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1. PLUSINNO Foldable Collapsible Telescopic Releasing

PLUSINNO Foldable Collapsible Telescopic Releasing

The net is locked into place after a flip of the handle. Please choose the exact size model you need in the "select" section, four models are offered. The Hoop Size is fixed non-telescopic pole. The fishing net is made of premium material that includes high-density carbon fiber mixed with fiberglass pole, nylon and hexagonal structure mesh, and skid-resistant EVA hand hold. The net is waterproof because of the non-absorbent coating. Fishing Nets and Ultralight Weight are easy to carry and store. The convenience of the belt clip is what it has. It's the best gift to give to a family member for Christmas. The ideal setup for fish catching and releasing is knotless nylon mesh. The net is fish friendly and suitable for fishing in the sea, river, lake and boat.

Brand: Plusinno

👤I'm very happy I bought this net. It surpasses the traditional trout net I was using for kayak fishing. It's great for a kayak fisherman. It's the perfect length for nets nice fish. A largemouth bass is in the net. You can see that it's well suited for larger fish. If your net is failing you should buy this one.

👤The landing net is large enough to hold pond fishing equipment. I tried to get a bigger fish to bite, but they weren't biting. The net material is designed to not catch your hook. It folds up to a small size and is very durable. The larger sizes would work better for larger bodies of water, so I would recommend this as a landing net. The net performed very well after I caught a catfish. I was able to use the net effectively.

👤It seemed like what I wanted. I only catch one pound of crappie. I caught a 13 inch crappie today. We're talking about fish. The net broke when I lifted it into the boat. The net and fish went to the bottom and left me with nothing. I would have been better off with a pair of pliers. I would return it to Amazon, but I don't have snorkel or deep diving gear to get the rest of the item back. I'm screwed. Don't you think you're going to die?

👤I have been using the net for a while. It is large enough to catch fish that I will be catching in my area. I am a fly fisherman. The net folds up. It's nice to fold it back up in a pocket of my backpack when I'm hiking or packing it in my car. The net material is strong. 100% rubber nets are better for keeping your hooks from getting caught, but that type of rubber is more stiff and not compatible with this folding design. Usually you find that type of net material on small fly fishing nets or long handled landing nets that aren't really meant for someone who is walking a lot. This is a good net.

👤It's great when I want to pack light on a fishing trip. The net is made out of soft material which won't hurt the fish.

👤It's great for catching sandcrabs. Medium size rocks, shells, and smaller crabs will be filters. Check out my catch and cook video on the internet.

👤I had already been using one of Plusinno's other foldable landing nets from my kayak, and it's worked well for me. I found that I could use one when fishing from piers and other elevated positions where the elevation puts too much stress on the larger fish and the weight pulling against the hook. I put the net to good use today after buying it. My son and I went fishing with a friend at a local pond, and we were able to catch about 20 fish. The net proved to be very useful since the blue cats have their backs to the ground. The net is nice. It has a very small footprint when folded, but expands to a high volume when unfolded. It's stable and rigid, unlike other nets which feel like they're ready to fold again. The telescopic handle is great for when you are several feet away from the water. The coarse-grained mesh is made out of sturdy plastic that doesn't get tangled in the line or the fish. Sometimes I have to cut the nets to get the fish. I strongly recommend this net to anyone looking for a way to land their fish in a way that is better for them and the fish.

2. Noa Store Fishing Foldable Crawdad

Noa Store Fishing Foldable Crawdad

The fishing net trap is made of wood. It's great for catching smelt, crab, lobster, minnows, shrimp and crawfish. The Diagonal is 35'' x 35'' / 80'' x 80''. The package includes a folding fishing shrimp net and carrying bag. The fishing net cage is made of high quality material. There are important notices. The mesh of the fishing cage is used to catch fish and crabs. If you want to avoid lacerating the mesh of the net, please put the fishing cage in the flat area of the water bottom. Their first priority is your satisfaction. If you have a problem, just leave a message and they will find a solution that will make you happy.

