Best Fishing Pants for Men Big and Tall

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1. Grundens Weather Watch Trouser Black

Grundens Weather Watch Trouser Black

The fabric is a nylon Oxford weave. The rugged water-resistant pant is tough yet comfortable and practical for everyday fishing use. The Weather Watch collection is waterproof, stain- resistant, and flexible so you can move with ease. They have waterproof pants and jackets for you. This pant is made from nylon fabric with a waterproof breathable barrier and Durable Water Resistant finish. This style has waterproof material, full-tapered seams, and zips with ankle protectors for a comfortable fit.

Brand: Grundéns

👤I work in a rough area. I work on barges and crew boats all day long. There is only one name in foul weather gear that marine professionals rely on. The rain pants fit perfectly over my work clothes. The waist has a heavy belt. My work boots are sealed at the very bottom with a Velcro strap because the ankles zip open far enough to leave them on. The Herkules line is heavier than this particular line of Grundens. It's perfect for my need to work on barges. Herkules is the standard. The seller of outdoor equipped is a Veteran who has earned my business and will continue to do so in the future. There is a spot on the product description. My butt was saved by a shipment that was received earlier than expected. Thank you outdoor equipped and keep it up.

👤I'm 150 lbs and wear a 32x30 The waist was great when I ordered medium. They were very long. I swapped them for smalls which are still a little long but will work. The waist on the small is snug, but it might be a problem if I'm wearing layers. The material seems to be of good quality. The two front pockets are not very deep. They are nice pants, but they wish the size fit me better.

👤My son is a logger. He ripped his knee out on the second day of wearing them. We couldn't send them back because of the drop in temperatures and heavy rains where we live. He was not able to wait for them to be shipped back and for a new pair to arrive. We had to spend more money on patches. Very disappointed.

👤I am from a southeast Alaska commercial fisherman. It is lightweight and packable, has useful pockets, and you feel light wearing it compared to the other option of heavy rain gear. I have found that this rainwear is not waterproof. You will be soaked after a few days of wearing these. I guess a "breatheable" raingear is too much to want and you can expect water to find its way in. If you are fishing in bristol bay or someplace with shorter openers, this might fit your bill as I tend to stay dry for the first couple of hours.

👤These pants are really nice. I wear a size 36 and it fits well, with more room for a 38" waist. The material is loud when you're walking through a quiet house in the middle of the night. It's like a swoosh. They're great quality, have four pockets, the regular two hand-pockets have zippers, and the two lower pockets buttons down. I thought the price was too high for reflective pants, but they are more than that. They have a lot of detail to them which makes me feel better about how much they cost. I like that the butt area is black, in case I sit on something or get it dirty, it's not going to appear as dirty as the other bright areas. I like the belt as well. When I'm beside the highway assisting a customer, a lot more cars will get over now instead of flying past me. I'm happy.

2. 33 000ft Lightweight Waterproof Windproof

33 000ft Lightweight Waterproof Windproof

The Breathability rating is 5000g/m2 and the pants are made of mesh lining. The waterproof rain pants feature waterproof fabric and welded with a TPU Membrane to provide excellent waterproof protection. Humanized Design: 33,000ft rain pants has a fully elasticated waistband with a drawstring inside to help you tailor your fit. Privacy and convenience are provided by the two zip-up pockets. Mother nature's elements are being kept out. The golf rain pants for men feature a half leg zip that allows you to pull the clothing on over your footwear for speed. The width can be adjusted with the help of the Velcro closure at the bottom leg. The reflective piping slit keeps you out of harms way. waterproof rain pants are ideal for hiking, camping, cycling, fishing, traveling and all other outdoor activities. This rain pants are functional and stylish.


👤It rained for 8 hours. I was soaked. It took about four hours for the paint to dry.

👤The leg openings are wide enough that I don't have to remove my boots to put on the pants. The mesh liner should make them more comfortable. The pants leak after a few seconds in my bathroom sink filled with water, at the seat, where four seams come together. This is not acceptable for motorcycle riders as we literally "sit in a puddle of water" for hours while riding in the rain. The picture is of wet tissue. It's unbelievable that the manufacturer would place the storm flaps facing forward in order to capture and channel the wind and rain inside the pants. This doesn't make sense to me. It's odd. I have tested five rain pants and not a single one passed the "bathroom sink" test. The worst offenders leaked after a few seconds. All leaked after a few minutes. It's ridiculous that manufacturers can't figure out how to make a rain pant that doesn't leak at the seat, especially since motorcyclists sit in a puddle of water for hours. How can this be so difficult? Please send me a link if you know of any truly waterproof pants.

