Best Fishing Pliers Holder

Pliers 9 Dec 2022 10+ Comments Open

1. Booms Fishing G04 Fish Gripper

Booms Fishing G04 Fish Gripper

The package includes a custom sheath with elastic rope. If you want to access quickly, clip on to your belt or waistband. Land and release your catch. Irmly holds the fish with one hand. The construction of the handle is non-slip. The load bearing is made of nylon and glass. It is fitted with a wrist lanyard to keep it out of the water.

Brand: Booms Fishing

👤The pins are loose. It was used on a bass and the pin popped out when it shook. The pin was lost in the lake.

👤These were used to bring in a feisty northern pike. They are made to last. The locking mechanism works well. I'll be even more happy with them if they can bring me a little more luck so I can get a fish to test them on.

👤They do what they need when they use theses. It's used for fresh water fish under 10 lbs. I like them and think they're very sturdy, so I might not need another one. Would recommend.

👤The pins were holding it together.

👤Excellent design. During kayak fishing, I landed three 20-lb stripers. It was difficult to land smaller ones using landing net.

👤This one seems better made and well-designed, and it was bought and broken by many competitors. It doesn't float, so make sure you have a lanyard with you.

👤It's very strong and makes it hard for you to get poked by the catfish.

👤Due to some hand weakness from neck surgery, these were much easier to use than what I had been using.


2. DNHCLL Coiled Fishing Lanyard Carabiner

DNHCLL Coiled Fishing Lanyard Carabiner

The gear tracks on the kayak were worked on by these. I would recommend them. The lanyard is made of plastic and has a ring and snap on it. The fishing lanyard is lighweigh but durable, and the lantern ring is not easy to rust. The maximum tension is over 18 lbs. Rope tethers your small gadgets and expensive fishing gear, no worries of losing them in the swamp. This lanyard is widely used in the outdoors and can be attached to a belt, backpack, vest or kayak to secure keys, fishing pliers, hook removal, and other tackle.

Brand: Dnhcll

👤It's nice for keeping your pliers,keys, and other items in your tackle box.

👤The rest work great on my kayak, even though I had one break before install.

👤The caribeaner is an okay product, but you have to verify it.

3. Piscifun Aluminum Saltwater Remover Cutters

Piscifun Aluminum Saltwater Remover Cutters

Add fishing pliers to your collection. It's much easier to remove the hook. Fish on! Anti-Corrosion aluminum. The aircraft-grade aluminum is great for long term use without signs of oxidation and rust. The handles offer a light feeling. The pliers are easy to use by one hand. The jaws are strong enough to remove hooks and split rings. The cutter is made of Tungsten Carbide. It's easy to cut the strongest braided lines, the heaviest mono leader, the fly lines and backing lines with the fully replaceable stonketed cissers. The pliers are very convenient to carry around and secure with you. The back of the sheath has a belt loop.

Brand: Piscifun

👤This is a typical run of fishing pliers. They are loaded with springs to keep the jaws open. The line cutter is great for braided line. They are very light in the hand and feel decent. The jaws have a perfect alignment and I have not had any rust so far. This is a good set to keep in your box. Is it the best set out there? Do you really need the best set? 99% of us should be fine if you don't run a charter boat day in and day out.

👤These things look great and operate well. The blue and aluminum colors match my car and gear so I was drawn to this item. The light pliers function well. We'll see how they work out on the kayak, and I'll get back to you if there are any failures. These are amazing. I use them at least once a week and never go fishing without them. I use the cutter on mono.

👤Thanks to Piscifun customer service, the review has been updated. They immediately sent me a new pair of pliers after seeing my review. I think the first pair was just faulty because the second pair is very strong. The blades of the pliers are very sharp and it's easy to cut braid. A 5-star review for a quality product. Wow! Thank you so much! I bought these pliers at the beginning of the year and they were great. The pliers started to bend in the middle. I bent them back into place. They began to bend more and more to the point where the cutter no longer worked and the plier-end was not working. I stopped using them during the summer of 2018). I only used them for one purpose, and that was to remove the hooks from the bass' mouth.

