Freshwater Saltwater

RUNCL Material Multiple Freshwater Saltwater

The premium bright fishing line has a high strength-to diameter ratio. The 8 strands of braided line allow you to easily tie a more solid knot, which decreases the chance of losing your big one. The round, smooth and sensitive line has a high abrasion resistance that allows you to fish around obstacles. The braided line is low memory, which helps you achieve a better, farther casts, less chance of wind knots, and feel every fish bite. The braided line is ideal for ponds, lakes and streams because it has a smaller diameter for winding extra fishing line.

Brand: Runcl

👤I bought a 33 yard spool at 41# test strength. It was imported from China. Knowing it is imported, I thought I'd buy it with the intent of only needing 20# test strength and hedged my bets by assuming any multi-strand braid from China would need to be twice what I really needed. I used the same knot for each test to assure conformity. I tried it with 25# and it broke. The second test was 20# and it broke a few inches above the know. The final test was 15#. I am not going to spool my reel with this junk. Back it goes!

👤I've had this for a year. I love the multicolor because it gives me an idea of depth and it's highly visible. I've used this out in the coast to catch bull Reds and never had a line snap. Stop spending money on overpriced lines. I put it on my reels.

👤This is a great braided line. It is easy to tie knots with the attractive colors. I like using braid because of the inelasticity, it makes my hook sets strong, and I can feel every tap from a fish bite. I chose the 20lb braid, which is plenty for standard bass fishing and is a versatile middle ground strength, not too thick to be visible but not too weak. I used a rubber band on the spool to prevent line slip and it works very well on my rod and spinning reel combo. I used to help me unspool it onto my reel after it arrived in a nice plastic container.

👤The price was right so I decided to try it. If it was garbage, I didn't have a lot of money. I was pleasantly surprised by my first few trips. I used the 45 pound braid on my 6000 series reels to fish for bottom fishing. The Align held up great after we pulled in some monster fish. I have used it on some of my trolly rods since then. I don't see that being a big deal because the color has faded a bit from the Sun. I would definitely recommend this line. I spoiled one of my big reels, but haven't tested it yet.

👤I have been testing this braid in the Dry Tortuga's and it has not let me down. It works well in the current and for my slow pitch jig fishing. I prefer that it doesn't have a lot of coating on it. Has not let me down by breaking. Highly recommend this line. I like this over other braids because it costs less. The size I use is 30 pound test.

👤I knew my husband needed something heavier than the monofilament he was using when we were going deep sea fishing. I am surprised at how strong this braid is. I knew the fishing line was strong, but my husband tied some to one of our heavy lamps and lifted it off the ground as you can see in the video. I'm excited to see what he can catch with this line on the fishing trip because it's able to handle that weight. The braid is multi-colored and has a notch on it to keep it from getting tangled up when it's not in use. I will add a few more photos after we come back from the trip, and hopefully I can catch something on video to share.

7. Piscifun Braided Fishing Advanced Superline

Piscifun Braided Fishing Advanced Superline

The braided lines are kept far away from being damaged by the new epoxy coating. The 4 strands of fishing line hold up tight, allowing you to easily tie a more solid knot. To help the bait reach the target water layer to catch the fish, Faster Cutting Water is an unparalleled smoothness and consistent roundness. The braided fishing line has a very low memory and small diameter to test LB ratio. The higher the strength of the strands, the better the casting and knot strength.

Brand: Piscifun

👤I can't break this line while fishing. It is the strongest braid available. It is half the thickness of regular braid. I replace it often because I fish around a lot, but it has never failed. I use a yellow test. The fish don't mind the yellow, but it helps me see the line as I cast. I have ordered numerous 547 yards of it and will continue to do so.

👤Kiritimati Island is where I went recently for some fishing. I did a day of blue water fishing for pelagics with a heavy spin outfit. The line was 888-282-0465 and went perfect on the day. No break offs and nice castability. I tied a short length of flourocarbon in case a giant Trevally took me into the coral. I was able to put enough pressure on the fish to keep them out of the sharp stuff.

👤I like the color of the line and have been using it for a few weeks on baitcasters and spincasts and it is working great and performing perfect no grays in line.

