Best Fishing Rod Case Hard Shell

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1. Elkton Outdoors Rolling Waterproof Removable

Elkton Outdoors Rolling Waterproof Removable

Bass, trout, Walleye, Northern pike and Salmon are all deadly. It was designed for Christmas, Thanksgiving Day, and Father's Day. The overview is about what happened. It's easy to get your fishing gear to your favorite spot because of its durable, waterproof, light, and convenient qualities. The dimensions are L 15.7" x W 9.6" x H 18.7". There are a lot of stories. There is a padded top storage compartment, five 3600 size tackle trays, and 18 compartment tackle trays to fulfill your organization and storage needs. This fishing gear roller is made to be tough and will help keep your fishing gear in great condition. It's easy to carry a rolling tackle box with the shoulder strap and the handle extended. 4 rod holders make it easy to get everything you need to go in one shot and keep your fishing rods in great condition. 4 rod holders make it easy to get everything you need to go in one shot and keep your fishing rods in great condition.

Brand: Elkton Outdoors

👤Just wow. The bag is of the highest quality. It feels like I got my money's worth. You can choose what size of storage you want for your fishing gear, the compartments have little dividers. I don't know if you can see in the picture, but the top compartment's dividers are made of velcro and can be adjusted. You can put your name on the bag if it gets lost, because it has an identification slot on the top. You can transport it in 3 different ways. I didn't know it had it until I got it. I haven't tested the poles yet, but I'll let the person who bought them try them out. Will let you know. I still think this is a very high quality tackle box.

👤The box was waiting for me and I was very excited. An avid ocean fisherman, I was looking for a rolling tackle box that could handle both bottom fishing and tuna gear. The Elkton is short. The slide in storage boxes can't handle larger lures like the Rapalas for tuna. It will work for an overnight offshore trip but you have to carry extra bags for larger reels, lures, and jigs. The Elkton looks well built. The 4 rod carriers are a plus. It would work well for freshwater bays and estuary trips, but not where things like tarpon, snook, permit are present. Will be going out on an overnighter soon and will report on how the Elkton was able to cope. I have some "humble pie" to eat. I put the contents of my bag in the Elkton. 99% of it fit. The bag was not able to fit the lures. The top compartment might be able to hold a few such lures. It's a plus in my book. I took my first trip with the Elkton. I am very pleased with the layout and design. Everything I needed for my trip is in the pullout box compartment. The top compartment was large enough to hold my fishing gear. A good but.

👤The wheels are too small and don't move. Why don't we make a heavy duty transportation system with big, meaty wheels? I want to figure out how to put the new rubber on so it can go over terrain. It is relatively small. A fisherman that has a lot of tackle wants something that will transport his gear. I don't want to have to sacrifice some items because it's not tall enough for tackle organizers. I will give it the nice material from it. The rod holders have enough depth, but the reel handles don't have a slit, so rods with shorter butt-ends will shift around and lean out at an angle.

👤Standard trays don't fit in there for changing out tackle for different things. The top and bottom trays are very difficult to get out of the bag as the corners of the openings trap them. It could be 10% larger. It's built like a tank from materials that are very strong. The roller feature is awesome and it's very well constructed. The amount of storage on it is not adequate. I have a Plano guide series bag that is so useful that I only have to put my surf and fishing gear in another box, and it's so useful that I store all of my freshwater gear in it. I ordered this thinking it would be more storage than it is, but I'm not sure what I'm going to use it for. It's kind of an expensive bag for that, but I might use it to store my surf and troll gear. Design misses the mark because of the quality and materials.

2. Hikary Fishing Organizer Portable Folding

Hikary Fishing Organizer Portable Folding

The outside case has dimensions of 10” L x 10” W and 26” H. They only sell a bag. There are two different sizes of the rod bag, 19 cm and 11 cm. You can adjust the length of the shoulder strap according to your needs. It can be worn in a variety of ways, it can be tied around the waist as an accessory bag, and it can be carried by hand. There is a pocket for the fishing reel in the Large Storage Space. The pocket is large enough to hold many other items. The bag can be folded and stored at will.

