Best Fishing Pants for Men Columbia

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1. Columbia Cullman Comfort Stretch Multi Pocket

Columbia Cullman Comfort Stretch Multi Pocket

Your go-to pants are ready for anything. They're made from a cotton blend and have plenty of pockets. The fabric blend is designed for a hint of give and comfort over a wide range of motion, perfect for any activity. This pant is great for hiking, backpacking, or cross town wear because of its active fit and stylish straight leg. There areANDY features. 6 belt loops give better belt control and fit, while multi-functional front and back pockets add convenience. Columbia's attention to detail is what sets their footwear apart. Only the highest quality materials are specified. These pants will last for seasons to come.

Brand: Columbia

👤The new Columbia brand is not the same as the original branding. Quality seems to be less than intended. These pants are not amazing. They're still well-made pants, just giving 3 stars for the price point. They should sell in the $20-$30 range.

👤I bought two pairs of these one in grey and khaki. A different color, the same size and style. After several washes, grey ones fit great. The waist is still ok, the khaki ones shrunk dramatically. And so is the length. They look like skinny jeans because they are so tight. It was weird.

👤The balance between slim fit and more relaxed fit is perfect. The legs are slender and the fit is perfect at the waist. The material is soft and comfortable. This is the second pair I have purchased. I wish they came in more colors.

👤The pants are very comfortable and I like that they make a chino style pant. They have enough stretch to be comfortable. I work from home and wear these on a daily basis.

👤If you're looking for pants that are more casual than khakis but not as casual as jeans, you're in the right place.

👤dressy enough with a sport coat

👤It was a great fit and comfortable.

2. Columbia Silver Convertible Breathable Protection

Columbia Silver Convertible Breathable Protection

100% Synthetic Fibers. The technology is advanced. The Columbia Silver Ridge convertible pant has a signature UPF 50 fabric for protection against harmful UVA and UVB rays as well as a fabric that pulls water away from you to keep you cool and dry. There areANDY features. The men's convertible pant has a zip-closure security pocket, side pockets with hook and loop closure, and mesh pocket bags for convenience and security. There are adjusted features. The men's convertible pant has a partial elastic waist, a zip-off legs, and a gusset detail.

Brand: Columbia

👤The pants are stretchable. I've hiked with them in 40 degree heat and 120 degree heat in the desert in the Middle East. They absorb 27 times the weight in water of cotton, and are made of a type of fabric called polyester. They will dry very quickly. A couple hours out on a line will dry them. They are warm and do a good job of blocking the wind. When the temperatures are in the upper 40s and lower 50s, they are able to hike. If you're hiking in anything colder than that, you'll want a thicker material. They can remove the humidity in extreme heat. After travelling 200 ft from an air conditioned Bunker across the desert in Qatar, you were completely drenched in sweat. The heat is close to being the maximum that people can endure due to the air's humidity. You would be protected from the sun by the quick drying of the paints. They are light and don't feel uncomfortable in the heat. I have had one of the forward pocket in one of my paints fail due to the stitching, and some of the material is starting to look thread bear, but the durability is pretty good. Cotton underwear will be your down fall if you are doing things on the water, after being dosed by a bow wave, cotton underwear will dry quickly. If you splash down with a bit of fresh water after landing, this fabric will dry out, even if it absorbs salt, which can lead to rash. They are very effective pants to wear. They are very light and do not show any signs of aging. You can pack them in a backpack and they don't weigh much and take up a lot of space. You can put the bottoms in the front pockets if you want to. The belt isn't very fancy, but I haven't had any fail, and I've found they are the ideal size for emergency tourniquets, which I've had to do. It's probably not everyone's list of reasons to buy a belt, but unlike leather and dress belts, this can be used to sync something down. I use it to sync down my backpacking loads when I can't find anything else. The color works well, and unlike everything else, has never produced a stain. That's a nice feature, the dye is permanent, and everything else washes away like engine grease, blood, mustard, dirt. They don't look wet with the color, unlike the lighter versions. They will eventually start to wear like everything else. They fit the bill, from casual dining in the Middle East to formal wear in the US. They don't look out of place on a military base or camping trip. They don't scream "search me for hidden weapons and cans of chewing tobacco" because they are GIs. I think they deserve 4.5 stars, with the only objection being that they were under a bit of load, but I think they did a good job. I choose 5 because I can't choose 4.5 stars.

