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Sleeve 9 Dec 2022 10+ Comments Open

1. Midwest Outfitters Baitcast Fishing Sleeve

Midwest Outfitters Baitcast Fishing Sleeve

Quality Craftmanship: machine stitching with secure ribbing along the seams for a rod sleeve that will last. The brand is located in the United States. Their products are designed for fisherman. Their custom size rod socks were built for specific sizes of baitcast, spinning and youth fishing rods. They have researched the sizes that work best for each type of rod to make sure they are the right ones for you. One size does not fit all. Their Spinning Rod Socks are made to fit over larger eyelets and their Baitcaster Rod Sleeve is smaller for a better fit around the smaller eyelets on Baitcaster Rods. The best fit rods are 6' to 7'2" in length. There is a light weight size for Spincast Youth. You can't find a rod cover for lightweight rods anywhere else. Are you tired of your kids getting stuck fishing? The fit is perfect at 60 inches long. It's wide enough to fit over most lightweight spinning eyelets and will fit over bobbers on your kids fishing poles. Their rod socks are made with high quality thick wove polyester and are durable for a long time. Quality machine stitching and materials will protect their rod sleeves for many years. There are features and options. You can choose from a variety of colors to match your team, boat, truck or color code. Each sleeve has an elastic band to hold it to your reel handle and a loop on the top for easy handing.

Brand: Midwest Outfitters

👤I tried out 10 of the 2 packs of Midwest sleeves. They fit my 71/2' rods with ease. The weave of the material is close enough that the eyes on the rods are loose enough to remove a hook with ease. I have tried many sleeves that let the eyes poke through the material which did not protect the rods, or that were difficult to remove a hook from. The elastic strap at the bottom of the reel handle keeps the sleeves from slipping off. Not many sleeves have that feature. The Midwest sleeves have a loop at the top for hanging the rods. I usually rig all of the rods that I think I will need during the first day of a tournament, a few of these rods are returned to my rod locker with Midwest sleeves installed along with my unrigged rods. I usually have 20 rods in the boat and 20 in the van. I ordered 20 more packs to cover all of the rods I carry with me, plus the ones I have at home.

👤The loops on each end are used to hang your rods and also to attach to your reel so the sleeves don't blow off while out on the water or on the highway. Excellent product.

👤Excellent rod socks. Excellent material and thickness. Not cheap looking or feeling. Rods will be protected.

👤These are great so far. The baitcaster fit me well. I like the loop on the bottom because it won't slide off during transport. When the spinning rod sleeves are in stock, I will buy more.

👤They are very nice, but only the best of times will let us know.

👤Good protection for the rod.

2. QUNCI Fishing Sleeve Cover Lanyard

QUNCI Fishing Sleeve Cover Lanyard

The bag can be folded so it can fit in your backpack. They are easy to use and durable, they are not easy to mold or corrode, and they are made of polyethylene. Fishing rod cover can prevent tangles and protect the fish rod when the rod is not in use. It is suitable for fly fishing rod, spinning fishing rod, casting fishing rod, sea fishing rod and other common fishing rods. The sewn top end has a hanging loop that resists rod tips from being stabbed through, a folded out opening that doesn't catch on line guides, and an elastic band that can be folded out of the way. 10 pieces in 10 different colors and patterns can meet your needs.

Brand: Qunci

👤Fishing Rod covers are easy to use. The rod locker on the boat should not be used for fishing lines. They should fit all the fishing rods. Does not fit those with larger eyelets. Hooks should be hooked below where the cover comes down. These are great.

👤I thought it was a way to get fishermen to spend more money. I have 6 to 8 rods in my boat road locker, but I don't know how I got along without them. When I tried to get one out, it was a mess. With no problem, no tangled lines and less chance of breaking a rod, I take out the one I want. I highly recommend them.

👤Two of the 10 have torn, so I can't give them 5 stars. There is a They tore because some of my spinning rods have a large bottom guide ring that is too large for these sleeves. If you don't force them to fit like I did, you should be fine. They keep my rods from getting tangled up when I transport them. They would be perfect if they made a material that wouldn't get caught up in the tri-hooks.

👤The rod sleeves are just as good as any rod covers I have used.

👤They are worth it for the money. Half the price of most other brands, could be a little longer and larger, but they will work.

