Best Fishing Line Clear 6 Pound

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1. KastKing Kovert Fluorocarbon Fishing 25Yard

KastKing Kovert Fluorocarbon Fishing 25Yard

The new KastKing Kovert 100% pure fluorocarbon fishing line is the best fluorocarbon fishing line and leader material available. Kovert Fluorocarbon Line has exceptional performance when you need a sensitive, shock resistant, ultra-low visibility clear fishing line or fluorocarbon leader. Kovert 100% Fluorocarbon clear fishing line and fluorocarbon leader material have a light Refractive index similar to water making it virtually invisible under water. It is perfect for high pressured water or clear conditions when you need a low vis fishing line. The Kovert 100% Fluorocarbon fishing line is perfect as a main line or leader material. It can be an exceptional benefit when used as a fluorocarbon leader line material attached to low stretch braided or super lines. Kovert Fluorocarbon line is waterproof, so it has the same strength, sensitivity and handling characteristics under the water as it does dry. Kovert 100% Fluorocarbon line is 80% heavier than water so it sinks much faster than traditional mono fishing lines. This can be an advantage when fishing. Its sensitive nature improves strike detection and improves the feel of your fishing line while increasing your hook-up ratio. TheKastKing Kovert 100% Fluorocarbon fishing line and fluoro leaders are packaged in amazing 50Yds/200Yds packages with a line dispenser function. It keeps your fishing line in the package. The leader spools are easy to store. When using a lot of fluorocarbon line, use the larger 200 yard spools.

Brand: Kastking

👤I'm not sure if it's made in Germany or not, according to the description on the website. The box says it was made in China. I love kastking, but I don't want to be deceived by a brand that I trust to get me to buy the product at a premium price. I understand that most of the products we buy are made in China, but when you add in the fact that most of the products you sell are made in Germany, it becomes clear that they are just made in China. I'm sure the line will work great and will uphold the quality of the kastking produces, which is why I'm a little surprised they are not describing their product in a more proper way.

👤My credit card numbers, my neighbor's niece's 3rd birthday, what temp the water was the first time I let it get wet are all contained in this stuff. It remembers everything and that can be bad. Not bad on a baitcaster. It is completely useless on a spinning reel. It's clear that I like the way it is, but for me it's made it's way to my heavy baitcaster and will be used as a great leader on all my other rods. Even stringing a new rod can be a problem since it looks like it just got a fresh perm. The line should be out behind the boat with a lure. It seems that the memory issues have been fixed by conditioned the line as I reel it in. The line is a great price. I'm rating this a four because I've only been out with it once and there's a chance my issues with it might clear up with some adjustments. I will be lowering my rating if not. Under water, it's completely invisible. It's almost spooky. I am completely impressed by the fact that I am using fluorocarbon for the first time. It seems very durable and resistant to damage. The line was smooth at the end of the day as we threw on rock banks and through stickups. Some of the worst memories. I've dealt with many things. This stuff doesn't like staying on the reel, feels clunky during the cast, and is very audible as it beat up on my eyelets. The odd thing about it was that it wasn't just circular like it came off the spool. It would have a couple loops going one way, maybe a loop going the other way, then a couple straight sections in between. It's really weird. I'm going to try to re-spool under higher tension and see if that helps. I would be a shame if this were to become a troll line since I love the above pros. We'll see.

👤The 25 pound test line was purchased to make fishing leaders. This is the first time that fluorocarbon line has been used. The line is very stiff with coil memory. I tried to stretch the coil by hand after making a half dozen leaders. The line started to break when I pulled it through my fingers. You can see in the pictures that what looks like dust or lint is actually line delamination. I was willing to accept the line's strength, but it was weakened by the fraying. I won't use it for fishing. I will try to return it.

2. Fishing Acejoz Invisible Hanging Supports

Fishing Acejoz Invisible Hanging Supports

The Fishing Wire Value Pack comes with a roll of fishing line that is clear enough for decorations and hanging ornaments. The fishing wire for hanging is made of nylon and is flexible and strong, but not easy to break. The fishing wire for balloons is invisible against a white background or in direct light. It's perfect for hanging balloons, garlands, party decorations, hang ornaments and more. The clear fishing string is wrapped in the plastic twine roller to keep it neat and ready to use when you remove the cover. This thin fishing line is suitable for a wide range of craft projects.