3. Columbia Rebel Roamer Medium Inseam

Columbia Rebel Roamer Medium Inseam

Air-permeable protection that is waterproof and breathable are features of their Omni-Tech technology. It allows the inside to breathe while keeping mother nature out. There areANDY features. These pants have two side pockets and two back pockets to hold small items. These pants are comfortable with their nylon and elastane comfort-stretch fabric.

Brand: Columbia

👤I took rain pants backpacking, and they kept me dry. I'm talking from experience because it rained 9 out of 10 days on our trip. The pants are light and comfortable. They are backed by Columbia's waterproof guarantee and did not feel cheap. They have a waist cinch and boot straps to keep rain out. I used these from 70 to 35 and they were comfortable. I would use these as snow pants in the winter because they act as a nice windbreaker and insulator. I would recommend these to anyone who needs to stay dry.

👤I have a 36” waist and 215 lbs. I wear large in most things. After reading reviews that said to buy a size down because they are baggy, I tried it. I should not have. These fit perfectly to size 100%. I purchased a medium/32. The problem with this is that the waist and crotch area are not true to size if the legs are slimmer. If you are a large person, buy large. The bagginess in the legs is not limited to size. The quality is there and the price is appropriate. The lack of pockets and a small strap at the bottom of the pant legs made it a 4 of 5 stars. Even though they are a little snug, I am happy with them.

👤The product has no pockets. There are two front pockets and two back pockets according to the description. The buyer should beware. Columbia is a good company. I don't like deceptive advertising. Hopefully the product is waterproof. I will find out in a few days. It fits that portion of my good comments. I would have zero stars if I could rete it.

👤I wanted dry legs so I bought these to go with a new Summit poncho. On opening the package and looking over the pants. There is a If you are caught in a sudden shower while on the trail, the legs don't have a way to attach them to boots. I think it's a big minus. There is a On a sunny, 84 degree day, you can put the pants on and walk around in the yard. They are comfortable and not loud. There is a There is no way to get at your pants pockets with these pants on. A small annoyance. I can live with it. There is a The pants are rolled up and packed into a package that is roughly 6 x 5 x 3 inches. There is no sack or pocket to put the pants in. I put a piece of shock cord with a cord lock around my own and then I carry it with my poncho in a utility pouch on the belt of my backpack for quick access. There is a The draw string around the waist is nice. I would have liked to have been able to attach suspenders. There is a The bottom of the pants legs are nice, but not perfect for a tight gather around my boots. The rain pants are not bad for the price on the first day I owned them. I expected a little more. --- If I find more things to point out, I will update this review. I bought these pants for a full price, but no one asked for a review.

4. Columbia Silver Ridge Cargo 30x30

Columbia Silver Ridge Cargo 30x30

There is an item called "omni-wack." The ultimate technology for managing the outdoors. The fabric of Omni-Wick quickly absorbs the sweat from the skin, keeping you cool and your clothing dry. Be safe and protected. The Omni-Shade blocks the sun's harmful rays. The UV absorbent yarns block harmful UV rays. All weather pants are designed to keep you comfortable from sunup to sundown. The classic fit is the slanted leg. These pants have a straight leg cut and are made from 100% ripstop nylon for ultimate comfort during active outdoor adventures. There areANDY features. Two front and two tabbed back pockets, two large cargo pockets, and a security pocket are all kept handy and secure with the exterior belt with partial elastic at the waist.

Brand: Columbia

👤These pants are a bit of a standard when it comes to hiking pants. The material is so thin, it drapes terribly, and you can feel anything you brush across, even though it's more rugged than your run-of-the-mill track pants. It will rub your skin raw b/c of the super thin lining, so don't put anything in your pockets. I don't think hiking pants will be haute couture but they are pretty much the same as a pair of walmart sweatpants. The built in belt is nice and the design is better than the Paramount pants. If you can fit and you don't need to use your pockets much, or rub up against any rocks or dirt, it may work for you better than it did for me.

👤I have the same size pants, but it is smaller. It's good to block the wind. It can stick to your leg when hiking in the summer. It doesn't look durable, which is disappointing given the price. After a few days hiking, some parts show signs of wear out. It was disappointing.

