Best Fishing Line Cutter Ring

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1. Line Cutterz Ceramic Zipper Cutter

Line Cutterz Ceramic Zipper Cutter

The lock has handles for safe storage. The blade cuts fishing lines from either side. The ceramic blade and plastic are Rust-proof. Attaches to a wide range of items, from tackle bags, jackets, hoodies, shorts, pants, soft-sided coolers, and waders. It's safe and convenient. Can't use the safe design to cut yourself. It's great for all types of fishing, including kayak fishing, surf fishing, charter fishing, fly fishing, and ocean fishing. The blade opening has been improved to allow for even closer cuts.

Brand: Line Cutterz

👤I like this product. I prefer the ring version for ease of use, but I got the keychain one. This would be great to put on the jacket that I have a designated fishing jacket. It could work on a backpack. I think this product works well, it cuts line well and doesn't damage anything else.

👤I need something to cut the fishing lines that I run into as a freediver. It needs to be small. This seems to be it. The strongest I have is 70 lbs mono. It should be less than $10.

👤The perfect tool for water. This thing is not even there. It's a little awkward to use until you figure out how to hold it. It does the job when you know your hand position. I wear mine on a piece of paracord around my neck, so it's always there when I need it. I'm glad to have it, but I think it's a little over priced. Absolutely recommend it.

👤They were gifts for Christmas. The ones that got it loved it. A great gift idea.

👤I lost my line cutter while fishing and needed a low profile replacement. I needed a bigger zip on my PFD, so this little device fit the bill perfectly. It works to cut braid, mono and fluorocarbon, but it's a little high for what it is. If you can get it for less than $10, it's a good recommendation.

👤Love the design. I have the rings for the flat mount and the zip up mount. This is a must have for shore fishing and kayaking. You can use the through hole to pull the hook if you don't put it on a zip up.

👤I saw this company on Shark Tank and thought it was a great idea. For Father's Day, I ordered this for my husband. I'm going to order a thread cutter in the future.

👤It could have been hung from the jacket's zip. It was a little pricey.

2. Piscifun Aluminium Fishing Remover Generation

Piscifun Aluminium Fishing Remover Generation

Add fishing pliers to your collection. It's much easier to remove the hook. Fish on! Anti-Corrosion aluminum. The aircraft-grade aluminum is great for long term use without signs of oxidation and rust. The handles offer a light feeling. The pliers are easy to use by one hand. The jaws are strong enough to remove hooks and split rings. The cutter is made of Tungsten Carbide. It's easy to cut the strongest braided lines, the heaviest mono leader, the fly lines and backing lines with the fully replaceable stonketed cissers. The pliers are very convenient to carry around and secure with you. The back of the sheath has a belt loop.

Brand: Piscifun

👤This is a typical run of fishing pliers. They are loaded with springs to keep the jaws open. The line cutter is great for braided line. They are very light in the hand and feel decent. The jaws have a perfect alignment and I have not had any rust so far. This is a good set to keep in your box. Is it the best set out there? Do you really need the best set? 99% of us should be fine if you don't run a charter boat day in and day out.

👤These things look great and operate well. The blue and aluminum colors match my car and gear so I was drawn to this item. The light pliers function well. We'll see how they work out on the kayak, and I'll get back to you if there are any failures. These are amazing. I use them at least once a week and never go fishing without them. I use the cutter on mono.

👤Thanks to Piscifun customer service, the review has been updated. They immediately sent me a new pair of pliers after seeing my review. I think the first pair was just faulty because the second pair is very strong. The blades of the pliers are very sharp and it's easy to cut braid. A 5-star review for a quality product. Wow! Thank you so much! I bought these pliers at the beginning of the year and they were great. The pliers started to bend in the middle. I bent them back into place. They began to bend more and more to the point where the cutter no longer worked and the plier-end was not working. I stopped using them during the summer of 2018). I only used them for one purpose, and that was to remove the hooks from the bass' mouth.