Brand: Noa Store

👤I did not meet the item description. My net did not come with a carrying case, but it did not come with a zip up bag. It did not come with instructions. I had hoped this would be a great experience for us to do together, as my child is very interested in fishing, but I don't know much about it. We set the bait out for a couple hours after figuring out where to put it. Unfortunately, the only thing it caught was a turtle, which drowned because it had been trapped. The turtle could have been saved if the net had a zip, but it wouldn't have been possible to remove the turtle's body from the net. We had to get it through one of the openings. It was a very distressing experience. If you live in an area with a lot of turtles, I would recommend getting a trap that is turtle safe. The seller refers to themselves as The Noa Store. This is not connected with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. I am not sure if they are trying to draw in customers with their name.

👤There is a lot of junk in the water. A crab that was caught and tried to destroy the trap ripped holes in the bottom and escaped. The whole trap was rendered useless in 30 minutes.

👤The material of net is weak. It was very easy to tear. Disappointed.

👤Although I harvest Bluegill with this product, I have purchased six of the previous versions. The upgrade frame is beefier, but it isn't much of an improvement. The product works well, and even caught a 5 lbs catfish. The old one fell down. I am asking a lot more than it is designed for, so this is about the grade.

👤We went to Gulf Shores to see what type of ocean life there was. I had to add larger weights to keep the string where we dropped it but it served its purpose for spring break.

👤The creek behind the house has great value. There are many different species of fish that granddaughter love to catch. It's a good teaching tool.

👤I don't like the fact that the pocket on the bottom is open, we are going to tie it up.

👤It was used once, but broke the first time. This is the second one I have purchased in the last year because they don't last. Netting is a poor form of netting. Buy a minnow trap.

3. PLUSINNO Floating Steelhead Foldable Transportation

PLUSINNO Floating Steelhead Foldable Transportation

Perfect landing net for any species. The Plusinno Non-Snag fishing net is very versatile, made with super-strong and durable alluminium for use in fresh and saltwater fishing, great for bass, walleye, small redfish, speckled trout, Kayak, Canoe, any species! The net is floating. The Plusinno floating nets are made with foam padding to the drum-shaped hoop, and a lanyard cord with a clip to keep it out of the water. A portable design. The floating fishing net has a yoke and foldable hoop that can be folded into itself or be dismantled when not in use. It's light and small, so it can fit in a backpack, trunk or boat. Non-Snag is Tangle-Free. The rubber coated mesh landing net is better for fishing and less harmful to fish. Their knot-free nets surface is ideal for catch-and-release fishing because it is kind to fish and prevent tangles. Strong, durable, and lightweight. Premium portability, strength, and support are provided by the high-quality aluminum alloy. Perfect landing net for any species. The Plusinno Non-Snag fishing net is very versatile, made with super-strong and durable alluminium for use in fresh and saltwater fishing, great for bass, walleye, small redfish, speckled trout, Kayak, Canoe, any species!

Brand: Plusinno

👤I was a little concerned that it might be too small but after testing it out on the water, it performed just fine. If you are a kayak fisherman, you need a net that is small and sturdy, as space is limited on kayaks. Most fish caught in fresh water or inshore salt water will easily be handled by this net. The telescopic version of this net is the better option if you target fish over 25 inches long or weigh more than 7 pounds.

👤Can't afford those fishing nets? Plusino has done a great job of combining performance and value. I needed an extendable and foldable fish net for my boat so I purchased the 1.5M Yellow version. The net checks all the boxes for under $35. You're not going to get a carbon fiber handle or carbon fiber locks for $35. If you are fishing primarily for sub 10lb fish, you can get a rubber net, foldable net, and floating net for only $35. If you are fishing for blue cats, look somewhere else and spend a lot more. My wife was able to grab a nice bluegill. It is light and balanced for a big net. She was able to get the loose hook out of the rubber net with ease. I grabbed a 3lb bass with ease. Again, for $35, you can't go wrong with Plussino's net. Excellent recommendation.

👤The net is very good for the price. It is very easy to carry and can reach a good distance. The diameter of the net makes it easy to land big fish and the holes in the net are large enough to keep the fish in. It's convenient to keep this net in the back of your car or backpack, so that you can always be prepared if you see a lake or pond. I would recommend this net to anyone who needs a light, compact, and strong net.

👤I like this net. A belt clip is on the folded half. I wear it on my belt. It has captured over 30 trout so far, but it's difficult to remove small treble hooks when caught in a net. About 10% of the time, I cut the hooks in pieces with pliers to free the fish. Large and single trebles are easy to untangle. The net is strong if used as intended. The net is strong and will hold up over time. The handle's folding hinge will break if abused. Children and young adults should not play with it. They will break it. It's not a butterfly net or a butt spanker.

