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1. 2oz Crocodile Spoons 12 Pcs

2oz Crocodile Spoons 12 Pcs

Premium material is made of copper and steel. The kit is fun. There are three different styles of lure making kit. There is a Lure Making Kit. This is a notice. The instructions are only for reference and should be read carefully. A strong 1/0 treble hook with MUSTAD 3561D-DT. It's great for trout fishing. The chrome is plated with silver.

Brand: Sanhu

👤These caught bluefish and striped bass. The weight of the lure allowed for nice far casts using a size 40 reel and a 7 foot rod. It would have been better to use a bigger reel or braided line. The hooks are very sharp. The glossy tape has a nice touch, but only one problem that I noticed. These are not saltwater proof. They will rust if not washed after use in saltwater. This is not a deal breaker for me because the price is just right and something to consider when buying these! I am very pleased with them and would buy them again.

👤The scale patent comes off after a single day of fishing. After the first use, there was rust. The split rings seem to be of decent quality. They are cheap and perfect for losing them on the Jetty.

👤The spoon wasChunked off the jetty. The Spanish are tugging on the line. Will use them well.

👤I wouldn't change anything about them. They work the same as the brand name, but at a fraction of the price. Look the same way. There are strong hooks and split rings.

👤These are not the Luher Jensen brand. Knockoffs! I have to use hooks because they are garbage when I'm leaving for a trip. Just a heads up.

👤Can't beat the price on these, they work great.

👤I didn't know what to expect. They were bought for jetty fishing and have been delivered! It was smooth and shiny. After fishing a TRIP with FRESH WATER, it will Rust. Have some good keepers with this piece of metal. I don't take my phone out on the jetty.

2. Shaddock Fishing Colorful Casting Spinner

Shaddock Fishing Colorful Casting Spinner

Please be careful with the sharp treble hook. 30PCS assorted casting metal fishing lures are suitable for trout fishing in ponds, lakes and streams. A great accessory for fishing. Solid built metal has a strong split ring and razor sharp treble hook. The metal fishing lures are made of qualified material with colorful paint on the front. These baits can be used to lure fish. The spoons don't always spin the same way. It reduces line twist, while still having all the flash you want. It's great for freshwater and saltwater fishing. Bass, trout, pike, catfish, bluefish, perch,walleye can be caught.

Brand: Shaddock Fishing

👤I'm writing this in an email. I received what I ordered. I am a fisherman and I have replacement hooks for the two spoons that I found with bad hooks, so I could not complain. It's more about presentation than color. There were three different ones. They all have a shape that will entice fish if they are close. I haven't used them yet but I think they will bite if the larger pan fish are around. The cheaper lures have the same action as a $6 spoon. If the fish aren't there, a little action near their location will hit every time. ACTION!

👤I caught over 100 salmon in Alaska with this kit. The hooks are not very strong and they are not huge lures to begin with, but at 50 cents per lure they performed extremely well and it is not painful to lose one to a rock, tree, or razor-toothed sea beasts.

👤When I do fish trout, I always go to spoons. It was nice to get a good variety. Good quality paint and hooks.

👤You can live in the Pacific Northwest. Nothing really seems to be interested in these outside of the occasional Bass, and even then those are few and far between. I had higher success using higher quality tackle. Would look elsewhere with your money.

👤Small and thin. May be issues with durability. Excellent action. Not bad for the money.

👤The selection of size, type and colors surprised me. It was made from a non shiny metal. I painted my nails with glittery nail polish.

👤It is a perfect balance between affordability and usefulness. I don't feel bad if I lose a fish when I try to catch it.

👤They work, but they are smaller than expected. We caught a couple silver salmon and they are worth it.

👤The pictures and description of these spoons are not accurate. They are only good for pan fish. The pike and trout are not described. The hooks are frail. I may give these to my kids to use. It is not close to the value.

