Best Fishing Rod Holders for Garage Door Mount

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1. Overhead Storage System Positions Positions

Overhead Storage System Positions Positions

Attach the hardware to the wall or over head. The webbing is strong and non abrasive. There are two options, 6 rod or 9 rod system. The holders may be doubled up if needed. Red on black design with Bar Tack construction.

Brand: Campingandkayaking

👤I mounted these on a door. I used a drill to drill the screw holes. This step is not mentioned in their instructions. I posted pictures to show you how it fit. The door is short so I mounted the straps all the way up. I left the D rings on the ends because I might use them to hang an accessory with a carabiner. I pulled the straps very tightly over the door's locking mechanism. The locking bar is not interfered with by the straps. I may add 4 more screws to their 6 because the door is horizontal. They were just standard sheet metal screws. The door is a manual lift at the moment, and it did get heavier with all of the rods, but it wouldn't put any strain on the garage door opener.

👤The system is very versatile and can be used to organize all your poles and reels. I hung mine from the bottom of my overhead storage rack after purchasing 2 sets. I used some S hooks and it worked. My reels and rods are organized and look great.

👤I wanted to write a review of this rod storage system because it's so good. I put mine on the exposed studs. The installation was easy. I was looking for something that was easy to use and also provide protection for my high-end gear. I fit 9 rods. They slide easily into the soft loops without the risk of bending the guides or scratching the rod. There is no bow or bend in the rods when I placed the straps 48" apart. It was important to me that the rods were well supported. The added benefit is that all the rods can go in the same direction, which makes it easier to organize. Highly recommended.

👤I was not sure what I was getting into with this type of rod storage, but I would just return them if they didn't work out. I am very satisfied with this product. They are easy to install and perfect for a variety of different styles of rods. I have a lot of heavy duty fishing equipment in the pics, including trolly rods, bait, spinning rods, surf rods, and fly rods. All are held securely. I can keep a 4' gaffe and a fish net with a 4 foot handle. They are installed on the ceiling of the garage. You can't see the rods from outside the garage when the door is open. I don't have to worry about seeing what I have. I have to use a ladder to get to the rods in the garage, which is the only downside to the way I have them installed. I plan to add a third rod. I would recommend anyone.

👤I liked the thick nylon and strong stitches. The whole thing was screwed into the roof and held my biggest Ugly Stick with reel. The design would have been better if hooks and clips were included so that you could unclip the webbing from the screws and put it back up.

2. Dr Fish Fishing Vertical Horizontal Ceiling

Dr Fish Fishing Vertical Horizontal Ceiling

There are two types of fishing pole holder. Both can be mounted on the wall of a garage or workshop to prevent damage. The Horizontal Style can be put on the wall to prevent injury to children. Excellent gifts. Both strong and durable. There are 12 fishing rods in this picture. Best gifts for men and women are comfort and convenience. The high grade plastic is made for long life in the weather. One-piece construction is machine cut and forged. The foam padded edge is to prevent scratching on the rod. The seats are large enough to fit different size rods. The base grip holder takes the pressure off the blanks. It's easy to mount in horizontal or vertical. The measurement is 42 cm long. The interlocking design makes it easy to expand the rack. Qty: 2 pairs.


👤After 3 missed delivery dates, I had to look at other options. I know why the Dr. Fish ones had the best reviews. Simple, yet well built, takes up minimal space and install was a piece of cake. Excellent product!

👤Product works. They think you won't have reels on your rods because they are too close together and it's hard to fit them all in without skipping spots. These are pricey for what they are worth.

👤The rod holders are very small. Soft foam grips the rods. Very secure. The foam is very soft and there is no risk of damaging the rod. They don't do well with ice rods. These would hold anything you put into them. I have fly and saltwater rods. A good product.

👤The local Wood Craft store sells overpriced wall holders for my lathe tools. These work well for this purpose.

👤I ordered two of the racks and mounted them to store my rods. They were easy to mount. They fit perfectly to allow them to be screwed into the studs. If you want to remove the rod, you should grasp the rod at the top brackets and pull it out. If you want a high quality product, I would recommend this.

👤These are worth the extra money and are much better than the Berkley ones.

👤The wall unit is heavy and strong. The issue is that the rod positions may be too close together. I think this is true for all products of this nature.

👤The racks are large enough to hold my rods. I might have ordered the wrong size. If I push the rods into the tighter slot, they still work.

