Best Fishing Rod Holders for Pontoon

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1. Amarine Made 8 Pack Degree Mounting

Amarine Made 8 Pack Degree Mounting

There is a package with 1 set of Marine City 4-Rod Reel, White Poly Board, and a fishing rod storage rack. Line weights over 25 lbs are recommended. Steel stems made from metric M10x1.5 thread diameter are strong and durable. The extended cradle has hand clearance for quick grabs. The rod tip is held horizontally for straight-down fishing. Side-to-side can be removed for storage.

Brand: Amarine Made

👤The threaded base is already on the boat. I didn't know the base was standard.

👤The cheap base and metric do not come with hardware. It is the same price if you stick with the original driftmaster gear.

👤5 of the bases had to be retaped. The threads would not accept the post and could not be screwed into the bases.

👤Understand the degrees you want your rod tip to be. It's too cold for crappie. I saw one with a 5 degree angle that may work better.

👤My first set broke and the welds are not of the greatest. This set is holding up better after they replaced it. It's great for grabbing.

👤The product is easy to install and fit nicely on my small boat.

👤It's easy to install and comes with a wing nut. The product is great for fishing.

👤We mounted these on the boat catch to hold fish. Love them. The rod should be kept very secure.

2. PLUSINNO Fishing Opening Adjustable Folding

PLUSINNO Fishing Opening Adjustable Folding

The supports for a portable work area can be folded down. Clamp Max. The opening was 1.97 inches. 2 pack includes fishing pole boat holders Before buying, please check your boat board size. The fishing boat rod holder is made of high quality and eco-friendly material and constructed with high impact resistant heavy duty ABS. Rod holder makes it easy to access your rod and put it into the perfect position. High impact resistant construction is what it is. The construction is easy to hold on the boat or kayaks. The fishing rod holders are made of steel. It's the best gift to give to a father, son, husband, fiancée, or boyfriend for Christmas.

Brand: Plusinno

👤If you don't want to drill into your kayak, this is the solution. I can either move it or another kayak. The holder is sturdy.

👤It's like having more hands. If you need to move the location of the clamping, it has an extra sprocket on the front of it. I just put it on the back of my truck for a demonstration, but it will work on any dock or pier, or the side of your boat or kayak. The rod shown in the picture is six feet long and has a reel on it. I gave it four out of five stars because I had to work to get the clamp to set right after I got the top sprocket.

👤I like the way they are designed and they seem like quality products. The ability to change the setup and different angels is amazing.

👤The boat rod holder is sturdy and does what it is supposed to do. You can rig it to hold onto a railing at the pier and attach it to a boat for some simple trolly. The holder is made of tough plastic and can be locked in place using a knob.

👤We want some rod holders on the boat. I like this pack. If you don't modify the tilt down, you will lose rods and reels. I am bolting a scrap piece of metal to make a tilt stop so the rod won't tilt down. A simple change in the design of the mold would make this a 5 star plus item. I knew I would have to do something. I will make tilt locks for those as well. I will try to add pictures to the boat.

👤The fishing rod holder is very sturdy and can be adjusted to any position. Highly recommend this product. I recommend their fishing rod, and I put it with it in the picture.

👤These are sufficient for someone who is using them in a stationary manner, or in a kayak or rowboat. These aren't meant to be used for trolling on a boat with a gas powered motor. I can't get the rod locks to stay open. The engine's noise causes them to open. I don't think these will hold my gear securely. I would recommend backing the foot up with a board to allow for better purchase and stability. I can't recommend these lemons for trolling, which is the reason I bought them.

👤Ein leicht verstellbaren und stabilen ist das Fischerboot. Ihren vollen Umfang meine Vorstellungen ist die Qualitt erfllen. In guten Qualitt sucht, ist wer Fischerboot Ruten-Halter. It is hier richtig.

👤Die fischerboot ruten halter macht bei qualitativ hochwertigen Eindruck. Top Ware!

👤Ihren Boot ist direkt, das Produkt super und stabil hlt! We don't have to die Rute. In unsere Hand, die See ist stndig. Fall empfehlen!

👤Schnelle Lieferung und Funktionale Ware! The Halter is stabil!

