Best Fishing Nets for Saltwater Long Handle

Saltwater 6 Feb 2023 10+ Comments Open

1. PLUSINNO Floating Steelhead Foldable Transportation

PLUSINNO Floating Steelhead Foldable Transportation

Perfect landing net for any species. The Plusinno Non-Snag fishing net is very versatile, made with super-strong and durable alluminium for use in fresh and saltwater fishing, great for bass, walleye, small redfish, speckled trout, Kayak, Canoe, any species! The net is floating. The Plusinno floating nets are made with foam padding to the drum-shaped hoop, and a lanyard cord with a clip to keep it out of the water. A portable design. The floating fishing net has a yoke and foldable hoop that can be folded into itself or be dismantled when not in use. It's light and small, so it can fit in a backpack, trunk or boat. Non-Snag is Tangle-Free. The rubber coated mesh landing net is better for fishing and less harmful to fish. Their knot-free nets surface is ideal for catch-and-release fishing because it is kind to fish and prevent tangles. Strong, durable, and lightweight. Premium portability, strength, and support are provided by the high-quality aluminum alloy. Perfect landing net for any species. The Plusinno Non-Snag fishing net is very versatile, made with super-strong and durable alluminium for use in fresh and saltwater fishing, great for bass, walleye, small redfish, speckled trout, Kayak, Canoe, any species!

Brand: Plusinno

👤I was a little concerned that it might be too small but after testing it out on the water, it performed just fine. If you are a kayak fisherman, you need a net that is small and sturdy, as space is limited on kayaks. Most fish caught in fresh water or inshore salt water will easily be handled by this net. The telescopic version of this net is the better option if you target fish over 25 inches long or weigh more than 7 pounds.

👤Can't afford those fishing nets? Plusino has done a great job of combining performance and value. I needed an extendable and foldable fish net for my boat so I purchased the 1.5M Yellow version. The net checks all the boxes for under $35. You're not going to get a carbon fiber handle or carbon fiber locks for $35. If you are fishing primarily for sub 10lb fish, you can get a rubber net, foldable net, and floating net for only $35. If you are fishing for blue cats, look somewhere else and spend a lot more. My wife was able to grab a nice bluegill. It is light and balanced for a big net. She was able to get the loose hook out of the rubber net with ease. I grabbed a 3lb bass with ease. Again, for $35, you can't go wrong with Plussino's net. Excellent recommendation.

👤The net is very good for the price. It is very easy to carry and can reach a good distance. The diameter of the net makes it easy to land big fish and the holes in the net are large enough to keep the fish in. It's convenient to keep this net in the back of your car or backpack, so that you can always be prepared if you see a lake or pond. I would recommend this net to anyone who needs a light, compact, and strong net.

👤I like this net. A belt clip is on the folded half. I wear it on my belt. It has captured over 30 trout so far, but it's difficult to remove small treble hooks when caught in a net. About 10% of the time, I cut the hooks in pieces with pliers to free the fish. Large and single trebles are easy to untangle. The net is strong if used as intended. The net is strong and will hold up over time. The handle's folding hinge will break if abused. Children and young adults should not play with it. They will break it. It's not a butterfly net or a butt spanker.

👤The little fishing net is very small. It clips to my belt. It's very strong. The smell of my nylon net is not as strong because the net is not made of mesh. There is a A quick rinse at the end of the day. I can operate with one hand on the folds and locks of the net. The handle is made of lightweight aluminum and has a lanyard and carabiner clip on it. It was a nice strong feel. This product is very good.

2. YVLEEN Floating Fishing Net Freshwater

YVLEEN Floating Fishing Net Freshwater

The materials are aluminum, steel and nylon. Net dimensions are 8” diameter and 10” deep. The handle length is 16. The overall length was 24.25. The floating fishing net has premium foam around the rim of the hoop and handle, which makes it easier to retrieve the net at the bottom of the water. You will never have to worry about losing a fishing net. The fishing net is light and portable, it is easy to transport or attach to a backpack. The belt clip design is only 0.78 lbs and you feel nothing when attached to your pants or belt. It is tangle free from hook, and good for fish, because it is a fishing net. The telescopic fishing net is 38.6 inches long. There is a square shape haircut. There is no way for it to happen. The square shape design makes the fishing net wide enough for fish to be flat in it.

