Best Fishing Lures for Trout

Lures 6 Feb 2023 10+ Comments Open

1. Fishing Spinnerbait Salmon Spinner Tbuymax

Fishing Spinnerbait Salmon Spinner Tbuymax

A great last minute gift is the best fishing gift. The large size fishing lures set has a heavy weighted body to catch big fish. Each trout lure has bright colored strike-attractor sleeves. The packing box makes it easier to use. Both freshwater and saltwater rooster tail fishing lures are used. The blade has a premium quality. They are designed for bass fishing and trout fishing. Bass, trout, Walleye, Northern pike and Salmon are deadly.

Brand: Tb Tbuymax

👤I was going to Colorado to fish for trout. The lures are larger than you might think, which is not great for catching trout. The "feather" pieces don't act like they do on more expensive lures, on a rooster tail brand the whole thing rotates and really attracts the fish, these aren't very good. I got some Panther and Rooster tail lures and was catching them left and right after. I will not be buying off brand lures anymore after buying these. Save your money and get a few Meps or Martins.

👤I caught a nice 21inch trout with these at Lake Arrowhead in California. I only caught a fish on the first day of fishing. In the spinners defense, there were about 12 people fishing with every type of lure imaginable, and only one person caught a fish with a worm.

👤These are built to a high standard. The hook, spinner, shaft, and swivel are all strong. The rooster tails are chewed up after a single use. The action is spinning. It spins better the faster you reel, which isn't ideal. I used pro gel smeared on it and varied my reel speed between slow and fast to get the best results. I caught a few trout on one of these. The colors you get will be different. You might not get the ones you see. The carrying cases are nice. Overall quality was good. How well do they work on their own? The cheap price has a value of 5.

👤The rivers work as well as mepps for a quarter of the price. You don't feel bad if you lose a rock or tree. When the time is right, will buy a new set. It looks like a mepps and a vibrafox clone.

👤They have a variety of colors. They are a tad light. I've caught Grayling and Lake Trout. I wish they were a little heavier so they wouldn't sink. I've learned what application to fish them in and got bigger ones for more current or depth. Good buy for money.

👤Out of 10 lures, 5 are either faulty or not functioning. Look sturdy, well designed but useless in action. I used all 10 spin bites within a week of active fishing, but 5 lures are just swimming in the water, not rolling and spinning at all, I think bad construction or something. These are not the same as Mepps lures. Three lures are all with signs of rust, three days left after first use. 8 out of 10 lures are out, and 3 of them are not SPINNING. Have I said no? Stay away! This is the trash.

👤The temperature was 65 degrees, the water temperature was 55 degrees, and there was nothing on the line to make the lure deeper. A trout was landed with a weight of 8 ounces. These are what I was looking for. I didn't change the speed of the retrieve because I didn't want to lose the lure in the submerged tree or bushes. The same set was purchased for my grandson.

2. Thkfish Fishing Spoons Crappie Walleye

Thkfish Fishing Spoons Crappie Walleye

The AeroDYNAMIC design and streamlined shape are examples. Fishing spoons achieve impressive casting distances. spoons with a streamlined shape make them easier to retrieve. spoons retain their luster and are precision-machined. It can be used for a variety of activities. There is something magical about this spoon. Life-like swimming action leashes. Fishing spoons produce a lot of action. Without line twist, the balance produces wild action. As you retrieve the spoon, twitch and jerk it to improve the action and entice fish to strike. Slow Retrieve, wide wobble of the spoon, hypnotizes trout, walleye and pike. Fast retrieve action is more erratic, with more flash, movement, and vibration. There are flash points. The fishing spoon is almost mirror-like. The brilliant flash that attract fishes is created by highly visible, UV enhanced, optical brightened. There are many great lures for trout, bluegill, pike, panfish, sunfish, rock bass, large mouth bass, yellow bass, Striper, Musky, and even crappie. Versatile and easy to use stingons make them ideal for far casting. You can use it during the open water seasons and be equally successful if you use it during the ice fishing season. The fishing spoons are a must have in a lure bag. Great fishing gear. Made of high material. The shape hook increases the hook-ups. Every color has four sizes to choose from. There is a box with fishing spoons. 24h. Customer service and email support are friendly. They will reply to you within 24 hours if you contact their customer support.