👤It's not 100% nylon, only lining is nylon, otherwise shell and clothes are recycled or polyester. The incorrect advertisement may be explained by the fact that nylon is a stronger material. Imported is made in Bangladesh. They don't covert to shorts because zip isn't there. What is the description?

👤The size of the pants is more like 29 X 31 than 30 X 30. It's difficult to measure the waist as it's elastic, but the length was 31. I'm a 29/30 and can hem my own pants. The color is between Khaki and tan.

👤My son was going to Europe and didn't want to take a lot of clothes, so I bought him two pairs of these. When you wear them, they come out of the suitcase and are not wrinkled. If they get wet, they dry out. You could wash them in a sink and they would dry. He came back with them 10 days later and they looked great. He says that they are very comfortable and look great for every day. Unless you put something under them, they are not for cold weather use. They are great for hot weather.

👤I was going to Europe and bought these. I wanted a pant that had a pocket so I wouldn't be picked on. The security of my billfold is also included. The other awesome features that I hadn't anticipated are now icing on the cake.

👤I have six pairs of these, all of which are different and none of them measure up to spec... The 30x32 which are my usual jean size are too long but good in the crotch and hips, the 30x30 are way tight in the crotch and hips which make you pull them up to highwater style. I only have one pair of the 32x30s.

👤I own many other Royal Robbins, ExOfficio, 5-11 and they all have longer zippers that make it easier to get on and off. The fit, style, and quality are all excellent.

5. Columbia Mens Royce Peak 36x32 Inch

Columbia Mens Royce Peak 36x32 Inch

These pants are perfect for hiking, fishing, travel, or your favorite outdoor pursuit. They have a comfort stretch design that provides a comfortable fit. The Columbia Royce Peak pant pants have been designed with a classic fit for the ultimate in comfortability while you're staying active outdoors. It was designed with advanced technology. The men's pants feature Columbia's unique fabric for maximum protection against the sun and advanced repellency. There areANDY features. This men's durable pant features a zip-closure security pocket, articulated knees and gusset details, which allow you to climb mountain peaks or hang out at the barbecue with maximum protection and comfort. Go ahead, try and get dirty. You can stay dry and clean by resisting the absorption of liquids. Unlike most fabrics that absorb water, Omni-Shield dries quickly and repels water.

Brand: Columbia

👤This was the second pair I bought. They are not very strong for hot weather. These pants can get very hot and sweaty because they are tight. Great pants for hiking in the mountains or at the lake. Not for Southern AZ during the summer. I use them for casual wear at the office and early morning hikes. I don't like the fact that you have to pull up the right seam to close it, and I have had to pull open my wallet to get it out. Don't know why it was designed that way. If you hike in the mountains in cooler weather, this is a good pant to have, especially if you can find it on sale. The date was 11/27/18. The snap on the waist is loose. Any movement that puts pressure on it will cause it to pop loose. I am not wearing a size that is too small. Over time, the button has loosened. They are ok pants. I will be looking at how Columbia Customer service handles this. My first pair of pants have the rear pocket seams unraveling, leaving holes at the bottom of the pockets. Wow Columbia. I thought your mom was a quality control inspector. These pants have not been worn many times. Too bad QC isn't better. There was an update on February 22, 2019. The pants have been sent back to Columbia, and they can't replace a snap or fix a seam. I have to buy pants from their brick and mortar store or online, so they credited me for two pairs of pants. Columbia was a better product. I only have one of the three pairs left. I am looking for alternatives not Columbia Brand.

👤I like Columbia pants. There is a zip on the seam of this pair. It's nice to not have the cargo pockets. These are great for travel, camping, and outdoors, but also look normal enough to pass as khakis and casual wear. These pants are smaller than most clothing brands. I needed a bigger waist size than I normally buy. There are two small complaints. This has a snap closure. The fly is not a button or hook, but a snap above it. Columbia uses a very strong snap, it doesn't come unnapped accidentally. I prefer a button. 2. There is a logo above the back pocket. The pants look normal enough for office wear, but the big logo makes them look very techy again. I'd prefer a logo that's more discreet or an internal label.

