Best Fishing Magnets 2600 Lb Kit

Lb 9 Dec 2022 10+ Comments Open

1. Pulling Grappling Carabiner Threadlocker Waterproof

Pulling Grappling Carabiner Threadlocker Waterproof

This catch fish net is used for aquarium fish, but also for cleaning out debris from the tank as well. There are great aquarium accessories. It is easy to use, be sure to use glue. It is easy to attach an eyebolt to securely tie the line if you have a countersunk screw fastened to it. The strongest fishing magnets are ideal for lifting and hanging. Lost treasures can be found in rivers, wells, or ponds. It will pull up to 700 lbs underwater. You need their large and super magnet, but you also need their handy tough fishing gloves, steel carabiners, 65-foot nylon rope, and a waterproof carry case. The best coating is Ni+Cu+Ni triple layer coated. The coated steel cup protects the magnet from chipping or cracking. The measurement is 2.95” (75mm) tall. 2.59”(66mm) is the thickness and weight.

Brand: Vndueey

👤It was our first experience with magnet fishing and it was fun. Our grandson is 10 years old and we have been raising him for nearly 8 years. He wanted to try the videos he discovered on the internet. Being new at this we didn't want to spend a lot of money on something that is only used once and then thrown in the closet. We chose this kit because it wasn't too expensive, and seemed to be what he wanted to start with. He brought up a 4 foot metal pipe for the first time out over the old creek and bridge. He was so excited he wanted to keep fishing but it was only 32 degrees and the wind was blowing. We are looking forward to more fishing with this kit.

👤I paid for a new set but it was sealed back in its waterproof container and used. It was filthy and smelled like a dirty canal.

👤This was going to be my first time fishing with magnets. I realized very quickly that you need a 2 sided magnet with the rope at the top. The magnet was not on the bottom of the lake when I dragged it to shore. I thought I would never get it back because it was caught on every rock.

👤The bolt that screws into the magnet is not in my kit, making it useless. It looks like a great kit. We purchased to go fishing this weekend, but now can't. It was kind of sad.

👤I don't know if he will try to return it. There is no instruction sheet. I'm not sure if all the parts are in the right place. I was disappointed.

👤It's a nice kit. I would find something worth it over this. The magnet is not strong. The rest of the kit is solid. I would look for a better magnet than what these guys offer. There is a Unless you like magnets for fridges.

👤My sister in law gave one to my sister in law's family and all are excited to use it. Both young and old. It was a good decision on my part.

👤Excited to receive my fishing magnet earlier than anticipated. It is great quality and ready to be tried soon. Can't wait.

2. Brute Magnetics Neodymium Combined Diameter

Brute Magnetics Neodymium Combined Diameter

There is a threadlocker to secure the eyebolt. The fishing magnet has two eyebolts. Depending on where you place the eyebolt, use a single or double sided magnet. 600 pounds of pulling force is provided by each side. The strongest permanent magnetic material is made with rare earth neodymium. There is a threadlocker to secure the eyebolt.

Brand: Brute Magnetics

👤Santa was going to bring this magnet to me. It would be twice as powerful as my existing pull magnet, and it seemed like the way to go. It was a disappointment. The protective finish on the magnet looked thin and it appeared that there were marks on it. Although I might have been willing to live with the flaws, the 400 lbs pull magnet was only half as strong as my existing 250 lbs magnet. At the moment, it appears that Amazon is out of these magnets. I can't recommend buying these magnets if they ever come back into stock.

👤The design of this magnet is perfect for those who want to switch up between drag-style magnet fishing and drop retrieve. It has a hole in the top and a hole in each face of the magnet. The maintenance required to keep the magnet clear of iron sand/shavings is increased. It's fine for fishing with magnets. Don't expect anything heavy to be pulled up.