Brand: Acejoz

👤We were overjoyed to receive the most magnificent mighty filament forged by the Gods. Hephaestus might have taken his hammer to the anvil of fate and made this powerful line of iron. We celebrated its arrival with food and dancing. We ate roasted oxen and boars and drank from the tankards of the noble women of the tribe. I can tell you that many young warriors were begotten that night. We used sacred twine to bind our sacrifice to Olympus.

👤This speaker is 20lb and it is super strong.

👤My decorations looked like they were floating. Great buy for the amount of string. It's easy to work with.

👤I needed to suspend the project. I needed to make sure that it was secure because it was in a public area. I used about 20 feet of this stuff. You can't see the suspending strings, it looks like it's floating in the air. Lots of praise!

👤I needed a clear fishing line to hang birthday balloons around my house. I will be fishing with this line outside.

👤It was useful in creating the look I wanted. I don't know how I survived without it. It is definitely durable. This will be my go to when I need to hang up.

👤It's easy to use. I'm using it for both crafts and what it's intended for.

👤I'm not using it for a fishing pole. I need a way to hang a craft project without it being real, in my face kind of thing. This is holding more weight than I need.

👤My wife wanted heavier duty and probably could have gone with a lighter gauge. She is happy.

👤Overall satisfied with the quality product.

👤Fast delivery, great product! Will order again.

3. Seaguar Percent Fluorocarbon Fishing 6 Pound

Seaguar Percent Fluorocarbon Fishing 6 Pound

The product is of a high standard of quality. It is reasonably priced.

Brand: Seaguar

👤I read a lot of good reviews about this particular fluorocarbon and I thought it would be great. It feels like a really cheap line. The line broke once while I was setting up my drag, brakes and spool tension, and once while I was spooling it onto my Orra SX. Maybe I got the wrong type of Seaguar or a bad box, but I will not be getting this again. This stuff is not as good as the fluorocarbon.

👤I don't like to give bad reviews but this product doesn't meet my expectations. I have 888-282-0465 line has a lot of line memory and twists and tangles on 888-282-0465 It gives less casting distance than anything else I use. Unless it is so inconsistent that some batches are good and others are bad, I can't understand the good reviews.

👤If used for leaders, it is the best for the money. This line is a main line. Too much memory causes it to break when it gets a white colored line. Can only recommend as a leader. It's worth $10.97 at my local Walmart. I get mine if you can't wait two days. There is a new update on 2/20/17. I've had several break offs just above the knot. Make sure to lubricate your knots and be careful with what knot you tie because the knot strength appears to be amazing. I use flourocarbon to tie a San Diego jam knot. There were break offs on the flourocarbon side of the connection knot. If the knot catches on the line guide or in a rod guide, it breaks on the flouro side. This is using 15 lbs of flouro.

👤I have a large dog. Large breeds don't stay kittens for long. They grow for 2 years. I have a baby who is 13lb. The standard adult cat is between 7 and 9 lbs. Many toys get broken the same day as they aren't built for large breed kittens. I built my own toys after getting tired of cheap ones. The fishing line works. It hasn't been broken or chewed through by the dog. Normally the cat weight strings for toys last less than a day, but it has been weeks and the original line is still strong. If you're looking for a fishing line for cat toys, you have found it.

👤I have always had good results with this stuff, I use many of it as main line and leader for braid. Garbage was the last thing I ordered. It is very stiff and has a lot of memory, which I have never experienced before. It has always been a little stiff, but the memory of this spool is ridiculous. It's barely castable as a main line. I will use the rest of the spool as a backup leader line.

4. Berkley® Vanish® Clear 110 Yard 6 Pound

Berkley%C2%AE Vanish%C2%AE Clear 110 Yard 6 Pound

Synthetic is the material name. The best formula ever. The light is similar to water. Sinks underwater have a more direct profile from rod tip to lure. The strength is maintained by the non-absorbing fluorocarbon. Vanish is the most flexible fluorocarbon. Nn absorbing fluorocarbon maintains strength and resistance underwater.

Brand: Berkley

👤When I opened the package, I ran my fingers up and down the line, doing my usual thing. The entire spool is damaged. It seems as if the line was rubbing on something. I thought maybe it was just part of it. I lined my pole up. I cut the line and it got worse. See the photo. I was not impressed with what I received.

