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1. WINOMO Mediterranean Decorative Photographing Decoration

WINOMO Mediterranean Decorative Photographing Decoration

1 Pack 80x40 Inches decorative fishing net is dark brown. An ideal fish net party decoration. A great fishing net nautical decorations for home, beach theme/ocean themed party, guesthouse, wedding, etc. It would be better if you had some lifebuoy. It will make the fishing net more artistic. Quality cotton is used in the fish netting decoration. The Mediterranean style fishing net is suitable for sitting room, corridor, bedroom wall decoration. A fishing net wall hanging decoration is an ideal photo display net and can be used to post notes, photos or postcards. You would get an attractive background. A classic fish net design has a size of 80inch long and 40inch wide. The natural decorative fishing net can fit in your walls. It could also be a birthday gift. A classic fish net design has a size of 80inch long and 40inch wide. The natural decorative fishing net can fit in your walls. It could also be a birthday gift.

Brand: Winomo

👤I used this in my son's room. We didn't know what to do with it. How to use it too. We put it up and added animals. It was great for what we needed.

👤I spent a lot of time before choosing these because I was not sure which one to get as they didn't have as many reviews as other ones. I'm picky when it comes to decor and wanted something that I could use multiple times. It arrived in a small plastic bag and looked like it was in a nice restaurant. I stretched the net open and noticed the quality. There are wooden rings on one end of the net for authenticity. I used them for a pirate themed event, but they are good for any nautical themed party or decor. If my decorating style was more coastal, I would consider these for all year round use.

👤The net has four wooden discs at one end. That is where I am going to use mine. I will be attaching seashells to an air plant.

👤This is not cotton twine. Don't purchase cotton if you want it, that was fine with me. It has a strong odor to it. I let my bag sit on the back porch for a week and the smell disappeared. You have to have your face right next to it to smell it, because it is a very faint smell. I like the way it hangs on my wall.

👤It was perfect for our son's room.

👤I bought a few to wrap mason jars and decorations. The auction was for a treasure island. The reviews said that the knots were small enough for mason jars, but they were not. I deleted the picture I took of it. The openings between the knots were too large for my liking. I used quart mason jars. There is a They were great nets for decorations. It was not nylon or cotton roping, it was real twine.

👤It was used as a decoration in my daughter's room. It turned out to be very cute.

👤The nautical decorative net was combined with striped curtains and shear curtains. Our bathroom has become our sea-room. The pictures show how I combined the three pieces to get the look I was going for.

2. Hohean Natural Fishing Decorative Decorations

Hohean Natural Fishing Decorative Decorations

Lake House is a bathroom bedroom. The package includes a piece of natural fishing net decor and a piece of 4m light with 40 LEDs, which will bring you a better decorative effect, which is suitable for you to decorate your home and other places you like. You can hang the fishing net with light on the wall to add a beach element to your home, or you can use the fairy lights to add a warm and sweet atmosphere to your house. The fishing net decoration is made of quality material, handmade, durable and delicate, and will bring you a better effect; Strong and lightweight for portable and durable wall hanging, a proper gift for family members or friends who are beach lovers. Hanging decor is a great addition to any beach theme setting, no matter indoors or outside, party decor or home decor; you can easily decorate your home, bar, coffee shop, beach restaurant or parties, bedroom, office, living room, study area and other places. The fishing net decor is about the same size. You can hang your favorite shape on the wall with a hook or nail, 40 light LEDs fairy lights are powered by 2 button batteries, and you can easily replace them to ensure power supply.

Brand: Hohean

👤I threw the fairy lights away because I had to weave them in myself. It was not easy. You should buy the cheap net.

👤The net is of good quality. The lights stopped working after the first day.

👤The net is okay, but the lights are flimsy and don't go all around the way it's pictured, I just took the lights out and used the net.

👤I filled it with fish and shells. It turned out to be very cute.

👤I was a bit skeptical but I helped my step daughter put it up in her room and it was very easy.

👤Its pretty but only last for a few days.

