Best Fishing Net Long Handle Folding

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1. Trademark Innovations Fishing Fish Safe Rubber

Trademark Innovations Fishing Fish Safe Rubber

We offer a 1 year warranty and full money back guarantee. Please contact them if you have any questions. The net area is at its widest. The tendency for trout to "spook" is reduced when the rubber net bag disappears underwater. Unlike mesh or nylon net bags, rubber is gentle on trout. The wooden finish has a light weight.

Brand: Trademark Innovations

👤Net to frame attachment was twine. After finish was applied, there were holes in the frame that weren't sealed. The net attachment points are too far apart, a fair size fish can get out through the gap. I fixed all of the above, but should have just spent a few more dollars and not invested the effort.

👤The net seems to have been made well. It's not a light net but it is large. It's about the size of a net. I think it weighs more. The rubber nets feel good. The holes are too large. A trout was easy to slip through.

👤The wood net arrived quickly. The net holes are large. We had to squeeze the fish the rest of the way through after it got its head stuck in the rubber holes. I had to buy a replacement net part.

👤The net is a great product. I have used it many times. It came in handy when I was trying to land a larger fish. I'm not sure if I would have been able to get the fish into the kayak without it.

👤The reviewers said the material allowed small fish to fall through it. The net I received was tighter than the one pictured on the web post. I don't know why anyone would need to net a small fish.

👤The value is unbeatable. For a fraction of the cost of similar nets, it looks great. There is a small rough spot on the wood, which is the reason I didn't give it 5 stars. It doesn't affect the durability because you can't see it.

👤We love the net. It is the perfect size for fish. We recommend it because it is a sturdy net.

👤Sturdy net. It is longer than a standard fly fishing net, so you don't have to bend down to net a fish. It is easier to fight/net a fish when you are alone.

2. EGO 71150 Large Landing Net

EGO 71150 Large Landing Net

The handle is fixed with a replaceable head. They have thought of everything, the all-purpose net. It's slimy. They built their Genesis nets to float so you don't have to worry about losing it. Coming in at under two pounds. Quality construction is important. Their non-tangle mesh is from their innovative non-slip grip. Durability and flexibility meet. They provide a 30-day money back no questions asked guarantee, and they stand by their products. The anywhere net is great to use on any boat, kayak, canoe, or jet ski.

Brand: Ego

👤Each year, we get chickens. Each year we have more roosters and birds that like to run free. We chase birds to keep them safe. This net is useless for catching the roosters that are large and canniest and for running away the hens that are small and canniest. The net is easy to untangle from feathers and vegetation. The handle is easy to use. I think this is a great investment. Next fishing trip will be on the water. It's a good thing.

👤I looked for the perfect net for 2 summers. I do a lot of fishing. I wanted a net that would protect the fish. A clear net was wanted to help not scare the fish. I needed a big net so I could catch some fish from my kayak. Since I'm in a kayak, my next net had to float. The net looked at all the boxes I was looking for. I was not crazy about the length of the handle, but after landing a few walleyes, I was glad it was as long as it is.

👤The landing net is sturdy. I went fishing last weekend and landed several fish. The handle came loose. The plastic threaded part is where the handle screws into split apart. The net is not durable. I won't send it back for an exchange. I will use zip ties or a piece of furniture to close up the plastic part that splits at the seam.

👤A good quality net is important for Kayak fishing. It has to be big and bulky to get the fish in the net. The handle of the Ego Genesis is interchangeable, so you can pick the one you need for the mission. The Genesis can handle any of the fish. The rubber mesh is less likely to get caught up in a lure if the boat is floating. I've landed a few good bruisers with the Ego Genesis and I wouldn't change it for anything else.

👤I bought the 19x21 version. I don't know how long it will last, but it does the trick. I wish the handle was longer so I could catch the fast ones. Large fowl ducks and chickens can be caught in this size. I had a great time and they were not happy. If you have fowl to catch, definitely recommend. The task is more enjoyable and faster than you might think. This should have been done a long time ago.