👤Ihn an mein boot, Ich ist. Im Halter ist die Spinnrute. Genau das ist!

3. Stainless Steel Fishing Holder Adjustable

Stainless Steel Fishing Holder Adjustable

There are holes at the base of the rod holder. A mirror polished surface is the material. You can remove the holders and leave the base plate visible. The boat is looking clean. Protect your fishing pole with a robust insert. Most boat decks, rowboats and harbor decks are compatible with the base. Modern design has a fully-adjustable rotation around, up and down to 90 degrees. Modern design has a fully-adjustable rotation around, up and down to 90 degrees.

Brand: Hoffen

👤We are not talking about a monster sportfisherman because I have a 15' Mako Pro Skiff. I wanted to add two rod holders to the forward gunnels that I could aim in any direction I wanted. This item works. It is well engineered to cover any angle you need. The base is held in my gunnel with just 4 screws or bolts. You can take the holders off and leave the base plate visible. The boat is looking clean. I take them off when I go to the ramp or dock so they don't get bumped by the dock or interfere with the dock lines. I'm thinking of adding two more to the rear gunnels.

👤It is a sturdy well built product. I put 4 stars instead of 5 because there is no screaming. We should be charged $2 more and include some screws. I have to go to the hardware store to find screws that fit the holes. Still a good product.

👤The rod holder is amazing. I wish it had a backing plate. I plan on ordering two more because this is still a great buy. Put on a Carolina skiff.

👤They were mounted on my golf cart to help me get rods to the boat and to fish from the back of the cart. They are easy to adjust for angle and side to side. Happy with them.

👤The rod holders seem to be well made. I have yet to use them on the water, so we will see how well the work is done later.

👤If you can't see what's under your deck and you can't drill holes into it, you should use surface mount brackets. If you travel, you can put the rod holder in a storage area. The rod holder is large enough to hold the biggest fish you hook.

👤Today, I received two of these rod holders. The package goes through a beating as it travels through the system. The rubber guard at the opening of the holders has been damaged. The rubber guard will survive through the delivery process. I can't put my rods in the holders without risk of damage. The less expensive Scotty Rod Holder might be a better option.

👤It is very sturdy and durable. It was a bit big for mounting to a bowrider ski boat.

👤Well built and finished. It was perfect!

4. RUBY Q Fishing Adjustable Reinforced Christmas

RUBY Q Fishing Adjustable Reinforced Christmas

This fishing rod holder can be used on boats, kayaks, canoe, pier, dock handrail and so on. It is a best gift for those who enjoy fishing. The high-quality Clamp. The set includes a couple of boat holders. The max opening is 1.8 inches. The fishing rod holder gives you convenience while fishing. The rod holder is easy to install. All types of rods are accommodated by the open end grip design. You can choose to have it surface mounted or rail mounted. The degree of adjustment is 360. Fishing rods can be adjusted to any orientation by adjusting two screw joints. It was designed as a multi-function rod holder for a wide range of uses from spinning, casting to spin cast and so on. Eco-friendly Material The fishing boat rod holder is made of high quality and eco-friendly material and constructed with high impact resistant heavy duty ABS. High impact resistant construction is what it is. The construction is easy to hold on the boat or kayaks. There are great fishing rod holders. It has metal hardware.

Brand: Ruby-q

👤They're made great. The value is great. Would buy again.

5. BigTron Fishing Bracket Kglobal Side Mount

BigTron Fishing Bracket Kglobal Side Mount

Excellent way of managing space. The way of managing space is excellent. A lot of room was saved in the back by the fishing rod rack. The car wouldn't have been in a mess if the rod rack had been there. Excellent tackle for the fisherman. They will reply to you soon if you have any problems. Highly durable and eco-friendly propene material. It's perfect for freshwater and saltwater use. It protects your rods from damage. Excellent for where flush mount or rail mount rod holder can't be installed. There is no pin inside of the tube.

Brand: Kglobal

👤I like the rod holder. It is perfect for the milk crate on my kayak. I did not use the hardware to install it to the wall. I used a few zip ties. It is nicer than the rod holders that are built into my kayak. I would hit them with my paddle while paddling because they were too close to me. I like the fact that when I get home, I just take the whole milk crate out of the car with the rod holders attached and I can store my rods in my garage without leaning them against the wall. I highly recommend it. It seems well built and sturdy.

