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1. EGO 71150 Large Landing Net

EGO 71150 Large Landing Net

The handle is fixed with a replaceable head. They have thought of everything, the all-purpose net. It's slimy. They built their Genesis nets to float so you don't have to worry about losing it. Coming in at under two pounds. Quality construction is important. Their non-tangle mesh is from their innovative non-slip grip. Durability and flexibility meet. They provide a 30-day money back no questions asked guarantee, and they stand by their products. The anywhere net is great to use on any boat, kayak, canoe, or jet ski.

Brand: Ego

👤Each year, we get chickens. Each year we have more roosters and birds that like to run free. We chase birds to keep them safe. This net is useless for catching the roosters that are large and canniest and for running away the hens that are small and canniest. The net is easy to untangle from feathers and vegetation. The handle is easy to use. I think this is a great investment. Next fishing trip will be on the water. It's a good thing.

👤I looked for the perfect net for 2 summers. I do a lot of fishing. I wanted a net that would protect the fish. A clear net was wanted to help not scare the fish. I needed a big net so I could catch some fish from my kayak. Since I'm in a kayak, my next net had to float. The net looked at all the boxes I was looking for. I was not crazy about the length of the handle, but after landing a few walleyes, I was glad it was as long as it is.

👤The landing net is sturdy. I went fishing last weekend and landed several fish. The handle came loose. The plastic threaded part is where the handle screws into split apart. The net is not durable. I won't send it back for an exchange. I will use zip ties or a piece of furniture to close up the plastic part that splits at the seam.

👤A good quality net is important for Kayak fishing. It has to be big and bulky to get the fish in the net. The handle of the Ego Genesis is interchangeable, so you can pick the one you need for the mission. The Genesis can handle any of the fish. The rubber mesh is less likely to get caught up in a lure if the boat is floating. I've landed a few good bruisers with the Ego Genesis and I wouldn't change it for anything else.

👤I bought the 19x21 version. I don't know how long it will last, but it does the trick. I wish the handle was longer so I could catch the fast ones. Large fowl ducks and chickens can be caught in this size. I had a great time and they were not happy. If you have fowl to catch, definitely recommend. The task is more enjoyable and faster than you might think. This should have been done a long time ago.

👤The review was updated on Feb 11, 2019. The net was replaced by Ego and she also went the extra mile for another request for exchange. The design of the net and its ability to float is excellent. One of my favorite nets is a small trout net with clear rubber. I decided to get a larger one. I bought a clear rubber and black rubber one from Amazon after reading the reviews, because I liked the fact that these float. This is a verified review. I've used the clear rubber one twice and it tore. I didn't notice until a small trout escaped through the tear. I thought the net would be harder.

2. PLUSINNO Foldable Collapsible Telescopic Releasing

PLUSINNO Foldable Collapsible Telescopic Releasing

The net is locked into place after a flip of the handle. Please choose the exact size model you need in the "select" section, four models are offered. The Hoop Size is fixed non-telescopic pole. The fishing net is made of premium material that includes high-density carbon fiber mixed with fiberglass pole, nylon and hexagonal structure mesh, and skid-resistant EVA hand hold. The net is waterproof because of the non-absorbent coating. Fishing Nets and Ultralight Weight are easy to carry and store. The convenience of the belt clip is what it has. It's the best gift to give to a family member for Christmas. The ideal setup for fish catching and releasing is knotless nylon mesh. The net is fish friendly and suitable for fishing in the sea, river, lake and boat.

Brand: Plusinno

👤I'm very happy I bought this net. It surpasses the traditional trout net I was using for kayak fishing. It's great for a kayak fisherman. It's the perfect length for nets nice fish. A largemouth bass is in the net. You can see that it's well suited for larger fish. If your net is failing you should buy this one.

👤The landing net is large enough to hold pond fishing equipment. I tried to get a bigger fish to bite, but they weren't biting. The net material is designed to not catch your hook. It folds up to a small size and is very durable. The larger sizes would work better for larger bodies of water, so I would recommend this as a landing net. The net performed very well after I caught a catfish. I was able to use the net effectively.

👤It seemed like what I wanted. I only catch one pound of crappie. I caught a 13 inch crappie today. We're talking about fish. The net broke when I lifted it into the boat. The net and fish went to the bottom and left me with nothing. I would have been better off with a pair of pliers. I would return it to Amazon, but I don't have snorkel or deep diving gear to get the rest of the item back. I'm screwed. Don't you think you're going to die?

