Best Fishing Rod Holders for Garage On Wheels

Garage 10 Aug 2022 10+ Comments Open

1. One Bass Sougayilang AlloyPortable Organizer

One Bass Sougayilang AlloyPortable Organizer

Red on black design with Bar Tack construction. The 24-Rod Rack is designed for the avid fisherman. This rack is built from a rust resistant aluminum frame and is portable and easy to assemble. A large capacity protects and organizes a rod collection of up to 24 fishing rods or 12 fishing rods with reel attached. The one BASS rod rack is great for any type of fishing pole. The rod can be hard to move and protect it from scratching if the EVA grooves are Friction of EVA. The ONE BASS rack is a great option for a cluttered garage or even as a storage solution on your boat, it can hold a large collection of poles without taking up too much floor space. It's easy to assemble fishing rods on a boat, truck, home or garage, even in your bedroom, without the hassle of putting it together. There are no tools required. A great gift for the fishermen. It's easy to assemble fishing rods on a boat, truck, home or garage, even in your bedroom, without the hassle of putting it together. There are no tools required. A great gift for the fishermen.

Brand: One Bass

👤We all know that we need to protect our investments. The concept is good, but it could use some improvements. There is one The rubber and plastic trim is very easy to glue. There are two Rolder stores rods on the backside. There are more than one 3). The rods are to close together at the rod notch. It's difficult to fill every spot. I bought a 24 rod holder. It's not possible because the rods are wider and you need to store 24 without pulling them all down on you. It will be great if engineering can solve these issues in the future. I bought this one already.

👤The rod rack is very good quality and easy to assemble, but if you push it, you will see that it holds 24 rods. I'm very happy that they all fit because you have to have some of them with the reel facing out and some with the real facing in.

👤It just meets expectations. If all the rods in the rack do not have a reel attached, it will hold 24 rods. It will hold 6-7 per side if you reel on. It is not very sturdy, the biggest thing I don't like about it. It will sway side to side with the most subtle push. The black end caps on the plates on the bottom prevent them from coming out, but you can clip them in place. It could be better.

👤The rack is a good value. If you have anything other than light tackle and small reels, it doesn't hold 24 rods. It can hold larger reels and smaller rods. It is lightweight and sturdy. The quality was better than I expected. Everything meshes together well.

👤It's small and holds several rods. If you put reels on your rods, it won't hold what it says it will, but that's normal. It takes a little adjusting to get it to hold everything, but once you get it right, it does pretty good. The heavier rod/reels do not seem to do as well as the lighter ones. I'll probably put small screws in it to keep it together. I would buy it again, but my neighbor bought one after seeing mine.

👤The rod rack is great. If you are looking for a sturdy lightweight fishing rod rack, look no further. I had a rack that was twisting and my rods were falling out. The rack holds all of my rods. It is easy to assemble and save space. I would definitely recommend it.

👤Good materials and a nice rod holder. It is very light and can be tipsy. Half of the number with reels can be held without reels.

👤Well designed and made. Assembly instructions are useless. The only way to put it together is to find a part that fits in the product picture. It's a simple product and easy to assemble. The package included a bag of parts that had no apparent purpose, so you have to figure out where they go.

2. Goture Fishing Holder Stand Rod Up

Goture Fishing Holder Stand Rod Up

The best fishing gift for men is the fishing gear rod storage. The fishing rod storage rack is lightweight and rust resistant. It is extra reliable. The base is made of aluminum alloy and EVA materical, it can protect the fishing rod bottom from damage. The fishing rod holder storage rack can hold up to 24 fishing rod of any type. It takes up less space with the compact design. Their fishing pole storage can be used for many things. The fishing rod rack allows you to organize and display your fishing rods using soft clips at the top and a padded base-plate at the bottom. The rod clips design allows you to adjust the spacing between the clips freely. It can be used to hold up the fishing rod and keep it in place. You can add the number of rod clips you need. It is easy to install. There was no tool needed. It is a great gift choice for the fisherman. If you have a question about the installation, please contact them by email or use the specific installation steps at the discription.