👤I've been wearing the Columbia Ultimate Roc pant on my travels for the past four years. I ordered the Royce Peak pant because I needed a change. The Roc pant is loose fitting. I'm 5'10 and 190#. The pant is very comfortable. It was great on 10 hour flights and the drips and dirt did not cling to omni shield material. The material thickness is comparable to the pants. My wallet is not falling out because of the overlap Velcro closure in my back pockets. There are belt loops. Plastic is not the same as metal. Stitching at the knees is very neat. Great pants. It looked great after a whole week on vacation without washing. I washed and hung out it. The material is 98% nylon. This is the second pant that I bought. It wears well, but it shows the wrinkling of my darker grill colored pair. I hope they last as long as my pants.

6. Columbia Silver Ridge Convertible 44x36

Columbia Silver Ridge Convertible 44x36

The technology is advanced. The Columbia Silver Ridge convertible pant has a signature UPF 50 fabric for protection against harmful UVA and UVB rays as well as a fabric that pulls water away from you to keep you cool and dry. There areANDY features. The men's convertible pant has a zip-closure security pocket, side pockets with hook and loop closure, and mesh pocket bags for convenience and security. There are adjusted features. The men's convertible pant has a partial elastic waist, a zip-off legs, and a gusset detail. The classic fit. The pant is made of a classic fit for ultimate comfort. Be safe and protected. The Omni-Shade blocks the sun's harmful rays. The UV absorbent yarns block harmful UV rays.

Brand: Columbia

👤I ordered a few pairs of Columbia Silver Ridge Convertible pants a few months ago and was so fond of them that I decided to order another pair in a different color. Columbia has recently "updated" these pants. The new ones I received were different from my previous ones in a number of ways. The "new" pair does not have the "R"/"L" indicators on the legs, which is a very useful one to have when attempting to reZIP the lower legs. There is no branding on the lower leg in the other pairs that I own. I won't be able to wear these pants in any other situation besides deep in the woods, because it's ugly and distracting. Minor differences include: There is a small Columbia brand tag sewn on the rear pocket instead of the Columbia logo on the rear hip as shown on the product page. There is no Columbia logo on the belt buckle, and a smaller waist button with "Columbia" stamped in it instead of larger button with Columbia logo. The older version of the pants are still shown in the photos on the Amazon page. I would not have ordered the "new" version if I had known that the words "omni-shade" were written on the lower leg. I returned them to Amazon because I thought they might be fakes. I ordered them from Columbia and received the same version. Columbia saw fit to change a great design, but not showing the changes clearly on the website is deceptive marketing. If you're hoping to receive a pair that's similar to ones you already own, be careful when you order these.

👤I've done field work in Florida, the Appalachians, and the tropics. They are light and breathe well. If you wear pants out in the summer heat, you won't sweat as much. The pocket utility is pretty good. The fabric is strong enough to protect my legs from getting small scratches as I force my way through thick brush and forest understory. A small problem will be created. That's fine for me. If they were heavy enough to resist tears from fallen branches, they would be like army fatigues and defeat the purpose of protection without overheating. I will keep buying them.

👤I like Columbia products. They are quality. Not happy with the pants. They feel like they are plastic. I got a good deal. I'm hard to find. I put these in my emergency bag. These pants will not make me look like a military cosplayer if I have to relocate to a high school gym. I'll be covered in any weather, because the pants to shorts are unzipped. I won't have to worry if they'll fit when I need them because the included belt has room. They're light, have plenty of pockets, and can be more compact than most pants.

👤I bought my first pair of Columbia pants when I was planning to go to Italy. I walked around cities in my shorts in the heat and zip-ZIP was perfect for entering sacred places. They have become my favorite summer pants. They are lightweight, water and stain resistant, and come with their own belt. Most other manufactures of men's pants have inflated their waist measurements over the years, so a size 36 pair of pants now fits a 38" waist. To buy a size 36, you need a 36" waist.

7. Columbia Rebel Roamer Black Inseam

Columbia Rebel Roamer Black Inseam

Air-permeable protection that is waterproof and breathable are features of their Omni-Tech technology. It allows the inside to breathe while keeping mother nature out. These pants are comfortable with their nylon and elastane comfort-stretch fabric. The pants are available in multiple sizes that fit true to size to accommodate every man's needs.

Brand: Columbia

👤I bought these pants because of the description on Amazon, which said they have two side pockets and two back pockets to hold small items. They say they are safe. I will not hold my breath. Amazon is trying so hard to offer every product they can't even verify the description of the products they sell. I lose faith in their system.

