Best Fishing Pole Case for Airplane

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1. AGOOL Portable Waterproof Organizer Capacity

AGOOL Portable Waterproof Organizer Capacity

The same material as the roller baitcaster reel pouch adds to the extra comfort, light weight and easy to carry. Large capacity. There are two main compartment in the fishing rod case. You can hold your fishing tackle like a stool. There are four exterior pockets to hold fishing tackle. 51.2"L x 9.4"D The fishing rod bag is made of heavy duty 600D Oxford fabric material and has a waterproof lining. Fishing pole bag are made from cloth. The hand carry strap and shoulder strap can be used as shoulder carry. Make your fishing trip enjoyable. The fishing rod reel carrier can be stored in your backpack. You can take it anywhere. The bag is a perfect gift for the person who loves fishing. The fishing rod reel organizer is a great gift for a father, lover, child, friend, or any other person.

Brand: Agool

👤I gave this to my fiancĂ©e and he loves it. He used it every day. He loves it because it has all his pockets and it fits a few poles.

2. Docooler Portable Folding Fishing Carrier

Docooler Portable Folding Fishing Carrier

We are confident that you will be satisfied with their camping chair. They will give you a replacement or full refund if you have a quality issue. Waterproof and resilience are important. The fishing bag is made of high-quality canvas and is very durable to use. It is waterproof to protect your fishing gear. Large capital: There are three main compartments in this fishing bag. There are four exterior pockets to hold small objects. It is convenient and portable with large capacity andadjustable straps. Light weight: Excess weight will not be allowed in this bag. Surprise gift is a simple yet practical companion for fishing fans. A perfect gift for a family member.

Brand: Docooler

👤There is thread sown in a zip top. I'm trying to get it to work. This is going to be a big problem. I bought the shorter bag months before this one. It is okay. The bags are better than just throwing the poles in the back seat. They are good at keeping limbs and weeds out of the fishing area. There is a small tackle box in them.

👤It didn't fit my fishing poles like it said it would. It didn't fit my poles either. This product was not what I expected. I don't know if it can protect my fishing poles. The process of refunds took too long. Don't buy this if you are a salmonid fisherman.

👤I paid $24 for this fishing rod carry bag. It can carry up to 9 feet of surf fishing gear. It is divided into two parts. If you don't mind carrying a few rods, each side can carry up to 3. It does not have elastic holder or rod divides to keep the rod in place. I can't complain about the price.

👤I don't think it is a great product. It is good enough for fishing gears from scrach, but it is soft bag and can cause damage if it is dropped or hit.

👤My wife will be fishing with her brothers. Everyone was happy with it. It is a little shorter than some of her poles, but still helped keep everything together.

👤Garbage. Only survived one trip. The stitching on the handles came off after that.

👤I use it to keep my rods from getting damaged when we are in the 5th wheel. I like it.

3. Fishing Carrier Storage Organizer Shaddock

Fishing Carrier Storage Organizer Shaddock

The elastic fishing rod keepers keep your hooks from getting tangled. Fishing bags are made with a high-tech,adjustable shoulder strap. The bag has 5 rods and reels on the outside and more rods, reels, tackle and equipment on the inside. A large exterior pocket with fastening for essentials is part of the unique part. Approx. Oxford fabric is sturdy and durable. The bottom of the Shaddock Fishing bag is made of canva.

Brand: Shaddock Fishing

👤I bought these for a husband and wife who love fishing. The quality is impressive. I chose the black color because it sets out the bright yellow-gold block-lettered name I had done for each of them.

👤It's light and nice to fold it up.

👤I liked that the bag allowed me to easily store my gear. The bag could have used more support. I used a cardboard cylinder insert to create the interior support for the bag.

👤This was given to my son-in-law. They have five kids and he loves fishing all the time.

👤A great gift for a fisherman.

👤The bag has room for all my fishing gear but the shoulder strap snapped the second time. I had to replant it with braided line. Some of the craftmanship is sub par.

👤The bag has been ripped open by the carry strap, it's poor quality if you're intending to carry any kind of weight.

👤The 2 other rod carriers were replaced with this one. Well made and balances nicely!

4. OSAGE RIVER Adjustable Dividers Heavy Duty

OSAGE RIVER Adjustable Dividers Heavy Duty

When not in use, can be foldable. There is ample storage for tackle and up to four 9.5 foot travel rods in this roomy storage. The organization solution that works best for you is the one that includes the interior hook and loop dividers. You can quickly locate accessories with the 5 exterior and 3 transparent interior zip up pockets. Transport your heavy, bulky fishing gear with ease using the padded shoulder strap or reinforced carry handle. It's durable. The bag is made of 600D polyester and heavy-duty zippers that make it ideal for long use in your favorite fishing locations.