3. TRUSCEND Swimbaits Swimming Freshwater Saltwater

TRUSCEND Swimbaits Swimming Freshwater Saltwater

The TRUSCEND fishing lure can sink slowly and move flexible in water. Life-like swimming actions make it more attractive to fish. High fidelity. The swimbait looks like a real fish with realistic looking eyes and pearl powder coating. A bait that can easily be used to cheat. The Bass Vineyard is located in the state of Texas. The vibe lure is made of high-quality material and has a built-in rattle, which can emit a fish sound wave to provoke the feeding urge of the fishes and induce them to attack. Widely fishing species. This bass fishing lure can be used to catch many fish. salmon, etc. The swimbait is well suited for both saltwater and freshwater. There is a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Quality assurance and professional customer service are offered by their fishing baits. Feel free to contact them at any time. Within 24 hours, their friendly and reliable customer service will respond to you.

Brand: Truscend

👤I have been offered a Refunds to remove my review, I believe it is a dishonest practice. Imagine a rock that looked like a minnow. If it sounds like it will catch fish in your local waters, then you should buy this. There is no way to make the presentation as described. They don't swim. They tend to drag themselves on their side. It doesn't matter how fast or slow you retrieve. They are a fraud. Another example of why Amazon reviews can't be trusted. Too much money to play with. The action can be achieved if worked in and retrieved at a high speed. My review has been upgraded to 2 stars.

👤These Lures are legit. My first troll of the year was with lead core jerking and Lake Placid lake at about 30 feet. A 15 1/2 and 35 inch lake trout. 30 inch laker. The water action is very realistic. My new favorite lure! I like these better than my flashers. I will use them all year long. Thank you to the Truescend company! If you don't try them out, you're a fool.

👤I was very happy with the lures. I had 2 fish on at the same time, but one got loose. I bought the combination. The lures sink so you need to reel a little fast to get a feel for it. They are moving in the water. Highly recommended.

👤Get them to chase and bite the best lure. The red one was caught by both of them.

👤I noticed how easy it was to move around by holding and moving them myself. You don't see me getting stabbed by the hooks when I do the video. The hooks are very strong and sharp. I was able to knot these with no issues and take them out the next day. I was able to see how the sun reflected off the water and how the water moved when I was at the area with clear water. You could see the reflective paint on the lures when the sun hit them. I was happy that it caught their attention and helped catch several fish that were too small for my liking. They move around like in the water when swimming. I was able to catch some big fish with these lures. I bought a few others at the same time. These lures were the only ones that caught fish. I used the same bait and lures. I kept the others and sent them back. They come in a case that they fit inside perfectly. I put them in my backpack. They store them securely.

👤Striper can be found off the Cape Cod Canal. These lures were very good. The first cast created a short boil, but the second cast created a huge explosion as the striped bass devoured the lure. I tried 3 different lures to see how the fish reacted to them and all produced the same bass and schoolies. The lures held up well. If you want to catch freshwater bass, walleye, and whatever else you fish for, I would recommend spending some time fishing saltwater and trying these lures.

4. Sea Striker SES300 1 Casting 3 Ounce

Sea Striker SES300 1 Casting 3 Ounce

The box is 10 x 5 cm and has 30 fishing lure, 1 pc fishing pliers, and 1 pc box. The red lure flipper is on the hook ring. 1 Ounces - 5/0 Hook with Bucktail.

Brand: Sea Striker

👤It launches far and I use it to fly far out. If you bounce it around, it will work in the weak current. The metal is too thick for most paperclip fast connect type hardware so I use a nonslip knot to keep the swimming action going. It works best for bluefish at night as it provides a lot of water activity and they love shiny metal lures. There is not a lot of lures that are versatile in all currents.

👤The action was great, but the lure was heavy. It snapped my line, which was at least 15 lbs mono. If you plan to use it, make sure you have a heavy line and strong rod. If you are casting from shore, I would recommend a smaller spoon, like the kastmaster spoon. It would be best to use this lure with a boat. The action was good even though I lost it.

