Best Fishing O Rings for Hooks

Rings 9 Dec 2022 10+ Comments Open

1. Pieces Wacky Rings Rigging Silicone

Pieces Wacky Rings Rigging Silicone

Reliable after-sale service. They offer a reliable service. If you have any questions about their products, please contact them. They will try their best to solve the problems until you are satisfied. Good quality, made of high-quality silicone, is much more elastic, durable and reuseable. To save your worms, secure worm to the hook without fear of losing baits or tearing baits. Light weight allows bait to fall naturally, and you can quickly rig your worms with the wacky o-ring. Agile can be rigged using a wacky o-ring and can be skipped under docks. This is a great addition to your tackle box. It works well for wacky rigging.

Brand: Syhood

👤4 stars because I prefer to use two for my wacky worm setup, they are not Gamakatsu quality, but you wont regret it. Saves my worms, they stretch faster, but save you a lot in the long run. One bag has been with me since May. The season in Minnesota isn't very long. The quality and purity of the value is important.

👤The life of your senko can be prolonged by wacky rig o rings. If the ring is too loose, you lose your senko. I lost tons of my senkos after buying these. I will definitely be throwing them away.

👤To reduce cost per piece, ordered large quantity. Will share with others.

👤Will not stay on a senko. Two baits were lost in two casts. They are a little too large. Will be returning!

👤It's like every other wacky ring but for half the price.

👤I got a lot of them for my money.

👤I've been using O rings for my wacky style fishing for years and they work just as well as any and cost less than buying them at the tackle stores.

👤I needed the orings for archery. They keep the blades on my head. It fit perfectly.

2. Wacky Artificial Plastic Rings Hooks

Wacky Artificial Plastic Rings Hooks

The package includes one lot of 50 pieces. The kit includes 20 plastic worms in 4 colors, a wacky tool, and more. A tackle box with wacky hooks and worm O-rings. The wack tool is made from lightweight aluminum and has a 1/2” opening that can hold most plastic worms up to 6” The fall rate created from the large amount of salt impregnated drives fish mad, but it's simple and effective. TheRubber O-Rings is a quick and easy way to use a wacky rig tool. How to rig plastic worms is quick and easy. You just need to put a lure on the tool, slide a rubber O-ring over it, and put a hook under it.

Brand: Shaddock Fishing

👤Everything you need for wacky worm rigging.

👤It was a great price. It was delivered on time.

👤The worm colors are weird and the "weed guards" are not good. I would have sent the kit back if I had not returned it. If you need the tool, buy it and get better hooks elsewhere.

3. Greatfishing Strength Stainless Connector Accessory

Greatfishing Strength Stainless Connector Accessory

We take pride in delivering a quality product. If you are not happy with the product, they will return it for free. The Split Ring is made of Stainless Steel. Value combo packing is available in five different sizes. In a box. There are multiple choices for fishing situations. It's made of quality 420stainless steel and is suitable for both saltwater and freshwater. It's perfect for connecting to hooks, rigs and leaders. Attaching to other components is easy. Quality mini pliers are also used for the split ring. It has a handle that is comfortable. The steel can be used for both freshwater and saltwater. 5inch length You can change hooks and cut line with a mini and light.

Brand: Greatfishing

👤Smaller fish can benefit from split rings. Returned because the ad does not fit the product. There is no breakdown of 30lb to 120lb as advertised by the seller after they requested split ring strength.

👤The quality is better than I expected. I didn't know what to expect since I haven't owned any before. The pliers are easy to use. The rings work. I am building my own lures from copper and these are the parts that allow me to attach hooks and swivels.

