Best Fishing Scale and Pliers

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1. KastKing Water Resistant Digital Scale

KastKing Water Resistant Digital Scale

Their digital hanging scale can be used to weigh a lot of things. It is possible to quickly and accurately weigh fish or other items in either pounds or ounces. You can store up to 9 different weights with the memory function. The high- strength frame is light but strong. The handle and side are coated with a slip resistant coating. The scale has a strong hook to hold fish, luggage or packages. The scale is small in size and big in features. It has a back-lit digital display, memory function, auto-off after 4 minutes of non-use to save batteries, and 2AAA batteries. Nopuncture design will not harm fish while holding it firmly in place for release, photos or for checking weight. Wrist lanyard and floating design will not sink if dropped in water. The ring on the handle is strong enough to hang from a scale. It's great for predator fish with sharp teeth.

Brand: Kastking

👤I've been looking for an affordable fishing scale for a long time. Many scales were out of my price range or were cheap, but not well made. I found the perfect combination when I bought this. The weighing system is easy to use. It is easy to understand and has features to keep track of a long day on the water. You don't need to put the scale tip under the gill plate if you grab the fish with the grabber and attach it to the scale. This is a product that I would recommend to anyone.

👤I like it if it goes up to 100 lbs, but with the plastic handle it may not hold up to that weight, and the measuring tape is hard to get out with wet fish.

👤It worked out okay. The batteries may have been old when received. Out of 3,Indicated 1 bar. The lip gripper worked well. The scale does not float. If you fish and paddle, get a boat that floats. Buttons are not easy to learn. At least they didn't claim it was waterproof. I didn't test accuracy.

👤You can always find great value on the fishing gear you need. I've been playing the guessing game for a long time when it comes to fishing, so when I saw that Kastking had a new combo, I jumped on it. The scale is small. It's easy to read with the backlight on or off. The lip grip seems to hold up well. I haven't tried the floating feature of the grip yet, but I don't plan to because of the lanyard that comes with them.

👤The scale is very affordable and easy to use, the instructions were very specific on how to use the scale, change the units and the memory option. The fishing add-on has a good grip and is helpful to get the fish out of the water. It's a great option to have on the fishing gear.

👤I wanted to see how much catfish I caught was weighed. I was surprised by the scale. The fish grippers are pretty decent. If you need a scale and don't want to spend a lot of money, I would recommend it.

👤I bought this scale because it can be used for anything you want to weigh. Another scale that doesn't go this high is made by Kastking. Both scales are easy to use. When you need it now. No more waiting for the scales to be set up while you wait for the fish to come in.

👤Product arrived as described. The scale is accurate.

2. Huntsman Outdoors Fishing Pliers Stainless

Huntsman Outdoors Fishing Pliers Stainless

It doesn't. Is it possible to fit? No worries! Let them know if you're satisfied. They are not until you are. The pliers have a solid no flex design that helps them maintain perfect alignment while the spring loaded jaws on the pliers are also a great fishing crimping tool. Corrosion resistance is built for all fishing environments. The frame of the boat is made of a high-hardness steel that makes it light weight and helps keep the boat's accessories resistant to rust. The arched palm and finger grooves on the grip make it the perfect split ring pliers, fishing line cutter or fish hook. The ribbed slip resistant handle is used for the removal tool. They are Sheth and Yard. The fishing pliers kit includes a custom molded belt loop carrying case with a strap and lanyard that can be clipped. Fishing tools are on the go. Their fishing pliers are backed by a 30 day money back guarantee and a 1 year free replacement warranty.

Brand: Huntsman Outdoors

👤I was shopping for items that would fit easily on my fishing kayak and found this item. Wow! I was amazed at the precision in manufacturing and the design of the packaging, but it was the attention to detail in the packaging that caught my attention. It will do almost anything you need to hold a fish, dehook it, or cut your line when fishing. There is only one thing missing, a magnification device. That's right! The set of fishing pliers was really nice. I recommend them to everyone.

👤I never got to use the snap ring tool because it was hard to attach or remove and I lost them in the water. It would work better if you didn't need to loan it to someone.