👤The review was updated on Feb 11, 2019. The net was replaced by Ego and she also went the extra mile for another request for exchange. The design of the net and its ability to float is excellent. One of my favorite nets is a small trout net with clear rubber. I decided to get a larger one. I bought a clear rubber and black rubber one from Amazon after reading the reviews, because I liked the fact that these float. This is a verified review. I've used the clear rubber one twice and it tore. I didn't notice until a small trout escaped through the tear. I thought the net would be harder.

3. Ed Cumings GRN 14 Rubber Replacement

Ed Cumings GRN 14 Rubber Replacement

The lure dip net is great use on any boat, kayak, pond, stream, river, or ocean and keep it work well. The package is 3.6 cm long. The package width is 17.0 cm. The package is 25.8 cm high. Product type: fishing equipment

Brand: Ed Cumings

4. Sougayilang Foldable Collapsible Telescopic Releasing

Sougayilang Foldable Collapsible Telescopic Releasing

Net folds at yoke for easy storage. The fishing net has two colors, red and black. Each color has 3 sizes, the extended length is 28.6 inches, 37.4 inches and 45.3 inches. The size should be selected according to the dimensions. When you catch fishing, the extended skid-resistant EVA handle provides you with more stability. The landing fishing net is lightweight and portable, you can hang it on your bag or waist. The net is waterproof because of the coating on it. The cost is reasonable for son, father, eldership, brother, husband, boyfriend and families. A thoughtful gift for them on special days.

Brand: Sougayilang

👤I didn't think much of the net. It is well built when it came. It seems like a rubbery feel to it, it's not a traditional nylon net.

👤I highly recommend this net. It has a rubberized netting material. Everything else is strong, even the cheap retention strap and clip. Can be used for up to a dozen pounds of fish. The net space can handle a 12-15lb fish, and the rubberized netting wire locking system is very strong. Retention strap is a cheap retention clip, if locked out, it is even worse. You need to squeeze it, but it doesn't close on its own. 10/10

👤I bought 2 of them for our grandsons. The nets seem to hold up to a lot of use. It's nice for storage when they fold. The size is large enough to catch a sizeable fish but small enough to be handled by a 6 year old.

👤I have not been able to use the net at this time but I thought I would review the customer service of Sougayilang. The net was bent when I received it. I received a reply from Sougayilang within minutes. I included a pic of the item. They apologized and offered a replacement. When I receive the new net, I will update this review. I will give 4 stars for the help and 3 stars for the net and connections because they seem great.

👤The net design is weak and useless. I used it to scoop up the fish that I caught. The metal frame on the front of the net is missing. The net started to fall as the fish kicked it. The side metal frame ripped through the net after the rubber angle brace came off. You can't control the fish without the metal frame in the front of the net. The net couldn't support the weight of the fish after I lifted it up. This was the first time I used a computer. The metal frame in the front of the net is useless because the handle and net are good. You can't catch minnows or shrimps. There is a Unless they install a metal frame in the front, you will waste your money and time.

👤Excited to get this. My 8 year old loves catching all the creatures from the creek and I got this for him. It is easy to break down and it is great quality. It is harder to get the net ripped than it is to get it snared. It is the end of the season, but excited to see how long it lasts.

👤I like the net. It works well on my kayak. It folds down easily. Hooks don't get in the net. It doesn't float, so be careful. I would like to have a loop or hole in the handle that would allow me to put a leash on it.

👤The little net is great. I like to hike out to a few different spots to fish and am not a fan of lugging out a net with me because I usually catch 10 lbs of catfish and 10 lbs of carp. This thing makes it a lot nicer. It is so small that it folds down. I can put it in a pocket on my pants. It's a really good net to about 10 lbs once you unfold it. I'd be afraid to use it if it was over that. Well worth the price and very handy. If this happens to a bigger fish, I would buy it again.