👤Wow! I have been working in the dark. The pliers are very exciting. Mostly give reviews warning others not to buy products, but this one is thrilling to me because it eliminates a real aggravation for a huge project I'm working on. The prototype was made and anticipated a lot of fighting. I will be able to speed up production by about 4 times. Some people complain about the pliers, but I think they're not true. The pliers are small, which is a bonus, as they are not heavy and clunky, and can be used in a lot of places. They open the rings without a problem. People don't take time to learn how to use them. It took about 3 minutes to get the hang of the pliers. Everything has a learning curve. I found that if the ring is picked up and laid on the index finger, the non-hooked end is placed into the ring and the ring is from the front to the back. Close the hook to the split. I have never used anything like this before and I can open all but the smallest ring in 3 seconds. Don't know what the smallest ring is for, and don't know if a fingernail can open it. Maybe for fly fishermen. If you are a fly fisherman, you will most likely not use a single small ring. If you are a fly fisherman, the hooked end can be filed down a little to give you more of a point on them to split the small rings. Can't wait to make a lot of stuff.

👤A few rings were missing from the first shipment, but the replacement was sent with a return label. The ring was good quality and worked well for me. Really like the pliers. I would buy again. Bruce.

👤I use these to make my bangles. These split rings are sturdy and I recommend yall to use them.

👤When I ordered these, they looked much larger than MM's, so I didn't take time to read that. These rings are useless for me because I fish saltwater. If you buy these, be aware they are very small.

👤The pinza es corta mucho, nylon and linea trenzada. Ahora, lo malo es un poco pequea. Las anillas para me, estan un poco mas fuertes, ya quiere con las puedo enganchar anzuelos. No vas en busca de peces.

👤The split rings are not broken. I have tried other suppliers and found that the "stainless steel" split-rings have no rust-like degradation of the rings. The "stainless steel" is holding up, making these a decent value. The tool that comes with the kit makes this deal especially attractive. The grasping and separator areas are out of alignment, making it difficult to open a ring. The tool is useless beyond a line cutter. It's a pity since it's a decent looking piece of hardware. The kit is okay for the price.

4. RUNCL Fishing Terminal Fastlock Freshwater

RUNCL Fishing Terminal Fastlock Freshwater

A great last minute gift is the best fishing gift. The fishing tackle comes in a blend of off-set hooks, drop shot hooks, bullet weights, drop shot weights, jig heads, barrel swivels, fastlock snaps, fishing beads and space beans, suitable for all sorts of fishing conditions. The fishing terminal tackles are made of anti-Corrosion STAINLESS STEEL. The fastlock snaps have a U-shaped design that allows for swimming actions and also helps to quickly change the fishing lure without cutting the fishing line. The fishing terminal tackles are placed in different transparent compartments which make it easy to identify them. The fishing tackle has a compact box that is easy to fit in your fishing seat box, fishing backpack and fishing vest's pocket.

Brand: Runcl

👤I got this today and it is off the hook. Sometimes I can't get a boat into a pond or river. I have to carry a tackle box. I have a fishing vest that fits this kit. It has everything I need to catch fish. The hooks are at least 2X and have nice high gauge wire. There are some hooks for a wacky rig. There are 3 sizes of bullet weights. There are two sizes of jig or tube heads. There are 3 rings of bobber stoppers. Texas, Carolina, Drop shot, wacky rigging, even some wacky rings are all needed. I didn't expect the quality of the products to be as high as they are. Individual tops for each section are the best part of the small case. Nothing to be frightened about or disorganized. I have used some Runcl products in the past and have always been pleased with them. Their Frogs are great. I can take on some ponds with this kit and not have to carry a tackle box. I am very happy with this kit.

👤I use the tackle box well. It is a well designed box that fits in a small pocket of my large Fats bag. The inside of the bag is for hard plastic divided boxes. There are also Plano smaller boxes in the middle. The center compartment of the bag is likely to hold 3 more of the bigger plastic boxes. The Runcl box is made from high quality materials and has a lot of different compartments with different types and sizes of hooks, sinkers, and different types of swivels. There is more tackle inside the 4 & 1/3 L X 3, 1/2 W X 1 and 1/2 thick packed full of terminal tackle. My daughter has fished since she was 2 years old and I am ordering 2 more for her. She is a shrink who works with children with mental issues. She can relax by fishing. She is going to empty the tackle into her box, sterilize the box, and use the box with all 16 compartments to carry her medication. She was amazed by the quality of the tackle. Great product.