👤I was hoping these would fit better than the women's rain pants with the 32" inseam. I was excited to read that these have pockets. I couldn't find any pockets. The legs on these are wide and the inseam is too long. I could probably fit both of my legs into one of the pant legs on these. It's odd that the waist fit well. They are supposed to be worn over other pants, but still are crazy wide-leg pants. I have to say that they seemed pretty comfortable otherwise.

👤It was the same as described in the discription. They cover my feet when I sit down. I have been buying rain gear from Columbia for many years and it is the same quality. The only way to open up the leg without removing my shoes is to use the cuff.

👤The pants are large. The pull tie could be better. Most men don't like the fact that the pants have no pockets. The cheap and lack of pockets make them fail in their function. The features expected in men's pants make it no choice but to return for a more practical design. This is manufactured by Columbia, who fell short of expectations.

👤Most of my height is in my legs. These pants are perfect. They kept my lower half dry. I don't want to wear them as sweat pants or running pants, but they are very lightweight and they breathe well. They have a piece of cloth on the cuff that can be tightened up. I put a hiking boot shoelace in the waistband. The string didn't feel right. There are no pockets to keep water out of the pants. I would recommend them so far.

👤I wear a size 24 women's pants and bought these to wear as rain pants in Alaska. I wore them over leggings, and I am sure I could have worn them over jeans as well. There was plenty of room for them. It can be hard to find specialty clothing in women's plus sizes, so this was a great solution for me.

👤They have a lot of room, 6' 300 lbs 3x 32"inseam could easily slip over other pants. I wore mine as a water repellence outer layer over a wicking base layer with no insulation up in the snow and it was comfortable. Good quality with no pockets.

👤Completely waterproof pants. It's nice to slip over other pants. Make your outfit resistant to heavy winds. It's convenient to put in a backpack until needed. Very light weight, with high levels of protection.

👤I bought these rain pants for my husband who is 260 lbs. He wears a size 40 pant. These rain pants fit nicely. The lenght is perfect and the waist is comfortable. Would definitely recommend.

8. Columbia Silver Ridge Cargo 36x30

Columbia Silver Ridge Cargo 36x30

There is an item called "omni-wack." The ultimate technology for managing the outdoors. The fabric of Omni-Wick quickly absorbs the sweat from the skin, keeping you cool and your clothing dry. Be safe and protected. The Omni-Shade blocks the sun's harmful rays. The UV absorbent yarns block harmful UV rays. All weather pants are designed to keep you comfortable from sunup to sundown.

Brand: Columbia

👤I bought the same size as the convertible pants that I bought because I loved them so much and the room in the legs was great. I could still button them if they were too small for me, it was just a goal for me to reach. I didn't think I'd have a problem with the convertible pants because the problem I have with hiking pants is that they don't fit right. These are not for a guy with big tree trunk legs. When you lift your leg up with these hiking pants, you feel like the part about the butt is going to rip. I would give these pants a 4 star review because I would still be able to wear them, but because they seem to be made for people who don't work out there legs, it's a one star review.

👤I bought them for my husband and they fit. I bought his usual length, but it was a little too long. We travel lightly with only a carry on backpack and an underseat bag. We wash when we run out of clothes because we take enough for 3 days. Most places in Scotland only have rack to dry clothes on, and these pants dry by the next morning. They are comfortable on flights of 8 hours or more. He wears leggings in the winter because they are very thin. They are not waterproof. You wouldn't be able to clean them in a washing machine if you didn't have that. You can use the electric dryer to dry them. His pants have never shrunk in the dryer, and they have dried on normal heat with his jeans. We did not let them go dry. I can get him to wear these instead of jeans when he is traveling so they are comfortable. He didn't complain about the pockets.

👤The synthetic trousers that I have are ok, far from great, but simply ok. There are pros and cons to the price of weight pockets, the main ones being that they come loose after the first wash, and that the regular belt won't fit a large Cuff size, and that the cheap small belt loops are made for, but not for, a large Cuff size

👤These pants are the most comfortable I have ever owned, and have largely replaced jeans as my default pants. They are baggy and look good in the office and shop. It's not possible to fit an 8 inch tablet in the back pocket, but it's large enough for a phone and wallet. The side pockets are bigger. If hung in the house they can be dry in less than an hour. They are made of ripstop nylon. When they first arrive, they feel like they're wearing a parachute, but over the course of a dozen washes, they break in and feel almost silk-like. The length is longer than advertised, so you should order a size below what you normally wear.

