Best Fishing Rod Holders for Boat Storage

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1. Amarine Made Stainless Fishing Organiser Vertical

Amarine Made Stainless Fishing Organiser Vertical

Easy to install, it would suit any style of boat. Please choose the rod holders according to your needs. Convenient onboard storage for rods, tools, and accessories. The style rod holder has a place to store your tools. A high quality, mirror finish marine grade STAINLESS STEEL construction with injection molded ABS inserts to protect valuable rods and tools.

Brand: Amarine Made

👤The price is great but like a saying goes, you get what you pay for. The first one I bought was a lemon and the second one was for 2 months, but the weld gave it back. This company makes junk and doesn't waste your money.

👤I installed them in June after purchasing two in April. The look and feel is similar to others. They look nice for the most part, however, roughly a month after installation they began to rust with no exposure to saltwater. The type of steel mentioned in the listing is not known, but I think it is 304. I'm not unhappy with the price. I keep them covered and clean.

👤The rod holder is economically priced. It is a decent price point, but not so much as to make me cringe. The construction quality is not good and the welds are an indication of that. It is okay at the price. The metal won't last through the passage of time and exposure.

👤I replaced my boat center console holders with 3d printed spacers and mounted them the same way as the original holders.

👤The item I ordered before was in the way of the grab rail and light. I returned it. I figured out a way to make it work after I ordered it. This item is perfect.

👤The item was sturdy and well made, for the price, I was expecting more. It's not heavy duty and won't handle a trolly rod, but it worked out well for spinners.

👤I had to ground the wrap off before I could mount it on the boat.

👤The product I used for the rod holders on my boat was not good.


2. NovelBee Tubes Stainless Fishing Holder

NovelBee Tubes Stainless Fishing Holder

The rod rack number is 4. The rod holder length is 8.6. The pin is at the bottom of the rod holder. The rod holder is polished.

Brand: Novelbee

3. DU BRO Fishing Rod Holders Black

DU BRO Fishing Rod Holders Black

The sand anchor can be used for all beach umbrellas. The extra sturdy design allows for use as a rod holder, and can hold up certain volleyball and badminton nets. Order multiple units to keep the family entertained. It's easy to mount to wood or metal. Use wood screws or sheet metal.

Brand: Du-bro Fishing

👤It works like a dream. I put them in my pickup shell so I don't have to dig out the poles in the back and then put them in the road.

👤The fishing rod holders are made in the USA. These are the types that use two screws. The holders are made of tough plastic and are large enough for most fishing poles. They should last a long time. You can mount the holders practically anywhere. I mounted my holders on two pieces of pine wood, which were screwed into the sheetrock and into the studs. The design of my fishing rods makes them look nice. You can space the rods far enough apart so you don't damage your equipment.

👤I guess it's my fault, I was very disappointed. I have six pieces of track that are designed to screw in so they're not really useful to me, so I thought they would fit into the track system I was trying to replace.

👤This product worked great. What I was looking for. We have a cabover camper and it's important to use space withoutcluttering. This product is mounted in the bathroom so that our fishing poles are out of the way.

👤The upgrade for my fishing vehicle keeps my poles out of the way while I travel to my fishing spots, and it also makes it easy to fit my poles in the way for travel storage.

👤Stronger than I expected. I've banged into these several times and they haven't broken yet. The poles should be left in an open boat.

👤These were put on the roof of my canopy. Works.

👤I use these for my small boat. It's very easy to access and keeps my rods out of the way.

4. MARINE CITY Stainless Fishing Storage

MARINE CITY Stainless Fishing Storage

Customer satisfaction: Their priority is to provide a 100% satisfaction experience. If products don't meet your expectations, you can message them through contact sellers. The celebrations begin at Joyin! The Base Board is made of polished 316-grade STAINLESS STEEL and the White Poly Board is made of white Poly. It's suitable for spinning, conventional and fly rods. Rods can be held vertically and overhead with the Rod Rack. The cushions are soft. The nylon insert holds the tip. The rod holder's dimensions are: H: 2.42'' (61.5mm) and L: 2.71''(69mm) are the dimensions. There is a package with 1 set of Marine City 4-Rod Reel, White Poly Board, and a fishing rod storage rack.

Brand: Marine City

👤The rack was easy to install. The pole rack is the same as at West Marina.