👤I used this product to build a kayak crate. It turned out great.

👤I made a crate for my kayak and needed something to attach extra rods. Other reviewers use this for the same thing. The machine and wood screws have locking nuts. Great deal!

👤Looking to organize rods for fishing. There is a milk crate. Long handled and short handled ice fishing rods can be held in strong plastic tubes. It's easy to fit a spinning reel in and remove it. The nylon lock nuts are hard to thread, which made installing a little bit difficult. I put the screw head on the inside of the crate and on the outside of the holder. I had to use a thin flat head screwdriver to hold the nut in place as I threaded it. I am guessing the screw driver would hold the screw into place if the well had a hexagonal shape. If you are going to install on a wall, you need lock nuts and anchors. If you want to keep the rod holder, you need to make sure you have enough weight in the crate to balance it out. The crate is enough to maintain balance.

👤The product is sturdy. I put it on the milk crate as a storage container for my lures. The holder came with bolts and nuts. The small slit in the rod holder could be used to hold pliers. I am happy with the product and would buy again.

👤This is a good price for it. I was looking for a rod holder for the back of my golf card and this fit perfectly. I wanted the rods to be black in color and that they be small and large. Hardware was not critical for my application. It was installed in less than 24 hours.

👤Couldn't wait to put it on my crate! The plastic is very strong and you can mount it with either bolts or screws. I plan to hit the water on Sunday and this is a welcome addition.

👤I have rod lockers on my boat, but they don't fit 8' fishing rods. I installed two sets of vertical rod holders across the front deck to hold them upright and clear up the deck.

👤Fast shipping, sturdy, easy to install, and needed parts. This comes with nuts and bolts, as well as screws, to fix the rod holders. The screws were sharp enough to bite into the walls. Would recommend.

6. SEACHOICE 89501 Storage Holder Plastic

SEACHOICE 89501 Storage Holder Plastic

The dimensions of the Mount are 4” x 2” x 2. Storage for three rods. Can be mounted vertically or horizontally. The plastic construction is durable. It's suitable for both spinning and casting rods. The size is 7 inches x 7 inches.

Brand: Seachoice

👤I don't think I should have read all the reviews because they are not true. I review my products to see what others are saying. The reviews for the product are garbage by the manufacturer. The foam insert is very stiff. I tried to put the old rods in the foam slot. I broke the rod tips. If this had happened to my rods, I would have to pay. I don't think these holders can hold a rod if they are too stiff to hold it. I should not have to shave down the foam insert because it's not safe for my rods. I am not sending these back because I am trying to attach jerry-rig rod holders to the sides of my bed liner to get my rods off the bed floor and out of harm's way. Please buy a better product if you want to mount your rods in your garage or house. Our rods are too valuable to risk breaking them or having to modify a product to be safe. I hope this will help my fellow fishermen.

👤I needed to replace some rod storage holders on my whaler. They were tired. I was trying to find a similar replacement at the common retailers and found this match on Amazon. I wanted to leave a review for one reason, regardless of how good of a match this was for me. Someone left a review saying they were too tight and you would break your rod unless you cut out foam. If you're using a standard 6 to 7' foot rod and reel combo, these work great. They need to be snug to hold your equipment. It takes two hands to get the rods in. The rods are pretty tight, but if you use two hands to slide them into position, you reduce the risk of damage to them by almost 100%. They were a bug on my boat even when I was in the harbor. I may need a new set after a while. I hope I'm fishing enough to wear them out. That is a good problem to have.

👤These work well. There's not much more to add. When installing scews, be careful. I put cracks in the gel coat of my fiberglass boat because I didn't check the first two screws carefully. Oops! I had to take them out, grind off the screws, and then move outside the boat to fix my mistake.

👤I don't have anything bad to say about the product, it's just that I couldn't use it on my boat. It was too big to fit in where I needed it to be. I think I should have paid more attention to the dimensions because it looked small online. I was surprised at how big it was.

