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Braid 6 Feb 2023 10+ Comments Open

1. PowerPro 21100300100E Power 30 100 G Spectra

PowerPro 21100300100E Power 30 100 G Spectra

The Moon Shine Braid is 15 LB X 300 YD. Made with strong fiber. Enhanced Body Technology was used to treat the patient. The line is round, smooth and sensitive. The workhorse of the line-up.

Brand: Powerpro

👤If I had to guess, this is a replica Power Pro braid that you can buy off a chinese shopping app. After minimal use, the line splinters and breaks. Does not hold up to the break strength. Loses color very quickly. My advice is to stay away from this seller.

👤Real power pro has never done that. It has worked so far, but it's not the real thing.

👤Very strong for braided line. I used it to fish on the beach. After 2 weeks of fishing, the lines held up and didn't have to be retied. I didn't use an oil conditioner for the lines. The power pro braided lines were very good, but only one problem was that the color faded, but that didn't stop the fish from biting.

👤They make it look like a big roll with lots of wine, but I can barely fill the A- reel.

👤This is a decent line that works well for me and I have never had a break off yet.

👤I use a product that is exclusive to my spinning reels. I felt that the purchase from Discount tackle was misrepresented as they had a picture of a larger 300 yard roll for the product description and at the bottom you were paying $20 for only 100 yards of braid which is not enough to fill any reel, so why would you buy only 100 yards?

👤Best fishing lines for micro jigging. That's me saying that.

👤The performance of Power Pro braided line is hard to beat. There is a If you have any doubts about the way you're going to spool your reels, take a look at a video or two that shows the correct way to do it. Terry.

2. PowerPro 21100100150W Braided Line White

PowerPro 21100100150W Braided Line White

braided fishing line is round, smooth, and sensitive. Handling performance is boosted by enhanced body technology. The fiber has incredible abrasion resistance. The built-in line cutter on the Select models makes theEZ spool a great option. Sport type: outdoors. The package protects the line. The color of the cartridge matches the color of the line.

Brand: Powerpro

👤I fish from the pier in the dark. I have this. I could see it in the dark. On the first day it was snapped twice on a hard cast with only a 2oz weight tied to the end. Real 30Lbs power pro won't snap if you throw just a 2oz weight. This is not real power. If you want to fish for small fish and trout, this line is not for you. This stuff is not worth buying again.

👤I desperately needed this braid for my Yummie Flyer Rig after getting caught by a blue fin last week. After 10 minutes of Hand winding it on tight so it wouldn't dig, this wonderful Suprise appeared before my eyes... Imagine hooking a fish of a lifetime just to have the line snap at the reel on its first run, and you would miss a day on the water.

👤This is used by my mom and other makers of native american regalia. We all know that stuff is strong. She likes it because she and other bead workers stand a better chance of not breaking or ruining things. I'm going to go fishing with my next spool.

👤This is a high quality line and you need to pack it hard on your reel. Line is supple. Check your splices after a couple fish because the line is slippery.

👤The best line for what I am trying to catch is the PowerPro Spectra White Braided Line. There is a new item.

👤The producto no tienes una original.

👤Love the strength and resilience. I've been using PowerPro since it first came out. The best line ever.

3. Power Pro 31500200300A SSV2 Blue

Power Pro 31500200300A SSV2 Blue

The Moon Shine Braid is 15 LB X 300 YD.

Brand: Powerpro

👤I keep coming back to the more expensive brand. This is the quietest reel on the planet. It does not change my mind about this brand because it is not enough to cause concern or change my mind. I use it in freshwater brush piles and saltwater on the beach. If I had a heavy use day where there was a lot of rock rubbing or weed in the water, I check the first 20' of line after my trip. If there is one, it is usually where it is.