👤I love these rod gaurds and the seller cares about what you think and how you feel about them, so I love them. I got 10 for 20 buks and you will cry when you get to check it out. Thank you Qunci.

👤The life of my rods has been saved by these. Before this purchase, the rods were mangled together and had to be cut to free them. They are easy to put on the rods. The camper storage compartment has a tight space. It's a blessing that you don't have to fit to get a rod out. The rod sleeves were worth every dollar. Will be buying more.

👤They didn't fit my budget. Croix SPINNING RODS. Be careful, buyer!

3. Fishing Braided Protector Pointed Spinning

Fishing Braided Protector Pointed Spinning

One-year limited warranty. There are 10 different fishing rod sleeves. The pole covers are red, orange, purple, black, army green, black and green, black and blue, black and white, black and red, green and yellow. Every day has a colorful life. The rod covers have a maximum width of 2.36 inches. The most suitable rod for ordinary size is between 6 and 7'. They are easy to roll up for shorter rods. The rod caps are very wide. They are not suitable for big eye rods. Make sure the rods are wide. The fishing rod socks are made from strong and durable PET wires. They have good wear resistance. You have the option to choose them. The surface of the rod sleeve is not easy to be damaged. It can be used for a long time. Even in hot summer, the rod cover can be adapted. The heat resistance can go up to 120C. Easy installation is one of the advantages. Large guide ways on fully assembled rods can be used with fishing pole covers sleeves. The barb can be easily removed. Use heavy meshes to protect and prevent rod holes from passing through to ensure their safety, have strong recovery ability and easy to store, especially for rods with guide ways, to protect fishing rods and avoid scratch. There is a wide scope of application. Fishing pole covers are suitable for all kinds of fishing rods, such as flying fishing rod, spinning rod, cast fishing rod, sea fishing rod and other common fishing rods. It is suitable for rod storage cabinet, rod storage pipe, truck rear or round trip ships. It can help prevent tangles in your vehicle. It's the most important accessory of your rod. You can enjoy your fishing life with them.

Brand: Kiikooll

👤I got smart after three kids and bought some old fashioned rod socks. It was a decent price for a novelty rod sock. The wife and I were excited to try out our new gear. I'm an average guy, but these things were huge. The wife's liking was not taken into account when the tip was scaled down to size. Then it occurred to me. These aren't those rod socks. I was happy to have my fishing gear protected. They don't fit spinning rods, but they fit great on all of the 7'-ish rods that I have in my fishing arsenal. Since these weren't the rod socks I thought they were, I may have to have number 4 on the way. Hey! I'm busy with a baby and my fishing rods will be protected.

👤I've bought similar sleeves from other vendors before and they were better for spinning rods. The larger spinning rod guides won't fit over the diameter of these sleeves. I am returning the sleeves because most of my rods are spinning.

👤I needed multi color sleeves to keep the rods separated in the cabin of my boat. My grandsons use the fishing gear because they aren't the best people with it. The sleeves allow me to store the gear on the boat when we aren't fishing so nobody gets a hook stuck in them by mistake. I have not had an issue with the hooks getting caught in the sleeve because they are easy to slip on and off. The kids can identify their favorite fishing pole or reel by the different colors.

👤I use these for my 7' casting rods. The material is thick and sturdy, and the tips are wrapped. The large eye of a spinning rod is not enough for the diameter. A single rod sock at a store like Bass Pro or Walmart will cost you more than a greater value. Money was well spent.

👤I was trying to find shorter ones for my casting rods, but they are not as short as the ones I bought. They are too long for most of the rods that range from 6 to almost 9'. Roll them up to where the bottom is below the last eye. The hooks will get caught if you don't do that. This is a good product and I recommend it. Roll them up to keep them out of the range.

👤I bought these for my dad. He loves to surf fish and has an hour commute to the beach, so he needs his rods protected so they don't tangle. He was shocked to see a sleeve for $11 in a bait shop. He was worried that I had paid too much. I told him that they weren't that much, I had a great deal. The gift was even better because he said that. Definitely recommend!

👤The description and other reviews say they fit both spin and cast rods. This wasn't true for me. Most of the spinning rods I use are freshwater bass fishing rods. I was only able to get it to fit on a med light panfish rod. All my casting rods fit. Probably going to come back.