👤They have a regular style magnet that I bought. I thought this would work better. It is worse than before. The side is not magnetic, so when you pull it, it just plows stuff out of the way. You have to be lucky to have it attached. The bottom of the plow is so strong that it grabs it as it passes by. I gave this to a friend because my other one is better and I will never use it.

👤Not as strong as advertised, can't pick up a chair.

👤The box had a scratched Magnet in it. There are chips and scratches in almost every part of it. I want it to arrive in a different way, so I'm going to beat it up myself. I pulled the oring off with one finger after I stuck this to my crate. Didn't sweat. The scale will be used to test the pull force. Will update this later.

👤A complete lie. I have. This paper is waiting on a fridge magnet that has more pull. Avoid at all costs. A knock of a magnet.

👤It's a great magnet for fishing. It comes with some Locktite. More than was needed to get the job done. I put it with a good quality paracord and it hauled in a rusty old swing set frame out of the muck and mire of a river bottom near where I live. I'm glad I switched to this type for my fishing because I love this magnet.

👤A brute magnet is what you should get. From brute magnetics. This maget is worth it. Lifts 40lb dumbbells. It's not hard to remove. Don't rely on reviews. Pay attention to the brand and seller. I'm happy.

3. Brute Magnetics Neodymium Designed Specifically

Brute Magnetics Neodymium Designed Specifically

There is a threadlocker to secure the eyebolt. The strongest type of magnets are rare earth magnets. This fishing magnet is ideal for slower moving water and ocean piers. It's ideal for fishing from a boat. SECURE MAGNET is a fishing magnet that has strength tested over 2200 pounds of pull force. The eyebolt is secured with threadlocker while magnet fishing. Don't worry about losing your gear, always land your treasure. Their very strong magnet is specially designed to be dropped straight down from docks and bridges, rather than tossing it out and dragging it back. The world's best magnet fishers prefer Brute's high performance material. The heavy duty Brute Magnetics magnet is built with extra strength to retrieve and recover various materials, including nickel, iron, steel, and their alloys. All Brute Magnetic products are tested for quality assurance and supported by their premium customer service team. They offer a 30 day money back guarantee if you don't like it.

Brand: Brute Magnetics

👤If you're looking for a way to get a magnet to go fishing, this may be the one for you. It depends on what you want it to do. This is dropped into the water. The term dock buster was used. It is not intended to be thrown. The reason you don't throw it is that when you drag it back it will hop and turn upside down. This is not the best way to use the magnet. I threw it and it was stuck in some rocks because of the shape of the magnet. The rocks had to be pulled hard to get the magnet back. It should be part of a set because you will want to use it as a dock buster and sometimes you will want to throw it. I think it's a great magnet, but be careful. It is almost impossible to remove the metal plate that I accidentally attached it to. If you were to make contact with a heavy object, you will not be able to lift it and get your magnet back. You will not be strong enough to lift it and the magnet won't let go. The shape of the pull and the shape of the magnet will make it hard for you to carry the rope. I love it, it's a great magnet. I would buy again.

👤It has a lot of surface area and it is tough, but it is heavy and it has trouble with small item bottle caps and fishing lures. If you catch a clean surface, it will pull off of it, but only if it is caked with mud or rusted, and it won't lift the cast iron kitchen sink we brought up today. I will keep it for dipping around docks. I will order another titan to drag ing in the bigger stuff.

👤My father in law has a pole that he uses to clean the fire pit. I pulled out all the metal dust he hadn't touched after I bought this as a better option. I'm going to try this on the local river.

👤A great magnet. It pulled two safes and a part to an atm out of the muddy bottom that my smaller magnet couldn't.

👤It is not what I thought it would be. It has to be pulled up. We decided that the screw couldn't float over the object to find it, so we lowered it and lifted it.

👤If you don't know what you're doing, I can put my hand between the fridge and it. I haven't been able to go fishing with it yet, but it is definitely worth the money if you are into that sort of thing.