👤The first weekend I used these, I had 2 taken away by big fish that I couldn't handle. Casting between the 2nd and 3rd sandbar gave excellent results. They cast a long way. They are heavy and thick, and their action makes a big noise in the water. When the winds are in my face and nothing else will cast, this is my go-to lure. I missed a lot of hookups. We'll see what happens this weekend, they are a bit dull.

👤It is a wonderful spoon that catches fish and serves it all day.

👤The price is locally unavailable. It arrived in 2 days.

👤Use these to catch a big fish. I need at least 4 or 5 back ups. They don't rust like the cheaper imitation spoons.

👤It hasn't had a chance to be used due to rust.

👤No tienes a la descripcin en Amazon. Es totalmente plateado y en la descripcin. No recomendara.

👤Is it? Da buenos lances por las 3. A los 70 m con una caa de 10'' Y un mono filamento de 20 lbs.

👤Mi Daiwa lo mantuvo.

👤Solido y resistente, 3 ounces. No 1 oz., perfecta para mar abierto, tienen mucho hundimientos.

👤Me gusto mucho, pero la necesitaba y con una calidad de cromo.

5. Fishing Hard Lures Set Crankbaits

Fishing Hard Lures Set Crankbaits

The length is 4 1/2 inches and the weight is 1/3 ounce. The material is durable. The forged anti-corrosiveABS hard plastic body, exquisite coating, and sharp metal hooks are high quality for hard bait. The ball is a steel ball. Fishing minnow lures have steel balls inside which can flow to the tail during casting time to help cast further and ensure the swimming stroke of every bait. 3D eyes Extra large 3D Holographic Eyes, gravity balls inside, will help to raise the throw distance and make some noise to attract the fishes, vivid colors will help you catch big fish. Likelife swimming is designed to provoke surface strikes with a water-pushing, popping action. Quality components, action, tremendous finish, and a compact profile make for vivid 3D eyes and scale patterns. Swimming action can be used to attract attention. This set is used for predator fishing from beginners to veterans. It is suitable for both freshwater and saltwater fishing and is targeting a wide range of species.

Brand: Shaddock Fishing

👤There is a great selection of Lures.

👤This is a great product. I like that this product uses diverse purposes. I will be able to try every one of these lures in the spring and summer.

👤A lot of lures look good.

6. Roostertail Spinner Feathered Freshwater Saltwater

Roostertail Spinner Feathered Freshwater Saltwater

Bass fishing and trout fishing are just some of the applications of these fishing lures. They can also be used in crappie fishing. They are suitable for both freshwater and saltwater. Premium materials. The roostertail spinner lure has a plated main body and a STAINLESS STEEL SPINDLE. Fishes will have no escape after they bite, with brightly colored strike-attractor sleeves. Lifelike movement is a habit. The rooster tail movement of the spoon fishing lures can make big fish to bite. A great fish catcher has good spin action. Each metal fishing lure in this assortment features different patterns from thousands of spinners and spoons. There are wide applications. Bass, trout, Walleye, perch, crappie, Northern pike and Salmon are some of the fish that can be caught with bright colors fishing lures. A lure set with 30 specially selected spinner baits and metal spoons, assorted 30pcs fishing spoons are fixed on the hard card packaging, very convenient and easy to use.

Brand: Silanon

👤I don't like asking if something is made in the USA. I caught a decent amount of trout with them, but they were American made.

👤These are terrible. Not worth the money. They are cheap and don't work. They fall apart in the water. The fish are not attracted.

👤The hooks are strong and have enough weight to cast with, and the trout have been really impressed so far.

👤I didn't catch any fish but it seems legit for the price. I don't know if it's because of the spinner baits or something. I usually fish with larger bait. It was a decent variety on short notice, and I bought it for mountain fishing.

👤An assortment and value. The tackle box is ready for camp.

👤When you break your line, the quality of the lures will not hurt.

👤He is an avid fisherman. He likes these and says it's a good price.