👤I usually only use Berkeley line, but I bought a 6lb spool and it snapped when I tried to tie it to the reel. I ran off the line and tried again. I use a reel to reel in 50-60 yards. The first day out kayak fishing, the line wanted to jump off the reel, which resulted in knots on the reel. Look at pictures. At the end of the day, I had to pull off so much line that I had to knit up the rest in my pocket. I thought I had a bad day. I went to another store and bought a new reel thinking I was unlucky, but I found out that I had the same problems with the new reel. I don't recommend this product and wish I could return it. I have been using the Berkeley Trilene for a long time. The $30 learning experience was bad.

👤I only use this Vanish for leader line. It's great as a leader line. There is a The oldest mono I have laying around is the bottom layer. This is just for a stunt so you don't spend a lot of money on something that won't touch the water. Berkly Fireline is my preferred "braid". The mono backer line is tied to the Fireline. I usually add between three and six feet of this Vanish. I tie on another 3-6' section of Vanish leader line after changing my lures and lengths of leader. I can get between four and 10 lure changes. I haven't gotten to the benefit of the Vanish being nearly invisible in the water because of this. I like it. It gets my recommendation.

👤I just got this line and it broke at the knot when I did the no knot test, but I wish it was better because I would have used it more. Some of the knots that I did put a lot of stress on the line, so it snapped at 18 lbs., so if you complain about the line snapping at 10 lbs, try different knots.

👤The key to landing more fish is a high quality line. I use it on all my reels. I add 3-4 feet of 2lb vanish as a leader on my trout spinning rigs because trout can be picky. I have found that presenting your offering to the fish is more important than what you throw for a lure. I will catch 4-5 trout with a friend who is not using Vanish or other quality flourcarbon line. vanish can only be used with other types of line. They can't see traditional mono and hybrid lines with fluorocarbon line, so they move on. Try it. Live bait for fish? Live bait and vanish is a deadly weapon against larger fish when the water is clear. Try it and be impressed. My personal best trout was a fat 22" Brown trout that I measured and photographed. Highly recommend this line.

5. Berkley Trilene Sensation Grade Spool

Berkley Trilene Sensation Grade Spool

A professional grade mono has extreme strength, sensitivity, and control. Their strongest strength per mono is wet or dry. Light bites can be detected with ultra sensitive sensitivity. Smooth control and low memory for outstanding cast ability. Extra-high visibility is available in blaze orange and Solar colors.

Brand: Berkley

👤I have been fishing for 40 years and this is the worst line I have ever used. It tangles a lot even when it's on the reel. I continued. The line was knitted around the base of the reel after 2nd cast, and this happened on 3 different rods with different people. The smooth casting line is rock solid.

👤Line broke twice controlling fish at my side while river wading. I will assume that the fish, the lures and the lures lost their lives. I had a good strike on a topwater lure the previous day, but the line snapped, but the lure popped to the surface. I recovered it. The line was about an inch above the knot. The line seemed to have nicks. I used a reel dedicated to topwater baits. What could abrade it? Is it wind? Is the river water polluted? I have never had an issue with any of the Berkley lines, even 4 lbs line never broke like that on me. I have to stop cursing here, I'm close to cursing. I feel bad for the fish. Don't buy this line.

👤I bought a 4lb test for a setup with enough for another reel. On a heavier rod setup, the sensitivity is surprisingly strong. 5 and 6 lbs were pulled in back to back. I had a wind knot the next day, but I wasn't too worried. Cut it off and go fishing. The heavier setup was definitely for fun, but it was not my original intent. I am still happy with the purchase and use of my rig.

👤This will be the new go to for mono line. I was very impressed when I bought it to test out thesensation. I was able to improve my hook setting skills because I could feel the bite. I am a fairly new fisherman and was having issues with my gut hooks. I couldn't feel the fish in time. The problem was eliminated by this line. There were 10 fish caught and zero hooks. That is a new record for me. I was 800-273-3217 Awesome line.

👤This particular line was not up to par. It could be old stock or a bad product. Been fishing for over 40 years and using trilene sensation for over 10 years. I have never had a problem withinkyness before. To make sure not to have a spooling error. Casting was impossible both times. The line had an extreme twist. I was really annoyed that I wasted time wrestling with this junk.

👤I've been using 30lb 832 braid for years. Capt. Mickey was talking about it on the outdoor show. I got the low down after contacting him. I have changed all my reels.