👤I bought this for my brother who is an avid fly fisherman, because I don't know a thing about fishing. I was very disappointed when he said that. I can't use this to fly fish, but my regular gear needs to be updated as well. I searched for fly fishing gear. I assumed this was in that category. Oh well. My bad.

👤The tackle box has a lot of great stuff. It has things I have never used before, but my fishing partner was drooling over it. He was floored by the quality of all of them. I want to learn how to use all of them. I used the stuff I knew how to use after receiving it.

👤The complete terminal box! There are some similar ones out there, but this one is superior to them all. Everything you need for soft plastic rigs. You don't need to add anything else, just add some nail weights. The o-rings in this kit are for worms. If you want, you can add bigger ones. This kit has it all. Good price as well. Terminal tackle and the right knots are what ultimately catches and lands the fish. The kit has allowed me to catch and land 2lb bass. Without failure. I fish 3-4 times a week.

5. Tbuymax Wacky Worms Rings Rigging

Tbuymax Wacky Worms Rings Rigging

It is sturdy for offshore fishing. Good use for saltwater and fresh water fishing. It can be used for daily use, such as connecting two things. Senko Worms O-Rings are included. Their ring has a better elasticity and is more durable. The baits should not be lost or torn. Saves your money. Light weight allows soft plastic stickbaits to fall. There are 100 wacky rings for Senkos.

Brand: Tb Tbuymax

👤The o-rings were larger than the ones I had. When I get a fish strike, my Senko worms slip off the rings a little easier. I wonder if I will be losing more worms as a result of the trade off. I lost at least 6 plastic worms catching the same amount of bass as I did when I caught 20 on the same worm. The o-ring would still be on the hook, but the worm would be gone. The worm will slide off the o-ring when the bass hits it.

👤The product is too large for typical use with bass and other bass instruments. The o-rings glide along the bait. As soon as replacements arrive, will remove tackle supply. Will not purchase again.

👤These are for senkos. I've seen tools for sale that are not needed, but I'm not sure if they're needed at all. I place the hook with no tool after rolling these on. I will purchase more as needed, these are a good quality.

👤Too big for Gary Senko. I lost worms on bites and casts after I switched to these rings. I lost about a dozen worms before I realized what was happening. The worms kept slipping out.

👤I don't think it's great for 4" worms. I lost more of these than I did hooking through the worm. The results may be different on other stick worms. The worm slipped out of the ring and was lost, but it was still intact. This is not good. After hooking through the worm, I caught several fish per worm. It should work on baits of 5" senko type.

👤Put your hook between the 'o'ring and the plastic or rubber worm after you slip an 'o'ring over the work. The cost of worms breaking apart is saved by putting the hook through the worm. Great little device. And it works. Boston Bob, tight lines.

👤I like fishing with the Wacky Work. The O-rings from Tbuymax make fishing easy. Buying the rings in bulk from Amazon saves a lot of messing around because they are hard to find in local shops. The quality is good.

👤The product was the same. It will pay for itself over time. Very fast delivery.

👤It's actually too large for these oring to waste 3 senkos. If you can pull the senko off easily, you should try it on senko. I found the orings are useless after comparing the working one to the one I have.

👤The tool keeps the worm on the hook and we love the ability to adjust the worm to hook.

👤They are sinko rings. They will do the job.

👤When a fish takes a little bit, these o rings slip off 5 senkos.

6. Booms Fishing Wacky 110pcs Rings

Booms Fishing Wacky 110pcs Rings

Excellent size for suspending small items from delicate earrings, necklaces, chokers, bracelets, pendants, anklets, key chain, etc., makes it a great wide application. A quick and easy way to make a wacky rig is with cleanly rig o-rings to plastic worms. Save your worms and secure them to the hook. The o-ring makes the worm easier to flip and skip. A hollow tube with a screw tip. Silicone o-rings are included and have good elasticity.