Brand: Thkfish

👤They seem lighter than advertised to me. I don't have a scale for it but it seems undersized. I'm wrong if I'm wrong. I don't like the huge advertising label that will take a lot of effort to remove. They look and retrieve like Kastmasters.

👤The trout were caught using these lures. They work well when it's windy. I prefer spoons when it's windy.

👤The clear plastic boxes look appealing in the pictures, but then they arrive with decals on top of the corners so you can't see any of the lures. They must have used gorilla glue because it is difficult to remove these labels. It was very frustrating. Two turkeys are down.

👤The paint is not good, but you can see in the picture that it is nice. You get something completely different. I don't recommend it, but the quality of the paint and the cuts of the figure are nice. I don't like the quality of the paint.

👤Quality is lacking, but appearance is good. There was a rainbow trout that was 13 inches long. The fish was 15 inches in length. The hook that I took out of the fish's mouth was flimsy and one of the hooks broke off.

👤A bit smaller than I anticipated. It is probably my fault that I did not look at the specifications. I believe they come in different sizes. They are good quality.

👤I bought these Lures as a replacement and they look good. The treble hooks are not very sharp. Change the hooks or lose fish.

👤It works great for mackerel,bass and pollock. Good quality. I was expecting it to be bigger, but the image does not reflect that. Let's see what the fish have to say.

👤Hopefully trout will love them. The hooks don't look sharp enough. That is my opinion.

3. Leland 164900 Maurice Trout Fishing Equipment

Leland 164900 Maurice Trout Fishing Equipment

Fishing lines can be up to.028 diameter. Slot allows for easy on and easy off without cutting line or removing your lure. It's easy to adjust. Remove the float to adjust depth. Small is the perfect size to drift small lures or bait. Works great for all types of people. It works great with the trout magnet. Detractors small hits. The smallest hit is detected.

Brand: Trout Magnet

👤These are small floats. The package is small to give perspective. I wanted small floats for when I need to add one for panfish or trout fishing. The peg is perfect for my application where I want a set hold point that is quickly adjusted and can be used without retying. That is the real advantage here. You can adjust the depth with the peg without retying, so it won't cause a problem with your line. If I need to set this too deep, I would use a bobber with a thread stop. These are a great value for the price I paid. It's better suited to applications where your depth is less than 5 feet.

👤I thought they were the Panfish floats. They work well. The smaller size allows me to carry more in my tackle box, and the 3 color choices are nice for different lighting conditions. They are not the most durable things in the world. It's not heartbreaking to lose one or have to replace a worn one. The price on these can be as high as $16. Time your purchase accordingly.

👤Very large! The only thing I had to do was look at the last photo, which shows the guys holding the fish and the bobber, and it looks much larger than what you're going to get. These are smaller than I thought. I'll still try them out, they are cheap, so not a big loss. I still feel like I was deceived. People know what they are getting when they see an actual size.

👤Ghostech indicators, Thingamabobers, jamstops, and other indicators all cause the line to kink. If you drop one of the small nuts or screws that hold the indicator on the line, it's gone. I don't like spending a lot of money on cheap plastic that will get lost, broken and dropped, and only getting one extra bit, even though they come with one extra screw or nut. Enter Trout Magnet. The indicator that your line goes through has a slit. No twisting or bending. Then you take one of the many posts they supply and put it through the hole in the top until it holds up. If you need to adjust the depth, you just have to push the post up enough to slide the indicator up or down, and you are set. The indicators work well. The package has a lot of indicators and posts to use. I am a fan and convert if it turns out that they are dangerously radioactive or that they discourage fish from biting. This pack should last for several seasons. Highly recommended for fly fishing indicator.