5. Likunkun Aluminum Catching Freshwater Saltwater

Likunkun Aluminum Catching Freshwater Saltwater

There is a wide application. Their folding fishing nets can be used for both saltwater and freshwater. The perfect large landing net can be used for fishing on boats, kayaks, lake fishing, and in any stream or body of water. It is a great gift for a fishing enthusiast. The fishing net dimensions. The fishing net is 30.7" long. The folded length is 16.9. The size of the hoop is 15.7" x 15.7". The depth is 11.8 The weight is 0.85 lbs. Fishing nets for saltwater are made of rubber coated nets and have a resistant aluminum handle. It's great for fishing in fresh and salt water. The special designed belt clip for convenient storage and transport, easy fit into a storage or rod locker, is the fold-a-way design. The net is made from nylon and hexagonal structure mesh that is non-absorbent, it protects the fish, and prevents the net from waterlogging or odor absorption. Fly fishing net is the best gift for father/son/ husband/boyfriend and fishermen, great to use on boat, kayak, canoe, or in any streams, rivers, ponds or the ocean.

Brand: Likunkun

👤The kids did not break it yet. Hopefully it will last more than the previous brand, it seems to be a good quality.

👤I bought this for my sons because they like to catch and release animals when we are out on the water. I will be ordering another one so they don't have to share.

👤The unit fell apart. Very disappointed.

👤The connction between net and handle seems weak, but it's not a problem when rally using it.

👤I took away one star because of the weird smell of the fishing net. I had to spray it with essential oil alcohol and leave it outside to air because it had a strong smell. It took me about a week to get rid of the smell. Everything else was wonderful. I like the blue color. It is light but strong enough to hold large objects. I have not caught fish yet, but I have experienced seaweeds. My nephew could do it, it is very easy to put together. I did recommend it.

👤This is a small fishing net. It folds up easily. It seems to be sturdy when unfolded. It seems like it will last a long time on fishing trips. The only complaint is that it smells terrible. It smells bad until it airs out.

6. Fishing Telescoping Non Slip Catching Releasing

Fishing Telescoping Non Slip Catching Releasing

The fishing net is made of nylon and aluminum. The handle does not bend or break, so it is reliable. It's great for fishing in fresh and salt water. The telescopic pole landing net is a great gift for kids and adults because it allows for more reach to get to your catch. The nylon mesh is soft and lightweight. It's a great tool for beginners and advanced fishermen to use. The bag depth is easy to fit into a storage or rod locker and the Hoop Length is 16 inches. The net is locked into place after a flip of the handle. It's easy to handle. The handle can be collapsed through a latch. It's not necessary to twist it so many times to release it.

Brand: Restcloud

👤My son was looking for a net that could be used for ecological studies. The price was right and the net worked out perfectly. We received the net within two days, and it is a great net. He uses it to capture and study toads and snakes. I am excited that he can extend the net to capture more animals, and I am thrilled that he will be able to release them back into their habitat.

👤I was expecting it to have a carbon fiber handle. It isn't carbon fiber. I can't tell if it's painted aluminum or not. Buy the aluminum handle and save money. I have had many carbon fiber products before and this is not one of them. There is no way to contact the seller. Very disappointing.

👤I replaced my old one because I used it to catch a bat in my home. The wife was worried that the net would be contaminated if the bat tested positive for the disease. It's great for fishing and small.

👤You want a net that doesn't fall apart when you're fishing on a kayak. The curved end pieces at the opening of the net are not secured and fell off making the net useless. A couple weeks later, it happened again with a 16lb catfish.

👤Net performs well for money, but hooks get in it a lot.

👤I was looking for something that would make herding wild cats a little safer. The wild cats are trying to attack grandma, so she is using a fly swatter. Hopefully the net will help us chase him.