👤These pliers grab like a pit bull when you're trying to grab and remove the hook from an angry fish on the deck. The coil lanyard gives you the right amount of reach, and clips nicely to a belt loop or vest ring, thus avoiding the annoying and expensive "oh crap!" When you see your tool disappear over the side. Good design and materials.

👤I put this in my fishing tackle box and it was great. I love how it works, but I have to keep the plastic 'keeper' over my nose when I use it. I'll learn how to do this better in the future. I would recommend this to anyone looking for something like this.

👤I replaced my older steel needle nose pliers with these. I fish primarily saltwater and thought these would be a better option. They are also good for crimping on split shot weights. I was surprised at how light they were.

👤The finger grooves don't work for left handed people, so I am disappointed.

👤A nice pair of fishing pliers.

👤The product was made with high quality materials. These pliers are just as nice as the ones I have used twice as much.

3. Cuda Cutters Hook Blue 18178

Cuda Cutters Hook Blue 18178

China is the country of origin. Steel construction is resistant tocorrosion. Long handles for leverage. The lock has handles for safe storage.

Brand: Cuda

👤They were never in a waterproof box and never left my boat. I think these are just a pair of tools that I was lucky to get and that I should take care of them by putting gun oil or wd40 on them. There were no problems with rust. Some people think that things are supposed to take care of themselves and then they blame the product for failing or being bad. Some people are stupid.

👤I tried to cut a hook with the tool. The hook turned sideways between the blades. The same result was1-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-6556 Other users had the same problem as I did. I have Cuda scissors and it's disappointing. They are excellent. I bought this hook cutter from Cuda because of that. It appears to be of good quality, but it doesn't cut hooks. I'm not sure if I got a faulty one, but I saw the same issue on the video sharing website. Had to return it.

👤We wanted to be able to cut fishing hooks when a fish takes it too far. The first time they were used on a large mouth bass, it was a disaster. They are hard to grip because of how wide you have to spread them to get the cutter open. Even with a large mouth bass, you can't get the cutter around the hook effectively to cut it. They are not very effective. We couldn't get them around the hook well enough to cut it. After wasting too much time trying to cut the hook, I ended up cutting the line. We threw the cutter off the boat when we got home. Completely useless and bulky. I apologize for wasting my money on these.

👤This product is exactly what a fisherman needs to cut a hook out of a fish's mouth to try to save it.

👤This is what I was looking for. It is easy to cut through hooks. You can cut the barb off of the hook and pull it through without damaging it. It's not likely to fit in the mouth of panfish or anything smaller than a bass because it's larger. It's easy to fit in a tacklebox.

👤Love the way it works. I cut over a dozen hooks. A great tool for an injury. I only worry about how they rusted after saving a Bull Red fish. Every time I wash my gear, I do it thoroughly. I can keep them in good shape with a little extra work. It is a very capable tool.

👤These are a great addition to a tackle box. I played with the hooks they were cutting. They did not have any problems cutting. Hopefully, I don't need them.

👤My kids are learning about catch and release. Problems when a hook is swallowed by a fish. A Peacock bass swallowed a hook today after receiving this product two days ago. The product made it easy to cut the hook. The peacock got back in the water in no time. Kids were happy. Absolutely worth the purchase.

4. GEMWON Fishing Pliers Remover Gripper

GEMWON Fishing Pliers Remover Gripper

The design of the split fishing ring makes it easier to change accessories. It's great for making jewelry and crafts, but also great for connecting hooks, rigs and leaders. MULTI-FUNCTION FISHING GEAR. A multi-functional fishing tool set includes fishing pliers, fish lip gripper, and a hook change. These tools can help you cut fish. It's an excellent fishing tool kit for both amateur and professional fishermen. The new design is fishing poles. The multi-function pliers can be used for cutting line, changing split rings and removing hooks. The braided fishing line is easy to use. ANTI-CORROSION & DURABLE- The accessories are made of high strength and resistant steel. It's suitable for a lot of fishing environments. EVA HANDLE- The handle is made of EVA, which provides comfort and control. The pliers are lightweight and open by one hand. The lanyard can be hung on your hands or equipment. It's ok to find it quickly.