5. Homydom Fishing Ceiling Storage Basement

Homydom Fishing Ceiling Storage Basement

The sport is called billiards. The dimensions are 2.4 in. L x 16.9 in. You can store your fishing rods on the wall orceiling. The fishing rod can be corroded by the high-impact STEEL fishing rod storage racks. It can hold up to 8 fishing rods and reel combo. This handy organizer can be used to maximize space and eliminate garage roomcluttering. Convenient storage can be created by utilizing extra space in the garage, cabin, and boat rooms. Keeping the space neat and organized. Heavy duty steel is coated with a substance called polyvinylchloride. Protect your fishing rods from damage. It is easy to put it together. Hardware is included. You can organize your rod and reel combo in a garage or workshop. There is a US patent pending. All rights are reserved.

Brand: Homydom

👤The picture supplied is not the true size. This is very small. Look at the product dimensions to see the length. That's over a foot. The image makes you think it's several feet long, but it isn't. Unless you use it for small fresh water rods, your stuff isn't going to fit. The construction is very sturdy with a coating that won't scratch or damage what you put in it. That's the positive side. This is a lot of money for a tiny item. It would have gotten 5 stars if it was twice the current size.

👤These are nice. They think they will last a long time. The coating on them is good. I did not give them five stars because the openings could be a little bigger. The bases of some of the bigger rods did not fit. It fit most of my rods. The openings are crammed so it's like a puzzle to place the rods and reels. After a few minutes, I was able to get them all to fall down. I would recommend putting your most frequently used rods last, as they are the easiest to pull off.

👤The rack is very small and easy to install on the ceiling. This rack is perfect for small rods. The butt of the heavy rod will go through the hole. I can't put the second piece into the rack. It works if I place it through the larger guide. If the rack is full, the reels will get stuck on the other rods when trying to get the rod out. If the spacing was just an inch more it would be better. All in a good place. I would only purchase my smaller rods again.

👤The first picture of the rack shows two different wall brackets, but as you scroll through the other pictures you will see the actual design of the rack, which gives you two If you mount the product as shown in the picture, each rod will get 2 open ends, no big deal, or 2 closed ends. What a PIA that would be! Okay. If you try to make it offset like what you saw in the first picture, you will hit another problem. You lose the function of the open hook when you flip it. I was looking forward to hanging these up since I was locked in this house. Will be looking for a new option to send these back.

👤The # was the perfect amount for me because I only own a few rods. It went up on my ceiling without a hitch. The holes fit my deep sea rods perfectly, and they were easy to get into or out of. The spacing could be 1/2 to 1inch wider each. My big reels are bumping into each other, but they don't affect the stability or damage the rods. I'll go for 4 stars since I can't do half a star. They were slightly bowed, but that did not affect alignment. I don't have to worry about choosing a wood/particle board based product breaking on me because it met expectations. If you have large reels for deep sea, be aware of the length before purchasing. I would suggest mixing reel sizes. Still recommend.

6. Pebbly Beach Stainless Fishing Mounted

Pebbly Beach Stainless Fishing Mounted

The rod holder is polished. The fishing rod holder is made of 304 grade STAINLESS STEEL. It will not rust and can handle all kinds of weather. You can take care of 3 fishing rods at the same time. It's ideal for professional fishermen with multiple fishing rods. It's possible to troll your lures at a specific depth with free hands. You can do other things while fishing, and enjoy it. You can store your tools against a boat or wall with the built-in knife, pliers and lure holder. Side mount is great for where flush mount or rail mount rod holder can't be installed.

Brand: Pebbly Beach

👤It was awful. People are Bolted to a dock. On the 4th of July, mounted on a boat, you're going to have a panic.

👤Garbage with defects in the finish is cheap. If you have a cheap boat, they are fine. Keep looking if you are expecting a product that has not been used in a while.

