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1. Obacle Protection Seamless Skeleton Motorcycle

Obacle Protection Seamless Skeleton Motorcycle

100% PolyESTER MICROFIBER is safe from the sun. Dust Wind Sand is a high quality mask, not cheap, that is light and airy, and has a quick dry fabric that keeps you cool. Non-SLIP: The Elastic Tensile fiber keeps the mask in place. The non-stitched ends will roll up naturally. If you don't like the pattern's eyes below yours, you can fold it down. There is avid 3D headwear. 3D design, fashion design, and digital printing. A skull mask for men and a scarf for women are used multiple times. One size almost fits all adults and teenagers.

Brand: Obacle

👤If you have to wear a mask, why not wear it in style? We all have to make adjustments because of the shortage of n95 masks for non-medical use and the coronaviruses epidemic. This motorcycle mask works just as well as any other general mask. I can breathe better wearing it. You can adjust the positioning of the mask if you pull it over your head. My grandson is wearing a rsptor mask and the colors are vivid. He lives it! I bought two of them.

👤I bought this because I could use it on the motorcycles as well as the stores that make you wear a mask. The fabric stretches and breaths. The colors are still vibrant. The whole mask is not showing in the picture. It has skull eyes on top, but you have to fold the top 2 iches inside to make a face covering. I was hoping it would look like the pictures. Not mad. I like it. I do.

👤Why is it difficult to find the traditional soft, stretchy gaiters with a skull print on Amazon? This is the second one I've bought from Amazon and I'm torn between 2 and 3 stars. The material is very stiff and thick and the edges are not sewn. It doesn't stay put as well as others, but they don't have skull prints. This is average. It might get 4 stars if it was less than 5 bucks. I'm not happy with the price. I'm too lazy to return it.

👤The cotton is good for cold weather and the skeleton is printed on two sides. I ordered another brand. The material was thinner and the skeleton was only printed on one side. It is a good mask for riding motorcycles, but not used inside as a mask.

👤I'm not sure how to rate them. The material and decals are nice. One size fits all. I had to put a press pin in to keep it from sliding down on my face because it was too big for me.

👤I was hoping this would be a good mask to wear. It is very thin and the air passes through both ways. The image seems to have been made well. Only time can tell if it is sturdy. If you need something to block dust while you are cutting the grass or doing outside activities, this should work for you. This may not be the best thing to do if you want to protect others.

👤The cheap mask would be fine if it wasn't so small and tight. I have worn many of these type of face masks when riding, but recently I bought another similar one, and these should be advertised for very small heads. I give this a two star rating because of that.

👤I don't feel like I'm suffocating when I'm wearing it because it's not too hot. I can't get it on over my head. I bought two for myself and one for my husband and they both have the same complaint. It would work well for a small adult or child, but for the average adult it will be difficult to pull it over their head.

2. Balaclava Breathable Protection Activities Camouflage

Balaclava Breathable Protection Activities Camouflage

The balaclava face cover is made of quick drying fabric, which can absorb sweat and keep you cool and dry in the hot summer days. Breathable mesh design: these full face covers feature a mesh design on the mouth part that can make your breathing more comfortable and won't fog up when you wear glasses or sunglasses. Their face covers are designed in a long way that can fully cover your face, nose, mouth, and neck, protecting you from sun, dust and wind, you can apply them as helmet lining, or wear separately for cycling, skiing, snowboarding, hiking, fishing, climbing. The balaclava face covers are lightweight and portable, which makes them easy to carry, and they are elastic, so they fit almost all heads. The package quantity is sufficient for family supplies or you can share them with your friends.

Brand: Satinior

👤The product was not what I was expecting. The reviews give a different view of the pictures. It's for small headed only so a big head is uncomfortable but it's not bad in snow and other wise warmth. It's good for outdoors and for fun. It's best to wear a helmet at a construction site.

👤My husband works out in the sun. He needed something to protect his lips. He likes that they are thin, but he says it is too hot because he has long hair. The hard hat moved the mask around. He says he might use them during the winter.

👤I didn't see all the colors. It seems like they left out the cool ones. The mouth and nose stitching on a few was very rough, it felt like you could get a rash from it. I have to keep pulling down on the nose part to be able to see because it blocks my vision. May needs to be stretched or broken in to fit but it seems too small. It looks great.

