Best Fishing Organizer for Boat

Organizer 9 Dec 2022 10+ Comments Open

1. CE Smith 55150A Rack Replacement Accessories

CE Smith 55150A Rack Replacement Accessories

It is designed to endure harsh saltwater environments with added protection. The package is 5.6 cm in length. The package is 10 cm in width. The package is 27.1 cm high.

Brand: Ce Smith

👤It was necessary to have something to give quick access to while out on the water. Would recommend salt.

👤Good quality. Does what it is supposed to do.

👤It's nice to have quick access to knifes and plyers, it's installed on my center console.

👤It's really easy to install and fits my tools.

👤The product is good at a good price. It was small I needed. The knife blades are locked in a slot which makes them less likely to be injured.

2. Rapala SMTH3 Anglers Magnetic Holder

Rapala SMTH3 Anglers Magnetic Holder

Their fishing gear and fishing pliers with sheath are backed by a 30 day money back guarantee from their manufacturer. Mounts to the flat surface on your boat. The collar is durable and magnetic. Most Rapala tools are in this location. 3M vhb tape or screws are easy to install.

Brand: Rapala

👤This item is shown with tools, but it is not. It was very misleading.

👤If it wasn't for the weak magnets, this product would be a great idea. The tools that are dropped in the loops at the top are the ones that don't fall off. You do not need magnets to hold them. The raised magnets cause anything below them to fall off.

👤Product is a nice addition to my boat.

👤The holder seems to be fairly well made, but it doesn't say that it doesn't come with any of the tools that are pictured. Every picture on the listing shows the tools, there is not a single picture that tells you it doesn't come with the tools. I was taken advantage of by the manufacturer and they need to change this listing.

👤I think the magnetic surface is too weak. The small pliers or scissors will fall through.

3. SEACHOICE 89501 Storage Holder Plastic

SEACHOICE 89501 Storage Holder Plastic

The dimensions of the Mount are 4” x 2” x 2. Storage for three rods. Can be mounted vertically or horizontally. The plastic construction is durable. It's suitable for both spinning and casting rods. The size is 7 inches x 7 inches.

Brand: Seachoice

👤I don't think I should have read all the reviews because they are not true. I review my products to see what others are saying. The reviews for the product are garbage by the manufacturer. The foam insert is very stiff. I tried to put the old rods in the foam slot. I broke the rod tips. If this had happened to my rods, I would have to pay. I don't think these holders can hold a rod if they are too stiff to hold it. I should not have to shave down the foam insert because it's not safe for my rods. I am not sending these back because I am trying to attach jerry-rig rod holders to the sides of my bed liner to get my rods off the bed floor and out of harm's way. Please buy a better product if you want to mount your rods in your garage or house. Our rods are too valuable to risk breaking them or having to modify a product to be safe. I hope this will help my fellow fishermen.

👤I needed to replace some rod storage holders on my whaler. They were tired. I was trying to find a similar replacement at the common retailers and found this match on Amazon. I wanted to leave a review for one reason, regardless of how good of a match this was for me. Someone left a review saying they were too tight and you would break your rod unless you cut out foam. If you're using a standard 6 to 7' foot rod and reel combo, these work great. They need to be snug to hold your equipment. It takes two hands to get the rods in. The rods are pretty tight, but if you use two hands to slide them into position, you reduce the risk of damage to them by almost 100%. They were a bug on my boat even when I was in the harbor. I may need a new set after a while. I hope I'm fishing enough to wear them out. That is a good problem to have.

👤These work well. There's not much more to add. When installing scews, be careful. I put cracks in the gel coat of my fiberglass boat because I didn't check the first two screws carefully. Oops! I had to take them out, grind off the screws, and then move outside the boat to fix my mistake.

👤I don't have anything bad to say about the product, it's just that I couldn't use it on my boat. It was too big to fit in where I needed it to be. I think I should have paid more attention to the dimensions because it looked small online. I was surprised at how big it was.

👤I had rod handle holders in the cabin of my boat, but the rods themselves were on the shelves. The rods would fly because the ocean isn't always gentle. These were perfect. I added straps. Am holding rods. I have a thin one that is easy to modify and make into what you need. Hopefully the photos give you a better idea of your size.