👤I have a Panfish Magnet kit and these are perfect for it. I have a lot of small lead lures that work. Since it's so smooth and fine, regular mono or flouro line works best, but I'm cautious because they don't work on Nanofil line. Since I have lost two of my four, I always check the float after casting. I have been using it as a slip float.

4. TRUSCEND Fishing Swimbaits Freshwater Saltwater

TRUSCEND Fishing Swimbaits Freshwater Saltwater

After use, clean and dry the tools, then put them back in the box. A superior package contains fishing pliers, fillet knife,trigger pull fish gripper, folding line snip and retractable key chain, which is a perfect gift for fishing lovers. There is a warning that improper use may result in injury. If a blade is loose or damaged, do not use it. Don't let children near you. TRUSCEND shrimp has a body that is split into two parts and creates realistic swimming movements in the water that will have any catch convinced. The special tail creates a kicking action, while the lively moving legs and antenna perform realistic actions on the retrieve and the drop, which adds more attraction. The elasticity and strength of the TPE material will last for many, many bites and will put other baits to shame. Please don't allow this lure to touch other products. The soft body swimbaits have a realistic swimming action at both fast and slow speeds. The jigging Minnow features hologram flash foil and 3D eyes, pre-rigged with an ultra-sharp back hook. Whether you are fishing in fresh or saltwater, this TRUSCEND Soft bait will become your essential paddle tail lure to target bass, trout, Walleye, pike and many more. 100% satisfaction guarantee. TRUSCEND makes and sells the fishing baits. Customer service and product quality are their responsibility. Don't buy counterfeits from third-party sellers. They will reply to your questions in 12 hours.

Brand: Truscend

👤The lures are made from high quality materials. Each section is connected by a joint that gives it movement in the water. It looks delicious when you handle them. This would be a good lure to use. You can tie them to a low rig with a leader. Drop them from the boat and jig. You should jerk it in short spurts to make it jump. It looks great in the water.

👤The lure is a quality one. I received a package of 10. I was expecting 6. The pictures you see when buying are not as good as they could be. I wanted to show you better. The colors are better than they look. I can't wait to try them. I'll get back to you after that.

👤I bought some fishing lures that didn't make it to 1 fishing trip before they dulled and rusted on me. The lures are not rusted at all and are super sharp. I've used them on several fishing trips since getting them last month and I've always caught something. The biggest bass I've ever caught was almost 10 lbs, which was the biggest I've ever caught. I only used these once and was told I was using the wrong lure and bait, so I can't comment on saltwater. I always seem to catch something when I use these. It is easy to remove and clean quality lures.

👤The big chain stores have cheaper quality bottom bouncers. We got them before the season starts. The thing stood up to the rocky bottom, toothy fish simulator, and about five hours of torture. I have two more weeks to get water. I don't see any issues other than the typical problems we face in salt water.

👤These things look great. I ordered the larger version. The pond is full of weeds. The problem is that these things are weighted to the point that you can't anchor a canoo with one of them. I casted 10 times and it came back with weeds. You can't cast and retrieve fast enough to keep these things shallow. They sink like anchors.

👤I tested these out in my pool to see how they were presented. They stay horizontal through the water. The material on the bait is firm and the hooks are strong. It's worth the money.

👤Fishing this weekend was great. They are easy to attach and swim in. It holds up well to many uses. We caught tons of fish with the family fishermen.

👤Didn't catch any fish on it, but the plastic covering the hook started to shrink, exposing the hook to getting the lure. It fished well and cast like a rocket. I used 1/2oz. It was too heavy for my application. Maybe a lighter lure would have been the ticket for me that day. I will try it again in an upcoming fishing event.

👤A pack of fishing lures that look like fish. I bought a gift for someone I know who fishes in the sea, estuary and rivers, but I don't know much about fishing myself. They can be used on your fishing rod to attract fish with their bright colors, hologram foil and 3D eyes. They have sharp hooks on them, one on the back and a triple hook underneath so you can put bait on them. These will be a great gift for my friend who likes to catch bass. They are nicely packaged in plastic so they won't get caught on the hooks until the pack is opened.

