Best Fishing Rod Sleeve Spinning

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1. Mr Casting Fishing Sleeve Jacket

Mr Casting Fishing Sleeve Jacket

The rod socks are easy to carry and store. It can return to its original shape in a short time, but it needs a lot of space. It is suitable for all kinds of fishing rods, such as flying fishing rod, spinning rod, cast fishing rod, sea fishing rod and other common fishing rods. It is suitable for rod storage cabinet, rod storage pipe, truck rear or round trip ships. The Mr. Z fishing rod sleeve has some advantages. The Mr. Z Rod Protector is Breathable and Not Retain Water. Mr. Z Rod cover material is designed to protect your rods from chips, cracks, and scratches. Protect your investment with Mr. Z Casting Rod Sleeves. The Mr.Z Pole Sock has sleeves that are long and thin. It is possible to fit most common casting rods from 6'6 to 7'6 in length. They are not suitable for Casting Rod with a size 30 biggest guide. 10 pieces in 5 different colors could help you sort the Rods.

Brand: Mr. Z

2. BB Hapeayou Fishing Protect Braided

BB Hapeayou Fishing Protect Braided

100% of the material is made in China. They are made of environment PET, high density braided construction and expandable is not easy to mold and corrode, you can use them for a long time. The fishing rod covers are easy to use, they are easy to slide on, and they help protect expensive rods and avoid the line from getting stuck. The color of the socks lets them know which pole and lure combination they have set up. The older plastic tube type takes up more space than the rods themselves. The elastic strap on the end of the rod socks secures the cover to the rods. The maximum width of these Rod Covers is 2.5inch, but they recommend that you measure the size of the spinning poles you want to use. If there is a problem with the product, they will give it back free of charge. 24 hours online customer service.

Brand: Bb Hapeayou

👤It's not a bad idea to do a lot of fishing to many rods. They do a good job of keeping untangled great deal for the money will buy more.

👤They fit my fishing rods well, but the problem is that the material gets holes easily. Within a week of having my fishing rods, they poked through the end. I would look for better quality.

👤It was very good. It is my third set of socks. I had not been happy until now. The elastic that holds them in place is heavy. I'm getting rid of all my friends.

👤I bought a few rod sleeves from a brick and mortar store for about 6 dollars each. The elastic handle strap is awesome and they blew off the boat.

👤They work well. Right one. I wish the bottom opening stretched so it held the rod better. They are good for their purpose.

👤One of the best fishing gear purchases of the year! It's much easier to travel with multiple rods. I wish I had bought them a long time ago.

👤They told me to pull over the large guide on the spinning rods. The guide punched a hole after going over easily. The women's pants hose would have held up better.

👤It's great up to 7.5 ft rods. The bottom strap is useless after that.

3. Bombrooster Fishing Protector Braided Sleeves

Bombrooster Fishing Protector Braided Sleeves

The fishing storage bag is designed for fishermen who love fishing. You can be fishing quickly if you carry your set up rods. It's a great gift choice. If you have a lot of fishing rods, these are a must. It's great to keep your rods out of the rod box. It could be folded into a small piece. It is easy to store or take outside. It is easy on and easy off. Shrink tube design at the end of the tip protects it from being stabbed. You could stretch the lanyard onto the reel handle to make sure the sleeves stay put, or you could use it as a hanging loop. The mesh braided sleeve is made of PET fabric. Even when the cover is on, the mesh design allows wet rods to dry out. It is more resistant to high temperatures. You can choose between 78.7in x 1.6in or 66.9in x 1.2in rod sleeves, they are both suitable for all kinds of rods. It is a perfect gift for your family or friends who love fishing. The package includes 10 rod socks in 5 colors.

Brand: Bombrooster

👤My husband keeps all his poles tangle free.

👤The 6 1/2 and 7 foot rods are a perfect fit.

👤The item was described and I expected to purchase it again.

👤The product was used for boat storage.

👤These are amazing. The price and product are great.

👤Material para las caas de pescar.

4. DynoGoods Fishing Sleeve Casting Protector

DynoGoods Fishing Sleeve Casting Protector

The rod sleeve is available in a variety of colors and lengths. Before purchasing, please look at the dimensions carefully. It's ideal for 7ft casting rods. Not intended for spinning rods. 67 inches in length expands to 2.5 inches in width. The elastic loop on the end of the reel helps keep the sleeve from sliding off the rod. For easy hanging, loop on rod tip end. It helps keep your fishing rods organized. The material is durable and resistant to damage.