Brand: Hikary

👤It is a pack of food. Don't fold. Will not carry the rod. The tackle box will not be carried by it. Super disappointed. Immediate return.

3. Castaroud Telescopic Saltwater Freshwater Beginners

Castaroud Telescopic Saltwater Freshwater Beginners

The beginner fishing kit has a collapsible fishing pole, fishing reel, fishing grabber, fishing pliers, fishing line, and fishing accessories. The needs of fishing enthusiasts are met. ThePerfect Adults Fishing Pole Kit is an all-in-one fishing rod reel combo with carrier bag and all the necessary accessories for fishing. It comes with a telescopic fishing rod, spinning reel, fishing line, fishing hooks, fishing lures and tackle box. This fishing rod is very hard and durable. The Carbon Fiber matrix technology blanks give the fishing rods incredible performance, sensitivity and power. A premium rod is delivered with the non-slip EVA Handle. This Spinning Reel is made of high quality ball bearings and 1 instant stop one-way anti-reverse bearing, these exceptional bearings reduce noise and offer you silky smooth and balanced operation. The fishing reel can be used with either left or right hand. The telescopic fishing pole is portable and easy to carry around. A carrier bag protects the pole from getting damaged and makes it easy to carry it. It's the perfect gift to send your father, son, husband, Fiancé, or boyfriend a birthday or Christmas gift.

Brand: Castaroud

👤This worked well for our granddaughter who had never fished before. She mastered the art of casting after handling the pole well. The convenience of a lightweight carrier and tackle box were added. Highly recommended.

👤The fishing poles are very good. Well made and we love that they are collapsible. Great idea.

👤The pole is strong and compact. It was already used to reel in some bass. I use one on my kayak and the other stays in my truck. The bag is a little tight but it's worth the price. Great pole.

👤We got it ready to use, but we haven't used it yet. All the pieces it came with are cool.

👤A kid is fishing for the first time.

4. Allen Cottonwood Fishing Gear Fishing

Allen Cottonwood Fishing Gear Fishing

All day long comfort is yours. The fit of their padded back pad and shoulder strap reduces fatigue during a long day of fishing or hiking. You can adjust the strap length and lower mounting point according to your preference. The bag can be easily removed with the large quick release shoulder strap buckle. The KastKing BlowBak can be used to stay mobile. It can be used to fit up to four 4-piece rods. There are eight exterior dividers for rod, reels, and gear. There are multiple interior see-through pockets. A padded carry handle, heavy-duty molded zippers, and a padded shoulder strap are included. The outer dimensions are 31.5′′ x 9.5′′.

Brand: Allen Company

👤One person should have more fly rods than I have. I only use 4-piece travel rods for fly fishing. I purchased this carrier because I wanted to carry a few with me when I move and I packed this for the move. I packed it to see what I could put in it. I was able to put 6 4-piece rods, 2 3-piece rods, 6 reels, 5 or 6 fly boxes, 2 boxes of fly line, gloves and other items. The carrying strap was the only thing I put in the outer 3 pockets. No issues were found when it was zip up. I dropped it to see what would happen. When I opened it, there was nothing flying. I will have to repack it for what I will actually take during the move. I will update this review once I complete the move and have a chance to see how it fares. So far, so good.

👤I love this bag. I can carry both my rods and gear in one bag. It's perfect for out of town trips. There is an update. This case has been used for 3 days a week. I got it for Christmas. Not a single issue. It has 2 9' 4 piece rods. A combo of orvis fly and spin. 2 extra reels were used. A single spin reel. There are 3 fly boxes. There are tools, leaders, tippet spools, strike indicators, lanyard, gloves, bait and conventional lures. Hundreds of fishing trips have taken place over the past 2 years. It looks brand new. There was no negative thought about this case.