👤The little fishing net is very small. It clips to my belt. It's very strong. The smell of my nylon net is not as strong because the net is not made of mesh. There is a A quick rinse at the end of the day. I can operate with one hand on the folds and locks of the net. The handle is made of lightweight aluminum and has a lanyard and carabiner clip on it. It was a nice strong feel. This product is very good.

4. LikeFish Portable Collapsible Automatic Crayfish

LikeFish Portable Collapsible Automatic Crayfish

If you have a question about the product, please contact them. One year warranty is provided by them. If you don't like the product they send you, they will exchange it for something else. There are two types of fishing net. Their color is the only difference. One is both blue and white. The other is blue, white and orange. A portable 12 holes fishing net. It's easy to use, just open the net and zip up. You can carry it in a small size. The special design allows it to catch more. 12 holes unfolding size, length: 27.1inch, and height: 13.5inch. The folding size is 13.5inch and the height is 13.5inch. It can be used to catch crabs, fish, lobsters, shrimps, and crawdad.

Brand: Laxygo

👤Not a fan of this trap. I bought this trap along with two others in the days before we left for Spring Break. The construction seemed good when it arrived. It was not ideal for the currents we faced. The cloth-like nets made it easier to catch crabs and smaller fish, but also made it hard to get to the bottom without a lot of weights. The net was covered in silt and organic debris by the morning. We almost learned the hard way that we had caught one small stoney, even though we didn't think it had caught a single thing. It was blended with all of the debris and almost took my finger off as I was reaching in to remove the weights that we had to add to get it to the bottom. I didn't bother to clean it up and put it back out for a second night. I have not tried it again due to the mess that it becomes as stuff clings to the nets.

👤We caught five bluegill in an hour.

👤I was surprised it kept getting full of bait fish. It was fun for the kids.

👤Crabs need better net to eat.

👤It was the first time that I took it out and caught a lot of crawfish. It is easy to get the crawfish out of them.

👤This is very cheap. I tore it in several places. Money is wasted.

👤One time, the product was torn apart. I was excited to be able to catch crabs. I dropped the trap after putting in the bait. When I brought it back up, it was full of holes. Didn't catch a crab.

👤The nylon bait holder works as it should after it broke off. Light duty is more similar to others. It's a good buy for the money, we only used it during the summer.

5. LikeFish Foldable Fishing Lobsters Small Dia

LikeFish Foldable Fishing Lobsters Small Dia

A great item for a Luau party. The material is nylon and soft steel. The top dia. is Size: top dia. The bottom dia. is 31.5inch. 23.6inch Pull the string on the top and it will open automatically. The portable automatic telescopic fishing shrimp trap is convenient and simple to use. It's great for catching crabs, lobster, minnows, shrimp, and crawfish.

Brand: Laxygo

👤It works well for catching small bait fish. It would work for crawdads. It wouldn't expect to last. I like to keep them on the boat and always have them for spare time, it's fun for the kids.

👤The package was opened. It turned into a net from a small package. There were no instructions to fold it back. The nylon tears very quickly. If you know the secret, it might be easy to fold. If you are using it to bring fish up to a pier, don't buy it, it is flimsy. If you want to catch crabs, you need rocks for it to hang on, because it will tear very easily. Let me know if you find any instructions on how to fold this thing back into its case.

👤We use this as a ball-holder in our yard for all the stray balls, but they would get all gross if we had put them in a bucket. I hung it on the plant holder, it was perfect to hold balls without the water.

👤It works well in open water. There is a The net material doesn't last long after you catch sticks or heavy fish. Good for a weekend of fishing.

👤The design is nice, you have to figure out how to fold it back up, the strings are light and easy to replace. I like the design. The net is more of a bucket design and traps the fish better than most nets.

👤The job is done. I took it out on Saturday to catch smelt off of a local pier and use it as bait. I was able to catch over 50 smelt in about an hour.

👤The design is nice, but not durable enough for a big harvest.

👤It is not durable at all. Thin strings make up the quality of the net. It ripped open. The crab legs tore it open. I don't understand how a crab trap can be made of this material. It's like using yarn to cage a tiger.