👤I have been using the net for a while. It is large enough to catch fish that I will be catching in my area. I am a fly fisherman. The net folds up. It's nice to fold it back up in a pocket of my backpack when I'm hiking or packing it in my car. The net material is strong. 100% rubber nets are better for keeping your hooks from getting caught, but that type of rubber is more stiff and not compatible with this folding design. Usually you find that type of net material on small fly fishing nets or long handled landing nets that aren't really meant for someone who is walking a lot. This is a good net.

👤It's great when I want to pack light on a fishing trip. The net is made out of soft material which won't hurt the fish.

👤It's great for catching sandcrabs. Medium size rocks, shells, and smaller crabs will be filters. Check out my catch and cook video on the internet.

👤I had already been using one of Plusinno's other foldable landing nets from my kayak, and it's worked well for me. I found that I could use one when fishing from piers and other elevated positions where the elevation puts too much stress on the larger fish and the weight pulling against the hook. I put the net to good use today after buying it. My son and I went fishing with a friend at a local pond, and we were able to catch about 20 fish. The net proved to be very useful since the blue cats have their backs to the ground. The net is nice. It has a very small footprint when folded, but expands to a high volume when unfolded. It's stable and rigid, unlike other nets which feel like they're ready to fold again. The telescopic handle is great for when you are several feet away from the water. The coarse-grained mesh is made out of sturdy plastic that doesn't get tangled in the line or the fish. Sometimes I have to cut the nets to get the fish. I strongly recommend this net to anyone looking for a way to land their fish in a way that is better for them and the fish.

3. RESTCLOUD Fishing Landing Telescoping Extends

RESTCLOUD Fishing Landing Telescoping Extends

This is the best gift for fathers/sons/boyfriends and fishermen, it's suitable for sea fishing, river fishing, lake fishing, boat fishing, etc. Long term performance and reliable use are ensured by the sturdy net and handle of the bait net. It's great for fishing in fresh and salt water. The net ring is 13 inches in diameter and 11 inches in depth. The tool is perfect for both kids and adults. The telescopic handle is lightweight. It's ideal for landing the fishes in a fish tank. The scales on fish won't be harmed by the net. It's fine for small bait fish and minnows. Also strong enough to catch a full-sized catch. The telescopic handle net is easy to fit into a storage or rod locker. The quick assembly and removal is done. To lock it, twist it to the left or right. Please twist it to the right when it's full.

Brand: Restcloud

👤We only used it for catching minnows after 10 minutes of putting it together. The handle broke in 2 places. If the butterfly was small, the thin flimsy handle could hold up, but only if it was a butterfly. A waste of money. I contacted the seller to give them a chance to make the product better, but never heard back. Stay away from me.

👤The ring of metal at the net is cheap and hollow, but the handle is sturdy and well constructed. The net material was not strong. The net didn't make it through a fishing trip. I would have returned it, but we ended up beating the shit out of it, just trying to make the best of it. Garbage, Amazon-to-landfill in a day.

👤I didn't buy this bait net because I haven't fished in decades. I bought it for bat-snatching. I learned how to catch a bat after a few tries. A friend suggested using a bait net that worked in snatching, but the holes were so large that a bat could escape, sometimes before I got it out of the house to free it. When I found this net, my problem was solved. The mesh is small so no bat can escape. It's the most beautiful neon green. I love it and recommend it.

👤I bought this net for my 7 year old daughter who loves to catch fish in the pond. She uses the net daily. The features that make this net perfect are that it is tough and doesn't bend out of shape like other nets. She is very rough with nets. She likes to let things get away and this net has small mesh, like a minnow bucket dipping net. She wanted an extendable handle and this net was it. I searched for a long time to find a net that was perfect for my daughter.

👤I bought these for my kids to play in the river and lake. They like to catch fish without using a fishing pole. The poles were short and the net was not deep, which made it difficult to use. The pole extends and the net is larger. They have had a lot of fun with these. The part that you grip has a strong rubber smell that transfers to your hands, but for the price, this is not a big deal.

👤I used this to catch crabs. The handle bends in the water when trying to scoop them up. I think it's only a matter of time before it snaps. I bumped my review up because of the customer service this company provides. After writing my first review, the company gave me a full refund. The net is cheap, but flimsy. This manufacturer has your back if it does break.