Brand: Dynogoods

👤They seem to be the same quality as the other competitors. The elastic band held the hole on the reel. Two of the three sleeves labels were straight. Your tips don't poke through with a end loop if they have a piece of nylon type material. Quality control on printing is not good.

👤The socks are high quality and durable, so they were a great purchase. I will definitely buy mor for my other rods.

👤The rod covers are great. My baitcaster was getting tangled a lot. This solved my issues. Avoid close contact with treble hooks.

👤They have good material, but my pole sticks through it after a few uses.

👤Its name is its grea. It will cover a 7ft pole up to your reel.

👤I was asked to buy these for my son. I did not know they were a thing. It's funny. He seems happy with them. He can get his rods set up and put covers on them, so nothing gets messed up. There is some extra space at the top of the pole that doesn't get filled, so they run a little on the long side. They are a great value for the money. I am very happy with the purchase.

👤Producto de satisfecho con la compra.

5. DynoGoods Fishing Sleeve Casting Protector

DynoGoods Fishing Sleeve Casting Protector

Excellent for covering grips or handles. It's ideal for 7'6" - 8' 0" casting rods. Not intended for spinning rods. The length is 77 inches and the width is 2.5 inches. The elastic loop on the end of the reel helps keep the sleeve from sliding off the rod. For easy hanging, loop on rod tip end. It helps keep your fishing rods organized. The material is durable and resistant to damage.

Brand: Dynogoods

👤It was a perfect fit for bait casting rods. It won't cover the eye closest to the reel. They are pretty easy to slide on. They don't work for my spinning rods.

👤These were tried a couple of times, but not the whole thing. That is. They have a rolled-up memory so they are a little difficult.

👤My rods were secured on a 1200 mile road trip. I am happy I made the purchase.

👤It wouldn't fit my rigs. But they were made nicely.

👤Light weight protection from bumps and nicks.

👤I ordered it because it was 7ft 10in. They were only 6 feet when we got them. They were in a bag that was 7 feet tall. They were not. I ordered two sets.

👤The cover protects the fishing rods.

👤The Exelente rods cover is 100% recomendable.

6. Witwatia Fishing Casting Spinning Protector

Witwatia Fishing Casting Spinning Protector

There are 3 sets of 2 sleeves each of Chartreuse/black, charcoal/black, and Red/black. The package includes a fishing rod cover. Black rod sleeves are available. The length and width of the sleeves is about 2 inches. The rod straps are about 10 inches long. The heat resistance can reach 120C and the fishing rod sleeve is made from durable material. It's a good way to protect your fishing rod from damage. The fishing rod sleeve is flexible and easy to use. It expands to 3.5 inch wide, which makes it easy to go over the largest guide. It's strong elasticity, no worry about small things going over. The unique braided construction and wide expandability, light and flexible, easy to bend, easy to install and disassemble, easy to expand to twice the original size, and easy to tighten various irregular objects are their advantage. barbed hooks are easy to remove. Fishing pole covers are suitable for all kinds of fishing rods, such as flying fishing rod, spinning rod, cast fishing rod, sea fishing rod and other common fishing rods. It is suitable for rod storage cabinet, rod storage pipe, truck rear or round trip ships. It can help prevent tangles in your vehicle. It's the most important accessory of your rod. You can enjoy your fishing life with them.

Brand: Witwatia

👤I accidentally left a snap swivel open and put this sleeve on for the first time and it caught and shredded the sleeve.

👤These are life saving. Would 100 % buy theses again in the future? It's great for all rods.

7. RITE HITE Briant Jacket Fishing Covers

RITE HITE Briant Jacket Fishing Covers

Fishing Rod Hook Keeper is an innovative hook keeper that is easy to install and secure. They are easy to use. Their braided construction and wide expandability makes installation easy. You can put rod storage tubes in the back of your truck or in a boat rod locker. It is resistant to elements. The measurement is 5 feet long with a diameter of 2 inches. For rods greater than 7 inches. Works well for many salt water species.

Brand: Rite-hite

👤I love these rod sleeves because they match my rod covers. It is cheap insurance in my opinion.

👤My girlfriend loves it and can easily identify her rod in the rod locker.

👤These are my favorite brands of rod sleeve. The opening is round and the length is right. A must have for travel.

👤It works well and is a great way to protect line guides.

👤This is a great product. I keep all of my rods organized.