6. Nswdhy Crawfish Trap,Crab Foldable Fishing

Nswdhy Crawfish Trap%EF%BC%8CCrab Foldable Fishing

SF want to provide excellent customer service. If you're not happy with their products, please contact them and they'll make it right. It's possible to give a try without hassles. The telescopic fishing shrimp trap is portable and easy to use, just pull the string on the top and the net will open. The fishing net trap has a double-decker design that is great for catching smelt, crab, lobster, minnows, shrimp and crawfish. It can be folded into a small size, lightweight and portable to take out the prey. The fishing net has a diameter of 45 cm and a length of 80 cm. Put the bait in the cage, then sink the cage into the water.

Brand: Nswdhy

👤No good at all. I went to the trash when I opened it.

👤Product fell apart in 30 minutes.

👤The design is good, but made cheaply, and the entrance is too small for crabs and tiny fishes. It is more of a toy than a tool. It is okay to catch crawfish and shrimp.

👤The 2 I bought did not last long in the water.

👤It was very flimsy. If the whole neck collapses if you get more than 30 crayfish. One already broke.

👤The grocery store bag will be better for you. The product was awful. Not worth the money spent.

7. Frabill 1271 Fishing Equipment Traps

Frabill 1271 Fishing Equipment Traps

You have no worries about trying the Piscifun magnetic net release. Frabill has been trusted by fishermen since 1938. The dimensions are 10 x 9 x 9 and the black color provides camouflage. Two-piece design simplifies baiting and catch removal. The spring clip is included. It is designed to trap minnows.

Brand: Frabill

👤The snake that took up residence in my garage has been trapped. Sometimes I don't have to shoo non-venomous snakes back to the field where they eat mice. It works great as a snake trap, but can't say how it works as a minnow trap. The small diameter of the entry hole makes it difficult for other animals to get to the bait and the cone shape entry makes it difficult to get back out. It's a good idea to check it often.

👤There is a huge design flaw in this. minnows can exit the trap easily with the help of a soldered ring in the entry. Some traps have a ring that leaves the wire pointing inward so the fish don't escape. I have two traps on the pier. The trap catches 20 to 1 without the ring. If you already have this trap, I will cut the ring out with wire snips.

👤I've watched several videos of people using this trap successfully. I can't catch anything. I place the trap in the direction of the water flow, try all sorts of bait, and see the minnows where I lay the trap. Dog food, can of tuna, chicken livers, bread... I leave the trap for 24 hours and come back to nothing. All my bait is still there. The water is not moving fast. I don't know what I'm doing. Is there any information out there?

👤I had a snake problem this past year. Sometimes clearing your property doesn't solve the problem. I was able to capture and relocate a lot of snakes using these traps and an egg placed inside.

👤I haven't had a problem with my trap in the world, despite a lot of reviews complaining about it not working. The pictures I've added here show what I caught in a small stream after an hour in the water. I've used this trap about three times and it hasn't disappointed me once. This trap seems to be the same as the ones I've grown up with, I'm thinking all of the bad reviews about it not working boil down to user error or rotten luck. Regardless of whether you're fishing with a pole, a net or a trap at the end of the day, your success depends on knowing what bait to use and where to put it.

👤I joined the two sections together with a zip tie ring because if the safety pin came loose you could lose the other half of the trap. Good product.

👤I was hesitant because I thought it should cost more. I thought it would be flimsy. The vinyl coating is thick and sturdy. I gave it five stars because it is a tried and proven design and an upgrade in materials. I can find something that could be improved. I can't find out if it has a whole for minnows to enter. If you want minnows longer than inches, you might not be happy. The clip used to keep the two halves together, which made it hard to open. It was difficult to keep the two halves together because the gauge wire was thick. I am still strong despite getting older. I am sure it costs more to build that clip. It is built to last.

8. Yeahmart American Saltwater Fishing Aluminum

Yeahmart American Saltwater Fishing Aluminum

You will have a one year warranty and good service with their fishing net. This product is ideal for bait fishing and has high quality craftsmanship. The mesh is handmade and durable. It's easy to throw. You don't have to worry about the environment being polluted. bait cannot escape because of a quick sink and tight seal. Most bait species can be accommodated with a 4 feet radius and a 3/8” mesh. If you have a question about the product, please contact them. One year warranty is provided by them. If you don't like the product they send you, they will exchange it for something else.