4. Rapala Magnetic Tool Holder Combo

Rapala Magnetic Tool Holder Combo

It holds the drink nice snug and the drink slides in and out easily, which frees your hand and no more spilling from the coffee or beer can when boating or fishing, your life will enhance greatly with these cup holder. It's a must for boaters or fishermen. Fishing pliers and Super Line Scissors.

Brand: Rapala

👤The toll holder backing of the tool holder combo kit keeps the tools from rattling around when underway, and it puts everything right where you need it. The tools are great, but they should be kept oiled up when in a salt water environment. The last set I had for over 20 years on my other boat was clean after use.

👤If I had the chance to test first, I wouldn't have purchased. Scissors fit well, pliers fit well, and cutters don't fit without force. I hope my tools fit better.

👤It looks like it came from the factory and was mounted on my boat. It made my cup holder easier to find.

👤It seems like a nice unit, both pliers and cutter fit. I think the scissors don't stay put. They should be the same as the pliers and lock in if they get lost. What are they thinking?

👤Don't buy it. It will be all over the place. The tools fit in there weird because of the magnets.

👤This tool kit is great. It's what I needed.

👤A friend has a boat.

👤I bought this item to replace a Rapala holder that was worn out. The plastic "holder" piece of my existing unit broke off from the sun and wear, but the magnet made it still usable. These are located near the "catch" area on my pontoon boat, and I have towed them on my fishing boat. They are wonderful! The magnets are a great asset and the tools are top quality.

👤The kit is not caben, pero las pinzas de corte are. La foto muestran.

👤I actually had 2 full kits. For price, but no, it's way more expensive.

👤Works well. Look good in the boat.

👤It's a good way to hold tools in my boat. Mounts are easy to climb. The suggestion of a split ring tooth on the pliers would be an upgrade.

👤This is my first. The last generation of these was a little better. It works great and does what it's intended to do.

5. Reaction Tackle Deluxe Bait Binder

Reaction Tackle Deluxe Bait Binder

SPECIFICATIONS: The Tuff Tainer fishing tackle box is 14 feet long and 8 feet wide. It is made in the U.S.A. There are extra large sleeves, double access sleeves, large clear zip pockets inside, and a mesh pocket on the outside of the product. Tailoring the bag with your soft baits, hooks, fishing line or whatever you need will keep your tackle organized. High quality. The Reaction Tackle soft storage bag is made from the highest quality materials and has durable fabric sleeves and heavy duty zippers to keep it secured. It is easy to carry with a soft handle. Heavy duty is built to last with high quality waterproof materials.

Brand: Reaction Tackle

👤When I saw this, I knew it was perfect for organizing my knitting needles and cords. It has a lot of space in the front and back. I ordered additional pages and bags for those who want them. Since the bags are clear, you can see the contents from both sides, and the ones made for this bag are a little spendy. I might make it a little thicker if I were to make any changes to the design. I could add more bags. Maybe it's a good thing. I won't be buying more stuff. Who am I kidding? I ordered a new set of needles last night.

👤I have used this bag a lot since I bought it about 7 months ago. The bag is made of nylon and has a sturdy zip. They are a rust ball. I've used many different manufacturers of these style bags and they all seem to go cheap here. I would give this bag a 5 star rating if it were a high grade plastic bag. I am a saltwater fisherman. It shouldn't matter if you use quality components or not. I can't recommend it to anyone until the metal rings are upgraded.

👤I bought a worm binder to reorganize my tackle bag. I am a wader fisher. Different water conditions and bait are what we often see. I can swap bait at the boat without removing my entire tackle bag. I fit nearly 40 plastic bait bags, hooks and leader with the extra binder sleeves.

👤I use this for my fresh water tackle. I used to have a smaller one that ran out of room for my collection. The soft bag is made of sturdy material and has more room than my old one. This is exactly what I was looking for.

👤I bought a tackle binder to use. It is made of good quality material and all of the slots and binders are close to the ground. The bag has a handle and a zip to close it. There is no way to get rid of baits and hooks. It is a great waterproof and organizer. It's great for kayak fishing. I will give it two thumbs up.