Brand: Goture

👤The Goture rack was easy to assemble. You can't put something together backwards if they make it. The instructions were easy to follow. The previous generic rack was just as nice. You can see the difference in quality when you compare the two sides. There is a Goture is the winner. The caps fit snug so you don't have to worry about anything falling apart when moving the rack around, and it's a lot more sturdy than other racks on the market.

👤I couldn't get the Kastking again, so I ordered three of the same design, which seems like the exact same design. I ordered multiples since every unit was poorly manufactured. I had to match the base pieces that hold the butt ends of the rods. Only one unit has a component that is holding it on. The mfg control was veryppy. If you can find it, buy it. I added caster to make it easier to push these things around with my rods loaded.

👤I didn't think this would be big enough, but I ordered it anyway. I didn't use the instructions because they weren't great. I had to disassemble a few parts and reassemble them. It took 10 minutes to put it together. It holds everything I need and is just as large as the model I keep at another house. I'm happy.

👤The instructions are so small that they are useless. I ended up in Canada. Glue them together. They need to work out some things and I hope I didn't spend my money on that.

👤The rack is pretty nice. It's easy to slap together, but instructions are lacking, and there are a couple ways you could do it wrong. It is light and has good spacing for rods. My rod and reel combo are in a nice place with room for me to purchase more. It is the best solution I have found and I have bought many of the wall hanging ones. This is better than those.

👤The good thing about it is that it holds all types of fishing equipment. It looks good and adjusts well. The directions are terrible. They are not easy to comprehend. You will be fine if you are mechanically inclined. Two sets of hands are needed for screw alignment.

👤I bought two more because of the product. It's easy to set up. It holds my reels and rods. Instructions were easy to understand. A quality item made in China. I have over 50 rods for all types of fishing, and this product helped me organize.

👤Sturdy and organizes his rods. He didn't like that it didn't hold his rods well. Unless they have reels, you won't fit 24 rods on this.

3. Qualward Fishing Storage Ceiling Mount

Qualward Fishing Storage Ceiling Mount

It's easy to install. There are no special skills required to mount a fishing rod rack. Installation is easy with the mounting hardware included. Fishing Rods are not included. This fishing rod rack is made of heavy duty iron. It will keep your rods out of the way. The anti corrosion holders offer the best protection. Save space. You can maximize your space and eliminate garage room waste. Hold up to 8 spinning or casting rods and reels in your rod and reel combo on the wall or ceiling. Installation is easy with the fishing rod rack mounting hardware. The dimensions are 2.4 in. L x 16.9 in. The hole is 1.5 in.

Brand: Qualward

👤Great product. I put the side by side on the ceiling of my son's room. There were 18 rods in the corner of his room. What a difference. They look better because they are metal and sturdy. I'm getting a few more for my other sons room. To hang them, you have to make sure they are in the stud of the ceiling, and measure the length of your shortest rod as far apart as you can from each end of the pole holders. It should last a long time.

👤These worked well. I put 2 sets on the ceiling of my garage. Make sure you don't put them too far apart. If you space them too far apart, your fishing rods may slip out.

👤The steel is powder coated. It is difficult. Before installation, you should note the length of your rods. Adding gaff tape will prevent it from scratching your rod collection. I plan on buying more. There are anchors for the wallboard.

👤Attached with no effort, got all poles up and out of the way.

👤I need to buy a couple more fishing rods now, so I have my few up out of the way.

👤The gauge of the product was not satisfactory. This should be around $12.

👤Me llega el producto perfecto, para me muchas gracias.

4. StoreYourBoard Fishing Storage Weatherproof Outdoor

StoreYourBoard Fishing Storage Weatherproof Outdoor

The best gift for kids is a telescopic fishing net with rainbow color pattern mesh that is 888-282-0465, this is the best gift for kids because it is 888-282-0465, this is 888-282-0465 is 888-282-0465 is 888-282-0465 The robbery was organized. It holds up to 24 fishing rods and fishing reels. It is raining. The design is waterproof. You can put your rods on the rack. Easy assembly. Rustproof hardware and assembly instructions are included. All components and hardware are made in the USA. 25 year warranty Each rack is backed by a 25 year warranty. 25 year warranty Each rack is backed by a 25 year warranty.

