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1. Entsport Fishing 45 Inches Length Pieces

Entsport Fishing 45 Inches Length Pieces

Great service. Hand washing is preferred. The after sale service is worry-free. Purchase this superior product and get 24 hours customer service support. The fishing rod bag is very durable and soft. Every one passes a strict test for the high quality metal of the zippers. The design is very elegant. There are three different colors. The bag protects the rod from damage. The waterproof material is good for the upkeep of your rods. The bag is light and easy to carry. You can roll it if you don't use it. It is possible to use two pieces 7'(or shorter) fishing rods.

Brand: Entsport

👤I needed a soft carry bag for my fishing poles and decided to give this one a try. It was what I wanted. I can fit three poles in it. If you want to put a rod in with the reel attached, I recommend only one rod and reel per case, as the reel will not fit inside and you still have to break the rod down. I have a case for my reels. This is great for transportation. The case is soft, so I wouldn't use it on an airliner, or anywhere for that matter. It's perfect for vacation transport of rods.

👤This is a five star case. Soft case is the term used here. The guy who gave it one star because he used it to protect his fishing rod is... Well, let's just say it's a little short on common sense.

👤The fishing rod tube is a soft zip-up case that makes it easy to carry. You break your rod down and lay it out so the reel stays out of the case, and two zippers help close it up. I have used this several times and it makes a huge difference in moving from spot to spot. The only issue I had with my item was that the track on one end was off track, but once I zip past that small spot, the track is fine. I will buy one for my friend and one for my daughter. This should be a piece of your fishing gear.

👤All I have to say is, "Just BUY IT!", I love this bag for my fishing rod. It's worth it for the price and the quality. I keep my ugly stick in the bag, but 2 thumbs up for a great carrying case.

👤The bag can hold two fishing poles. 3 poles would be too much. I bought a second bag to carry my pole because I liked it so much. It's easy to use a reel cover over your reel if you have 2 zippers. The bag rolls up into a small ball when not being used. Definitely recommend!

👤It would have been useful if they had given the dimensions. It's made for a fishing rod, maybe 2, and there is no girth. A shoulder strap would make it better. I have a small light weight beach umbrella that has a connecting pole to stake in the ground, and the case was too narrow to fit both, so I bought a second one and now I'm ready to go to the beach or car camping in hot area with little shade.

👤The cost was very low for what you get. It is only for keeping your rod from getting dusty or scratched up, and it does not have a tube in it. It's nice to store when not in use because you can roll it up and put it away.

👤I'm loving it because it feels strong and durable. I put a carabiner on the shock cord and wrapped the cord around the reel to keep them together. Will keep you posted on how it is after a lot of fishing trips.

2. Guide Gear 3 Rod Reel Case

Guide Gear 3 Rod Reel Case

Money back for non-artificial damage and 100% satisfaction service are included with this fishing rod. It can be a perfect gift for a loved one. The rod case makes it easy to carry your fishing gear without the risk of tangles so you can relax and enjoy your fishing trips. There are three rods. The bag can be adjusted to fit up to three rods. It's ideal for transporting your fishing equipment. The fabric is fade-resistant and durable. The fishing rod case is made from high quality materials. Lined is made of synthetic lamb's wool to provide insulation and shock for fishing equipment. The fishing gear bag has sew-in sleeve dividers that keep your gear separate and your accessories secure. Simply carry with the shoulder strap.

Brand: Guide Gear

👤It's much easier to carry my rods with this bag. I mostly fish bass. I use spinning rods a lot. The rods fit perfectly. The bigger guide holes of the spinning rods are fine with me. Even with three spinning rods together! Most fishing rods should fit it, as it extends all the way to 8 feet. The bag has a few things in it. The sewn-in sleeve dividers keep reels, lines and lures separate and tangle-free. The compartments are lined with synthetic lamb's wool. It's very nice! I took the bag with me on the hike. We walked through some dense brush to get to our fishing spot. My friends poles were getting tangled up on the bushes and other brush while I stayed in the bag. I didn't think about situations like that when I bought it. The bag has proven itself. It's a great buy. The bag was not damaged by the brush or rocks we hiked over. I am very pleased with my purchase and the bag. I'll see if the zippers hold up in the future. The zippers seem very durable so far. Time will tell. This is not a protected case. It's a kissing bag. It's a simple bag for your rods and reels. If you smash the bag or hit it hard on something, you will break your poles. It's a good idea to be careful with storing and traveling with it. It's a nice way to carry three of your favorite rods around without the hassle of line twist or tangles with other gear. Do you want to get one? What are you waiting for, the price is awesome?