👤I bought this product to get my phone back. The phone was located with a camera, but it wasn't strong enough. The phone would fall off when it was pulled up. I thought it would be stronger than it was.

👤Great object. I have several brands of magnets, but only Brute has the best customer service. It comes with LocTite, which is a major plus. The surface area of this magnet is very attractive to me. It doesn't feel like you're throwing a brick into the water.

4. Brute Magnet Fishing Carabiner Threadlocker

Brute Magnet Fishing Carabiner Threadlocker

We are professional magnet sellers and you can find any you want in their store. Find Magnets. You want a magnet? You can try magnetic fishing. Everything you need to have a great first time finding treasure by magnet fishing is included in their premier kits. The kit includes a high strength neodymium magnet, an ultrasecure eyebolt, rope, carabiner, and a waterproof carry case. The single-sided MAGNET has a diameter of just over 4 inches. This fishing magnet is ideal for slower moving water and ocean piers. It's ideal for fishing from a boat. 65 foot rope is looped with reinforced stiching and plastic to protect it from wear. The rope has a breaking strength of 1,680 pounds and is ready to connect with the carabiner. You should protect your gear. The Brute Box is made with high impact polypropylene plastic, has an IP 67 waterproof rating, and includes a knob with O-ring for manual pressure adjustment. The strongest permanent magnetic material is made with rare earth. The high performance material of Brute is preferred by magnet fishers. Are you looking for an outdoor activity for the whole family? Magnet fishing is fun for everyone. There are gifts for any occasion at Brute Magnetics.

Brand: Brute Magnetics

👤Its a strong magnet. It's a kit with everything you need except gloves, and it starts to rust and corrode as soon as you start using it. I knew it would start corroding at some point, but I didn't think it would happen so quickly. This kit with travel case is a good deal and I am happy with my purchase, but I wish they could put a coating on it to delay the corroding.

👤The package was well packaged. I am a 70 year old granny who is excited to use my magnet. I was happy to get the box for it and the rope.

👤Great product. Everything you need to start fishing. There is a lot of pull. The instructions for securing your magnet should be read. I lost mine because I failed to secure it first.

👤I bought this for the purpose of being a magnet anchor. It's hard to anchor your boat under low bridges because of the flow. It was so strong that we couldn't even budge it from the low bridge overhead when I first used it. The anchor had to be used and hammer off the bridge. Next time, we will bring a mallet. We can anchor under the low rise bridge and not have to worry about being blown away by the river. This thing is very strong. Don't try to get your finger between the bridge and the magnet.

👤I was really excited for my daughter to finally go fishing, but it was a disappointment for me and her. I might have received a bad carabiner. After paying $60.00 and on my third throw the carabiner broke, I only have a $60.00 rope.

👤The instructions don't tell you to use a lock on the mounting nut to hold the magnet to the mount. I used it three times and on the third time the magnet flew off the eye and into the creek. Better instructions please.

👤My son and I pulled some metal out of the river near our house. Good luck out there.

👤I thought the magnet was strong, but it is. The package comes in a nice case, which includes the magnet, the thread locker, the STAINLESS ring to attach your rope with, and a very strong rope with sewn ends for added strength. The bridge or dock is a good place to fish. Adding a second magnet would make fishing from the bank easier. You can have fun with gloves and a bucket.

👤Not nearly as powerful as stated, but good luck getting close to that... I get smaller stuff, but anything over 40 pounds is not a shopping cart. 1200 pounds of strength is pretty good for railroad spikes, small metla bars, nothing really big or signifcant weight, so kids can rip this thing of objects in water.

👤The magnet works well and is great for the price. I don't have 1200+ pull strength. It's probably around 800. It is still really good. The kit is not recommended for beginners because of the strength of the magnet. The kit layout is great for the price.