👤Working in a construction job site all day is very comfortable.

👤I like the vented mouth cover and the deal is great. It makes a difference. The price is great for how many you get. They really appreciated it when they were handed it out.

👤The fabric material is very soft and I was excited when I received it. Only one of the nine different sizes works. I have to return it. Maybe it's just me.

👤I wanted a mask that would not get dirty. This product is perfect. It's easy to wear. It is great for cooler temperatures. It can get hot if you plan on wearing this in summer places where the temperatures are above 50 degrees.

👤No me agrado por el echo, pero no me amigos, pero no me amigos, pero no me amigos, pero no me amigos, pero no me amigos, pero no me amigos.

3. Buff CoolNet Headwear Pelagic White

Buff CoolNet Headwear Pelagic White

The fabric is made from recycled REPREVE performance microfiber. HeiQ cooling technology, Polygiene odor control, and a 4-way, lightweight, seamless, ultra stretch fabric construction are all features. It's possible to wear 12 different ways, from cap to balaclava, neck gaiter to hair tie, for optimal performance and protection. Do not use fabric softeners or bleach, wash in warm water with mild soap, and do not use an iron. It's fit. Most adults have one size.

Brand: Buff

👤During my sea kayaking trip to the Philippines in April, I used this to protect my face. The sun was out for 8 days and the sky was clear. I kept it covered over my ears and chin. I used it in cold winter conditions and it never felt hot or clammy. I was surprised at how comfortable this was to wear in the tropics. I think anything that stops the sun from damaging your skin keeps you cool. This will be for summer from now on, as my medium wool buff is essential for cold weather trips. It worked well to cover my mouth on the long flight home as I had a phlegmy cough before I left. Buffs are always multi pourpose. Also makes great camp pillow covers.

👤Love the pattern. It is good for keeping cool and dry. I use these under the hard collar I have been wearing while healing from an upper cervical fusion operation. The foam lining the collar makes it much easier to tolerate, and they help reduce rubbing and stickiness. I believe that the price of its imitators is more than the price of its fabric. I don't know what makes a polyester different from another, but it is cooler and lighter than others I've tried.

👤The company does not know how to make something big enough that fits around your head, the diagram makes you think it is versatile, but sadly unless you have a shrunken head it will likely come undone. I'd rather have a handkerchief than stretch it out, it's already paper thin. I gave an extra star to the artwork.

👤I like to have something around my neck in the cold weather. This is in line with the bill. It keeps cold air off my neck and upper chest, but is lightweight so I don't get overheated. If the weather warms up, it's easy to remove, small enough to fit in a pocket or loop around my wrist. I don't have a cold weather neck gaiter, but I do have a narrower tube of cloth, so I don't have to wear it under my collar. I've used it as a face mask and hair restraint and it works well.

👤This is lightweight and great for the desert sun, but not as great as I wanted it to be, because I needed something to block the sun on the back of my neck. I don't think it protects me or anyone else from the virus, but it is my third one as I like to have spare ones.

👤Great purchase! The item was shipped immediately after the order was confirmed and it arrived a week early. The item itself, which I have already used as a mask for running and biking, is an original Buff, great quality and very helpful in these times of Pandemic. You can leave the fabric on your neck while you exercise. It was easier to breathe with it. I regret not buying mine sooner. I think it's really good.

4. Obacle Seamless Protection Headwear Motorcycle

Obacle Seamless Protection Headwear Motorcycle

100% PolyESTER MICROFIBER is safe from the sun. Dust Wind Sand is a high quality mask, not cheap, that is light and airy, and has a quick dry fabric that keeps you cool. Non-SLIP: The mask is kept in place with elastic Tensile fiber and not slid. There is avid 3D headwear. 3D design, fashion design, and digital printing. Multiple uses of headwear include bandanas for men and women, balaclava and bonnet, and neckerchief. The size and weight are listed. The Obacle mask is about 18 inches in diameter. The weight of the masks is 33.5g / 1.18oz and they fit those who have a head circumference of 25inch or more. Measure your head size using the second image to make sure it fits you perfectly.

Brand: Obacle

👤The face mask lost its appeal after being washed. It looks like I have worn it for years after just one wash. It won't stay in my face now that it feels stretched out. Don't recommend it, won't buy it again.