8. BeeTwo Fishing Protector Lanyard Spinning

BeeTwo Fishing Protector Lanyard Spinning

It's the best gift to give to a family member for Christmas. Do you want to buy a single rod or reel? You can search the ASIN: B07Y2ZDVWD or B07YFP8KV3. 4 Pack Fishing Rod cover with Lanyard is what you get. The sleeves are available in a variety of colors. The best fitting fishing rods are between 6 and 7 feet. The mesh protects the rod eyes from poking through. It's a great way to protect your fishing line and rod from nicks and scratches. All rods sleeves now have an elastic band to secure the sock to the reel. It's great for Fly, Spinning, Casting, Sea Fishing Rod, Fly fisherman or Musky fishermen. The braided construction and wide expandability make it easy to install. barbed hooks are easy to remove. Their fishing rod covers are made of a tough plastic that won't absorb water and will resist folding. Please contact them if you have any quality issues.

Brand: Beetwo

👤I will never have a rod with a cover again. I read that the covers are not able to go over the larger guides on spinning rods. I have seen some very big line guides on catfish poles and deep sea poles. I'm sure there are many large size line guides. My 7 foot rods and smaller ones had no problem going over every guide. I can't stress how happy we are with them. When poles are laying next to each other or on top of each other, there is no need for tangled lines. My wife is happy with the covers for her rods and said she will not have a rod without a cover. If you have large size line guides on your rods, they will not cover them. There are quarter size guides.

👤Bee Two Fishing Rod Cover, 4 Pack protects my fishing poles from damage during transportation and storage. It is easy to put on and remove. I trimmed off the extra material for my fishing rods. So far they are holding up. They were not to expensive.

👤Does the job of covering the line. Make sure you keep the hooks covered. You have a fight on your hands to get it free because it's easy for hooks to get into it.

👤These are large enough for bait casting rods. I would like them to be 2 inches longer. The elastic keeper strap would be less stressed by it. They don't fit on my spinning rods. I was able to fit them on my spinning rod. It was able to fit on my Gander Mtn rod. The rod sleeve barely fit the biggest eye, which was 1.5 inches.

👤It is to long. It barely fit over the lager eye loops on your fishing rod. It works but not well. I break my fishing rod when I put it in the trunk. It does work, but not a good solution for transporting.

👤So happy with the socks. It's helpful when you have multiple rods. If you want to grab the rod you want and not the entire bunch of them, you can lay them in the bed and just grab the rod you want. Fit multiple lengths of rods.

👤I bought these despite the reviews that said they were not for spinning rods. They fit my spinning rods perfectly. You can't pull them over the big eyelets.

👤It's just a little long for the short rods. Will not fit over the big guide on my spinning rods. It appears to be very durable.

9. DynoGoods Fishing Sleeve Spinning Protector

DynoGoods Fishing Sleeve Spinning Protector

There are 10 different color rod covers in this package. There are red, orange, purple, black, army green, black and green, black and blue, black and white, black and red, green and yellow rod sleeves. It's ideal for spinning rods. Product Description has a comparison chart that can be used to help decide sleeve style. 67 inches in length is ideal for 7ft rods. The elastic loop on the end of the reel helps keep the sleeve from sliding off the rod. For easy hanging, loop on rod tip end. It helps keep your fishing rods organized. The material is durable and resistant to damage.

Brand: Dynogoods

👤The product fit as described. If you have longer rods, you may have to use other methods. These are great for long rods.

👤It was difficult to find a cover that would fit my Salt water spinning rods. I used my custom SCR rods and my St Criox stick.

👤The over 7' poles are the only ones that have not worked so far. I haven't placed them yet but will do so once I do.

👤It's easy to install and helps with storage on the boat.

👤There is a little on the small side. They fit. I like them.

👤The mesh is thin around the biggest guide on my bass spinning rod, but it does fit perfectly.

👤These covers are very cheap and won't fit over the last eye of a good spinning rod.

10. BASSDASH Casting Spinning Fishing Protective

BASSDASH Casting Spinning Fishing Protective

The PET mesh sheaths and bungee loop are made of abrasive resistant material. The rod sleeves are made of tightly woven fabric and are designed to protect fishing rods and avoid tangles of fishing line. In order to fit larger line guides of spinning rods, sleeves made for spinning rods are wider in diameter. Sturdy shrink tube end with built-in loop for easy storage and bungee cord on opening side for fit. You can sort your fishing rods by color when organizing them.

Brand: Bassdash

👤I bought this to protect my rod. It does the job and is cheap. It feels very good. Wouldn't hesitate to buy.

👤I have had others that were nicer. They are easy to work with.

👤I liked the quality and fit of the product.