👤I use this line for bead weaving and it's very sturdy as long as you don't use too much at once or have to frog something. You have to use short lengths if you want the line to shred. It doesn't break, but the fibers break if that makes sense. I bought it to blend with black beads since my Spiderwire line doesn't blend well with black beads. I think this is a good purchase because it looks great with my black and various near black beads. The shredding is not pleasant. I will experiment with thread lengths to see how much I can use.

👤This is my favorite of about half a dozen different braids I've used. I have 20# and 30# on two different Japanese Daiwa freshwater casting reels and the combination is just awesome. This stuff has a coating on it that is slippery and that helps with any backlash tangles and it seems to lay on the spindle very nicely. I use a mono backing and flouro leader. The cast is great. I can't imagine this line being accidentally broken. I end up replacing mine every couple years, even if it's beyond the backing. This is a very good recommendation.

👤Since this is a variation of the Power Pro plan, I have to say that it is the best Power Pro available. I bought this because I thought it was the normal Power Pro braid. The regular Power Pro does not sustain wind knots in this version. "Slick" is a fitting description as it feels better and is still as tough as regular Power Pro.

👤This stuff is on everything.

👤I use this on my Penn Battle 2 for surf fishing in North West Florida and it's light enough that you barely feel it but strong enough to haul in everything I need it to. It's expensive. You get what you pay for.

👤I use a lot of line and my reels hold over 300 years of age. I need a distance caster 150-200 to get in the surf at my honey hole, and I have a blue yonder surf rod. I can't say how many lines I have used. This is all I have right now, super slick stuff.

👤I got a lot of wind knots but they were easy to untangle if you have experience untangling wind knots. I caught a couple of trout. The line gave me good distance and didn't fail, but was loud going through the guides. I probably wouldn't buy again.

4. Power Maxcuatro 150yd Green 23mm

Power Maxcuatro 150yd Green 23mm

Fishing is the number one sport. It was manufactured in the country of China. The material is of the highest quality.

Brand: Powerpro

👤I can't believe how smooth my baitcaster is. I've fished several braids and I was a little hesitant about the price until I fished it. You get what you pay for. The reduction in line size is helpful. The color of the braid doesn't come as quickly as some other braid on the market. It's a great fishing line.

👤The power pro picture on the front is not real. I bought the 50# because this stuff breaks on the reel when you get a big fish. It is slick 8 or even close. Don't. Buy.

👤Review after four trips. This was put on two Jigging reels. There is no casting because they are on jigging rods. I have not had any issues. The smaller dia line is a plus. I have pro and pro hunters on all of my jigging rods. I don't see much difference. The Max seems to be a little bit stiffer with less tip wrapping. The tip wrap is more to blame for the anglers. If there is a change I will update this line.

👤You will feel a bit of a bite with this tough stuff. I have it on all of my reals, just for salmon fishing. I use the Maxcuatro 15LB. My spinning gear is used for trout.

👤I like this line. It cast well and for a good distance. I've landed everything from big bass and snakeheads to 40 inch Muskie in Wisconsin. If you go for fish with teeth, you must use a leader. I have no complaints about the shipping.

👤The braid of Maxcuatro is not as strong as rated. I lost two rigs using just 5oz baits. The braid could not handle just 5oz of sinkers.

👤The smaller diameter tends to bind up more than the regular Power Pro braided line. Line conditioner can be used to prevent binding up on cast.

👤A great braid is needed to get more line on a reel. I found this to be ideal for spooling more than 20 or 30 lbs test braid on my lighter reels.

👤I moved from mono to this line. I went to a 30lb maxcurato and can't believe how much my casting distance improved with less effort. Heavy fish put on this line when the salmon season starts. The thinness of this line is incredible, so I will update the review if I see any issues.

👤I use it all the time and the first time I got a spool that was unspun in the box, it was full of twist and knots. The line in place box had no elastic or tape to hold it in place. It might be a part of a bad group.

👤The product made by one of the tackle manufacturers is excellent. Not worth the price.

👤I will be able to reach spooky fish with this line.