👤I have struggled to find braid with a mono leader. I enjoy it. This is the braid I want. The colors are pretty cool. I love the blue I ordered. The braid is strong but not giant so it is easier to tie together. I will be changing my reels.

👤I switched to running primarily braid on my setup about 2 years ago. I do a lot of small fishing. The high vis yellow was picked up in 15 lbs. I was tired of spending$15 on a 150 yard spool and used power pro. This stuff works just as well as the other stuff. I would have liked to have boarded this train sooner. The Piscifun braid is way brighter than the power pro. I love detecting light bites when drifting lures in the river. Save some money by using this stuff.

👤I wanted to test the product before I wrote a review. I fish at least three times a week on the surf or the Bay. The setup I was using was a 9' G-Rod and a Ci4+. I would not trust this line, it has been about a month now. I went baitfishing the other day, not something I usually do. 99% of the time, I throw plugs. As soon as I jigged the rod up to reel in my line, it snapped right before the first eye. It snapped right above the reel since it was so far in the line, it was not possible for the line to be damaged. I was hesitant to buy a off brand line. I use samurai braid, 832 or Daiwa J braid, and I will continue to do so. The reel was removed and thrown in the trash. I would have been angry if I lost a fish.

👤Excellent braid! I have tried high end braid, and it really delivers what you want for your money and time spent on the water. I have tried everything. I fish for salmon and steelhead in Western Washington rivers and saltwater beaches. I would recommend anyone who wants more out of their fishing experience to buy this product. Absolutely outstanding. Excellent products were produced by you! Fish on. Customer for life.

8. PowerPro 21100150500E Braided Spectra Fishing

PowerPro 21100150500E Braided Spectra Fishing

The color of the cartridge matches the color of the line. braided fishing line is round, smooth, and sensitive. Handling performance is boosted by Enhanced Body Technology. The fiber is made from Spectra for incredible resistance to the elements. The built-in line cutter and the ability to spool your reel directly from the box are features of the EZ Spool. The strength-to-diameter ratio is high.

Brand: Powerpro

👤The line is very supple and will tangle around anything in the boat. It is so small that it will cut you when you use your hands to work the line. When it tangles, I might suggest you cut the line because undoing tangles is very difficult. I hope it makes good backing because I hope to not see the braid again.

👤I increased my casting distance by 50% by putting this on my baitcasting reel. It's limp and supple, which makes precision casting much easier. It's lack of springiness and stretch makes it easy to feel the terrain you are retrieving your lure over and the faintest of strikes!

👤It's the best brand that gets my lures down to the depths. A leader of 10 lbs is gone. Straight powder pro great bass. The pike. Big catfish and Walleye.

👤Good line. I've been using power pro for a long time.

👤Good line, it didn't snap on rocky bottom.

👤The best you can get.

👤Been fishing power for a long time. Went to #15 for salmon in the Michigan rivers. It worked well and is strong enough to handle 25# fish.

9. Beyond Braid Blue Camo Yards

Beyond Braid Blue Camo Yards

It is better to cast further and last longer. Beyond Braid has a smooth fluoropolymer coating that allows for more efficient casts and longer distances. You can pack more line onto your reel with a thinner diameter. There is no stretch for extreme sensitivity. The braided line PE fibers have no stretch properties which makes them great for hiking. You can feel more connected to what is on the other end of your line. A person who is a psychic. It is possible to pull fish out of the toughest of situations. Beyond Braid will hold up and get you out of a tough spot. 8X. There are some things called spurs. The 8X braid has PE fibers that are tightly woven for a thinner, smoother, and ultra performing line. The line is a lot more natural androunder with 8 strands, which results in a smooth experience every time. The low memory helps keep your line straight during casting which leads to less wind knots, tangles, and will extend the life of your braid. Their line is flat and does not have the round spool shape.

Brand: Beyond Braid

👤The braid I bought was made in the USA. It is made in China. Don't be fooled by the flag and company. The packaging has something on it. The sticker is made in China. This advertising is very misleading and makes you think you are buying a quality fishing line. They can charge you more if you are pretending to be American.

👤I took the memory line off my reels after a week.

👤On the inside of the package it says "Made in China." The packaging graphics say "USA Company", but nothing on the exterior of the package says where it is made. The product description on the Amazon website does not say where it is made. It appears that the omission was intentional. Deceptive advertising is perception.