👤He says it was nice and he's happy with it.

👤These sleeves are great. They feel the same if they are cheaper than some companies. I was very pleased with these.

👤Not long enough. He said it was 7.5 feet.

👤We gave our sons new fishing gear. The rods don't come apart, so we thought the sleeves were a good idea to protect them. The fit was perfect and the boys liked it.

👤I can't use a lanyard because it stretches too much and puts a lot of pressure on the tip of the rod. It works great for 7' rod, but would need a longer lanyard.


11. ODDSPRO Fishing Protector Spinning Casting

ODDSPRO Fishing Protector Spinning Casting

One piece and even 2-piece rods are difficult to travel with. You can pack the travel rod series into back packs, luggage, on an airplane, golf bag, motorcycle or just about anywhere you want. Don't leave home without a fishing rod. You never know when you will find a great place to go fishing and wish you had a telescopic fishing pole with you. Between trips, they reduce the amount of fishing rod storage space at home. There are two sizes and three colors of rod sleeves, black, red, and blue, and black and green. Protect your rods with the ODDSPRO Spinning/Casting/Fly Rod Sleeve, it's stylish and it protects your rods from damage. The blank, line guides, and the tip of the rod are protected in each sleeve. The sleeves are easy to use and have a material that will not mold or rot. The extra fishing hook protectors reduce tangles. The space will be more organized with the Rod covers. If you're doing other things, keep the rods in a small stack out of the way so they don't get damaged. Extra 12 fishing hook protectors. If you use the fishing hook protectors or squeeze the hooked section of the Rod cover together, you will be able to remove the hooks without any issues.

Brand: Oddspro

👤I bought these to protect my rods on my fishing trip. I was worried that it wouldn't cover the lower line guide. When my rod was broken down, I didn't have to worry about putting it over. I have a rod. The idea is to keep them together and minimally protected while in a carrier that I made to use while I am traveling, but I felt like the details were a little scarce as I could not choose a size for the product. The item was 190 cm x 4 cm and 170 cm x 4 cm. The foam hook guards are not very useful. Some people are concerned about the colors I don't care about. There were 4 red 2 in each size, 4 blue 2 in each size, and 2 green 1 in each size. The elastic band should hook over a reel in a rod. The image I included does not have a reel on the rod and is with the rod broken down into 2 pieces with both pieces in the sleeve. The 190 cm sleeve is used.

👤If you're looking for cheap rod covers that have style and protection, then these are for you. They are 1.7m and 1.9m, around 6 foot long. I have them on one casting rod and two spinning rods. They cover both and will make sure I don't damage the eyes or the paint on the rods. I recommend them to any fisherman who wants to protect their rods.

👤I was skeptical about the sleeves, but they are wider to accept the eyelets of my spinning rods, and no problem. The sleeves on the order were in two different lengths, which worked better on a few of my longer rods. Unless you have weird rods with crazy sized eyelets, order these and you will be happy.

👤The rod socks were perfect for what I needed. I have put them on a variety of rods, from light spinning rods to larger casting rods and even a 15 foot, 3 piece rod. I ordered 10 packs and each had 5 shorter ones and 5 longer ones. I would recommend it.

👤These socks are great. Very affordable. You can protect your gear for just over 2 dollars per rod. Must companies are selling these for a lot of money. The elastic strap on the reel handle will help secure the sock you are hooking, and I love it. It was nice to have a pack of hook guards.

👤I have always had issues with rod socks being too tight around the rod eye. I've purchased other brands of socks before, but these are larger in diameter. They slide easily over the bottom eye of my spinning rods.

👤The material is adequate for the job, even if it is lighter than regular cable loom. Unless you are stealing the loom material you can't make them cheaper than this, mine cost a little over $2 each, they are cheaper now. The weave of the loom is loose and that is both good and bad. I'll just watch the rod a little closer next time, it will poke through the loom, nothing hurts, it's a small rod. The sleeves are large enough to give plenty of protection. The material on the spinning rods will stretch over the last guide.


What is the best product for fishing rod sleeve spinning?

Fishing rod sleeve spinning products from Mr. Z. In this article about fishing rod sleeve spinning you can see why people choose the product. Bb Hapeayou and Bombrooster are also good brands to look for when you are finding fishing rod sleeve spinning.

What are the best brands for fishing rod sleeve spinning?

Mr. Z, Bb Hapeayou and Bombrooster are some of the best brands that chosen by people for fishing rod sleeve spinning. Find the detail in this article. Dynogoods, Dynogoods and Witwatia are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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