5. RUNCL Material Multiple Freshwater Saltwater

RUNCL Material Multiple Freshwater Saltwater

The premium bright fishing line has a high strength-to diameter ratio. The 8 strands of braided line allow you to easily tie a more solid knot, which decreases the chance of losing your big one. The round, smooth and sensitive line has a high abrasion resistance that allows you to fish around obstacles. The braided line is low memory, which helps you achieve a better, farther casts, less chance of wind knots, and feel every fish bite. The braided line is ideal for ponds, lakes and streams because it has a smaller diameter for winding extra fishing line.

Brand: Runcl

👤I bought a 33 yard spool at 41# test strength. It was imported from China. Knowing it is imported, I thought I'd buy it with the intent of only needing 20# test strength and hedged my bets by assuming any multi-strand braid from China would need to be twice what I really needed. I used the same knot for each test to assure conformity. I tried it with 25# and it broke. The second test was 20# and it broke a few inches above the know. The final test was 15#. I am not going to spool my reel with this junk. Back it goes!

👤I've had this for a year. I love the multicolor because it gives me an idea of depth and it's highly visible. I've used this out in the coast to catch bull Reds and never had a line snap. Stop spending money on overpriced lines. I put it on my reels.

👤This is a great braided line. It is easy to tie knots with the attractive colors. I like using braid because of the inelasticity, it makes my hook sets strong, and I can feel every tap from a fish bite. I chose the 20lb braid, which is plenty for standard bass fishing and is a versatile middle ground strength, not too thick to be visible but not too weak. I used a rubber band on the spool to prevent line slip and it works very well on my rod and spinning reel combo. I used to help me unspool it onto my reel after it arrived in a nice plastic container.

👤The price was right so I decided to try it. If it was garbage, I didn't have a lot of money. I was pleasantly surprised by my first few trips. I used the 45 pound braid on my 6000 series reels to fish for bottom fishing. The Align held up great after we pulled in some monster fish. I have used it on some of my trolly rods since then. I don't see that being a big deal because the color has faded a bit from the Sun. I would definitely recommend this line. I spoiled one of my big reels, but haven't tested it yet.

👤I have been testing this braid in the Dry Tortuga's and it has not let me down. It works well in the current and for my slow pitch jig fishing. I prefer that it doesn't have a lot of coating on it. Has not let me down by breaking. Highly recommend this line. I like this over other braids because it costs less. The size I use is 30 pound test.

👤I knew my husband needed something heavier than the monofilament he was using when we were going deep sea fishing. I am surprised at how strong this braid is. I knew the fishing line was strong, but my husband tied some to one of our heavy lamps and lifted it off the ground as you can see in the video. I'm excited to see what he can catch with this line on the fishing trip because it's able to handle that weight. The braid is multi-colored and has a notch on it to keep it from getting tangled up when it's not in use. I will add a few more photos after we come back from the trip, and hopefully I can catch something on video to share.

6. PowerPro 21100150500E Braided Spectra Fishing

PowerPro 21100150500E Braided Spectra Fishing

The color of the cartridge matches the color of the line. braided fishing line is round, smooth, and sensitive. Handling performance is boosted by Enhanced Body Technology. The fiber is made from Spectra for incredible resistance to the elements. The built-in line cutter and the ability to spool your reel directly from the box are features of the EZ Spool. The strength-to-diameter ratio is high.

Brand: Powerpro

👤The line is very supple and will tangle around anything in the boat. It is so small that it will cut you when you use your hands to work the line. When it tangles, I might suggest you cut the line because undoing tangles is very difficult. I hope it makes good backing because I hope to not see the braid again.

👤I increased my casting distance by 50% by putting this on my baitcasting reel. It's limp and supple, which makes precision casting much easier. It's lack of springiness and stretch makes it easy to feel the terrain you are retrieving your lure over and the faintest of strikes!