👤These pants are by Columbia. This is the first time I have tried Columbia pants, and I usually wear the Columbia line clothing. These things are great. They have stood up to everything I have put them through, even though I was concerned they would rip or tear due to the feeling of the material. I went into the water with these and they were gone in less than a second. I hike a lot. I bought several pairs of these because they were very cheap at around $10 a pair. I will tell you this with confidence. These are the best hiking pants you can find at this price. I don't know if I would pay that much for a pair of pants, but I wouldn't spend that much on any pair of pants. I don't have a problem with being thrifty. These are very comfortable. I feel like I'm not wearing pants. These feel like they are made of the same material that shoots are made of. I haven't removed the legs yet. I have tested the zip and it is easy to use. The belt that comes with it is a nice extra. Its decent, but not phenomenal. It does what it is supposed to do and that's hold your pants up. I highly recommend these! I was able to get it for a great price. I ordered more since they were so cheap.

9. Columbia Smith Creek Convertible 38x34

Columbia Smith Creek Convertible 38x34

The sun protection rating is 50. There is partial elastic at the waist. There are pockets with hook and loop closure. Zip-off legs make a pant into a short one. There is a set detail.

Brand: Columbia

👤It is too small and sewn wrong. I can now understand why the company has a no-return policy. I didn't know about the return policy when I bought it.

👤Terrible. I'm not sure if these are actually from Columbia. Terrible fit. Not like the ones we purchased from the store.

👤I bought them for my husband. We are going on a walk. He wanted a pant that was zip off. He says they are comfortable and look great. The waist has a bit of stretch which makes them comfortable.

👤It's right on, nice quality. Would buy again.

👤They are short in the inseam.

10. FREE SOLDIER Lightweight Waterproof Tactical

FREE SOLDIER Lightweight Waterproof Tactical

The nylon pants have a quick dry and lightweight feel. The nylon fabric is scratch-resistant and wear-resistant, which makes it very suitable for outdoor adventures. The soft texture of the blended spandex fabric makes these pants for men comfortable to wear. The waterproof pants mens can be kept dry and clean with the help of the Teflon coating. The quick dry pants for men have a protection against the sun's harmful rays. Flexibility and dependability are important. 4-way stretch fabric has the characteristics of an elastic, lightweight fabric and is ideal for pants for men. The waterproof hiking pants keep you dry in the rain. The knees are made with 4 pleats and 3D tailoring. There are multi-pockets. The ripstop hiking pants mens have 2 front Slant Pockets, 2 large YKK Zipper Security Cargo Pockets with COOLMAX mesh lining, and 2 back Straight Pockets, it is convenient for carrying tactical phone, wallet and other items, safe and reliable. You can adjust the length of the belt with a metal Buckle. There is a metal Buckle and a YKK Zipper. It is a regular fit. The waterproof pants of the free soldier are especially suitable for outdoor hiking, camping, climbing, cycling, fishing, hunting, jungle, running, mountaineering, combat, military, backpacking, working, traveling, and so on. All the data are measured accurately when you choose the size.

Brand: Free Soldier

👤On the 8-day camping trip across Iceland, it rained 80% of the time. I gave up trying to wear any other pants by the third day. When climbing mountains in the wind, it's warm and cool, and when sweating your ass off on hikes, it's cool. After a week of living in them, there are no tears or dinging even after a lot of activity. Highly recommended. I'm 6'3" and fairly skinny which can be a pain for pants, but I chose the 34Wx30.5Ls here. It's just fine, touch baggy. I like that for movement.

👤These are the pants I've been looking for. I recommended them to a friend and they wore them on a Colorado hunt. They're fantastic for the money, they're rugged enough, stretch and offer no resistance to movement, are water resistant, and are comfortable enough to wear to bed. If you are hiking through briars, wear something thicker. They're not as short on me as they should be, but other than that, awesome pants.

👤We got a storm, rain and wind on the first day and I got drenched. It held my phone wallet. I was kept safe from those bugs. It was raining very hard and you should not be fooled by the picture. Got hit by trees, rocks and fish. The belt is easy to wash. Will get another pair.