3. VEIOU Mediterranean Christmas Decorations Ornaments

VEIOU Mediterranean Christmas Decorations Ornaments

It is intended for ages 6 and up. ATILE FISH NET: The fish net photo hanging display frame wall decoration is perfect for any event, such as christmas party ornaments, birthday party, hallowen party, Mother's Day. The fish net design is unique. After hours of knotting, meticulously handcrafted, using natural materials the decorative nautical fish net gives a minimalist feel and creates a relaxed feel in the room. This fish net great gift is a photo hanging display frame wall decor. Perfect for wedding favors, bridal shower favors, nautical themed parties, beach wall decoration, kids bedroom, birthday gift, etc. FISHING NET DEOCRATION: The fishing net ornaments are simple and elegant. The wall hanging is made with rope. If you are completely dissatisfied with your fish net wall decoration, please return them for a full refund. Customer support is available 24/7.

Brand: Veiou

👤What a great product. The shells are attached. Adding lights and an anchor is what I suggest.

👤I have bought other nets but they were not as nice as this one. The quality of the webbing is better than the others. I would recommend this product. I will post a picture after I get it hung up.

👤When I got a job to make a seashore Christmas wreath, I was stymied until I found the fish net. My customer loved the wreath that was made with the shell decorated fish net. It can make any sea crafting project more professional.

👤She seems to be happy with the gift.

👤My wife loves this decoration, it goes perfectly with our beach theme. Great purchase.

👤The product came later than anticipated. The package was opened. The plastic covering was torn and some shells were broken. The net lost its shape after some of the stitching came loose. I think this is a fault of the manufacturer.

👤I bought this fishnet for a project. It is well worth the money. I was impressed with the quality of the material. The shells are similar to the picture. I thought I would get a cheaper net and not have to worry about the shell, but I ended up with a less than stellar one. Get quality by paying the extra money.

👤I returned them because they were all over my floor when I put them up. I wouldn't recommend them.

4. Bilipala Decorative Netting Decorations Mediterranean

Bilipala Decorative Netting Decorations Mediterranean

Each order comes with 6 pieces of transparent hooks, which is convenient for you to hang the fishing net on the wall, these hooks are sturdy and can hang the net tightly on the wall. The material is cotton. Approx. The inch is 78.7 The measurement is 200* 150 cm. The fishing net decoration is a perfect theme for a party. For example nautical decorations for party, party decorations for adults, bachelorette party decorations, party decorations Hawaiian, pool and titanic party decorations. The fishing nets is a perfect nautical style decoration for home, bar, coffee shop, beach restaurant or parties. The net cannot be used for fishing.

Brand: Bilipala

👤I used this net to corral pool noodles. It works well, but a net that is a little stronger for outdoor use would be better. We will see how it holds up in the sun. It is a good buy. I will be happy to buy another one if it lasts at least a year.

👤I was looking for a nautical theme baby shower table with a white table cloth, blue net, blue vase and big yellow fresh daisies. Hope that can be used in the baby's nautical decor room. He may have put his stuffed animals in a corner on the wall. I like the color, the size, and it all looks fine. Totally satisfied.

👤The larger dimensions of this netting made it the better choice over other nets on Amazon. I was only able to stretch it out to 60" Those are at its widest dimensions. It is not a rectangular shape.

👤I bought it for my daughter's room. We used it for her stuffed animals. It is made of good quality and has a great color.

👤On my fence is a pool float.

👤Just arrived! It's a good quality net, perfect for nautical baby shower and boy's room. Less expensive ones will not match the quality.

👤It will hold some weight if it is large enough for decor and string. Love the color. It was exactly what I needed.

5. Bright Creations Decorative Fishing Posters

Bright Creations Decorative Fishing Posters

Use as Christmas and beach decorations. Adding a decorative blue fishnet to your nautical party theme, pirate party decorations, beach-themed party, or Hawaiian luau decor can be used as a tablescape layer, photo booth backdrop, to hold party balloons, or for decorating the gift table. Home and party planning. Hang the decorative net on the wall and pin your photos and postcards to make a beautiful photo display, it's ideal for decorating bars, coffee houses, beach restaurants, hotels, and villas. The material is material. The blue fishnet decoration is made from high quality cotton. DIMENSIONS The fishnets are approximately 39 inches in length. Includes two nautical fishing nets.

Brand: Bright Creations

👤Great product! The net was thick. I would buy again.

👤I used the nets to suspend balloons. They worked as expected. They were well packaged. My brother will be using them for something else.

👤The item is just as described. I attached them to each other with a blue stand and created a hot air balloon. Excellent material.