6. Berkley 1133121 Trilene Big Game

Berkley 1133121 Trilene Big Game

Clear premium finish. Fighting power for big game fish. Incredible strength for control and confidence. Fight power is added by controlled stretch. Extra tough and abrasive. Strong and durable holding power is what the outstanding knot strength is. All purpose, easy to handle fishing line is what the monofilament fishing line has. It is easy to tie knots with good strength.

Brand: Berkley

👤If you are going to use monofilament as your main line, you will probably lose to Berkley Trilene Big Game. It's cheap and stronger than its rating. It's a little stronger than the Trilene. If not stronger, the 12LB Big Game is the equivalent of the 17lb or 20lb Trilene. It is stretchier than the XL, and it has less excessive memory than the XL. The 12LB Big Game, which is marginally thicker than 14lb, results in fewer bird's nest on a baitcaster. I don't see why the extra price is justified when the XT has less memory and stretches a little less. If you want to use a leader with a thinner line, use the XL, it will break easily and allow you to get the rest of your line back. Big Game is what you should use if you want a mainline.

👤I have been using this line for over 30 years and there is no other line that I would use for fish in heavy cover. I've caught two alligator gars, one that weighed in at over 200 lbs on a 50lb test and another that weighed in at over 100 lbs on a 20lb test. I have never lost a gar to a broken line and I have caught many over 100 lbs. My fishing partners switched if they weren't using it already. I've tried monos and they don't resist abrasion as well as this one. It stretches well and helps avoid the shock of a big fish making a quick run on short line using stiff rods. It's perfect for big cats. I've caught many in the 40-60lb range on 15 and 20lb test lines. It isn't a fidelity line. trout fisherman look for something else. I use the 50 and 80lb test line to make leaders for big cats because it wears like light wire and allows for more action from the bait.

👤I have used this line for many years. The strength, stretch, and solar collector are all great. Memory retention makes it difficult with spinning gear.

👤The brand and weight of the "50 Pound Test-275 Yard" option was recommended by another website to use to hang bird feeders to prevent squirrels from being able to climb onto the feeders. The bird feeders weigh about 3.5 Ibs when they are full. The line snapped and the bird feeders were on the ground. They were wrong to say that this line can hold 50 lbs.

👤I've always been happy with the Trilene mono, so I use it to tie my own leaders. I will continue to purchase this brand. When I review a product, it starts with four stars as I rarely purchase anything below four stars. I add and/orsubtract stars based on certain criteria. 1. If an item is exactly what I expected it will get a four star rating. If an item surpasses my expectations, it will get a star. If an item goes below my expectations, it will lose a star. If the instructions for the product are hard to follow or hard to understand, it will lose a star no matter what the product does. If a product is below my expectations, I will deduct two stars. It will be rare that I would give a product one star since I buy mostly items that have a 4+ rating but in rare instances there may be a good reason that even a four star product receives a one star rating from me. I will explain my reason for giving a product only one star if it is related to customer service issues from the company.

7. Zebco Outcast Monofilament 650 Yards Strength

Zebco Outcast Monofilament 650 Yards Strength

The battery can be fully charged in 1-2 hours. The top rated fishing line. The Outcast fishing line is resistant to twists and is low memory to prevent it from coiling. This line is so sensitive that you can feel if your bait hits the bottom or if a fish bites it. Strong and reliable, high tensile strength means you can depend on your fishing line to reel in your prize catch. 650-yards of 6-pound tested fishing line.

Brand: Zebco

👤I thought I would try the line from Zebco. A huge disappointment. I got what I paid for, and will not do that again. It is advisable to get a good quality fishing line. When I tried to put it on my reel, it kept curling, which tells me it was an older line and would be a disaster if I tried to cast it. I have been fishing for 50 years and I know a bad line when I see it. I don't recommend this line, I thought it would be a line to use this year, but instead it will be going to the "circular file", and doesn't even get considered for a place in the tackle box in case of emergency.

👤I found this line to be better than most of the others. I was using a 10lb Yo Zuri hybrid, but found it had more and more memory as I worked my way through it. I bought the 15lb because 17+lb and higher has been a disappointment. I have repooled my reels that had High Seas 15' and Bayou Blue 17' to Outcast. It's much better to cast from shore.