Brand: Yvleen

👤I paid more for the version that was described on the page. The description and photos show it. I got a reply back from the seller saying "it does not telescope" after I posted a question on the page. What the hell? Then, false advertising. There is a nut that could allow the item to be telescoped. I paid more for the Telescoping version. I can't turn the nut. The nut has a clip on it. I thought it would prevent it from coming loose. I can't get it to turn and if it doesn't telescope, then screw it. I'll keep it and use it as a spare, and probably buy a better net. The photos show it floating, but I don't understand why it doesn't float. Have not tested it yet. The nylon mesh is inferior to the string. It seems like it would be okay for inland fishing of fish over 15 lbs. We will have to see. It is not light weight, but it is heavy. I like the net head. It seems like it will save room on the net. I like that it has a lanyard and a small carabiner clip on it. I keep it in a zip lock bag for storage. That way my gear doesn't smell weird. I read a lot of reviews before buying this, and I was disappointed that the mesh was cheap and not as strong as a string net. It could be my fault if I missed that part. The lanyard gave it two stars rather than one, but the folding is nice. What a sad day!

👤It's not good for red or snook trout. Net is much smaller than I expected. The quality is small. The handle doesn't work as well as it could. It was very stiff.

👤I chose the olive green one because it matched my boat. It works well, but it could be better if the net lock was put in place when it was folded. It is better for the price than some of the other nets that I looked at. I like that you can open it with one hand, it's handy when fighting a fish.

👤It seems like hooks don't get caught in the net easy to remove fish from, very nice, like the idea that it dropped it in the water retrieved back no problem.

👤I bought this net and three others for my grandsons. It was pretty obvious that a floating net would be the best option for one of them to drop the net in the river. The net is light so they don't have to worry about toting it. Being sturdy doesn't hurt them as they're young. I want to take some photos of them with their trophy fish.

👤It was a great bang for your buck. The large net and floating aspect allows me to easily isolated fish while keeping the net at the surface.

👤It is a nice material and telescope to put away. It does the trick, but I wish it was a little longer.

3. Fishing Landing Aluminum Telescoping Steelhead

Fishing Landing Aluminum Telescoping Steelhead

It's simple to use and convenient to use, a perfect fishing tool for everyone. A telescopic design. The telescopic handle can be extended from 19 in to 49.2 in, so long as you have enough reach to reach your reach. The coated fine mesh net makes it easy to catch fish. The net makes it easy to catch and release the fish. The net won't hurt the scales. The telescopic pole has a locking mechanism that prevents the hook points from getting stuck in the net, and the fishing mesh fabric is designed to be less easily hooked. The frame is not heavy and theFolding handle is 14 in wide and 15.8 in deep. The fishing net folds up at the push of a button to make it easy to store in your fishing tool bag, on the boat, in your garage or at home. It is easy to carry and take up less space. The material is high-quality. The hexagonal structure mesh makes the fishing net strong. The rubber handle is comfortable. Special materials can prevent the smell from coming from fish scales. The landing net of wading is made of 4mm fishnet nylon mesh and has a large load capacity, the net can support up to 38.6 lbs and the pole can support up to 132.2 lbs. A wide range of applications makes a great net. It's great for fishing for large fish such as trout and carp, as well as small creatures such as birds and butterflies.

Brand: Yushi

👤The handle broke when I used the net to land a fish. It is no longer usable. Unless it is used for minnows, I won't recommend this.

👤Looks great! The net is small enough to be used for fishing or surfing. I used a magnet to quickly access my tackle belt shoulder strap. It's big enough for a 12” to 24” fish. The net is strong. The tubing is made of aluminum. Good value too!

👤The net is not big enough for any fish over 8 lbs.

👤It doesn't hold much and is not strong enough. Very disappointed.

👤First time it was bent, it was because of design.

👤This is for small trout or pan fish. Not for big fish.

👤The item is better than described. Exactly what I was looking for. Light but heavy work.