👤I bought this to fly my rods to Wyoming. I had no issues with this case on my flights to WY and back, even though it did not meet the requirements for carry-on bags. I took the bag on the plane and it fit in the overhead bin even with other bags in there. If you had to check your rods at the gate, this case would probably be fine. My 9' 6wt and 9' 8wt rods fit in there nicely, but it was too short for my 10' euro nymphing rod, so I had to carry that in a separate rod tube.

👤Some of the other reviews lead you to believe that you can put this case in the overhead section of the plane. Not true. Most planes have a limit of 22 inches. This is 31.5 so forget it. It needs to be checked. The old bazooka rod case has been in my possession for a long time, but it has gotten more attention than it should. The rods that were wrapped perfectly were put in the wrong way by the TSA. I was lucky that the case didn't come apart and I didn't lose my four rods because the pin that holds the top on was missing. I retired my three piece rods and replaced them with four piece travel rods. I hated doing it but felt like it was time. The case is very well made and can easily hold four rods. You can squeeze a half inch more if you put a rod in a different way than the other way around. It's big enough for most travel rods. Since you're checking the bag, you might fill it up and take a chance on the guy being careful. The case looks strong and might help to make the top more durable and hopeful crushproof. The pictures of this bag are accurate so you can see what you're getting. I'm hoping to get new rods for my next trip. We will see.

5. Sage Luggage Ballistic Single 9 Foot

Sage Luggage Ballistic Single 9 Foot

High quality outdoor gear. Striker makes premium, reliable, and safe outdoor sporting accessories for men, women, and anyone who wants to fuel their passions. The nylon is black. The Embroidery is Platinum colored.

Brand: Sage

👤This tube has a solid feel to it and the strap can be adjusted to sling it over your shoulder, which is something that many tubes have. The zip ties work well and feel like they will hold up. I didn't give a rating for "Durability", but I have no doubt that it will be. I'm building a new 10wt, 4-piece rod this winter and this is the perfect tube for it. I feel like a fraud since the tube clears say "Sage". I can't afford a rod like that. I will live with the guilt. This is the best tube I've found.

👤The single rod tube does not come with a large locking zip up. The double locking zippers are on a 2 inch tube.

👤One of my rods got damaged and I needed to replace it. This is the same as the original one. The rod fit perfectly and it is back to work.

👤I think the inside dividers are better than the rod socks.

👤It was a little heavy but great. There is a It has been a great purchase, it's super solid, easy to load and unload, and it's durable. I know my rod is safe and I don't care where it ends on my truck.

6. Lixada Fishing Canvas Case Water Resistant

Lixada Fishing Canvas Case Water Resistant

The water-resistant canvas aredurable. The outer fabric is made of water-resistant canvas and is great protection for your fly rods and reels. Full protection. The Lixada hard rod tube has a padded reel case. The opening of the rod and reel makes it easy to get to it. There are multiple storage items. The Lixada fly fishing rod bag has a fishing reel storage bag, a hard rod tube case, and a fishing gears compartment. It is adjusted and compatible. The shoulder strap has a pad for carrying. The Lixada fly fishing bag is the best choice for recreational fishing because it is easy to carry around.

Brand: Lixada

👤My brother loves it and his fly rod fits in it just right, because he was working with a budget for Christmas gift orders.

👤I didn't care about the inside sleeve being partitioned. A sectioned bag is needed to protect the rod pieces.

👤The case arrived at my house with a broken rod tube and I have to pay shipping back to China. It's absurd that I'll have to pay double to send back the $26 case. I would expect a replacement after I send a picture of it broken. I will update this post if there is a response from Moncater. They chose to ignore me if I didn't update this post. Wishing you all good luck!