👤Everyone was sold out of the 8lb line. I knew I wasn't getting a quality line. I am not a fishing line snob. It does work, and ties nice, has a horrible memory, and will get tangles in the first week or so. This is gone when I can find a quality line. It's a good yard sale item.

👤This line is a great backer. It's a cheap way to fill a reel. When there is a lull in fishing seasons, I use it to practice my knots. It would be fine for a small pole. It was perfect for my needs. I wouldn't use it for serious fishing.

👤I bought this item to use across the top of my patio deck railing to keep birds off it. After a week of heavy rain and storms, it is holding up well. The four by fours on my patio deck are about 1 inch off of the deck railing.

👤Good value. It feels nice and light. It came off the spool as fresh and new. Will purchase again.

👤I used this to fix a hanging plant and it held the weight without concern. It seems very strong. It could be good for jewelry as well. It's that strong.

👤It is mono. It works and is cheaper than other brands. I would like to catch a fish big enough to break my line.

👤I bought this to use as a blanched vegetable for my fish. When fish are done eating it's easy to just pull it out of the aquarium and get the food, it's not a problem if you put arms in the water.

8. RUNCL Material Multiple Freshwater Saltwater

RUNCL Material Multiple Freshwater Saltwater

The premium bright fishing line has a high strength-to diameter ratio. The 8 strands of braided line allow you to easily tie a more solid knot, which decreases the chance of losing your big one. The round, smooth and sensitive line has a high abrasion resistance that allows you to fish around obstacles. The braided line is low memory, which helps you achieve a better, farther casts, less chance of wind knots, and feel every fish bite. The braided line is ideal for ponds, lakes and streams because it has a smaller diameter for winding extra fishing line.

Brand: Runcl

👤I bought a 33 yard spool at 41# test strength. It was imported from China. Knowing it is imported, I thought I'd buy it with the intent of only needing 20# test strength and hedged my bets by assuming any multi-strand braid from China would need to be twice what I really needed. I used the same knot for each test to assure conformity. I tried it with 25# and it broke. The second test was 20# and it broke a few inches above the know. The final test was 15#. I am not going to spool my reel with this junk. Back it goes!

👤I've had this for a year. I love the multicolor because it gives me an idea of depth and it's highly visible. I've used this out in the coast to catch bull Reds and never had a line snap. Stop spending money on overpriced lines. I put it on my reels.

👤This is a great braided line. It is easy to tie knots with the attractive colors. I like using braid because of the inelasticity, it makes my hook sets strong, and I can feel every tap from a fish bite. I chose the 20lb braid, which is plenty for standard bass fishing and is a versatile middle ground strength, not too thick to be visible but not too weak. I used a rubber band on the spool to prevent line slip and it works very well on my rod and spinning reel combo. I used to help me unspool it onto my reel after it arrived in a nice plastic container.

👤The price was right so I decided to try it. If it was garbage, I didn't have a lot of money. I was pleasantly surprised by my first few trips. I used the 45 pound braid on my 6000 series reels to fish for bottom fishing. The Align held up great after we pulled in some monster fish. I have used it on some of my trolly rods since then. I don't see that being a big deal because the color has faded a bit from the Sun. I would definitely recommend this line. I spoiled one of my big reels, but haven't tested it yet.

👤I have been testing this braid in the Dry Tortuga's and it has not let me down. It works well in the current and for my slow pitch jig fishing. I prefer that it doesn't have a lot of coating on it. Has not let me down by breaking. Highly recommend this line. I like this over other braids because it costs less. The size I use is 30 pound test.

👤I knew my husband needed something heavier than the monofilament he was using when we were going deep sea fishing. I am surprised at how strong this braid is. I knew the fishing line was strong, but my husband tied some to one of our heavy lamps and lifted it off the ground as you can see in the video. I'm excited to see what he can catch with this line on the fishing trip because it's able to handle that weight. The braid is multi-colored and has a notch on it to keep it from getting tangled up when it's not in use. I will add a few more photos after we come back from the trip, and hopefully I can catch something on video to share.

9. KastKing Worlds Premium Monofilament Yards

KastKing Worlds Premium Monofilament Yards

Paralleled Roll Track technology makes it easier to handle and cast with the KastKing mono. You can now use nylon line for bass fishing. It is assured that your clear line will remain more invisible than ever and colored monofilament are available for many fishing tactics. The low aeration gives the line less limpness and quicker retrieving, allowing any angler to have peace of mind to fish almost any condition and techniques with confidence. They want to keep fishing fun by keeping it affordable. It is perfect for freshwater or saltwater fishing.