4. PLUSINNO Fishing Telescopic Saltwater Freshwater

PLUSINNO Fishing Telescopic Saltwater Freshwater

The best value fishing kit. It's an all-in-one fishing rod with fishing line and tackle box, and it has a variety of different baits and lures for different fishing situations. A carry bag is also offered. The fishing rod blanks are strong. Each casting rod and spinning rod is constructed with carbon matrix technology blanks that give them incredible performance, sensitivity and power. The carbon split grip and full grip is made to deliver a premium rod at a greater value than the competition. Super Smooth PowerStainless steel guides with Ceramic inserts makes it more smooth and durable, avoids line sticking into the guides, and enhances sensitivity by transferring the line through the guide to the rod and to your hand. DOUBLE LOCKING REEL SEAT The reel seat with double locking structure is easy to assemble and disassemble, even kids can do it. When traveling long distances on choppy water, the hood on your reel keeps it in place. The collapsible design of the Plusinno Portable Telescopic Fishing Rod makes it easy to carry with you. A carry bag protects the pole from getting damaged and makes it easy to carry it. It's the best gift to give to a family member for Christmas.

Brand: Plusinno

👤I bought this combo for my friend who rides a motorcycle. He straps a rod on his bike to fish. This fit perfectly in his saddle bags. Its very light weight and strong. I would compare it to a medium bass rod. I was skeptical because I don't like the action of a 2 pc rod. I had to check it out before I gave it to my friend and I can say it is awesome. The rod has a good back bone. The reel is very smooth and will handle a large fish. A quick release button for the handle is what makes the bail very well constructed. This is a great deal. I would recommend this combo to anyone who wants to keep their truck box.

👤For the price, the best choice is a rod and reel combo. The pole is perfect for any vehicle. There is no need to worry about rods stinking out your window. The rod is light and strong enough to hold onto a big fish. I added braided Spider Wire to make sure I didn't lose my big catch. You will not regret buying this buy. The pictures show the quality.

👤I have a new pole and reel in my truck. I love this thing. It is 17 inches long. 6 wide and 3 inches tall. It is easy to tuck away with a few lures. It's easy to use and well built. The reel has 8 ball bearings, so it's smooth. The rod is built to last and has great rings. The tip cover is nice and tight and keeps it all together. It keeps it neat. It's great! Very nice touch! If you remove the reel, it also includes a bag for your rod. It is definitely worth the price. This set up is very good. You can check out my video. I apologize for the low sound, but you can see me in action. Also.