👤I had rod handle holders in the cabin of my boat, but the rods themselves were on the shelves. The rods would fly because the ocean isn't always gentle. These were perfect. I added straps. Am holding rods. I have a thin one that is easy to modify and make into what you need. Hopefully the photos give you a better idea of your size.

7. X Haibei Marine Fishing Holder Stainless

X Haibei Marine Fishing Holder Stainless

The stopper slot was built into the base of the rod holder. The feature eliminates drilling rail and simplifies relocation. Any rail can be fit between 1 1/4" OD to 2 OD. The ID O.D. tube is 2inch. The 304 high polished stainless tube is fitted with a chrome zinc alloy and UV resistant black plastic. The angle from the rail is adjusted. There are holes in the bottom of the rod holder. The fishing rod surface would usually be scratched or mar by the black plastic liner.

Brand: X-haibei

👤They were added to the polling platform. The polling platform and the rod holder are unlike surfaces so I put some rubber between them. The platform and rod holder are made of aluminum.

👤The back of our tritoon has a perfect addition. We use it for flags from the US, France, and UGA. Highly recommend the product.

👤One of the holders fell into the water when it loosened from its base.

👤It works as advertised. I have a 2 inch OD ski tower. See the pictures.

👤It looks good and works as advertised. Great value! The local brick and mortar has a similar holder for seventy dollars.

👤I bought two to see the quality and loved them. It was easy to put on my boat.

👤I haven't installed them yet but I'm happy with the finish.

👤The quality is good but there is no tool to open and lock the nail. No problem at all.

8. CANNON 2450169 1 Downrigger Rod Holder

CANNON 2450169 1 Downrigger Rod Holder

Mount is sold separately. There is a three-position configuration. Tension knobs for quick rod adjustment. The base can be mounted on top or side. Cannon rod holder accessories are not included.

Brand: Cannon

👤I don't write many reviews on Amazon, but I have used these rod holders for a few years and just ordered 2 brand new ones for my new kayak. I just happened to look at the rating and noticed a few low reviews, but I was surprised by what people would think of these. The most common complaint people have for these is lack of mounting hardware. I haven't bought another brand of rod holder in a long time and can't remember if any of them came with hardware. These are made to fit multiple mounting options. I have sockets mounted on my old aluminum boat with wooden gunnels and a small plywood deck on the back. I built a kayak with a custom "dashboard" and converted it into a fishing boat and cockpit. If anyone knows of a single type of mounting hardware that would fit in the box with these, please contact me. I want to invest in the company that makes it. I'm off my soapbox about that. The provided sockets can be mounted flat or vertically to handle many applications. If the provided mount doesn't work for you, there are other options. The shape of the holder is thought out. I use them for both my trolly rods with baitcasting reels and spinning outfits with different rod butt lengths. Several of these have been on the aluminum boat for a few years. I'm too lazy to take them off the boat when they're not on it. They've been beaten to death by California UV rays, but other than that, are still holding up well. The price of these products is not cheap. Other manufacturers make less functional versions. Several of them were used with mixed results when I was younger and poorer. "Finish and fit" on the stems. I bought a pair of these for a friend. They work but are very hard to get into the sockets. I gave them 4 stars instead of 5 because they seem to be wearing in. There is a There is no standard replacement post available. This probably isn't that big for most people. I use rod holder sockets to mount other fishing accessories. It would be great if Cannon offered just the posts. I want to beam me up. I hope my review helped anyone considering these.

👤Excellent Rod holders. They are a good price. Look great and function as advertised. I want a 5 star rating for myself. Cannon has accomplished that, as I have owned the Scotty Rod Holders, and they are just as good with a better price point, and they look great on the boat. Highly recommended!

👤I need a rod holder for my canoe. I decided to go with the Driftmaster style for the ability to adjust positions. I'm glad I did. I have a heavy duty holder that has great adjustment capabilities. I expect a long time of service from this holder.

👤Excellent quality for the price. Well constructed and sturdy. I love it on my kayak. I like it better with my baitcaster.