👤A few spoons are larger than normal. I can only use 22 of the 30 on a small line. The other 8 could be for a small rod.

7. Fishing Spinnerbait Salmon Spinner Tbuymax

Fishing Spinnerbait Salmon Spinner Tbuymax

A great last minute gift is the best fishing gift. The large size fishing lures set has a heavy weighted body to catch big fish. Each trout lure has bright colored strike-attractor sleeves. The packing box makes it easier to use. Both freshwater and saltwater rooster tail fishing lures are used. The blade has a premium quality. They are designed for bass fishing and trout fishing. Bass, trout, Walleye, Northern pike and Salmon are deadly.

Brand: Tb Tbuymax

👤I was going to Colorado to fish for trout. The lures are larger than you might think, which is not great for catching trout. The "feather" pieces don't act like they do on more expensive lures, on a rooster tail brand the whole thing rotates and really attracts the fish, these aren't very good. I got some Panther and Rooster tail lures and was catching them left and right after. I will not be buying off brand lures anymore after buying these. Save your money and get a few Meps or Martins.

👤I caught a nice 21inch trout with these at Lake Arrowhead in California. I only caught a fish on the first day of fishing. In the spinners defense, there were about 12 people fishing with every type of lure imaginable, and only one person caught a fish with a worm.

👤These are built to a high standard. The hook, spinner, shaft, and swivel are all strong. The rooster tails are chewed up after a single use. The action is spinning. It spins better the faster you reel, which isn't ideal. I used pro gel smeared on it and varied my reel speed between slow and fast to get the best results. I caught a few trout on one of these. The colors you get will be different. You might not get the ones you see. The carrying cases are nice. Overall quality was good. How well do they work on their own? The cheap price has a value of 5.

👤The rivers work as well as mepps for a quarter of the price. You don't feel bad if you lose a rock or tree. When the time is right, will buy a new set. It looks like a mepps and a vibrafox clone.

👤They have a variety of colors. They are a tad light. I've caught Grayling and Lake Trout. I wish they were a little heavier so they wouldn't sink. I've learned what application to fish them in and got bigger ones for more current or depth. Good buy for money.

👤Out of 10 lures, 5 are either faulty or not functioning. Look sturdy, well designed but useless in action. I used all 10 spin bites within a week of active fishing, but 5 lures are just swimming in the water, not rolling and spinning at all, I think bad construction or something. These are not the same as Mepps lures. Three lures are all with signs of rust, three days left after first use. 8 out of 10 lures are out, and 3 of them are not SPINNING. Have I said no? Stay away! This is the trash.

👤The temperature was 65 degrees, the water temperature was 55 degrees, and there was nothing on the line to make the lure deeper. A trout was landed with a weight of 8 ounces. These are what I was looking for. I didn't change the speed of the retrieve because I didn't want to lose the lure in the submerged tree or bushes. The same set was purchased for my grandson.

8. Sougayilang Fishing Casting Crappie Walleye

Sougayilang Fishing Casting Crappie Walleye

The center of gravity of the distribution can be more reasonable to both strokes with the help of top Fort fishing spoons. The package has a narrow profile and compact design, with 5 colors that are flashy to get the attention of the fish. Completely new design, made with aluminum alloy, light weight and super strong sharp hook, easy to string. The spinning minnow hard bait fishing lure is available in thirty irresistible colors and is made from aluminum with additional white powder coating protection. It's good for bass, pike, lake and stream fishing. Please be careful with the sharp treble hook.

Brand: Sougayilang

👤I was looking for 1 oz casting spoons. I got them on time. They are very small with cheap hooks. These spoons are attached to a retail backing board for the purpose of being offered in a store. They're very organized, but they're very small with only a few that will weigh less than one ounce. Most of the spoons here are half that size with tiny hooks. Unless you change every single hook, I don't recommend these for saltwater fish.