Brand: Yeahmart

👤The net in the pictures is not the net they sent me, but the words "aluminum frisbee" are buried in the 163 character title. I would never have bought this if I had known that it had a frisbee. The quality is garbage. The aluminum frisbee made the net difficult to use after only 3 throws. Never again.

👤I opened the box and saw the ring, I didn't bother to test it. If you want a traditional style cast net, go with the super spreader brand. I hope this review helps prevent people from making an impulse purchase of this product based on a photo that does not represent the actual product.

👤I'm a cast net dummy. I've never been able to get them to open consistently. I have been able to throw it with one hand. It's great to use out of a small boat.

👤Even though it's only $25, you should definitely get this casting net, it's the best option and it's very reliable. I got it and went to the beach and wanted to go fishing off a pier and deep sea, but it cost me nothing to get bait, other than buying the net itself. The weights are helpful. If you get this net, you can use it to go to the beach in the morning and look for schools to catch tons of bait.

👤The mullet swam through the net. I sent it back. It is more effort than it is worth. The mesh is very thin and brittle. The frisbee addition is useless. The seller is taking advantage of not being able to see what we are buying. This is worth the money. Good luck getting more than one cast around oysters. Not a product that will last.

👤The product is fine, but as a first time user, they realize there are no instructions and various parts to this thing. The other person says that he can start looking at the video and hope that it is the same as this one, but just realize that there are no instructions included.

👤I've been throwing cast nets for 60 years. This one is not like anything I've tried before. It feels cheap and looks cheaper with a "disk" inserted. Didn't want to waste time. Maybe they use it in China. I bought a Made in America net after returning it.

👤If you want to catch fish, you should get this. It gets easy. The ring on top is annoying. What is the point of it?

9. Double Folding Lobster Fishing Diameter

Double Folding Lobster Fishing Diameter

The nylon mesh nets are ace. Quality and durable nylon and soft steel material is easy to use and portable. The fishing net size has been expanded. The bottom dia is 23in. The portable automatic telescopic fishing shrimp trap is easy to use and folds easily. The fishing net trap is great for catching fish. The fishes net should be used as far as possible.

Brand: Lonkiktik

👤It's cheap, needs better instructions to fold it back up, but it's great for catching your own bait, I tie mine on the end of a 8 ft pole, so it comes up straight.

👤I use it to get fish in the deck when I'm pier fishing. If you use it for that, I recommend putting a 4 oz weight on it.

👤Some fish are smarter than this design, so it's not entirely fair to fault it. This net didn't work for me, so my overall rating is high. There are some improvements that can be made to make this net more effective. I'm donating this net to someone who will use it to catch a lot of 3-6" fish. I was able to catch one with this net, but I was short of the 40-50 I wanted to catch. Over the course of a couple months, I have tried many times to use this net again. My fish won't swim over this net. If my fish are caught in a corner, they go around the net. I believe that camouflaging the net and line would help in this situation. The float might not be the best choice for my application. There are likely applications where this will work. In an area where fish are not yet afraid of this net, it's particularly important. Bright colors on the net, line, and float are likely to be an advantage in that situation as you can easily see where the net is in muddy waters. I'm going to paint it black to see if my fish will see it. Probably not.

👤We were going to crabbing on the Oregon coast. They lasted about two throws before the nets broke. Rent the commercial brand from the locals.

👤Didn't realize the hoops folded. I'm planning to return it because it won't work for Dungeness or rock crabs.

👤Don't waste your money. Terrible product.

👤I had to remove some fingerlings from my pond. It took several days for the small koi to start swimming over the net, but with the high sides blocking the escape it works well. It looks like it was made of good material.

👤It doesn't look like it will last long but the kids will enjoy it.

