Best Fishing Rod Holders for Garage Wall

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1. Berkley BAVRR Vertical Rack Black

Berkley BAVRR Vertical Rack Black

The rod rack can hold up to 6 rods. The foam grip pads hold rods securely. A lightweight plastic design. It is a long lasting proof of corrosion. 6 rods are neatly and securely stored.

Brand: Berkley

👤Two people need to be hit. 1. The person decided which screws to include. The person agreed. The rack is great but the screws are terrible. They are flat head. Is it a flat head? Who uses flat heads now? There was a terrible decision. They're only about the same length. The mount point is thick. You know what it is? Hmm? You are correct. The screws don't reach the studs in the wall. Do you see the issue? Pulling out the rods from the brackets. How long do you think it will take for the rack to fall off the wall and the expensive rods to fall to the ground? Okay. Maybe it's not that hard. You know what I'm talking about. Not sure about you. I wouldn't trust these tiny screws in the wall to hold my rods and reels, they are 16" apart, and no drywall anchor is included. Most framed walls allow you to mount. The screws are long enough. rant over. The screws were replaced with 1-1/4" drywall screws. I'm not worried about the rods falling off the wall because they are now organized and off the ground. If anyone from Berkley is reading this. The wall mount rack is very good. Still. I mentioned those two people before.

👤It was perfect. What I was looking for. There is vertical support for 6 reeds. The plastic material has a good finish. I have used it for 4 spinning rods with their 3000 and 4000 reels. Pros. The material is resistant. It can be mounted for different lengths of rods. The base in the vertical kit has front support so it can be mounted horizontally and still hold the fishing rods. The upper support has high density foam. There are screws for wall mounting. There are Cons. The screws are good for wood, drilled brick or concrete, but not for plasterboard walls. SPANISH review perfecto. Justo, buscaba. Para 6 caas, soporte vertical. Material plastico de gran resistencia. He has a problema con 4 caas de spinning, 1 x 7'0'' medium light, 1 x 7'0'' medium heavy, and 2 x 8'0'' medium heavy. Pros. Material resistente. Puede para caas. En el kit horizontal, la base tiene soporte frontal. Espuma de alta densidad. Incluye tornillos para montar. There are Cons. Los tornillos estn para madera, ladrillo o cemento previamente taladrado.

👤These were easy to install and work well. I worry that the hard molded foam will not hold up over time, but I am careful as I put the rods in and out. The TWSS. It is easy to install and do the job. I don't have a picture of it in use, but I have a great picture of all my girls fishing, so you can see why I need to be able to store multiple fishing rods. There is a better picture.

👤I bought this because it was cheaper than the Rapala rod holders. It is cheaper in every sense of the word. The foam is hard to navigate. I ordered another Rapala rod holder and recommend you do the same, as the far right holder shows the foam missing where it fell out.

2. Acrylic Fishing Ceiling Wall Mounted Basement

Acrylic Fishing Ceiling Wall Mounted Basement

The rod and reel holder is made from high-quality natural wood that won't crack when installed. Fishing wooden rod holder is a perfect gift for fathers, husbands, friends, and colleagues who love fishing. You can give yourself a gift by purchasing this wall fishing rod. PLYDOLEX fishing pole holders have utility and beauty in them. The pole holder can be placed on the wall or ceiling to hold your fishing rod. It's ideal for storing fishing rods, ski poles, hockey sticks and hockey sticks. The wall-mounted storage rack is made of high-quality acrylic and it is easy to clean, light and portable. It's very suitable for your boat. It can accommodate up to 8 combinations. The extra space in the engine room can be used to create convenient storage space and keep the space in order. It's suitable for swimming pools, cabins, basements, and garages. Installation of the fishing rod holder is easy, just screw it into place, which is convenient for your fishing rod. It can be installed on a wall. The package includes wall brackets, mounting screws, and wall anchors. Does not include fishing rods.

Brand: Kswlor

👤I'll be sending it back because it's too flimsy.