👤This is a good bag. I use it for larger plastic swimbaits. It seems sturdy so far. The large pocket bags are great, but the divided bags are small. I used larger rings to hold the extra large pocket bags. It holds all of my swimbaits. Quality seems good.

👤These pouches are large enough to hold a goods day amount of lures but small enough to fit inside a bag. You can easily flip the pouch to see what you have with the book binder option.

👤I support small family-owned businesses that make or provide great products and services. The tackle binder is no exception. Lots of storage. Love it. This is the perfect binder for me to downsize for my fishing trips. Thanks.

👤I was able to package over 50 harnesses using 3x4 plastic baggies keeping them separate and protected from the weather. When I hit the lake for walleyes, I created a section for jig heads as well. I grab the bag and leave. The harness rigs I was using were plastic.

6. Plano Line Spool Clear Small

Plano Line Spool Clear Small

SPECIFICATIONS: The Flambeau Outdoors Spinnerbait Box is 7.25" L x 7.5" W x 5.25" D. Plano tackle storage has been protecting your passion since 1952. The ProLatch Line Spool Box is a compact box that holds up to 6 reels of fishing line. Wide. The rubber holes in the lid make it easy to transfer lines to reels. It is transparent for easy identification of contents. Convenient carry handle. Plano line box is included. There are six 12 inch spools of line in the store.

Brand: Plano

👤The box is made in the USA. I didn't understand why Plano didn't drop in the holding axle for the spools, so I made my own out of a wooden stick. It was a great box and I highly recommend it!

👤It was great for holding the spools for different rigging options. One way to keep the line from leaving the box is to tie a small knot in the line that is sticking out of the holes. When you pull off the line for the next rigging option, clip this off and tie a new knot in the remaining line. It will be easier to open the box and mess with the loose line.

👤I ordered a box for my threads. It's what I wanted. Highly recommended.

👤I ordered 2 of them. It's easy to set up and use, but I think it would have been better if the dispensers had been in the bottom of the unit. They work great for the larger size spools, but they are loose for the shorter ones.

👤This holds my beading "threads" like Fireline, Tigertail and Accuflex. The small holders inside the box are not as strong as the larger ones. It would be nice if they included the dang dowel in the solution, but there is notching that will allow you to run a side-to-side. I had to unlatch the box top in order for the line to feed through, but I put my line through the holes on the front of the box. It helps keep me organized.

👤This is a great line spool organizer. The line gets everywhere once you open the original packaging. The line stays on the spool and there is a small hole for the line to come out of. It works very well. I highly recommend.

👤I was hoping that the black eyelets that feed line through were rubber and would keep it from rolling back into the container so I didn't have to leave 6” of line out of the box. It needs a retention point to hold the line in place.

👤Keeping your gear organized is a no-brainer and it is just another step in the right direction.

👤Excellent product. Exactly as described.

👤Le fil ne vient pas, et ce n est qu unbotier de rangement.

👤As expected. Light plastic is good.

👤Je l'utilise pour des bobines de fil pche.

7. Shoreline Marine SL76642 Large White

Shoreline Marine SL76642 Large White

It is durable and lightweight. Your boat is neat and organized. There are holes around the edge. There are no excuses for a messy boat.

Brand: Shoreline Marine

👤The cups failed after a few more days. Attempts to reattach have been unsuccessful. This has cost the product a couple of stars. Sorry, dear. There are a few things I don't like about this product. I bought two. I am using one with the cups. The other is mounted on my bow. The first issue is that. It is not easy to permanently attach it to anything because it is not flat. It would be easy to correct in the design phase, but it wasn't done. The holes for the cups are too big for screws. So plan on punching some smaller ones into it. It works well out of the box, but it does have some sag if you put something heavy in it. If the back of the unit was designed flatter, I think this would be corrected. The darn sticker on it is hard to remove cleanly. These are okay. I might look for something nicer.

👤It seems that screws are more stable than attaching with a plate.

👤The cup holder is on the side of the chair. There is a lot of room. My only complaint is that the cup holder section is large and even large. It is not completely flush with the mounting board I used, but it is used screws to mount. I need another chair since the holder has been destroyed by the storm. The current price is double what I paid a year ago, and so what was a great value is now nothing more than that. Looking for a better deal.