👤We hung pictures from it behind the head of the bed. It is cute. We will be buying more.

👤It was too small and flimsy. Not worth it.

6. Bilipala Hangings Mediterranean Photographing Decoration

Bilipala Hangings Mediterranean Photographing Decoration

This is a great accessory that will make your ocean theme pop. The fishing net can stretch up to:78.6”*39.3” (200* 100 cm). Get creative with creativity. The decorated fishing net is a great decoration. TheMED Party Events is a decorative fishing net that is designed to bring a nautical theme to your interior decor or craft projects. The net cannot be used for fishing, just for decoration.

Brand: Bilipala

👤They are short but have different sizes. One is at least a foot longer than the other and that is what is making my do it not go well so far. I thought they would be the same size.

👤It's just perfect size, not too big or too small. We used it in our son's nursery to hang his stuffed animals. The net is good. It looks great and I am very pleased with it.

👤I put it up in my guest room. Going to the beach. I clipped vintage postcards. It's almost tan. It may blend in if your walls are beige. Command strip hooks were used to add to the wall. Looks good.

👤I bought this net to store my child's toys. It worked and it is strong as well. Big enough for the balls. I hung it from the drop crotch using hooks. It was very easy to set up.

👤My cat is banned from jumping to our neighbors porch because of this purchase. It does the job.

👤There were no complaints about this purchase. I used this net as a wall decor for my daughter's bathroom. A wooden anchor has an adorable hanging under it.

👤It's not as big as I thought, maybe 2ft by 3ft. It looks good, but I wish it was bigger. It is made well.

👤Very, very cheap. There is a nice edging in the picture. There is no edging at all. It's just some string. Buying a different product is something I would recommend.

7. Bilipala Nautical Decorative Hangings Ornaments

Bilipala Nautical Decorative Hangings Ornaments

The net can't be used for fishing. The fishing net is about the same size. 78.6”*39.3” One creamy white decorative fishing net, 5 nautical hanging ornaments, 1 white wooden star, 1 blue wooden star, and 1 blue resin lifebuoy are included in the package. The fishing net is decorated with nautical hanging ornaments and is a great decoration for home, bar, coffee shop, beach restaurant or parties. The net can't be used for fishing.

Brand: Bilipala

👤The bath needed some decorations to look like a guest bath. This helped. The net has cute sea creatures, but also holds small items. The guests are always talking about it. Our spiders keep adding to it, so it must not be big enough. I had to stretch it out twice, but they still weren't happy with the size.

👤I liked my new fish net. It looks great in my bathroom, with all my ocean nautical things on and around it.

👤The fishnet looks nice over the guest bedroom.

👤My son wanted it. His beach theme looks really nice.

👤I bought this fish net for my son's first birthday party and I absolutely love the underwater touch it gave to my living room decor. I think I did well with decorating the fishnet.

👤Disgusting! The package smelled like old mold when I opened it. I washed it and put it in the bathroom. I could smell it in the bag I put it in. I threw it out because I was sick of the smell of it in my car.

👤It was perfect to hang photos at the bridal shower. It was very easy to hold onto. We hung the pictures with clothespins.

8. Creamy Fishing Bedroom Mediterranean Decoration

Creamy Fishing Bedroom Mediterranean Decoration

One piece. 14 ft. x 4 ft. The size is approx. 78" The materials are cotton. The fish net is made from cotton and is handcrafted. It can be used for a long time. You can use it to make a nautical style photo wall. You can use the fishing net to decorate your room. You will receive a decorative fishing net with no other pendants.

Brand: Baaxxango

👤I had to go to Hobby Lobby to get a larger product because the one I was buying was tiny and didn't serve the purpose I needed. It's fine, but really small.

👤I used this to hold stuffed animals and it works well.

👤We used this product in a different way. I expect to have to replace this product, but it's sturdy to keep our children safe in the loft my husband built, and it fits our pirate theme perfectly!

👤78 inch is not usable. It worked well for a corner stuffed animal hammock but not the big project I wanted to do. I thought I was getting more.

👤The net is nice for decor, but the holes are bigger than expected and don't hold my shells like I would like. I'll play with it and see if I can make it work. It might have to be placed against the wall to get the look. I'm going after it. The double sided gorilla glue tape is doing a good job of holding it up.