👤gunk build up in the rod guides after I spooled the reel. The ink is bleeding from this line. My hands were full of ink after a touch of the line. This line is not going in my boat. I dunked the line in the pool and then retrieved it from the patio.

👤Garbage. The entire braid slipped even with mono backing. It feels like rope. Get real braid and save time and money. Trust me, you don't want to be hooked up to a nice fish.

👤I bought 40lb 1000Yards. When I was casting yesterday, it took off about 20 yards of line, and the braid was a mess. I can't return it because I bought it a few months ago, so I'm throwing it away. What a waste of money. Please do not buy this. The product is low quality.

👤I bought 2000 yards of blue camo. I wasn't expecting much. I usually use Power Pro and the times I have tried other braids, I have been disappointed. I went to the Port O'Connor area on the Texas Gulf coast for a week of kayak fishing after loading five new reels with the beyond braid. I fished out of my kayak for six days. This stuff was great, no wind knots, no break offs, no problems with the line at all. The biggest fish I caught was an alligator gar. A lot of Redfish were caught from rats to upper limit slots. The alligator gars, ladyfish, and some other fish were handled with out a problem. I bought another 2000 yards of it because I liked it so much, and will be changing my other reels to Beyond Braid when I need a new line.

👤I thought my knot came undone after I retrieved the broken line. The line did not break. The 20lb test should not break from casting a lure. I have no idea how it has 4 and a half stars.

10. MOUNCHAIN Sensitive Performance Cost Effective Resistant

MOUNCHAIN Sensitive Performance Cost Effective Resistant

The resistance to abrasives is great. The diameter of the braided fishing line is 40lb. The braid line is very strong and very resistant to damage. The braided line uses a unique coating that is the best at preventing color fading and color loss, and increases UV resistance. The thin and low memory braided fishing line has an Extreme Sensitivity, which means you can cast farther and better. Your hook setting power increases as you get more power. The braided line has a smooth plait without burr and will allow you to easily pass the lines through the rod guides. Whether you fish for bass, trout, walleye, muskie or any other species, their line will perform great in freshwater, saltwater, surf fishing, ice fishing or bow fishing.

Brand: Mounchain

👤I've been impressed with the strength of it, even though it bleeds a little quicker than I'd like. I use the 30# for Texas rig plastics and jigs and it has withstood some vicious hook sets. Just what I needed. This stuff is tough and surprisingly low-vis. Definitely getting another one.

👤The 30lb test didn't pick up 30 lbs. The 10lb test failed as well. Others have said that it stains. It's an okay line for the price, but if it says 30lb test, make it 30 lbs. Don't lie to your customers. H2O from academy and spider wire were both able to lift more than what they advertised.

👤I have not used this product yet, will review it over the next couple weeks, but I am a little skeptical as the company advertises this product as one of the best to keep its color, I am green from just spooling a couple reels.

👤I gave 2 stars for the speed of delivery because I ordered it two days ago. The quality was 0 star. I wanted to test out the strength of the line before I put them on my reel, so I tied them to a 20 lbs dumbbell and tried to lift them up. The line snapped before I could even lift the dumbbell off the floor. I ordered a 40 LB test line for $11 and some change. I am able to lift up a 10 lbs dumbbell, but not 20 lbs. I dragged them around the floor without snapping. I'm not sure if this is a bad thing or a good thing, but I will not buy these again. I will probably use these braid on a smaller reel for bait fish. I don't think I will be able to land a 30 lbs fish without the line snapping. For the price, it's very affordable. It will not work on Biger REEL for fighting fish.

👤I haven't been able to find bigger roles of braided line in stores near me recently so this was a great buy. There was a lot of line to ruin my reel. It hasn't had the chance to test it on a big fish. The line is rubbing against things on the guides and it's the color that's rubbing off. It's not clear how that will affect the rod and line in the long run.

👤This is a great rod for big catches. The line is thin, unlike 40LB or 60LB regular fishing line, which is the only complaint I could see. Since the line is thin when you use a 4oz weight a couple hooks and bait and casting with a 14 foot rod will be difficult to keep pressure on when casting. If you can figure out the casting part of it, you can fit a bit more on your reel, which is helpful if a big fish or shark takes the bait.