👤The information in the listing is incomplete. There is a mistake in the information chart that is in the pictures. Twice. The second listing is not line weight. My rod weighed a bit more than the listed weight in the chart, but it was within 14 of an ounce. There is no information about the reel. The Plusinno 3000 series reel was the one I had. It's about 9 ounces. There is a 5.2:1 ratio. It is very smooth in operation, with a smooth bail action, quiet operation, and a reversible handle. The handle has a button on it that can be pressed to make a more compact travel package. The reel seems to be a bargain if it is worth half of the package cost. I don't own any high end reels, but this is as good or better than my other 4 freshwater budget spinning reels. The title of the product listing suggests it could be used in saltwater, but it doesn't say it's made for salt water. When used in saltwater, freshwater reels can't be adequately rinse. I wouldn't try it. The construction of the rod looks good. It is only 17” long when fully collapsed. The butt and top diameters of the rod are correct. The largest section of the rod is more than 12” in diameter, which is large enough for all sections to telescope together. The sections are connected firmly. The hook keeper on the rod is gold colored and is above the reel seat. A plastic cover protects the rod tip when it collapses. If the bottom section is extended for a total length of 27” the bag will fit. If the combo is kept in a car trunk or behind a truck seat, these would be useful. There is nothing included to keep dirt and other debris away from the reel. The Plusinno is a more compact rod because of its shorter butt section. The guide is lined with ceramic and is reasonable for a spinning rod. The tip guide's inner diameter is larger than I expected. If you use light gear, watch for a tiny ball bearing swivel that can slide through it. I guess you would call it heavy action, with a medium tip, if you specified power or action for the rod. There is a bend at the tip for the last 18” or so with a 10 ounce weight tied to the line. I tested it with a lure weight of 14 to 12 ounce. I used a mono backing, 10lb braid, and a leader of 6lb fluorocarbon. I threw 14 to 12 ounce spoons and spinners for stocked trout in a nearby pond. I was surprised when I grabbed the butt end of the rod with my hand. I instinctively went to grip it where the missing 3 inches would be, because I am used to a conventional butt length. I got used to the shorter butt length after a few casts. There is a 14 oz. I had casts that were a good distance, but several yards shorter than a rod with more flex would be. The rod is not loaded much by the 14 oz. weight. The spoon loaded the rod better. I wouldn't go with lighter lures and I didn't try anything heavier, but I think it would work. Live bait is a good match for bobber fishing. The tip doesn't give a lot of information about what's happening at the lure end of things The seven sections have to absorb some sensation. I had a hit from fish today and it was subtle. I didn't feel the trout bite, it just got heavy. I barely felt the Kastmaster wobbling on the retrieve. The tip section did not show the wobble. The extended sections were in place and did not collapse. The reel seat screw loosened a bit, but it may have been from my hand. The tip end of the reel seat has a screw under it. I didn't get to test the drag with a fish, but it appears smooth. This combo is designed for greatest portableness, and should be reviewed in that light. It seems like a good value for money. The ergonomics and sensitivity one would get with a conventional one, or two piece, rod is not something one would expect. This is an inherent tradeoff with a 7-section rod. I would use the reel on any of my freshwater spinning rods. I usually use the 2000 size, but the 3000 size makes for longer casts. This is a successful implementation of a very compact travel rod combo. The build quality is excellent and the design is clever. It's a good match for backpacking, camping, emergency, or travel. It is best suited for fish like largemouth bass, pickerel, white perch. I wouldn't take a rod with me in a kayak or along the shore in the warmer weather. I would bring one or two piece rods. I plan to keep it in the back of my truck. If I see a pond that looks interesting, I will stop and check it out. It should be perfect for that. The final rating was 4 stars. The heavy action of the rod is what I deduct from the rating.

5. KastKing Spooling Station Spinning Included

KastKing Spooling Station Spinning Included

Fishing line and reel are not included in the package. The patent pending design has a number of features, including: Spool fishing line on spinning reels and casting reels without fishing line twist,adjustable line spooling tension bands, and fishing rod storage for up to 10 rods. The patent pending line spooling station is simple to use and will spool spinning reels and baitcasting reels without any line twist. When not in use, the built-in line spooling tool can be placed in the storage position or mounted to the rod rack. Its small size uses very little space. The materials are non-rusting. The design of the V10LS line spooler is easy to use. The line comes off the top of the filler spool and winds directly onto the top of the casting reel without changing the coiled memory of the line. The line is coiled directly onto the reel spool in the same way it is coiled from the filler spool. The fishing line twists on the reel spool. It's easy to place a Line Boss tension band on a line and mount it to a metal shaft or a spinning reel. Attach the fishing line to the reel and crank the handle to fill it with your favorite fishing line. The tool has instructions molded into it to make sure your setup is correct for spinning reels. The curved design of the V10LS KastKing rod rack and line spoolers allow for staggered reel height for minimum storage space of your fishing combo. The metal shaft of the upper rod rack has a storage shelf for fishing pliers or line scissors. Two Line Boss tension bands were included to help manage the line on your leader and filler reels.

Brand: Kastking

👤Another quality product from the company. My rods are in a variety of places, from big salt water to small trout combinations. There is a nice tray at the bottom. The line spooling station is easy to use. There are bonus points for being an aesthetically pleasing showcase next to the fishing work bench. I ordered a wall mount to hold the rest of my rods. The display case is the one I'll use for my ugly meat sticks. Highly recommended.

👤The amount of stuff in my locker made it difficult to install rod holders. The rod holder solved the problem in one easy installation. The reels took up so much space again that it was difficult to store my 7ft rods. Thanks to you, I can purchase three more rods.

👤It took 15 minutes to install this item. The build is sturdy and has enough space to hold my rods. The line works great for both spinning and casting. Another piece of equipment from the company!

👤This system is great for holding rods. I loved that you could have all the slots filled with rods and reels, and not worry about them getting messed up. The installation is very easy. Make sure to install low so you have room for tall rods. I was happy with my purchase.