3. Pmsanzay Horizontal Fishing Storage Holder

Pmsanzay Horizontal Fishing Storage Holder

Wall mount fishing rod rack keep your rods organized in the garage or on a boat, and ready to go. It's a great gift for Dad, Husband, Father, Guys, Boyfriend, Men and Women. There are 2 racks. The hardware is to hold 4 fishing rods. It was included. (). There is no fishing rod. It's easy to install and put together. Hardware is included. You can organize your rod and reel combo in a garage or workshop. Store the other fishing rod in the opposite direction. Save your space by organizing your garage room. Convenient storage can be created by utilizing extra space in the garage, cabin, and boat rooms. Keeping the space neat and organized. The frame is super light and lightweight to prevent damage to your fishing rods. It is easy to assemble. Please store your fishing rod in the opposite direction, it's aperture Horizontally stores 4 rods neatly and securely.

Brand: Pmsanzay

4. Fishing Wall Mounted Fishing Gripper Self Adhesive

Fishing Wall Mounted Fishing Gripper Self Adhesive

It is easy to install the mounting hardware included. The fishing rod clamp is suitable for all kinds of smooth walls and ceilings, glass, metal, wood, ceramics and doors, and all types of plastic. The wall-mounted fishing rod holder can be used to save space. The transparent design is very suitable for home decoration. You can store fishing rods on the wall or ceiling with the help of the multifunctional pole clamp. Save the space for hiking poles, ski poles, hockey sticks, billiard sticks and cue sticks. The fishing rod holder is self-adhesive and is suitable for home, garage storage system, even kitchen. It's easy to install, just peel and paste, no tools or drills are needed.

Brand: N/h

👤Stick on. It's probably too well. I moved one because it tore the paint off my wall. Before applying, make sure they are where you want them.

👤I use these under the gunnels to avoid drilling in the hull. I am very careful when removing a rod, but so far they are holding up.

👤The square with the U shape is not connected to the sticky tape as it should be. I can not use it. Please send another one.

👤Didn't stay on the wall for more than a minute. It wasn't worth it.

5. Pmsanzay Fishing Storage Holder Basement

Pmsanzay Fishing Storage Holder Basement

It takes a few minutes to install with the screws included. The product is 15 x 2.16" and has a hole of 1.5 inches. There are 2 racks. There are 5 fishing rods. It was included. (). There is no fishing rod. It's easy to install and put together. Hardware is included. You can organize your rod and reel combo in a garage or workshop. Store the other fishing rod in the opposite direction. Save your space by organizing your garage room. Convenient storage can be created by utilizing extra space in the garage, cabin, and boat rooms. Keeping the space neat and organized. The frame is super light and lightweight to prevent damage to your fishing rods. It is easy to assemble. It's great for storing fishing poles on a boat, truck, or at home.

Brand: Pmsanzay

👤It was bought to hold 4 fishing rods. They use a corner spot of the garage to get 4 fishing rods from leaning in. It is very easy to install. The rod handles are too large for the small hooks. To balance the rod with reel across the hangers, you have to get mounting distance correct. It is an inexpensive way to get rods out of the way.

6. Rapala Lock Hold Rod Rack

Rapala Lock Hold Rod Rack

All mounting hardware is included in a wall or ceiling mountable six-rod rack. It's designed to mount on the ceiling. The jaws hold a variety of rod sizes. The base grip holder takes the pressure off the rod eyes. The interlocking design makes it easy to expand the rack.

Brand: Rapala

👤The Rapala rod rack is very secure and easy to install. The top and the bottom of the rack are the same. The bottom has 6 seats for the butt of each rod and it looks like it should be able to hold heavy rods. There are 6 locking mechanisms in the top portion. I thought it would be too strong for my ultra light rods, but it is perfect. It is easy to remove the rods with one hand. The installation is pretty self explanatory. The seats are on the bottom piece. The locking mechanism is on the top. Rapala is right side up for both. I would suggest mounting the bottom first so you can find the perfect height for the top piece. You don't want the locking mechanism to go over where one of your guides is. To mount, you need a power drill, mallet and screw driver. Rapala has 8 screws that seem to be enough. If you don't have basic building skills, I would suggest using a stud finder. Would I recommend this to a friend? There is a Yes! I showed it to my fishing buddies who don't have rack holders and they told me to build one out of pipes. They were definitely jealous after they heard the price. I might consider getting these as gifts since they're not expensive at all. They're still awesome. I might need a second set soon. It's a must for anyone who has a fishing addiction. If you found this review helpful, please click the HELPFUL button. Thank you!

