Best Fishing Nets for Saltwater Pier

Saltwater 25 Sep 2022 10+ Comments Open

1. Frabill Conservation Telescoping Handle Teardrop

Frabill Conservation Telescoping Handle Teardrop

Flat bottom net supports the entire length and weight of the fish. Frabill has been trusted by fishermen since 1938. The Frabill Telescoping Handle Net has a netting of tangle-free micromesh. The New Conservation Series nets have a telescopic handle that makes it easier to get fish in and out of the boat quickly. The net coating prevents hooks from snaring and tangling in the net. Flat bottom net supports the entire length and weight of the fish.

Brand: Frabill

2. PLUSINNO Fishing Floating Rubber Landing

PLUSINNO Fishing Floating Rubber Landing

If you meet any issues or are not satisfied with the product, please email them. A new floating net head. Two float tubes are added to two of the triangular sides. There is no need to worry about the net sinking or getting dropped with the added floats. The triangular shape design is foldable, attractive and easy to use. A telescopic handle. The full length is 28.34''-34.45'' and the weight is 14.11oz. The net is lightweight and easy to carry. The fishing net's shape and size will look good in your pictures. The ribbed net is made from nylon and hexagonal structure mesh that is very fish friendly. The catch and release process can be improved by protecting the fish and avoiding the treble hooks on your baits. Light weight and strong is a combination of the sturdy handle build with a mixture of carbon fiber and fiberglass, durable coated nylon and strong hexagonal structure mesh. The whole net compress can be found in your boat, kayak, car, or anywhere else that's compact. The most suitable fishing gear is what Plusinno is committed to making. The Plusinno Triangular Floating Fishing Nets provide strength and performance for all fishermen. It is the best fishing net for everyone. It's great to use on any boat, kayak, canoe, or in any stream or body of water. It's suitable for both fresh and salt water.

Brand: Plusinno

👤I bought this to replace an old Rapala folding net which is showing its age, and it is a worthwhile upgrade in several ways. There is a The handle is made of carbon fiber and fiberglass and looks like a fishing rod. It folds down much smaller than my old net, but the same size when fully extended, and I appreciate the flexibility of being able to adjust its length based on my needs. I can't tell you how many times I've fumbled with removing fishhooks from my net. The rubber coating on this one will make hooks much easier to deal with. There is a It floats! I am very happy with this purchase.

👤I was looking for a net that would work for fishing from my kayak. I'm glad I got a collapsible because I wasn't originally looking for one. I can put it in my dry storage or on the side of my seat, out of the way, because this new folds up to a size where I can easily store it. It's good to have a net that doesn't get stuck in the back of my rod holder, so I don't have to worry about it. The net is easy to fold. The net portion is made of rubber, which is better than rope, as it will not get easily tangled. The opening is large enough to land a fish. I catch trout, redfish, and striper. The net is light and it is supposed to float, which is a bonus on the kayak.

👤What a great net! There is a In reviewing the new Blue Floating Fishing Net, I would say that Plussino took an already amazing, quality, durable fishing net, and stepped it up another notch. It is great to know that a company that is making its way into the fishing community is willing to listen to its customers and make changes to their products. Quality products can be achieved with the combined efforts. There is a The Blue Floating Fishing Net combines the study handle build with a mixture of carbon fiber and fiber glass with a floating net head. The net has the same look as the current model, but there are two float tubes on the triangular sides. There is no need to worry about the net sinking or getting dropped with the added floats. The net is made from a material that is very fish friendly. The whole net compress can be found in your boat, kayak, car, or anywhere else that's compact. This is a good product. Plussino has listened and made a top quality product for fishermen. With all the praise and positive feedback that I received, it's time for the one flaw in the near perfect net to be fixed. There is a flaw in the screw shaft extender. It's difficult to tighten or loosen because it's located underneath the belt clip. There is a way around this problem. The belt clip has two screws that hold it in place. I will be able to shorten and extend the shaft more easily once that is gone. This is a very well made product that can be used to pull in fish off the bank, canoe, kayak, or anywhere else that a net is needed.