5. Basskiller Freshwater Segmented Fishing Swimbaits

Basskiller Freshwater Segmented Fishing Swimbaits

Weight: 15.75g. The idea of hard swimbaits and soft paddle tail baits was used to createJointed Paddle bass lures. The bass jointed paddle bass swimbait is equipped with two anti-corrosion 6# BKK treble hooks, which help you catch big fish for saltwater and lake fishing. The fishing lure kit can sink slowly and move in water. More fishes will bite when swimming action is realistic. Strong. The redfish fishing lures are made from imported plastic. This bass fishing lure can be used to catch many fish. salmon, etc. Basskiller Swimbaits is well suited for both saltwater and freshwater.

Brand: Basskiller

6. Swimbait Fishing Suitable Freshwater Saltwater

Swimbait Fishing Suitable Freshwater Saltwater

Spinner bait is great for fishing bass, trout, perch, panfish, and pike. For ponds, lakes, creeks, rivers, and big reservoirs, you need a suit. The life like design of these fishing lures makes it easier to catch fish, because they are ultra realistic with Paddle Tail. The soft fishing lures have high quality hooks and life-like design that can help ensure increased hook ups in all situations while avoiding getting stuck when fishing, thus saving your bait for future use. These fishing lures are built for performance and can be used for bass, trout, Walleye, pike, snook, salmon, redfish and many more. The package comes with 7 Pcs of lures fishing for freshwater and salt water in 6 different colors. The bass lure is 3.54 in long and weighs 0.30 oz. Their commitment to you is that these fishing lures are manufactured keeping the quality standards up to the mark and packed with care to ensure customer satisfaction. They will reply to your questions as soon as possible.

Brand: Pacespax

👤The hooks are strong. The colors are clear. They stink like plastic and chemicals. I soaked them in the lake water and they still smelled like plastic.

👤I was more scared of the fish than I wanted to be.

7. Akataka Fishing Spinner Freshwater Saltwater

Akataka Fishing Spinner Freshwater Saltwater

60 strand ultra fine Silicone skirts are effective in terms of size and color. The Akataka fishing lure set with tackle box is convenient to use and replenish. The size range is 1.97-2.56inches and the weight range is 0.12-0.17oz. Better to catch bigger fish in different sizes. Akataka spinner fishing baits have a bright blade and a rooster tail that move in a way that makes big fish bite. These are a great fish catcher because of their spin action. Bass, trout, walleye, perch, crappie, northern pike and salmon are some of the fish that can be caught with bright colors fishing lures. The Akataka fishing trout bass pick bait is made with withooks and silver, plated blade, and a steel spindle. There are various kinds of fishes that like rooster tail fishing lures. The Akataka fishing lure kit is a great option for ocean boat fishing, ocean rock fishing, ocean beach fishing, lake, river, pond and stream.

Brand: Akataka

👤I bought these as a replacement for the name brand spinner baits that were lost to the stump gods in the bottom of a productive fishing hole. They were a cheaper alternative and I didn't expect much. The action of these spinners was impressive. They have been just as productive as the higher cost lures. The brass weights are well balanced and are of high quality. You can feel the force of the spoon when you reel in. The spinners would be a great addition to the tackle box.

👤It comes with a case so I can put it in my fishing bag. I'm new to fishing. I'm happy that it's not expensive in case I don't continue with it. Even if I break or lose a few, the value is still good. I will have to update after I catch something.

👤The other weelend was trying these out. Did the bad boys do the trick? The guy locked onto my starwars pole was holding a spinner bait. I thought this guy was going to pull me off the boat or steal my spinner baits, but luckily the power of my moon 3 wolf shirt activated, and I caught this bad boi. I had to dig into his gullet to get my tackle. I recommend these baits to everyone. I want to be able to fish whenever I want, so I will order more and keep some in all my vehicles. This guy has 7 stars.