5. Brute Box 600 Double Sided

Brute Box 600 Double Sided

The brand is made under the ISO 9001 Quality Systems. You can find any magnets you want in their store, they are a professional seller. Get your magnets and enjoy treasure hunting. Quality double-sided large lifting magnet with eyebolts, threadlocker, rope, carabiner, carry case and gloves are what Brute Magnetics has to offer. All items are tested to make sure they conform to the high performance standards. The heavy duty double-sided magnet has a pulling force of 2,600 lbs and a 4.57" diameter. The strongest type of magnets are rare earth magnets. This is the strongest fishing magnet and is ideal for slower moving water. It's ideal for use at home or the workplace. A professional grade. The kit comes with a 65 foot rope. The end is covered in heat shrink tubing to keep it from coming undone. It has a breaking strength of 3,840 pounds and is ready to connect with a locking carabiner. A professional grade. The kit comes with a 65 foot rope. The end is covered in heat shrink tubing to keep it from coming undone. It has a breaking strength of 3,840 pounds and is ready to connect with a locking carabiner. All Brute Magnetic products are tested for quality assurance and supported by their premium customer service team. They offer a 30 day money back guarantee if you don't like it.

Brand: Brute Magnetics

👤I bought a cheap Chinese magnet a while ago and enjoyed it so I decided to get a big boy one. I got a magnet after watching a lot of videos. The rating was the main selling point for me. I decided to go big or go home after my first magnet couldn't pick up much. The reviewers don't tell you how heavy this thing is. If you underhand throw things for a living, you will not like throwing this magnet. I can't throw it very far because the rope slips out of my hand. The best option is to grab it by the carabiner and throw it, but you lose a lot of strength if you have some rope out. It's so heavy that it wears you out pulling it in. I usually need a break after 10 throws if I'm not throwing far or pulling in slow. I have a few dents in the metal of the case from hitting rocks on the bottom of the water. I thought the metal would be more sturdy. This is the only complaint I have about quality. I feel like I got what I paid for, this is a great magnet, but I don't think I got what I paid for. It's difficult to get it off because it can pick up heavy items. I would give the magnet 5 stars. I don't think it's a good use for it. I think I'll save this magnet for when I can't pull in another magnet, or I'll just put the eye hook in the other side spot and convert it to a single sided magnet for the docks. I'm not sure if I want to get the 800 or 1200 lbs double sided magnet. It's so expensive that I don't really want to use it after almost losing it on my 3rd or 4th trip. I went to the local boat ramp and it got inside. I couldn't get it out even after getting into the water because the ramp eroded underneath and the magnet was able to get under it. I asked my dad to look at his scuba gear and after about an hour he was able to figure out the maze path it took to get there.

👤The magnet is strong, but it takes a lot of effort to pull it back in. The first day of use can cause damage. I had to clean it off before I could go home. It is not as durable as I 888-276-5932s would have 888-276-5932s.

👤A very strong magnet! It is easy to set up and use. I ordered two more magnets. You won't like the results if you flat spot this magnet. It's alright.

👤It was one day late.

👤It gets the job done while having fun.

6. Brute Magnetics Neodymium Double Sided Threadlocker

Brute Magnetics Neodymium Double Sided Threadlocker

The strongest permanent magnetic material is made with rare earth neodymium. The fishing magnet has two eyebolts. Depending on where you place the eyebolt, use a single or double sided magnet. 1300 pounds of pulling force is provided by each side. The strongest permanent magnetic material is made with rare earth neodymium. There is a threadlocker to secure the eyebolt.

Brand: Brute Magnetics

👤The magnet is legit. A friend and I recently got into fishing with magnets. I used multiple websites to research and found brute magnetics to be the best choice. I went with the 2600lb magnet because it should pull up anything I and a friend or two can pull out of water. I risk grabbing a car or something that is not physically possible to remove the magnet from it if I do anything more. A friend was lifting the magnet out of the water on a bridge and got it stuck to the side on a beam, luckily there were 3 of us there and we barely got it off with all 3 of us pulling as hard as we can and on an angle.