Brand: Booms Fishing

👤It boomed! It's wacky in a good way. The screw off top makes it easier to load the o-rings. The screw is much longer than a wacky tool I have. The way to go for security is with two o-rings. If you only use one worm, it will slip off.

👤The best tool for wacky fishing. It's very easy to make and it's less time consuming than putting on worms.

👤This tool makes rigging easy and quick.

👤I just bought another one and used it immediately.

👤The rig gives you a presentation for fishing situations. The rings enhance the action, but I haven't figured out how to keep them together. I think that's correct.

👤These are great for wacky rigs. The tool makes it easy to put on the rings. The price is reasonable and it will last a lifetime.

👤The o-ring can be put on an artificial worm with a wacky rigging tool. My husband caught a number of bass using a wacky worm. The jury is still out on its effectiveness, so I haven't been as lucky.

👤The key ring connection point where you load the o-rings has already broken.

7. Codaicen Wacky Worm Fishing Rings

Codaicen Wacky Worm Fishing Rings

This is a great addition to your tackle box. It works well for wacky rigging. The best wacky worm rig is presented by CODAICEN FISHING. Their teams use the same tackle every time. A lot of Bass are caught with this rig. It's great for 4 and 5 worms. The wacky rig tool works great with stick bait worms. You can check out the fishing wacky worms in the USA. The quality of cod fishing is shining through. The aluminum wacky worm rig tool with a screw is ideal for long term fishing and protects the hook from being torn up by violent hits. The fishing team caught 20 bass using nothing but these rigs. The Wacky Worm Kit is great for fishing and can be used for other things as well. All of the fishing tools are of the highest quality. Check out their fishing tools and lures.

Brand: Codaicen

👤The tool is easy to use. The weedless part is the only thing I would say negatively. One bite from a fish and it's gone. There was no fault with the tool. I can always get different hooks.

👤The material is kind of jank, but I think it is a decent idea. The function on the tube is not good because the part that holds the O-rings on came apart. Overall disappointed. You don't need the tube part of a senko, just find the o-rings and buy them to save money.

👤It's easy to use, but I'm not sure if I like fish in New York.

👤I was shocked at how cheap the hooks were when I opened the package. Not impressed at all. I will definitely save money by buying better hooks next time. I will be lucky to get the worm onto the hook.

👤Good tool and hooks have been catching wacky rigs.

👤The value is great. A lot of hooks and rings.

👤The weedless hooks were not durable and did not work well.

👤The wacky worm works as expected.

👤No se rompe el seuelo con la mordida.

8. Nawaish Wacky Rings Senko Stick

Nawaish Wacky Rings Senko Stick

The style is wacky. Fishing is one of the best ways to catch more fish, it will help you get more bites even in the toughest conditions. You can install the Wacky Rings on your worms/senkos with the help of the Nawaish Wacky tool. It's easy to get into fishing with wacky rigged worms and senkos, and the O-Ring tool makes it even easier. The Worm Senko, Strike King Ocho, Z-Man ZinkerZ, and more are compatible with the 12 inch inside diameter of the Wacky Tool. All other style worms have a thickness less than 12 inch. The Nawish Pro-Grade Wacky tool is made of aluminum and steel. After your first day on the water, there is no cheap lanyard clips. The o-ring retainer screw is a unique tool that allows you to quickly add more Wacky Rings or install more Wacky Skirts on your bait. You can fish the same lure all day if you use a Wacky Ring on your soft plastic worm. Light weight allows your lure to fall naturally. This is important since most bites come in the fall. The package includes a wacky tool with a lanyard.

Brand: Nawaish

👤This is the bomb for wacky rigs. The extra rings are a bonus. I took it fishing. It's so easy that even a doddering dummy like me can do it. The Senko looked new after I landed and released 4 of the 6 bass I had hooked. I used one ring. I put the ring back in the bag. I'll tie it back on this evening to see how many fish it takes to wreck it. This is the way to go if you fish wacky.