3. Yeahmart Handmade American Saltwater Fishing

Yeahmart Handmade American Saltwater Fishing

It is designed to trap minnows. Made from durable and copolymer monofilament mesh, it's easy to throw. This product is a must have for any fisherman. The high density of zinc sinkers can reduce the splash water. Provide better weight, quick sink and tight bottom seal to prevent bait from escaping. Most bait species can be accommodated with the Dimention - 6Ft Rradius, 3/8 inch mesh. Capture live bait and have fun. Significant savings in bait cost can be provided. bait can be captured in deeper water. The total weight is about 4 pounds. A tight seal bottom and quick sink help prevent bait escape. It was strong and secure to close the deal on the retrieval. It is easy to operate. Even if you are a beginner, you can learn to catch more live bait with this design. Capture it easy and fun. Significant savings in bait cost can be provided. It is possible to meet the needs of professional fishing enthusiasts, so come and choose their fishing net as a Christmas, New Year, holidays, or birthday gifts for friends and family.

Brand: Yeahmart

👤I liked what I saw in the cast net. I ordered a 4 feet net since I use them in bait ponds but the one that showed up was a little over 6 feet. Oh well. I liked the rope and weights but the nets were not very deep and there were no 1/2 inch holes. The right size allowed a neighboring weight to slip through and cause a lot of problems. It's not what you want when you're on top of the bait. By the third day, the net was just pulling large bait against it. I wonder why anyone would use weights, rope and hand make a cast net. I'll try and find what I'm using at their online store and have it shipped to my local store because my local store stopped selling cast nets. They last me one season before they rip to shreds, and that's my fault, because I throw too close to brush or rocks. You can save money by buying elsewhere.

👤When one supplier has a competitive edge over another, I like it. I wanted the weights to be iron so that I don't have to wash them and baby sit them, and they are. I am ashamed of falling for it and letting an honest supplier down, because they took a way a sale from a potential honest and legitimate supplier by false advertising.

👤The listing title was 3/8′′. The net I received was a little larger than the grid size. It arrived on time for my fishing trip, but the size was too small for my application. I did not remove it from the bag until I saw the size. The mesh is on the thin side and would tear easily under any real use, so it seems like a decent quality if the size works for you. I will send it back.

👤A piece of junk. It came up with tears in the net when it was cast in the water. I don't know what it hit, I didn't feel resistance when I pulled it up. I threw it in the middle of the boat.

👤It works well for catching bait fish. I guess it's just as good as a throw net. It's done the job I need you to do, but it's still in one piece. The bait holder net that comes with it isn't very good. It's not what I thought it was, it's really small. I'm happy with the throw, but it's an extra.

👤The pot metal weights began to rust quickly. The mesh is small. The net tangles easily. There is a Not a serious net or even close for learning.

👤This item was affordable. It broke the first cast into the water. The missing aluminum hoop piece makes throwing the net easier. Get a better one and not have to deal with it.

4. Carpking Saltwater Freshwater Floating Telescopic

Carpking Saltwater Freshwater Floating Telescopic

It isdurable and long lasting. The CARPKING floating landing net adopt premium foam around the rim of the hoop and handle to provide good floatability. The fishing landing net can fall out of a boat or kayak. The lightweight and aluminum handle is reliable. It is easy to carry and use. The belt clip design is only half the weight of the pants and belt. Premium Shore Landing Net is 31.5" long, 11.8" wide, and 11.8" deep. It helps you catch and release fish. The square shape design makes the fishing net wide enough for fish to be flat in it. The rubber coating mesh is very fish friendly. The catch and release process is aided by the rubber coating on the hooks. The success rate of releasing fish back into the water increases. The fishing tackle industry has been involved with carpking for 20 years. They are dedicated to the development of efficient fishing gear. A fishing net can be a holiday gift. Customer services and a one year warranty are provided by them.

Brand: Carpking

👤I like this net. It is extremely lightweight and durable. The metal frame around the basket makes the net very strong. The lanyard attached to the handle secures the net when fishing. It can be clipped to a backpack. I can confirm that the net floats as I accidentally dropped it from the side of the boat. I was able to get it quickly. There is a This thing is worth it for the price. I highly recommend for any fisherman.

👤The folding mechanism is pretty cool. It seems to have been put together well. There is a clip at the end. The handle of the net has a soft grip. If you need a decent size hand held net, I would recommend it.

👤It is easy to carry great value for money.

👤A nice folding fishing net. It has a rubber coating on the surface that will protect the scales from damage. The extended handle is easy to use. I like that it has a lanyard and a small carabiner clip on it. It's a great fishing net and I highly recommend it.

5. Fishing Commercial Netting Vintage Decor

Fishing Commercial Netting Vintage Decor

A great item for a Luau or Under The Sea theme party. The 5 ft x 10 ft measure is brown. The nylon is super strong and will not rip or tear. The net has been cleaned and does not smell. Netting can be cut. When measured as a diamond, the mesh is a little over one inch.