👤It's easy to install. The rods have a secure fit.

3. Homydom Fishing Ceiling Storage Basement

Homydom Fishing Ceiling Storage Basement

The sport is called billiards. The dimensions are 2.4 in. L x 16.9 in. You can store your fishing rods on the wall orceiling. The fishing rod can be corroded by the high-impact STEEL fishing rod storage racks. It can hold up to 8 fishing rods and reel combo. This handy organizer can be used to maximize space and eliminate garage roomcluttering. Convenient storage can be created by utilizing extra space in the garage, cabin, and boat rooms. Keeping the space neat and organized. Heavy duty steel is coated with a substance called polyvinylchloride. Protect your fishing rods from damage. It is easy to put it together. Hardware is included. You can organize your rod and reel combo in a garage or workshop. There is a US patent pending. All rights are reserved.

Brand: Homydom

👤The picture supplied is not the true size. This is very small. Look at the product dimensions to see the length. That's over a foot. The image makes you think it's several feet long, but it isn't. Unless you use it for small fresh water rods, your stuff isn't going to fit. The construction is very sturdy with a coating that won't scratch or damage what you put in it. That's the positive side. This is a lot of money for a tiny item. It would have gotten 5 stars if it was twice the current size.

👤These are nice. They think they will last a long time. The coating on them is good. I did not give them five stars because the openings could be a little bigger. The bases of some of the bigger rods did not fit. It fit most of my rods. The openings are crammed so it's like a puzzle to place the rods and reels. After a few minutes, I was able to get them all to fall down. I would recommend putting your most frequently used rods last, as they are the easiest to pull off.

👤The rack is very small and easy to install on the ceiling. This rack is perfect for small rods. The butt of the heavy rod will go through the hole. I can't put the second piece into the rack. It works if I place it through the larger guide. If the rack is full, the reels will get stuck on the other rods when trying to get the rod out. If the spacing was just an inch more it would be better. All in a good place. I would only purchase my smaller rods again.

👤The first picture of the rack shows two different wall brackets, but as you scroll through the other pictures you will see the actual design of the rack, which gives you two If you mount the product as shown in the picture, each rod will get 2 open ends, no big deal, or 2 closed ends. What a PIA that would be! Okay. If you try to make it offset like what you saw in the first picture, you will hit another problem. You lose the function of the open hook when you flip it. I was looking forward to hanging these up since I was locked in this house. Will be looking for a new option to send these back.

👤The # was the perfect amount for me because I only own a few rods. It went up on my ceiling without a hitch. The holes fit my deep sea rods perfectly, and they were easy to get into or out of. The spacing could be 1/2 to 1inch wider each. My big reels are bumping into each other, but they don't affect the stability or damage the rods. I'll go for 4 stars since I can't do half a star. They were slightly bowed, but that did not affect alignment. I don't have to worry about choosing a wood/particle board based product breaking on me because it met expectations. If you have large reels for deep sea, be aware of the length before purchasing. I would suggest mixing reel sizes. Still recommend.

4. Rush Creek Creations Fishing Capacity

Rush Creek Creations Fishing Capacity

The size of theRACK is 23.19 inches. L x 2.56′′ W x 0.259′′ H is a premium storage solution for your fishing gear. A multi-purpose fishing pole storage system has 2 rod clips. The dual rod clip technology allows 2 freshwater rods or one saltwater rod. Four utility boxes are not included. There are padded slots on the base plate for rod handles. The rack is 22.83"L x 14.37"W x 23.74"H.

Brand: Rush Creek Creations

👤This is too short. The reels are the same height as the top rod clips, so it doesn't fit my saltwater rods. My micro rods are too thin and slip out of the rubber rod clips. The rubber rod clips are designed poorly, it is easier to pull the rods out than to put them in. I have to use two hands to put them in the clips and I only need one to pull them out, I would rather it be the other way around. The rod holder positions are too close together. I pull one rod off the rack and it pulls one of the rods next to it out of the rubber clip. If the clips held better, that might not be a problem. The rack is not as solid as it should be. It has good stability. It is questionable. I mean when I rock it backwards and forwards. It makes cracking noises when I do the same thing. It should have at least 6 bolts in the bottom and one more permanent shelf. The pieces that take the #8 screws should have been at the bottom.