👤The pliers are great. The carrying case is a huge plus. The line cutter at the bottom of the pliers is a huge bonus, and I have used it ice fishing several times since I purchased it. The slot for sinkers is a huge plus. The pliers are small so you can see your hooks or lure in a fish's mouth.

👤My husband received these pliers as a christmas gift. They are very well built and have a nice heft. My husband loves that they come with a lanyard because it helps to keep them out of the water. They can cut braided line. A recommendation from a fisherman!

👤These are very sweet. Can't beat the quality. The lanyard and sheath were very useful. I clipped the lanyard to my seat so I didn't worry about losing. I like how they have interchangeable blades. I'll never have to worry about having a dull pair. I'll be getting another set for my boat.

👤Haven't had the chance to fish yet, season hasn't opened, but the line cutter on these is incredible. I have two rods with different weights, one with 20lb braid and the other with 6lb, but they have been difficult to cut in the past, but these cut through instantly. They are very strong and well made. It comes with a small Allen wrench. The screws were all tight. These feel very strong in your hand. The handles are thick enough to not put too much pressure on when you squeeze them, and long enough to get good Torque, but not too much. The lanyard is long enough to fit on your belt. I don't wear a belt much when I fish, so I'm going to hook mine to a float. I will update after I get some use out of them. Update! These were used all season and are still sharp and strong. I disconnected it from the lanyard, but I would prefer to attach a float to it if I could find something that would support it. It's nice to have a place to put them. I know where they are.

3. Thread Cutterz Convenient Glow Dark

Thread Cutterz Convenient Glow Dark

A coiled lanyard and belt sheath are included for quick access and easy reach while wading, surf fishing, sea fishing, or fly trout fishing. The strap can be adjusted to fit all sizes. You can either wear it on your finger or mount it. The two-sided blade cuts through yarn, thread, and floss with ease. The rivet and plastic are made from 304 steel and plastic. It's safe and convenient. Can't use the safe design to cut yourself. It was allowed by the TSA. When you travel, bring your ring. Great for all types of crafting.

Brand: Thread Cutterz

👤When I saw this item for the first time, I needed it because I already have to keep track of my crochet hooks. I have the thread cutter and know where it is all the time. I will get another one in the future.

👤It cuts thread just fine, but not smoothly enough for embroidery thread. Use something else if you want to thread it easily. For ends, it's handy.

👤I was excited to get this tool, but I realized that the blade is not sharp, so I cut my excitement in half. I tried it from both ends and it didn't cut the thread. I really need a good thread cutter.

4. NovelBee Aluminum Saltwater Removers Rustproof

NovelBee Aluminum Saltwater Removers Rustproof

A good gift is the best gift for fishermen. It is suitable for Father's Day or for a special occasion, and it is very practical. The tip of the pliers is 4.5 inches. Thelier material is aluminum alloy. The ideal fishing tool for larger fishes. Strong enough to be hook removers or split ring openers, the braid line cutter is a multi-function use.

Brand: Novelbee

👤The grip feels nice. Jaws are not the same. What else is needed in a specialty tool?

👤If you put too much pressure on them, they can bend side to side, but they won't break, and I've used them for a couple months now.

5. JKDRILL Aluminum Stainless Saltwater Accessories

JKDRILL Aluminum Stainless Saltwater Accessories

If the product has quality problems, they will give you a refund. If the damage is caused by non-human factors within a year, they will give you a free refund. ? It's a powerful tool that can be used to open, open loops, remove hooks, trim lines, and press fish. ? The Fishing Plier is made of Air-Craft Grade aluminum for its saltwater resistance. It's best for freshwater and saltwater environments. ? Their jaws are titanium coated and have a split ring design which makes it easy to remocal rings from a bait or hook. ? Is it possible to replace the Tungsten Carbide Cutters? It's easy to cut the strongest braided lines and heaviest mono leader with a super sharp tungsten carbide cutter. ? Special anti-slip and spring loaded handle designs make it easy to cut fishing line and remove the hook, shaped handles are a helpful fishing tool and the best gift for fishermen.