👤Very strong. I didn't want to screw anything in. The top portion of the pontoon railing is strong and I used small straps to attach it. I used water resistant command strips to secure the bottom to the wall, but for now that is very secure. The top part has strong spring type pinchers to hold the rods in and it holds them in a way that makes it easy to leave. If you push the rod to the back, it snaps in. I was able to push one side of the pincher to remove the rods without causing stress on the rod. I was very impressed with the product and install.

👤I wanted to build a rack for holding my golf clubs so I bought two of these holder sets. I got the idea from a You Tube video and thought it was a unique way to hold clubs and provide easy access when practicing or playing a round of golf indoors. I think the rack design is similar to what others might build for holding fishing rods, but they could easily be mounted to a wall, which is probably the most common method. The main component of the rack is the top section. The plastic used to make them is heavy and should hold up well. The slots on the bottom piece are large enough to hold the Jumbo Max grips I use and should hold a wide variety of fishing rod handles as well. Some grip style handles have an oversized bottom. The mechanism used to snap in the club is very sturdy and well made. The jaws are made from thick plastic and should last a long time. The design of the spring and clamps provides the right amount of pressure to snap in a rod or club shaft and should not damage the finish. As a one time fisherman, I can say that the design of the golf club shafts should handle a wide variety of fishing rod diameters, even though they do not vary a lot in diameter. Since most fishing rod diameters are smaller, the racks would be mounted much farther apart. The installation of the rack was very easy, only requiring three screws. The same process should be used to install them on a wall. The process is pretty intuitive, but I don't recall if instruction was included. I did not have to account for the eyelets on the fishing rods because the racks are only 30 inches apart. It will need to be considered when determining the spacing. The build quality and design of these racks are very good. I would not hesitate to purchase them for holding fishing rods, even though they worked out well for my purpose. It was well made and the design was good.

7. Old Cedar Outfitters Fish Shaped Distressed

Old Cedar Outfitters Fish Shaped Distressed

It's easy to assemble fishing rods on a boat, truck, home or garage, even in your bedroom, without the hassle of putting it together. There are no tools required. A great gift for the fishermen. The bass fish themed design has a distressed look. It can hold up to 6 rods. There are clips for perfect fit and alignment. All hardware is included. Stores all types of fishing rods. The upper and lower rack is 23.62"L x 1.95"W x 9.65"H. 21.26"L x 3.15"W x 2.3"H

Brand: Old Cedar Outfitters

👤She is short on function but she looks great. The clips for the rod holder are held in by the track. The holders can slide out of the track without a cap or retainer. The holders are on the track. I only use this for ice fishing jigging rods. I come into the room to find the rods have popped out of the holding clips, or the clips have slid out of the track. These are not heavy rods.

👤I want to like it. Great idea. I wish it was made of real wood and not the crappy laminated particle board that came with it. I bought this as a Christmas present. I wish it was packed in a good box and not thrown in a bad box.

👤I assumed the product was made of cedar because it was listed as wood. It is cheap and covered with a fake wood veneer. If this was going to be installed indoors with air conditioning, maybe it is fine, but I was specifically looking for something to mount in the carport of our lake house. It gets very humid and the MDF wouldn't last long. Looks cute. It is more of the same cheap, misleading garbage that has flooded Amazon recently.

👤Not worth $33. They are covered with paper. I bought two different ones. One has a track with a bead and the other is not. The track broke because it was tight. The other is to loose and the rods will slide over. The paper was torn with the installation. Don't waste your money.

👤This was a pleasant surprise. The wood pieces had a beautiful finish. It was installed with the help of wall anchors. A display for vintage fishing rods. Highly recommended.

👤I had to drill into the concrete and it was hard to handle with the small holes in the back. If you go into anything other than wood or drywall, make sure you have the right screw head size. There are wood screws.

👤I ordered the regular and jumping bass so I could mount them back to back. The bass is facing the wrong way. The other one may be backwards too. The board has a veneer. The veneer is made of wood, but it is difficult to tell what species it is. There are exposed edges on the board. The spacing for the rods is too close. Keep that in mind. I have a variety of sizes so keeping them on the rack would have been interesting. I am returning this one and canceling the other.

👤It seems like a decent product. I like it, but I wish the pole handles could be a bit more spread out for reel space, but other than that I like it.