Brand: Colibrox

👤These nets are not considered commercial fishing nets. They don't have the strength to catch a butterfly. They are only for decorative purposes, but they are so flimsy that I would be concerned about hanging anything from them. It was ridiculously overpriced. Save money.

👤The product is not as pictured. Four were ordered to use for the beach themed party. They weren't uniform in size, color, or quality. I ordered this product after seeing the close up photo of the nets. One of the nets I received was tied up. They are not uniform because they are used for commercial nets. The smell, patches and debris in the package made me believe this is the case. I can't use these at my party because of the same reasons. I will probably just return them because they are not of the quality I expected.

👤This is a quality fish net. It is hard to find. Most of the ones available are either string or fine thickness. This one is sturdy and will be perfect on my wall.

👤5ft x 10ft. Some pieces need to be stretched in the middle. We needed 10 packs to do 80 ft. It was used to create a barrier to keep the dogs on the deck. Looks nice. It is difficult to cut straight. They didn't put it over the nails. It should be worth it.

👤This is not a commercial fishing net. It is cheap and not what I paid for. That is not true. If you look at the picture attached, you will see that it says old vintage decor and new made in China. It doesn't look like a commercial net. I am not happy with it.

👤We found this on Amazon and it was the cheapest for what we needed. We went to a local store and saw this item for a quarter price. It wasn't a discount store and it wasn't on sale.

👤Before buying anything, I read reviews carefully. This is not a heavy fishing net. The net is flimsy. I will keep it because it is not worth the hassle of returning it. I will find a small project for it, but I am still looking for an authentic fishing net. This is not what you are looking for.

👤Exactly what I was hoping for. I don't see any evidence of this being used, and there's no smell or broken joints. It wasn't a problem where on each end there was a common junction where a bunch of the netting comes together. It helped me attach it to the wall.

👤The edges of this piece of decor were unraveling as I hung it. The decor is very delicate.

6. Yeahmart American Saltwater Fishing Aluminum

Yeahmart American Saltwater Fishing Aluminum

You will have a one year warranty and good service with their fishing net. This product is ideal for bait fishing and has high quality craftsmanship. The mesh is handmade and durable. It's easy to throw. You don't have to worry about the environment being polluted. bait cannot escape because of a quick sink and tight seal. Most bait species can be accommodated with a 4 feet radius and a 3/8” mesh. If you have a question about the product, please contact them. One year warranty is provided by them. If you don't like the product they send you, they will exchange it for something else.

Brand: Yeahmart

👤The net in the pictures is not the net they sent me, but the words "aluminum frisbee" are buried in the 163 character title. I would never have bought this if I had known that it had a frisbee. The quality is garbage. The aluminum frisbee made the net difficult to use after only 3 throws. Never again.

👤I opened the box and saw the ring, I didn't bother to test it. If you want a traditional style cast net, go with the super spreader brand. I hope this review helps prevent people from making an impulse purchase of this product based on a photo that does not represent the actual product.

👤I'm a cast net dummy. I've never been able to get them to open consistently. I have been able to throw it with one hand. It's great to use out of a small boat.

👤Even though it's only $25, you should definitely get this casting net, it's the best option and it's very reliable. I got it and went to the beach and wanted to go fishing off a pier and deep sea, but it cost me nothing to get bait, other than buying the net itself. The weights are helpful. If you get this net, you can use it to go to the beach in the morning and look for schools to catch tons of bait.

👤The mullet swam through the net. I sent it back. It is more effort than it is worth. The mesh is very thin and brittle. The frisbee addition is useless. The seller is taking advantage of not being able to see what we are buying. This is worth the money. Good luck getting more than one cast around oysters. Not a product that will last.

👤The product is fine, but as a first time user, they realize there are no instructions and various parts to this thing. The other person says that he can start looking at the video and hope that it is the same as this one, but just realize that there are no instructions included.

👤I've been throwing cast nets for 60 years. This one is not like anything I've tried before. It feels cheap and looks cheaper with a "disk" inserted. Didn't want to waste time. Maybe they use it in China. I bought a Made in America net after returning it.

👤If you want to catch fish, you should get this. It gets easy. The ring on top is annoying. What is the point of it?

