Best Fishing Net Long Handle for Kids

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1. TickiT Telescopic Pond Net Lightweight

TickiT Telescopic Pond Net Lightweight

The most suitable fishing gear is what Plusinno is committed to making. The Plusinno Triangular Floating Fishing Nets provide strength and performance for all fishermen. It is the best fishing net for everyone. It's great to use on any boat, kayak, canoe, or in any stream or body of water. It's suitable for both fresh and salt water. It's tickiT. The telescopic pond net has a handle that can be extended to 40". Children will be fascinated with the marine specimen they find, because they are lightweight and made with strong aluminum. Strong, absorbent material. The fine mesh net is ideal for children to use. It was designed for kids. The extendable fishing net is light enough for young children to maneuver, even with the handle extended. Make the handle bigger at 20 years old. The telescopic handle can be extended from 19 to 39 inches. If you want the desired length stays in place, shorten the handle or twist it. Encourage your child's interest in nature. Assist children's understanding of the world by using this pond net. IDEAL FOR GENERAL POND MAINTENANCE. The kids can help with the chores with the pond net. This net is made of long lasting materials and can be used to clean your pond or waterway.

Brand: Tickit

👤It's great to scoop out pond debris. The handle is perfect for the size of the pond. The net is so fine that you can't pull it through the water fast enough. It works great for removing leaves and debris.

👤I don't understand why they're marketing this as a toy. It's useful for any age. I use it in my fish pond to clean silt and waste off the bottom. It is perfect for this purpose because of the extra fine mesh and flat side. I think I'll get my money's worth since it only cost $13.79.

👤At first, this seemed like a good product. The handle is comfortable and the net worked well. The net broke free after just a few months of use. The net was only secured with glue or epoxy to the handle, and there was a lot of rust. I can't recommend this net to you.

👤I used to catch the Cuban Frogs by my ponds with this. If you want to net bigger fish, you can't go wrong, but it's not worth the price.

👤This is to pull debris from a small pond. It's very lightweight and I fear for its longevity. It's very flimsy and gets stuck a lot when it's stretched to its full length. If the pole is extended to the max length, I wouldn't recommend filling the net completely. It's not a bad net, but it's not going to stand the test of time.

👤A quality product. Works as advertised.

👤It's perfect for our fish pond. It is sturdy and easy to extend. Most of the nets I researched had complaints about the net not being sewn well, and this one has tight seams and is not flimsy. This is what I was looking for.

👤The net worked well for me. The net has small mesh so that you can get up debris when it reaches the bottom of my pond. I was able to remove most of the leaves from the pond. Once you use a algaecide, it can get string algae.

2. FunVZU Kids Fishing Net Ultralight

FunVZU Kids Fishing Net Ultralight

Crab gauge, 48 ft. of line, and bait pin are accessories. The TELESCOPIC KIDS FISHING NET is extendable and can be adjusted to meet the needs of the child. The triangular design makes it easier to swing in the water. The lightweight aluminum handle and collapsible EVA hold makes it an excellent kids fishing net for lake, creek or beach. The nylon mesh prevents the net from getting wet. The nylon mesh net is suitable for children to catch fish, shrimp, butterfly, grasshoppers, crickets, and so on. Both boys and girls will love the fresh color of the net. The best gift for kids is a telescopic fishing net with rainbow color pattern mesh that is 888-282-0465, this is the best gift for kids because it is 888-282-0465, this is 888-282-0465 is 888-282-0465 is 888-282-0465

Brand: Funvzu

👤I ordered the net early this summer so I could use it to remove fish from the pond. It was not bent square and there was no handle when I opened it. I don't use a net with a handle. I know that I can't return it for a long time. I need a handle. I would like to know if you would make the omission of the handle right.

👤They didn't send the handle, so I would give them a zero stars, and we all know that a fish net is not good if you don't have a handle. The picture was taken in the original package. There is no telescopic handle inside. It shows that you are getting two nets and handles that are not true.

👤This net is great. It is light enough for the kids to move on their own. It extends to reach things further out. It worked great for socially distanced trick or treating.