Brand: Storeyourboard

👤The rod rack holds up to about 10- 12 saltwater rods, which are much larger than freshwater rods, due to the size of the reels. It is very sturdy and well made, and it looks beautiful in our home. We will be purchasing another one soon.

👤What I've been looking for! I took 5 minutes to put it together. You get all the hardware and a square bit for the screws. I am impressed. They should make one that holds more rods. If you like me and have a pole, you can use it on the boat, pier, surf, fresh, and saltwater. Definitely worth the money.

👤The garbage rod rack I bought was built like a tank and will last a lifetime. The product and delivery time was great.

👤I knew this would help my son because he has been taking up all parts of my garage with his fishing gear. He has filled it up. I need to buy him another one.

👤It's easy to put together. It was well made.

👤It's easy to hold my rods and it looks good.

👤Very good quality and easy to set up.

👤You can't fit 24 rods in it, but I love it. Unless you have reels. If it has a reel on it, I had to go to every other store for it. That is the only complaint I have. You have to have a drill to go together in 10 minutes.

👤There is a decent number of off-shore rods. It is not made from Starboard. It is expensive for what it is.

5. Wealers Fishing Storage Organizer Designed

Wealers Fishing Storage Organizer Designed

It is easy to put it together. There are no tools required. A great gift for the fishermen. It is possible to make a multi-purpose plan. The rack holds up to 16 poles or rods at the same time. It protects your pool cue sticks, fishing nets, ski poles, croquet poles, golf clubs, fishing rods and more. There is anti-wear. The frame is made of quality plastic and designed to endure the elements. The stand is perfect for garage and pool storage and is rot and corrosion resistant. The space saver is an organization. It is designed with a sturdy base that makes it easy to reach and easy to see, which makes it easy to store your poles and reels. It is easy maintenance. The stand has a high resistance to mold and is easy to clean with soap and water. The dimensions are:44 cm x 25 cm x 80 cm. Solid design for the Shayy base. An extra secure base holds your equipment upright. A quality product with a healthy lifespan is offered by the parts that are durable.

Brand: Wealers

👤A great fishing rack. It took me about 15-20 minutes to build. It feels cheap in the hand, but once all the pieces are screwed together, it comes together. I loaded one side first and had no issues with tipping over. When my rod/reel combo is next to each other, there isn't much breathing room in this rack. If I didn't flip and turn the reels to different positions on the 1 side, the baitcasters wouldn't fit correctly. These reels don't require much space. Depending on the size of the reel, spinning rods were more of a challenge. I was able to fit every rod I had, even if some didn't have reels. I'm not sure if I would have been able to fit all of them if I had reels on every rod. If you have a bunch of spinning rods it could pose an issue with space, but it is a great rack for the price. We will see how it holds up. So far, so good. If things change, I'll update my review.

👤I am happy with this purchase because it is lightweight, easy to assemble, and looks nice. I have reservations about it. It doesn't have 16 reels. It could hold 14 or so. It doesn't hold rods that don't extend past the reel very far because they don't touch the bottom pressure point The design relies on the rod touching three pressure points. I would have given this 2 stars except for the fact that I had an extra dowel that I easily cut to fit and slid into place, making a third pressure point for the short rods. The plastic where I put the dowel has a small hole in it. I painted the black part the same color as the plastic part.

👤There's no way this will hold 16 rods. Even though I was struggling, I was able to get 12 in the rack. It would probably be able to hold 8 rods comfortably with the current hole spacing. The hole spacing on the rack I replaced took up less space than it should have because it held 12 rods. I'll be making a new rack. It's not a bad choice if you don't need all 16 spaces.