Brand: Osage River

👤This bag case holds my fly rods and reels with room to spare. The packing for the trips to the streams was a lot of work, but now that I have a room for my fly boxes in this travel case, it's easier to pack. Due to the length, 2-piece rods won't fit. The bag's bright interior makes it easy to spot if it's open, and early morning identification of reels and rods is a lot easier because of that. The bag is of good quality and easy to grab. It was forecast to rain and storm most of the time over the holiday weekend in a State Park with cabins. Not very good for fly fishing. We needed protection and rain gear. We needed a tarp, a large tent rainfly, extra ponchos, rope, straps and bungees, and this bag came to the rescue. Large items in the main case, bungees ropes and straps in the pockets fit perfectly in this bag. A specialty bag is not bad. ATILE bag is even better. We did a lot of walking during the weekend in Missouri. At the end of the day, my wife finds relief with a full leg compression pump after having surgery on her legs. The pump had no carrying case. The bag is almost tailor made for it. The air lines, pump, and boots were not just easy to carry, they were also protected. It's easy to pack, easy to transport and easy to leave at the destination. The bag is great. I need to get another one for fishing.

👤5-stars. The fly rod case is excellent. The product write-up describes the Osage River Fishing Rod Travel Bag well. I thought I could carry my rods for trips, but it's not long enough. Four piece fly rods and extra fly reels fit perfectly. They are easy to access and transport. Fly boxes and other light tackle can be easily handled by the outer pockets. The brightly colored interior panels make it easy to identify the equipment. I can carry my fishing vest inside the case if packed carefully. Seams are double-sewn and strong, and the shoulder-strap leaves your hands free. My only wish is that there was a bigger bag for my bass rods and reels.

👤The bag is made to be functional with it's dividers that are brightly colored, so you can see if you left the cover open before grabbing the strap to hit the ground. The bag has 5 exterior pockets and 3 inside pockets. The bag was not designed for rods with sections longer than 31 inches. My old rod won't fit in this bag.

👤The outer shell is nice. I don't like handling the interior with white gloves or anything. There are many pockets with a purpose. There are also the dividers. They could be turned over on top of your rods to help keep them from rolling around too much. It's a softer bag that will keep it's shape, but it's not firm for sure. I really like it.

5. Booms Fishing Portable Waterproof Folding

Booms Fishing Portable Waterproof Folding

There are 10 different color rod covers. There are red, orange, purple, black, army green, black and green, black and blue, black and white, black and red, green and yellow rod sleeves. Have a colorful life. Fishing Poles Storage is lightweight, easy to carry and protects your rods. The fishing rod carrying case is used indoors and outdoors. STORE 2 is a fishing boat. The fishing pole bag holds up to 2 fishing rods with reels. It's easy to marry. The fishing pole carrying case is made of soft waterproof nylon fabric, which is easy to carry and store, and it is foldable in a bag or suitcase. The rod case has soft and anti-slip shoulder straps that allow you to carry it over your shoulder, freeing up both hands for carrying other equipment. Two-way YKK zipper is more durable and has a longer service life. TheBooms Fishing PB1 fishing rod bags are a great gift for your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife, parents, kids, and all families.

Brand: Booms Fishing

👤I keep my surf rod and reel in my possession. The rod and reel fit in a small tote box. I keep a bag of shrimp. A tackle pocket on the outside would benefit the consumer. The bag is large enough to fit that pocket. The case allows one to keep a fishing set up close at all times.

👤The Booms fishing pole case was the best decision I have ever made. This case is needed to travel from and to Puerto Rico. I own a stick 7ft spinning reel fishing pole that separates in 2 pieces and I still have room at the top to put the handle of the reel, but I use a pocket inside the case to do that. I don't have to remove the reel as it fits in the case on my pole. Muchos gracias!

👤On a week long wilderness trail ride, I strapped two of these to my side by side trailer. The trailer tipped over on the trail and landed on the fishing pole holder. I inspected the fishing pole and reel after the trailer was painted and I was expecting to find it in pieces. The Pole Bag was filthy with dust and ground in dirt, but it was cleaned up as new with warm soap and water. The Pole bags are well worth the small investment.

👤Works great, holds 2 poles of mine with no problem. The case works well for my needs.

👤The "rod cabin" will not fit a rod with a 1 piece handle. Also very thin with little padding. The engineering on this POS is terrible.

👤I bought the bag because I was concerned that a fish hook might get into the seat. This bag will make sure that doesn't happen.

👤It's better than I thought. The padded part can be folded for storage. The zip ties won't easily rip. The strap is adjusted for a comfortable fit. I can carry 2 poles with reels. Looking forward to many years of use with it. It is definitely worth the money.