👤I usually have my fishing poles in the back of my truck, so I bought this case. I always had to untangle my lines when I got a chance to get a line in the water. I decided to purchase a cheap case to hold my rods. The product arrived on time. The material of the tube is soft, but I like that it's great. I don't recommend taking this case on a plane, but it's great for road trips and around town. You can fit more than three poles in the bag with no strain to the zip. The bag suffered a catastrophic failure after I posted the last review. The bag was useless because of the zip. The cheap nylon materials were shredded.

👤It's long enough to fit my rods. I've used it to carry spinning rods. The padded area separates the 3 reels and keeps them tangle-free. I keep my rods in the back of my SUV. The bag is not strong enough to take on an airplane flight, but it works inside your car. That's the bad news. I've had this for two years. I initially bought for a special trip where I wanted to fish more than once. I've been using it again. I've used this many times. The rip appeared next to the neck of the bag after the 2nd trip, and it is getting bigger with each use. The material is good for everything but not for attaching to a piece of furniture. I don't think this is a good idea for every week, but for one trip. I wouldn't buy this one again, I'll look for something better.

3. Sage Fishing Ballistic Double Piece

Sage Fishing Ballistic Double Piece

The Embroidery is Platinum colored.

Brand: Sage

👤Another case was from a manufacturer in Montana. Maybe they are more familiar with fly fishing in Montana. Like it more. I ordered this double Sage on Amazon and it is pre-mounted so it is more sturdy. I returned this Sage to the company out of Montana after opening it.

👤Even for a nine footers, it's tight. Quality is good.

👤This double rod case is gorgeous! It works perfectly for my weight rods and reels.

👤The best dual-case out there. Your rods and reels have hard core protection.

👤Poor quality, too short to store a 9 ft rod and reel. Not enough padding.

👤I use it to carry a 5wt and an 8. If you were trying to fit two 8wts or bigger it would get tight.

👤My travel tube is my go to. Allowed as carry on for domestic and international flights.

👤I was not happy with my purchase. I have an older model of this case. The cheap product produced by Sage is obviously cutting costs. My original case is very good. The case has a small cheap zip up, lighter nylon and no name tag window where you can identify what rods are in it. The case opening is no longer round so it is more difficult to close and zip. This is not a good product. I've looked at other brands of double rod case's and they are better than Sage. To bad, I think of it as quality. If they go cheap on a rod case, what else are they doing?

👤I got the zip repaired after I got a discount to cover the cost. There is no warranty on soft goods, so be aware. If you have a problem with the case manufacturer's defector, what do you do?

4. Sage Luggage Ballistic Single 9 Foot

Sage Luggage Ballistic Single 9 Foot

High quality outdoor gear. Striker makes premium, reliable, and safe outdoor sporting accessories for men, women, and anyone who wants to fuel their passions. The nylon is black. The Embroidery is Platinum colored.

Brand: Sage

👤This tube has a solid feel to it and the strap can be adjusted to sling it over your shoulder, which is something that many tubes have. The zip ties work well and feel like they will hold up. I didn't give a rating for "Durability", but I have no doubt that it will be. I'm building a new 10wt, 4-piece rod this winter and this is the perfect tube for it. I feel like a fraud since the tube clears say "Sage". I can't afford a rod like that. I will live with the guilt. This is the best tube I've found.

👤The single rod tube does not come with a large locking zip up. The double locking zippers are on a 2 inch tube.

👤One of my rods got damaged and I needed to replace it. This is the same as the original one. The rod fit perfectly and it is back to work.

👤I think the inside dividers are better than the rod socks.

👤It was a little heavy but great. There is a It has been a great purchase, it's super solid, easy to load and unload, and it's durable. I know my rod is safe and I don't care where it ends on my truck.

5. LOCOLO Fishing Lanyard Protector Casting

LOCOLO Fishing Lanyard Protector Casting

It fits 6'-7' spinning and casting rods. Pack includes 10 fishing rods socks, large assortment and assorted colors, you can share them with children and friends, this way you can protect your fishing poles and know which one is yours. The maximum width of the Rod Covers is 2.36 in and they are designed to fit common sized fishing rods. Their rod covers are made to fit a wide variety of rods. The elastic strap on the end can be used to fix the reel of the rod cover. Socks rod are a great way to keep your fishing line and rod protected from nicks and scratches. They are made of high quality polyethylene that is skin-friendly for most people. They can use for a long time because they are not easy to mold and corrode. It can be used for fly fishing rod, casting fishing rod, sea fishing rod and other.