👤We have used the net to catch imaginary animals, transport sand at the beach, and act as a baton in a one kid parade. No matter how random they are, it has surpassed all of our needs.

👤This does not have a pole. The headline and description are false. The first package was sent back because there was no pole. Replacement came in a torn plastic bag which was returned before.

👤I had to return the net. The holes are large enough for minnows.

👤Within a few hours of kids fishing with it, it was broken. The point of failure was that the neck of the net only overlaps the aluminum handle by a quarter of an inch. I missed the window.

👤The net came apart in the first day, but I liked it at first.

3. Rodeel Telescopic Fishing Folding Extending

Rodeel Telescopic Fishing Folding Extending

It's great for catching crabs, lobster, minnows, shrimp, and crawfish. The fishing net with the free bag is always anti-corrosion for both parts. The upgraded fishing net has a rubberized dip fishing net and a bag. The Net is made of rubber coated non-snag net material. The net won't hurt fish, it's non-absorbent coating prevents the net waterlogging and odor absorption from both saltwater and fresh water. The telescopic handle is foldable and lightweight, good for both adults and kids. It's convenient for catching fish. This is a perfect kayak fishing net, river fishing net and lake fishing net for all fishing places. The bag in the packing list is dedicated to the quality bag.

Brand: Rodeel

👤This is a good net. It has a carrying case. It is easy to deploy. It does continue. I prefer the nylon net over the rubberized one. It holds up to salt water. The nylon net that I use does not deploy open due to the coating that I use. It adds a bit of bulk when handling. I think this will work well on shore or in a boat, but not in surf casting. I returned and thought it deserved four stars.

👤I was excited to receive this gift for my dad's birthday but I was disappointed that the clip was not placed properly. If you look at the pictures, you can see that the clip doesn't collapse, but after removing the clips and screws, the release button can fully collapse. If you can deal without the clip, then you don't have to worry. My dad will be the judge. It seems like a decent net.

👤The plastic collar broke after a week because it had threads that tightened the telescope feature. Otherwise it works.

👤Light and small. I have only used it a few times and I am not sure of its longevity.

👤If you have limited room when traveling, the lightweight net and telescopic feature is good.

👤It's great for me because it comes with a carring case that straps to my tackle bag. Love it.

👤It is easy to carry and store. The feel is flimsy but still a good value.

👤The test of endurance will be done this weekend when I go fishing.

4. QiyuanLS Foldable Collapsible Catching Releasing

QiyuanLS Foldable Collapsible Catching Releasing

Encourages gross motor skills,hand-eye coordination, and exploration of the natural world. Perfect kids and adult fishing net. The rubber and nylon coated fishing landing net is a better option than the traditional nets because it prevents hooks from getting stuck in the net. The collapsible fishing net is hook-proof and waterproof. The rubber coating on the net protects the fish from being damaged when landing. It's great for when you want to pack light on a fishing trip. The fish net is made out of soft material which won't hurt the fish. The rubber coated landing net is great for pond fishing. The net material is designed to not catch your hook. It folds up to a small size and is very durable. It's easy to store, lightweight, and big enough for the fish you catch. The telescopic fishing net is portable and easy to store in a small location.

Brand: Qiyuanls

👤I like the net. I have limited space for a kayak. I needed a foldable fishing net. The net is small. It was under my seat. I can flip it open and have it ready to go.

👤I bought this net for my grandson to try and catch minnows. Will he catch anything? He will have fun trying. The net is sturdy and well made. The rubber coated mesh should be able to hold up against the sand for a long time. The net can be folded for easy transportation. It's large enough for wade fishing but small enough for my grandson to handle.

👤Light weight, great value. There is a suitcase.

👤Excellent product. We bought for kids, but high quality would work for adults. A great price too.

👤The size is perfect for my 10 year old. It folds up easily for small storage.

👤Pole is good for growth. Good quality Net is heavy. Would prefer an expandible pole. Smaller hooks and addional bobbins would be better.

👤It seems well made and folds easily.