👤I bought a second one for my brother because I wanted to learn to fly fish with him. The title and photos suggest that a rod and reel, line, and some flies are included. This is incorrect. Do not buy this item because it will cost you a case. I'm returning the one I bought for my brother, but the gift from my job is wasted money. I'm not happy with the way this item is sold.

👤It took me a long time to get this, but it fits my fly rod perfectly. The pole was protected with a hard shell.

👤This looks good. The rod is attached to a reel. There are no compartments for the other three rod sections. I had to put the pieces in the main compartment of their original cloth bag. I don't think that will work out in the long run.

👤It was a perfect fit for the rod. The rod is 6 inches long.

👤Love it. It works well for chinook salmon, so any fish smaller or similar would work well. This set up has handled over 20 kings just this summer, despite the fact that similar set ups only snap on first fish.

👤I acomodo mucho.

7. Lakewood Ice Pack Tip Up Case

Lakewood Ice Pack Tip Up Case

1200 D fiber is olive green and gray. Quality saltwater-proof easy glide nylon zippers. The weight is only 4.5 lbs and the shoulder strap is easy to use. Excellent protection and a dust free environment are provided by the Completely padded and soft shelled sides. The largest tip-ups are accepted in the tackle case. It can be used as a backpack with the extra-large loop handle, or it can be carried with gloves on. The gear pockets for tools act as a third hand. There are up to 5 rods on the side of the case. There are 2 large pockets on the side. Round tip ups and wet items have a mesh pocket. The outside case has dimensions of 10” L x 10” W and 26” H.

Brand: Lakewood

👤I knew what to expect from my other lakewood products. It works well and is very nice. I gave it to my father. He has been showing it off to his friends. Pricey. You get what you pay for. We used to use a bag type pole bag for our ice fishing trips and the lines would always get tangled and the lures would catch the bag, it was an annoying hassle. All those problems should be fixed by this bad boy. We usually wheeler ride out to where we fish so we fit in the back nicely. It is double as a seat because of its height and strength. Very happy with it. It would be great if it had a place to put a name on it. That is being picky.

8. OSAGE RIVER Adjustable Dividers Heavy Duty

OSAGE RIVER Adjustable Dividers Heavy Duty

When not in use, can be foldable. There is ample storage for tackle and up to four 9.5 foot travel rods in this roomy storage. The organization solution that works best for you is the one that includes the interior hook and loop dividers. You can quickly locate accessories with the 5 exterior and 3 transparent interior zip up pockets. Transport your heavy, bulky fishing gear with ease using the padded shoulder strap or reinforced carry handle. It's durable. The bag is made of 600D polyester and heavy-duty zippers that make it ideal for long use in your favorite fishing locations.

Brand: Osage River

👤This bag case holds my fly rods and reels with room to spare. The packing for the trips to the streams was a lot of work, but now that I have a room for my fly boxes in this travel case, it's easier to pack. Due to the length, 2-piece rods won't fit. The bag's bright interior makes it easy to spot if it's open, and early morning identification of reels and rods is a lot easier because of that. The bag is of good quality and easy to grab. It was forecast to rain and storm most of the time over the holiday weekend in a State Park with cabins. Not very good for fly fishing. We needed protection and rain gear. We needed a tarp, a large tent rainfly, extra ponchos, rope, straps and bungees, and this bag came to the rescue. Large items in the main case, bungees ropes and straps in the pockets fit perfectly in this bag. A specialty bag is not bad. ATILE bag is even better. We did a lot of walking during the weekend in Missouri. At the end of the day, my wife finds relief with a full leg compression pump after having surgery on her legs. The pump had no carrying case. The bag is almost tailor made for it. The air lines, pump, and boots were not just easy to carry, they were also protected. It's easy to pack, easy to transport and easy to leave at the destination. The bag is great. I need to get another one for fishing.