👤The product is the same as shown. The bandana/face covering slides down repeatedly, even though it stays in place. There is no binding on the material. The material is all one width, stretches out, and falls down when you put it on. I tried to shrink it by washing and drying it. A very simple design. It looks like it was cut off with a bolt of fabric. This design was very disappointing. Will not buy again. The colors and pattern are lovely, but that's as far as it goes.

👤The sky is deep purple. I wore it at the pumpkin patch event. There are a lot of dust and irritants in the air. When I go with my family, I suffer from asthma, itchy chest, and runny nose. I had no problem today. I could smell the smells of the petting zoo. I was fine. One sneeze was all it took for me. There were no symptoms of asthma or itchy throat. It's a little uncomfortable to breathe in at first. I got a lot of attention, but I didn't care, I wanted to be comfortable and stand out. It is close to Halloween and I looked like I was dressing up. Good purchase.

👤There's no irritation behind the ear, it breathes, stays up, and is comfortable.

👤The product looked to have a sparkle in it. Absolutely no sparkle product was received. It was boring and uninteresting.

👤Don't waste your time with this product. This is not made or advertised. The portion on the top is straight at the top and bottom. It is cheap and super thin. The fabric is so thin you can see it through it. This would not be an appropriate face mask. This could be good for burning man.

👤I am sending them an e-mail because the package only states "protection from sun, dust, wind", but those are not the main reasons for my purchase. I plan on wearing this along with a medical mask when I go to the grocery store. I think the material is stretchy, no seamed edges, so I would think that eventually it will start to fall apart, and I would give the product an extra star average cotton tee shirt material. Anni is from Obacle Store. The test data for your reference is Mean UPF: 20 Std Deviation.

👤The design is similar to the photo. Customer service was great for me.

5. Hikevalley Adjustable Motorcycle Protection Breathable

Hikevalley Adjustable Motorcycle Protection Breathable

ULTIMATE PROTECTION: The sunscreen mask is made of high-quality mesh fabric that is lightweight and comfortable. It's ideal for protecting your head and face from the sun, wind, and dust. The face mask is very large. A full face mask, open balaclava, half ski mask, neckerchief, pirate scarf, skull cap, ninja hoodie, or sun shield mask is used as a mask. By wearing this balaclava under your helmet, you can provide enhanced protection while you are outside. The fabric is quick-drying and stretchy. The high-quality material applied to the mask is very good at keeping your face clean and dry. The hikevalley balaclava has an extra length at the front for better protection. A multi-purpose application. The full face mask can be worn all year long. This mask is eligible to provide you the optimal protection, whether you are hiking, cycling, motorcycling, running, mountain-climbing, hunting, boating, swimming, skiing, skating, snowboarding, or doing construction work outside. If you enjoy their balaclava mask, please purchase some for your family, friends, or your loved ones as gifts for Christmas, New Years', Valentine's Day, Father's Day, or Mother's Day. If you have any size problems or are not completely satisfied with their masks, please contact them for professional customer support. Hikevalley provides a 1-year warranty.

Brand: Hikevalley

👤It works perfectly. I need to get into some stores to get this done. I will use it after the panic ends. I already have a fleece one for going to the snow, but it's too hot to wear in the summer so I ordered this one. I don't think it will stop the spread of the virus or germs. It is to make other people feel safer.

👤Great product! I work in the oilfield industry and this mask was useful in West Texas. It protects you from the sun and the weather. The fit was perfect.

👤The balaclava is a great product to wear. I wouldn't say that this is a winter Balaklava, at least not in the respect of sub-zero temperatures. I have found that wearing layers is the best way to stay warm and I have a thick balaclava and a Balaclava to fight off the cold. The combination was put to the test when my friend's vehicle was hit while parked on the side of the road, as there was a lot of snow on the ground. I stood out in the road and insured that no one hit the cars as they came around the turn, all this time wearing this Balaklava combination. I have experience with this system and it works. I wouldn't recommend it for less than 30. I strongly recommend buying this product for these temperatures, or as a system of headwear when the temperatures are closer to sub freezing conditions.

👤I bike out here in Las Vegas in the heat. The best fit was this Balaclava. It is comfortable, covers your face, and is cool during hot weather. I don't have a problem breathing while mountain biking. I don't worry about my sun protection wearing off after a 4 hour ride in the hot summer.