👤I was impressed by the weight of the package, which usually points to a degree of sturdiness. Things went downhill from there. One could see that it was not cut straight. The rubber rod holders were not completely detached. The American company who "test and design" the products they market and sell don't monitor quality control was the first thing that came to my mind. I would send it back if it wasn't so hard to disassemble and repackage.

👤I was looking for a rod rack that would hold all my fishing gear. I was a bit skeptical when I found this because it didn't have any reviews. I'm glad I made the purchase. It is very easy to put together. You may need a drill for the screws. This product is amazing.

👤ZERO STARS is not an option and that's why I gave this product a 1 star. The vinyl surface was damaged in several places and buggered around one corner. The plastic edge strip was unglued. The rod clips are stiff and cheap. I will have to replace them with rubber clips. This is junk.

👤I've been looking for something similar in terms of rod/tackle storage. I put everything together in less than 10 minutes. There are a few screws that hold everything in place, and you need an Allen wrench to install the feet. The rack is too short to hold saltwater rods and the butt is too thick to fit in the rubber clips. It could be built a little more solid. I had to nail the rubber clips back in after one of them fell out. I am happy with the purchase. This product will last a long time for this weekend warrior.

👤I bought this rod because my other one that I was storing in my garage snapped in half one day when I reached over it to get something I spent around the same price on that rod rack as I did this one, and the differences are night and day. This product is so sturdy that it is easy to assemble just sliding panels in place and put the feet on with two Allen key screws, and it is also as good as a rock in the desert.

5. TRINKA Fishing Holder Carrier Vehicle

TRINKA Fishing Holder Carrier Vehicle

The dimensions are 2.36 in. L x 16.9 in. The hole is 1.5in in diameter. The rod rack holder is designed to save space in the car by storing and transporting fishing rods. Applies to vehicles with four handlebars. It's for SUVs, Wagons, and Vans. The belt mounting width is adjusted according to the width of the car. You can put your fishing rod in cars, boats, bedrooms and other places. It can be installed in minutes. The fishing rod rack is safe because it holds up to 5 fishing rods and it can keep them out of the way. Make sure to pull the straps as tight as you can because the fishing rod rack works well. The strap above the buckle should be adjusted until the rod carrier becomes tight. They have a 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE. They are so confident in their products that they are guaranteeing a money back guarantee. They will try their best to satisfy every customer, so please let them know if you have any questions. They have a 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE. They are so confident in their products that they are guaranteeing a money back guarantee. They will try their best to satisfy every customer, so please let them know if you have any questions.

Brand: Trinka

6. Mgotu Ceiling Fishing Organizer Storage

Mgotu Ceiling Fishing Organizer Storage

The upper and lower rack has dimensions of 17.3 W 2.9 D 2.4 H. Storage of your poles is a pretty cool solution. The Mgotu fishing rods rack can be used to organize all your fishing poles and reels. Provide protection for your high-end gear. You end up with a clean, organized, professional look when all the rods go in the same direction. With more fishing poles than you will ever need, you have more flexibility and capacity. They came up with an awesome solution for the Magotu fishing rods rack. The rod rack is great for smaller spaces. It can also be wrapped around the ceiling. Simple and easy to use. It's the cheapest option for organizing fishing rods. It's an ideal gift for your friends who love fishing. It is easy to install and effective. It's perfect for organizations of rods. They are easy to get to. You can hide your rods where they won't get in the way if you have a little money. The fishing poles holder is made of high quality materials and is safe and secure. You could put it in the garage or on the wall.

Brand: Mgotu

👤Does it say that there is no suction cups? The hard part is keeping the kids from trying to hang onto it.

👤The product resolved the mess in my basement.

👤It's a great product for people like me, I always have my fishing poles with me, but now I can store them inside my vehicle, so they don't get messed up so fast. I like the idea. It's not really made for a long set up, but for the decent, just burn some time and always ready fishing poles. Your golden.

👤Do what they are supposed to do for a decent price.

👤It is easy to install. It's perfect for keeping the poles from being damaged.

👤It is very easy to install. My basement has stone walls and is where I store my rods. It was easy to have horizontal storage of my rods.

👤I like the way my fishing poles look in my car.