Brand: Jkdrill

👤It seems to be pretty sturdy and of decent quality.

6. Boomerang Tool Company Retractable Stainless

Boomerang Tool Company Retractable Stainless

It was made in the USA. The built-in 36" tether can be pulled back into place if you need it again. It can be clipped to your vest or hip. It's always handy and never lost. Fishing lines are cut through 50 pounds. The high quality tsavia steel serrated cutters are resistant tocorrosion. After each use, rinse with freshwater. If you want to protect your snip, use an anti-rust spray. Air dry and wipe with cloth. It will help prevent spotting on screws and blades. The department name is Womens.

Brand: Boomerang Tool Company

👤I work as a guide in Alaska during the summer. This little tool gets a workout keeping four rods tied up and fishing with novices when there is no scheduled days off. This is the best new tool of the year. It cuts cleanly and precisely. It's always at hand because I clip it on my hip. I can simply drop it and it will come back into place. I put my old cutters in their place, but things happen. When I have my hands full, I have to look around the boat for them. I love this tool. The only problem was that it stopped closing all the way and the jaws didn't open. I sprayed a heavy lube and never use a heavy lube on a boat or around saltwater. It worked for the rest of the season. I don't think they were used for professional purposes. I'll get two or three for backup next year.

👤I've tried a lot of products that claim to cut braid fishing line. It ended up in frustration. The only product the store employee could recommend that would work was this one. He warned me against the Chinese made crappy ones that have been private labeled. He said that they are all junk Chinese. He said he could recommend this one. I bought one despite being doubtful of his claim. It's performed perfectly, use it for a full season. I love the retractable cord. It is the first thing I attach to myself when I get on the boat. I don't know how long it will last, but at the end of the first full season, it is still going strong. My son's Christmas stocking and another back-up were bought. I will never buy another brand of braid cutter, and certainly will never buy another Chinese quality piece of junk that a fishing company paid about 12 cents for and had private labeled with their sticker on. If you want a braid cutter that works, you should buy this one. As long as they maintain their quality control and performance, I will keep doing that myself. It's worth it if I only get one season out of each. I'll consider it a bonus if I get 2 seasons. blades remain sharp after only so long, not worried about it breaking Add in a wet environment and that time should be shortened further. There is only one braid cutter that I can recommend highly. I can't recommend any other braid line cutter.

👤The line cutter is unwieldy to use around small flies and small knots, and I fish with very light fly fishing tackle (5/6/7 x tippet). It's large and the motion of squeezing the two "wings" to operate the mechanism makes it move a bit when trying to nip in close to a fly or knot. The device hung upside down from my lanyard, so I had to turn it to get it the correct direction, almost every time I reached for it. I will keep this in my pack for the rare occasion when I need to cut mono leaders or fly line. I will use a standard nipper for the regular operations of cutting tippet.

7. Booms Fishing Aluminum Remover Cutting

Booms Fishing Aluminum Remover Cutting

The Flexfit design does away with snaps and velcro, and offers up a clean fit and stylish look in both adult and youth sizes. The X1 fishing pliers have a handle and jaws. It can open split ring and cut braided line. The braided line cutters are supported by the aluminum handle inset spring. When there is a loaded spring, the pliers can open. The small hook at the top of the jaws can help you open the split rings. There is also a split lead and single barrel position. The Super Braided Line Cutters are made of aluminum and can cut braided line and mono line. You can get a smooth and clean cut with the line up of the pliers. They have a steel wire coiled lanyard and nylon holster to keep your pliers safe. You can keep your hands out of your fishing bag.