👤I've bought 2 of these now. It's great for biking and motorcycling in hot weather. They can be used to cover up as little or as much as you want. I have never had an issue with seams digging into my skin or giving me a headaches, they're comfortable and I have never had an issue with them.

👤I got this for Christmas, and now that our weather has been consistently sub 15 degrees, sometimes windchill below zero, this has made my walking and running much more comfortable. It protects the wind from overheating.

👤Compre una combo contenan varias y prcticamente. La pena est una compra.

👤It was perfect! I will use this to keep my face and ears warm. This will be about right because it's rare to get below freezing where I'm at. It's easy to keep clean. I've seen it worn around the neck and ready to pull up. You don't notice that it's light and comfortable.

6. Official American Activities Protects Elements

Official American Activities Protects Elements

WEAR DOZENS OF WAYS. The SA face mask can be used as a headband, bandana, or balaclava. SPF 40 and Dust Proof are recommended. The SA fishing face shield protects you from the sun and breathing dust. You can wear your face shield anywhere you want. The face shield is made of 100% PolyESTER. The ski face mask is soft and stretchy. Light weight: The SA neck gaiter's are about 20 in long and weigh 1.3 ounces.

Brand: S A

👤There are unfinished edges. You would think they would have taken more time to finish the edges. They sewed it together on the side. Not worth the money.

👤Absolutely love them. Form to face nicely. I work in a hot factory. It is possible to get 100 every day. I deal with plastic powder and this mask keeps my face clean without making me feel like I'm going to die. The breathe is good. It adds a little heat to your face, but not ridiculous. Is it appropriate to wear this in the winter? Absolutely acceptable. Even without the fleece lining, it was warm. The upper peninsula of Michigan did not freeze. I would buy this again. I now have 3 of them. It was worth the price. The fiancĂ©e likes them.

👤Chinese made, so minus one star. It took months to arrive after receiving a refund. It's gone from Amazon. I have received many requests for ordering info and many likes for this. I would buy a lot of them to resell. One size really fits all and the mask doesn't restrict one's ability to breathe.

👤I was expecting a snug fit, but it wasn't uncomfortable. I'm able to speak clearly and it's compression fit is not restrictive. Cool way to show your pride when you don't want to wear a balaclava. It's not too hot for when it's warm outside, but it keeps my skin from getting cold when it's cloudy.

👤I was surprised at how small the pattern was, but after putting it on it was stretchy and I have a big head. It was bought to keep metal dust out of my mouth and nose when I am angle grinding since a face shield is hard to fit under a face shield and keep annoying metal pieces off my neck. It helps, but not a perfect solution. Will be buying again.

👤I like the flag on this. It slides down after a while but it fits well for most of the time. You have to keep pulling it up. It gets warm after a while but not unbearable.

👤Sun, dust, bugs, and anything else bothering your face can be protected. It's easy to breathe in the sun. Buy a few and give as gifts. Everybody loves them because they can be worn so many different ways. Enjoy the outdoors with protection.

👤It's perfect for cutting grass. It's much better than wearing a paper mask, and you can wash it and wear it over and over.

👤I love it! No damage or problem, it was nice soft. Thanks to the company! I will buy different skin.

👤All'Interno oltre alla bandana era presente una scatola con due lampade. Amazon dovrebbe controllare di pi. Le lampade apparentemente sono integre, dopo il montaggio.

7. Gaiter Balaclava Bandana Headwear Headband

Gaiter Balaclava Bandana Headwear Headband

One size fits most, their face covers have raw edges to maximize the stretch, and are Breathable and lightweight. And more snug fit. The natural length and width is 21 cm. And 15 cm. The thickness is 3 cm. There are 12 ways to wear it; face mask, face cover, headband, headwrap, pirate cap, Wristband, Hairband, Balaclava, face cover, Seamless mask, Beanie, Bandana, and mouth cover. And more. In the winter, as a lightweight neck gistler, face cover, Beanie, Bandana, Headwarp, Pirate Cap or Balaclava. Rock your headwear to protect you from the sun's harmful rays. Light weight and strength are available. Their Headband is made of 85% Polyester. It is stretchy and Breathable. The cloth face mask's quick dry fabric technology makes it easy to dry. Their fabric can be worn for hours without even realizing you are wearing it. These neck girt face masks offer full protection for all types of outdoor activities. They protect against the elements. Stay covered. Their cooling bandana masks offer full coverage protection for women, men, and kids against harmful UV rays, while their re-usable facemask covers will protect you from dust, wind, and harmful UV Sun rays.