👤The pliers are great. The carrying case is a huge plus. The line cutter at the bottom of the pliers is a huge bonus, and I have used it ice fishing several times since I purchased it. The slot for sinkers is a huge plus. The pliers are small so you can see your hooks or lure in a fish's mouth.

👤My husband received these pliers as a christmas gift. They are very well built and have a nice heft. My husband loves that they come with a lanyard because it helps to keep them out of the water. They can cut braided line. A recommendation from a fisherman!

👤These are very sweet. Can't beat the quality. The lanyard and sheath were very useful. I clipped the lanyard to my seat so I didn't worry about losing. I like how they have interchangeable blades. I'll never have to worry about having a dull pair. I'll be getting another set for my boat.

👤Haven't had the chance to fish yet, season hasn't opened, but the line cutter on these is incredible. I have two rods with different weights, one with 20lb braid and the other with 6lb, but they have been difficult to cut in the past, but these cut through instantly. They are very strong and well made. It comes with a small Allen wrench. The screws were all tight. These feel very strong in your hand. The handles are thick enough to not put too much pressure on when you squeeze them, and long enough to get good Torque, but not too much. The lanyard is long enough to fit on your belt. I don't wear a belt much when I fish, so I'm going to hook mine to a float. I will update after I get some use out of them. Update! These were used all season and are still sharp and strong. I disconnected it from the lanyard, but I would prefer to attach a float to it if I could find something that would support it. It's nice to have a place to put them. I know where they are.

4. Shoreline Marine Knife Piler Caddy

Shoreline Marine Knife Piler Caddy

The shore fishing rod holder is very sturdy and easy to use. Important tools are kept organized and handy while on the water. Includes mounting hardware. The heavy duty design makes it possible for years of use. It's perfect for holding fishing pliers. Pre-drilled holes are used to store fishing hooks.

Brand: Shoreline Marine

👤Heavy duty plastic. I screwed it to the boat. It comes with large cups.

👤It was nice for price. blade holder could be tighter on one side

👤I like it, but it's not good for your boat because it stinks.

5. RUNCL Stainless Saltwater Freshwater Non Slip

RUNCL Stainless Saltwater Freshwater Non Slip

The package weight is 9.5 lbs. You can use this plier to tie hook, bite lead, open loop, trimmer, which can completely meet your fishing requirement. 304 SUS has a teflon coating that provides additional protection against oxidation, seawater and chemical oxidation. The fishing plier has a sharp blade and is easy to operate. The spring can be operated with one hand. The fixed tail TPR handle can reduce your hand's fatigue and make it easier to touch it. The package includes a custom sheath with elastic rope. If you want to access quickly, clip on to your belt or waistband. The package includes a custom sheath with elastic rope. If you want to access quickly, clip on to your belt or waistband.

Brand: Runcl

👤The RUNCL fishing pliers have a black Teflon finish. The brochure says that it's from the STAINLESS STEEL jaws. After opening the package, there was rust on the jaws. There is false advertising. That was one of the reasons I bought these steel. I tried to clean with WD-40 Update 10/18/21 but the paint on the spot where I tried to clean was so bad it looked like a manufacturing holding spot. Runcl in China was the place I contacted before receiving the replacement. They were apologetic and worried about the one star rating. I asked about the jaws, but they didn't reply. They did return my money, but they didn't reply. I will change my rating to two stars.

👤The pouch has a belt loop that makes it easy to have on your hip when you land that big one. The tooth in the end of the pliers is my favorite feature. The lanyard is strong. I would recommend these pliers to other fishermen. Buy them! You will thank me later.

👤A nice set of pliers. The pliers were received quickly. They were used for the first time yesterday. I used the line cutter to cut the excess line. I used the crimper part of the pliers for a split shot and the plier snapped. I wasn't using excessive force. I snapped right off when I went to squeeze lightly. Very disappointed.

👤The design of the fishing pliers is great. It has a strong feel. It has a built in line cutter that can be used to cut the line when in a bind. The build is easy to use. It was a good recommendation to anyone.

👤Since I received it, I have been using it. Nothing bad to say. It is easy to use. The belt holder makes it easy to access. The attached cord makes it easy to get the belt holder.