👤The net is lightweight and looks good. I am happy with the product that arrived. I will use it for fishing. The item is great quality and small.

👤I haven't tried to land a fish with it yet, but I think it's lightweight and foldable for easy storage. It can go in my general storage bin in the middle of the boat for easy access from the front or back.

7. BETTER LEADER Floating Foldable Telescopic

BETTER LEADER Floating Foldable Telescopic

We are committed to providing better after-sales service. No worries about any problem. If you have a question, please contact the seller. The Net's dimensions are 15 x 11 x 11.8 inches, with a depth of 11.8 and a handle of 16.5. The fishing net's shape and size will look good in your pictures. There is plenty of leverage to land the next fish with a long handle. The Better Leader floating landing net has foam padding to the hoop and is designed to float. The floating design makes retrieving the net easy. So you won't have to worry about losing it. The Net is made of rubber coated Non-snag Net. The net is free of hooks. The non-absorbent coating prevents the net from waterlogging or odor absorption. The item is lightweight and foldable. The handle is made of lightweight aluminum and has economical and dependable functions. The foldable design makes it easy to carry and store. The most suitable fishing gear is the focus of the Pewter Leader. The Better Leader floating fishing net is great to use on any boat, kayak, canoe, and in any streams, rivers, ponds and the ocean. It's suitable for both fresh and salt water. It would be a great gift for a family member or friend.

Brand: Better Leader

👤It's been great so far, I've taken it on a few fishing trips. I like being able to keep it folded until I need it. It's less of a nuisance than a regular net. It seems to be sturdy and has no signs of weakness in the folding joint. The item was great for the price.

8. PLUSINNO Fishing Landing Catching Releasing

PLUSINNO Fishing Landing Catching Releasing

It can be used to catch crabs, fish, lobsters, shrimps, crawfish, and crawdad. Put the bait in the water. The fishing net has a Hoop size of 17” x 12” and an extended length of 24” and a net depth of 9. It's the best gift to give to a loved one. The nylon mesh is hexagonal and made from heavy-duty nylon. The Folding Fishing Nets are great to use for wading, stream, shore or fly fishing, kayaking, boating and more. The landing net is light but the rigid, rectangular hoop frame makes it strong for large fish. The toray PP lengthen lock is easy to fold. The PE handle is comfortable so you don't lose your fishing net. It takes less space and is convenient to carry out when it collapses. It's great to use for a lot of things. If you encounter a quality problem, please contact them directly and their friendly customer service professionals will address your needs as soon as possible. Their customer will enjoy a superior.

Brand: Plusinno

👤I wanted a landing net for my kayak that wasn't too tall and wouldn't block casting, and this is perfect. The net is soft so it won't hurt delicate fish, but it is very strong. I peddled my kayak after putting the net under the water. As a bass fisherman, I need a net that can land fish up to 8 pounds. The fish in the picture is 12 ounces, but it will give you a general idea of how big the net is compared to a fish. I'm glad I bought the item, and I'm looking forward to many years of fish landing with it. I attached a new photo of a jack crevalle I caught on my recent trip to the bay. I think this guy was about 5 pounds and fit in the net.

👤I went to a local lake to get a feel for the net. I love it. The folding feature helps with packing. The ghost net is great for fish.

👤The net is working. The rubber doesn't get tangled in your hooks. I hung the net on my belt. The belt clip on the net is pointing in the right direction. Most fly fishing nets do not have a belt clip like this, they only have the hook at the end. The belt clip is nice because I prefer not to wear my fly net on my back. If you wear a net on your waste, it is easier to reach, but it gets tangled up in your fly line. The net folds up and I can use the belt clip to keep it higher.

👤The net arrived! Attached some pictures of it. The net was well packed and taped up, and I will update it when I get a chance to land a fish. I got it out of the plastic and left behind some pictures. The net feels like a soft rubber that won't scratch up the fish on the way back, it's like a Silicone phone case or Silicone spatulas. It has a plastic smell. I'm pretty sure that's because it hasn't been used yet. The handle feels flimsy, but it locks when opened. The net has a button that you slide down to remove it. I'm a little skeptical of how it would work but I'm excited to see it.