👤It's the best brand that gets my lures down to the depths. A leader of 10 lbs is gone. Straight powder pro great bass. The pike. Big catfish and Walleye.

👤Good line. I've been using power pro for a long time.

👤Good line, it didn't snap on rocky bottom.

👤The best you can get.

👤Been fishing power for a long time. Went to #15 for salmon in the Michigan rivers. It worked well and is strong enough to handle 25# fish.

7. 10 500 G Spectra Braided 10 Pounds 500 Yards

10 500 G Spectra Braided 10 Pounds 500 Yards

The tail is arcane. The fishing pliers are stronger and more durable because of the high strength jaws and scissors, which make them easier to use. braided fishing line is round, smooth, and sensitive. Handling performance is boosted by Enhanced Body Technology. The fiber is made from Spectra for incredible resistance to the elements. The built-in line cutter and the ability to spool your reel directly from the box are features of the EZ Spool. The strength-to-diameter ratio is high.

Brand: Powerpro

👤I have been using the same reel for many years. It has never failed me. You can learn how to tie knots with braid by testing your line weight and learning how to tie knots with braid. There are instructions on the inside of the packaging. If you see another's line on the ground, beach or in the water, pick it up and dispose of it properly. Too many "Slob" fishermen abuse the out doors with their trash.

👤I used a double uni knot to tie a 20 pound test to a 1 pound bucket. The line could not lift 9 pounds. I tried again. The break was not at the knot in both instances. For $40.00, I expected a line that would meet and exceed its rating. This one didn't work.

👤I'm not sure what's going on with this product. I put it in several reels and the line snapped off. The line is called the 888-405-7720 888-405-7720 Before I used the product, I didn't know if it was an issue with the company that sells it or if it was an old line that was sitting around.

👤I only use this line for my spinning rigs. No memory, no stretch, awesome sensitivity, and only gets better with age. This is the best braided line I've seen. I always came back to PP after tiring others.

👤The line is very thin, but strong.

👤I bought this for all my lightweight rods. Since I put it on my first rod and took it out, the PowerPro braided line has snapped four times while I was casting or fishing. I use it a lot. Maybe this was a bad wheel of line, but don't. But it's here!

👤I have used this before and still like it.

👤The Power Pro line was thin and sensitive. It worked well with my reels.

8. KastKing Superpower Fishing Advanced Superline

KastKing Superpower Fishing Advanced Superline

Casting Superpower braided lines allow you to easily tie a more solid knot and even tie an improved knot. It helps you achieve a better cast and less chance of wind knots. Casting braided fishing line has greater resistance to abrasion. The Superpower Braid line has powers. Super! For superior hook setting that increases your catch ratio, use ultra-high sensitivity and zero stretch. Smaller diameter allows you to use more fishing line on your reel.

Brand: Kastking

👤Avoid at all costs. I needed it fast and it was one of the few braids in a 500yd spool that I purchased. It is impregnated with some kind of dye. The only thing that will clean it is MEK. When I spoiled it, my fingers were black with ink from a ball point pen. I tried MEK and it didn't remove it from my fingers. The Penn 6500 is covered in the same substance. The grey color was offered. The reel bail, roller, and rod eyes need to be cleaned.

👤After going through the ringer twice with this line of braid, I have dedicated it to my fishing crew and picked up a single spool of each color for them. The line is strong and durable. I fish out of Hawaii and have a lot of rocks and reef to deal with. The line has handled multiple instances where I have gotten stuck up on the rocks and needed to apply large force to turn a fish out of a hole, and the line handles each time. The braid has always stood strong while the hook line has always broken at the mono hook line. This braid has passed with flying colors in my experience, and it was put to the test by fishing from the shore. A solid price point for a product. The new pickup of line is showing promise as the last couple times I have tried it, and it is showing as much promise as the last time I tried it. I'm very happy to be trying out all the different colors.