👤It worked great when I used these to open up split rings to put hooks on lures. The grips are easy to grip in the rain. They have been great so far, but I didn't get to use them to release a fish. Great purchase.

👤The set of pliers was great. I left my first set at the beach and bought a second set. These pliers rock when I fish in saltwater.

👤I love everything about these. The piles are packed with tools. The ribs are nice. Great for holding things. The light is super. The lanyard is attached. You can take off the line cutter blades to make them sharper.

6. Rapala Magnetic Tool Holder Combo

Rapala Magnetic Tool Holder Combo

It holds the drink nice snug and the drink slides in and out easily, which frees your hand and no more spilling from the coffee or beer can when boating or fishing, your life will enhance greatly with these cup holder. It's a must for boaters or fishermen. Fishing pliers and Super Line Scissors.

Brand: Rapala

👤The toll holder backing of the tool holder combo kit keeps the tools from rattling around when underway, and it puts everything right where you need it. The tools are great, but they should be kept oiled up when in a salt water environment. The last set I had for over 20 years on my other boat was clean after use.

👤If I had the chance to test first, I wouldn't have purchased. Scissors fit well, pliers fit well, and cutters don't fit without force. I hope my tools fit better.

👤It looks like it came from the factory and was mounted on my boat. It made my cup holder easier to find.

👤It seems like a nice unit, both pliers and cutter fit. I think the scissors don't stay put. They should be the same as the pliers and lock in if they get lost. What are they thinking?

👤Don't buy it. It will be all over the place. The tools fit in there weird because of the magnets.

👤This tool kit is great. It's what I needed.

👤A friend has a boat.

👤I bought this item to replace a Rapala holder that was worn out. The plastic "holder" piece of my existing unit broke off from the sun and wear, but the magnet made it still usable. These are located near the "catch" area on my pontoon boat, and I have towed them on my fishing boat. They are wonderful! The magnets are a great asset and the tools are top quality.

👤The kit is not caben, pero las pinzas de corte are. La foto muestran.

👤I actually had 2 full kits. For price, but no, it's way more expensive.

👤Works well. Look good in the boat.

👤It's a good way to hold tools in my boat. Mounts are easy to climb. The suggestion of a split ring tooth on the pliers would be an upgrade.

👤This is my first. The last generation of these was a little better. It works great and does what it's intended to do.

7. Kemimoto Holder Marine Household Storage

Kemimoto Holder Marine Household Storage

To open the RoboCup, first hold it up to your chest with the jaws facing away, then squeeze the top cups inwards using your upper body, and finally use both jaws equally. A marine caddy can hold your drinks, phone, car key, pliers, and other items. The holes around the edge make hanging fishing lures easy. It always comes in handy. It can hang firmly by attaching with screws and is made of high-quality ABS. Not like other cups. You can use a hook and loop to install the boat fishing caddy. Their boat cup holder is suitable for a wide range of boats. You can put it in a location within your arm's reach. The boat caddy has a hook and loop, a wrench, and a screw. To mount the strongest holding, they suggest you drill and use nuts and bolts. If you have a question about the kemimoto boat caddy organizers, please email them at Amazon, they will provide you with the best solution in time.

Brand: Kemimoto

👤Works well. It was installed on my boat. It's nice to have a place for my phone and coffee.

👤I put it on the rails of my boat. They're perfect for drinks, phones, keys, etc. If you are using a drill, you need a long extension bit. The cup and caddy area makes a regular bit on a drill not fit. I used the Velcro until I was able to bring more. The caddy won't stay straight with everything in it. It is great with the screws.

👤The cup holder is wobbly. It is good. Make sure you don't glue the Velcro to the porous surface. Rub alcohol on the surface. I put the hook side on my holder because I have a carpet surface and the hook side will stick to the carpet.

👤The hook and loop tape that comes with the container is good quality, but it is not as strong as the actual container. The bare tape piece and the separated glue strip are all that's left. I put E9000 glue on the "hook" side of the boat. I used the piece that went on the container that had the glue strip intact. We'll see how it works. My application won't fall off the deck. If you want to attach this, you should go to the hardware store and get some strong tape. There are many styles to choose from. The package should not rely on the strip in it. The stamp says it is 3M, but not sure.