👤I'm impressed with the landing net. I like that it folds up and fits in my pack. My favorite spots are hard to get to, and that's why Portability is important to me. I don't want gear that's flopping around hooked to my pack or I have to carry it by hand. Net dimensions are large enough to land most freshwater fish. The rubber net means less tangles. I have been telling friends about this.

👤5 out of 5 stars. The net is awesome. A few good ones were caught. The net worked well. The lure was not stuck and the fish was released perfectly. I use a strap over my shoulder to hold the net. I love this net. Stop looking and buy this one. The materials, the magnetic catch, the speed of the handle folds. I couldn't ask for more. I could but why?

9. Toasis Foldable Triangular Aluminum Telescoping

Toasis Foldable Triangular Aluminum Telescoping

It is suitable for both fresh and salt water. It would be a great gift for a family member or friend. If there is anything wrong with the ARESUN products, please contact them and they will try their best to help you. The extendable handle pole is for compact storage. The net depth is 40 cm and the side length is 40 cm. The extendable pole is covered by piano baking varnish and has an anti-skid rubber handle. The item Max length is 185 cm (72.8in) and the Min length is 66 cm (26in). It's simple to use and convenient to use, a perfect fishing tool for everyone.

Brand: Toasis

👤The design is wonderful. I was afraid of folding and entension, but I think you could bring in a 40lb fish at full extension, I hope to verify that soon and often. It folds and telescopes from bucket to long.

👤The key part broke after being used a few times. Not happy. I am surprised it didn't break sooner. The metal is probably recycled.

👤I didn't like what I heard about it. Its junk. I can see it in the mirror. You gave me a good one. Less money means less. From Amazon.

👤We use this to get Zebra Muscles out of the sand in our swimming area.

👤I thought it would be stronger. It is small around the edge of the net. It's not good for big Catfish.

👤It's hard to keepFlops around a lot.

👤A lot of blue crabs are in this net. It can be stretched up to 7 feet. I can get crabs on the sea.

👤A cool net. It's a small size. It's larger than you think.

10. RESTCLOUD Fishing Landing Telescoping Extends

RESTCLOUD Fishing Landing Telescoping Extends

This is the best gift for fathers/sons/boyfriends and fishermen, it's suitable for sea fishing, river fishing, lake fishing, boat fishing, etc. Long term performance and reliable use are ensured by the sturdy net and handle of the bait net. It's great for fishing in fresh and salt water. The net ring is 13 inches in diameter and 11 inches in depth. The tool is perfect for both kids and adults. The telescopic handle is lightweight. It's ideal for landing the fishes in a fish tank. The scales on fish won't be harmed by the net. It's fine for small bait fish and minnows. Also strong enough to catch a full-sized catch. The telescopic handle net is easy to fit into a storage or rod locker. The quick assembly and removal is done. To lock it, twist it to the left or right. Please twist it to the right when it's full.

Brand: Restcloud

👤We only used it for catching minnows after 10 minutes of putting it together. The handle broke in 2 places. If the butterfly was small, the thin flimsy handle could hold up, but only if it was a butterfly. A waste of money. I contacted the seller to give them a chance to make the product better, but never heard back. Stay away from me.

👤The ring of metal at the net is cheap and hollow, but the handle is sturdy and well constructed. The net material was not strong. The net didn't make it through a fishing trip. I would have returned it, but we ended up beating the shit out of it, just trying to make the best of it. Garbage, Amazon-to-landfill in a day.

👤I didn't buy this bait net because I haven't fished in decades. I bought it for bat-snatching. I learned how to catch a bat after a few tries. A friend suggested using a bait net that worked in snatching, but the holes were so large that a bat could escape, sometimes before I got it out of the house to free it. When I found this net, my problem was solved. The mesh is small so no bat can escape. It's the most beautiful neon green. I love it and recommend it.