👤Don't be foolish. These pants are not light in weight. They weigh over a pound and are not suitable for backpacking. Don't buy.

👤I canceled my order because I couldn't find a way to get my product/s on hand to deliver after 3 weeks. The Billing issue caused me problems as I'm on a tight budget and we had a heavy rain last week in NY. Too bad. I was looking for fully mesh lined, but I won't be getting it. Not Amazon's fault, so the search continues for a brand to purchase from elsewhere.

👤I haven't worn them outdoors yet. Right out of the package is the fit. The thin elastic band doesn't work well. Within a few steps, the backside at the waist would start to fall. I had a better fit for them. They don't fall anymore. I will update after the first rain.

👤The ankle opening is wide enough to allow you to go over boots and shoes. The pockets are a plus. I want to be able to access the pockets in the pants underneath the pockets in the zippered pockets.

👤The pants are great for walking in the rain. I stay dry. The fit is good and I can tighten the anklets.

👤The gray pant looks like I ordered it. I thought I got a blue pant. I'm not sure if this was an error on my part or not. The pant is made well. The black pant is fine, but I would prefer it to be nylon, as it stated in the original order. It was made of a material called polyester. I was a bit disappointed. The item description should be what you are buying. The pants are made well, even the one made of polyester is a nice pants. I would make sure I got what I wanted. The nylon one is less heavy than the polyester one.

3. Huk Mens Tournament Black X Large

Huk Mens Tournament Black X Large

Huk is a performance- engineered, technical gear designed to fuel your passion and pursuit no matter where you fish. The Huk Tournament Bib is designed to perform at the highest levels of the sport and exceed your expectations in extreme conditions. The water impermeable material is: water proof and water impermeable. The bib has a Durable Water Repellent coating that repels water and waterproof/breathable material that protects you from the elements. Quick drying. It's important that you stay comfortable on or off the water. The wind is blowing. Wind resistant fabrics and innovative construction allow you to stay out longer and keep you warmer.

Brand: Huk

👤These are good fishing bibs. There is no way to use facilities without taking off. The clips are a pain to use and the suspenders should be replaced with them. One needs to return and order a 3XL if they are a 2XL. There are lots of pockets for holding gear and warming hands. Taking a picture would not help to see all the good features. They are a good set of bibbs, but not designed for all day wear.

👤Can wear them all day. It was nice to keep the cast net dry. I recommend these if you find them on sale. It was too expensive at regular price.

👤There is no opening for your manhood.

👤I expected them to last at least 6 months, but barely last 2.

👤The person who designed these bibs needs to be fired. Who thought the straps were a good idea? That person is not needed on the design team again. The bibs are great, but I can't get over the cheap straps.

4. Frogg Toggs Waterproof Khaki Medium

Frogg Toggs Waterproof Khaki Medium

The waterproof and impermeable material is made with frogg toggs L83 bi-laminate materials. It is lightweight and packable, so don't get caught without it. The Pro lite Rainsuit is perfect for on the boat, in the backpack, car trunk or wherever rain protection might be needed. It is designed to fit over clothing for quick weather protection. The hood has E-Z push cord locks and is designed to keep you dry. This rain suit is going to take you places. Hunting, music festivals, fishing, soccer games, football games, changing a flat, dog walks, camping, and more are some of the things that occur. It is the perfect lightweight, waterproof rain suit.

Brand: Frogg Toggs

👤I'm not happy with this rainsuit. I ride my bicycle to college every day and wear a 30$ rainsuit that has a hole in the back of the pants and my ass gets worse whenever I wear it. I don't recommend this product to anyone as it is very fragile and wears out very fast. The third time I've worn this rainsuit the pictures were taken today. I folded it up into a bag and dried it off, but it still gets soaked through the hole.