👤The rod and reel were purchased to protect them. The bag has no padding and is not durable. I don't like to return items, but the bag is silly.

6. Lixada Fishing Portable Folding Protective

Lixada Fishing Portable Folding Protective

If you use their fishing rod for the first time and it breaks, they are willing to give you a free replacement or one year warranty. The Oxford cloth is tear-proof and high quality. Reinforce the edges to make them stronger. The large capacity is 53" x8" and can hold 1 or 2 fishing rods with reels. The large opening is closed with a bimetallic zip, which is convenient for access to the internal trolley. The shoulder straps are padded. Approx. weight. Light and foldable, easy to store and carry. The perfect fishing bag is essential for fishing.

Brand: Lixada

👤A very nice pontoon boat has just been purchased. I didn't want my poles to bounce around in the lounger storage bin. With this sleeve, I am able to squeeze in 2 poles with 2 average size spinning reels attached. The new storage bin won't get scratched up, and my rods and reels will stay safe, and no one will reach into the storage bin and get a hook in their palm. It happened to me, with a barbed treble hook, not fun at all, luckily a seasoned pro doctor in the emergency room did some nifty little move and pulled it out clean, very impressive, no stitches needed.

👤Fish on! It fits my rod. There is enough room for two of these rods. Nice!

👤I like the product. It is of high quality. I carried two fishing rods in the same bag. I carried the sticks separately in a backpack. The space that was designed to fit the fishing reel would be useful to carry sandwiches.

👤I bought this to keep my spincast rod out of the way. It's tight around the reel when zipping up, but it's what I expected. I needed something inexpensive and I couldn't find any other inexpensive products for spincast rigs, so these bags are intended for fly fishing rigs that have narrower reels.

👤It was smaller than anticipated. It's not possible to fit two spinning rods and reels inside. It seemed like I would have no problem fitting two inside. The bag needs more space.

👤If you have reels attached, it's not easy to fit two two-piece rods. I have to either unmount my spinning reel or get used to it.

👤This is not long enough for a fly rod. It was short by almost 2 inches. The outer length is not ins.

👤The rod and reel fit well. Does as described. An accessory is cool.

👤TheDaiwa Resvro 2500 cannot be put inside the bag, the length is ok, just with the reel, so return the product.

👤This fishing bag has a main compartment, two exterior pockets, and a mesh pocket that can hold up to a large amount of fishing tackle. There is only one main compartment with no mesh pocket or exterior pocket. There is a front pocket for additional storage for your fishing tackle. Breathable mesh pocket to keep your fishing gloves dry. There is no mesh pocket. The bag does not appear to be durable, and the description is misleading.

👤Good for keeping lines out of the way. Will not defend against trunk or door slams. It won't handle two medium sized spinning reels. Maybe if only one rod had a reel.

👤I didn't pay much attention to the description. I was expecting it to be stronger. I wanted a canvas that was thick and firm but this is just a regular cloth bag. The extra storage pocket is not useful. I wouldn't rate it as low as I would have if I'd given the ad another read. I should not have had such high expectations.

7. Lixada Fishing Capacity Folding 120 150cm

Lixada Fishing Capacity Folding 120 150cm

The bag can be folded so it can fit in your backpack. This fishing bag has 2 main compartment, exterior pockets and a mesh pocket, which is large enough for your fishing tackle, and it is neatly and organized. The main compartment has a wide opening and dual zippers for easy access to your fishing gear, such as fishing rod, fishing reel, line, tackle box, etc. The front pocket has additional storage for your fishing tackle. Breathable mesh pocket to keep your fishing gloves dry. The cloth is made of high quality and it is very durable. Convenient to carry with carrying handle and shoulder strap. It is foldable to be stored in your backpack and ready to go.

Brand: Lixada

👤This is an easy way to keep my fishing poles in the same place, I have several different ones and this is a really easy way to keep them safe.

👤I have quite a few external pockets that are helpful, and my two rods are nicely held, but it is a little too difficult to fit in when the reels are on both rods. The material seems decent, hadn't had a lot of trips to the coast, but so far it's all in tact. The handles are silly. They were too far to the back of the bag. It is not possible to carry it like that as the front tilts towards the ground. This is very annoying. The shoulder strap is very nice.

👤Bigger than looks, I have all my 3 rods in plus landing nets and handles. There is still room in pockets for more gear.

👤The bag is good and it has a 5 star rating. I caught this beast for the first time. It is my lucky bag now.

👤My first few times using this bag were ok, but on my fifth time using the shoulder strap, the strap snapped at the stitches.

👤Few bits of thread coming loose and some caught in one of the zips, but on a good product and very happy, especially the long pockets on the front.