Brand: Locolo

👤Couldn't ask for better. It works great on all my fishing rods. The tie strap to the reel handle makes this a great value.

👤Good value for money. Will not fit around all freshwater spinning rods. It won't fit around heavy salt water spinning rods.

👤The big eye loops on my poles did not fit over the small freshwater pole.

👤It was a very disappointing description. Will not fit on rods that have a total distance from pole to eye of one inch. Not for bait cast rods.

👤I am very happy with these. I was expecting something cheaper, but they are just as good as my socks.

👤It's perfect for baitcasters but not spincast. They will not fit over the eyes.

👤I use these on my baitcaster. Except the roof tops.

👤Good rod sleeves. It's easy to store when not used.

6. Lixada Fishing Portable Folding Protective

Lixada Fishing Portable Folding Protective

If you use their fishing rod for the first time and it breaks, they are willing to give you a free replacement or one year warranty. The Oxford cloth is tear-proof and high quality. Reinforce the edges to make them stronger. The large capacity is 53" x8" and can hold 1 or 2 fishing rods with reels. The large opening is closed with a bimetallic zip, which is convenient for access to the internal trolley. The shoulder straps are padded. Approx. weight. Light and foldable, easy to store and carry. The perfect fishing bag is essential for fishing.

Brand: Lixada

👤A very nice pontoon boat has just been purchased. I didn't want my poles to bounce around in the lounger storage bin. With this sleeve, I am able to squeeze in 2 poles with 2 average size spinning reels attached. The new storage bin won't get scratched up, and my rods and reels will stay safe, and no one will reach into the storage bin and get a hook in their palm. It happened to me, with a barbed treble hook, not fun at all, luckily a seasoned pro doctor in the emergency room did some nifty little move and pulled it out clean, very impressive, no stitches needed.

👤Fish on! It fits my rod. There is enough room for two of these rods. Nice!

👤I like the product. It is of high quality. I carried two fishing rods in the same bag. I carried the sticks separately in a backpack. The space that was designed to fit the fishing reel would be useful to carry sandwiches.

👤I bought this to keep my spincast rod out of the way. It's tight around the reel when zipping up, but it's what I expected. I needed something inexpensive and I couldn't find any other inexpensive products for spincast rigs, so these bags are intended for fly fishing rigs that have narrower reels.

👤It was smaller than anticipated. It's not possible to fit two spinning rods and reels inside. It seemed like I would have no problem fitting two inside. The bag needs more space.

👤If you have reels attached, it's not easy to fit two two-piece rods. I have to either unmount my spinning reel or get used to it.

👤This is not long enough for a fly rod. It was short by almost 2 inches. The outer length is not ins.

👤The rod and reel fit well. Does as described. An accessory is cool.

👤TheDaiwa Resvro 2500 cannot be put inside the bag, the length is ok, just with the reel, so return the product.

👤This fishing bag has a main compartment, two exterior pockets, and a mesh pocket that can hold up to a large amount of fishing tackle. There is only one main compartment with no mesh pocket or exterior pocket. There is a front pocket for additional storage for your fishing tackle. Breathable mesh pocket to keep your fishing gloves dry. There is no mesh pocket. The bag does not appear to be durable, and the description is misleading.

👤Good for keeping lines out of the way. Will not defend against trunk or door slams. It won't handle two medium sized spinning reels. Maybe if only one rod had a reel.

👤I didn't pay much attention to the description. I was expecting it to be stronger. I wanted a canvas that was thick and firm but this is just a regular cloth bag. The extra storage pocket is not useful. I wouldn't rate it as low as I would have if I'd given the ad another read. I should not have had such high expectations.

7. Sougayilang 1 7m 5 58ft Fishing Carrier

Sougayilang 1 7m 5 58ft Fishing Carrier

5. The kit has 2 fishing rod brackets. The bag is foldable. The shoulder suspenders design is easy to carry. Fishing tackle can be more efficient. Large capacity can be placed fishing line, fishing reels, etc. Great service. Hand washing is preferred. Lifetime support is included in the full 12 months worry-free service. Purchase and enjoy this superior product with confidence and risk free.