Brand: Booms Fishing

👤Two boys are learning to kayak with me. For Easter, give it to their first, independently owned tackle kit. They don't need to raft up with me to use my tools to re-rigg their lines. They can operate on their own. They each have their own color. It's funny. They are thrilled with the reviews so far. I'll probably get my own pair soon. They have the lanyard and sheath. I will add a bobber to the sheath and attach it to the lanyard. Things go too far when out on the water with kids. Like my keys or cell phone. We will not want to loose them. The lanyard clip can be clipped to a PHD or the eyelets on the boat. I will add a comment here. I thought I would not need to carry all of the tools I use most. I thought these would cut it down to one. The cutting surface is small after getting them in hand. As an older person, I use reading glasses. It might be a bit inconvenient to get line right on that surface to cut it. There have been no complaints from the 10 and 12 year olds. When I get my own tackle bag, I will keep the tiny sharp craft scissors in there in case they are more comfortable and easier to use. I'm still very impressed with this tool, it's well made, smooth metal with a nice heft, and a quality feel for such an awesome price.

👤These are the best fishing pliers for inshore fishing. I have used them for an entire fishing season here on the Texas coast, and they have been used for more than one fishing trip per week. The Booms X1 have held up well. The cutter blades are sharp enough to cut the wire. The spring loaded hinge works just as well as it did when it was new. I tried to use these pliers on 150lb split rings on offshore lures and it twisted the tip so that the top and bottom didn't line up, that's why I give it 4-stars. The tips of the pliers don't align perfectly anymore. These are the best fishing pliers for inshore fishing.

👤I would like to see a bigger line cutter, it's hard to see where this tiny blade is in the dark. A locking mechanism will keep these closed when I'm not using them.

👤I decided to buy another pair of pliers for myself and give my husband another pair, but when I looked in my history, I found I bought them three years ago. Even though they are covered in some saltwater, they open and close without sticking, and even though the clips are not rusted and broken, the cord is still intact and stretching, even after a lot of heated storage in an outdoor boat in the Florida. I had to leave a review.

👤The braided line cutter performs perfectly. Not too large or small to get hooks from deep within the mouths of fish. It is difficult to return your pliers without turning your attention to the task at hand. A hard plastic snap in and snap out type belt shith would be a perfect alternative to this poor design and make this the ultimate combination good quality good value your design.

8. LBW Fishing Remover Freshwater Saltwater

LBW Fishing Remover Freshwater Saltwater

The fishing pliers have nylon sheath, lanyard and belt loop clip that make it easy to grab and hold. The LBW fishing pliers hook removal tool can be used to remove fish hooks, open split rings, cut fishing line, crimp sets, and unhook them. LBW split ring pliers are made of high quality aluminum and steel material and teflon coating, which have strong corrosion resistance. The surface of the tools is treated with a special color that is resistant to oxidation and rust. It is easy to apply in freshwater and saltwater fishing tackle. The fishing hook removal weighs only 4.1 ounces. Fishing line can be cut with saltwater fishing pliers. Lock-up operation can be handled by using one hand only, with a hollow out design and machine cut aluminum handles for reduced weight, shaped handles also for a secure grip, and also with one hand only. LBW catfishing tackle with coiled lanyards, buckle and a nylon sheath is easy to carry with fishing kits and can be tied on your toolkit or belt to prevent it from falling into the water. This set of fishing accessories and equipment is a great gift for your family and friends, so they can enjoy the good time of fishing. LBW is a professional water outdoor brand and they offer 30 days free return and 12 months guarantee service. If there is a quality issue with LBW fishing gear, please contact their customer service team, they will be happy to help and reply within 24 hours.

Brand: Lbw

👤I don't like the lanyard because it would be a problem. The listing said the pliers worked. The aluminum is very durable in saltwater. There are no metal based parts on this that are rust prone. These pliers are excellent if you're looking for a quality set.

👤They are great for helping me rig lines. The jaws are made of steel. The handles are pretty solid and there is no slop or loose feeling to them. I love these pliers.

👤I used this pliers for the first time. The lanyard and sheath were very useful. You don't put a lot of pressure on them because they're comforable to hold. These are definitely worth the price.

👤They can cut braided line, pulled hooks, and crimped sinkers. They come with a lanyard that helps to keep them out of the water.