👤It looks like this picture so no deception going on. It's true to the picture and would be less for value to cost. I would place the value at fifteen dollars, thin plastic. Unless it is just the poles without the reels, it doesn't hold 16 rods. There are 4 fresh water poles that are 6' on the front. I put it together so I can use it, I am a beginner fisherman with limited equipment, so it's fine for me. Don't recommend for people who have been there before.

👤We wanted to give my son something to help organize his fishing area because he has gotten into fishing and has multiple rods and gear. The rod holder is next to the work table. I didn't want to spend a lot of money because I wasn't sure he would use it, but he loves it and it protects his rods. I would recommend this rod holder to anyone. I'm confident that the rod holders will last because they aren't as sturdy and expensive as others.

6. Pactrade Marine Aluminum Vertical Portable

Pactrade Marine Aluminum Vertical Portable

The measurement is 42 cm long. The interlocking design makes it easy to expand the rack. Qty: 2 pairs. You should put your rods up to 24. It is made of aluminum alloy. Help protect your rod handle. You can get one for your home, garage or cabin.

Brand: Pactrade Marine

👤I love this rod storage rack. You had to clip the rods into the one I had. My custom rods were falling all over the place when I used them, because the gap just widens every time. Talk about how angry you are! I couldn't decide on a good rack so I put it up for a while. I didn't like some of the features they had. I don't want my rods to be dinged by a hard surface if they rest against something metal. Some of them didn't look like they would hold many rods with reels attached, and some looked cumbersome to remove the rods. Again, trying to clip the rods into a grommet that would wear out and waste my money. I'm not thinking of that right now, but this one overcomes all of that. It was easy to set up. Five minutes. I had a big smile on my face as I saw my rods and reels on it. It has a soft collar where the rods rest against it top and bottom, so it's not going to chip or mar the finish on my rods. The top and bottom holders can be adjusted with thumb screws to fit any type of rod or reel. There is no rod rack that will hold assembled rod and reel combo in every single slot. You can fit 12 rod and reel combo fully assembled on the rack. It can fit 24 rods without reels attached. If you're using low profile bait, you'll fit more than if you put spinning reels on there. You will fit less with big reels. The size of mine is 3000-4000. This covers what I need because I don't need others on this rack. If I need more storage, I'm buying a second or third rack. If you force it, the rack can rock side to side. It's still able to do the job, just giving you honest input. It is not rock solid, but it is not going to fall apart on you. You would have to fall on it to make it collapse. The construction is mostly painted or powder coated aluminum with some plastic hardware, big plastic thumb knobs to adjust the height of the upper and lower holders independently and plastic end caps and corner protectors. The base of your rods sit on aluminum, and there is a neoprene collar where the rods rest against it. It's really easy to pick up a rod from the rack and just set it back in. There was no fiddling with the clips. You can either pick up the rod or put it in the slot. This stand is one of the nicer stands. You don't have to click your rods in, you can just take them out with one hand. It takes no time at all to get it up and running. Some parts are already assembled and you won't need to read the rest of the instructions. This rack is very good. It's not the cheapest one out there, but it's definitely worth it.

7. LULUME Stainless Steel Rod Stand

LULUME Stainless Steel Rod Stand

It's suitable for different types of rod. A smart fish catcher. The automatic fishing pole rack is made of 304 steel. Big and small fish will Trigger with the highly sensitive Trigger connection. The Universal Fit is a rubber strap that can be adjusted for most fishing rods. The fishing pole is protected from scratching. Easy to set up, and free your hand, this is a spring fishing rod holder. It is easy to storage and lightweight. The folding size is 32 cm/12.6 inches. It's very easy to take the automatic fishing rod holders with you.