4. Fish Net Fish Tank Cleaning Supplies

Fish Net Fish Tank Cleaning Supplies

The extendable handle and strong nylon mesh of the fish tank net make it useful. The fish net for fish tank use is built to last. Their telescopic aquarium net is designed to reach nooks and crannies. Their aquarium fish net can catch and transfer small fish. Their small fish net is a real catch, it's at a wide 4/6" wide.

Brand: Fish Pros

👤I thought it would be the same. Small nets are great for the smallest of small. I like it. Great for a small grab in a deeper aquarium. I was happy I purchased. I was looking for the perfect one on Amazon. I hope this helps someone. If I need to catch a shrimp or a small snail in my tanks, the size is fast and it doesn't knock around everything in my tanks. Even with an extension, my other net is really good. The net is made of different materials. It is not as sleek or small. I am glad I followed the advice to spend the money and have a second net. If you don't have a quality net on hand, you should have a sick tank, shrimp, snails, smaller fish that are hard to catch, as it extends long. Hope this is helpful. I only come back and write because I spend my money on the best deal I can find, based on what I read, watch and do. Hope you are helped.

👤I was looking forward to seeing this. I use a net every day to scoop up his food, which helps keep his water clean. After a while, the wire handle bends and it becomes more difficult to clean. The handle extends and doesn't bend. The net portion moves around and releases some of the items back into the water because it doesn't lock into place. The net portion is too shallow, which is the reason why things get released back into the water. This would be a great product if the company could stop the net portion from moving and make the net deeper. I'm going back to a regular net after using it for a week.

👤It's not clear why Amazon's star rating is "durability", "value for money" and "sturdiness." Kind of redundant. I don't think this net is particularly durable and I wouldn't describe it as sturdy. What it lacks in those departments makes up for in convenience. I can easily reach the bottom of my aquarium without getting wet because it telescopes like an old radio antenna. The small side of the net is great for fish under 6 inches. I use mine to scoop out dead fish. The stem seems to be made of steel.

👤The fish tank net is not bad. It looks small when not extended, but it is long. Look at my picture. The fish tank is 18 inches tall. I wouldn't do much with this net if you were to move something heavy that could damage the net's handle. It's great for removing debris and fishes.

👤There is a small pond at our house. We need to do something small to help clean the pond. We don't have to get down on my hands and knees to pick out leaves with the telescopic handle.

👤It was the best I could have asked for but it fell apart within a month. I used the net only 3 times because it was too heavy to hold in weight.

5. SANLIKE Fishing Landing Telescoping Freshwater

SANLIKE Fishing Landing Telescoping Freshwater

Maxcatch Fly Fishing offers a one-year warranty for all of their gear. You can return it at any time if you don't like it. They offer lifetime repairing for Max catch fly fishing tackles. The net size is 13.8" x 16.9" Bigger fish will be caught with a thicker, deeper net. The long handle has enough strength to catch fish. The rubber coated fish net is nylon rubber coated and has a soft surface that is easy to catch and release. Compact and portable. The fish net can be positioned for use at will and can be extended from 15 inches to 43 inches. The whole net pole is only 1 lbs and it will not burden you. The folding fishing net can be folded by pressing the joint between the net surface and the pole, which will not take up much space. You can hang it on your belt or backpack. The quick-open lock is more convenient and allows the fishing net pole to be extended in seconds without much effort, which is different from the twist lock of other products. The waterproof landing net can be used on any boat, kayak, canoe. It is very easy to use their fishing net, whether you are a veteran fisherman or an inexperienced novice. It is a great gift for fathers, boyfriends, husbands and friends.

Brand: Sanlike

👤There are pros and cons. It's large enough for 99% of the fish I'll ever catch, and it's folds to a compact size. The plastic folding mechanism at the base of the net seems to be a weak point, since it's not a metal part. The bottom line. I only use it a few times a year, but I like that it extends fully into the water without being too far away. I would probably buy a net with a solid aluminum shaft if it weren't a concern.

👤I've used the net several times to catch fish over 6 lbs. The extendable handle is very useful. This is not a heavy duty landing net. I'm sure parts will break if you put too much strain on it. The folding feature is useful, but it does feel a bit flimsey, as others have commented. It was quite remarkable for the price. I'm happy with it.