👤kastking claims that the line diameter is 0.18mm, which is the main reason I purchased the 20lb line. I was looking for something similar to maxcuatro in the same line. maxcuatro has a line diameter of 0.19 kastking is almost twice as thick as maxcuatro, if I put the two lines side by side. Since the line is a little stiff, you might struggle with distance at first. It might take some time to break it. Will report back on it's resilience over the next week and see how it holds up with some abuse. Over the past month, I have been using KK enough that it's not for me. I thought the line would loosen up, but it didn't. I lose distance when casting semi- heavy lures. It can be the difference between getting your cast in the "sweet spot" or coming up short.

👤Great line for fishing. Just add a light leader and fish on your main line. Castro camp in Baja, Mexico, uses braided 65# SuperPower line with 40# leader. I caught a Seabass that weighed 62# and was gutted. Just got lucky. The years are pervious. I have gotten 30's and 40's but never bigger. The line was great. TommyTuna.

👤I was skeptical because of the low price. After a full season using this on Lake Michigan, I'm completely sold! Not 1 break off the entire season. The fish don't seem to care that the color fades after a while. I have 26 rods with this line on them. I use it to back on lead core rods and then use a fluorocarbon leader to back up the downrigger and dipsy rods. I don't see why I should invest in anything else when I can do this with the name brand stuff.

9. PowerPro 21100100100Y Power 10 100 Y Spectra

PowerPro 21100100100Y Power 10 100 Y Spectra

The strength-to-diameter ratio is high. braided fishing line is round, smooth, and sensitive. Handling performance is boosted by Enhanced Body Technology. The fiber is made from Spectra for incredible resistance to the elements. The built-in line cutter and the ability to spool your reel directly from the box are features of the EZ Spool. Sport type: outdoors.

Brand: Powerpro

👤I bought a yellow one. Went out more than a dozen times on the lake. The other guys in my boat were all from another brand. I caught nothing butReeled in one after another some days. Burned it and put on a fish attractor, now my rods are back to a bass assassin.

👤This was very special. I lost a lot of expensive Lures. This is not the typical quality for this braid.

👤You won't break it with a 15lb fish if it says 20lb test. The man is a cowboy.

👤This is a great line to use if you have bad eyes. The cast well on bait caster is great for lures.

👤I use a lot of lines. Mono is still the best bang for the buck. This is a good braid.

10. Power 1500 Depth Hunter Metered 100 Pound

Power 1500 Depth Hunter Metered 100 Pound

PowerPro Enhanced Body Technology has a dying process. For precise lure depth placement, there is a 2 inch black mark on every 5ft. It's great for jigging and trolling. The strength-to-diameter ratio is high. Jigging and trolling is an application. The colors are blue, yellow, green, and orange.

Brand: Powerpro

👤After using mono for years, I've run this on my trolly rods. Depth counting is more accurate than a true clicker and that's why I switched. The price made me nervous, but I was only joking. I will never go back to mono. The sensitive is very different from mono. You can feel that crank bait is working if your lure is foul. The lack of stretch caught me off guard the first time I hung up, but that is what drag is for. I can now reliably use my app to target specific fish. The second perk is that I have been on the same line for 2 years and I have been re-spooling with mono monthly. I wouldn't recommend that.

👤The ambassador reel has been added. 80lb test. A little bit more smooth than regular powerpro. I felt some rough bumpy almost Kinks as I put the line on the reel. The line is placed at the bottom of the reel. These are not sure if they are weak spots. The pound test is not overly concerned. It is possible to give a quick estimate of the amount of line out.

👤Everything around me was covered in colored dust after I spooled my new reel. It was all in my reel. I was not using gloves that would cause excessive dust to be produced. It was put on the rod through the eyelets. I wouldn't recommend that on its own.

👤Power Pro Depth Hunter braid is my favorite fishing line. There are four colors to a section and it is marked in 25 foot sections. Each section has a black mark on it so you know how much line you have out. I am adding this to my fishing reels. I love how it performs.