9. HITORHIKE Universal 360 Degree Adjustment Powerlock

HITORHIKE Universal 360 Degree Adjustment Powerlock

Application instructions are included with every order. If the transfer tape doesn't stick to the decals, you can use a credit card to push them together or replace the transfer tape. The Universal Fit is: Fit spinning reels, fly reels, boat reels, baitcaster reels. It can be adjusted vertically and horizontally. The mount is compatible with round tube 1.61" and 1.25", and square tube 1.25”(32mm). You don't need to drill holes if you just screw the rail mount together. The rail is always new, so you can easily move to a different spot. The high impact resistance, eco-friendly material, and anti-corrosion guarantee is made possible by the use of du Pont. There is aSIDE PACK. The fishing rod holder is round. There are accessories in the mounts. RISK-FREE PURCHASE: They offer a 120-day money back guarantee with a 3-year warranty for defects if you contact them. Buy with confidence.

Brand: Hitorhike

👤This was installed on my Pelican Ultimate 100. I had to go to the hardware store to get shorter screws. At my store, the screws are M6 Metric, which is quite a bit more expensive. The next size down was too loose because the next size was too large to fit in the holes of the mount. It was easy to install, looks nice, and works as it's supposed to. If you want to set the pole in the cabin and have the top rest there, it has a little notch at the top. The screw issue caused me to remove one star. It would have been hard for the screws to fit in a sit-in kayak.

👤I thought a rod holder was a rod. I buy a lot of rod holders when I am on a charter boat because I like fresh and salt water. Twelve years. These rod holders are very strong. The Engineering & Design is better than anything I have seen before. I will get more. It will look good on any boat.

👤I wanted to put a couple more rod holders on my boat, so I bought these. I was very happy to see the product out of the box. It seemed like a good quality. It mounted very easily and seemed secure. The rodholder flipped and my rod flew off to the bottom of the water. If that is the case, it would be a 10 lbs fish. Was fishing close to the shore. The inside is made of plastic ridges. It's not just the money you spend on the holder that's at risk. I lost a rod and reel. The second one was used to hang a flag on the back of the boat. A small flag. The first broke about 5 minutes after the second one.

👤This is a high quality rod holder. I was trying to decide between this holder and the generic ones on Amazon. I'm very happy that I used this holder. The price difference is almost nothing and this holder is better than the no brand holders. This holder is large as well. It feels very rugged. It has a rod lock feature that will prevent a rod from being yanked out of the holder and a back stop feature that will allow you to place your rod at different depths in the holder. The holder mount that comes with the holder is fine for most applications, but you can also purchase different style holder mounts for a wide variety of applications. It's a nice rod holder. There is no reason to use the no brand holders when you can get this one.

👤I was fooled by the title description, but it was wrong. If you chose the x2 Rod holder kit, they will send you 2 rod holders with no mounts, so you can't do anything with them. I contacted multiple agents who told me I was stupid and I didn't buy mounts. I had to buy more mounts because I was screwed. This would be a great product if they changed the description. The quality of the rod holders is good, but they don't do anything if you can't mount them.

10. Amarine Made Stainless Clamp Fishing Holder

Amarine Made Stainless Clamp Fishing Holder

The fish pole holder is made from sturdy plastic material which is resistant to heat, chemicals, and impact, long lifetime, not decay like wood pole racks. This product is made by Amarine. The rails can be mounted to vertical or horizontal rails. The rubber insert protects your fishing rod from wear. Rod holder can be adjusted to 32 different angles, easy to install, and includes bolts. There are holes at the base of the rod holder. There are holes at the base of the rod holder.

Brand: Amarine Made

👤I picked these up because my old ones were no longer strong. I have a 1” rail and these things fit perfectly on it. The only thing that would make these things bigger is a bigger opening. On the west coast, we use a lot of jig sticks and deck hand rods which have larger butt on them. I guess I will make do with 3 of the 5 jig sticks. The installation was easy and the quality seems good. If you can't install these things, you shouldn't have a boat. They will hold up this season.

👤The price of 1 West Marine is more than 4 for less. You can't adjust the angle of the holder without removing the brackets, so you have to make a fix at the factory. I cut and sanded the bottom plastic brackets to make them more secure. It's not difficult, but about an hour for all 4. Don't install without removing the adjustment screw, applying the thread locker and really tightening that bolt down first. The thread locker can be used to get the other two bolts tight. If the 1 adjustment screws loosens than my rod reel would be in the drink and I would be left with just the brackets. It would be hard to have these fail.