👤The pliers fit in my hands well. Unhooking catfish is done safely with the opening of split rings. These work well.

👤They are very light in the hand and feel decent. I have not had any rust.

👤It was a Christmas gift for my father. He uses a rusty fishing plier. I opened it and it was very delicate and it came with a beautiful box. I think my father will like it.

👤There is a lot of utility functions. Great for cutting line. Comes with a lanyard and sheath.

9. CIWEI Fishing Pliers Removers Tools

CIWEI Fishing Pliers Removers Tools

Great for all types of crafting. The front end of the fishing tongs can be unloaded with any hook, the tip can be used to open the loop to hang the bait, and the crimping grooves can fix heavy objects. The material is rugged and durable. The handle is made of aluminum and the tip is made of steel. The fishing tongs can be used in fresh water. It is suitable for everyone who likes fishing. The fishing pliers have an anti- lost rope, a metal carabiner, and a pliers cover that can be hung on the belt. The fishing pliers length is 7.8 inches. If the product has quality problems, they will give you a refund. If the damage is caused by non-human factors within a year, they will give you a free refund.

Brand: Ciwei

👤I was carrying my leatherman to fish with, but I was worried about dropping it in the river and needed something cheaper and more fishing oriented. The case can be secured in both horizontal and vertical positions. When in the water, the dongle will definitely help. The pliers are heavy in the hands and feel solid. It takes a while to get used to having the clippers on the outside. The separator at the end is useful for pry open weights. It's missing a flat spot for grabbing on to the fishing line. My leatherman has a small spot near the pliers that he can use with smaller items. The teeth lined up instead of being offset made it difficult for the line to grab on to it. I put duct tape in the area to solve the problem. It's hard to beat them for the price. I haven't tried the lures yet. The measurements are right in the picture, so my fault, but they ended up being a tad bigger than I thought.

👤It comes with more than just a plier. I like the pouch that can hold the plier. The design is convenient.

👤The pliers work well. The line cutter works on braid of 30 lbs and 80 lbs. The lures that came with are very realistic.

👤The two gift baits are very beautiful. The price is cheap. This is the best fishing plier I have ever used. They are light and strong. Their design and manufacturing are very humane. Many people lose their plier when fishing. I will never misplace my pliers or bait again because this pliers has an anti- lost lanyard. A pliers are a multi-functional tool and include cutting thread, moving hook, tie thread, split ring, adjusting bait and other accessories. I cut 30-pound braids with pliers and they worked well. If you have enough ideas, they will help you fish.

10. PLUSINNO Aluminum Saltwater Freshwater Muti Function

PLUSINNO Aluminum Saltwater Freshwater Muti Function

The Ti-Nitride coated, rust resistant blade has an extra sharp tip to make starting your cut a breeze and a sheath with a belt loop for close, hands free carry. The aircraft grade aluminum body has a replaceable coated 420 steel jaw and a tungsten carbide cutter. The construction has great capability of saltwater resistance. The largest size of fishing pliers on the market is the 8 inch plier. The handle is designed to fit the palm curve and aim to give you the maximum comfort, control, and less hand fatigue. The plier can split rings, build steel leaders, crimp slots, grab and remove fish hook, and create a tight knot. The multi-tool makes less stuff in the tackle box. High-Strength Cutters- Replaceable tungsten steel cutters with precision sharpened blades can easily cut various fishing lines, including braided, monofilament and fluorocarbon line. The molded and hard-wearing sheath with sturdy plastic belt clip and coiled lanyard is the perfect accessory to keep your plier protected and makes it safer when being attached to your belt for quick access and preventing accidental drops into water.