👤This is the second tray I have purchased. It is easy to reach without getting in the way. I was able to mount them securely to the gunnel with screws, and the angle of the hull made sense to mount them in a level position. I have a boat.

👤It would be nice if it came with screws, but you might prefer a different type of screw. It's the same color as the pictures show. The product is not to blame for my boat being too white. It would be great if they had other shades of grey. I think it attracts dirt and needs a whip down, but that's probably just my dirty boat.

👤It's big enough to hold many items you would need for a day of fishing, but the plier hole is small. You can make it bigger with a sharp knife. The plastic is easy to crack. Plastic needs to be more of a sturdy material.

👤You should be allowed to give zero stars. The product is too good for one star. It won't stick no matter what surface you try to stick it on. The perfect surface for a smooth boat is fiberglass. nope!

👤My daughter gave this to her dad. I had read that the section cups didn't work. It is perfect because he screwed it to the boat where he wanted to put it. It should hold what we need.

👤I was expecting more from this caddy. I don't know where the suction stays on my boat. It doesn't matter. I thought I would not have to drill any holes. If you don't want to drill any holes on your boat, move on to the next product.

8. Plano 108700 Leader Spool Box

Plano 108700 Leader Spool Box

If you have a question about the kemimoto boat caddy organizers, please email them at Amazon, they will provide you with the best solution in time. Plano Fishing Storage has been protecting your passion since 1952. Holds 6 leaders. The diameter is 1 in. Wide. Transferring rubber line guides to reels is tangle-free. It is transparent for easy identification of contents. Convenient carry handle. Sport type: outdoors.

Brand: Plano

👤The small Seagar blue label leader spools are easy to toss around in the box, it's meant for bigger ones. I think this is meant for larger P-Line spools. The Plano line spool box is a bit larger and holds your mono 100 yd to 300 yd. The bottom of the box has more eyelets than the top. The hood. The line doesn't come loose when it's opened.

👤I thought this would be a great product for our offshore fishing trips because we use different leaders for different rigs, but it turned out to be more of a problem. The box doesn't have any resistance to keep the spools from spinning free, and the line doesn't hold it tight. I had a mess of fishing line at the end of the trip. I wouldn't buy this product again.

👤I like Plano products. My last box was for saltwater fishing. The leader box is great at organizing the different weights of leaders. It's in the top of my box. It's made in the USA.

👤Not every line is created the same. They don't fit in the box. They are all in the same place. Don't think that taking a line out for leader will be easy. It should be but not for me.

👤It's nice to have all your line in one container, but it's not always the same. I made a dowl spindle that helps, but the line can get stuck inside the box if it isn't secured. It's good for stripping a leader's length of line by hand. Storage is pretty useless.

👤I wondered if it could be used to hold wire. It would be great for fishing line.

👤If you only have a few spoils in it, they won't stand up, so you have to fill it up in order for them to stand up straight.

👤Several of my leader spools are too large for the box.

👤I filled both of them with different fishing lines I had around the garage and tackle boxes. I haven't put any out yet, but it looks like it will work. It's a cheap way to organize your lines.

👤Not a good place to store trace material. Most tackle stores do not fit this container with the spools that are available, so it ends up in the rubbish bin.

👤Le n'est qu unbotier de rangement, vient sans fil.

👤It's a great container to keep my carding making tape in. It doesn't dry out.

👤I love aicine bobine. The prix was dwarfed by the minuscule vraimment.

9. Boat Trash Bag Medium Hoop

Boat Trash Bag Medium Hoop

There are no excuses for a messy boat. The opening is 4 inches in diameter. The bag is 9-3/4" wide and 27-1/8" deep. They don't fly out when running because they hold more than 20 empty cans. Simply pay shipping of the component and it will be guaranteed for 1 year.