👤My grandson was so happy to get it that it folded up.

👤It folds up nicely and is compact. The net is perfect if you want to pack lightly. It's great for kids or seniors. Good service and good quality. I gave my main net to a young boy I know who loves fishing. It might not be the best net for an adult male.

👤Net purchased for me by my wife costs more to return than the net itself. Do not buy from this seller. I was credited a full refund after this review.

5. Aluminum Telescopic Lightweight Waterproof Butterfly

Aluminum Telescopic Lightweight Waterproof Butterfly

Fishing net is the best gift for fisherman, it is the best gift for father, son, and friend as well. The fishing dip net can be extended from 37 inches to 58 inches. The telescopic rod can be adjusted according to the requirements of the child. Premium Material is made of sturdy aluminum alloy ring and collapsible handle, not easy to break or rust. A firm rubber grip helps you catch fish. Strong nylon mesh is used in freshwater and saltwater hoop nets. The foldable hoop has a diameter. The net depth was 6.69 It's great for catching fish. The telescopic handle makes carrying and storing easy. The lightweight fishing net makes your space more economical and can be removed at any time. Children will be busy with fishing nets all day and will be able to explore nature and make it more enjoyable. It's ideal for Christmas, Halloween, Birthday, Thanksgiving gifts.

Brand: Mouhike

👤I bought this for my 7 year old to catch minos. She likes the color and it is just the right size and not heavy. The holes are small enough to catch the minnows. She likes how she can make the pole longer. The net can be easily removed. It wouldn't make me not buy it.

👤It was easier to fit them in a bag with the nets. The product is strong. They were at the beach.

👤The kids had fun with them, but they break easily.

👤I wanted to use it for the creek that I want to use it for, but it is too deep for that.

👤Kids love playing in water. There are some amazing things in the water. It's fascinating. I can't catch fish in winter because they are hiding. I will attempt it in the spring. I put a dozen minnows in my pond last year. One of them ate the others and then someone ate him. I guess that's how it goes with fish. The net is perfect. The arm is long. It's made of tough material so it won't rip. If you drop it in the lake, you can see the colors. When I was a kid, I never had anything like this. I used to catch fish in a bread bag. This is better. A piece of a hot dog is placed in a net and used to catch fish. They will show up.

👤The net is shaped like a bucket. The pole is 31” up to 41” You can change the length of the pole at any time. A nice rubber handle. It's great for packing with your gear for adults and kids. The net is almost 10” round and 5” deep. The holes in the net are good for minnows. It won't work as a cleaning net for pools. It is the perfect size for exploring ponds, rivers, and fishing on lakes.

👤This is a good net for kids. The Hoop is 9.94 inches in diameter. You can adjust the length from 31 to 41 inches. It is made of carbon fiber telescopic rod, aluminum alloy ring and high strength polyester fiber net. The rubber handle is great for fishing. This net is great for fishing, butterfly catching, gardening, camping and more. Highly recommended.

👤I bought this for my cousin. I am assuming he liked it because I haven't heard anything from her. I think you can go wrong buying from Amazon.

6. M Jump Pack Colored Telescopic Butterfly

M Jump Pack Colored Telescopic Butterfly

It's easy to carry and store. Quick assembly. There is a set of 3 toy nets. The color is orange, blue, and green. The telescopic rod's handle can be extended up to 34 inches. The butterfly net is made of high-quality steel, durable and flexible, and the handle, sleeve and net are made of rubber, soft and comfortable for you to hold. It's appropriate for people of all ages to catch small butterflies and other insects outdoors. The service was 100% Satisfactory. 100% satisfactory after-sale service is provided by them.

Brand: M-jump

👤I was able to capture a praying mantis in my back yard last summer because one of my sons loves praying. We have crickets and grasshoppers that are great for feeding the praying mantis, but they are not easy to catch as soon as you approach them, and they hop away very quickly. The insect net I purchased was awesome. I have three children and all of them have one. They ran around the backyard last summer for cricket and grasshoppers. I like the telescopic feature because it allows them to adjust the length for younger ones and it's easier to leave when not in use. I'm taking away 1 star because the net is only 8 inches deep and it would have been better if it was at least 10 inches long. I don't think the net is strong enough to catch fish, even though it's perfect for catching butterflies or other insects. I don't think it can survive the water contact, so if you're going to use it on open air or grass, buy this. My kids are excited to use the net again this summer. If it did help, please click on the button below.