Brand: Gemwon

👤I have trouble holding onto fish, but these tools helped me. I was able to get the hook out of the fish with the help of the pliers. No need to worry about him.

👤Straight forward tool for fishing.

👤They were used for a kids' fishing day. Well done!

👤The first time I used it, it broke. The pliers are garbage. The lip grabber is the only thing worth it.

👤The set of fishing implements helps handle the messy work of taking out the hook and releasing the fish. Handles have a good grip on heavy fish. It is recommended.

5. Berkley Digital Fish Scale Tape 50

Berkley Digital Fish Scale Tape 50

QUALITY COMMITMENT The quality of their products is something they stand behind. If you are not satisfied with your purchase, please contact them. Money back and warranty are provided by them. 100% satisfaction guarantee for risk-free shopping. A portable scale with tape measure. The construction weighs up to 50 lbs. It's kg. Stores up to 10 weights. The tare feature allows the combined weight of multiple fish. Attachable 48 in/1. 2 M tape measure.

Brand: Berkley

👤It did not come with a tape measure. Not worth the price without those.

👤I tried to weigh the bass with this scale. I had to release the fish without knowing its weight because the numbers kept reading negative. I turned it on and off a few times before it started working. It seems to be inaccurate even then. I weighed a 5 pound weight and it was off by 5 ounces. Garbage is what the measuring tape is made of. It's hard to withdraw once it comes out. This product is disappointing. It's a hassle to get returns. I'll make sure to add 5 ounces whenever I use it.

👤The case is cheap and brittle so I don't expect to abuse it, but the $19 I paid reflects the lower quality of the case. The cheap little tape measure is convenient to weigh and measure the fish I am satisfied with, but will be keeping it in a freezer bag to protect it until use.

👤For the most part, okay. It seems to be correct. You wouldn't want to do somersaults over. Would recommend.

👤The scale performed very well after I attached a 10# weight. I received five readings and took 5. The clamp is strong. The tape measure is easy to detach and fall off of when weighing.

👤I opened it to make sure I didn't need any batteries. I pulled the clip out. I will let you know tomorrow how it fell to pieces. I am not looking forward to it helping weigh as it already falling apart and as Amazon goes one more thing I order from here I get that is not exactly what it says I won't be using them anymore.

👤I like the scale but it could use some improvements. The things I wish were different. The fish mouth needs to fit in the grippers. We have to grip the scale to a different set of grippers while we catch fish that are over 12 pounds. 2. It takes a bit to come on and we need to zero it out each time. It weighs nicely once you get it to zero out.

👤The batteries were dead before that. The unit doesn't work. If you don't get new batteries, the unit won't turn on. The wires need to be connected. I didn't plan on doing a fixit project. The batteries were drained by the scale. Don't buy this movie.

👤Todava, no he pescado, pero asegurar, una calibrada. La cinta m├ętrica is un buen complemento.

👤Cumple con las expectativas.

👤Amigos, funciona. It practica.

6. Booms Fishing G04 Fish Gripper

Booms Fishing G04 Fish Gripper

The package includes a custom sheath with elastic rope. If you want to access quickly, clip on to your belt or waistband. Land and release your catch. Irmly holds the fish with one hand. The construction of the handle is non-slip. The load bearing is made of nylon and glass. It is fitted with a wrist lanyard to keep it out of the water.

Brand: Booms Fishing

👤The pins are loose. It was used on a bass and the pin popped out when it shook. The pin was lost in the lake.

👤These were used to bring in a feisty northern pike. They are made to last. The locking mechanism works well. I'll be even more happy with them if they can bring me a little more luck so I can get a fish to test them on.

👤They do what they need when they use theses. It's used for fresh water fish under 10 lbs. I like them and think they're very sturdy, so I might not need another one. Would recommend.

👤The pins were holding it together.

👤Excellent design. During kayak fishing, I landed three 20-lb stripers. It was difficult to land smaller ones using landing net.

👤This one seems better made and well-designed, and it was bought and broken by many competitors. It doesn't float, so make sure you have a lanyard with you.

👤It's very strong and makes it hard for you to get poked by the catfish.