👤I was not expecting much with this being plastic. This thing is great. It's easy to setup when you don't have a lot of room. This thing has screw holes set at 16 inches so it's easy to mount to the studs, and it's also unlike other things that need mounted to walls. I am glad I went with it because I love this thing. Will buy again when I have enough rods.

👤The rod and reel holder are in the ground. I like the way it comes out to give you more wall space. I have a few of the other version and both work for me. The v15 keeps things too close in my situation, so this helps quite a bit.

👤This is a basic item that can be used as a space saver. The line storage/spooling system is something I like. I have 2 large spincasters which make it tight, but I can still get 10 rods/reels in this storage system. All of my gear is not on the rack.

👤It is easy to install. My poles were organized for the first time. It's easy to hold my 7 poles with plenty of room for 3 more. When I first opened it, I wasn't sure about the quality, but it was solid and secure. Would purchase again.

6. ZHENDUO OUTDOOR 74 8inches Protector Accessories

ZHENDUO OUTDOOR 74 8inches Protector Accessories

Product type: fishing hook The best fishing rod covers are provided by ZHENDUO OUTDOOR. The PET rod sleeve is made from a tough and durable mesh which is impervious to salt and has good resistance to scratches. You can choose the rod sleeves you want with confidence. Rod socks are a great way to prevent tangles in your rod locker or vehicle while protecting your fishing line and rod from nicks and scratches. If you want to protect your rod, buy rod protectors at a low price. The rod cover has a tight weave and is flexible enough to allow it to slide over fishing line guides. The fishing pole covers have a folded out opening that doesn't catch on line guides, elastic band can loop over reel handle or be folded out of the way, and a shrink tube protects rod tip safety. Easy on&off installation of multi-use fishing pole covers is what they mean. They can be used over large line guides. barbed hooks are easy to remove. The rod covers are great for boat rod lockers, rod storage tubes, in the back of your truck, or going to and from the boat. Rod covers have two sizes to fit different rods. The maximum width is 2.36inch, designed to fit common sized fishing rods. Their rod covers are made to fit a wide variety of rods. It's suitable for casting rod,sea fishing rod, etc.

Brand: Zhenduo Outdoor

👤I think there are better rod sleeves out there, but these were a great value. There is a These sleeves fit spinning rods as a follow up. It probably won't fit a surf rod, but it will fit all of my freshwater rods. The newer 2-piece crappie rods are 9'-12' long. Both pieces fit in one sleeve. It takes a little more time to install and remove the sleeve for spinning rods. It's a small trade off that keeps my rod box organized.

👤It comes in two lengths and has an elastic band to hold it in my reel. The shorter ones fit my 6'6” - 7'0” rods, while the longer ones go over my 7'6” - 8'0” rods.

👤If you keep your rods in a rod locker or rod holder in your boat, you should consider getting one. If you put them over the rod, you can protect your eyes from getting tangled in one another or getting caught on other things. The set has covers for shorter and longer rods. This is more economical than the 5$-8$ you would spend at Academy or Bass Pro for the same quality rod socks. They are on rods from 5 to 8 feet. The elastic loop at the end of the cover keeps the sock in place on the longer rods. The cover over the last eye can be worked on for spinning rods with large eyes. These aren't for the monster surf rods with giant eyes, but they are worth every penny of the asking price. If you save the eyes on just one rod, the entire pack will have paid for itself in the cost of replacing an eye or the cost of replacing the rod. I use rod socks to keep my rods out of the storage locker, and I have 8 rods in my rod locker on a tracker 175.

👤The Rod covers are great. This set has two different sizes to fit any length. I use them for my bass rig and many others. The four different colors help to organize them. I was skeptical at first, but these help keep the lines and rods from getting tangled up when traveling in the car, and when storing them. The loop is a great way to keep them in place. The mesh design allows wet rods to dry out even when the cover is on. I highly recommend these for any fisherman who wants to keep their rigs tangle free when not in use.

👤I have nice top end rods and ride my gear hard. I bought these because I was tired of having one rod get stuck in another's line. I put these on my rods and will not return. I think this pack has a lot of value. I wish they came in smaller sizes, with a longer retention strap, to accommodate the longer rods. I have an 18” tail that is awkward to store and gets caught on stuff on my 5'6”UL. It is perfect on my 7' rods. The elastic reel strap would probably be replaced by a push button retainer and a more traditional style string.