Brand: Sougayilang

👤It's longer than I thought. It can hold up to 8 medium rod reel combo. I cut a piece of cardboard to fit the bag. I ran the strap through the slit in the cardboard. It's holding better now. I can carry two disassembled kayak paddles along with my five favorite rods. The bag became a dual purpose when they went fishing together.

👤My wife bought me the Sougayilang Fishing Rod Case Organizers so that I wouldn't get hooks in the upholstery or scratch up the roof of her new car, and it was just in time for our trip to South Texas for a 4 day fishing weekend. I was able to stack 6 poles. I found that stacking the reels made them easier to stack. The tackle box was useful for things like extra hooks and weights when I went wade fishing. There is a The inside of the bag makes it possible to load up my poles, hooks and all without them getting stuck in the material. The back-pack style made it easy to carry, but the loose items get bounced around a lot. The material doesn't get caught up in the big sipper. It was a plus when fishing at night. It's one less thing to worry about. I carried my fishing net in one of the pockets. The bag traveled well on the luggage rack once tied down with bungee cords, which is kind of a con, but the case could have been used as a tie-down. It's a personal preference. I was not sure about the two straps in the inside of the bag, especially on the side where the zip doesn't open all the way. It is hard to get there. I wasn't sure how to use it. I cut one of the straps and it worked. It is perfect for when I need it, but it is not something I will use all the time. The Sougayilang Fishing Rod Case is a must have.

👤I bought this case for my husband to use to hold a large photography background frame that he built out of pieces of pipe. The frame is five feet wide and can be as tall as 8 feet. There are 4 sections of pipe that are 5 feet long, and several that are between 1 foot and 3 feet in length. The frame has a lot of small pieces and end caps so that it can be assembled in a variety of ways. The larger version of the case fits the entire frame and all the pieces when it's disassembled. The frame can be stored in a corner or closet in a relatively small space. It can be carried in a vehicle, even in a small car, if you need to transport it. The handle makes it easy to carry. I haven't used the case in a long time, so I can't say if it's durable. The case appears to be sturdy and well-made. Most of the bag's seams are single-stitch and the zip is double-stitch. There is a plastic lining on the inside.

8. Sougayilang Fishing Organizer Boyfriend Family Black

Sougayilang Fishing Organizer Boyfriend Family Black

It's perfect for outdoor cycling, travel, camping or hiking. Black is a great color for outdoor activity. It is a gift for a lot of people, from father, grandfather, husband, son and boyfriend. The hand measurement will have a discrepancy of about 2 cm. 5 rods and reels can be put outside, unexpected capaciousness of the bag inside. The shoulder strap can be adjusted for different statures. Canva is the material of the bottom of the fishing rod case.

Brand: Sougayilang

👤The bag is great for carrying my rods, camp chair and tackle. It's small enough to fit in my SUV. I enjoy jetty fishing. I need to make sure my hands are free as it is hard to walk on rocks and this bag will save my life. I can leave my hands free when walking to fishing spots with this bag because I can carry all my fishing equipment in the bag. When I'm setting things up to start fishing, I like the generic green that won't scare the fish away. The camp chair I got was the same color. I'm happy the bag isn't bright or dark, it's a drab green that's pretty unnoticeable, so I have better luck bank fishing when I don't wear bright colors. When I switch spots to fish, I take my chair out after taking the rods I plan to use out, and then I put the strap back on and it makes it easy to manage. I have a range of 5' ultra light to 6' medium heavy and toting them around, broken down or assembled, is a breeze for me.

👤This was great. He was able to hold multiple fishing poles. It was easy to put the poles on. I put a light folding chair in the room to make it easier to leave on his own. I can now take a small tackle box with me when I go somewhere. The fabric is strong and all the straps have held up. It took me a few minutes to attach his poles. It's nice to store them in a truck. I was able to hang it by the strap.

👤My dad loves this bag. I brought it for Father's Day and he takes it with him whenever he fishes. The company sent a new one after the broken one. Email them if they have any issues with it.

👤Since I got this bag, it has been used 3-4 times a week. The placement of the rods on the side of the bag was not what I was expecting. A half inch down would have been better. All the straps hit the rods. Most times the strap is not fully cinched. I felt the side zip up was useless at first, but it was nice to put my jacket in it. I don't have to pull my chair out. It should have been doubled when secured to ripcord. Several small holes have formed at the stitches since it wasn't. The strap would sit better if it was placed across the chest. I would recommend this for your weekend fisher. I would like to try more of their products. Big companies did not start big. Hope the company continues to grow and improve.