Brand: Yknktstc

👤These are exactly what they were described and pictured to be. Good stretch, not too tight, not too loose, depending on how you wear them. The back portion of my facemask is pulled over the back of my hat, so they don't slide off. I love the Multicam colors. I was happy with my purchase.

👤I ordered multi cam neck gaiters from different sellers. These are just as nice as the others and were more affordable. I have trouble breathing with a mask on. I found these to be very easy to breath in. I purchased them because they don't provide excellent warmth for winter, but that's not why I bought them in the first place. I would recommend this purchase to anyone looking for camo neck gaiters.

👤I bought 5 packs of camo pattern gaiters. The patterns are close to the real MultiCAM patterns, but not the official licensed ones. Only those who are camouflaged will notice the difference. The patterns are very bright. The gaiters are lightweight and stretchy. It's perfect for warmer weather.

👤I bought these because they are much more comfortable and prevent my glasses from fogging up, I had been wearing the other type around the ear mask. The price is good and each comes in a baggie. You can give some away.

👤I got it for construction because it was good for cold and a bit of heat, but mostly comfortable. This thing is so bad. I had to take it off. I didn't last long with it. They are stretchable but barely open. It is a bit like pulling cardboard on your head.

👤These are not the same as some other brands. They're snug enough to stay in place, but not so tight that your nose gets smushed down, like most other brands I've tried. It is a good option to comply with mask policies.

👤What was pictured was not what I received. I ended up with multiples of the same color, which was not the color I was trying to get. I had to take them out of their packaging because a lot of the color ended up on my hands. They faded out after I washed them. They are comfortable and Breathable.

👤All of the colors look great. They are very comfortable and well made. They stay cool when dipped into stream water and worn. It was not a problem to breathe through these in the store or in the stream. There was a lot of interest in where to get them. The only negative comment I have is from China. It took 4 weeks. I would get more.

👤The pattern for these face covers is nice, but the material is so thin that you can't see through it. I wouldn't trust these in a pandemic-related capacity, I was expecting something a little thicker that provided more protection.

👤Couldn't be more pleased with the camo 5 pack that I bought. The fit and finish is great with the added bonus of different color schemes for the changing hunting environment. I don't notice I have it on with the type of stretch the material affords because you can breath freely through it. Great product.

8. Aqua Design Protection Royal Ripple

Aqua Design Protection Royal Ripple

You can choose from six different sizes for the best personalized fit, and it's available in 7. If you want to wear a single or dual layer mask, double up the mask for extra dust, pollen, and debris. This mens facemask is a UV blocking and wind-protected barrier while riding motorcycle, boating, kayaking, windsurfing, cycling, running, or engaging in outdoor activities or sports. It's easy to care for the next adventure. It's easy to care for the next adventure. The 85% Polyester, 15% Spandex cloth is soft, quick-drying, and perfect for travel; no fabric softener is necessary. Coordinates with the entire line of fresh and saltwater men's fly fishing, deep sea, and swim activewear; Please check their storefront by clicking "Aqua Design"

Brand: Aqua Design

👤I have a number of neck gaiters which I am using until my face mask arrives. I had a hard time getting it on when I got this one. Then read the sizing info again. Most neck gaiters are one size fits all. I ordered a medium. The sizes were for men and boys. I ordered a large. I hope it fits better. I got my large in blue yesterday. It will cover my head. There is a The fabric is very soft. I can breathe through it.

👤The mask is not broken. I have a few complaints. The fabric is slick and won't stick to my hair. If the mask at the back of the head is higher than the mask at the face, it will fall down. If the face and back of the head parts of the mask are even, you may have some sun exposure on the ear, which is true in my case. 2. The picture shows that the person is wearing a shirt with a collar. If you wear a shirt without a collar, there is some neck and skin exposure to the sun. The bottom of the neck area is not covered by the mask. There is a mask there. 3. It is overpriced for a simple tube shape mask.