👤Due to some hand weakness from neck surgery, these were much easier to use than what I had been using.


7. Dreamdeals Fishing Aluminium Removal Water Repellant

Dreamdeals Fishing Aluminium Removal Water Repellant

The lanyard and sheath are nylon and are easy to carry. How does a guy keep reeling in fish after fish, while you are left empty-handed? He has a better fishing kit. And now you can, too! With split ring pliers, a fish and water-repellant gloves, you will have your rig set up and in the water faster, tackle snags and broken lines quicker, and lose less fish! A multi-purpose steel fishing pliers can be used to remove hooks and splits rings, slice through fishing line like butter, and crimp leads and sleeves. Do you misplace your fishing gear? You will never misplace your pliers again, with a carabiner that clips right to your belt loop. Water-repellant fishing gloves. You can't use your phone with those gloves. Their gloves are water-repellant and reinforced with heavy-duty rubber palms, unlike gloves that turn into soggy messes when wet. You can still use your phone without getting it wet or having to take your gloves off, because they have equipped the fingertips with their own grips. Don't lose another prized catch due to a broken line or clunky fish gripper. The fish gripper features a jaw and inner spring that make it easy to operate. The big one that got away, you won't be telling stories about it anymore with a non-slip EVA handle. Whether you enjoy a laid back day of bass fishing on the lake, hunting for the perfect cold water salmon, a hip-deep fly fishing session, or reeling in a deep sea giant, their fishing accessories are perfect for all types of fishing.

Brand: Dreamdeals So Good

👤The material resistente el envio fue super rapido.

👤You can buy needle nose pliers at the hardware store. These fishing pliers are not very good.

👤The pliers seem to work well. One needs to squeeze harder to cut the way through the line cutter because there is a slight gap between the blades. A good product.

👤The best fishing set for the price.

👤I can't wait to try it out.

👤6 meses llevndolo al mar, aunque todo de las calidades.

8. Bokeok Fishing Upgraded Saltwater Resistant

Bokeok Fishing Upgraded Saltwater Resistant

The Double-needle sleeve and bottom hem are lightweight. The new design fishing poles and grips feature lightweight aluminum alloy handles and elegant hollow out design. MULTI-FUNCTIONAL FISHING GEAR Use a lanyard to prevent accidental loss, and use a cutter with a sharp edge to cut fishing lines. One or two fingers can operate the fish gripper, it enhances hand strength and reduces fatigue. There are new tools for fishing. The lock buckle design can fix the handle to prevent it from opening, and it fits the shape of your hand. Fishing gifts for men. The helpful fly fishing tools sets are a good gift for fisherman.

Brand: Bokeok

👤The essential tools to play with are a fish clip and pliers, as well as an anti-drop line and waist pocket. In line with manual design engineering, the pliers material is light and high strength. Big fish can be completely lifted, but not open the fish mouth, if you use a fish clip. The rope and waist pocket are loss-proof. It is cost-effective.

👤The bokeok 8.2inch is more than that. It came with more than I anticipated. I got the mail set of pliers as I am not an avid fisherman, but the case that they come in are great, as I am not sure what some of the tools are used for. The pliers themselves are very nice and I won't be using the connection cable and the case has a nice velcro tab that will hold the pliers good when they are in the case. I don't know what some of the other accessories are for, so I will probably have to wait and see the next time I go fishing with someone that knows more about fishing than I do, maybe I would be more impressed with the accessories I knew what they were and what they were Two thumbs up for the pliers. The tool has screw drivers. Good day and God bless... Randall M Rueff...

👤Tools that can be used multiple times are required for fishing off a kayak. The grab hook is great for catfish because they don't have to worry about being stabbed by barbs. It is easy to use with one hand. The pliers are good for changing lures. I panicked when I thought my husband had dropped them. They cut my line cleanly. I will leave these in my kayak kit.

👤These tools are very efficient and time saving. I will be using these for fishing this summer.

👤I took my boy fishing that weekend after receiving this item. This item was made to order. It was strong enough to pull the larger fish up in the boat. The pliers were perfect for removing hooks. I am very happy with this.