👤It was used as an accent across the dining room window. A few starfish were added for the final touch. I love it! May need to buy more.

👤I bought this net for my little girl's room. The package was great quality. Some big shells and lights were added to the ceiling above my girls bed. A big hit!

👤My daughter has a beach themed room. I was worried that it wouldn't hold up all the shells we wanted to add. We have 10 shells that we hot glue on. It is very sturdy. My 10 year old loves it and will add more shells.

9. Turquoise Natural Nautical Decorative Netting

Turquoise Natural Nautical Decorative Netting

Three decorative nets are included in the bundle. The netting is 4' x 12'. Blue nautical netting is 4' x 12'. The netting is 4' x 12'. It's great for a sea themed party.

Brand: Generic

10. Blipala Hangings Nautical Photographing Decoration

Blipala Hangings Nautical Photographing Decoration

The material is cotton Aqua. The size is approx. 78.6”*39.3” (200* 100 cm). The package includes a fishing net and nails. The decorated fishing net is a great decoration. The net can't be used for fishing.

Brand: Bilipala

👤The deck has spa, fish, shells and anchor theme.

👤Our stuffed animals are in a room.

👤I had a perfect vision. Liked the hardware that was attached to the wall.

👤The color is nice. The beach theme was used at the wedding.

👤It's perfect for a nautical project.

👤Only for decoration purposes. It works well with beach themes and makes my wall look brighter. You can place it in many different ways. Cute.

11. ZUEXT Artworks Organizer Fish Decorations

ZUEXT Artworks Organizer Fish Decorations

The Zuext Cotton Decorative Fish Net is perfect for any nautical event, pirate party, Hawaiian party, birthday party or beach bashes decorations. The fish net is approximately 80 x 40 inches and has a display of memories with Mediterranean style. Change or add your photos whenever you please, and it is also suitable for arts work or crafts, other papers or cards. Adding string lights to it will make it feel warm and joyful. 40 small photo clips will allow you to present your pictures in a fun, eye-catching way. Great nautical decor is great for any nautical themed party decorations, store windows, dorm room, stage, office or home. The 1x Handmade Woven Decorative Fish Net with sea shells, 40 x Small Wood Clips, 10 x Hidden Nails, and a 1 year warranty are what you will get. This item is made of high quality cotton that is Non-Toxic, Child Safe and tested to ensure your child's safety, woven to look like a fishnet.

Brand: Zuext

👤The hooks that came with this are useless. I used my own nail and hooks. It took me a while to figure out how to hang this up. I hung this up to replace the old frames that I had with the fishing photos. It turned out great and I am very pleased with it.

👤The baby shower game that we bought this for was perfect. It had cute little clothespins and seashells. It didn't hold as many pictures as the photo, but that could be because ours weren't all wallet, or we didn't play it out completely. My sister loved it so much that she took it home to hang up in the baby room. This is a great investment for parties.

👤She loves it and it was bought for her granddaughter. There are pictures of friends on the top of the drawer. She has white wicker furniture and a hint of blue. It is easy to shape the wall. She used clear thumb tacks to shape and attach.

👤I would give more than 5 stars. If you look at the beach or the ocean, this is amazing. It's a must. I used it for my travel photos, but it can be used for a lot more. It is strong and flexible. It's easy to put up and fun to hang it.

👤It was perfect. I have a bedroom that is ocean themed. I thought this would be cute on my wall. I needed a place to put the crazy pictures I take. It was easy to install. It arrived earlier than expected. The smell was a little strange but a little perfume fixed it.

👤I loved this. Exactly what I wanted. My daughter's birthday party is perfect for displaying photos. Everyone thought it was cute. Excellent quality for the price.

👤A photo display was made for our reception. It worked well. We stapled the net to the frame so we could put it on the isle.

👤Great size! It was used for a baby shark party. It was a hit. A great piece of writing. It was easy to set up.


What is the best product for fishing net decor blue?

Fishing net decor blue products from Winomo. In this article about fishing net decor blue you can see why people choose the product. Hohean and Veiou are also good brands to look for when you are finding fishing net decor blue.

What are the best brands for fishing net decor blue?

Winomo, Hohean and Veiou are some of the best brands that chosen by people for fishing net decor blue. Find the detail in this article. Bilipala, Bright Creations and Baaxxango are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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