👤The first set fell apart within a month of use, but to get x3 for the price is a bonus. What is worth it? If you extend them to far by accident, they tend to shake at the connections, and if you swing them to fast, they pop out. If the dollar store were open right now, I think these would be in there. The extension seems to be getting stuck two weeks after the purchase and you can't force it out because it just rips the connections apart and there's no way to put it back together.

👤Inexpensive insect nets. My kids are normal. They try to catch things in the water or scoop up rocks. It doesn't do well with that. We got one Actully to be used for catching things in the air. The net is too short and it was more harmful to delicate winged creatures. Short stories are not good for butterfly wings. bugs were more likely to escape after the telescope handel broke. Butterflies' wings can easily be damaged if they are chased, so I wouldn't recommend chasing them. It's not bad for fish with fins and tails like a goldfish.

👤There is an update. I change my rating to 1 from 4 stars. They are cute, but break too easily. All 3 broke in a couple of days. They are perfect for catching bugs and are cute. Within a few hours of them playing with it, one fell apart. I don't know if my kids are too rough on things or if it's a defect of the toy. I would buy them again.

👤All of these have fallen apart. If you don't need to extend them, but have them less than 2 months, they will break and fall apart. I needed to scoop the leaves off the pool surface. They are adequate for that purpose, but not very strong once fully extended. The end cap that you put your hand in does not stay on. Since this is marketed for children, I can't think of a better way to make them unhappy when they lose this.

7. RESTCLOUD Butterfly Catcher Telescoping Stainless

RESTCLOUD Butterfly Catcher Telescoping Stainless

The mesh storage bags are great for everyone, whether you are a college student, parent or coach. Gym clothes can be tucked away if you organize balls in the gym. A butterfly net with a long handle can be used to catch butterflies, bugs, insects, birds, lizards, chicken, kitten, dragonfly, and more. It was used indoors and outdoors. You don't have to touch them. It is an outdoor exploration net for people to explore nature. The scientific exploration motivation should be encouraged. Provide a fun way to go outside. The frame of the bug catcher net is made of STAINLESS. Butterflies and insects flying out can be avoided with a net depth of about 24". The pole can be extended from 15 to 59 degrees. The total length is about 70 inches. The net for catching is made of durable material. New materials with mesh holes are great for insects and birds. Simple assembly, portable for carrying. It's a great birthday gift for boys and girls.

Brand: Restcloud

👤We have seen cheap plastic ones, but this net looks sturdy and well made. The hoop folds in half when it's not in the pole. The pole and hoop are made of lightweight aluminum. The net appears to be well made. I like the way the pole telescopes out and locks into place, like a hiking pole. This makes it portable. We got this to catch the hummingbirds. We don't put the door all the way up, but they fly low enough to get inside, then they can't find their way out. We put the door down and wait a few minutes until the bird settles down, then we can catch them and release them. They don't get hung up on the net because it's deep. Would definitely recommend this.

👤The net is loose. Handle just spins and is useless if you turn to tighten. The net ring is wobbling. The design seems ok, but not built correctly. Cheap, no quality assurance. I was contacted by the seller and a resolution is pending. The new model has a better handle and tightens perfectly. Thank you so much for helping me. The product rating was changed to reflect the new unit.

👤Here is the scoop. The net gets a three but not a four. Pluses. Length can be extended. Quality constructed material was used. It's lightweight. The price is great. There was slippage on the section. A little wobbly. The fabric is tough. I didn't buy this net for chicken fetchin' or stray bird scooping on the screen porch, but for chasing down chickens. I collect arthropods. The nylon netting was not very transparent. It's hard to know which specimen to save. The coarseness of the netting made some of them damaged. Suggestion. I soaked the nylon nets in a bucket of fabric softener. It helped a bit. It is really sad to catch a specimen and have it torn to pieces by bouncing around inside the net before it can be secured. It was difficult to see the condition of the specimen. The softener helped out. Still a bit wobbly. Three out of five.