Brand: Kastking

👤I ordered 600 yards of mono and the picture was advertised as 600 yards. Did I get 600 yards? I don't know but it certainly doesn't look like it. Maybe I did... Maybe I didn't... I don't have confidence in the product and it's a misrepresentation of the product being sold. This is the second time in a row that I've not been happy with the products. I bought a reel and it seems to be a decent one... The drag is very sticky and unpleasant to fish with. Maybe for a child... I'm returning this line and won't be buying any more products from KastKing. I wanted to like this company. I'll have to stick with the tried and true brands from now on because they have a lot of good reviews and good prices.

👤I need to cast light jigs over a long distance in some of my crappie spots. Light tackle with a thin line is what this calls for. I don't want to lose lure and fish too easily because there are often big fish there. I settled down on Suffix Siege 6lb after trying different lines. I was surprised when I bought the KastKing and Kodiak reels. I wanted to try the line out. The result is happy again. Compared with the Suffix Siege mono, the premium mono is thinner, stronger, and feels more bite. If not handled properly, the tiny more stiffness could be a challenge for beginners, but it never bothered me. It brings more benefits than challenges. I started to like this line after fishing for about an hour.

👤I was thoroughly impressed by the line I fished with over the weekend. I put the mono on my rods. I fished with a 6'6 light action rod from the 70's and a small weighted bobber throwing crappie jigs on 1/32 jig heads. I was not using a Pflueger high end reel with a St. Croix rod. The line was cast like a dream by the wind. It performed better than I expected after landing on the water. The performance of the Berkely Sensation was67531 on another line that came out curled on the water. The Berkely was spooled at a local sporting goods store, so all things being equal, one would think the Berkley would have an advantage. Not the case at all. I plan to purchase another spool of this line because I am very pleased with it.

👤Cheap line. I lost a Lucky Craft lure and a Daiwa salt pro while surfing in Malibu. I thought my knot was bad after the line snapped. Put a different lure on the first cast. I've been fishing for a long time and never experienced line snapping like this. I wouldn't trust this line to hold up reeling in a fish. Spend your money somewhere else.

👤A student of Bill Varney's Light Line Revolution suggests a red color mono main line. At a beach seminar, I saw how this is to see vs a clear line. After grabbing a jerk bait in jetty rocks, it was very strong. I was pulled more than 12 LB but the line never broke. After fighting this for 1/2 hour, I gave up and cut the line. There are many pro and tour capts. The people have switched to using the products from KastKing. Something should be said in that. I have been using the KastKing lines and 2 Sharky saltwater reels for 2 years. Absolutely no regrets with all of them.

10. Stren SHIQS10 15 Impact Monofilament Fishing

Stren SHIQS10 15 Impact Monofilament Fishing

Strong and durable holding power is what the outstanding knot strength is. The fishing line is shock resistant. A combination of strength, resilience, and resilience. 4 ball bearings are shielded. Excellent performance for coastal gamefish. It is designed for saltwater fishing.

Brand: Stren

👤I wanted to make an invisible trellis for my climbing roses. I don't think some of the designs are appealing and the cost of the wood is too high. The roses leftover from the previous homeowner were not nice to look at. I strung the fishing line between the staples on the fence and the 4x4s. The climbing roses look nice now that I have made invisible trellises for the grapes, clematis, and Arabian jasmine. If I say so myself, it's not a bad idea. I don't fish so I can't say if it actually does that job. Anne is Andrew's wife.

👤I used this to hang up Halloween decorations, and it worked perfectly. I don't know how it works for what it's intended.

👤I've used Stren line for over 40 years and have not had a problem. It seems to still be good. Fishing line is not one of the things I buy as cheaply as possible. Getting a nice fish on the line and hearing a "SNAP!" is one of the most annoying things. That is not a good thing. Stren line has been reliable in my experience. I've been fishing with their test for over a month now and it has performed very well. It seems to be the same quality. I have had good luck with this, so keep using it. I've heard horror stories of people using newer lines that are more expensive. The material is funny. A change in the formula can make a huge difference. I don't like experimenting with things that already work. Over the years, I tried a few other lines, but they never seemed to beat the Stren. I'm sticking with it for now. I've caught three trout and a bunch of smaller fish with this new line, and one that was the biggest, got away from me within feet of the dock. Unhooked the line at the end. I didn't get to see what it was. Oh well. I haven't had the line fail yet, but don't expect it to. Hopefully, you will get a good performance out of it. There are no promises. Every fish is different. Best of luck...