👤I absolutely love them. Attaching the lanyard to the tackle box is easy. Would recommend anyone.

9. Piscifun Professional Holder Gripper Scale

Piscifun Professional Holder Gripper Scale

You can use this scale to measure the weight of fish, cargo, luggage, and other items, suitable for various occasions. The scale numbers are clear to read and stand up to 33 lbs. The body is great for both freshwater and saltwater use. The retractable lanyard, hook and anti-skid handle prevent your gripper from being lost. The anti-slip strip on the handle makes it skid-proof, and the ergonomics make it comfortable to hold. The Camouflage color and fashion design is made of anodized aluminum. You have no need to worry about Piscifun's 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Brand: Piscifun

👤The gripper is very good. The only reason I am giving it 4 stars is because it is the smallest unit and I was able to adjust the scale to display 5 lbs correctly. At the low end of the scale, it would not return to 0 on its own. It still displayed 1 lbs and up.

👤I used it all winter on large lakes. It works well for catching and cleaning fish. I was given better control of the fish and my hands were less slimy. After calibrating the scale with a 2lb weight and a 10lb weight, it worked well. I think it's a good idea. I plan to use it on striped bass.

👤I bought this because of the 'Lip Grip' feature. The feature worked well. It's a lot easier to pull hooks from fish that are toothy without using a jaw spreader. The rubber handle is easy to grip and control. It is easy to release them back to the water with the simple 'trigger' mechanism. The fish is out of water for less time and is less likely to get injured during the hook-extraction process. This product is worth the money because of that. The scale feature is just a bonus. The pike in the picture was just under 5 pounds. I didn't have a scale to compare against but the average weight charts say a 30 inch pike should weigh between 6 and 7 pounds. I know the scale can be adjusted. I haven't had time to do it yet. The scale spring created a nice shock absorbing effect when the fish tried to get away. I will update the review if something happens that is durable. I don't think that will be an issue. It is safe to assume that I'm using this thing all the time and it is still working as advertised if the review is still up. I would definitely buy again and probably buy a few more as gifts.

👤I was starting to think that this was a bad thing. I bought it because I was catching a lot of animals. I didn't catch anything after I bought it. I didn't need a grabber for anything. It was with me and has held up well. I have gotten to use it after the jinx was lifted and it works great. I wanted one that would make it easier to get a big fish into my kayak, as well as placing them back in the water. One of the fish's fins has not come off and there is no damage to the fish. It is a little heavy and if you drop it the coil retainer won't stay in place. Maybe that weight is going to make it last longer.

👤It took me a while to figure out how to connect it, as the threaded part was stuck sideways, and the scale was free floating. It was still floating, but the bottom part was disconnected from the screw, it was difficult to connect it and get it to work. You would think that a brand new part would be inspected for completeness and quality before shipping it out. It seems like a nice product once I set it up.

10. Stainless Rustproof Saltwater Multi Tools Red 8 8inches

Stainless Rustproof Saltwater Multi Tools Red 8 8inches

Buy for a friend or loved one and save together. One hand operation. The fishing pliers have a small U sharp hook lock that can be used only by one hand. It's ideal for beginners and skilled fishing masters. This fishing pliers can be used as hook removal, braid line cutter, fish gripper, weights crimper and split ring pliers, as well as cutting braid line, steel wire, nylon wire, carbon line and so on. Continuation resistance is a principle of corrosion. The fishing pliers are made of 3 CR13 steel, which is lighter and more resistant to rust. The black coating is 6.9in. Non-SLIP RUBBER HANDLE. Fishing pliers with rubber handle have a firm hold to grip when removing hooks. The lanyard and belt sheath are used to protect the fish pliers from being lost, as well as for quick access and easy reach while wading, surf fishing, or bank fishing.

Brand: Hikary

👤The reviews on this product were great, but when the rubber met the road, they just don't work. The tips scissor at the end when you catch a larger fish. For Gulf redfish, forget them, they work for fresh water blue gill or smaller catches. They don't work.