7. Saim Fishing Flexible Adjustable Organizer

Saim Fishing Flexible Adjustable Organizer

There must be 4 handles in the car, otherwise the storage net cannot be fixed. The nylon fishing rod rack is light and portable. It is easy to carry and install. If you want to store your rods in a garage, you need to apply. It keeps your rods out of the corners of the garage. You can change the distance of the storage hole with the help of a spring cord lock. The extra cord lock can be added. The rod organizers will help you keep your fishing poles out of tangles. It is easy to keep poles from getting tangled on the wall. Delivery with the installation accessories, cord lock, non-trace nail and adhesive hooks is convenient for your mounting work. Delivery with the installation accessories, cord lock, non-trace nail and adhesive hooks is convenient for your mounting work.

Brand: Saim

8. ColdTuna Ultimate Rod Sitter Fishing

ColdTuna Ultimate Rod Sitter Fishing

If you have a question about the kemimoto boat caddy organizers, please email them at Amazon, they will provide you with the best solution in time. You can secure up to 10 freshwater, saltwater, or fly-fishing rods with the reel still attached. The mounting options are Overhead, Vertical, or Horizontal. There is no maintenance here. The hot and cold climates have no effect on these racks. The module design allows multiple units to be placed next to each other, keeping your fishing rods in a linear formation and providing unlimited fishing rod storage capacity. The injection molded unit was made of plastic. The 90 degree bend at the top makes these racks very sturdy and can be mounted to virtually any flat surface.

Brand: Coldtuna

👤The product worked well. We were able to hang in on the ceiling in the garage. When my dad was measuring the spacing out he was using the wrong pole and almost had to redo it. I missed two poles without reels. I was able to double up on a few slots because of the elastic. I think that the plastic will last for a long time because it is not heavy and hard to use. The poles are off the ground and look nice.

👤With four of us onboard and a rod for every reason, the rod sitter really cleaned up the mess in our boat. There are 10 spots on the new rack filled with spincast, baitcast and spinning rods, all with rod socks, and they fit great. I mounted the sitter with self-tapping screws that I had on-hand, and it sits even with the top rail leaving access to our old three rod holder on the floor. The bungees hold the rods in nicely, but rod socks make excellent sails, so I will be mounting an additional bungee in the center for increased security for the top three rods. It's a great product and easy to install.

👤This product is perfect for holding my 10 rods. The life saver is the stretchable string that comes with it.

👤I was expecting something thick and heavy, but what I got was not impressive. The install was fine. Thankfully the rods pop up out of the slots and rest on the cord. This isn't worth much.

👤It works well. Would buy again. One of my rods fell out and I got crunched. All seemed well when I mounted to my garage door. The tip of two of my rods were able to leave the "T" slot and go down the bungie completely because of the changing angles of the garage door. I now know how to weave and wrap the bungee so that it is taut, and put a little tension on the rods. I would have liked to have figured this out before I crunched the rod. The brackets are sturdy and neatly stores fishing poles.

👤The rails were bolted to my pontoon. They run down the road holding the rods. Very happy with what they cost.

👤This is an okay item. It serves the purpose, but could be improved. It could be longer if there was more space between the individual rod holder units. I have large reels that are hard to fit into this unit. If each area was 1/2 to 1 inch wider, they would fit much more easily. This unit is not as sturdy as a similar one I have. Unless I put pressure on it for some reason, I don't think this is a problem.

👤The rods are too close together when you hang them on the wall. The design is more for hanging on the ceiling so the reels don't hit the rods hanging next to them.

9. StoreYourBoard Fishing Rod Storage Rack

StoreYourBoard Fishing Rod Storage Rack

The fishing poles holder is made of high quality materials and is safe and secure. You could put it in the garage or on the wall. Fishing gear was stolen. There is a fishing wall storage rack. Heavy duty design with I-beam construction holds your gear. No problem with holding your fishing rods. Installation is quick and easy with included hardware and anchors. TheTILE RACK is great for all your gear. TheTILE RACK is great for all your gear.

Brand: Storeyourboard

👤The rod rack is simple and cheap.

👤The product is sturdy and affordable for holding fly rods. When the snow falls, I will switch out to snowboards, but don't see any issues.

👤It's easy to install and it's a great way to store fly rods.

👤It is easy to install.

👤Excellent product. It holds a lot of rods.