Brand: Boat

👤It's a great idea but not a great design. The opening is too small, it's barely bigger than a soda can. The larger version had the same opening. The medium bag has a 5" opening and the large bag has a6" opening. There is no way to empty trash. It's not easy to get trash back out through the same route. The hole is small enough for my hand to fit through, but you will end up with your hand inside. There needs to be a side zip, or a bottom zip. Anything please! The person who designed this product has never used it and does not have a boat. There is no way to add a plastic garbage bag inside the mesh bag for easy trash disposal, instead you have to get rid of all the trash one by one and they blow away if there's any wind. It is not very durable and that is the least of the worries at the moment. I would buy it again if they fixed a few things in version 2.

👤The bag worked well for two boat trips, but the bottoms ripped open. Not strong, would not recommend.

👤The ring's cord broke after the first use.

👤This trash bag is awesome. The tie broke.

👤The cloth bottom portion of this item came apart after being used three times. I would give this 5 stars if it wasn't for that.

👤I had the same thing, I don't leave feedbacks, but for this I did. It looked great when I got it. It was attached to the center of my boat and took 20 minutes to get to the boat ramp. The bag had a hole at the bottom. I was a little bit upset that it was so cheap.

👤Works as advertised, no issues with construction or quality. It's difficult once it comes time to empty. Unless they are vertical as they hit the "Exit", the ring catches cans. You end up with a bunch of stinky beer, or soda, or whatever all over you, as you try to get the contents out. It's great other than that issue.

👤You need a place to put the trash on the boat so that it doesn't end up in the lake. The unit is large enough to take care of most trash needs. We haven't had any problems with the mesh because it is small. It's a pain to empty out on the shore but it's a good thing that trash won't blow out on the water. I have two of them on the bow, one in the front and one in the back. The trash will stay put until you get home if you just throw them in the truck bed and haul them home.

👤Cheap, pas solide et ne vaux pas plus de 10$.

10. Flambeau Tackle Super Half Organizer

Flambeau Tackle Super Half Organizer

Extra padding and the unique Neo-grip shoulder strap material offer comfort for larger loads. They are comfortable to carry. It's the best in class capacity. Load up your tackle trays with fishing gear. The Hoss can hold up to seven 3600 tackle trays, six in the main storage compartment and one in the front pocket. The package size is for soft basmati. The tackle storage box is perfect for organizing soft bait. Up to 4 different compartments can be created with the 3 different dividers. ZERUST ANTI-CORROSION TECHNOLOGY. A protective layer on metal is formed by the release of a corrosive vapor that forms a protective layer on metal in extreme marine environments. The defense is lasting disrepair. The Zerust formula is able to stop the oxidation of metals. It provides up to five years of protection to keep tackle rust free. The double deep design is made with a translucent plastic lid and base for easy identification of the contents inside. It was designed for quick and organized baiting. SPECIFICATIONS: The Super Half Satchel Soft Bait Organizers is 15 x 8 x 6 inches. It is made in the U.S.A. SPECIFICATIONS: The Super Half Satchel Soft Bait Organizers is 15 x 8 x 6 inches. It is made in the U.S.A.

Brand: Flambeau Outdoors

👤The box is pretty good. It's the right size for all my plastic bags that I keep. A nice handle and the right internal dimensions make for a solidly built package. I used quart size zip lock bags to separate and organize my bait, instead of using the dividers. The clasp wasn't tight enough, but it's easy to fix. The clasp needs to be removed. The bottom of the clasp has a hairdryer on it. The edge of the table should be pushed upward to make sure that the protrusion stays in place. I heated the curled top section and pressed it on a table surface to decrease the diameter so it would fit tighter to the lid. The clasp should be put back on the lid when you're done. My clasp is no longer falling off the cover.

👤The boxes I bought were for storing soft plastic baits. The blue latch on the box was easy to fall off and barely kept it closed. I was looking on Amazon for a product that would better suit my needs after I was appalled by this purchase. I did a search and found 888-353-1299 Ah, and they are cheap, who doesn't like better quality? The lines are tight. The Stadium Blue/Clear case is from the Sterilite 7 quartlatch box.

👤It is important for me to stay organized because I fish in tournaments. This is a great storage container. It is easy to keep them organized. I bought 2 more because I love my first one. There is a If you found this review helpful, please check it out.