👤I was looking for a net with a wooden handle for the strength but was unable to find one and saw this one with a telescopic handle. The idea of different handle lengths is appealing because the net is for a child to use on the beach. I have difficulty making the feature work. The feature seems harder to use than it should be. I fear that the feature will not work once sand and water are on it.

4. Frabill Bearclaw Fishing Designed Landing

Frabill Bearclaw Fishing Designed Landing

It is easier to trap bait along the side of the tank with a durable D-shaped hoop. Frabill has been trusted by fishermen since 1938. The one-handed design is efficient and powerful, built for the one handed scoop, and has a handled yoke and support bar for easy storage. Asymmetrical flat-bottomed net is made with conserve material and features a fish slide to ensure your catch lands safely and smoothly. The light module located where the handle meets the net improves visibility to guide movement.

Brand: Frabill

👤The net quality is good. The false advertising used for this post is the reason for my poor review. There is no light included with this product, according to the add. The light is described in detail in the item description for the unit I purchased. I want the net for the light feature when I fish at night. Having to return an item due to misrepresentation is not a simple hassle and should not happen on Amazon.

👤This is a great net. I do a lot of kayak fishing and bought the bear claw style net. I thought it would be easier to hold on to the tools with the other hand. I don't do a lot of night time fishing, but it is bright and has 3 settings for you to use, so I don't think I'll be using it often. The net is coated to help prevent the fish from getting stuck on it. I catch a lot of pike and they like to jump around. It was difficult to unhook the fish from the net. This one is easy to navigate.

👤When you buy a new item, put brand new batteries and the light in a sad state.

👤The net is well made and designed. The light requires batteries not included.

👤If you fish at night, you will be happy with the built in light.

5. Frabill Conservation Telescoping Handle Teardrop

Frabill Conservation Telescoping Handle Teardrop

The floating fishing net is great to use on any boat, kayak, canoe, or in any streams, rivers, ponds or the ocean. It's suitable for both fresh and salt water. It's perfect for trout fishing. Frabill has been trusted by fishermen since 1938. The Frabill Telescoping Handle Net has a netting of tangle-free micromesh. The New Conservation Series nets have a telescopic handle that makes it easier to get fish in and out of the boat quickly. The net coating prevents hooks from snaring and tangling in the net. Flat bottom net supports the entire length and weight of the fish.

Brand: Frabill

👤I have been using this net for a while now and it's really nice. I would like to see a locked position for the handle when it collapses. The handle slides out a couple of feet when you try to carry it with it. When the net is stowed, the collapsed position works. There is a button in the open position, but nothing when it collapses. A lanyard loop at the end of the handle would be nice. The design of the cap makes it difficult to drill out a hole to install one, so I took off the cap to see if I could.

👤The sliding handle is very sturdy.

👤It is perfect for our needs.

6. Frabill Aerator Storage Portable Capacity

Frabill Aerator Storage Portable Capacity

The hose hole in the lid can easily be filled with water. Frabill has been trusted by fishermen since 1938. Includes: portable aerator, air hose, air stone, power source and two batteries. The aerator clips on the lid to turn the interior into a thriving oxygen-rich environment. Lift-out net liner is used for bait removal.

Brand: Frabill

👤We've used thin bucket setup and it's improved over bare styrofoam. If the aerator hose hole was put higher up side or even through the lid, it would be less likely to leak. Also need to seat frame of internal bait net in recess in lid or it will gap and increase leak.

👤I bought this for my father in law for Christmas and he said we're glad we didn't buy a round one. If minnows are put in a bucket they will die. The insert that lifts out made it easy to grab the minnows. He's used it twice and loves it.

👤I thought it would be smaller. Will. It can put more than two dozen minnows.

👤The minnow bucket has a good battery life. The pump motor is quiet and doesn't have a lot of noise. The air stone does not put out as much volume as I would like. It does a great job of keeping minnows alive. I kept a pound of medium Tuffies alive for three days.

👤I used this for the first time a few days ago. The shrimp were still lively all day. The snapped lid is not waterproof. The bait guy put too much water in it and the bubbler will leak water under the lid. I put a beach blanket under it to keep the salty water out.

👤I would like it to be deeper so the minnows don't jump out. That's a lot. I do love it, but I wish it was deeper, it works great, but I just wish it was a dozen. I'm happy that it works for me. It has been used about 5 times.

👤A couple uses off the motor. They need to make a plug in so you can leave it running overnight.

👤I use thought styrofoam buckets when fishing. I lost my minnows when I met my share of spill long water. This is great! It is not water tight. It is better than the foam buckets. It keeps the water from freezing during ice fishing.