👤I bought these a couple months ago because we would have a lot of outdoor drills. I didn't need to get them out of the academy. I wore these for the first time today and the crotch seam ripped out with a rip of about 8 or 9 inches. They performed well in the rain, but I'm not happy with the quality of the material. If anything were too baggy on me at 5'10 and 155 lbs., these weren't put under any undue stress.

👤Garbage bags made of tougher stuff are ripped before being worn 3 times. You get what you pay for, except for the fact that 20 bucks buys a lot more garbage bags.

👤This is what happened when I used this item: 1. The crouch 2 was split by me. 3 was undone by the zipper. The backing began to separate from the plastic material. The stitching on the material fabric is terrible. The price and the idea are both good, but the quality is poor. Even though it is very roomy, it still ripped even though I gently used it around my yard. I don't think anyone would use this outfit for riding a bike. I have to throw it away. I don't think it will happen since I used it. Spending a little more and getting a better quality item is what I would advise you to do.

👤I bought this suit just in case it rains and I don't have to wear it very often. The material is very flimsy, and it doesn't seem like it will hold up. I haven't tested it. If you plan to use them for hiking or floating, do not purchase. I would not expect any activity to make me cry. If your body size is tall and thin, you will not be able to get a good fit. The jacket was roomy but the pants were not. The carry bag is small and I was not able to get the garments folded and back into the bag.

👤It was light and could stand the rain for a while, but eventually it started to leak through the doors. The product is great for the average person who needs a rain suit, not for people who will be working outdoors for 8 hours or more. The material is easy to tear if it gets caught.

👤At one time they were a decent product, and perhaps I heard that before. They are cheap Chinese junk with no quality control. I live in Washington state, where it rains a lot, and I need a waterproof jacket that is lightweight and waterproof for my walks. There is a The FROGG TOGGS are very lightweight, they do a great job breaking the wind, and keep you dry. Each time I've purchased a Pro lite rain suit in the last 14 months, the jacket, pants, or both began to leak, and this is the third time. Even the smallest scratch on the coating can cause rain water to leak through. After the first two leaks, I was very careful with the way I handled them, but it didn't matter. This one was also leaked. I was excited to try one of their heavier models, but it still felt lightweight, even though it seemed heavier. I put it on for the first time this morning and realized the hood strings were missing the cord locks that are supposed to keep it secure. I'm done with this company. Buy at your own risk.

5. NATUVENIX Waterproof Resistant Lightweight Climbing

NATUVENIX Waterproof Resistant Lightweight Climbing

The men's waterproof pants are made with light air feel fabric. You will get a free movement with the relaxed fit and light hiking pants. These men's hiking pants can be folded into a small piece to be carried. These men's hiking pants are also great travel pants. The men's hiking pants are made of ripstop materials. The men's hiking pants have a more flexible knee design that is great for avoiding ripped looks. These waterproof hiking pants would allow you unrestricted movement. The lightweight men's hiking pants are made of unique fabric which makes them quick dry and resistant to water. The men's hiking pants are button-end closed. The hiking pants have an elastic waistband and a belt that can be adjusted. The hiking pants have a contrast color belt that looks more stylish. The men's hiking pants have 6 invisible zip pockets, 2 hand pockets, 2 rear straight pockets and 2 thigh pockets. The hiking pants have multi pockets that are perfect for holding stuffs safe. The asymmetrical pocket design of the SALVAGEDATA The all-purpose men's outdoor hiking pants, which is water resistant and quick dry, and has a multi-functional multi-pockets design, is a great choice for everyday casual and stylish men's pants.

Brand: Natuvenix

👤These pants are a tad long because I am a shorter guy. But other than that, they are great.

👤The one I bought was cheap and comfortable. This one is good for any occasion. The texture is comfortable. It's perfect for summer. I usually buy pants from Lululemon but this price is only 1/6 of theirs. Love it.

👤See the headline. Like multiple pockets. They are yet to be seen. If this is an issue, more later. If they wear well, it's a great value.

👤Light weight and comfortable, dries quickly.

👤It was as promised. The quality is good so far.

👤The pants fit perfectly. I replace the belt myself. There are lots of pockets. I like that they pack quickly. I can wear them on hikes or out for a nice dinner. I am glad I bought them.

👤It runs a little long for my taste. There is a If they were cotton for denim. It would be better if they wouldn't stick to my skin and cause more damage in case of a fire.