Brand: Jooja

👤I have a BNO affiliation with this product. This is my experience, and my experience alone. This product was seen in a fishing video. Either 618 or TyPatrol looked neat and I was looking forward to it coming in. I got the double set. The wife and I went fishing. They were stuck in the mud, cast the rods, set them in the holders, tightened the line and waited. A few minutes later, my rod nibbles something. A little more nibbles. It was funny. My wife is telling me to get a pole and hook the fish. "Just give it a minute," I am saying. I would like to see if it works. The fish and nibbles come back, then the rod flings up. The rod did not come all the way up to a vertical position, so you could tell the fish was on. There was tension on the line. I grab the rod from the holder and start fishing. We were not sure if we could believe it. The wife and I were laughing at the same time. Was it a monster fish? No. It works just a little. It worked for the first time. We received these in the mail the other day and only used them on time, but we are looking forward to using them again. How many fish did we catch? I don't remember. How many got away? It's hard to say. Sometimes floating debris would hit the line and cause a premature triggering. I can say that whenever a fish causes thetrigger to snap, it's fish on! I really do recommend these. For like? I don't remember what I paid. It's worth the fun. Highly recommended. Hope this helps.

👤This hit me in the finger, snapped my fishing line, and hit my friend in the balls. There is a I used it for the first time.

👤I forgot these on a fishing trip and my husband never forgiven me. They are sturdy, they work well, but they can be a little scary to "release", but as long as your face is not in front of it, you will be fine. They have a learning curve. We love them, he loves them, and everyone we have ever seen fishing has asked us about them, and they want a set for themselves. We have children and they don't get to just "sit and fish" and are usually chasing one of them around or digging in the snack bag. We have not missed a fish since we purchased these. Highly recommend and will purchase again. We have put these guys through a lot. The first day they worked just as well.

👤Just got them. I haven't used a fishing rod yet, but there is an issue with the rubber strap. It's important to get the rod in your hand as soon as you can. The rubber strap is hard to release. The strap will not last and I think this is the weak poin. I can do things to fit my needs. I think this will be a great deterrent to deer in my garden. Put a pole with a string full of cans and a string line on top of it, and use it for atrigger.

8. KastKing Patented Vertical Fishing Holder

KastKing Patented Vertical Fishing Holder

There are gift ideas. The magnetic tool is a great gift for men and women who want to expand their tool collection. It is ready to give to someone. The Innovative Patented Design of the fishing pole holder makes it easy to use and store up to 15 fishing rods or fishing rod and reel combo in less than 18” of wall space. Innovative. The KastKing V15 vertical fishing rod rack can hold up to 15 rods or combo in less than 18 inches of wall space. Most brands only have 6 combo in the same amount of space. Rods and combo can be mounted virtually anywhere along the length of the rod, allowing reels to be staggered at different heights for minimum storage space. The innovative design of the fishing pole rack is easy to use. Push the rod firmly into the large or small v-grooves until the grip material grabs it. The rod can be hung with the thread wrapped line guides above the v-groove. The reel can be attached to a 12” rod. To remove your combo from the fishing rod rack, grab the rod near the rod rack and pull out. The KastKing V15 fishing rod holder is made from a tough material which is resistant to heat, chemicals, and impact. The v-grooves are injected with a tacky thermoplastic material to make sure rods and combo are held securely in your rack. The V15 fishing pole rack has three mounting holes. Two holes are on the center of the wall. To install the rack, you need to determine the correct mounting height for your poles, install one of the outer screws into a stud, level the rack and mark mounting holes, anchor for center mounting hole, re-level rod rack and tighten all screws. The V15 fishing rod rack will save space.

Brand: Kastking

👤I have a small space and a high garage that make it hard to store my rods. I ordered the V15 and was able to put my rods in a secure area. The rubber stuff that the V have is strong. I'm definitely thinking of ordering another one.

👤I don't know why this is so good. It is a one piece rack that holds up rods. I put up a penn rod and reel combo and it slid down. If the rod guides were resting above the V, it would stay up.

👤The rod racks were taking up too much space in my garage and were getting in the way. There is a The KastKing 2 pack is 30 dollars. The rod holder gave me more space in my garage. The kit has instructions on how to install and mount to the wall. The design holds the rods in place.