7. Double Folding Lobster Fishing Diameter

Double Folding Lobster Fishing Diameter

The nylon mesh nets are ace. Quality and durable nylon and soft steel material is easy to use and portable. The fishing net size has been expanded. The bottom dia is 23in. The portable automatic telescopic fishing shrimp trap is easy to use and folds easily. The fishing net trap is great for catching fish. The fishes net should be used as far as possible.

Brand: Lonkiktik

👤It's cheap, needs better instructions to fold it back up, but it's great for catching your own bait, I tie mine on the end of a 8 ft pole, so it comes up straight.

👤I use it to get fish in the deck when I'm pier fishing. If you use it for that, I recommend putting a 4 oz weight on it.

👤Some fish are smarter than this design, so it's not entirely fair to fault it. This net didn't work for me, so my overall rating is high. There are some improvements that can be made to make this net more effective. I'm donating this net to someone who will use it to catch a lot of 3-6" fish. I was able to catch one with this net, but I was short of the 40-50 I wanted to catch. Over the course of a couple months, I have tried many times to use this net again. My fish won't swim over this net. If my fish are caught in a corner, they go around the net. I believe that camouflaging the net and line would help in this situation. The float might not be the best choice for my application. There are likely applications where this will work. In an area where fish are not yet afraid of this net, it's particularly important. Bright colors on the net, line, and float are likely to be an advantage in that situation as you can easily see where the net is in muddy waters. I'm going to paint it black to see if my fish will see it. Probably not.

👤We were going to crabbing on the Oregon coast. They lasted about two throws before the nets broke. Rent the commercial brand from the locals.

👤Didn't realize the hoops folded. I'm planning to return it because it won't work for Dungeness or rock crabs.

👤Don't waste your money. Terrible product.

👤I had to remove some fingerlings from my pond. It took several days for the small koi to start swimming over the net, but with the high sides blocking the escape it works well. It looks like it was made of good material.

👤It doesn't look like it will last long but the kids will enjoy it.

8. MoiShow Saltwater American Fishing Cast

MoiShow Saltwater American Fishing Cast

Anti-uv is a feature of single monofilament nets, it does not absorb a lot of water. Premium cast net. The fishing cast nets have tight seal bottom to prevent bait escape, 33' long braided hand line, throwing aid belt, and is easy to use for fishing bait. The cast net adopts a super premium raw material and line thickness which make it more durable and soft. 0.75LB Lead Weight Sink FASTER - High density pure lead and 1lb per foot weight, heavier than 1/3lb weight, sink faster to the bottom of the water, prevent bait escape, capture more bait. The bigger size of the casting net mesh makes it easy to break, and the utility box is easy to carry and store. You will have a one year warranty and good service with their fishing cast net.

Brand: Moishow

👤There is a problem with the inside fish trapping mechanism. If there is any fish inside the net and you pull the rope to catch them, they will go out because there is no pocket in the bottom part. In my experience, only the blue grill was entrapped. After using one time, I returned.

9. YaeMarine Freshwater Saltwater Environmental Friendly Material

YaeMarine Freshwater Saltwater Environmental Friendly Material

You will have a 3 year warranty on their fishing cast net. It's a must have for any fisherman. If you have a question, please contact them. You can choose the size you need. Aggravate the net and let it sink faster with an Environmental-friendly Material Sinker. The fishing net is made from specially treated tire lines. The small mesh size is ideal for most bait species. Fish escape when they catch more fish baits. bait can be captured in deeper water. Whether you are a novice or veteran, fishing equipment is easy to use. If you're not 100% satisfied with the product, please contact them by email on Amazon's "Ask a question" button, they'll solve it for you.

Brand: Yaemarine

👤This is a good net. I have two feet. The material type nets are not made from mono string. They will last several years if you keep it clean, air dry and store it out of the sunlight. My 6 foot is over two years old and has been in the water for a month each month. You should be satisfied with your purchase if you take care of it.

👤The net was thrown 10 times in the water before the slip ring at the top of the net came apart, rendering it useless. The quality here was disappointing.

👤Every time my husband goes fishing, he uses it. It is very durable.

👤It's easier to cast than the ones made out of plastic.

👤I didn't like the weights. I think it would be easier to open with regular weights.

👤After the winter is over, it looks like it's time to try it out.

👤I fixed it after it casted a few times and the ring broke and I thought it was a one time thing. I don't like how it's braid for once, I want some memory, but I didn't think about it.

👤If a leaf stem gets stuck in the net, it will not dry quickly, causing a smell and the material to become frail.