👤It may be too powerful. Hey, its a free country. If you pull hard enough, you can either break the rope or raise the object. It's probably suited for an electric winch. Could sink a small boat.

👤Too strong for children. Heavy. You have to be careful where you use it. We got stuck on a bridge. It took us a long time to get it off.

👤My husband works on barges and sometimes a tool ends up in the water. The battle with water has been lost. The magnet does its job. It helps the rest of the crew find their tools.

👤It was stuck on a beam. It hurt my back when I got it off. That is a good thing. The thicker the steele, the harder it is to hold.

👤This is a huge magnet. Loctite that was provided was very gummy and looked expired, as it was a good quality build. I used my own, not a deal breaker.

👤I used it as soon as I got it and was really impressed by how much it was able to get materials in the water ways. This is a real value.

👤This thing is very strong and will not be easy to remove if you don't want it, but it's awesome.

7. Combined Brute Magnetics Neodymium Diameter

Combined Brute Magnetics Neodymium Diameter

Neodymium is a kind of rare earth metal that can be used to make magnets. The fishing magnet will be the same powerful after decades. Bilateral conversations - Baroque CONVENIENCE. The design of this magnet was in mind. You won't have to worry about which way the magnet is oriented since each side provides 850 lbs of pulling force. Buy now and see what you can discover. After each use, rinse and dry your magnet to keep it in tip-top shape. First and foremost, they stand behind their quality craftsmanship. Don't worry, they have your back if you're not completely satisfied with your purchase. They will resolve any concern to your satisfaction if you contact them. The whole family can enjoy the thrill of fishing with magnets. Give kids the time of their lives with the Brute Box Junior. Those memories will last a long time.

Brand: Brute Magnetics

👤I brought a series to compare the two. The is second to none in a quality class, but it was the most expensive. The brick-$h!th0use styled robust design and the additional thread sealer are still smiling at me. The packaging was very large. This magnet is sexy and beautiful, don't confuse it with a knock off. I am thankful that someone actually backs up the weight rating with real results, the cheaper ones with inflated claims of weight are not accurate. This is the real deal. Loving it! There is only one complaint. A small amount of metal had to be removed from the magnet. Fix in 5 seconds. I didn't take a picture of it yet. I will update when I do.

👤A strong magnet. I pulled up the kitchen sink after using it in our canal. Can't wait to find more things. I hope it's something of a little more value.

👤There is some weight to this magnet, but it has good strength. It will be awhile to fish the waters because they are covered with ice. There is a nice case at Harbor Freight. Friendly factory reps and a nice quality magnet. The center holes have Allen-head set screws put in them. It would be nice if they included nylon plugs. Maybe something to think about. I will get another one for bouncing from the dock, piers and bridges. I recommend Brute Magnets.

👤A 35-40 LB was being worked on. The jack was dropped into the water. We tried to get it with an anchor and line. No luck. I took the giant magnet back to the lake after ordering it. I retrieved my jack, pliers, and F clamp after 15 minutes. The jack was ten feet from where we expected it to be. I'm going to take my magnet to another lake for fun next week. If you accidentally let it contact the dock pipes below the water line, you may go diving after it. The thing is tight. You can get it loose, but you have to slide it off. Boy wonder. The magnet has strength. It's all good.

👤I like the magnet but it's just a warning. If you buy one of these magnets, you don't have to use your truck to pull it in because it's not coming off. Good luck.

👤Had bought for fishing. The lock was attached to the ring with a locking clamp and I put it tight on the bolt. I threw it out and then pulled it back in. If the ring you clip on broke, I don't know how it happened. I was so excited to go fishing that it was over in seconds. The clip I was using was locked when I pulled it back in.

👤Heavy. I don't think it has a 600lb pull on each side. The items were picked up by the magnet. I was not happy with my purchase.