👤We live on the Atlantic Coast and we get lizards. I was focused on trying to catch one. It was brought to my attention that your nets were the best for catching lizards. We don't want to hurt them by grabbing them. The net is very strong. It is long and extendable to where we can reach them. Absolutely, wort the money! The lizards are shown in the photo.

👤I don't kill insects that end up in the house. Have you ever tried to catch a hawk moth at 2a.m. I contemplated getting one of these. I'm glad I did. It's very high quality, especially for the price. I think you'll be happy with this recommendation.

👤I bought this to capture birds that fly into my porch but forget how to get out. I've caught and released many birds this year, including multiple wrens, sparrows, a cardinal and 2 hummingbirds. There haven't been any butterflies around.

8. KISEER Colourful Telescopic Butterfly Catching

KISEER Colourful Telescopic Butterfly Catching

The fishing nets can be used to catch and release small fish, shrimp, and tadpoles, and they can also be used to catch butterflies, crickets, and so on, giving your family a fun outdoor experience. The nets are made of soft net. It is not easy to change the long service life. Children playing outside is fun. The design is very practical. Kids Exploring Nature improves their eyesight, awareness, reasoning, sense of wonder, observational skills, cognitive abilities, concentration, problem-solving and reduces stress at the same time. 7 colors nets are included in the packaging. Children should be given the best tools to explore nature and be able to catch small fish, shrimp, crickets, and insects. The butterfly nets can be adjusted from 15 inches to 33.5 inches. The net is long. Very suitable for children.

Brand: Kiseer

👤The nets come apart when you use them. They would have been a great deal. Within 2 hours of using it, they were all taken apart. They can be put back together, but not easily. The nets had a hole by the end of the day.

👤The first few hours were fun. My children were excited to use them. The handle was not strong. The pieces are very difficult to put back together after a hard tug. Several nets were pulled free from the handle. The idea is fun but not built for playing beyond catching butterflies.

👤It was easy to break. The extended arms will pull out and not hold together.

👤The first time we used them, 2 broke.

👤I bought these for my children's Easter basket. They were broke before they left. The wand extension is not good. We will return to the single pole. basketblunder

👤My kids love them! The kids don't fight over them because there was enough.

👤These are terrible. When extended, every single one falls apart. The net is very strong. 3 out of 7 are broken after the first use.

👤We like the nets. They are great for my kids to help clean out the pool. The handle can be extended which is really nice. The price is nice as well.

9. PLUSINNO Fishing Telescopic Ultralight Butterfly

PLUSINNO Fishing Telescopic Ultralight Butterfly

The fishing net for kids with a rainbow color pattern is more professional than an adult net. It would be a great gift for a Birthday, Christmas, Thanksgiving Day. The fishing net is made of durable Polyester Fibers and strong quadrilateral structure mesh, Solid Plastic Frames, skid-resistant handle with Retractable carbon fiber handle makes it lightweight. The net dimensions are. The net opening is 11 inches and the net depth is 9 inches. You can adjust the pole handle to fit the kid's needs, and the full length can be extended from 28.4 inches to 40.3 inches. It is easy to carry and storage. The convenience of carrying and transportation is provided by the special designed structure. The net is waterproof because of the non-absorbent coating. The net is tangle-free and intensive. The fishing net for kids with a rainbow color pattern is more professional than an adult net. It would be a great gift for kids.

Brand: Plusinno

👤The handle has a protective sleeve, the packaging was great. I thought it would be a good value for the money. It got here a couple days after the grand kids left so we have to wait until Canada opens so we can give it the proper tryout. The video is shaking but the blocks are 2 inches thick. More weight than the fish that will be in that.

👤My son is into fishing and he likes the size and quality of the net that we just received. It is very easy to assemble and it is light. He is very happy so far, but he is going to test it with real fishes.