👤These pants are very snug. The length is what's in style. I threw the belt out. It's hard to pull through loops. Will see how they hold up.

6. Convertible Lightweight Breathable Fishing Apricot

Convertible Lightweight Breathable Fishing Apricot

The conversion and stretchy are related. The Toomett Convertible Hiking pants have concealed zippers at the knees for an easy change from pants to shorts. The two-section pants can be converted to shorts in a matter of minutes. UV protection and quick dry. The Quick-Dry technology transfers sweat from the skin to the fabric in which it quickly evaporates to keep you cool and dry. The lightweight pants have a tight weave construction cloth with UV absorbent yarns that blocks UV rays to help reduce your exposure to harmful rays. Adaptable anddurable: The elastic waist, relaxed seat and thigh of the cargo pants allow them to fit comfortably while you are sitting or active. The articulated knees and the gusseted crotch combine with the ripstop fabric to ensure maximum freedom of movement outdoors. The hiking pants surface has extra Teflon coating. There are 6 pockets for maximum storage capacity. 2 slash pockets, 2 thigh cargo pockets, 2 hook & loop back pockets, and mesh pocket lining combine for ultimate convenience and breathability. There is a partial elastic waistband with belt loops. The hiking pants have a metal button and a quality zippers. The men's hiking cargo pants are made for a relaxed fit and are suitable for various occasions. It's suitable for all kinds of daily wear and outdoor sports.

Brand: Toomett

👤I like the pants a lot. I just got back from a field test on new gear and am ready to go on the trail. These pants were flying in the air. I am 5'11" and 213 lbs. Carrying an extra 15 lbs has made the build more athletic. I went with a size 36 and it fit perfectly. I've been wearing what I've been told is size wise. If needed, there is some elastic in the waist. Light and comfortable. I wore these up and down the mountain, by the fire, and in the tent because it was humid yesterday. The zip on each leg is very easy to open. The legs come off with no effort. Works as intended. The shorts look good. Even with good use, the pockets should last for awhile. These are highly recommended for their value. The pants were amazing when they were back from hiking the Appalachian. The weather was very warm and the legs of pants were taken off immediately. Came off without a hitch. These pants came out of the muddy trail unscathed. It was dried quick too. These are great!

👤If your child is tall and thin, Scouting pants are great. These are short and slim. They barely hit his ankle. They are fine with shoes.

👤I got this for my neighbor because he likes to wear hiking pants that zip off at the knee, and they fit him perfectly, and he will be ordering another pair of these if anyone else wants them.

👤A pair of very lightweight pants was what I wanted. These are good. They fit well for what they are. It's easy to remove the legs. The legs are carried in two pockets by the thin fabric. The material is what I want. I didn't buy these for their looks, but for their utility, because the belt is too long and not color coordinated.

👤I ordered these for my son. He wore them while hiking and put them on in the afternoon. The legs can't be put back on. The material is very thin. I would like to come back if he didn't wear them once. I wouldn't order again.

👤These pants fit around my husband's waist, but they were too tight around his thighs. I got them for him for Father's Day and unfortunately they are outside of the return window. I think you should not order them as a gift in advance because you may not be able to get them. A bigger size would be too big. They are not a good fit.

👤I got these for my son to wear to summer camp, and they fit perfectly, and kept him comfortable. They are in great shape months later. He loves them!

👤The quality of these pants is not as good as I would have liked, but I am satisfied with the size chart's depiction of the inseam. I decided to remove the necessary stitches, unfold about 1/3 of the fabric, and stitch it back up after I debated whether to return them. I took about an hour. Why a 52" belt for a 34" waist?

7. Little Donkey Andy Protection Lightweight

Little Donkey Andy Protection Lightweight

The material is 10% Spandex. Sun protection with a factor of 50. Long hours in the sun protect you from sun rays. Ripstop fabric is scratch-resistance and durable. The synthetic fabric dries quickly. These fishing pants are strong enough to handle the rigorous demands of tactical operations. A pair of pants made of lightweight fabric with 10% spandex and Articulated knees allow more freedom of movement. Extra comfort is offered by the partial elastic waist. 2 slash pockets, 2 thigh cargo pockets, 2 front utility pockets, and 1 rear pocket with zip closure are in diversified pockets for convenience and efficiency. Water and soil resistance is achieved through the treatment of the fabric, this water-repellent convertible pant keeps you neat and dry. This pant is perfect for hiking, fishing, travel, camping, kayak, skydiving, work and so on.