10. Pmsanzay Fishing Storage Holder Basement

Pmsanzay Fishing Storage Holder Basement

It takes a few minutes to install with the screws included. The product is 15 x 2.16" and has a hole of 1.5 inches. There are 2 racks. There are 5 fishing rods. It was included. (). There is no fishing rod. It's easy to install and put together. Hardware is included. You can organize your rod and reel combo in a garage or workshop. Store the other fishing rod in the opposite direction. Save your space by organizing your garage room. Convenient storage can be created by utilizing extra space in the garage, cabin, and boat rooms. Keeping the space neat and organized. The frame is super light and lightweight to prevent damage to your fishing rods. It is easy to assemble. It's great for storing fishing poles on a boat, truck, or at home.

Brand: Pmsanzay

👤It was bought to hold 4 fishing rods. They use a corner spot of the garage to get 4 fishing rods from leaning in. It is very easy to install. The rod handles are too large for the small hooks. To balance the rod with reel across the hangers, you have to get mounting distance correct. It is an inexpensive way to get rods out of the way.

11. Rush Creek Creations Fishing Storage

Rush Creek Creations Fishing Storage

The dimensions are 19.4 D x 32 W x 20 H and 23.7" corner to corner. Made in the USA. The garage or wall is a ceiling fan. The rod holder allows you to store 11 rod and reel combo in a variety of positions on the wall or ceiling. Rods are not included. TILE INSTALLATION You can put your fishing rod and reel combo in your garage, shed, or other storage area. The innovative design allows for the rod to hold securely in place by adjusting the spacing from the bottom and top pieces. Easy assembly. You can spend less time on assembling and more time out on the water with assembly. The size of theRACK is sufficient for a premium storage solution for your fishing gear.

Brand: Rush Creek Creations

👤Don't get it wet, it's laminated particle board. It doesn't look bad, but it's not as nice as in the pictures. I bought two sets of rods to hang. I could have built nicer ones if I had waited a bit longer to get them. They put a sticker on the product that was nearly impossible to remove and had to use alcohol to remove it. I would give it 4 stars, but it took about an hour to get that sticker off each one. The screws that came with the kit looked cheap, so I used my own.

👤I knew these were made of laminated particle board, but I had to make my own because it would have cost me more and taken a lot more time. I am glad I bought these. It only took a few minutes to install 2 sets of these on my garage ceiling. If you don't do pullups on them, these will last a long time. I used the screws that were included. If I get more fishing rods, I will buy another set.

👤I bought a similar rod holder for my son, and wanted to get one for myself. I saw this one, and it was very similar. It's a piece of garbage. It's flimsy, covered with thin laminate, and it's terrible. I was installing it when it broke. I don't want my money back. I want to remember the lesson.

👤If you're thinking about getting a rod rack for holding any fishing rods other than a child's Batman or Wonder Woman rod and reel, I would highly recommend you pass on this rod rack. The pressed particle board that is used to make these racks is not the right size to hold anything close to an offshore rod. I tried to post pictures of the cracks in my rack before I put a rod on it. There are pictures of the cracks. There is no way to post pics for this product's review.

👤I had to wait a few weeks to get the insulation pieces from the company. It was difficult to get out of the old screw that was stuck in the holes when I tried to install it, it must have been a return purchase or pre-used because it was stuck in the holes. The wood looks really cheap. I had a hard time getting the anchors to hold in my wall, they kept spinning and it was a nightmare. Do not buy this product.

👤I thought it was a great idea for under 20 bucks, but when it arrived in the mail, it was very flimsy. I don't think the stuff is made out of MDF either way, I should have gotten a piece of three-quarter inch plywood a holesaw and done this myself, which is what I had to do after trying to install this piece of garbage and snapping it in my hands.

👤Simple design, and probably not hard for someone with wood working tools to make themselves. I recommend this product for those of us who don't have the time or tools to make a rack. I mounted this to the ceiling, using dead space. I finally got my fishing gear out of the corner of the garage, thanks to the great quality. I found my measurement to be slightly less than the installation guide suggests, so make sure to put a measuring tape to it before drilling your holes.


What is the best product for fishing rod holders for garage door mount?

Fishing rod holders for garage door mount products from Campingandkayaking. In this article about fishing rod holders for garage door mount you can see why people choose the product. and Homydom are also good brands to look for when you are finding fishing rod holders for garage door mount.

What are the best brands for fishing rod holders for garage door mount?

Campingandkayaking, and Homydom are some of the best brands that chosen by people for fishing rod holders for garage door mount. Find the detail in this article. Rush Creek Creations, Trinka and Mgotu are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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