👤Power pro is what I like about it. Calibration of line counter reels is more difficult than using the percision troll app because the metered line in 40lb test has the same diameter as trilene 10lb xt.

👤I've been using PowerPro braid for over 15 years and it's my preferred line. A great quality line and a fluro leader using the FG knot makes for an awesome combo.

👤I use it on two bait clicker spinning reels for setting a depth quickly on downlines for catfish and striped bass. I like the black marks on the ground that are used to show the depth of the ad. It seems to hold knots well. I can't say how it would work for that, because I didn't use a reel for casting.

👤We use this troll to know how much line is out to set our baits. There were no breaking or other issues. The 18lb bluefish fought like a 50lb striper and was the largest fish to land. There were no complaints.

👤I have used 40lb in the past and bought 50 depth hunter for a different reel. Good product. In about a week, it will be delivered to Canada.

11. Power Pro 31500300300A SSV2 Blue

Power Pro 31500300300A SSV2 Blue

The workhorse of the line-up. 8 yarn construction. For people who want high performance. Enhanced Body Technology was used to treat the patient. It creates a smooth and sensitive line. Features have been added that make them more resistant to abrasion.

Brand: Powerpro

👤Worse fishing decision ever. I should not have switched out my old spectrum for this new technology. It looks nice. I regretted after an hour. The first fish to break was unknown. I gave it a chance to think. There were two rockfish caught out of Channel Island, Ventura California. 25 lbs mono would work. The PowerPro Super Slick V2 is very bad. Do not use it.

👤I'm all about high end lines, but for me the most important factor is the guides. This line is very good. If I had less money, I'd buy the X9 from Berkley, and there are some nice YGK products. The medium is perfect if you can get it for about $30/300m. It's a lot softer when you first get it out of the box, but I like it. I use this line for surfcasting for stripers on the east coast, and I also fish for halibut and surfperch on the west coast. I usually use double palomar and uni knots. It's very slick. I have had an issue with using the alberto/improved albright knot. I tie FG knots at home and add glue to the half hitches to keep them from coming open when I cast repeatedly through guides.

👤The quality of this product is excellent, and I can't complain about the price. The line is high quality. It is round and I like that. Most braids are not straight. This line has a light coating on it that makes it glide when casting. I casted more this season than ever before. The line did not fail me once during the entire season. I bought some for my friend who usually uses the cheapest line, because I loved it so much. I will recommend this line. But again!

👤I've always been a power pro braid user, I've seen reviews on the internet about how smooth and quiet the guides were. I fished the line hard for a week in Florida and caught many other species and had no issues landing any of the fish. The reviews were correct, I gained about 30 yards on my casts over straight Power Pro and it was smooth. Power Pro isn't cheap but you get a quality product for what you pay and if that means the difference between landing a trophy fish or losing it to a break in your line, I'll pay a little more.

👤So far, so good. It is definitely thinner than the previous product. It seems slicker as well. It's easier to tie knots with. It is not cheap. What is decent fishing gear? The blue color is more visible than my previous dark green. You still need a fluorocarbon leader to fool the fish, no matter what color you choose.

👤The product looks nice in the box. I will be able to go further after using the line. I ordered this because I thought the blue would be as dark as the picture was, but it wasn't.

👤I switched from original power pro to this one. knot tying is as easy as silk. My preferred line is now my new preferred line.


What is the best product for fishing line braid power pro?

Fishing line braid power pro products from Powerpro. In this article about fishing line braid power pro you can see why people choose the product. Powerpro and Powerpro are also good brands to look for when you are finding fishing line braid power pro.

What are the best brands for fishing line braid power pro?

Powerpro, Powerpro and Powerpro are some of the best brands that chosen by people for fishing line braid power pro. Find the detail in this article. Powerpro, Runcl and Powerpro are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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