👤They don't catch anything. The pike are not picky fish to catch. Will not buy again. The seller wants me to send them an email with my email address so they can solve my issues with not catching fish with these lures. I have been fishing for over 50 years and have always caught fish, except these lures do not work. If they can't solve my issues through, I won't give them my email address. I don't need an email address in China. I asked them to give me my money back and have not heard anything. Don't buy!

👤What a surprise. I caught a trout on the second cast while fishing on the American River near Lotis, CA. There is an update. I have caught a few fish, but was surprised at the number that got off the hook. I found the hooks wanting when I examined them. I replaced all the hooks at Walmart for $4.00. Many of them have a small barb. I dropped most of these over the side of the boat, so I ordered another set.

👤This is what you would expect for under a buck a piece. This isn't a great value but a case of getting what you pay for.

👤I was misled on the length of the spoon. The length of the lure from the split ring to the end of the hook is specified. The blade length is between 1 and 4 inches. I was hoping they were 2-2. I wanted them for Spanish mackerel, but they are more suited to white bass, panfish and crappier. These should be good for that use. I like the photos of the lures so I know what I'm getting.

👤I was thinking that it was too expensive to replace my spoons regularly because I kept losing them. I decided to give this gem a try after I happened upon it. These are used to catch trout and small surf perch. If I lose one, I have a lot more in the back up. It was worth the buy.

👤In Maryland, I used to catch perch and striped bass. It works well with mangrove snapper in Florida. I haven't been to Florida to fish yet. The hooks catch in the mouth makes it easy to remove them. It's a must have for fishing professionals. They aren't very expensive. If you loose a few, its not like you have 100's of dollars.

👤I knew it was a pack of 30 spoons. I didn't realize how big these fishing spoons are. Each spoon has its own little packaging. My husband tried them out at the lake to see what fish were biting, since they come in different colors. The hooks on them are sturdy and a good size. The spoons and hooks don't move.

9. Pieces Fishing Saltwater Spinner Casting

Pieces Fishing Saltwater Spinner Casting

The chrome is plated with silver. You will receive 20 hard metal spinner baits, including 1/6oz, 1/2oz, and 1/3oz in different sizes, and the hard fishing lures are packed in a plastic box, convenient to store and take, different sizes that can meet your multiple fishing trips. The fishing hook lures are widely applied to many species of fish, such as catfish, perch, redfish, kingfish, walleye, bass, trout, bream, muskie and so on, and the fishing spoon baits are also suitable for both freshwater and saltwater. The fish head jig has pointed carbon steel treble hooks that are sturdy and durable, which will help grab and hold on fish firmly during the fight. The fishing hook is made of zinc alloy material, which is more durable and rust-proof, and can catch all kinds of fish. It can be more attractive under the light, it can support the soft bait, and it can be more effective to attract fish.

Brand: Hestya

👤The largest is about 3 inches long and works great for catching Salmon in the rivers, just like the cast master at a tenth of the price. Hooks are bright and shiny, buy some before I buy them all. I would buy again.

👤I wish there were more of the bigger ones. I like 5 people already.

👤The hook broke off after the first catch, when I used the 1/2 lure.

👤It seems good so far. The hardware and spoons seem decent. This was the best price I could find.

👤Inversin econmicas. Y dirables.

👤A good deal. I highly recommend.

👤I caught five nice striped bass and didn't spend a lot of money.

10. Berkley SPR1 2PK GLD Johnson Redfish

Berkley SPR1 2PK GLD Johnson Redfish

1 Ounces - 5/0 Hook with Bucktail. The redfish lure is effective on all fish species. There is a zig zag wobble and red tab that adds attraction for predatory fish. It is effective on all predatory fish species. Doesn't twist, crimp or weaken the line. Measures 2-1/4-inch.

Brand: Johnson

👤I didn't think these would rust in salt water. I used to fish in the Houston area. I noticed rust spots after 2 outings.

👤This combination is the winner.

👤They will drive the Reds crazy.