👤I don't like writing reviews, but I like these pants so much that I can write one. As I get older, things don't fit like they used to, and I am lazy. I was looking for something that was comfortable, but not jeans. It would be a bit stretchy and work for my out door activities. I was looking for something that would be comfortable, but also dry quickly if they got wet around waterfalls or rain on the trip to Iceland. The pants that fit that bill are expensive, but you can buy them at a store. I was not willing to spend the money on that stuff because I am cheap. 50% off and still 90 bucks. Get out of here. I found these pants on Amazon. I ordered two pairs. I noticed two things right out of the bat. They were comfortable. One of the pairs was a womens size 2. I am not a woman or a size 2, so that was a disappointment. I am currently wearing the replacement pair that they have already sent. These are comfortable. They are. I was watching a movie with my wife and she said to me, "Why are you wearing pants?", as we were on the couch, cozied up in her pajamas. I was not uncomfortable. I felt like I was wearing pajama pants. I asked if she apologized to the pants for talking bad about them. These pants are perfect for playing disc golf in. They don't feel like wearing jeans, but it still looks like I'm wearing grown up pants. They don't look like tactical pants. These could be worn to work in an office. They are thin and lightweight, but that is the intention, as they are quick dry. I only mention it when it's known. They are not as warm as a pair of jeans. I have put underwear on while playing disc golf. These things rock. I own two pairs and want more. Go buy something.

11. Columbia Standard Silver Stretch Convertible

Columbia Standard Silver Stretch Convertible

Columbia's Silver Ridge Stretch convertible pant has advanced technology that protects against the sun and protects against water and stain. There areANDY features. The men's convertible pant has a zip-closure security pocket, side pockets with hook and loop closure, and mesh pocket bags for convenience and efficiency. There are adjusted features. The men's convertible pant has a partial elastic waist, a zip-off legs, and a gusset detail. The classic fit. This pant is made of a classic fit with comfort stretch fabric for ultimate comfortability. Columbia's Silver Ridge Stretch Covertible Pant is the perfect pant for active days in the sun because of its sun protection and quick-wicking fabric with multiple pockets and zip-off legs.

Brand: Columbia

👤I love these pants! I bought them for a trip to Hawaii and California. These fit better and more comfortably than I could have hoped for. They fit like a normal pair of pants. The subtle stretch feature is only noticeable when active. The shorts hit the knee when I removed the bottom legs. The non-stretch version of these pants was ordered by me. The obvious stretch feature is not the only difference. The stretch pants have jeans style front pockets. The stretch pants have no flap on the back pockets. The stretch pants have a slightly better surface than the others. This would only be noticed during close inspection. There are four The stretch pants do not have a belt. I kept the stretch pants because they will be appreciated when hiking.

👤I'm a 6' tall woman. Columbia's women's trousers don't fit me, and their women's convertible trousers are very uncomfortable, because they are so tight around thighs that I can't comfortably stand in them. I can comfortably order a length that fits me because the trousers are built with extra room in the thighs. Instead of a female model. I wore 2 pairs of shoes for 3 weeks. I put them through a lot of physical activity. They were light, comfortable and easy to take off and put back on. They were washed by hand in buckets along the way, and the dirt came out of them without much fuss. Columbia can better-design their women's offerings if they could build in some functional pockets that hold more than a credit card. We will continue to purchase from the men's rack until then.

👤The stretch weave of the silver ridge convertible pants is the only saving grace, they are the same as the regular silver ridge convertible pants, but you don't feel restricted when taking steps. Why would you design pants that are so narrow that they pull against people's thighs when you are outside? When you have to lift your feet higher in order to ascend vertically, these are the steps. It makes each step more tiring when you have to fight against your pants, as they get so thigh-narrow they maximize that pull, and I have normal-dude thighs. I haven't been in the gym for a long time. These pants have the same small pockets as the regular silver ridge pants. The front pockets are useless and pants are meant to be outside.

👤Nice pants. Not stretching at all. You can see the stretch in my pants. Not a single one of the 5 pairs I ordered has the stretch to them. The label on the clothes reads "stretch" I assume it is a factory labeling failure. I checked to make sure that the "stretch" characteristic isn't hidden in some special material. The description says that there is no elastic waste. There is no stretching. I am giving up on finding stretch Columbia pants so I am not returning them. They are nowhere. That is my life. boom, find something I like. It was discontinued.


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