👤Good quality. It was easy to set up. I love the fish. It was a perfect hang in the garage.

8. Redneck Convent Fishing Vertical Display

Redneck Convent Fishing Vertical Display

The rack is 13.75"L x 13.75"W x 30"H. The Redneck Convent Fishing Pole Vertical Floor display rack has a standing storage area for 16 rods and reels and is practical. Easy to read instructions with a diagram are included. Assembly screws are included for your convenience. Universal for all rod types and combinations. 1.5” diameter holders for all fishing pole sizes, can hold 8 rods or combo on either side, 2 handles for easy carrying and transportation, and a fish design on both sides of frame.

Brand: Redneck Convent

👤I agree with reviewers who said the rod rack was less sturdy. The unit is remarkably strong with some patience and careful attention to construction. I was skeptical when I opened the box. The unit becomes much stronger when it is assembled, especially with the bottom brace in place. There is only one side of the rack. The three reels shown are huge and heavy saltwater rigs. My heavy duty 9/0 Penn Senator is one of the two rods with 4/0 Penn Senator reels. The reel is large and heavy and balances nicely in the rack. There are five spinning rod and reel rigs on the other side. This is ideal for keeping rods upright. It's a great way to keep rods safe from rod guide mortalities.

👤It was difficult to put together. I have put my fishing rods on this setup, from conventional to 8000 series tarpon setup. All my reels and baitcasters. It's better to have everything against the corner wall in the spare room. Take your time putting it together. It's all good with me that some will be close together.

👤I didn't know what to expect from a $25 rod rack, but I did expect more than this one offers. It is a very cheap plastic. The two sides of the fish need to be screwed together, the top of the fish is hollow and the bottom is plastic. I had to make my own because my rack didn't come with pre-drilled holes. I had to glue the top to the bottom because 2 of the prongs melted. The light assembly was advertised as finished. The instructions it came with were not very helpful. It is a piece of paper that states what should come in the box and a picture of the rod rack completely assembled. Key word should be in the box. The diagram shows a beam running from one side of the rack to the other. I think it would have been useless to add to the strength of the rack if it had been hollow plastic. Don't buy cheap for the sake of being cheap, if you have expensive equipment like I do. You can buy a solid wood rack at your local Bass Pro Shops, Cabelas, Sportman's Warehouse, etc. Protect your equipment by spending the money.

👤This is not rated very high. The more stickers you have the better. It looks and works well. It is very strong and holds all my rods. I have some weird rods. The plastic is cheap, but once screwed together it is a solid piece. It took a few minutes to make it work.

👤It looks nice. The small bar was snapped after I tried to set it in place. I knew it was soft plastic. I would probably only get one chance to tighten everything, I snugged every screw down at a time before committing to fully screw everything down. The spacing rod snapped. I wish I could have used all the parts that I intended. I was able to place my 5 spinning rods on one side and my kids 2 spincast rods and my other 2 baitcasters on the other. I don't see why the rack would be a problem. I thought I had enough, but now it looks like I don't.

9. KSWLOR Acrylic Fishing Ceiling Basement

KSWLOR Acrylic Fishing Ceiling Basement

Comes with a fishing pole wall holder and 8 screws. Fishing rods are not included. The rod holder can be mounted on the wall or ceiling to hold your fishing rods. It's perfect for storing hockey sticks, fishing rods,alpine poles,ski poles, and hockey sticks. The wall storage rack is made of high-quality acrylic, it is easy to clean, light and portable, and it is suitable for your boat. Up to 8 rod and reel combinations can be saved. The extra space in the garage/cabin can be used to create convenient storage space and keep the space organized and tidy. It's ideal for swimming pools. It's easy to install the fishing rod rack, just screw it in and you're good to go. It can be installed on a wall. Comes with a fishing pole wall holder and 8 screws. Fishing rods are not included.

Brand: Kswlor

👤This product is not worth buying. It is made of brittle plastic and can crack when you screw it to it. I used a hand screwdriver and tightened it slightly more than snug, and the plastic cracked at two of the four screws. After drilling extra holes, I was able to attach it to the ceiling, but I found out that the handles on the fishing poles were too large to fit through the holes. It took about an hour to make my own, it works great.

👤Don't waste your time or money if you use flimsy ties to mount to the wall, the plastic is brittle and the holes are too small.