👤I got this net after breaking my net. It is very easy to transport, folds and unfolds. Mediumcaught catfish, no tangles, is the best feature. Their tangle is usually their spine. Net is very deep.

👤Good net. Don't try to land the bass with it. I am happy with the quality.

👤It appears to be long lasting next and extendable pole.

👤I bought two for the kids. I got another one for myself because I liked it so much. It fits in my backpack and is fun to play in.

6. Ed Cumings Inc B 135 Landing

Ed Cumings Inc B 135 Landing

Perfect gift for fishermen and people who love fishing. The collapsible fishing net and the fishing grippers are fish friendly, which will not be harmful to fish scales, suitable for sea fishing, kayak fishing, river fishing, lake fishing, boat fishing, etc. The Bow is 14 x 11 and has 19 1/2 Overall Length and 12 Net Depth. There are black anodized Bows. The Elastic Cord is heavy-duty. The black nylon mesh is super soft.

Brand: Ed Cumings Inc

👤This net is worth all five stars even though I am leery of high reviews. I needed a small net for canoeing through the BWCA of Minnesota. We passed this mini from boat to boat whenever we got on fish because no one else thought to bring a net. It saved the day. The net was strong enough to handle the feisty fish. I hope this helps you make an informed decision. Mahalo.

👤We should be added to the fans of this net. It's small enough to fit in a suitcase, but large and deep enough to hold the fish we catch. The net is strong and large enough to allow things to pass through, even if you're not trying to catch them. It's useful for more than just fishing. It's important to get your hook into the net. While someone is getting the camera ready for a picture with your catch, you can lower the net into the water. If you're buying a net, make sure you pay attention to the size of the opening and the depth of the net.

👤I use small spinners to catch trout. When I landed a fish, the treble hooks would get caught in the net about half the time. I tried to get the hooks out of the net. My son has the same problem as I ordered 2 nets for him. The man took them away.

👤I wade the lake shorelines. This is a great net. I can hand land most fish, but it works well when I get larger fish. The right net depth and hoop size will make it easy to work with while standing in the water. Hooks don't get caught in the net mesh. The old favorite net had deteriorated to the point where it was no longer needed. Since the size of that old net was great, I was looking to buy a replacement net, but found those to be as expensive as this entire net. I was happy to pass on the net replacement. I like the shape, depth, and material of this net more than my old one. This will be used a lot. This was a great find. I just ordered another one because I like this net so much. My brother did the same. We're getting some nice walleyes to use on these, so they are proving to be very good.

👤It's the perfect size for the kayak. The hooks get caught easily in the net material but are not a deal breaker. I would recommend it to anyone looking for a small net.

👤It's a fishing net, I understand the sellers need good feedback, but if you don't like it, you're not going to like it.

👤I bought a net for fishing. I'm not dropping a star because I'm using the handle on a kayak, but I would like it to be 6 inches longer. The reason it is not getting a 5 star is because it would be great if the net wasn't made of hooks. I knew that going in, but that's the reason for the score. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend a good net.

7. Ed Cumings Steelhead 27 Inch 36 Inch

Ed Cumings Steelhead 27 Inch 36 Inch

No warranty is provided by San 800-244-0167, it provides a 30-day money-back guarantee and a 12-month warranty for any products with quality issues. The bow is 21 1/2 x 27 x 36 inches. Heavy Duty 1 1/4" Diamond Embossed Handle.

Brand: Ed Cumings Inc

👤This is a great net and a great price. It is good for salmon, stripers, and large albacore to have a large size. It folds up for storage. It is a bit heavy for the size and the handle is thicker than expected, so it doesn't fit in a kayak rod holder hole.

👤There were two dents in the handle.

👤For the last 4 years, use this net while fishing in New York. I haven't been let down yet.

👤It was a bit on the small side but still a good quality.