7. Dr Fish Tangle Free Lightweight Adjustable Baitcasting

Dr Fish Tangle Free Lightweight Adjustable Baitcasting

The nylon material they use is light and tight, which makes it much better protection to the rod tip and guides than mesh design. With these rod socks, you can easily store your rods together without worrying about them getting tangled. It fits both baitcasting and spinning rods. Hanging loop on top. You can make things easier on your fishing trip by wearing these rod socks. You should keep your rods separated when you transport them. The design of the strap ensures snug fit to the rod. One elastic strap is needed to hold your reel and the other is needed to fit your rod better. It fits 6'-7' spinning and casting rods.


👤These fishing pole socks worked well on two of my poles. The third pole was not perfect. I have a seven foot Bigwater Ugly Stik, but it wouldn't fit in the socks because the large eyelet next to the reel protrudes out from the pole too far, and the sleeve wouldn't open enough to cover it. I gave a four(4) star instead of a five(5) star because the pole is covered up. It will make sure your rigs stay untangled and ready to use right out of the sleeve. I recommend it.

👤After damaging eye loops. It is easier to carry the rods with this product. The wind will catch you off guard. It will turn your rod into a sail, so get a good grip while walking. A very good product. Highly recommend it!

👤It was bought for my spinning combo. Most sleeves were too short. This one has a strap on it. The large logo is not something I like. It isn't very appealing. It does the job.

👤I've been looking for a cover for the rods that I have. I returned 2 mesh covers but found this one. It barely fits over the last hole of my rods, that's the only gripe I have. I tried to cover the last hole with the mesh socks. The material on this cover is the same.

👤It's not a perfect fit for rods over 6' tall, but it works well. The finish of the product so far seems great. The straps are attached to the handle to keep them in place. These are the best to protect your spinning rods.

👤I think the mesh pole covers are better than the ones I have. The cord that holds them on is great, they don't catch on things like the mesh. I use hair ties to hold them on.

👤The Rod socks are of good quality. I contacted the seller because I ordered 6'6” to 7'6” from him. They requested that I measure. The rod sock is long. There were packages that were missed. 6' to 7': 6'6” to 7'6': 5' It is a short rod without bending the tip. 6' fits a spinning rod that is 7'

👤Bass Pro has an exception. I find these to be unique. My size was wrong. I can't deny the quality. I would love to order again, except for the size mix up. Other than that good quality nylon socks.

8. Piscifun Fishing Spinning Spooling Automatic

Piscifun Fishing Spinning Spooling Automatic

Christmas Gifts for Men and Women. The patent line spooler is being sold by Piscifun. Piscifun logo will be illegal if any spoolers without it are used. A must have for a fisherman. It's a clever tool for loading your reel with braid or mono, or for tying a #6 fish hook, which can cause line slips and tangles. You don't need a pencil or wife to hold the reel. A quality built product. The Line Winder works well with both wide and narrow spools. There is a 3/8 in. The Mono / Braid Line string spools have smaller diameter center holes. When winding a baitcater reel, make sure to tighten the wheel fastening on the tip and let the reel spin. The Line Winder is portable. You can carry it no matter where you go, as long as it's in your car. The Piscifun Reels and Line are only for reference, they are not included in the package.

Brand: Piscifun

👤This is the first line spool-er I have ever owned and I have a feeling it will be my last. This thing is a beast. Excellent build quality is what it is. Strong and stable. It takes a little getting used to but it works perfectly. It would be okay if you ran this over with a truck. This line should rank up with the best. There is an update. I discovered something that I think is worth mentioning after having the line spooler for a few weeks. I uploaded a video explaining my findings.

👤The ten reels were damaged in the Florida Keys after Hurricane Irma. They ranged in weight from 8 to 80 lbs. This is not an enjoyable task. It's too time consuming and results in some tangled line. That task was made easier by this tool. It takes a couple of reels to understand the pace that is needed to have the reel rotation at the proper speed. The line is tangle free. I expected my spinning reels to fit on the device, but I didn't expect to be able to mount a Penn Senator. Adding 700+ yards of braid was much easier because it was handled easily. The old fashioned method of adding thumb tension on the line as the reel is turned is tighter than this. It would be perfect if they could automate the reel so it wouldn't turn 700 yards.