👤I had two caddies in my boat. One toward the bow and one toward the stern. They are large enough to hold large cellphones and can be used to hold a drink or a coolie. There is a lot of room for things. It is attached with a hook and loop. It seems strong. If it comes loose, it would be easy to drill a hole and attach with screws.

👤The first impression is cheap plastic. It feels fragile. The hook came up. I put the fishing tools in a plastic box to keep them close. It fell off when I sat in my living room. It would not hold a pair of fishing pliers for more than a few minutes. This thing is a rip-off. They have the market because I couldn't find anything else. I would return the piece of junk. I will just put it in my box and see how long it lasts.

👤The product seems sturdy and will work just fine. The drill has to come in at an angle so it's not possible to have the drill insert the screw horizontally. I was able to get them mounted and I'm sure they'll do a great job on my boat.

👤The caddy is perfect. It holds a coffee cup, pliers, phone, glasses, and many holes for lures. It has 2 screws and an allen wrench for mounting. After drilling, I screwed mine to the railing.

👤A wallet and key holder.

8. Booms Fishing Pliers Suitable Lanyard

Booms Fishing Pliers Suitable Lanyard

The leather strap can hold the tools steady. The nylon fiber has a good wear resistance and the thickness of the PVC can effectively cope with the daily wear and not easily damaged. The belt clip is relatively fragile and easily broken, so they add a layer of nylon to sew it, so that the service life can be extended. The hole in the side of the lanyards prevents the fishing pliers from being scratched. It's widely applicable. The belt clip length is applicable to most fishing pliers on the market. You can hang on the waist horizontal or vertically with the two belt holes.

Brand: Booms Fishing

👤I bought this from the Amazon Warehouse because they said it was in good working order and that they would sell it to me at a reduced price, and that it might not be in the original packaging. I opened the package and it looked good. The defect was present when I started to slip it onto my belt. The belt loop was cut too short to be sown into the piping along the edge of the sheath. It looks like I got a small lanyard out of the deal. The materials used in the construction of this sheath appear stout enough and the construction that was completed correctly looks like it will last, only the shortfall of material in the belt loop kept this from scoring much higher.

👤The idea for a pliers and grip holder is great, but it has two major flaws. The holster has a belt loop on the back that is not very secure. If you push the holster with your elbow, the bottom snap button will eventually disengage. The wish loop was permanently sawed. 2. The fishing pliers barely fit in the holster. The holster is too narrow and the handles are a bit wider.

👤I added fishing plyers and a great knife to my collection, but it felt bulky. I've been looking and buying bad options. This popped up on the "you may like" page. They got that one right. This thing is a good fit, I can hold my knife and plyers. There are great options for safety cords. Thanks for keeping the price fair.

👤When I ordered this, I was pleasantly surprised. It's well made for the price. It's easy to reholster pliers when you have a lot of fish in your hands. The size is correct as it fits a generic set of fishing pliers I bought at bass pro. The belt loops can be attached vertically or horizontally. The lanyard is a bonus.

👤This is exactly what I was looking for as a bank fisherman. It would be perfect if it only had a metal clip. The loop does hold up. I would prefer a video. I would buy it again, but it seems sturdy, I may never have to.

👤I bought a replacement holder for my fishing pliers that was cheap and sturdy, but it didn't fit on my belt, so I used a lanyard to keep them from getting in the way.

👤The idea behind the 2 in 1 is good, but the execution isn't there. The material and stitching of tactical gear is made by anyone who knows it. This has poor stitching. I put the snap on my belt and it fell off. If the snap happens, there is no room between the sides. I am returning it because I regret it.

👤It's perfect for my fishing pliers. The material is large. A lanyard and the ability to thread through a belt in either vertical or horizontally is a plus. It arrived earlier than expected.

👤I have been using the sheath for about a week now and I was very happy with it. The lanyard seemed good quality and my pliers were held securely. The whole sheath dropped into the water when the belt loop on the back of the sheath gave way. I was able to get them back with a hook, but the stitching on the belt loop failed. It appears to be a single row of stitching, and it is very close to the edge of the webbing. It was always going to fail and this isn't a one-off manufacturing issue. I wouldn't want a replacement pair anyways, so I won't be returning them.