7. KastKing Patented Vertical Fishing Holder

KastKing Patented Vertical Fishing Holder

There are gift ideas. The magnetic tool is a great gift for men and women who want to expand their tool collection. It is ready to give to someone. The Innovative Patented Design of the fishing pole holder makes it easy to use and store up to 15 fishing rods or fishing rod and reel combo in less than 18” of wall space. Innovative. The KastKing V15 vertical fishing rod rack can hold up to 15 rods or combo in less than 18 inches of wall space. Most brands only have 6 combo in the same amount of space. Rods and combo can be mounted virtually anywhere along the length of the rod, allowing reels to be staggered at different heights for minimum storage space. The innovative design of the fishing pole rack is easy to use. Push the rod firmly into the large or small v-grooves until the grip material grabs it. The rod can be hung with the thread wrapped line guides above the v-groove. The reel can be attached to a 12” rod. To remove your combo from the fishing rod rack, grab the rod near the rod rack and pull out. The KastKing V15 fishing rod holder is made from a tough material which is resistant to heat, chemicals, and impact. The v-grooves are injected with a tacky thermoplastic material to make sure rods and combo are held securely in your rack. The V15 fishing pole rack has three mounting holes. Two holes are on the center of the wall. To install the rack, you need to determine the correct mounting height for your poles, install one of the outer screws into a stud, level the rack and mark mounting holes, anchor for center mounting hole, re-level rod rack and tighten all screws. The V15 fishing rod rack will save space.

Brand: Kastking

👤I have a small space and a high garage that make it hard to store my rods. I ordered the V15 and was able to put my rods in a secure area. The rubber stuff that the V have is strong. I'm definitely thinking of ordering another one.

👤I don't know why this is so good. It is a one piece rack that holds up rods. I put up a penn rod and reel combo and it slid down. If the rod guides were resting above the V, it would stay up.

👤The rod racks were taking up too much space in my garage and were getting in the way. There is a The KastKing 2 pack is 30 dollars. The rod holder gave me more space in my garage. The kit has instructions on how to install and mount to the wall. The design holds the rods in place.

👤I've purchased quite a few of the KastKing products. I needed something to organize the rods in the corner of my garage. The design is great and I liked how many rods were able to fit as other products similar to this usually only hold around 6. It was easy to install and I didn't need to use the two holes on the sides that were lined up with studs. Simply screw it in to the wall with the included hardware and you're done. I had an issue with the rods falling and landing on the floor as I put them into the slots. I had to push them harder into the rubber to hold them, but with more flexible rods, I was worried about them breaking. The design needs work, but I like the idea. If you put the rod to far away from the reel in the holder, it will not stay, it will be hard to get it to close to the reel. I have figured out how to get it to work. It takes a lot of time to move the mount. It works well once you patch the small holes.

👤I just bought my first couple nicer rods and needed to organize so the order arrived on time. It took me about a minute to grab my impact drill and sink the three screws provided in the wall, but I used one of the three drywall anchors included for middle whole. The side holes are 16 in each other and sunk into the wall. The rack is made of plastic and comes in a V shape and U shaped slots for thicker rods. This seems to be a product that is made to last and looks very sharp on the wall.

👤If you have spinning reels attached, you can fit more rods on there than they claim. There is a The rubbery material that holds the rods seems to be of decent quality. It has "memory", which means that with use the rubber gets permanent indentations where the rod is held in place. This started happening on my computer after a few months of use. I don't like that it takes a little force to get a rod out, and that it doesn't prevent the rod from falling if the rubber ever loses its grip. I think the rubber will lose its elasticity at some point, but I don't know how long.

8. Boat Tote All Accessories Organizer

Boat Tote All Accessories Organizer

The rod storage rack is easy to install and can be mounted on the wall to organize your rods in a horizontal position or the ceiling. This device will add longevity to your fishing poles and will save you space. Fishing Rods are not included. There are two sizes of pantyhose and rails: 2.5 and 3.5 inches. The levelling shelf allows the unit to fit virtually any style of gunnel, as long as the width of the gunnel is 2.5” or less. Many people take their Boat Totes with them on side-by-side rides or even in their vehicles as a place to keep their personal effects organized. The fishing rod and tool holder arms can be placed on either side of the box. You can film your catch with the beverage holders and cell phone slot on the top of the boat tote. The hooks and lures holders on each side give you fast access to your fishing gear. When the unit is not in use, the PU feet on all four corners will resist sliding. The boat organizers box is coated with a high quality sand texture powder coat. The tool holder arms are made of PE and the EVA pads are made of HDPE. 12” The jack screw with the PE knob is very strong and fast to deploy. You can place the fishing accessories holder over the gunnel with the leveling shelf underneath the unit. The shelf can be removed to hold larger items. The front of the boat tote has extra threaded inserts that can be used to mount other devices. The boat tote organizes fishing trips a little more fun. If you want to get a great catch, you should have fishing and boating in a place where you can get it quickly. The boat tote organizes fishing trips a little more fun. If you want to get a great catch, you should have fishing and boating in a place where you can get it quickly.