Brand: Little Donkey Andy

👤I wanted a new pair of hiking pants. I have an older pair of polycotton Columbia pants that are not good when wet, and the Columbia PFG convertibles are not good for hiking. I wanted to try the brand name pants first, but I had looked at some online. $18 for these pants was a risk that was worth taking. The pants are made by a Chinese clothing company. I have had good luck with Chinese brands in the past. The pants feel good. I haven't taken them out on a trail yet, but I will update the review if things go wrong. When walking normally, the material is not loud. The cargo pockets are larger than I would like, but the hand pockets are a little smaller. The material is stretchy, which I like. The pants are a little snug in the crotch that I would prefer, but it's not a problem. I don't like pants that come with belts, so maybe I am biased, but the provided belt is junk. I am 6'2" and 270 and usually wear 42x32, I bought the XXL. I would consider buying this brand again, but if I could give the manufacturer a suggestion, it would be to change the brand name to something more outdoor or sporty. Little Donkey Andy might have a different meaning in Chine, but it just doesn't make sense to me.

👤I bought these in the Large size because my waist is 36 and my inseam is 30. The inseam is too long and the waist is perfect. It's not a big deal but keep it in mind. A stapler would have solved that problem. The fabric is great, stretchy and cool, and the fit is great. I also have Little Donkey Andy stuff. They get the best fabrics. The thigh pocket is easy to use with one hand. Impressive. The thigh pocket has a flap that stays closed just by how it's constructed, but there's no velcro. The side pockets are shallow and made out of mesh. I wish they were deeper. A really nice product.

👤These pants are really nice. I bought them to wear at my daughters' soccer games and other outdoor activities. When buying these, I wanted them to block the sun as well as the best sunscreens. The button fell off after I wore them for one hour, and it is one I have seen in other reviews. This isn't a deal-breaker for me. I have the correct thread colour, so I have no problem with this one issue. I hoped they survived the wash in my washer. After at least five washings, they have survived. I'm 6 feet tall. I bought the large size. The fit of my mid-section is very good, and I can wear a belt when I want to. I am stepping on the hem because these pants do not run long. I can use my sewing kit to adjust the length. Some people would be turned off by the "quirks" above, but they are fine for me. These would be a 5 star pair of hiking pants if the button was secured better. I removed one star because of this, but I still love these pants. My pants did not come with a belt. I didn't see that they had one, but that was fine with me. The two legs were up 90 percent of the way.

8. Dickies Regular Straight Stretch Gravel

Dickies Regular Straight Stretch Gravel

Wrinkle resist stain release. The tunnel belt has pockets for cell phone and pencil.

Brand: Dickies

👤I'm not sure why no one else mentioned this. I've been buying pants for over 60 years, but I can't find a pair that has a (4" Fly Zipper!) Wow! You can cut your penis if you try to pee the bottom of the zipper. I guess they saved a nickle cutting one inch out of the standard zipper length, because every pair of paints I've ever owned has a 5" zipper. Maybe a female designed them? I like the extra large pockets. The cell pocket fits my larger phone, but I wanted the zip to be more open, so I put several things of all sizes in them. I paid a tailor $10.00 to put in a 5" zip up that should have been there when I took the pants to the tailor.

👤I stocked up on cargo pants when I found them. I need all those pockets between my cell phones, wallet, keys, and other stuff. These pants are good enough to wear casually. It's nice to have a choice of colors. It's a tip. "Regular" is the name that means a regular cut. I bought my first pair from the store where I tried them on. The store only had these, not the "relaxed" cut style. I need 36 for these because I can usually do a 34 waist in a relaxed cut.

👤I bought these for my husband. After losing some weight, he needed to replace a few pairs of cargo pants, so we got a trial pair of these. He wants more of them and prefers them to the Wranglers. The wider waistband makes him more comfortable when working and moving frequently. The only negative is that the design of the zipper is odd. He was able to adjust his phone and tools without any problems, despite the layout of the cargo pockets being different. He liked the angle of the 2 upper front pockets because they prevent items from falling out. He's happy with these. I like them because they look more polished and pulled-together than his old work pants, and still match the rest of his workwear. They don't feel like cardboard when they first arrive. After about 3 or 4 washes, they are soft.