8. SILANON Folding Waterproof Organizer Capacity

SILANON Folding Waterproof Organizer Capacity

A good starter bag is a great gift. The essential bag for fishing. It's perfect for Father's Day and as a gift for family and friends. The portable fishing rod case has two main compartment with big zip opening and a neat and organized tackle box. There are four exterior pockets to hold smaller objects. A fishing pole case made of heavy duty 600D Oxford cloth and inner waterproof lining is very durable to use. The fishing pole storage bag is foldable and convenient to carry both hands and one shoulder. It is foldable to be stored in your backpack and ready to go. It has a large exterior pocket with a fastening for essentials and delicate and smooth thread sewing with double reinforcement stitches. The fishing rod reel carrier is an essential equipment for fishing. Approx. Enough capacity for everything you need in a fishing trip is 51.2"L x 9.4"D x 5.5"W. A perfect gift for a family member.

Brand: Silanon

👤There is no padding to protect the contents.

9. Li Xada Inch Fishing Rod Bag

Li Xada Inch Fishing Rod Bag

Thenice pole storage bag can be used to transport fishing tackle. A perfect gift for fishermen who like fishing. The fishing rod bag is made from water proof and highly abrasive nylon fabric. Pole bag measures L 63.0'' It's large for 1 or 2 two-piece rods with reels and fishing tackle accessories. Soft lining for a better protection for your rod and reel. The rod and reel can be easily accessed with the smooth Zipper. The folding design of the backpack can be stored in it's hand and shoulder strap.

Brand: Li-xada

👤They are very nice and I bought one and another.

10. Toasis Fishing Carrier Carrying Travel

Toasis Fishing Carrier Carrying Travel

The Oxford fabric construction is waterproof and durable. A large subsidiary pocket and 2 main compartments make for a high capacity. The wide opening design is easy to use. Carrying handle and strap are convenient. When not in use, can be foldable.

Brand: Toasis

👤If you have a four-piece paddle, this case is perfect. I was looking for a carrying case that had an expanded end. The paddle is made from four parts, three of which are needed for a standard paddleboard paddle and the other two for a kayak paddle. The expanded end of the case was perfectly fit by the wide end of theddle ends. There is an additional side pocket on this case. There are lots of straps that can be attached to the paddleboard.

👤We couldn't find any others that were long enough to fit our rods. We were able to get 3 rods with reels by using lure wraps. It makes loading and unloading gear fast. The hole that goes from the trunk to the back seat of the car is perfect. Couldn't ask for more.

👤The zip broke after a few uses.

👤I like that it will keep the dirt and dust off my fishing rods. It's easier to store it than a tube.

👤It's perfect for occasional fisherman. It's for a couple rods and some supplies.

👤It is not that bad for $20. I needed it to get on the plane. Thank you.

👤It was easy to order but the size error caused the return.

11. Rodeel Folding Fishing Portable Carrier

Rodeel Folding Fishing Portable Carrier

The portable fishing pole holder is perfect to store fishing rods, fishing reels and other fishing tackle. Jhua fishing rod bag is a great gift for elders who like fishing. The dimensions are 61in* 7.9 inch. The bag can hold more than one rod inside and two outside, as well as tackle and equipment. It is built for rough use and tough weather conditions, and it is made of 600D Polyester material coated with a hydrophobic PVC layer that repels water. The fishing pole case is portable and can be used for hand and one shoulder carry. It adds both beauty andDurability by sewing delicate and smooth thread. There are multiple storage compartments for everything in the professional fishing bag. It's great for fishing. A simple yet practical companion for fishing fans is a great gift. A perfect gift for a family member.

Brand: Rodeel

👤I was able to fit my rods in this bag. My rods are easy to carry and I can strap them to the roof of my car if I need to. I was able to fit two smaller fishing rods in the bag for my child. I would have liked more color options in this bag.

👤I bought this case for my husband as a Christmas gift, and he loved it. The case is easy to use and can hold multiple rods.

👤Quality! I have the fishing poles ready to go. This bag is great. It was very worth the money. It will be much easier to transport it because of the secure rods inside.

👤It was worth it! When you are ready to go fishing, grab and go.

👤Great product! It's much easier to haul tackle and poles.

👤I can stick the rods in with out having to separate them.


What is the best product for fishing pole case for airplane?

Fishing pole case for airplane products from Agool. In this article about fishing pole case for airplane you can see why people choose the product. Docooler and Shaddock Fishing are also good brands to look for when you are finding fishing pole case for airplane.

What are the best brands for fishing pole case for airplane?

Agool, Docooler and Shaddock Fishing are some of the best brands that chosen by people for fishing pole case for airplane. Find the detail in this article. Osage River, Booms Fishing and Lixada are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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