8. Steelhead Telescopic Extending Releasing 30 71inch

Steelhead Telescopic Extending Releasing 30 71inch

The anywhere net is great to use on any boat, kayak, canoe, or jet ski. Durability and strength. The nylon mesh and net frame are strong. The aluminum alloy handle has a comfortable non-slip grip for the perfect balance of strength and weight. The handle is sturdy because of the rubber coating. Their Handle never fell apart because of the lightweight aluminum alloy rod. Load capacity can be up to 10 lbs. It's easy to open up. Classical shape and size -13.78" depth and 30.7 inch total length, 15.3" x 15.3" hoop, fishing net hole diameter: 0.2 inch are used. The fish landing net has a pole and folding hoop nets. The collapsible net frame is where you put the fishing net. The switch is easy to use. The style nets could hold most kind of fish. From pike to chicken. You can enjoy fishing with your kids or alone. It is easy to store with a strong handle structure, collapsible net frame and Knotless nylon mesh. The collapsible size is about 17.3" (L) x 4.6" (W) x 2.3" (H). Money back guarantee - for a period of at least a year. The net will not hurt fish scales. It's great for catching fish and animals such as saltwater and ocean fish, kayaking, pier fishing, lake water, and motor boating. They offer a 30 day money back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied. Please contact them if you have any questions.

Brand: Synoratoryfishingnet

👤I bought this for catching chickens and it was really great. The triangle shape means I can scoop them up off the ground without bending over, and the long side doesn't have a bar, so I'm not worried about hurting them. Sometimes my chickens aren't ready to go back in their run when I want them to, but I like letting them out to foraged. It is much easier to put the ones away with this net.

👤The item is not as advertised. The add states that it doesn't have a telescopic handle. Has a short handle. If you're looking for a met with a lenght, I wouldn't purchase this item. Cheap product. Can't recommend this company or product.

👤This net arrived today. The key chain loop is attached to the net at the handle. Why? It is not a good key chain loop. It is not closed all the way. I have looked at all the pictures of this product online and do not see a single picture with this or mention of it in the specifications. This is not the way it was supposed to happen. It is going to pull too hard on the net hole. I would have liked this net more if it wasn't so crazy.

👤We use this every day. I bought it and the other one. The round style broke. The one who was the keeper was this one. The color is gorgeous.

👤The main reason I bought this net was because of the ad on Amazon, which said it's "extendable". It doesn't. The net portion folds down against the handle for storage. It's a net. Not an extended one. A long handle is important for catching chickens and ducks. This one is a total failure for me.

👤You can buy a better product at Walmart. It is cheaper and the pole is longer. This does not extend on Amazon.

👤The fish net is foldable. It's almost a pocket size. My daughter likes it!

👤The net is very strong and light. It's easy to clean after a fishing trip. You don't want the wife to be angry about that fish smell. It is very small since it folds up. The handle was short but it's still great.

9. RESTCLOUD Fishing Landing Telescoping Extends

RESTCLOUD Fishing Landing Telescoping Extends

Long term performance and reliable use are ensured by the fishing landing net. Small fish can be caught in fresh and salt water. The telescopic handle can be extended from 18 to 36 inches, which is great for kids and adults. It is a perfect tool for beginners and advanced fishermen to use, as it does not damage fish. The fishing net is easy to fit into a rod locker. The net is locked into place after a flip of the handle.

Brand: Restcloud

👤This broke before we could use it. The handle snapped off when we extended it. Very cheap item. Soon, returning them.

👤I thought pond dipping would be fun and educational while we were stuck at home. The design of the net head was good, but the pole was not thought out. We brought this net to the pond for the first time and it snapped off at the sand bank because the corner hit the bank gently and the pole split. A disappointed kid and a disappointed parent. I don't recommend this product, but I think it could be a good one if it was reinforced at the weak point. I am unable to return this product because of the shelter in place order.

👤The net was used to grab a few fish. The kids knocked off the grass with a small bend in the tube. The pole snapped. In my rage, I threw the net into the dumpster. Would not buy again.

👤We used it for the first time. It had a small fish in it. It snapped when we tried to bend it back. It didn't hold the weight it said it would. My 10 year old son bought this with his own money.

👤The net broke the first time we used it. The handle snapped when we hit the crab against the sand and it was too late to catch it. The net is strong.