👤The box has a lot of storage space but it has a flaw. The box is way to loose and thelatch does not snap. If moved around, it would open easily, because it just kind of holds the lid down. I wouldn't put this in my boat because it would open on the water. It will serve a purpose of storing my plastic in the garage, but I could have bought something cheaper to put in my boat, and now I have to buy something else to put in my boat. The box I have is not good.

👤I'm using these to organize various electronics parts. I have used other approaches to organize this stuff before, like the little boxes of drawers or trading card holders in binders. Those work well for parts that are similar in size, but I needed to use different solutions for different parts. I can use bags to keep stuff organized in the various sections with the help of these boxes. I can keep them in my closet because they work well and are small.

👤The box is good. Quality doesn't feel like it is going to break or fall apart. I thought the box was the correct size for what it was intended for, but it was much larger than I had thought. If you're looking for something to fit under a seat or something specific like that, make sure to review the product dimensions. Even if it doesn't fit into the spot in your boat you were hoping it would, it's a quality large box, you can always put something else in all together, and it's a good price point, so I would recommend it.

11. BLISSWILL Organizer Tea Colored Transparent Waterproof

BLISSWILL Organizer Tea Colored Transparent Waterproof

There is a wide range of applications. The KEESHINE storage box is a great place to keep small jewelry. The standard 3700 size has tray dimensions L 14. W 8.7 x H 2.2 Inches. There are 23 compartments with pre-cut dividers. The intervals can be adjusted according to the size of your accessories. The items are not easy to fall from the box if the box is closed. The tackle box can be waterproof and keep accessories dry. There is a tea colored fishing tackle box. The appearance of the Tea Colored makes it hard for the lures to get out of the sun. The transparent design makes it easy to identify the lures. Fishing gifts for men are the best gift for professional and amateur fishermen, I believe it will bring the best experience for your lover and friends. You can return it at any time if you are dissatisfied within 30 days.

Brand: Blisswill

👤I was missing some dividers because I was storing longer baits. The logo in one of the boxes was missing, which makes it look shoddy. The seals on these things don't look good. I bought them because I will not be trusting them as water resistant. I expected more from the good reviews. Next time I'll go with Plano. Not recommended as waterproof.

👤The storage boxes have a large capacity. Three locking handles are used to protect the contents. Being waterproof and able to float make them great for use on a boat. Any design can be made possible with the flexibility of the Compartments. I use mine for fishing, but they are great for storage. I can see using them in many different ways. The product was great.

👤The box seems to be well made. Every box I bought has missing dividers. Either the stepped dividers for the edge or the other ones for the common compartments. The seller claims that not a single box came with enough dividers.

👤I love the boxes. A very stout build and leak proof. It's only a minor flaw, because bigger is usually better, and they seem a little taller than a standard 3600. I can fit two standard 3600s with a little wiggle in my sling pack. The pack is well-equipped. It's a minor thing. I wouldn't take a star for that. These are the best for tackle.

👤These are pretty good for the price. I filled my sink with 8 inches of water and put the containers in the bottom for one minute. One was leaked. A half a thimble full of water is what it is. It might be a stretch. If I flip them, they will work. There is a If you don't know what a thimble is, ask your grandmother.

👤I haven't had them out in a situation where they need to be waterproof yet. I like the way they hold onto each other. They will protect my tackle from getting wet. I would like to see a box that has more space for trailers and other tackle in bags, and a box that has a lot of room for trailers. All and all pretty decent.

👤It's not good for beach fishing. There are too many small compartments. It's too hot to leave it in the sun. They travel well in a backpack and are good for small parts.

👤I like the style of tackle box. Keeps tackle in place. I bought the larger ones because they were too big to fit in my kayak, but I will make them work. Definitely recommend.


What is the best product for fishing organizer for boat?

Fishing organizer for boat products from Ce Smith. In this article about fishing organizer for boat you can see why people choose the product. Rapala and Seachoice are also good brands to look for when you are finding fishing organizer for boat.

What are the best brands for fishing organizer for boat?

Ce Smith, Rapala and Seachoice are some of the best brands that chosen by people for fishing organizer for boat. Find the detail in this article. Reaction Tackle, Plano and Shoreline Marine are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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