10. YUSHI Fishing Aluminum Telescoping Steelhead

YUSHI Fishing Aluminum Telescoping Steelhead

Their network of professional fishing guides and experts have designed fishing nets that are efficient and effective. A telescopic design. The telescopic handle can be extended from 19 in to 49.2 in, so long as you have enough reach to reach your reach. The coated fine mesh net makes it easy to catch fish. The net makes it easy to catch and release the fish. The net won't hurt the scales. The telescopic pole has a locking mechanism that prevents the hook points from getting stuck in the net, and the fishing mesh fabric is designed to be less easily hooked. The frame is not heavy and theFolding handle is 14 in wide and 15.8 in deep. The fishing net folds up at the push of a button to make it easy to store in your fishing tool bag, on the boat, in your garage or at home. It is easy to carry and take up less space. The material is high-quality. The hexagonal structure mesh makes the fishing net strong. The rubber handle is comfortable. Special materials can prevent the smell from coming from fish scales. The landing net of wading is made of 4mm fishnet nylon mesh and has a large load capacity, the net can support up to 38.6 lbs and the pole can support up to 132.2 lbs. A wide range of applications makes a great net. It's great for fishing for large fish such as trout and carp, as well as small creatures such as birds and butterflies.

Brand: Yushi

👤The handle broke when I used the net to land a fish. It is no longer usable. Unless it is used for minnows, I won't recommend this.

👤Looks great! The net is small enough to be used for fishing or surfing. I used a magnet to quickly access my tackle belt shoulder strap. It's big enough for a 12” to 24” fish. The net is strong. The tubing is made of aluminum. Good value too!

👤The net is not big enough for any fish over 8 lbs.

👤It doesn't hold much and is not strong enough. Very disappointed.

👤First time it was bent, it was because of design.

👤This is for small trout or pan fish. Not for big fish.

👤The item is better than described. Exactly what I was looking for. Light but heavy work.

11. KUFA Sports Commercial Rubber Locker

KUFA Sports Commercial Rubber Locker

China is the country of origin. The crab trap bait bag is a commercial style. Keep your bait in the bag by tying up a rubber locker. If you want to make sure the bait doesn't get to the outside of the trap, hook it at any place you want. It is durable and convenient. Make it easy to clean.

Brand: Kufa Sports

👤I bought these for my kayak. I am aware that they are supposed to be used for something else. I love them. I just clipped the clip on to my bungees and let it chill in the water or on top of my hull. I don't have trash in my boat. It is easy to clean and durable.

👤The small size crab traps are not made for this bait bag. It seems to be a good one for the bigger traps. I bought it for my small trap, not realizing it's full size. The bag alone takes up most of the trap. I'm not returning it because it was cheap. I'll write it off as an experience. It seems to be a decent and inexpensive product.

👤I used this product for at least 5 hours a day. The mesh size is perfect and you can put small items in it. You can wrap it around the pouch and secure it in place with the added length. I liked the size and the fact that it was durable. There were no nicks or frays in the mesh. It was common to haul in 20 crabs per pull after 10 minutes, and it showed no wear from the claw activity against it. The breeze was to empty and clean. This item will last a long time.

👤The bag is heavy and will last a long time. It is small with nothing in it, but large enough to hold a large amount of bait, like a young turkey. The cinch rope is long, but it wasn't an issue for me. I used it to tie off the bait bag.

👤I use these baitbags because the seals were messing with my bait cages. These are soft and can't be mangled like bait cages. To secure the bait bags to my traps, I ziptied them flat in the center of my traps. I shortened the drawstrings on them because they are long stock. I will be buying more of these in the future.

👤We bought these for our traps. They are too large to fit in the bait holder.

👤Too rapid loss of bait can be prevented. The bait can't be easily cleaned if a fish gets in the trap. It's easy to fill and stays sealed. Will need to be washed off periodically to keep the mesh clean.

👤The quality is good but the ring was much larger than I expected. A lot of baitfish would be holed for a soak. I would like a smaller version for my needs.


What is the best product for fishing nets for saltwater pier?

Fishing nets for saltwater pier products from Frabill. In this article about fishing nets for saltwater pier you can see why people choose the product. Plusinno and Yeahmart are also good brands to look for when you are finding fishing nets for saltwater pier.

What are the best brands for fishing nets for saltwater pier?

Frabill, Plusinno and Yeahmart are some of the best brands that chosen by people for fishing nets for saltwater pier. Find the detail in this article. Carpking, Colibrox and Lonkiktik are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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