👤The bag was in use for about 3 months. Over the course of a year, we have another one from a different manufacturer. Didn't pack or treat them differently.

👤I use it for jetty fishing. I can crawl on those rocks without using my hands. It's large enough. I can fill my stuff with it. The only bag you will be carrying is the one you need for the fishing trip.

9. Piscifun Shoulder Fishing Tackle Storage

Piscifun Shoulder Fishing Tackle Storage

TheBooms Fishing PB3 fishing rod bags are a great gift for your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife, parents, kids, and all families. The Piscifun fishing rod storage bag can hold and protect your fishing equipment. The case is a must have for the travelers. The rod storage case is up 47 inches and can fit most travel fishing rods. The extra space for fishing reels and rod belts gives you enough capacity for your fishing gear while keeping everything neat and organized. The easy to adjust shoulder strap makes it easy to use the rod tube anywhere you please. You can feel the high level texture of the 600D Oxford fabric and be confident that it is durable.

Brand: Piscifun

👤This item is not a standard tube type rod case. It's a very good rod case once you zip it up. Easily swallows a 2 piece rod with the spincast reel in place. A tube made of plastic that is rolled by a zip up bag. The case is large enough to hold a piece of the reel. I wanted one for my son to keep his rods in when we travel. This is perfect. When you are ready to travel again, put the rod in a case and zip it up, it will be protected.

👤The bag is more of a case than a bag. I have a Plusinno 3000 freshwater spinning reel. I had to remove the handle from the reel to make it fit. You can take it off the rod, but I didn't want it to go inside. I think a double zip is in order instead of the single zip. That is the only fault I can find. There are 2 clear pouches that are large enough to hold the reel handle. I think this bag is very nice and well made.

👤The rod case is great. When I bought my new st croix rod, I needed a good sturdy case to protect it. Good construction and durable.

👤I would take zero stars. The item I was sent was not close to the picture. Huge disappointment. The one I received was a straight sleeve and had no place for the reel.

10. Booms Fishing Portable Extended 5 4ft 6ft

Booms Fishing Portable Extended 5 4ft 6ft

Fishing Poles Storage is lightweight, easy to carry and protects your rods. The fishing rod carrying case is used indoors and outdoors. The nylon fabric is very elastic, and the built-in foam can effectively prevent rod damage due to collision. Store up to 3 fishing rods. Don't store surf or ocean rods. UNIQUE HIDDEN LENGTHENED DESIGNUnique folding 0.6ft extended design meets more fishing rods storage needs, allow anglers to store fishing rods according to different sizes, and you can easily and conveniently go fishing with a rod bag to enjoy the fun of fishing. You can change the fishing pole bag in either 5ft or 4.4ft. It's easy to marry. The fishing pole carrying case is made of soft waterproof nylon fabric, which is easy to carry and store, and it is foldable in a bag or suitcase. The rod case has soft and anti-slip shoulder straps that allow you to carry it over your shoulder, freeing up both hands for carrying other equipment. Two-way YKK zipper is more durable and has a longer service life. TheBooms Fishing PB3 fishing rod bags are a great gift for your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife, parents, kids, and all families.

Brand: Booms Fishing

👤This is a great product for fishing poles. It will help protect your investment. There is a If you have a longer handle on your rod, this won't work for you. I have to detach my reel completely to get this to fit, and then I can't get it to zip over the last couple eyelets.

👤I was looking for a case to hold a few 33's and not have to worry about hooks in my car seat. This does the job, two broke down 33's fit with more room for more or a small tackle case.

👤The bag is declared in the description to extend to 73". The Penn Mariner rod does not fit by 1/2 inch. The bag is fully extended and can't be opened. The strap was held on by one thread and fell off. Very little padding provides little protection. It's going back!

👤Good construction but too narrow to fit the biggest eye.

👤There is no padding on this bag. They only claim one set of tie strings. You have a mess if you put 3 2 piece rods in this. If you're looking for a single rod case, this is acceptable.

👤This cheap piece of fabric does not provide any protection.

👤It said it held three rods, only one fit, save your money and look for better cases with more rods.

👤Don't buy, it's a waste of money. If you have a 10' surf rod. The bottom rod guide can't be closed. Even if you were able to zip the case, you can only fit one rod. Save money.

👤The bag is narrow and could not hold three pieces, so I sent it back.