👤The design was very attractive to my toddler. The carbon fiber is strong enough to hold 5 lbs. I have never seen a better children's fishing net.

👤I like the net. I have a young daughter that loves the rainbow colors and the sparkle on the handle. It's easy to put together. I like the large net on this net. She will be able to use it on her kayak. It's hard to have a huge net on a kayak. This is perfect. I might have to buy one for myself.

👤I bought this net for my nephew who loves to catch bugs outdoors. The net is very strong. The telescopic feature makes the net feel great.

👤If you have kids that love to fish, this net is great. I took the net out to the bank and had my nephew haul in some fish while I was on the hook. The catfish was handled by the net like a champ. The length is perfect for kids. The nephew had a blast. The pole is bright and colorful, perfect for a child. The pole can handle itself. Don't expect it to net in some larger fish, but I can say it handled a 6LB channel cat just fine. The overall length of the pole could be better, I wouldn't mind a little extra length. You have to reel in that fish 3-4 feet from the bank to get it in. There are two stress points on the net, one in the middle and the other at the top. The telescopic ring is at the tip of the net. I would prefer an all in one system where I can collapse the net in one easy motion and set it up as well. It's a great net. I came to fish on my own on a motorcycle and the net is small and portable if you're riding on a motor. This review is helpful to potential buyers.

👤It was great to have. We had first bought our girls 4 smaller nets on Amazon, but these were much smaller, and all snapped over a weekend under the pressure of my young daughters moving them in the lake to pick things up. These are very strong. The net ring shifted a couple of times, but it was in the ocean, against a hard tide, and I was using a lot of pressure to dig things up in the sand while snorkeling. I was able to put a little pressure on the ring. One of them came out of the package with some of the paint missing, which was a little disappointing since they were brand new. I didn't worry about it enough to return it. We caught a large blue crab in one of the nets and it held up. I could tell that it was more difficult to do after exposure to water. The metal used on the blue nets was what sold me to get them rather than the pink nets which many reviewers said had plastic parts.

10. SAN LIKE Fiberglass Telescopic Releasing

SAN LIKE Fiberglass Telescopic Releasing

The most suitable fishing gear is what Plusinno is committed to making. The Plusinno Triangular Floating Fishing Nets provide strength and performance for all fishermen. It is the best fishing net for everyone. It's great to use on any boat, kayak, canoe, or in any stream or body of water. It's suitable for both fresh and salt water. The landing net is like a fishing net. The extended length is 43. The folded length is 17. The loop is 17''. Net depth is 12''. This fishing net is perfect for catching bass, panfish, and crappie. The rubberized coating on the net makes it great for not getting tangled and for the longevity of it. It is better for the fish in catch and release situations. The folding net is easy to open and close, perfect for light fish. It folds up and won't take up a lot of space. The telescopic fishing net fits for all fishermen. The fiberglass pole has a clip onto the fishing vest for convenience. It's widely used for freshwater or saltwater fishing. If the product you receive makes you unhappy, please contact them directly,SAN LIKE always try to support you.

Brand: San Like

👤I can't chase the cat who needs treatment for her ear. If you try to buy a net that's labeled for catching cats, you're going to pay more than $150 even if it's the same product. This one is great. It's strong and has rubber mesh which decreases claws. The handle is strong. It's large enough for my cat, who is a tad smaller than average. My nephew is a devoted fisherman and he says this is a great net for fishing.

👤There are lots of crappies at an excellent fishing spot under a bridge. The area is covered with water and rocks, making it difficult to land the crappies. I purchased a landing net because I lost a lot of cappies while fishing, which was very frustrating. I chose this net because of its length and depth. I have used the net on a couple of fishing trips and am very pleased with it. Being able to extend the net to 100 inches is a good option since it is already long enough. I have not lost a crappie since using the landing net. I am very happy with the purchase.

👤The mine arrived broken. I don't recommend this item. If you plan on using it for a long time, you should buy something else. I don't have the time to return this item so I will put it up as a lesson learned.