👤This is a big magnet. It is very heavy duty. I got it for my husband and he is very excited about going fishing. He is excited to show me what his virtual friends have found, because he has joined groups on social media. He talks about magnet fishing every day, even though he hasn't gotten to do it himself. I hope he finds the things he has been dreaming about. If you are like my husband, you will love this product. He would kill me if I posted a picture of his face.

8. Brute Magnetics Neodymium Double Sided Threadlocker

Brute Magnetics Neodymium Double Sided Threadlocker

The whole family can enjoy the thrill of fishing with magnets. Give kids the time of their lives with the Brute Box Junior. Those memories will last a long time. The fishing magnet has two eyebolts. Depending on where you place the eyebolt, use a single or double sided magnet. 1800 pounds of pulling force is provided by each side. The strongest permanent magnetic material is made with rare earth neodymium. There is a threadlocker to secure the eyebolt.

Brand: Brute Magnetics

👤I tested both of these and the same thing. The magnet has 3,600 pound of pull. On each side was 1.800. That is straight off, it is flat on metal. I think I'm the strongest man in the world. I only have around 20 pounds of pull. Absolutely rip off. Please watch the video. Don't buy this product. You will get your true 3,800 pounds of pull if you look for n52 mags.

👤I own a number of small spherical magnets that are very strong. I can roll them over to get the knives. I was expecting something stronger for the price. I can't use this magnet. I might be able to recover a piece of trailer skirting made of iron if I get a full force full coverage magnet against it. This isn't the powerful magnet I wanted.

👤I have smaller ones with better pulling power and they are not very strong.

👤The Magnet does not have a lot of pulling force. It does not seem to have a pulling force of 3,600 lbs. I have used magnets before and it is easy to remove them from an object. I was able to return the magnet as of yesterday, but it is unable to be returned today. When placing your order, keep that in mind.

👤The packaging was done well. It has to be strong with a magnet. It was bigger than I anticipated. We do a lot of magnet fishing and recently came across something that our other magnets couldn't pull up so were hoping this one will work. It was available for a long time.

👤If you're buying this magnet for fishing, you better have a strong rope. I had to use a crowbar to get it off the side of the trailer. The holding force is very strong. The product was well made. I put a gift card in the picture for comparison.

👤It was hard to throw. At least for this old man. Grandson had a ball. A rickshaw can be pulled from China.

👤The magnet seems to be sturdy and well made. It sticks to things and not much else. I haven't gotten much use out of it yet, so we will see how long it lasts, and if there are any major issues.

9. Brute Magnetics Extremely Neodymium Countersunk

Brute Magnetics Extremely Neodymium Countersunk

1 year no hassle warranty is included. The fishing magnet has an eyebolt and threadlocker. A single-sided magnet has 1200 pounds of pulling force. The strongest permanent magnetic material is made with rare earth neodymium. There is a threadlocker to secure the eyebolt.

Brand: Brute Magnetics

👤So far, so cool! I think I found a meteorite.

👤This is very strong. It's probably a lot stronger than you think. If you stick it to something thin, like duct work, you will be able to slide it off, if you stick it to something thick, like a steel post. It took 2 of us to slide it off, it was stuck on a piece of steel that was 2 inches wide. If I use it in the lake and it sticks to something like the titanic, I will cut the rope and order another one. If you get your finger between this and a good piece of steel, you are going to lose some skin or a finger, so make sure you keep your finger in front of this magnet! I challenged all the guys to pull it off of the piece of pipe, but they couldn't.

👤The best magnetic object ever. I bought this magnet to see if it would wipe hard drives. I love magnets. I could not have imagined that this magnet would do so well. It makes them useless. I mean useless. I can't get the bios to recognize the drives. It locks up the bios and won't let me into the bios configuration screen when I attach a drive to the computer. If you want to wipe your drives so your enemies can't access them, you should do it. This is the MAGNET.