Brand: Plusinno

👤I bought these pliers back in March. I wanted to wait a few months to write a review to see if they hold up. They do. I am in August and there are no signs of rust. The pliers are holding up. The tip is holding up. The teeth are strong. The section that cuts braid line is still sharp and nice. The elastic coil lanyard has a clip that is attached to the belt pouch so as to avoid accidental pliers being thrown. " situations bring us to almost-1 star..." The holster is not a positive. The clip is strong enough to hold up. The draw back is two fold. The pliers don't "lock" into the holster. They are not locked in place. There is a mount on the belt clip. I've found pliers banging into my knee cap when the holder spun around upside down. That's the only negative that's worth a minus 1 star. The product needs a tighter fitting mold on the holster and a tighter swivel base on the belt holster.

👤I was excited to get these pliers, as they look good in your hand. The first time I tried to remove a hook from a fish, my excitement ended. The jaws are made from metal that is bolted into the handle pieces instead of one solid piece of aluminum, and they have too much flex. They slipped off the hook every time I turned the hook to remove it, because they were not tightly griping the hook. I have my rusty needle nose pliers in my bag.

👤The pliers worked well while crabbing. I was careful about getting sand into the pivot area, but it looks like it can be disassembled and cleaned. The belt clip was comfortable and firm. They are very sturdy and versatile for crimping, cutting, and grasping. They are a great addition to my fishing gear.

👤The number one reason is to cut fishing line. The cutters on my pair have a small gap which prevents them from cutting my braid. I like them, but only if they are not. They look great. Don't cut it.

👤I have a pair of pliers, clippers and a hook getter. This replaces them all. You can carry it on your belt or use the caribeaner to clip it to your belt loop. The ledge on the end of the pliers gives you something to use against the stuck hook. It's much easier to remove. This is a must have for tackle boxes.

👤I decided to use this plier because it is larger than my old one. It's easier to work with a larger size. It's a good plier and having that pouch to hold it is very convenient when you're fishing, because you don't have to worry about dropping or misplacement.

👤Light weight love the clip and look cool. I have been on 2 day fishing trips and these pliers are dull and you need a lot of force to cut the fishing line, either go with a more basic set of pliers or use a different set.

11. Booms Fishing Scissor Scissors Retractor

Booms Fishing Scissor Scissors Retractor

TRUSCEND pliers has a hard sheath, lanyard, and carabiner. The new special pliers cover can match a variety of pliers and is easy to carry and pick up. The plier is designed for the avid fisherman who wants the very best equipment and can rely on it for a long time to come. Fishing line cutter. The fishing scissors are great for cutting fishing lines. The Serrated blade and tip can be used to cut braided and mono lines. The blade and blunt tip are designed to not cut your hands. The mini scissors are small enough to fit in your pocket or tackle box. The shears are made of durable STAINLESS STEEL, which will not rust and will not corrode, making them durable for all of your fishing needs. What you get is a fishing scissors.

Brand: Booms Fishing

👤The finder holes are small. They are hard to come off of your hand. I had to apply tension to the lines I was cutting. Have not tried split ring yet. Yesterday, I received them. I will keep them for the price if I lose my main pair. The company would triple their sales if they made them in a larger size.

👤I bought a brand called Boom. I did a test cutting of a 60lb braid line. The Boom brand is very important to me. The brand had to try again. The brand cut it clean. I love it! I'll order one more because it's cheaper.

👤The best braid scissors to date. I bought a lot of scissors for braid. lanyard makes them awesome. They were given out to fishing buddies for Christmas.

👤Great scissors. For immediate availability, short with blunt ends and retractable. Very reasonable price and fast shipping.

👤I like that I can clip them to a belt loop.

👤It was good to have when fishing the change bait or replace fishing line, no complaints on my part.


What is the best product for fishing line cutter ring?

Fishing line cutter ring products from Line Cutterz. In this article about fishing line cutter ring you can see why people choose the product. Piscifun and Thread Cutterz are also good brands to look for when you are finding fishing line cutter ring.

What are the best brands for fishing line cutter ring?

Line Cutterz, Piscifun and Thread Cutterz are some of the best brands that chosen by people for fishing line cutter ring. Find the detail in this article. Novelbee, Jkdrill and Boomerang Tool Company are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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