9. CE Smith 55150A Rack Replacement Accessories

CE Smith 55150A Rack Replacement Accessories

It is designed to endure harsh saltwater environments with added protection. The package is 5.6 cm in length. The package is 10 cm in width. The package is 27.1 cm high.

Brand: Ce Smith

👤It was necessary to have something to give quick access to while out on the water. Would recommend salt.

👤Good quality. Does what it is supposed to do.

👤It's nice to have quick access to knifes and plyers, it's installed on my center console.

👤It's really easy to install and fits my tools.

👤The product is good at a good price. It was small I needed. The knife blades are locked in a slot which makes them less likely to be injured.

10. Piscifun Stainless Steel Pliers Handle

Piscifun Stainless Steel Pliers Handle

The spring loosens the pliers and allows easy one handed use. The SXP pliers are made of a high quality material that is 30% stronger than aluminum pliers. The pliers have a Titanium coating that provides resistance to atmospheric, water vapor and acid corrosion. Multi-functional jaws are great for grabbing and removing hooks and also crimping lead split shot weights. The holes on the jaws can pull the knot connected to the fish hook a bit tighter, and the open-loop function on the split ring pliers makes hook removal and replacement easy. It's super convenient and safe. The high density rubber material and non-slip texture of the grips provide a comfortable grip while increasing the friction between the palm and the handle, greatly reducing the risk of slipping during use of the pliers. High-QUALITY TUNGSTEN STEEL CUTTERS. The blades are sharp enough to easily cut various fishing lines. The built-in STAINLESS STEEL yard has an updated version. The lanyard is made from a high strength steel and has an enhanced version of the buckle which helps prevent the loss of your pliers.

Brand: Piscifun

👤The pliers are light and feel great in the hand, the handles are good, and the pouch is a plus. Function as his design and come with many options to use. I like the split ring because I can change out the hooks when I need to. It comes with four set screws that you can use to adjust in tying down. It works great for taking a fish off of a hook that is stuck in it's mouth and it's also great for cutting lines when I don't have a pair of shoes on. I can use this tool for ice fishing in a few months because of the split ring on the pliers, which I can use to replace my treble hooks when I need them. The only downside to using this pliers is that the little plastic clip that hooks onto them feels cheap and will break if you use it too much. The court on her hand is very sturdy. I might replace the plastic hook later on for a better clip. I may order another pliers for my wife because I am pretty happy with the one I have. They have been worth the money for everything else.

👤I used the pliers today. I am increasing my rating to one star. The item was received in a timely manner. The belt case was found to have mold all over it. The finish and paint was cheap, but the item itself was fine. Not worth the $24.

👤There is mold all over it. The box and pliers smell bad. There was no water damage to the packaging and pliers box. To let them know that their pliers are bad, send an email. I haven't heard back from them in a month. I can't print out a shipping label because I don't use a printer. I would have to pay three dollars to get a label for the return at a store that sells shipping containers. It is not worth the hassle. This was supposed to be a Christmas gift, but it didn't work out. I think I will clean it myself and then put the pliers in the box.

👤Hey, look at what just arrived - my Piscifun SXP fishing pliers! I received them within a couple of days after I ordered them. The Piscifun SXP fishing pliers look and feel great. They are light and solid. They have rubber-like handles and a cutter to crimp your line. I wanted to compare the two fishing pliers I bought. Both pliers have nylon sheaths connected to a lanyard and carabiner clip. I fish from a boat, kayak, and on the shore. I'm curious to see which one is the better pliers. I'm curious how well the pliers will work. I have been using multi-to pliers for a long time and am looking to replace them. I'm pleased with the Piscifun SXP fishing pliers because they are solid, well priced, light weight and multi-functional. Great job Piscifun.

👤This was used for the first time. Lanyard is perfect length where I could hand off to my friend without pulling on my belt. It is easy to remove the hook with a simple tug. So far I have what I need. I'm thinking about getting my friends their own. Can't tell you how many have gone over the edge. I would try those if they had longer ones.