👤My initial negative review was a little bit of experimentation. I was initially unhappy with the lack of untwisting ability on bait casting or flat reels. A tight even wrap was produced by careful placement of the reel. The product is much quicker and easier than any I have used before. My apologies to the mfg for the hasty review.

👤This is the best reel spooling device I have ever tried, and I finally got a chance to use it. The way the action works on this thing makes it easy to use a spinning reel and a bait caster. It eliminates a lot of line twist when it spins the line as it unwinds, which makes it a better toy for cats and dogs than having a dancing line turn into a knot on the floor. You should watch a video on how to set it up. It wasn't intuitive to me but once I watched someone set it up, it was a cake walk. I wish it had a line counter. I knew how much I was adding.

👤A genius design. This tool is worth a lot. Since receiving this, I've re-spooled all my reels and it provides the same results each and every time I use it. Load line with ease if you adjust the line tension to where you want. The same ease of use can be achieved with the same materials. The design allows the fresh line to go onto the reel with the same curl or memory as it comes off the factory spool. You will spend more time stripping old line than you will re-spooling fresh line. If you're challenged with re-spooling, get yourself one of these.

9. PLUSINNO Fishing Telescopic Saltwater Freshwater

PLUSINNO Fishing Telescopic Saltwater Freshwater

Warm Prompt: Only include one fishing rod and a fishing reel. Carbon fiber mixed with fiberglass makes your fishing pole hard and durable. The EVA Fore grip is for comfort. The telescopic fishing rod is portable and convenient to carry around. Medium power. Power drive gears have high strength. A long body with a large spool and large line capacity is also available. The line capacity is 0.25/200. The model is HA 3000. It's the best gift to give to a family member for Christmas. Do you want to buy a single rod or reel? You can search the ASIN: B07FT29RJS or B07YFP8KV3.

Brand: Plusinno

👤Product claimed to have 12+1 ball bearings, but as soon as you open the reel, you won't find a single one. They are marketing their own specifications from high end reels. If you are an avid fisherman, you will know this is a junk rod and reel combo, however, if you are not, you will be unhappy. They don't believe the hype, but they have a lot of reviews. This thing is junk. This shouldn't happen because the rod gets stuck and snaps easily. The products that are #1 in the category for manipulated reviews need to be monitored by Amazon. The product is top rated because of it's reviews. It's cheap so that they can give them away for free in exchange for a review, but this will hurt buyer confidence.

👤This rig is awesome! I walk along the James River on my way home from work and wanted to see if I could catch dinner along the way. The setup is easy to fit into my backpack. Day Two was yesterday, April 20th. I struck out on Day One, but I wasn't surprised that the James is in flood right now. I was surprised to pull a 28 inch, 11 pound Channel Cat from the floods the next day. There is a monster in my tub. I had to hand my pole to a passerby and jump in the river to get it out of the river after it fought me for ten minutes. Didn't have a net. Guess what I'm buying today? The pole and reel performed well. I would buy them again. Please note. The picture shows a rod, ring and bag for robbery. That's why it's so cheap. I did not receive a discount or free merchandise to write this review. My bait was a small piece of hotdog about the size of my thumbnail, smeared in Magic 11-12 catfish bait and hung from a small bobber about six feet from the riverbank.

👤I own a lot of high end gear. There are rods and reels. I wanted a light and inexpensive product and Plussino makes quality products so I thought why not... I can always return it in the right way. I was so impressed when I saw this out of the box. Compared to my $500 set ups, this is up there as far as quality is concerned. I can throw this in a back pack and be able to hike in difficult places now that I have my rods. I could put 3 of these in a back pack with my tackle. I have yet to fish with this set up, but I can tell you that it is going to change the way I pack and carry things. If you fish like I do, you know the smaller stuff better. You can see how serious I am about fishing by looking at my photo. I will follow up after I catch some fish.

👤Was a decent rod for the money collapse. What are you expecting for the price combination rod reel? The drag is not what it claimed, but it was satisfied with the tests and was able to catch a fish. The seller of the pole didn't want a new reel, but the reel was fine. The pole had a warranty on it. The setup was decent but leery with snap and the service didn't want anything to do with the warranty. You may want to spend a bit more on a travel rod.