👤We bought the 500 and 1000. The 500 has to be a lot. I know that the 1000 is going to lose some day. If it gets stuck to a girder, I have to swim to get a chain to it. I accidentally dropped it and it stuck to my weight bar, it took me 15 minutes to get it off, and there was only a small amount of the magnetic field hitting the bar. Even though 5 stars, why is the bolt double nutted or cotter keyed? It would be obvious if it came loose.

👤I find this to be my strongest and largest magnets to date. My wife and I use magnets for fishing in lakes Creeks and rivers and I can tell you that I have never found anything too heavy or large for me to land in, I highly recommend this magnet to all but be very careful as death or severe injury can occur.

👤I'm pretty sure this thing could hurt you, and if it gets stuck on something, forget about pulling it off, but this is really a beast. I bought this one because I wanted to use it, but I might get a less powerful one to mess with before I use it. I thought I might try to erase a HD or two to see if it can do anything to magnetic strips on cards or compact flash/secure digital cards. It might be cool.

👤This thing is very large. We use it for magnet fishing off the pier, but be careful, one of the fishing piers we went to has steel plates, it's a serious chore to get it off. We had to use a piece of driftwood to beat it to the side, and then use a piece of steel plate to hold it up. That's the only way to get it loose. We found a lot of things, such as hooks, iron oxide, and scrap metal.

10. Brute Magnetics Neodymium Countersunk Diameter

Brute Magnetics Neodymium Countersunk Diameter

The measurement is 2.95” (75mm) tall. 2.59”(66mm) is the thickness and weight. A very strong Neodymium Magnet has 1500 lbs pulling force on contact with thick steel. It's ideal for lifting, hanging, or anywhere you need a strong magnet. The cup protects the magnet from chipping or cracking. The package includes a bottle of medium threadlocker and a 1,500 LB magnet.

Brand: Brute Magnetics

👤This thing is hilarious. I've never had so much fun with a simple object. We lose a lot when we play "see what kinda stuff we can rip it off". It's crazy to see it move other magnets. I swear it's magic.

👤Not strong for what it should be. It doesn't come with any type of paper work. You don't know what you're getting.

👤This is a monster. It is the only bad thing about it. I don't have any yet. It has hauled out some heavy loads out of the water and has some force for sure.

👤This was my first purchase to go fishing. I leaned towards the 1500lb magnet because I knew that the force was under control. When the magnet gets gunked up it is less than 1500lb. I have found some hidden treasures with this magnet and am very satisfied with it. This is one of the best first magnets for magnet fishing.

👤When dragging along the bottom of a creek, it tended to skip over magnetic surfaces because the ring is at the top center. You can move it to stick by dragging it slowly. If you don't want it to be stuck to any metal that you don't like, then don't bother. I caught my first metal lure.

👤I bought 2 of these. It looks like there is double sided tape inside to hold it after looking for a point of failure. They should be better for the price. Don't buy, do yourself a favor. Magnet was split in half. I don't know how to use it in local rivers, and pulling it across rocks could lead to failure. Half of the frame fell out when trying to put it back in. From now on, I will be looking for my magnets elsewhere.

👤I haven't used it in salt water yet, but it seems to be strong, and should work for retrieving things that get dropped off. I don't think it would pick up 1500 pounds in the most ideal conditions. I didn't test it or anything like that, but it seems like it's strong.

👤When I first opened, it looked nice. I expected the srew driver to fly to Magnet from 2 feet away, but it wiggled a foot and flew to the other side. I stuck on the fridgerator and was sad as it slid down the fridge very slowly, did not hold its own weight. The metal folding chair was picked up by the 3rd test. The gun jumped to it from about 6 inches after the 4th test, as it was impressed by the fact that it grabbed it before touching it. I bought it because of the 4th and 5th tests. I stuck it to a safe that was 3000 lbs, but I could not get it off the safe, so I put my feet against the wall and tried to get it off the safe. I had to spin the bar off with a lot of force. I owe my friend a paint job on his safe because it took some paint off. I have not tried to retrieve anything from the water. If metal is thick, this magnet will stick. I love it so far.