👤These lures are perfect. My son was impressed by the weight of them and he can't wait to use them. The little tackle box is a great way to keep your tackle in your pocket. Thank you for a nice product, will order again.

👤I took the spinners to the river to test them out. The appearance and build looked good. The spinning action has a good variety of colors. They do what they are supposed to do. We scored some great fish.

👤The spinnerbaits are great, they are good quality and the colors pop. They move and spin. I have landed a lot of trout with these. The case is highly recommend.

👤These are just as good as the ones you get in the big box retailers. They have been great so far and I am happy.

👤The spinner is great for most species. It catches fish because it runs straight, has a great flashy action from the blade, and is very fast. It was heavier than I anticipated. I suggest using a light setup instead of using an ultralight setup. It's a great lure to fish in all conditions.

8. TRUSCEND Swimbait Swimming Freshwater Saltwater

TRUSCEND Swimbait Swimming Freshwater Saltwater

It can be a great fishing gift for a man or woman. The Fishing Lures Kits can be used for both freshwater and saltwater. This fishing lure set can be used for any season in the water. The TRUSCEND fishing lure can sink slowly and move flexible in water. Life-like swimming actions make it more attractive to fish. High fidelity. The swimbait looks like a real fish with realistic looking eyes and pearl powder coating. A bait that can easily be used to cheat. The Bass Vineyard is located in the state of Texas. The vibe lure is made of high-quality material and has a built-in rattle, which can emit a fish sound wave to provoke the feeding urge of the fishes and induce them to attack. Widely fishing species. This bass fishing lure can be used to catch many fish. salmon, etc. The swimbait is well suited for both saltwater and freshwater. There is a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Quality assurance and professional customer service are offered by their fishing baits. Feel free to contact them at any time. Within 24 hours, their friendly and reliable customer service will respond to you.

Brand: Truscend

👤I had some time to try them out because they came in today. There was a boom. A peacock bass was caught by playing with these lures. They swim well in the water.

👤Over and over, these lures have proven to me. I am a novice fisherman. I looked like a pro because of these lures. They were recommended by me. The fish were caught near the Blanco River.

👤It works well for stationary water or slow moving cought two beautiful brown trout on the light trout pattern.

👤We had a field day trying out the new lures. We caught a lot of speckled trouts. The quality of them is very good.

👤It worked out well. The first time using these lures, I caught a big bass. Great action and a good price. Thanks!

👤I bought these little fishing lures after watching them being used on TV. The fish look realistic and they are shaped so that they move like real fish. It is great that the hooks are very sharp. Even though it isn't fishing season, I still caught a little one in the shallow waters. I'm looking forward to seeing how good these are in the summer.

👤Ihren Kder bekommen von me. Ich bin begeisterter Spinnfischer. Ich ist das realistische Dekor, das ist das intensive Laufverhalten. Hecht gut geeignet, ist daher fr seichte Gewsser speziell. Ihren Kder was fr Flsse, so I was hierzu in Nhe. Im Fall ist das viel Spa. The Erfolg blieb aus. Ich bereits am ersten Tag, an dem die Kder benutzt, meinen persnlichen Rekord brechen. Wels fand die "Forelle"

👤Kder kamen schnell und gut verpackt an. Man den Kder ist so schnell fr das er in unattraktiv. Ihren minderwertig ist Haken und sen. Die Farben ist geliefert und die Gre ist 10 cm stimmt. I leider! Weil das Design an der Lieferung ist.

👤It was a convenient case. They look like they are good quality. The hooks are sharp. Pictures don't do paint apps justice. Going on a fishing trip in two weeks and hope they work out well.

👤I have received all of the fishing products that I have ordered.