👤I was hoping this would fit like the wrangler flex work pants, but they don't. The waist was not flexed at all. The pants legs were not vertically upright. The wrangler pants and other flex jeans I have worn have flex degrees. The material I found was not comfortable. I didn't wash them, so maybe some of that would go away. I was hoping that these would be soft and flexible, but they weren't.

👤I own a pair of jeans and pants, as well as a pair of cargo pants. The three are all 36x30 When ordering these, I chose the same size. That was stupid. The waist was four inches too small, so I replaced it with a 40x30 That was also stupid. The first pair of pants had a small waist, but I didn't notice the legs were longer than my other pants. I already have more pairs of the Wrangler's that fit perfectly, I wasted enough time and energy on these, they are also getting returned, and I already ordered more pairs. This was my first item from Dickies, and it will be my last.

9. Outdoor Anytime Convertible Lightweight Fishing

Outdoor Anytime Convertible Lightweight Fishing

The hiking pants have a classic cargo silhouette with straight leg design for comfortable and loose, which can adapt to the big movements without tearing. Zip-off legs make for an easy change from pants to shorts, suitable in the hot and cool seasons of spring and autumn. The men's cargo pants have multi pockets with hook andloop for your belongings, two slant pockets, two thigh pockets and two back pockets for convenience and efficiency. The Quick Dry Sun Protection pants are made with a fabric that protects against the sun and a technology that keeps you cool and dry. 3D cutting, lightweight fabric for maximum comfort is what Casual pants for men are made of. It's suitable for casual and outdoor wear, such as hiking, travel, fishing, riding, walking, camping, mountaineer, hunt, climb, etc.

Brand: Jessie Kidden

👤I bought two pairs of these pants, on size 34 and 36, since the reviews said the pants ran small, and I typically am a 34x32 pant size. When I wore the size 34s, they were small and tight. I didn't like the way the zippers were used. I gave them to one of my kids and they fit perfectly and they were not bothered by the zippers. The size 36 pants fit me just right and the zippers were much more substantial. They were good for a 10 mile hike and dried quickly after the rain. The fabric is put together differently in the two sizes, not sure why.

👤Trash paper is thin. They like a 32 maby. I got puke green and the belt is completely different from the last few pics, but they don't sell it.

👤They feel good after a run. It's convenient to go to shorts all the time. I have a power bank, two sets of keys in two separate pockets, and a bulky wallet, but I feel like I can count on these pockets. Reliability deserves the credit, by considering the bargain price. These don't feel like the most durable, but I don't expect them to be. The material is light, even for a windbreaker. There is a small tear where one of the short cutoffs are. It's a good purchase.

👤The weather app shows 94F and 25% humidity, but I walked around the block. The cut off for the shorts is right on my knee and the pants are very light. I bought these so I can see how they work for me. The belt is lightweight and a plus when hiking. The reason for my 3 stars. I put my hands in the pockets and the right pocket was not good, one of the corners of the pocket was sewn into the pants behind the thigh pocket. The left side pocket was fine to use and you could see how it should be. I had to cut some of the stitching to loosen the pocket from the pants and then restitch the thigh pocket part that I had cut. I didn't have a thread with the same color as the one I had, so it looks weird. I bought the khaki color, expecting at least a shade of khaki, but it's kind of like a wood brown. I bought them to hike. I wasn't expecting it to be fashionable, but I also wanted pants that don't blend into the dirt. I would have given these pants a 4.5 if it wasn't for the defect in the stitching that I had to fix myself, I would have liked the khaki color I was expecting.

👤My son is using them as scouting pants and has a few hikes in them already. They have held up well.

👤These pants were tighter than I wanted. I don't think they're too tight, just tighter than the pants I usually wear. They are light and comfortable. My legs were able to breathe. I wear these at work because it is easier to wear pants that are 888-282-0465 than it is to wear shorts. It's fairly resistant to snags. We will see how much of a beating these can take.