11. BW Sports Spinning Rectangle Chamber

BW Sports Spinning Rectangle Chamber

Ghosthorn medium power telescopic fishing rod is ideal for a wide range of different types of fishing, which is also a perfect gift for fathers, sons, husbands, fianc├ęs and boyfriends. Ghosthorn will give a 1-year warranty to replace any fishing pole that is malfunctioning. There is a length of 10 feet. The rod and reel case is for a spinning rod or bait casting rod. The padded protection provides rod and reel protection using a 3.25 x 1.75 inch rectangular rod chamber and padded reel chamber with a large opening for easy access to your rod and reel. There are bonus features. A large outside pocket for extra storage, nylon saltwater proof zippers and glides, and a web carry handle are all protected by a 600 denier outside fabric. BW Sports rod cases are designed to leave the reels connected to the rods for a faster set up and breakdown. Please see the provided video for more details.

Brand: Bw Sports

👤Looks good and is priced right. Well constructed with good stitching quality. It can fit up to a 10 foot flyrod, but only hold one setup at a time. The inside material is resistant to damage. The side pouch is useless to me as storage, but it adds another level of protection to the reel inside. The case is sturdy and heavy, which is better than light and flimsy. If you use the shoulder strap, it works well, but I prefer to use a luggage handle because it makes the case tip heavy and cumbersome to carry around. I put the included shoulder strap on and tightened it to max tension, and the shoulder strap handle was in the correct position, so it was balanced perfectly for carrying. I had to slide the rubber handle on the shoulder strap over the tension adjustment. I put the rubber carry handle in hot water to make it soft enough to fit the tension adjustment. It took a bit of effort. Without doing this, I couldn't fully tighten the carry strap down to the tube and have the carry strap handle at the proper balance point. I roll like that because people reading this are like "c'mon dude...just shut up and fish already" Would I purchase this item again? I have already done it twice.

👤It's fun in retrospect if you define type 2 fun as miserable while it's happening. I am a fisherman. I love hiking and backpacking and going further and more remote than most people. I'm not new to walking off into the wilderness for extended periods of time, so I'm familiar with putting a lot of weight on my shoulders. The name of the game is type 2 fun. There would be a lot of products like this in the world of fishing. Hiking along the rivers can be a challenge. That means a product that is durable to protect rods while bushwhacking. The best rods for the purpose are 2 piece rods that are 9', 10', or even longer. That means a product with the dimensions required to hold longer rods. I'm not sure what the designer intended. If they had people like me in mind, this is a travel case. This product is the best thing on the market for me. There are other soft cases that aren't protective enough. There are cases that are not portable or designed for convenience. Other rigid cases seem to be designed to hold things in storage. The case has a couple small drawbacks. The rigidity and strength of the case are exceptional. If you put a rod in the case, you feel confident that it will come out undamaged. The trade-off is being heavy. I think of myself as a beast of burden, and I don't mind a little more weight. This may be a deal breaker for some backpackers. There are ergonomics. The rubber pad on the shoulder strap will prevent it from getting saturated with sweat and microbes, and it will last for a long time. The rigid case may be uncomfortable for some backs, especially after hiking for a long time. The balance of this case isn't great when mounted on your back, unless you have a shoulder strap. Most of the time you're going to leave the case on the bank while fishing, so this isn't 100% circumstantial. Sometimes you want to throw a few casts into the transitional water to see if there are any biters in there. The position of the shoulder strap will allow you to pack this case into moderately deep water without soaking the bottom of it. The balance of the case is affected. The balance point of a rod and reel is where the handle of the case is placed. It is not in a place where the weight of the case is accounted for. This isn't a big deal as you can simply use the shoulder strap to hand carry the case, and I would do most of the time regardless. The fact that this case allows for a reel to be equipped is fairly unique compared to similar products. If you're using it for travel, be aware that the right amount of weight in the right place could still damage the reel. It could make it through a hundred flights without any damage at all. I value the convenience of being able to leave a reel attached. This case has better setup for spinning rods/reels than baitcasters. The way a baitcaster reel mounts, it leaves the reel nestled close to the handle of the rod. The case works great for these, but just as a point of being thorough, it's worth mentioning this minor detail.


What is the best product for fishing pole case 7ft?

Fishing pole case 7ft products from Entsport. In this article about fishing pole case 7ft you can see why people choose the product. Guide Gear and Sage are also good brands to look for when you are finding fishing pole case 7ft.

What are the best brands for fishing pole case 7ft?

Entsport, Guide Gear and Sage are some of the best brands that chosen by people for fishing pole case 7ft. Find the detail in this article. Sage, Locolo and Lixada are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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