👤The plastic is too small to hold any rods. I wouldn't recommend this item at all.

👤The item is very cheap and can't handle rods without getting tangled on each other.

👤The product is not what the person wanted. Will not hold fishing poles. Don't buy this!

10. CLIO Fishing Portable Stand Off Bracket

CLIO Fishing Portable Stand Off Bracket

It's a great way to use space. The quality is high. Fishing Pole Racks made of Environmentally friendly construction are lightweight and durable for freshwater and saltwater. The fishing rod rack is about 26 x 5 cm and has a single holder designed to lock in most fishing rods. Attaching the 4 x Rod Holders with 8 x Nuts and 16 x Screws on the deck of your boat ship or Yacht is easy. The fishing holder is useful. The fishing rod holders end the tedious task of holding the rod. The nylon ring damping in the installation nuts can prevent the screw from being loosened.

Brand: Clio

👤They were bought to add to a kayak crate. Good quality, very sturdy. Comes with something.

👤The order came in fast, but the nuts sent with the bolts do not fit, so I am left to look for the proper sized nuts at a hardware store. It pisses me off that I have to put together a project and find out the product is not good. It's most likely china for quality control. If you put the right parts in the right bag, you won't get Hated to give this product one star.

👤Excellent. It is attached to my kayak tackle crate.

👤I ordered the black rod holder because I wanted a different color than the white ones I usually buy at the store. It's also cheaper. The plastic feels solid. Nothing to complain about and will install soon!

👤It is sturdy enough to hold a large spinning rod and is attached to my bait cooler. A good product at a good price.

👤The rod holders are sturdy and a good price point. They can be mounted vertically or horizontally pending on how you want to use them. My boat has a net on it. Good purchase and good work.

👤I put the holders inside the milk basket and it looks great so far. They would have been too long for this, so I didn't use any of the screws. Ty-Raps worked perfectly. If I don't like this set up, I can change it. Didn't bring this on a boat yet.

11. StoreYourBoard Fishing Storage Weatherproof Outdoor

StoreYourBoard Fishing Storage Weatherproof Outdoor

The best gift for kids is a telescopic fishing net with rainbow color pattern mesh that is 888-282-0465, this is the best gift for kids because it is 888-282-0465, this is 888-282-0465 is 888-282-0465 is 888-282-0465 The robbery was organized. It holds up to 24 fishing rods and fishing reels. It is raining. The design is waterproof. You can put your rods on the rack. Easy assembly. Rustproof hardware and assembly instructions are included. All components and hardware are made in the USA. 25 year warranty Each rack is backed by a 25 year warranty. 25 year warranty Each rack is backed by a 25 year warranty.

Brand: Storeyourboard

👤The rod rack holds up to about 10- 12 saltwater rods, which are much larger than freshwater rods, due to the size of the reels. It is very sturdy and well made, and it looks beautiful in our home. We will be purchasing another one soon.

👤What I've been looking for! I took 5 minutes to put it together. You get all the hardware and a square bit for the screws. I am impressed. They should make one that holds more rods. If you like me and have a pole, you can use it on the boat, pier, surf, fresh, and saltwater. Definitely worth the money.

👤The garbage rod rack I bought was built like a tank and will last a lifetime. The product and delivery time was great.

👤I knew this would help my son because he has been taking up all parts of my garage with his fishing gear. He has filled it up. I need to buy him another one.

👤It's easy to put together. It was well made.

👤It's easy to hold my rods and it looks good.

👤Very good quality and easy to set up.

👤You can't fit 24 rods in it, but I love it. Unless you have reels. If it has a reel on it, I had to go to every other store for it. That is the only complaint I have. You have to have a drill to go together in 10 minutes.

👤There is a decent number of off-shore rods. It is not made from Starboard. It is expensive for what it is.


What is the best product for fishing rod holders for garage wall?

Fishing rod holders for garage wall products from Berkley. In this article about fishing rod holders for garage wall you can see why people choose the product. Kswlor and Pmsanzay are also good brands to look for when you are finding fishing rod holders for garage wall.

What are the best brands for fishing rod holders for garage wall?

Berkley, Kswlor and Pmsanzay are some of the best brands that chosen by people for fishing rod holders for garage wall. Find the detail in this article. N/h, Rapala and Old Cedar Outfitters are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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