👤5-stars. The fly rod case is excellent. The product write-up describes the Osage River Fishing Rod Travel Bag well. I thought I could carry my rods for trips, but it's not long enough. Four piece fly rods and extra fly reels fit perfectly. They are easy to access and transport. Fly boxes and other light tackle can be easily handled by the outer pockets. The brightly colored interior panels make it easy to identify the equipment. I can carry my fishing vest inside the case if packed carefully. Seams are double-sewn and strong, and the shoulder-strap leaves your hands free. My only wish is that there was a bigger bag for my bass rods and reels.

👤The bag is made to be functional with it's dividers that are brightly colored, so you can see if you left the cover open before grabbing the strap to hit the ground. The bag has 5 exterior pockets and 3 inside pockets. The bag was not designed for rods with sections longer than 31 inches. My old rod won't fit in this bag.

👤The outer shell is nice. I don't like handling the interior with white gloves or anything. There are many pockets with a purpose. There are also the dividers. They could be turned over on top of your rods to help keep them from rolling around too much. It's a softer bag that will keep it's shape, but it's not firm for sure. I really like it.

9. Plano Airliner Telescoping Rod Case

Plano Airliner Telescoping Rod Case

The dimensions are 14 L x 9 W x 1. 88 H inches. Stores up to eight 7 foot rods are included in the design. Collapses to 47 inches for easy transportation.

Brand: Plano

👤The Plano Telescoping rod case is very sturdy. It would get through some rough handling without any issues. The way it is designed is a problem. There are no limits on the case. The case can be adjusted individually by removing the locking pins and extending the section. The problem is that when you close the last section of the rod holder, you need to be very careful that you don't break your eyes while you slide the last section on. I had to do this gently by feel, stopping every time I felt the last section catching on something, and then moving the rod case to see if I could get the eyes to move out of the way. This makes it hard to use and makes me worry that I will break one of my rods eventually. The Flambeau rod holder is much easier to use than the one I have. The one that came through airport baggage handling was not as sturdy as the one that came through the airport. There was no damage to the contents. The Plano Airliner is built in a way that will make it more resistant to abuse, but also more of a pain to use. Pick the poison.

👤When receiving packages from the company, it is advisable to carefully inspect for rodents. I received a Plano rod case double boxed by Amazon because of damage to the original package. I opened the package with my children and put it in our bedroom. The children were playing in the box. My husband checked the caddy when he got home to make sure it was what he needed. He gave his hands a sniff test to see if he could smell the urine of the rodents, but he couldn't find it. The original package was found to have a large hole chewed into it and a lot of mouse poop in it. My children were in a box full of mouse poop for hours. The playroom, kitchen, and living room were all covered in mouse feces but it wasn't found until hours after. The best part of the evening was the time I got to clean my house with a vacuum cleaner and bleach the floors.

👤It is well built and sturdy. It can hold 5 of my rods at the moment. It has room for 1 or 2 more Cons. Even with rod gloves, sticking a 1000 bucks of rods in a case is not safe. I don't want them playing with the plastic. Jmo. No locking pins. I'm sure I could replace the standard pins with locks. The NO end cap makes it difficult to add or remove rods. You have to pull a pin to remove the upper section. They could have built a strap for it, it becomes very awkward to carry when it's extended past 6 foot. It will get me by for a while. I will order the flambeau bazoka pro next time. Everyone has tight lines.

👤I decided on this one because it was more sturdy than others and could hold 6 rods of different sizes without being too large or expensive. I needed a way to get rods on top of the car, and this worked out great. I don't have an expensive collection. I wanted them to be protected. The trick was tying it down because it was odd. I didn't think that it was hard to put the last section on so you don't bend the tips or snap off the eyelet, as others have mentioned. Measure what is left of the poles and then figure out which adjustment hole will allow you to get that clearance. I used a Sharpie to mark mine. I know where each section should go next. It's pretty easy.