👤Aqua Design products are the best, I've bought and used a lot of UPF products and come to the conclusion that they are the best. I've had a lot of skin surgery's and have had lots of skin cancer since I was a kid. I wear Aqua Design products to protect my skin and I swim 3 times a week in the ocean while wearing these products. I don't know if they designed their products for use in the ocean, but they work great for it. I have spoken to Aqua Design and they have the best customer service you can imagine. Great company, great products, great customer service.

👤I bought a total of four in one week from four different makers and chose "Medium." I've learned that all the brands I've seen are very small. I don't think I have a large head or neck, I'm skinny. I advise you to get XL every time. The brand I got at the store that was labeled XL fit me perfectly, and it was the only brand I could not stand to wear. I took a chance with this one and it's too small at "Medium", but it would be great at XL.

👤This is a nice thin mask that would probably be comfortable if it wasn't for a few issues. It slid over my head and hung on my nose. It wouldn't stay in place as I walked because it wasn't stretched. I'm pretty sure I ordered a size. It was large. I think I got an extra large. I know I didn't order a small, but when I look at my order details, it shows a small. If I pull the back of the mask over the top of my head, I can hold it in place. It slides down due to the slick nature of the material. The mask is not usable for me. Due to the unavailability of the mask, it is not possible to return for a smaller size.

9. Self Pro Balaclava Protection Windproof

Self Pro Balaclava Protection Windproof

Made in the USA or imported. Protection from cold, dust, and sun's UV rays. It's a perfect fit for women and children. CoolMax Premium Hi-Tech PolyESTER FIBERS are used to make their outdoor sports masks which provide premium performance for Breathability, Absorbency, Wicking, Durability and Abrasion Resistance. Very soft. Wrinkle Free. It's lightweight. Stay dry. The improved design of the 2021, includes longer neck and extra-long in front for better wind and cold protection, improved cut and different sewing angle for better fit on your head, and these small details make all the difference. Can be worn as a full face mask or hat.

Brand: Self Pro

👤This product is the reason brick and mortars are going down. It is sad but true. I was looking for a balaclava. The balaclava was worth over 30 bucks. I had 2 at the register, one for me and one for my boy, ready to buy, but the price check almost knocked me off my can. I handed them back to the cashier and mumbled something to the effect that I couldn't do it. I found this little girl. Inexpensive, highly functioning, and trendy are some of the qualities of NINJA FASHIONABLE! You will be happy with the purchase. I wear it to run. My boy wears it to school when he wants to look cool. If you plan to use in extreme temperatures, like below 10 degrees F, you may need a hood or cap. After you get warmed up, you won't need anything. The day I took the picture, it was 5 degrees out. Well done! I like the flexibility it affords. A bandit with a facemask, cap, scarf. I wish everything in life was affordable and sharp.

👤It's great because it doesn't get soggy from my breath like with my fleece one, yet it blocks the wind and icy air. I have to walk/run outside in the cold for a Winter Warrior fundraiser.

👤In the brutal conditions of New York, self efficient keeps my face warm. I would definitely recommend it.

👤This balaclava is what I loved about skiing and snow mobiling in Colorado. My husband was unhappy with the purchase he made. It gets cool but not wet. It protects you from the wind. I highly recommend.

👤I bought my son a costume. He has 4,000 followers so it's important that his pieces are well made. He wears a full mask in the front and we love that it can be worn on the face and not under the chin. It fits well, has great neck coverage, and is very absorbent. Very happy with the purchase.

👤Excellent. It is light weight and works well. The material is comfortable. I use it for mountain biking in the winter.

👤It has been a great addition to my running routine. I would like the mouth part to dry quicker when you breathe in cold air, but I am very satisfied with my purchase.

👤I got a balaclava to do winter sports and it's been great. The configuration options allow me to switch between using it as a neck warmer and a full-on balaclava. It's really comfortable. I could use it as a full face cover during high activity. It's hard to tell which part I should put over my mouth when I use it as a neck warmer and when I switch to the nose/mouth cover configuration. This problem would be fixed if there was a way to identify the front/mouth section.

👤This is a hit and miss since everyone has a different shaped head, but the material is great and the fit is excellent. I have a small head.