👤I've purchased quite a few of the KastKing products. I needed something to organize the rods in the corner of my garage. The design is great and I liked how many rods were able to fit as other products similar to this usually only hold around 6. It was easy to install and I didn't need to use the two holes on the sides that were lined up with studs. Simply screw it in to the wall with the included hardware and you're done. I had an issue with the rods falling and landing on the floor as I put them into the slots. I had to push them harder into the rubber to hold them, but with more flexible rods, I was worried about them breaking. The design needs work, but I like the idea. If you put the rod to far away from the reel in the holder, it will not stay, it will be hard to get it to close to the reel. I have figured out how to get it to work. It takes a lot of time to move the mount. It works well once you patch the small holes.

👤I just bought my first couple nicer rods and needed to organize so the order arrived on time. It took me about a minute to grab my impact drill and sink the three screws provided in the wall, but I used one of the three drywall anchors included for middle whole. The side holes are 16 in each other and sunk into the wall. The rack is made of plastic and comes in a V shape and U shaped slots for thicker rods. This seems to be a product that is made to last and looks very sharp on the wall.

👤If you have spinning reels attached, you can fit more rods on there than they claim. There is a The rubbery material that holds the rods seems to be of decent quality. It has "memory", which means that with use the rubber gets permanent indentations where the rod is held in place. This started happening on my computer after a few months of use. I don't like that it takes a little force to get a rod out, and that it doesn't prevent the rod from falling if the rubber ever loses its grip. I think the rubber will lose its elasticity at some point, but I don't know how long.

9. Fishing Ceiling Storage Mounted Basement

Fishing Ceiling Storage Mounted Basement

The dimensions are 2.4 in. L x 16.9 in. The hole is 1.5 in. Keep your rod and reel combo neat and untangled by their wall and ceiling 12-rod rack. The durable 4-piece construction has deep grooves to hold up to 12 rods. It can be mounted on a wall. The styling is classic. There is a ceiling rack for fishing rod storage. A fishing rod rack will help you keep your fishing rods in one place, which will help you avoid damage to your fishing rods. You can maximize your space and eliminate garage room waste. The fishing rod storage rack is made of heavy-duty steel, which makes it more sturdy. It can hold up to 12 rod and reel combinations. The finished product is black powder-coated, which provides maximum protection. It can be used for a long time. The rack has a rubber on it to prevent damage to the fishing rods. It's essential for any sportsman, great for any location in the home or cabin, use extra space in the garage or boat room to create convenient storage, as a display or rack for Indoor, suitable for storing fishing rod/poles on home or garage. The rod storage rack is easy to install and can be mounted on the wall to organize your rods in a horizontal position or the ceiling. This device will add longevity to your fishing poles and will save you space. Fishing Rods are not included. The rod storage rack is easy to install and can be mounted on the wall to organize your rods in a horizontal position or the ceiling. This device will add longevity to your fishing poles and will save you space. Fishing Rods are not included.

Brand: Wiphany

👤I cut every guard strip exactly the same size as the template pieces that came with, but ended up with 2 pieces short. The edge of the steel holders are very sharp. I would have liked to have enough edge card to cover every edge. It is a solid piece.

👤It could be a little bigger for the big rods and reals. Great product.

👤It was intended for the pain in the neck to hang and savesay is used for what it was intended for.

👤This is a great way to store rods and reels and save a lot of space when moving to SW Florida from the Midwest.

👤It's really small for the money. The pics made it look bigger.

👤The product was mounted on the ceiling in my shop and saved a lot of space.

👤A fishing pole holder is in a truck.

10. CLIO Fishing Portable Stand Off Bracket

CLIO Fishing Portable Stand Off Bracket

It's a great way to use space. The quality is high. Fishing Pole Racks made of Environmentally friendly construction are lightweight and durable for freshwater and saltwater. The fishing rod rack is about 26 x 5 cm and has a single holder designed to lock in most fishing rods. Attaching the 4 x Rod Holders with 8 x Nuts and 16 x Screws on the deck of your boat ship or Yacht is easy. The fishing holder is useful. The fishing rod holders end the tedious task of holding the rod. The nylon ring damping in the installation nuts can prevent the screw from being loosened.