9. LASOCUHOO Fishing Swimbaits Freshwater Saltwater

LASOCUHOO Fishing Swimbaits Freshwater Saltwater

There are genuine brass, silver, or copper blades. The 8 segment multi-jointed design of the fishing lure makes it look like little fish swimming in the water. The fish will want to attack. Life-like lure. It looks like a real fish because of the 3D realistic looking eyes and pearl powder coating design. It will be easier to catch fish with this lure. It's suitable for new and experienced fishers. After casting the lure,allow it to slowly sink to the estimated depth you want, and then retrieve, adjusting the speed to effect the action and depth. It's widely targeting at catch bass, pike, muskie, trout, walleye, yellow perch, and salmon. The 2 premium sharp hooks make it hard for fish to escape. They are always behind their products. If there is a quality problem, please contact them. The problem will be solved soon.

Brand: Lasocuhoo

👤My husband and grandson are very fond of these fish. They look like fish.

👤Will be ordering more.

10. PLUSINNO Pre Rigged Swimbaits Ultra Sharp Freshwater

PLUSINNO Pre Rigged Swimbaits Ultra Sharp Freshwater

The Akataka fishing lure kit is a great option for ocean boat fishing, ocean rock fishing, ocean beach fishing, lake, river, pond and stream. The lures are made from soft plastic and tested to make them more realistic and attractive. The soft plastic fishing lures have a smell that attracts freshwater and saltwater fish. The ideal weight for long casting and slow sinking is the Plusinno Jig lures. Swimbaits sink slowly with side to side swimming action. The high quality hook. The pre-rigged hooks have an ultra-sharp back hook design. Fish don't just hit the rotating tail fishing lure, they attack it. The lure is finished with 3D living eyes and an ultra- realistic paint job. The soft body swimbaits have a kicking action and reflect light to attract fish. A small metal piece keeps the lures balanced and gives a decent casting distance. It is the best fishing lure for pike. Soft lures with a jig head hook are a must have for freshwater and saltwater fish. Swimbaits can sink slowly with side to side swimming action. The soft fishing lure lead jigs are easy to work with.

Brand: Plusinno

👤The lures look and feel like live bait fish. It is easy to cast long distances with the jig embedded in the lure. When the lure hits the water, it dives down like a live bait fish. The body and tail of the fish are replicas of a live fish. The kit has multiple colored fish in a case which is great for easy storage. The plastic insulation cover on the hooks keeps you from getting jabbed. It's very difficult to remove it when you're ready to start fishing, so resist the temptation to force it all the way onto the hook. I found these lures easy to use and fun to use, with nothing to complain about.

👤I was surprised after purchasing this product. The swimmers are able to fight off the bites of fish. I caught a nice bass after putting them to the test. I caught a black crappie with the smaller swimmers. I had a lot of luck. The paddle tale swim baits are very sturdy and will be used for saltwater fishing. It's a nice variety of plastic baits.

👤I have never seen anything like this before. The consistency of the soft plastic is similar to rubber, but it is more life-like. The hook placement is smart. I think these lures will be durable.

👤The set of soft lures is a good value. The hooks are well placed with the internal weights for added security and natural swimming action. The tails are designed to attract different types of fish. The case is functional and simple. The size and eye placement make tying on the line easier.

👤There is a box of lures. Sturdy and soft. They swim naturally and have a nice look to them. I used the little ones from crappie jigging.

👤I usually use a different brand. I want to try. Several keeper pike and bass have been on these. I haven't used a lot because I have been fishing for a long time and got a 27” pike the other night.

👤I received them as a gift. I haven't had a chance to use them yet, but they seem to be good quality. I tried stretching and twisting them to make sure they wouldn't rip or break and was surprised at how well they held up. A large variety was included which is useful for various fishing activities. A great addition to the tackle box.

👤The lures are great and I finally got to use them. Good action in the water. The bass was caught using a clown swim bait. Slow rolling is the best way to roll. 10/10 would be good.