👤When I saw the pictures of how this line was resistant to wear and tear, I was very positive about it. I saw a big Made in China sticker when it arrived. My fingers were left green when I was using my reel. The cheap color ink used was not worth it. It is not as dark of green as the spider braid. If you don't cut the lines with a knife or scissor, they can be torn. Have had no breaks so far, but quality seems very low.

11. RUNCL PowerBraid Braided Fishing Durable

RUNCL PowerBraid Braided Fishing Durable

PowerBraid Weaving Tech: The PowerBraid is made of imported raw fibers and constructed of PowerBraid Seamless Weaving Technology (PSWT), which gives it unbeatable strength and a smaller diameter, 20% thinner than braided lines of comparable knot strength. The special enhanced coating tech provides outstanding castability. The smooth surface texture allows it to sail quietly through the guides. Zero stretch and high sensitivity eliminate the need for spool memory and offer premium bite- detecting sensitivity. It helps catch every fish that nibbles on your line if you feel the bite. The PowerBraid has a thin diameter that makes it easy to reel in more fishing line. Castability is proven. The PowerBraid is the only braided line proven to preserve 85% of its strength during 1,500 test cycles, it is more resistant to damage than other braided lines, and it is cast 10% farther than other braided lines.

Brand: Runcl

👤I've used some of the better braids. I usually go with heavy braids that are too much for any fishing that is not aggressive or for any fishing that is not aggressive in heavy cover. I got it in the forest green color with the 18lb test. It blends into the water as well as any mono line. I've used. The color is just right for lakes and rivers in the southern US. I switched to some Texas rigged worms and still had good luck with thick braid, but I spent most of the day throwing crankbaits. I would recommend this braid. It was very strong and held its shape all day.

👤I am using 40 lbs. The fishing line has a powerbraid on it. Casting is very smooth. I have used it in saltwater and it has not been stiff. It seems to be very strong. I've used it from piers, docks, and areas where fish try to hide. The ledges are covered in barnacles. When fishing on the pier, the color of the line is hard to see. I was getting caught up in other's lines. As soon as the seas arrive, I will use this line for Tarpon. If you've never fished for Tarpon, they ate full of fight and integrity is the most impressive.

👤Got this line a few days ago and hit the lake this morning. This is the most smooth line I have ever used. I use a 15-20 pound braid. Spider wire, Power Pro, and Kastking. The deal is here. The 8 strand braid is smaller than the 18 strand braid. They had a 25lb test. Others are for their 15. The longer the line is, the smoother it is. I am very happy with this line. Enough for 2 reels at 300 yds per spool. I love this line.

👤The 100lb braid was tried out for specific fishing. In Northern California, we use giant surf rods to catch crabs. I decided to use braided line to act as a shock leader during the initial cast. You get back two-fold in strength and slimmer profile when you sacrifice stretch. I decided to try out the braid for the price and the availability of hi-vis colors in the 100lb range. I am pretty satisfied so far. The line seems to be the same size. The 8 strand braid is softer in feeling than the 4 strand braid that I bought off eBay, and a little bit slimmer. The slim profile helps with my casting distance. I will update my review after I try it on the beach.

👤I bought a lot of this braid. It has exceeded my expectations in every strength. It casts well and is tuff. I will buy more. When you cast, all braided line will get wind knots. The more limp it is, the more wind knots you will get. The 8 strand has been tested in several lbs. It has been tested out. If you don't use a leader, I would suggest using a Palomar knot. Use a double uni knot if you are doing mono. The braided line seems to have a problem with Mr Jones no matter what he is doing. Other people don't. This line would be against power pro. I will say that it does get a little old after a year. Mr Jones, chill! I will compare my experience with you. Thanks for trying to convince the novice to buy another line. I hope they try this line.


What is the best product for fishing line braid 15lb?

Fishing line braid 15lb products from Daiwa. In this article about fishing line braid 15lb you can see why people choose the product. Kastking and Kastking are also good brands to look for when you are finding fishing line braid 15lb.

What are the best brands for fishing line braid 15lb?

Daiwa, Kastking and Kastking are some of the best brands that chosen by people for fishing line braid 15lb. Find the detail in this article. Powerpro, Spiderwire and Runcl are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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