👤I was not sure what to expect. These seem to be well made and seem to be nice and tight. I haven't used them for fishing. I use them to hold spare rods. I was happy with them and would buy again. Don't forget to seize the bolts. A man gets angry. Had one get snug on the way in and was lucky to get it out. Smooth sailing with little coppercoat on all the rest.

👤I put these on the boat. Really like them. They look great and are easy to install. They are easy to adjust. They cost me $300 for a rod and reel. I put holders on the T Top. I hit some rough water coming out of the inlet when I had my rod up there. I went to get my rods when we got to the fishing spot, but they were missing. One of the rod holders turned because of the weight of the rod. The rod was thrown off the back of the boat into the water. I had no idea. Turn those screws down hard when you install them. I picked up some Weld to make sure it doesn't happen again. If you get a big bite while soaking some bait, it may pull your rod into the water. It was easy to install and it looked nice. If you don't lock your rods down hard enough, they can dump them into the water. My boat died and we had to be towed off the water after I found out my rod was with Davey Jones. That's a good thing. Happy to be out of the water.

👤Excellent product. You need to use a drill, cut oil, and a slow speed to put a bolt in so the rods don't twist as you dock, and you can use a plastic bottom to hold the bolt in. It is beyond me why they didn't put it on the product. The steel is tough, so I had to find a way to drill them.

11. Amarine Made Stainless Mount Fishing Holder

Amarine Made Stainless Mount Fishing Holder

Side-to-side can be removed for storage. This product is made by Amarine. Can be mounted to vertical or horizontal rails. The rubber insert protects your fishing rod from wear. Rod holder can be adjusted to 32 different angles, easy to install, and includes bolts. There are holes at the base of the rod holder. There are holes at the base of the rod holder.

Brand: Amarine Made

👤I was skeptical at first. I bought a poling platform for a 2020 Gheenoe. The diameter of the tubing is about 1 inch. I like to adjust things so I didn't want to get the welded on version from the factory. I'm very excited about these. I cut up some rubber mats to act as a buffer. I didn't want them to scratch my tubing. If you find a place you want, it will be fine. I will move these a few times until I decide on the final position. I want to use them to carry a rod and fishing gear. My wife and I went to 6 different stores last weekend in order to figure out how to install rod holders. I was thrilled to receive these on Sunday. We installed kayak style rails and rod holders on the deck so I could fly fish. I wanted a landing net and more rods. These look good. I had no issues with the quality. I don't think they will work well with a landing net. There is a liner that will keep the rod out of the water. You will need a Dremel to remove the plastic bottom if you want to use this for a landing net. The plastic liner on the rod holders will be similar to this one. I have looked at many of them. No one sells one for large tubing. You will only get one rod holder if you buy it from a store. I highly recommend this if you are skeptical. Adding them to a poling platform can be dangerous. I recommend using blue loctite on the threads.

👤These were added to the custom T-Top arch on my fishing boat. It's easy to install. Very safe. After a full season in the salt water, there was no rust. I might get a few more. You can't have enough rod holders when the fish are biting.

👤It has held up well in saltwater. I've adjusted the bolts a few times and they have never been damaged.

👤The head snapped off when I tried to mount it because the threads were bound up. I was able to get two new bolts that were of superior quality and expense, because I was able to machine out the broken bolt. I was able to make it work, but I shouldn't have had to.

👤Surprisingly good quality and excellent looking STAINLESS STEEL, with all the hardware at a good price.

👤Product arrived without any hardware needed to mount.

👤The product is good for money. Excellent work, high quality.

👤Exactly what I needed. Looks good.

👤It was very variable. Good looking. Functional!


What is the best product for fishing rod holders for pontoon?

Fishing rod holders for pontoon products from Amarine Made. In this article about fishing rod holders for pontoon you can see why people choose the product. Plusinno and Hoffen are also good brands to look for when you are finding fishing rod holders for pontoon.

What are the best brands for fishing rod holders for pontoon?

Amarine Made, Plusinno and Hoffen are some of the best brands that chosen by people for fishing rod holders for pontoon. Find the detail in this article. Ruby-q, Kglobal and Seachoice are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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