11. KastKing Cutthroat Stainless Saltwater Resistant

KastKing Cutthroat Stainless Saltwater Resistant

Don't just measure weight and length. The measuring tape is ideal for measuring items up to 3 feet. The KastKing Cutthroat pliers are made from a tough Teflon coating and are resistant to rust. The bending strength of aluminum pliers is less than 3 times that of ours. These pliers are ideal for both freshwater and saltwater environments. The cutter is hard and hard to slice through mono, fluorocarbon, or braid. The raised surface behind the blade of the side mounted anvil cutter allows you to cut your tag end as close to the knot as you want without any obstructions. Take advantage of the crimping slots to secure a split shot weight or build a steel leader if you want to use a multi- function jaw. Attach your hook to one of the jaws and pull it to create a tight knot. A straight nose and a split ring nose are available. The rubber handle has a textured surface that provides comfort and control. A thin grip profile and spring loaded jaws allow for easy one hand use without worry about the pliers slipping out of your hands. A custom molded sheath with belt clip is included to make sure your investment is protected from normal wear and tear. To make sure you have quick access when a fish is on the line, clip on to your belt or shorts, and make sure you have a coiled lanyard with you.

Brand: Kastking

👤The quality and thickness of the pliers, the grips on the handles, and the side mounted cutter were all great. The safety cable is nice, but the carabiner is not as good as the pliers. These are great. We're very happy we bought them.

👤My wife's account says she's only half this awesome. If you're looking for a piece of fishing equipment, look no further. I am a military man and stationed overseas. I received a pair of pliers with a logo I've never seen before. The bad boys came out glowing. Let's be firm in the hand, we're in charge of any situation. Did you catch a sea monster fishing from a kayak and that reinforced wire leader refusing to snap as you're being pulled out to sea and your most certain demise? Too easy. Give the bad boys a chop chop here and a couple snips there and you're free. The slender and slick aggressive tapered point in these bad boys will pierce through anything if that fails. You can live to see your kids graduate college if you put these monsters in the cerebral cortex. Incredible. The best fishing pliers I have ever owned. They can do it all. Thank you for your service, Kastking. America loves you.

👤I was looking for a pair of new fishing pliers and found the KASTKING Cutthroat 7” Fishing pliers. KASTKING would be the fishing pliers I would use. There were several reasons for this result. There is a The orange textured rubber grip handles look great and are easy to see if you drop them. A tough Teflon coating is added to the 304 STAINLESS STEEL for added protection. I needed a pair of fishing pliers that were built to last. The perfect spot is easy to lineup with the Tungsten Carbide cutter. There is a A pair of fishing pliers can be used to grab and remove fish hooks, cinch down a knot, crimp a weight, and pull a hook. This was also included. I needed a way to clip the KASTKING pliers to my fishing backpack, and it has a cool KASTKING logo on it. I can show it to everyone. The only thing I would recommend is to change the clip to a stronger type or a velcro clip so it locks in tight. I am very happy with the purchase of these fishing pliers. I recommend this to any fisherman who wants a high quality product that is built to last and able to survive the elements. Thanks and good luck to KASTKING! You have a new fan and customer.

👤Do the gods not notice us? Have they left us to rot? These questions seemed to be hardened until I looked at this instrument. I heard a knock on the door, but didn't know who was there. I looked left and left again. The holy deliverer left behind the box. I wondered what was in the box. The answer haunted me for 192 hours until the mystical unknown over powered me. The light inside the box blinded me as I opened the box. The light went away and it sat there. Another box. The last one was not like this one. The box was made with care. One could see the craftsmanship that went into it. I thought to myself, "Who art that is worthy of such beauty?" My human hands were longing for such magnificence and they opened the box. The artifact was given to the gods. The craftsmanship was of the highest quality. We are not good enough to hold such instruments in our hands. I have said something.


What is the best product for fishing pliers holder?

Fishing pliers holder products from Booms Fishing. In this article about fishing pliers holder you can see why people choose the product. Dnhcll and Piscifun are also good brands to look for when you are finding fishing pliers holder.

What are the best brands for fishing pliers holder?

Booms Fishing, Dnhcll and Piscifun are some of the best brands that chosen by people for fishing pliers holder. Find the detail in this article. Shoreline Marine, Runcl and Rapala are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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