10. Scientific Anglers Rod Sleeve Full

Scientific Anglers Rod Sleeve Full

The braided construction is perfect for storing rods. There are two sizes: full and half. It protects your rods while in transit. It stops you from grabbing your hooks while you move to the next river.

Brand: Scientific Anglers

👤I've used the SA Rod Sleeve several times and am figuring out how it works for me. There is no useful set of instructions at this price point. The best way to avoid tangled lines is to reel in all your line until the fly catches the tip top, then break the rod in half and slip it into the sleeve. It's easy to reassemble the rod for fishing. If this were explained, I would have given 5 stars.

👤Try a few trips with these, but don't know the benefits. If you leave any flies attached, they don't protect the rod at all, and they expose the tips of the fly rod. I put my rods back in a hard case.

👤Like these very much. I keep lines separated on my flyrods when I am transporting them to the boat. I keep them on the rods in the gunnels to protect them on bumpy days. Work well.

👤I am a self confessed fly fishing gear hound, but I am very happy that I purchased this item. This item works as advertised, and my setup time for fishing has been reduced by half. I bought a couple of them.

👤It's made well and the design is thought out.

👤A nice sleeve. I had to take rod apart every time I traveled so I ordered a half sleeve. It is for 9 feet. I'm not sure why the draw string is so long. See the picture.

👤Quality is right on for a 9 ft rod. It has a cord strap that is very secure.

👤The description is not very good, here are the lengths from the SA website.

11. MAXIMUMCATCH Maxcatch Thicken Cotton Fishing

MAXIMUMCATCH Maxcatch Thicken Cotton Fishing

A smooth, simple and safe way to secure a top fly rod is Top Grade production. A good look makes your rods shinning out. You can choose from light weight but tough enough carbon fiber tube or last forever aluminum tube. It's a perfect ft for more of the fly rod. It's 30 inch or 33 inch for most 9ft 4pc rod and 10ft 4pc rod. MAX Catch has a one-year warranty for all of its rods. You can return the rod at any time if you don't like it. They also offer lifetime repairing for Max catch rods.

Brand: M Maximumcatch

👤This rod tube is very pleasing to the eye and does what it said it would do. The tube that is designed for a 9' 4piece rod is about half an inch longer than I would like. It's doable but not easy. One of the nicer rod tubes out there, short of a leather-wrapped tube.

👤I ordered this for a new fly rod and put it in my travel case. The fabric used on this looks very well made and I really like it. I was happy with that I received. I have a 9 foot rod in this sleeve and it fits perfectly. I bought two.

👤The four piece 6 weight rod is perfect. This is an excellent fit and finish, with hefty construction. I will be looking to them for more in the future.

👤The hard case works well, but we had to fold over the bottom of the rods to put it in it. Our rods can't bang around in the case. We can leave our reels attached.

👤The item was shown to have a flared sock. It shows up with a tube and a rod. I was going to get a sock for the rod. Who wants a rod ratting around in a tube that is not protected?

👤The quality and value of these socks surprised me. The material was thick and protective, much more so than the ones that are new with a fly rod. They fit my rods perfectly. The red plaid is awesome. My only complaint is that they don't tie closed easily. A great value for money.

👤If you put your rod away dry, you won't need another case. This thing has been in my trunk all year and is fine.

👤There is bubbling in the finish of the rod tube. I had to use denatured alcohol to remove the cement from the brass fitting. It will protect the rod. I didn't see anything in the description that said what color it was, but I did see people asking that in the Q&A. The rod case is not black.


What is the best product for fishing rod sleeve 7[sq]6?

Fishing rod sleeve 7[sq]6 products from Midwest Outfitters. In this article about fishing rod sleeve 7[sq]6 you can see why people choose the product. Qunci and Kiikooll are also good brands to look for when you are finding fishing rod sleeve 7[sq]6.

What are the best brands for fishing rod sleeve 7[sq]6?

Midwest Outfitters, Qunci and Kiikooll are some of the best brands that chosen by people for fishing rod sleeve 7[sq]6. Find the detail in this article. Plusinno, Kastking and Zhenduo Outdoor are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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