👤I bought this net because it was inexpensive and highly rated, and I am new to fishing. Most departments of fish and wildlife recommend cotton or rubber nets for fishing, as I learn to fish. Sometimes you're going to have to throw a fish back. If it isn't the type you were hoping for, or doesn't meet a requirement that makes it fair game, it could happen. If you catch a bull trout in Oregon, you should return it to the water unharmed. I think the net is nylon and will hurt them. Is it nylon? Who knows? The product description doesn't say anything. It tells you all about the handle, but leaves out the most important information about the net, the material it is made out of. It claims to be great for catch and release. I realize that a cotton or rubber net is not a good net for catch and release now that I know that. I am not a catch and release fisherman. I cook what I catch. I will need to throw some back and buy a new net because I care about the environment. This product is being reported for an inaccurate description. Unless it's cotton or rubber nets, it shouldn't claim it's good for catch and release.

👤Most people agree that the aluminum net is a bit flimsy when used for fish larger than 3 lbs when fully extended. I have not had any issues with the net. I have netted some trophy trouts and bass and they have been working great. I love the fact that I can easily hike to my fishing spots. It is definitely worth a try for the price.

10. Shurhold 1825 Pear Shape Shrimp

Shurhold 1825 Pear Shape Shrimp

If you discover some parts missing when you receive it, please contact them, they promise to resend it. The fine mesh is 17 inches x 20 inches. Smaller objects won't slip through the holes. Combine with any Shurhold handle. Combine with any Shurhold handle.

Brand: Shurhold

👤The extension handle wasn't included. I think I can still catch a rooster without one since my extension handle won't fit. The handles listed to go with the crab net are longer than I need. Also expensive.

👤The net is very lightweight. Attaches quickly and securely to any Shurhold handle. The biggest fish I have landed is in the 10 to 15 pound range.

👤Works well. It's not a pole, but anyone with half a brain and a pair of pliers can fit it on any pole they have.

👤I had to use this twice in one day to get it. I bought it in time. Some items went over my sailboat. The thing snapped on quickly and was easy to use. Thank you for the integrated products. You need to separate this net from the pole. The whole product line is awesome, with all the other items that fit the shurhold like the brushes. The quality is worth it, even though it is expensive.

👤Beware. The net has no handle. They didn't make it clear, so I must have missed it.

👤I use this net to grab trash and balloons. It seems like it would be great for fish.

👤What you see is what you get. When you buy this net, you get nothing. Don't be fooled by me.

👤Ajusta al mango, ya es mucho ms de lo, el saco es resistente y bueno.

👤Net doesn't come with a pole.

11. Promar LN 401 Wood Handle Bait

Promar LN 401 Wood Handle Bait

The most sensible gift for kids is Minnow nets. Children will be happy. 24 inch overall length, including wood handle. The package weight is 0.2 pounds.

Brand: Promar

👤There is a Prop 65 warning on the handle. I bought this for my children to play with. It's really frustrating.

👤We used this at the beach with the kids and caught a lot of sandcrabs. It's so fun. They held up well after we ordered 3 of them. It didn't affect the experience at all.

👤The kids like to dig up sand crabs at low tide. It appears to be a type of steel. I didn't think it would last, but it did for the summer. I was surprised that it floats for a while and can be grabbed if you drop it off. Great value! I would work well in a live well.

👤The net is very durable. Our kids use them to catch small fish in the waves at the beach for many years. The ones at the souvenir shop are plastic.

👤The net is strong and sturdy. It's good to catch large shells at the ocean before the waves take them back.

👤It is not very fine mesh, so you may need a different one.

👤Three kids were at the beach and I held up well. A lot of minnows, crabs, etc.

👤It's useless, it's not like the ad says it's six inches. The handle is very thin.

👤Solid wood handle.


What is the best product for fishing nets for saltwater long handle?

Fishing nets for saltwater long handle products from Plusinno. In this article about fishing nets for saltwater long handle you can see why people choose the product. Yvleen and Yushi are also good brands to look for when you are finding fishing nets for saltwater long handle.

What are the best brands for fishing nets for saltwater long handle?

Plusinno, Yvleen and Yushi are some of the best brands that chosen by people for fishing nets for saltwater long handle. Find the detail in this article. Fish Pros, Sanlike and Ed Cumings Inc are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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