👤The key ring has a metal screw that fits onto the treaded metal tube that holds the rubber rings. I clipped the carabiner to my backpack after buying it. I was walking down the dock when a piece of metal holding the o rings fell. I screwed the metal piece back on the keyring after I lost half my o rings. I was able to get to the wacky rig before the piece came undone again, but I lost it when I returned to my car. I don't want to buy another one because I lost most of my o rings, and I have something that is un usable. Don't buy, use pipe tape on the threaded piece, and buy another brand.

👤I use these to keep my softbaits from sliding off my hooks, but I don't use them for Senkos wacky rigged. I use them for swim baits, creature baits, and worms. I usually just put one ring by the head or tip of the plastic, then put my hook through the ring. It makes skipping easier because plastic doesn't come off as easily. You can buy screw pins to keep the plastic from sipping off, but this is more economical.

👤It does its job. The screw that holds a couple bands at a time is a little flimsy, but it does work if you don't put a lot of force on it. The tool is made of metal and has a tapered end to make stretching easier. Simple concept, but very useful when dealing with soft plastic baits. The product did not come with the 300 rings, which is my biggest complaint. After my initial negative review, the seller reached out to me to fix the problem. I am raising the star rating on this review.

👤The item was damaged when I took it out. The part where you put the bait was bent over. The fact that it was damaged upon arrival was disappointing. It needs to be better for transit.

👤A great worm rig. There were 10 O-rings on it. I bought a bag of O-rings. The wacky worm seems to get the bass to bite when they otherwise wouldn't on a Texas rigged worm, and so far I've caught 5 bass on them this past week. I've been using it weightless to find the bass in lilly pads and occasionally got broken off on 10# braid and then throw in 50# braid across where they bit and hauled in a 3# bass on a Texas rigged fluke.

9. Gamakatsu Pack Octopus Hook Black

Gamakatsu Pack Octopus Hook Black

The product is of a high standard of quality. It is available at a reasonable cost.

Brand: Gamakatsu

👤I was very disappointed with the brand of salmon I took on my trip. I have been using the size 2 for 19 years and never had an issue until this year. I used a different brand of fly after bending my hook about 18 times. I bought a box of 100 and split them between my brother and I, and he had the same issue with a hook that was no larger than 10 lbs. I'm very disappointed with the brand if they changed manufacturing plants or cheapened the steel, I don't know what has happened with the quality. A metal hook should have snapped before it started to bend. I don't write reviews but I want to spare someone else the frustration I went through. I saved the hooks for this review. A new hook is used after hooking a fish.

👤These are used on our ice fishing tip-ups. The best hooks we've ever used are the Gamakatsu Octopus hooks. They are sharp and stay sharp. That may sound like a "gimme" to some, or maybe it's not as big of a deal as it really is. But... The first time you lose a 50" pike because of a dull hook, or a broken hook, it's because you've been doing it for years and are a pro. The easiest jumbo shiner use is the Octopus style. The "overall" disclaimer is used again. The baitholder hook may be better. Not a better hook. I don't like losing fish. I have trophys on the wall because they end up on the ice.

👤It's hard to find the silver ones in the hundred packs, but they're my favorites for fishing for kings, silvers and other salmon speicies. I tie up my own gear and these are the only hooks I use for salmon. The silver adds to your hoochies look/apeal. Even if you just used a trailing hook, they are so sharp that the fish would catch it. It is worth it, but may be a bit more expensive.

👤The best hook I have found is the Gamakatsu Octapus. I only use the best components in my rigs and tie them by hand. I don't have failures related to my rigs. I use the only hook manufacturer that I know of.

👤The hooks are ready to hook up. The way to go was the value pack. I use Gamakatsu for all my fishing needs from trout to salmon. Great product.

👤I've been using these for nearly two decades and the only time I've lost a fish on the hook was because of user error. Size 8 works great for trout up to 6 lbs and for kids to catch and release small blue gills, I haven't caught anything bigger.