👤I bought the Stren High Impact Fishing Line for leader and two ultra light casting rod and reels for local fishing around the area. It is strong for it's size and weight rating and it comes off the spool without coiling. The big reel of this line will last me a long time and the knots stay tied. When I was a cheap tippet on the Big Horn River, I used Stren Monofilament, and I can't remember any problems with it breaking or coming untied. The price is right in the fishing industry. New products will not come out unless you pay a fee to buy them. I don't think buying a small amount of fishing line is a good idea. You may not agree with me but I have already learned a few things. Stren doesn't get a big head.

11. Stren Original Pound Yard Spool

Stren Original Pound Yard Spool

You can match any fishing condition with either low- or high-vis options. Clear and low-vis green are always solid choices, and with Hi-vis gold for nymphing or aging eyes. UV GUARD prolongs the lifetime of your line. The perfect balance of strength, strength. The knot is strong to land big fish. It is tough and resistant. Low memory for handling and easy casting.

Brand: Stren

👤I started fishing again at the age of 62. Have not fished in 16 years. I had to replace my fishing line. Not my first rodeo when it comes to installing a new reel. I bought this line for a long time. This Brand was the only brand I would buy after 16 years of fishing. Why? Fast forward to now and it's very disappointing for its quality, price, andDurability. Why? The line went on as usual. I kept the line taunt for the whole time I was installing it, as well as keeping it after I used it for the first time. The new line wraps around the top eye of the fishing rod, which is a complaint. It's so frustrating. The line likes to wrap itself around my reel. It's so frustrating to say the least. This once quality line was very disappointing. I have to replace it with another brand. I will never buy this again. Sorry!

👤I like fishing. I needed line for a new namebrand reel that I bought on Amazon. I bought this even though it was cheap, because I knew there was no way a name brand line maker could mess up a 6 pound mono. It could have been the supplier, but I am reviewing what I got. 1 star! It had a hard time remembering. It would be cast out in loops. Birds nest off of a spinning object. It was on top of the water. The knots were easy to pull through. It would break if there was little stress applied to it. I think the line was old and had sat on the shelf for a while. The line was very visible. Surprise... if you can see it. Never buying again.

👤Stren gold line has been used for over 30 years. It is very easy to cast. It is worth it in the long run. If you can see the line, the fish will follow it. I have had great success attaching a clear leader to the business end of the line. The gold color makes it easy to see where I want the bait to go. It is easier to see the line is straight when fishing in the dark. I have found it to be a great line.

👤I've used it for 25 years. Some are very good. Stren is not as strong as some others. A good reel with magnets will cast as far as possible. Stren will pull the big fish out of the underwater limbs and into the net when he catches a bass in a fallen tree. Confidence on the line changes the way you fish. An improved cinch knot tied with stren will be more resistant to mosses, lilypads, jumping fish and poorly manufactured lures. I sound like a commercial. I will never say that if I had been using Stren.

👤I really like this line. It's easy to see the brilliant color in low light and direct sunlight. I need to be able to see line movement at short distances since I work more than one line at a time. It's great for bass because you can see the line jump out when the fish takes the lure. My only solace is this, it's not as supple as, say, Triline XL or the Spiderwire Ultimate Mono, so memory is an issue on my Pflueger Presidents and Trions. It's not an issue on larger reels. It is an amazing line. Visibility, knot strength, and of course, abrasion resistance, are great. I use a shock leader of 15' along with a leader of smaller line, and I'm GTG. I've landed 4-5lb bows and bass on this line, and I'm only using the 4lb line. I was targeting trout with spinners. This line has confidence. It's great!


What is the best product for fishing line clear 6 pound?

Fishing line clear 6 pound products from Kastking. In this article about fishing line clear 6 pound you can see why people choose the product. Acejoz and Seaguar are also good brands to look for when you are finding fishing line clear 6 pound.

What are the best brands for fishing line clear 6 pound?

Kastking, Acejoz and Seaguar are some of the best brands that chosen by people for fishing line clear 6 pound. Find the detail in this article. Berkley, Zebco and Runcl are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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