Brand: Boat-tote

👤I recommend this tote to anyone that might need it. It was very well made. It is worth the price. It's durable, it's easy to clean, and it's versatile. It has the ability to adjust to multiple positions. I like that I can keep my stuff off the floor and seats. I also put it on my kayak. There is a This thing could probably stop a bullet, so buy this and you won't be disappointed. I was going to buy this item for a month, but I didn't know why.

👤I've been taking my father fishing for a long time. I have plenty of room for my stuff on our 14" boat. He has always been limited as to where he can set his coffee, rod, and other items. He can put his cell phone, keys, coffee, and other items in one place. I don't have to worry about coffee spilling or the random fishing rod going crazy. A+.

👤It was a great product and I have one now. It is easy to deploy and remove, and the cup holders keep the beverages from spilling over the boat. The fish finder batteries fit in the bottom compartment. I highly recommend this for anyone who fishes.

👤It's 100% recommended to anyone who needs a little extra storage space on their boat. The boat tote is very sturdy. We're thinking about getting a second one because it fits perfectly on our Jon boat.

👤Wrong size and heavy for him. It would work great for the boat that I made.

👤My boyfriend uses this on his boat. He said it is very sturdy and his beer stays in place the whole trip. He likes that he has a place to put his phone and pole.

👤I got it as a gift for my son. He likes it.

👤My son in law is going to a fishing boat for Christmas. He loved it!

👤This is my second boat tote and it is great. Bigger, stronger, and comes with all of the things you need. I liked the old ones. A big fan!

👤It was ordered for the upcoming trip. It was not concerned about sturdiness based on the reviews. I agree that this thing is built like a tank. I spent an hour in my boat thinking about mounting equipment. Can't wait to get out on the water.

👤What do you get a guy who is a fisherman, and also a person who is interested in all things fishing? I saw a boat tote. I bought it and it is awesome. I'm definitely going to buy a few more.

👤Sturdy product. Can't wait to use it.

9. Fishing Holder Holds Stainless Steel

Fishing Holder Holds Stainless Steel

It's great for boats or kayaks. Includes hardware made of steel. Gimbal pin rod. Solid construction, no moving parts. There were no sharp edges on the rolled top and bottom.

Brand: Hoffen

👤I don't have enough rod holders. The fishing plan on the bay varies depending on the conditions. I like to have a variety of rods ready to use. I installed them on the sides of my center console. The console came from the original manufacturer. My rod capacity was doubled by adding these. The welded steel is good and the price is right. The construction of these rod holders is made of steel that is holding up well, and I've made many trips to the FL Keys. I'm happy with these and so far they're serving my needs well.

👤I have installed these rod holders on my boats. Their price is competitive with the plastic versions and they are chromed and metal. I simply purchased a length of flatbar and welded a brackets to each side, and slid the flatbar in from the side, with 2 self-tapping screws to hold it in place. Great product!

👤It was very nice looking. If you plan on fishing on the bridge, you may want to put a third bolt through the middle. I have used it a few times and the middle is not a big deal.

👤The rod holder is useless. The sockets are not deep enough to seat the reels and the grooves to seat the reels are missing. The rails are not as good. It's possible to cut out the pegs from the sockets to get rods to seat deeper. I will probably try that. I wish I had not bought this product.

👤I installed them on my aluminum jonboat almost two years ago and they still look like new, because I bolted them right on to the boat. I'm impressed!

👤Works well. Sturdy. I wanted something to hold my rods on the patio. I want to catch a fish sandwich. Pick up my rod and walk over to the pond. Doesn't get any better than that.

👤The seller was right about the shipping issue and had no issues. The item is a little lighter than I expected, which will help when mounting to a pontoon fence.

👤I was expecting thin, flimsy metal, but these are far from that. It was very heavy duty. I'll be mounting these to my hitch rack for trips to the coast. Will be buying more.

👤It was functional and exactly as advertised.

👤It's handy for fishing rod storage. It was put on the stern of my boat. On hot summer days, a large patio umbrella could be held.

👤No problem, holds 4 down rigger rods.