👤I bought them in May. The pliers were not being used on a daily basis because I fish only in the spring and summer. I crimped a lead split shot weight a couple of days ago and one of the jaws broke. I knew I was buying an inexpensive item from China, but I didn't think it would last more than 3 1/2 months. These were made from a very low quality metal. I contacted the seller to try to get a replacement pair since the return window was closed. I had to use Amazon. If it wasn't for the one-time exception, I wouldn't have spent the money on these. You can save yourself the hassle by buying something else.

👤I don't like the way these pliers are constructed. They are weak. They feel cheap when you try to close them. They need a sharp cut on the cutting section. These pliers are not good for fishing.

👤I tried to shake the hook free from the tog hook in the roof of the mouth of a 17 inch tautog, but it collapsed and twisted all screwy. They twisted on themselves when I tried to realign the angle. They worked on a couple small pogeys, but these are not for anything larger than a small fish.

👤A bright color to spot your tackle box right away, good quality, and watch out for fish.

👤These are useful during fishing trips. They are complete for any need. They have a great case and lanyard to keep them close.

👤It's perfect for up through the gills. Not the best for split rings. I just use fresh water and leave them in the boat.

👤Work hard for getting hard to reach hooks.

👤The pliers are very strong and light. They are thin and long enough to easily remove hooks. The spring loaded design makes it easy to use. Even when your hands are wet, the handle material allows a good grip on the pliers. The design of the tip does not allow a strong, secure grip on hooks to either tighten knots or break barbs off easily. While hanging on a vest, the safety latch is easy to open and it is poorly designed. If you tighten the rivet, you need your second hand to open the safety catch, which complicates matters if you're trying to manage a live fish release at the same time. A better, more robust safety catch would be a great improvement over the current product.

👤After a few weeks of fishing, not impressed, flimsy, can't take hook out because the jaws cross each other, and after 2 weeks it's rusting, it's basically junk.

👤These are good for the price. It is easy to remove hooks from them. They are light for large game fish such as pike but sturdy enough for smaller fish.

11. RUNCL Waterproof Fishing Gripper Fluorescent

RUNCL Waterproof Fishing Gripper Fluorescent

The fishing set comes with a side by side tackle box, it's the best gift for fisherman and beginner, it's special for Christmas, Thanksgiving Day, Father's Day, and so on. Let's enjoy the outdoor fishing holiday, it's a wonderful family activity. The fishing scale with extra-wide handle is equipped with fluorescent buttons, which is more convenient to use at night. The portable fish scale has 3 reading options in LB,OZ,KG and a data lock function to keep the weight to read, so you can safely weigh the fish. The waterproof fishing scale is water resistant and can be immersed in 1m water for 30 minutes, which makes it convenient for you to take. The fish can firmly hold the fish without harming yourself or the fish. It is easy to measure weight with a strong split ring on the handle, which is a good use for an angler. When is memory storage and summation. Press the T/M button to save your current measurement, the digital fishing scale locks the data automatically. You can refer to them at any time, the memory position numbers are labeled from 0-8). It can record the total catch weights from 0-8 in the last position number. The fish scale is easy to carry and fit in your tackle box, pocket, or other bags. It has tare/zero functions to weigh fish inside the container without weighing the container itself. It's ideal for your fishing tour.

Brand: Runcl

👤Scale is better than most. I like that it has a wide handle, a backlight, and a gasket for storing 8 fish.

👤I haven't used it yet but it looks like it will work.

👤It's easy to use, and it gave me accurate readings when weighing fish.

👤Works are described. The scale folds up small enough to fit in my tackle box and has an easy to read screen. I think money was well spent.

👤Very fast shipping. The scale looks great. The bonus is the gripper.

👤Once I get to use it, I will enjoy it.

👤No funcionaba correctamente, se devolvi la caja abierta.


What is the best product for fishing scale and pliers?

Fishing scale and pliers products from Kastking. In this article about fishing scale and pliers you can see why people choose the product. Huntsman Outdoors and Cuda are also good brands to look for when you are finding fishing scale and pliers.

What are the best brands for fishing scale and pliers?

Kastking, Huntsman Outdoors and Cuda are some of the best brands that chosen by people for fishing scale and pliers. Find the detail in this article. Gemwon, Berkley and Booms Fishing are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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