10. Drasry Crawfish Portable Collapsible Accessories

Drasry Crawfish Portable Collapsible Accessories

It is easy to operate. Even if you are a beginner, you can learn to catch more live bait with this design. Capture it easy and fun. Significant savings in bait cost can be provided. It is possible to meet the needs of professional fishing enthusiasts, so come and choose their fishing net as a Christmas, New Year, holidays, or birthday gifts for friends and family. The galvanized 0.16 in steel wire is used as a circular spring cage, and the mesh of the polyethylene mesh is hand-processed to provide stability and convenience. It's suitable for fresh and salwater. The network entrance and mesh design will help you catch more prey. ADVANTAGE: It is easier to take out the captured prey with the special openable design. Avoid being bitten by animals. The package includes a fishing trap, hand rope, bait bags, and a trap bag. It's easy to converse. It is easy to carry up without taking up space. It's the first choice for most fishing. The application is for something. It can be used to catch arthropods. Simply place the bait in the bag, hang the bag in the middle of the net, place the cage in the water, and wait for the prey to enter the cage from both sides of the entrance.

Brand: Drasry

👤I was not sure how to get the crabs out. No instructions, but quickly figured it out. Just released the 2 hooks, deployment was easy. Tie rope to the mangroves. It is easy to get the suckers out. Hold the trap over the bucket and compress it so that everything comes sliding out. I like it.

👤The crabtrap is a starter trap for catching crabs. I've never done much crabbing before and wanted to try it out, but the trap is small and not heavy, however, it is strong and durable, so I'm not worried about it being heavy or bulky. The trap is more suited for catching bait fish and smaller crabs. It's an inexpensive trap for beginners, but I would strongly recommend a larger trap if you want to catch bigger crabs.

👤I use traps for crawfish in fresh water lakes in Utah. They caught 100 to 200 in one night. If the trap is full, pull them up, they don't get out of the trap like other traps. They are easy to open and dump out. I have 6 traps and have used them many times. The traps are holding up well after I leave them out overnight. There are no repairs yet. I will buy new ones when they wear out, I have got my money's worth out of them. It's easy to use for kids. The cheaper ones that do not have a door to open should not be bought. I tried them first and gave them away because you have to remove each crawfish by hand one at a time.

👤I caught a big crab with this net, I put it into the beach.

👤I was skeptical at first, but after putting the trap out I had crabs and shrimp in my trap. I put the trap back out after 2 hours and had 8 more crabs and at least 2 dozen shrimp in my trap. There are a couple of small fish. If you live, make sure to register and get proper floats and tags for your trap, or the game warden will fine you and take your catch.

👤I wanted to use the trap for at least a month before I wrote a review. I was born and raised in Louisiana, where old ways are held onto like a bad cold. I have used every type of trap you could think of, and this is the best trap that is easy to use and produces more crawfish than any of my other traps. Excellent quality.

👤We were excited when we got this item, but unfortunately it didn't work out as we had expected. We never catch anything even though they send you some bait bags. We were going to catch some fish. We don't know why our bait is gone, but we break the outside. We did not catch anything. That is hilarious. People mentioned trap crabs in the previous customers reviews. Maybe next time I will try to catch some crabs. I edited the review since the seller contacted me and gave me some solutions and suggestions, that was nice of him/her. Things worked out for us. I'll give them continuous support, but you should consider a seller with great customer care.

11. LIOOBO Folding Portable Crayfish Floating

LIOOBO Folding Portable Crayfish Floating

It's easy to use, no need to install, and it's convenient. Pull the string on the top and the net will open. The fishing net trap is made of high precision mesh and has more fish. It can be folded in a small size, lightweight and portable. It's great for catching crustaceans such as lobster, shrimp, and crawfish.

Brand: Lioobo

👤I received something that is not pictured. I have used the ones that look like an umbrella before and liked them, but they are not as sturdy as I would have liked. They rip quickly. I bought this product and thought I was getting those. The picture of the wire frames that unfold and zip together was what actually came. I couldn't get mine to fit together. It isn't worth the money. I wouldn't recommend buying.

👤He was so excited to catch 30 small trout, he bought it for his grandson.

👤It works but it is easy to do.

👤Demasiado malo, pero se rompe rapido.


What is the best product for fishing net trap?

Fishing net trap products from Plusinno. In this article about fishing net trap you can see why people choose the product. Noa Store and Plusinno are also good brands to look for when you are finding fishing net trap.

What are the best brands for fishing net trap?

Plusinno, Noa Store and Plusinno are some of the best brands that chosen by people for fishing net trap. Find the detail in this article. Laxygo, Nswdhy and Frabill are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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