👤Can not say enough about quality. The kings are at the salmon river. The big fish are handled by them. A broken hook is nothing worse than losing a fish. The king was brought in with the hooks. It seemed like a good deal, but I didn't really need more yet. Looking forward to the early October salmon trip and won't worry about the hooks.

10. Facikono Fishing Assortment Stainless Connector

Facikono Fishing Assortment Stainless Connector

All of the fishing tools are of the highest quality. Check out their fishing tools and lures. There is a kit of split rings from the biggest size to the smallest. It's easy to carry. Pick the size you want to connect to the lures in. Premium Stainless Steel is made by flattening into hard and firm double snap rings and will not be split in water. There is no noticeable damage to the polished finish in saltwater. The double rings are flatter to ensure spring back to its original shape. The lure tackle connection. It's well served in connecting your tackles, hooks and rigs. Rings are very strong and tough, tiny but can support a lot of weight, and may need a splitting plier to open.

Brand: Facikono

👤It's a good solution to have the right size splitting when you need one. I used it to replace split rings on my saltwater and freshwater tackle. I used it to build some custom rigs. All the pieces are well organized in the case. Light to medium duty sizes are available.

👤The metal is weak after use. It's not clear how it could be made better.

👤They were used to replace rusted ones on my lures. It works well.

👤There are a lot of split rings. It was perfect for the project. It is necessary to have split ring pliers for easy installation.

👤I make metal art and these are great packaging.

👤Working well to replace fishing hooks.

11. Fishfun 200Pcs Plastic Installation Protection

Fishfun 200Pcs Plastic Installation Protection

Rings are very strong and tough, tiny but can support a lot of weight, and may need a splitting plier to open. Installation tools that are easy to use. As the bait falls, the rigged worms give an irresistible shimmy. Witty rigging is the most effective way to fish all year. Their elastic and soft silicone o-rings help you tofasten your worms without tearing them, and their wacky tool allows you to install wacky rings on your worms quickly and easily. 2 Sizes Wacky Rings are compatible with Senko/soft stick-bait worms between 3 and 7 inches. The bigger senko has an inside diameter of 7 and the smaller one has an inside diameter of 3. The size of your senko worms is up to you. The tube of the wacky tool is made of 100% aluminum and the head is 304 steel. The tube is strong and durable. The o-ring retainer was screwed tightly, no fear of it falling off. Wrap the senkos around the rings without cutting them. You can save a lot of money by protecting your soft lures. If fish pull the worm off without hitting the hook, 2 crossed rings will hold the worms tighter. The natural fall of the senko style bait was lightweight. If you want to attract more bites, you should have o rings.

Brand: Fishfun

👤Works are advertised. Bass loves a rigged worm. Highly recommended.

👤The backing screw is tight and there is a ton of O rings. I would buy again. It works as it should, arrived on time, and makes attaching a worm to the bait jig easy.

👤Exactly what I was expecting. Have not used yet.

👤I ordered it because of the different sizes of o rings. It was quicker than expected.

👤It was a great tool and worked as it was supposed to. Would buy it again.

👤The tool stacks ten O-rings and fits plastic worms. It's easy to set the O-ring in the middle. Save time and money. It would be a good idea for ease of use and quick setup.

👤This works well. I suggest doubling up on the bands. The first wacky rig I tried, I got a bite on the first cast and it tore the worm off the hook. I have not lost a bait yet.


What is the best product for fishing o rings for hooks?

Fishing o rings for hooks products from Syhood. In this article about fishing o rings for hooks you can see why people choose the product. Shaddock Fishing and Greatfishing are also good brands to look for when you are finding fishing o rings for hooks.

What are the best brands for fishing o rings for hooks?

Syhood, Shaddock Fishing and Greatfishing are some of the best brands that chosen by people for fishing o rings for hooks. Find the detail in this article. Runcl, Tb Tbuymax and Booms Fishing are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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