10. Cutewing Seamless Bandanas Sweatband Balaclava

Cutewing Seamless Bandanas Sweatband Balaclava

Microfiber, elastic. The material is 100% microfiber with high UV protection. It's appropriate for head circumference of 22 to 25" It can be worn as a neck gaiter, bandana,balaclava,mask and so on. Each set of magic headband has 10 patterns. Their customers use their headbands for a variety of activities. You could just wear it as a wristband, fold it and put it in your pocket or travel bag.

Brand: Cutewing

👤I love them. I work in the kitchen. I keep my hair out of my face. My daughter has dreads. Due to the coronaviruses, we use to cover our mouth.

👤I wore them all the time because I got them to cover my neck. I have a backpack and a scooter and a car. They are perfect for riding because they don't hurt my neck or throat and I don't get sunburnt. In the winter they keep my neck a bit warmer, and in the summertime I put a bit of cool water on it, and it will really cool me off. They are great to pull up over my face to keep me warm in the winter. I like to wear them on my wrist. It doesn't hurt when the air is very cold, so I put it around my ankle to keep it a bit warmer.

👤CorrectION: The previous review is not accurate. Two of the items were flat pieces of material, and I assumed all 12 were the same, as I did not open the other 10. The machine must have missed those two. The other 10 are made of very thin material. The initial review was based on the fact that the first two were flat pieces of material and that I had been ripped off. The product was shipped to me in a way that made sense to me. This is not the case. The rest of the product was altered. I hastily submitted the first review. The bags were sealed, so the seller probably didn't know that two of the items were bad. The first review was inaccurate. I was wrong to post it. I believe the seller did not try to take advantage of the items.

👤We use these in NYC to keep an eye on the crisis. I am a real estate agent in NYC and I have been sending these to my clients. They are happy. Hang dry and handwash at night. Thank you.

👤I only had the product for a couple of days. The bandanas are large enough to do everything the photo samples show, and the colors are rich. I didn't have a lot of sweat dripping down my face during exercise because the bandana was soaked with sweat after my class. I'm going to order another set because I will carry an extra one.

👤The stretchy bands have been fun to play with. They are advertised as an option for protection against dust storms in a desert-based festival. Hypothetically. This material is not enough to protect your lungs from a dust storm. It's a good deal if your intentions are for yoga and haircare. If you're practicing self-reliance in harsh conditions, not much.

👤I wear these everywhere, even inside my house, as a neck warmer with a hoodie. I like it as a balaclava, but it's a bit tight for my head. Every outfit can be matched with a multi-pack assortment. It is easy to wash and dry. I would definitely buy again.

11. HUK Gaiter Protection Mossy Standards

HUK Gaiter Protection Mossy Standards

Huk is a performance- engineered, technical gear designed to fuel your passion and pursuit no matter where you fish. Huk's premier fitted full-face gaiter is lightweight and designed to keep you comfortable when the sun is beating down. Sun protection. Huk added the most advanced sun-blocking +30 UPF materials to their apparel to block both UVA and UVB rays. Anti-MICROBIAL is designed to kill odor causing micro-organisms. There is a Muse Transport. The synthetic materials of the full-face gaiter allow air to pass through and contain a water-hating quality which allows sweat to escape from the skin.

Brand: Huk

👤An average person. I use them for covid19 restrictions, which is the problem with this and other gaiters. I pull it up when I need it. They always move around my neck, so I have to find the front every time, and then pull it up. The front can be in the back. It's a pain in the butt. It's much easier to find a regular silky mask.

👤I bought this one before I got more. I ordered 2 more because they were smaller.

👤I don't have enough hair or head for this, but my hat keeps it in place.

👤I work out in Hawaii on boats for 12 hours a day and this is my lightest gator. Breathable and dry quickly.

👤It is too loose. It needs to have a big head to fit. To keep it in place, you have to wear a hat.

👤Demasiado parte de la Boca. No personal gusto me. I haveta los vellos.


What is the best product for fishing mask neck gaiter headwear sun mask?

Fishing mask neck gaiter headwear sun mask products from Obacle. In this article about fishing mask neck gaiter headwear sun mask you can see why people choose the product. Satinior and Buff are also good brands to look for when you are finding fishing mask neck gaiter headwear sun mask.

What are the best brands for fishing mask neck gaiter headwear sun mask?

Obacle, Satinior and Buff are some of the best brands that chosen by people for fishing mask neck gaiter headwear sun mask. Find the detail in this article. Hikevalley, S A and Yknktstc are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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