👤The net looks high quality. I was able to hear the plastic cracking as I pulled the net out of the water. I am nervous to try to catch minnows along a creek, but I don't have a decent net that is enough to study for anything. I don't plan on trying to catch salmon out of a waterfall. I don't think this could hold a large fish. I walked to the lake carrying my pole and tackle box because there was no way to seal the extension. I caught a lot of minnows but at the end of the day my net detached and I realized that it was held together with glue. There is no twist function that allows you to detach it. The images in this advertisement are very misleading and make it look like there is a twist feature. It was not a smart invention, not reliable, and it was made into Amazons Choices. Do I have the net for you if you are delicate with your gear boy? Customer service will get an extra star from me. They plan on updating the product and will refund me for my troubles. I want to give this net 5 stars in the future.

👤I wade fish and keep things organized on my person when in the water. I thought this would be a great addition to my gear. It takes two hands to open and two hands to close, which is not good when you have a fish on the line. You can't put the rod down to get the net out. There is no hook to attach it to the fishing vest. It is still awkward, even though it is good for fishing in a small boat.

11. Coopay Butterfly Telescopic Catching Fishing

Coopay Butterfly Telescopic Catching Fishing

A great gift for children is a nature toy for catching butterflies, dragonflies, small fishes, insects, beginning a natural adventure with friends, suitable for class outdoor activities. These nets are ideal for children of all ages to explore and play outside, such as catching butterfly, insects, small fish, and others. Kids can play together in bright colors of butterfly nets, they are great to replace. You can adjust the length of the catching net by folding the metal pole. Their butterfly nets can be used to catch butterflies and insects without hurting them, with the large pocket design. Their butterfly nets are made of high-quality steel, rubber and net, they are flexible and non-toxic. The rubber handle is soft and comfortable to hold.

Brand: Coopay

👤It's a bit Meh. Couldn't get it again. Only one of the nets broke because it wasn't used. The others broke under the pressure of water when pulled out. It was fun for one day.

👤It came with four. The yellow one broke off. The purple nets came apart. Some of them haven't been used yet.

👤The nets broke on the first day. The children were playing in the lake. Two of the telescopic poles broke and one of the nets bent at the end of the telescopic. You have to hold the pole at the net section to use them. The kids had fun using them and did catch a small fish or two but they will scratch themselves with the broken edges of the poles next time we use them.

👤The thin rod/handle is not durable. I used it for the first time. I am not expecting high quality with the price. When a child is using it, recommend gentle handling. I will not recommend it.

👤These work well. Needed to catch insects for class. My kids were excited while we searched for them.

👤It is what it is and I probably only last a short time but have fun with it.

👤Like them, but not real stalkers. One has broken and the others are nearby.

👤The kids are having fun at the lake and beach. The handles have lasted with three rough kids for the past three months with heavy use.

👤At first, it was great. During the first week, my son was good with them. The net baskets worked well for both land and water, even though they were smaller than I expected. We had a few friends over last weekend and they were broken. The visiting kids broke the poles into pieces when they were too rough to extend them. They are a good idea, but won't last in the hands of all children.

👤Too small in diameter and stiff net. If you are coordinated enough to use two of them, you could trap a butterfly. The metal work seems to be done well enough that it's not needed to catch bugs. Returned.

👤The handles have fallen apart after a few weeks of use. If you are gentle, you might catch a butterfly.

👤This was great for a while. All are broken now after about a week. I have two boys, ages 7 and 3.

👤My title says that we purchased them for our camping trip and they kept my children occupied and out of trouble while we built the tent and got food ready. We caught a few butterflies.


What is the best product for fishing net long handle for kids?

Fishing net long handle for kids products from Tickit. In this article about fishing net long handle for kids you can see why people choose the product. Funvzu and Rodeel are also good brands to look for when you are finding fishing net long handle for kids.

What are the best brands for fishing net long handle for kids?

Tickit, Funvzu and Rodeel are some of the best brands that chosen by people for fishing net long handle for kids. Find the detail in this article. Qiyuanls, Mouhike and M-jump are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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