👤The aerator didn't last a month, but the bait bucket is good. When I tried to use it again, it wouldn't work. I assumed the batteries were dead but after changing them out for new ones, it still wouldn't work. I was referred to the manufacturer by Amazon. A representative from Frabill replied to my email and agreed to ship a new aerator to me. I am still waiting for the new aerator after this all happened last week. Frabill didn't give me shipping information so I can't track it.

👤I love it! It works great to keep minnows.

👤It works if it is in the boat. Most of the water came out when you traveled to a back lake.

👤Maybe a little bigger. Someone will add a cooling unit. It would be perfect.

7. Frabill Tangle Free Heavy Replacement

Frabill Tangle Free Heavy Replacement

To lock is to twist to left. The net is locked into place after a flip of the handle. Frabill has been trusted by fishermen since 1938. Replacement Net is tangle-free. The Hoop is 32" x 41" and has a mesh of 2. Netting is tangle-free.

Brand: Frabill

👤The replacement net that I bought was heavy to land a fish with the boat moving at 2Knots. I bought this one because it has a larger weave and lighter, making it easier to land a fish. Works well.

👤It was as deep as 48 inches. It's stretched out from tip to tip.

👤It is good for the price, but I was hoping it would be a little thicker.

👤It's the same. It was well made.

👤I caught a lot of sharks from the pier and needed a replacement. Their teeth do a number on the net. If I were to cut the line, it would still be cheaper to buy a ton of replacement gear.

👤The picture on the website is deceiving because I thought I was getting a rubber net.

👤The net that was replaced was knotless. The replacement net has knots.

👤During the 2020 Coho salmon season, it worked well.

👤The picture is not correct. It is not a net made of rubber.

👤Great replacement. Better than the original net.

👤Any fish under 4 will pass through the mesh.

8. Frabill Tangle Rubber Replacement 23 Inch

Frabill Tangle Rubber Replacement 23 Inch

The anywhere net is great to use on any boat, kayak, canoe, or jet ski. Frabill has been trusted by fishermen since 1938. The fishing net is rubber. Hoop size is 20 x 23 and has a mesh of 0.38". Tough rubber expands naturally to fit different fish sizes and weights. Net, handle not included.

Brand: Frabill

👤Really? The old net was already removed when I installed it. The rubber net will slide on like butter if you spray a little Silicone on the hoop. This isn't rocket science. Product now... rant over. This is the same Frabill net I already have on another hoop, and if this last as long as the other one, seeing that it's still going strong after 3 years of use with only one loop broken, and I seriously think that happened off the water, not while any of It works very well with all hooks, which is better than the string-type nets, which are just a pain if you accidentally get a hook set in it. The rubber is resistant to the hooks and can be used with multi-treble hooks. If you get it caught, it's so much easier to remove it. Measure the hoop on your net, width first then length, those two numbers should not be larger than the size of net you need. I purchased the 20x23 net, it seems to fit just fine, maybe just a hair loose, but that won't affect the use of the net at all.

👤If you are a crankbait/topwater/jerkbait fisherman you will love how it is impossible to tangle up your lure's treble hooks when netting a fish. The weight of your net will increase from 12 ounces to 5 pounds. The net is heavy. If you land a fish alone on a boat, you will feel strange using the net one handed. If your net falls over, it will sink like a rock. I suggest affixing a small egg shaped lobster trap bouy with a paracord net handle to avoid losing net.

👤This is a quality replacement for the original nylon net. It is a bit heavier than the nylon net it replaced. It takes a bit of elbow grease to stretch the net when you get the last few loops. There is a difference in the sides of the net, with one side having more rounded edges and the other having more square edges. I installed it with a rounded side up to make it easier to catch and release the fish. Don't know if it makes a difference. The net has no hooks when landing a fish. The lines are tight.

👤I replaced the fabric net bag on the landing net I bought at Walmart. It was easy to do. The rubber replacement bag was not designed for the slot that the original bag was threaded through. The net bag did not have instructions. I removed the bolts that connected the handle to the hoop to mount it. I threaded the frame through the openings on the top of the net bag after I removed the fabric bag from the slot. The way the bags are mounted on the new Frabill nets seems to match the way the bags are mounted on the old nets. The added weight is a downside. The bag is made of heavy rubber. The bag will likely last many seasons because of this.