Brand: Clio

👤They were bought to add to a kayak crate. Good quality, very sturdy. Comes with something.

👤The order came in fast, but the nuts sent with the bolts do not fit, so I am left to look for the proper sized nuts at a hardware store. It pisses me off that I have to put together a project and find out the product is not good. It's most likely china for quality control. If you put the right parts in the right bag, you won't get Hated to give this product one star.

👤Excellent. It is attached to my kayak tackle crate.

👤I ordered the black rod holder because I wanted a different color than the white ones I usually buy at the store. It's also cheaper. The plastic feels solid. Nothing to complain about and will install soon!

👤It is sturdy enough to hold a large spinning rod and is attached to my bait cooler. A good product at a good price.

👤The rod holders are sturdy and a good price point. They can be mounted vertically or horizontally pending on how you want to use them. My boat has a net on it. Good purchase and good work.

👤I put the holders inside the milk basket and it looks great so far. They would have been too long for this, so I didn't use any of the screws. Ty-Raps worked perfectly. If I don't like this set up, I can change it. Didn't bring this on a boat yet.

11. SEACHOICE 89501 Storage Holder Plastic

SEACHOICE 89501 Storage Holder Plastic

The dimensions of the Mount are 4” x 2” x 2. Storage for three rods. Can be mounted vertically or horizontally. The plastic construction is durable. It's suitable for both spinning and casting rods. The size is 7 inches x 7 inches.

Brand: Seachoice

👤I don't think I should have read all the reviews because they are not true. I review my products to see what others are saying. The reviews for the product are garbage by the manufacturer. The foam insert is very stiff. I tried to put the old rods in the foam slot. I broke the rod tips. If this had happened to my rods, I would have to pay. I don't think these holders can hold a rod if they are too stiff to hold it. I should not have to shave down the foam insert because it's not safe for my rods. I am not sending these back because I am trying to attach jerry-rig rod holders to the sides of my bed liner to get my rods off the bed floor and out of harm's way. Please buy a better product if you want to mount your rods in your garage or house. Our rods are too valuable to risk breaking them or having to modify a product to be safe. I hope this will help my fellow fishermen.

👤I needed to replace some rod storage holders on my whaler. They were tired. I was trying to find a similar replacement at the common retailers and found this match on Amazon. I wanted to leave a review for one reason, regardless of how good of a match this was for me. Someone left a review saying they were too tight and you would break your rod unless you cut out foam. If you're using a standard 6 to 7' foot rod and reel combo, these work great. They need to be snug to hold your equipment. It takes two hands to get the rods in. The rods are pretty tight, but if you use two hands to slide them into position, you reduce the risk of damage to them by almost 100%. They were a bug on my boat even when I was in the harbor. I may need a new set after a while. I hope I'm fishing enough to wear them out. That is a good problem to have.

👤These work well. There's not much more to add. When installing scews, be careful. I put cracks in the gel coat of my fiberglass boat because I didn't check the first two screws carefully. Oops! I had to take them out, grind off the screws, and then move outside the boat to fix my mistake.

👤I don't have anything bad to say about the product, it's just that I couldn't use it on my boat. It was too big to fit in where I needed it to be. I think I should have paid more attention to the dimensions because it looked small online. I was surprised at how big it was.

👤I had rod handle holders in the cabin of my boat, but the rods themselves were on the shelves. The rods would fly because the ocean isn't always gentle. These were perfect. I added straps. Am holding rods. I have a thin one that is easy to modify and make into what you need. Hopefully the photos give you a better idea of your size.


What is the best product for fishing rod holders for garage on wheels?

Fishing rod holders for garage on wheels products from One Bass. In this article about fishing rod holders for garage on wheels you can see why people choose the product. Goture and Qualward are also good brands to look for when you are finding fishing rod holders for garage on wheels.

What are the best brands for fishing rod holders for garage on wheels?

One Bass, Goture and Qualward are some of the best brands that chosen by people for fishing rod holders for garage on wheels. Find the detail in this article. Storeyourboard, Wealers and Pactrade Marine are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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