11. TRUSCEND Floating Swimbaits Freshwater Saltwater

TRUSCEND Floating Swimbaits Freshwater Saltwater

We will provide a 1-year warranty to replace any faulty fishing bag in their product, 30 days no-hassle return and customer support from Ghosthorn. The double-blade rotating tail design of the TRUSCEND Fishing Lure Set creates noise and commotion that fish cannot ignore. It works well at a variety of speeds. The bass's tail will close when it bites the fishing bait to prevent it from spitting it out. Fishing bait has a weight on the belly that makes it easier to cast farther. The rotating tail will spin when you retrieve the bait. It's difficult for bass to resist it. You can see a real visual experience with handmade - WINNING QUALITIES. These fishing lures look like real fish, with full hand coating body and realistic fish scales. A perfect swimbait that can be used to cheat. It's important for striper and other monster bass to have a high quality, rigged with rust-proof sharp treble hooks and made of high-quality ABS material. 100% satisfaction guarantee. Quality assurance and professional customer service are offered by their bass fishing lure. Feel free to contact them at any time. Within 24 hours, their friendly and reliable customer service will respond to you.

Brand: Truscend

👤These things can catch fish. I did catch a bluegill on the bass. The action is nice, it is just enough to notice and float so you don't have to start your retrieve immediately and you can pause in the middle if the fish has bad aim. That's the good, now the bad. I think the hooks are small, but bigger ones would make it harder for them to throw. I am not sure what larger hooks would do. Don't throw it in the leaves or grass. If a strand of grass on the front hook blocks the prop's ability to spin freely, it will turn the lure into a very efficient line twisting machine. You can cut the twisted part off and re-tie it. The prop's blades are held on by screws, and they fold up when a fish hits them, but I'm not sure if that works or not. The screws are prone to backing out. Keep an eye on them. If you have a bait caster and rod you can cast light weights with, the larger size may be better for fishing a bait caster. If you like top water action, this bait has a nice one, it's cheap, and I put fish in the boat, because the blow up on the bait is the fun part of top. I will probably purchase more if they are still around.

👤Works well! The fish love it.

👤It has a short far cast with my other lures. It is on the light side. It cast from 75 feet to 80 feet with a 6 1/2 foot pole from the ugly stick. A spinning real is used for this lure. It looks real and it moves very well. I haven't caught a fish yet. The water was muddy and the temperature was 43F. It feels like a fish and swims well. The Lure has good movement. The main issue is it. Is it going to float on top when it's reeling in a short period of time? I have never used this type of lure. The fall rate is slow because it is too light on this type of lure. I am using a clip. I'm kind of a Noob at lure fishing. It's rare for me to catch a fish with a lure. I caught a fish with this lure. It can catch bass.

👤The lure is very good in use. The top water experience is amazing. But! The blades come off on the back while in use. The lure is useless after the screw is removed. I've asked for a replacement blade and screw, but they didn't send a pack of new lures, so I'm on number three now with a missing blade! These are nice lures if they stay together. I will add a small screw driver to my tackle box.

👤I don't like clone products, but $13 for a Whopper Plopper is crazy. I bought a pack of fake ones for only $12 in December of 2021. I was not expecting much but I am very impressed. The lures are built very strong and are much nicer than the River-2-Sea Ploppers. I was fishing a lock last week and hit it against the wall a few times, and it's still there. They do not list at all. Within 25 minutes, I caught an Oscar, a Bullseye Snakehead and a Largemouth Bass, all on the same cast. After the bass, I went fishing for a week in the Everglades. On the second cast, I caught a nice Largemouth Bass. The lure is so good that it's cheating. I only do occasional stops for a few seconds. The Bullseye Snakeheads are going to be crushed by this thing.


What is the best product for fishing lures for trout?

Fishing lures for trout products from Tb Tbuymax. In this article about fishing lures for trout you can see why people choose the product. Thkfish and Trout Magnet are also good brands to look for when you are finding fishing lures for trout.

What are the best brands for fishing lures for trout?

Tb Tbuymax, Thkfish and Trout Magnet are some of the best brands that chosen by people for fishing lures for trout. Find the detail in this article. Truscend, Basskiller and Pacespax are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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