9. Frabill 4825 Insulated Bucket Aerator

Frabill 4825 Insulated Bucket Aerator

The dimensions are 10 x 9 x 9. The aerator is included in the Frabill insulated bait bucket. The insulated liner allows your bait to stay alive longer. The compartment lid had a aerator. There is a hole in the lid.

Brand: Frabill

👤I have had frabill products in the past and the pumps get ruined very quickly if used in saltwater. The insulated bucket protects the pump that goes inside the bucket. Make sure to connect the tubing from the inside of the compartment to the insulated bucket when you disassemble the pump. Don't make the mistake of thinking that the guy that lost bait made a mistake. The small holes were made to keep the tubing tight.

👤Also, note: The initial rating is 4 stars because I haven't used the bucket yet. There is a Some criticisms of other posters are summarized in a review. 1. Who doesn't have a black sharpie? There is a Ignore the one fellow in the back who has his hand up. You can indicate the orientation of the battery with your sharpie. 2. Instructions for aerator and plastic hose are not clear. There is a After marking battery orientation and loading batteries, replace the aerator with a nub connection. Do not thread the hose through the opening. You need to connect the hose. Doing it this way makes parts fit well. I can see what people are saying about the hose falling off. I used a left over tube of silicone seal and circled the hose after pushing it tight against the lid. That will keep it fastened. 3. The price on Amazon is fourteen dollars. It is not the cadillac of minnow buckets. I think it will be an excellent value. It is a best seller. My father used to have a two piece aluminum minnow bucket. It worked out great. The minnows and fish should be in the bucket. Put the liner in the water at a fishing hole or boat stop. The liner doesn't drift away when the shell is filled with water. Fresh water is a must before moving to next location. The aluminum conducts the temperature. Your bait will suffer if you go too long between stops. The water temperature will change slowly because the bucket is styrofoam lined. It would be an issue in Florida. It gets warm most days. Looking forward to fishing for bass and crappie.

👤It is a really good product, even though one of the Duracell batteries popped, due to a friend putting the batteries in the wrong way. It's a good idea to keep oama alive.

👤I knew I was getting something cheap when I ordered a back-up minnow bucket. I didn't think it would be cheap. It arrived without a box and a label on the side. It had several pieces of plastic broken off while in transit and was dirty and grimy due to the lack of a box or even plastic wrap. I try it out. I'm going to describe a lot of what happened when I used it to ice fish on a day when the temperature was 10 to 35 degrees. The locking mechanism for the battery compartment is made difficult by the plastic. Prepare to curse if you get it closed. This isn't a big deal, but it should be closed. The bait is kept in the main compartment. It's difficult to lock and open in the cold. The aerator hose and how it connects to the aerator was the only thing that earned it a low 1-star rating. The nipple is about an inch long. I mean every time I connect the hose and close the lid, the hose comes off the nipple, making it useless. It's difficult. The length of the nipple for the hose to slide onto is too short, so how can anyone design something like this? The air won't be able to travel from the aerator to the bait, so you can't glue it on. It's useless and sits on a shelf in my garage until I throw it out or use it for something else. If the air can't reach the bait, you can't keep it fresh.

10. TickiT Telescopic Pond Net Lightweight

TickiT Telescopic Pond Net Lightweight

The most suitable fishing gear is what Plusinno is committed to making. The Plusinno Triangular Floating Fishing Nets provide strength and performance for all fishermen. It is the best fishing net for everyone. It's great to use on any boat, kayak, canoe, or in any stream or body of water. It's suitable for both fresh and salt water. It's tickiT. The telescopic pond net has a handle that can be extended to 40". Children will be fascinated with the marine specimen they find, because they are lightweight and made with strong aluminum. Strong, absorbent material. The fine mesh net is ideal for children to use. It was designed for kids. The extendable fishing net is light enough for young children to maneuver, even with the handle extended. Make the handle bigger at 20 years old. The telescopic handle can be extended from 19 to 39 inches. If you want the desired length stays in place, shorten the handle or twist it. Encourage your child's interest in nature. Assist children's understanding of the world by using this pond net. IDEAL FOR GENERAL POND MAINTENANCE. The kids can help with the chores with the pond net. This net is made of long lasting materials and can be used to clean your pond or waterway.

Brand: Tickit

👤It's great to scoop out pond debris. The handle is perfect for the size of the pond. The net is so fine that you can't pull it through the water fast enough. It works great for removing leaves and debris.