👤I like these. The weight is great. Great spin!

👤Buen producto, excelente calidad.

11. Dr Fish Fishing Spinners Swimbait Crankbaits

Dr Fish Fishing Spinners Swimbait Crankbaits

4 rod holders make it easy to get everything you need to go in one shot and keep your fishing rods in great condition. A full lure kit with 5 tackle boxes and 60 pieces includes almost every type of lure you need. There are 40 spinner baits, 8 fishing spoon lures, 6 soft swimbaits, 5 crankbaits and 1 popper in this assortment. The lure in this kit is made from high quality components. The spinnerbaits are made with brass and steel. The lures are painted with a laser coating. Soft baits are made with tear- resistant silicone. Every lure has a high carbon steel hook. The bodies and beads of the lures in this set are carefully selected to ensure the highest bite rate. The lures are tested before they are put in this kit to make sure they have the swimming action to attract fish. The diversity of this fishing lure kit allows you to target many different species of fish with just their kit. This kit can be used for bass, trout, walleye, panfish, perch, salmon or pike. They can be used for both freshwater and saltwater fishing. The box is 7X4X0.8 inches. Spinners are weighted from 0.09oz to 0.14oz. All lures are packed inside boxes so you can put them in your tackle bag.


👤I was very excited to see what was in this kit. It was not going to be like the name brands but the advertisement caught my attention. I tried to be open minded and find the good in this product, there are some good quality's. The description is very macho. Quality is mentioned often, such as high quality components. There is no one thing that is high quality. The metal on the blades is poor. You can put them between your fingers. After 2.5 casts, the stickers on the ones that don't have them are destroyed. The tails have inconsistent colors. The tails on the Spinner's look like they were picked from the ground. 40 different patterns in 4 types of spinner blades are stated in the advertisement. I would lie to you if I said they were reaching with that claim. It should say that there are 2 types of blades, with 4 different patterns, and set up 40 different ways. The body of the spinners and hooks are not as bad as they were. I would like it to have smaller hooks or at least a few that you could change out. The swim baits are pretty decent. I will use them again in the future. The plastic cases are the same as any snap case except for the bad design. This is the biggest problem I felt lied to. If the description was to state that it is more for a gift for someone new and not sure of the sport or a grate gift for kids, it would be a lie. I just felt like it was a lie.

👤I didn't think much of it, but after a few casts, I'm really impressed. I've had more expensive lures that can't maintain a spin action at low speed, but the spoons have a decent swim action, which I really didn't expect, and the spinners have a great action. I would like to see more of the lures in the set to make it a bit more balanced. Excellent for the price.

👤"You get what you pay for" is an old saying. I am not sure if I got what I paid for. These lures are very cheap. The hooks on them are questionable. The spinners have the same spoon on them. They were bent from being crammed in cheap boxes. I will be amazed if the spoons hold up after a fishing trip. The floating crank baits are the best. They don't look bad, even though they're not Rapala quality. We will see how they hold up. I am going to go fishing for trout tomorrow. I will only use these lures. The results of my fishing trip will affect my review.

👤You would be wrong to think that you will get a large variation of lures. The spinners have the same cheap bodies and blades mixed with the same large hook. The cheap hard plastic has no action in the water like the soft plastic. Some of the spinners are spinning. The majority of the can does not spin. Most of the spinners are made of brass and the few with paint jobs chip easily. One of the boxes was broken when I got them out of the box. If you want to get a higher quality pack of lures, you should get a pack of at least six.


What is the best product for fishing lures spoons?

Fishing lures spoons products from Sanhu. In this article about fishing lures spoons you can see why people choose the product. Shaddock Fishing and Truscend are also good brands to look for when you are finding fishing lures spoons.

What are the best brands for fishing lures spoons?

Sanhu, Shaddock Fishing and Truscend are some of the best brands that chosen by people for fishing lures spoons. Find the detail in this article. Sea Striker, Silanon and Tb Tbuymax are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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