👤I bought this net for my 7 year old daughter who loves to catch fish in the pond. She uses the net daily. The features that make this net perfect are that it is tough and doesn't bend out of shape like other nets. She is very rough with nets. She likes to let things get away and this net has small mesh, like a minnow bucket dipping net. She wanted an extendable handle and this net was it. I searched for a long time to find a net that was perfect for my daughter.

👤I bought these for my kids to play in the river and lake. They like to catch fish without using a fishing pole. The poles were short and the net was not deep, which made it difficult to use. The pole extends and the net is larger. They have had a lot of fun with these. The part that you grip has a strong rubber smell that transfers to your hands, but for the price, this is not a big deal.

👤I used this to catch crabs. The handle bends in the water when trying to scoop them up. I think it's only a matter of time before it snaps. I bumped my review up because of the customer service this company provides. After writing my first review, the company gave me a full refund. The net is cheap, but flimsy. This manufacturer has your back if it does break.

👤I was looking for a net with a wooden handle for the strength but was unable to find one and saw this one with a telescopic handle. The idea of different handle lengths is appealing because the net is for a child to use on the beach. I have difficulty making the feature work. The feature seems harder to use than it should be. I fear that the feature will not work once sand and water are on it.

11. Tailored Tackle Freshwater Telescopic Rubberized

Tailored Tackle Freshwater Telescopic Rubberized

The foldable fishing net can be used to catch bass, walleye, small redfish, speckled trout and so on. It's great to use on any boat, kayak, canoe, and in any streams, rivers, ponds and the ocean. It can be used to both fresh and salt water. The shore based landing net is great for rivers, streams, ponds and lakes with a 3.5 Ft Length, 1 Ft Width, 1.5 Ft Pocket. TELESCOPIC & FOLDABLE can be used to extend the net to 3.5 Ft in length to reach under docks and below rocks, and to fold the net back into the net for easy storage of 1 Ft by 1.5 Ft square. The handle has a belt clip to tuck onto your waste and a bungee clip to hang your net from a backpack. The travel fishing net is ringed by lightweight floating technology. The net is guaranteed to float forever, no matter what happens. The deep 1.5 Ft pocket plus floating capability greatly reduces lost fish catches. The rubber coated net mesh supports a healthy fish landing and doesn't cut into the scales or gills. The rubber nets are not water dynamic. They are slow to land fish, but the mesh guarantees a safe release. Their network of professional fishing guides and experts have designed fishing nets that are efficient and effective.

Brand: Tailored Tackle

👤Excellent craftsmanship, high quality net. It folds easily for storage. I gave a gift to my husband after I lost something. I would like to get it sooner. He likes it.

👤The net is very deep so you can land a Musky or pike but not be as heavy as a solid rubber net. The holes are small enough that you can sometimes get the hooks stuck but they don't penetrate the material like a traditional net so it's easier to get them out.

👤Sturdy, collapsible and very strong. If it's in your need category, get it. Great deal.

👤I use it when fishing on my kayak.

👤Just as advertised. Fast delivery.

👤It is easy to travel. It is easy to extend and sturdy. Well thought out design. It works well for me.

👤It seems very flimsy and not sure how it's going to hold up. I will update after a few fish.

👤Awesome, just what I was looking for.


What is the best product for fishing net long handle folding?

Fishing net long handle folding products from Trademark Innovations. In this article about fishing net long handle folding you can see why people choose the product. Ego and Ed Cumings are also good brands to look for when you are finding fishing net long handle folding.

What are the best brands for fishing net long handle folding?

Trademark Innovations, Ego and Ed Cumings are some of the best brands that chosen by people for fishing net long handle folding. Find the detail in this article. Sougayilang, Likunkun and Restcloud are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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