👤I don't understand why they're marketing this as a toy. It's useful for any age. I use it in my fish pond to clean silt and waste off the bottom. It is perfect for this purpose because of the extra fine mesh and flat side. I think I'll get my money's worth since it only cost $13.79.

👤At first, this seemed like a good product. The handle is comfortable and the net worked well. The net broke free after just a few months of use. The net was only secured with glue or epoxy to the handle, and there was a lot of rust. I can't recommend this net to you.

👤I used to catch the Cuban Frogs by my ponds with this. If you want to net bigger fish, you can't go wrong, but it's not worth the price.

👤This is to pull debris from a small pond. It's very lightweight and I fear for its longevity. It's very flimsy and gets stuck a lot when it's stretched to its full length. If the pole is extended to the max length, I wouldn't recommend filling the net completely. It's not a bad net, but it's not going to stand the test of time.

👤A quality product. Works as advertised.

👤It's perfect for our fish pond. It is sturdy and easy to extend. Most of the nets I researched had complaints about the net not being sewn well, and this one has tight seams and is not flimsy. This is what I was looking for.

👤The net worked well for me. The net has small mesh so that you can get up debris when it reaches the bottom of my pond. I was able to remove most of the leaves from the pond. Once you use a algaecide, it can get string algae.

11. Wakeman Fishing Retractable Rubber Landing

Wakeman Fishing Retractable Rubber Landing

It's the best gift to give to a family member for Christmas. The fishing net is portable and easy to carry, as it can be extended to a length of 56 inches. Storage space on small boats is reduced by the fold-up fish net. This fishing gear can be used for freshwater and saltwater fishing. The nylon net is resistant to tangles. The fishing net is suitable for all kinds of fishing. The materials are nylon and aluminum. The dimensions are: Net: 20 x (W) 19 x (H) 17; Handle: 35 x 56. Black and gold are the colors. It is retractable. The net opening is 20 inch and the net depth is 17 inches. Retracted length is 35 inches.

Brand: Wakeman

👤I needed a net and chose this one because of previous reviews. I decided to share my experience after about a month. I have netted and brought in cats up to 25 lbs using the handle. Last night was June 20th. I got to test the net with a blue cat. My friend brought the net to the boat for me. We grabbed the edges of the skiff and hauled the cat over the side of it. The net was held. The 35" cat fit in the net at first and we both thought it wouldn't. We brought it into the boat. There is a The benefit of rubber nets is that hooks don't catch it. I would have used a gaf to catch that fish. I wanted to check the net when I am fishing alone. Buy this. It is worth it. I would have bought another cat if the net broke.

👤I expected the net to be much smaller and cheaper than the price I paid. I found similar nets at Cabela's and Bass Pro stores. I was surprised when I opened the package to find that the quality was much better than on Amazon. The rubber is well joined. It is very smooth and soft, which is important for the safety of the fish. The handle collapses down for easy storage. I am happy.

👤The quality and price are very high. I've used this many times already this year and I'm glad I have it. If you're like me, you'll soon realize that anything smaller wouldn't do. I catch big fish.

👤There is a problem when you are looking for a net. It needs to be big enough for the fish you plan to catch. The Northern pike are in those waters, that fight you and need enough room to land in, while not killing themselves. They are fragile for such aggressive looking fish. I am happy with the net. It's light. I packed it on top of the bag I had. After moving it to the Kayak, I left it with the watercraft for the rest of the trip. I tucked it under the deck lines and grabbed it when it was time to land a fish. I used the handly clip that comes with the kayak to make sure that it stays in the kayak and my investment will be saved if it goes over. I like the rubber nets. It helps to not get tangled in the nets, and it keeps things clean. It's easy to handle and maintain the fish. Thumbs up!

👤This is a great fishing net. I got it because I need more reach when fishing from a deep V boat. The net works perfectly and doesn't harm the fish as much as a normal net would. It works well for medium-sized fresh water fish. I don't recommend this net for anything larger than Lake Trout, Salmon, or anything else because it's not nearly long enough and there's a chance that it could bend from too much weight. It's great for fish under 15 pounds.


What is the best product for fishing net long handle frabill?

Fishing net long handle frabill products from Ego. In this article about fishing net long handle frabill you can see why people choose the product. Plusinno and Restcloud are also good brands to look for when you are finding fishing net long handle frabill.

What are the best brands for fishing net long handle frabill?

Ego, Plusinno and Restcloud are some of the best brands that chosen by people for fishing net long handle frabill. Find the detail in this article. Frabill, Frabill and Frabill are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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