10. Rush Creek Creations Fishing Storage

Rush Creek Creations Fishing Storage

It's the best gift to give to a father, son, husband, fiancée, or boyfriend for Christmas. The tackle storage cart can hold up to 12 fresh water rods. The middle wire shelf and smooth rolling caster allow room for your fishing gear. The base and top boards are made of carbon fiber. The frame is powder coated. The instruction manual was included.

Brand: Rush Creek Creations

👤I don't buy a lot of products. I like to rely on reviews for my decisions. A lot of the reviews are not accurate in regards to quality for money. The instructions were very easy to understand and made assembling this rack very easy. You don't need to be a mechanic to do it. If you assemble it correctly, the product is very sturdy. I can see where over tightened items could cause instability, but that is not due to workmanship. It will be very sturdy if you take your time. If this is done, the wheels will not hold up, but if set up and left in a semi permanent location, they will last a lifetime. The wheels do not have to be installed. It is very stable when loaded and rolled. The middle rack creates a lot of space for tackle boxes and bags. The third side of clips for more rods would be amazing. The price is great and I think it will last me a long time and is a great addition to my Mancave. I might purchase another for the gear that I don't use often.

👤The rubber grips that hold the rod to the unit don't stay tight, even though it holds a dozen rods with reels. It stays wide when you adjust it to fit a rod's diameter. It doesn't feel like it's made of rubber. The rod just falls over after a couple of uses because the rubber clip or the rubber clamp will not hold it. I wouldn't recommend this product.

👤I liked the product and it was sturdy. The product had two wheels break off at random. I put tennis balls on the bottom instead of removing them. It works like a charm now. I can only give it three stars since the wheels broke the same day I got it.

👤Shipping was on time. Assembly is very easy because the instructions were clear. Bad. The handle of the surf rod is too long for it to fit into place, as shown in the photo above. I clipped a rubber band from one clip to the other to keep my surf rod in place. Very light. It isn't that sturdy. The middle shelf has gear on it. The heavier it is, the more stable it should be. It is hard to move in carpet because the wheels are too small. The wheels should work on hard surfaces. I keep mine out of my house. After every use, I wash my reels. When my reels are dry, I put them back in this cart. I don't want the bottom shelf to be wet. Some buyers complained that the bottom shelf started to peel when it became wet. I still think this is a good idea. I will see what the woman of the house thinks, because it works as an indoor furniture.

👤Amazon Prime has a quick delivery option. Un-packaging is defined as organized packaging. Instructions for assembly are simple and clear. Assembly is easy with one person. All parts are contained within. The parts are in good shape. The plastic wheels are small. The double-ended threaded post connectors are easy to install. Without stops within threaded holes, there is no way to make sure that the posts are connected. The unit is attractive. Don't overload it, it's not "Heavy Duty".

11. Toasis Fishing Carrier Carrying Travel

Toasis Fishing Carrier Carrying Travel

A waterproof inner lining and a construction made of patiens. 2 main compartments and 4 subsidiary pockets keep everything organized for a pleasant fishing trip. The wide opening design is easy to use. Carrying handle and strap are convenient. When not in use, can be foldable.

Brand: Toasis

👤All of the rod carriers he's purchased over the past 6 months were a complete bust. The cheap construction caused many problems, such as zippers that did not work. The product quality was ten times better after I opened this box. This is a very nice carrier. The zippers are very strong. I ordered a second after I had a chance to see it, but I just bought one to make sure it was worth it.

👤It is large and has extra gear besides rods and reels.

👤It was great to transport five fishing poles. It made traveling in our SUV with fishing gear much safer and easier.


What is the best product for fishing rod case hard shell?

Fishing rod case hard shell products from Elkton Outdoors. In this article about fishing rod case hard shell you can see why people choose the product. Hikary and Castaroud are also good brands to look for when you are finding fishing rod case hard shell.

What are the best brands for fishing rod case hard shell?

Elkton Outdoors, Hikary and Castaroud are some of the best brands that chosen by people for fishing rod case hard shell. Find the detail in this article. Allen Company, Sage and Lixada are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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