10. Fishing Holder Aluminium Marine Yacht

Fishing Holder Aluminium Marine Yacht

The kayak rods holder can be mounted to any rails or directions of the rail. The intermediate parts may be dropped when changing the angle and installing the boat rod holder. They will make sure these pole holders are of the highest quality. If you have any quetstions, please contact them. Heavy Duty is made of marine grade 100% aluminum and has a longer service time. The rubber insert protects your fishing rod from wear. The brackets in one are ideal for professional fishermen. The inside diameter of the rod holder tube is 37mm. There were no sharp edges on the rolled top and bottom.

Brand: Hoffen

👤The item is well made. There are bolts on my console. It takes up very little space. Medium spinning rods fit perfectly in holders. It is highly recommended to upgrade from standard plastic or pvc holders.

👤The sleeves were too small for my surf rod, but the advertised diameter should have been large enough. The seller was good about giving back the goods.

👤It's aluminum in color. To be heavy is to be aluminum. There are plastic inserts in tubes. The product will be fine for a short time. I have low expectations. I could have bought 304 for less, but it wouldn't match what I was mounting it to.

👤Nice piece. There were some scratches. Will try to match it with the paint color. I changed out screws for bolts with plastic insert nuts and washers to hold them more securely and hopefully not wiggle out when moving across water in power mode. Overall quite happy with the item.

👤It's perfect for holding my extra trout poles. Tubes won't hold large river or ocean poles.

👤Looks good. I broke mine the first day I used them, but it was my fault because one of them bent.

👤I painted my kayak black after adding a bracket. Very sturdy and well made. Tubes can be tight with larger poles. Highly recommended.

👤The service was quick and perfect. It looks great on the pontoon.

11. DU BRO Fishing Storage System 2 Feet

DU BRO Fishing Storage System 2 Feet

The size of theRACK is sufficient for a premium storage solution for your fishing gear. There are rods and reels in the store. Works either vertically or horizontally. Great in garage, basement, ceiling, boat, truck, camper and more.

Brand: Du-bro Fishing

👤The rod holder is well made. It doesn't have instructions on how to install the set screws that hold the rings and tip holders. There are a few discoveries that may be helpful to you. The tip holders and the rings that hold the rod handles should be used with shorter set screws. 2. I couldn't put the set screws in while the holders were in the track. There is not enough room for the set screws to be started with the allen wrench. 3. The secret to doing this quickly is to remove the holders from both tracks. You can start the screws with your fingers if you put them in from the bottom of the holders. The closed end of the set screws should be facing down, while the open end should be towards the top of the holder. You can back out the set screws with the long arm of the allen wrench if you start them and put them in as far as you can. You should be able to slide the holders back into the track if you back them out until the top of the set screw is flush with the inside of the holder. You can position each holder where you want it, and tighten the set screw to hold it there. The package tells you to mount the tracks with #8 screws that are not included, but you can call a toll-free number to ask questions. Instructions and 10 #8 screws could have been included for 15 cents more. I am giving it four stars, but that would have earned 5 stars. It does a great job of keeping my rods in place. Also, note: If you are putting spinning reels on the wall, you may only be able to fit 4 or 5 rods, and have enough room for the reels. If you mix the handle and tip holders, you can fit 3 rods one way and 3 rods the other way. If you don't have enough wall space for 1/3rd to 1/2 the rod length on both sides of the track, the rods won't fit. If you are mounting the rods overhead or vertically, the reels can hang down from the rack, which is not a problem.

👤This rod rack is made of high quality materials. It can be attached to garage drywall and can be used for horizontal or vertical mounting. 6 large rings for rod handles, 6 small j hooks for rod tips, 2 metal mounting bars, and 6 large and 6 small allen screws make for an easy and logical assembly. You don't have to give instructions when you look at all of the parts. It makes sense that you need to provide your own screws for mounting the bars, since you may want to use a different type of steel for your project. Once the bars are mounted, you can adjust the allen keys by sliding the holders on the bar. It was nice to see "Made in the USA".


What is the best product for fishing rod holders for boat storage?

Fishing rod holders for boat storage products from Amarine Made. In this article about fishing rod holders for boat storage you can see why people choose the product. Novelbee and Du-bro Fishing are also good brands to look for when you are finding fishing rod holders for boat storage.

What are the best brands for fishing rod holders for boat storage?

Amarine Made, Novelbee and Du-bro Fishing are some of the best brands that chosen by people for fishing rod holders for boat storage. Find the detail in this article. Marine City, Homydom and Pebbly Beach are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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