11. FYREBLU Magnet Fishing Kit Underwater

FYREBLU Magnet Fishing Kit Underwater

The ULTIMATE MAGNET FISHING KIT FOR UNDERWATER METAL DETECTING... Their complete kit includes: a 500 lbs pull-force magnet, a 65 lbs fishing rope, a carabiner, thread seal tape, a pair of gloves, and a heavy duty case. This set is the perfect strength for most users and comes with a super strong 65' rope so you can reach and remove objects covered in soil, vegetation, rust and algae without a problem. There are fish lost in lakes, rivers, and oceans. Dropped tools, fishing gear, or supplies? It's frustrating, but never fear! You can get your items quickly if you have this kit. The kit can be easily stored in the carrying case. Recover lost items or find new treasure to save money. Their products are designed and tested in the U.S.A. Their design and testing was done in the United States. Their USA customer service team is here to help you with any questions you may have. Their top priority is your satisfaction. 1 year no hassle warranty is included.

Brand: Fyreblu

👤This is a great gift for my Dad. It is very high quality.

👤There is a carrying case, rope, grapple hook, and a magnet in this complete kit. I could not figure out what the purpose of Teflon tape was in the kit. The kit has a 500 pound magnet. This is at the lower end of the range because there are magnet that go to 1500 pound. The grapple hook is very sharp, and it is also high grade, which is mildly magnet, and I cut my foot on it when I stepped on it with the protective tubing. The case isn't very different from a pelican. The gloves are large and loose on my hands. Recommendations: Lots of offerings, shop around to match your needs with the budget; variables would be: a) magnet strength, b) rope length, c) grapple hook option, d) case included. The complete kit has a good fit and finish. Comparable offerings are for less. I'm rating this one 3-stars because there are similar kits for $50 and under, or for comparable prices with stronger magnets.

👤I have some concerns about this kit, but I'm looking forward to using it more and seeing how it works out. The case is made of foam and the block that holds the magnet is there. It looks like it is a hot glue or something. It doesn't hold up. The box was not fully secured when it arrived. The most important factor in magnet fishing is the strength of the magnet. The grapling hook is small on the small side, but too big for a size case. When I got the package, the foam in the lid was already torn up because the hook was digging into it. No amount of negotiation will avoid that. The impression is that it will probably do well, but the magnet isn't strong enough. I don't think the case will hold up, and I don't think it will hold up long enough to hold all of this.

👤A good case to carry all this in. My son and I spent a lot of time in the woods playing with this. Someone stole a road sign and threw it into the water, but we found multiple old nails and a road sign. The rope and magnet worked well and we had a blast even if it was just old junk. We are going to look at multiple bridges in the near future. No telling what we will find.

👤A complete fishing kit. It's important to know that "fishing" here isn't meant for fishing for fish. It means treasure hunting and fishing. There is plenty of strength in the magnet. The grapple is useful for raising more cumbersome items. All in a nice plastic case.

👤My family bought this set to play with. We recovered his old pocket knife the first time we were on the lake. We found a chain, metal bolts, and coins after using this. The set is very nice and we love that it comes in a box. I can't wait to see what else we can find. We will probably buy another one to keep on our boat. Excellent item.


What is the best product for fishing magnets 2600 lb kit?

Fishing magnets 2600 lb kit products from Vndueey. In this article about fishing magnets 2600 lb kit you can see why people choose the product. Brute Magnetics and Fyreblu are also good brands to look for when you are finding fishing magnets 2600 lb kit.

What are the best brands for fishing magnets 2600 lb kit?

Vndueey, Brute Magnetics and Fyreblu are some of the best brands that chosen by people for fishing magnets 2600 lb kit. Find the detail in this article.

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