10. Waterproof Breathable Lightweight Motorcycle Windproof

Waterproof Breathable Lightweight Motorcycle Windproof

Lining- 100% Polyester; Shell- 80% Polyester, 20% PU. Men's rain pants are high quality. The Mens waterproof rain pants have a rating of 5000mm. The waterproof rain pants are seam sealed to provide excellent waterproof protection. Mens waterproof rain pants have 2 side pockets, a built-in waist drawstring, elastic waist belt, and the pants will not droop. Keep you dry with a full mesh lining and lightweight rain pants. The golf rain pants for men have a half leg zip and a reflective riping slit that allows the ankle cuff to be expanded to accommodate over boots.

Brand: Jaezziy

👤This roll up is very small and can be found in a side pocket on my bicycle trunk bag. I keep my wet weather gear on my bike. If it looks like rain, I can hop off my bike and do these quickly. The rain and wind are kept out of your legs with the help of the tabs on the cuffs. The waist is cinched in. I wonder how many layers of clothing people are wearing under these products. They don't need an elastic band to keep them out of the chain.

👤It is not bad that the inseam is long as you want it to fall over your ankle to keep your socks dry. It kept my pants dry.

👤They are too large. They are not very thick.

👤Order for son as a gift. He said he kept him dry. I ordered a second pair for him because he ripped them. It was a perfect fit.

👤It works ok, but I wish it had a thicker liner.

👤Light weight and good fit. It appears to be good quality.

👤I wanted them to be a bit baggy, but they were perfect. They are lightweight but not cheap, they will be great for snowboarding on warm days in the park.

11. Carhartt Mens Cotton Ripstop Relaxed

Carhartt Mens Cotton Ripstop Relaxed

Carhartt Company gear. The crotch is set up to enhance comfort. There are multiple utility pockets. The fabric resists tearing. The seat and thighs are relaxed.

Brand: Carhartt

👤I have worn carhartts for years and never complained. I decided to order a couple pairs here instead of going to Alaska. The carhartts I received were the worst I've ever seen. Both had areas that were cut short. The first pair was the first to be broken. The cargo pocket on the second had been severed. The second pair had also been ordered less than a year ago. I've never seen such poor quality carhartts at the store, so I won't order them again, even though I had amazing luck and ended up with 2 bad pairs.

👤These pants were great for my job as a vehicle technician. After only two months, my pants ripped. I was hoping that these would last.

👤Completely Bummed. The quality is questionable, even though the shipping, color and fit were as expected. We are looking for a good pant. These were only two months. I am a property inspector. There are ladders on top of residential and commercial buildings. The knees are usually the first to go in the past. I wanted to upgrade to the Carhartt brand. Not much. The waist band came apart all over. My wife rack dries all of our outer clothing. The band on the waist? Pictures have been included. It looks like the stitch goes to one side of the band. Who knows? Carhartt has a minimum quality warranty.

👤I was working on a new television series where the wardrobe notes asked for the kind of clothes people who work outdoors wear. It turned into a real festival for us, as so many actors were happy to show up in our favorite Carhartts and various kinds of hiking and work boots. I saw an actor wearing pants that I had never seen before during the show and tell. I had to have them, and ordered them immediately. The ripstop cotton is lighter than the duck cloth, and I like that it is military grade for both comfort andDurability. I ordered them in a coffee color. Coffee is a nice addition to the Carhartt color lineup. My multi tool has a pocket area. Thank you Carhartt! I can't put my multitool in my right pocket because it will wear a hole in my pants. This solved the problem. It is a pocket protector, but I like it a lot. Only one. There are a lot of great pockets on both sides, perfect for all sorts of tools and accessories, but not just a phone pocket. I can put my phone in one of those pockets, but it isn't quick draw. The problem with other mobile phone pockets is that they don't fit in the pocket nicely, and my phone fits in the pocket nicely without sliding around, and the closure keeps it from jumping out when I do a little run or jump. The bottom line. Carhartt listened to their customer base and created a new kind of pants that are more suited to their needs. Thanks for keeping it real.


What is the best product for fishing pants for men big and tall?

Fishing pants for men big and tall products from . In this article about fishing pants for men big and tall you can see why people choose the product. and Huk are also good brands to look for when you are finding fishing pants for men big and tall.

What are the best brands for fishing pants for men big and tall?

, and Huk are some of the best brands that chosen by people for fishing pants for men big and tall. Find the detail in this article. Frogg Toggs, Natuvenix and Toomett are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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