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1. Rapala Touch Screen Tourney Scale

Rapala Touch Screen Tourney Scale

A large screen. A heavy-duty weigh-in or hook. Back-up memory. The system consists of 8 pieces. There are three weight display options. It is water resistant.

Brand: Rapala

👤I want to point out the differences between the scales. The 15lb scale has an accuracy of one ounce, while the 50lb scale has an accuracy of 4oz. I think the scales are the same. I use the 15lb version of the scale in my bass fishing tournament. I got a digital handheld scale a couple weeks early because I was unsure how well it would work. I was quite pleased when I figured out how to turn it on. Even though it is light-weight, it feels very sturdy. The grip is made of rubber and will not slip from your hands. I was concerned that the spring-clip clamp for securing fish to the scale wouldn't be very good at keeping hold of the fish, judging by the picture on the listing. I was wrong. It is a very strong piece of equipment that can hold on to a lot of weight. I didn't feel the need to change the clamp out with the included hook because it did so well on its own. The scale may not be very accurate because it is light-weight and digital. I found out that the scale calibrates every time you turn it on. I went around the house and found several items to weigh and see how accurate the scale was. It was dead on nine times out of ten, and it was within one ounce on 3lb and 5lb weights. If you're careless, it's possible to throw the calibration off. If you hold the scale up and keep it on, it will calibrate pretty accurately. I think the weighing inaccuracies are due to me moving the scale in-hand while turning it on. It was dead on when I figured out how to calibrate. The scale was good enough for the tournament. I would first test the scale with the 3lb weight to make sure it was accurate. I got accurate calibrations every time I practiced. The ability to be mobile was my greatest joy. We've had scales that needed a sturdy floor stand before. Being able to climb onto the live wells with this scale in hand was very convenient. The comments I got about the scale were my second biggest pleasure. One guy commented that he didn't trust the weights I got on his fish, so I welcomed him to pull out his scale and we'd compare. The total weight of the five fish was 18lb 9oz on my scale. He thought his fish was bigger than that, so he was surprised and upset. I can see that the included system is useful. The running total weight is only measured in 1/100th of a pound, so I didn't use the weight bins for calculating weight totals. I can tell you that the bins work, and would be handy if you wanted to use them. I am very pleased with this product. The touch screen requires a bit of pressure to operate, and the functions take a bit of learning to get used to. The backlight shuts off very quickly. The temperature readings are inaccurate because of the fact that you're in the sun or holding it in your hand. I don't think you'll find a better handheld scale for less than $40.

2. Measuring Portable Suitcase Comfortable Batteries

Measuring Portable Suitcase Comfortable Batteries

The world record for catch ruler is held by your boat. The fish scale with a blue backlit display is easy to read at night and is suitable for use outdoors. Their scale uses a high precision sensor to ensure accurate and consistent measurement up to 120lb. The luggage scale will lock the value when the weight is stable. You can still record the value if you remove the item from the hook. The handle of the fishing scale is made of plastic rubber and makes you feel comfortable hanging heavy objects. It's convenient to use your whole hand to grab the handle. Measuring Tape and a waterproof bag are built in. The included measuring tape can be used to measure items in cm or ft. You can measure what you weigh. It is waterproof and protects your fishing scale.

Brand: Meilen

👤I have been using different types of luggage scales for a long time. I wanted to upgrade my "old faithful". I was only able to use the scale once in 2020 because my trips had to be put on hold. The scale is useless because of the backlit display and random numbers that lock. I changed the batteries. Be careful. If I could, I would give this product a negative star. It isn't worth a dime.

👤This doesn't work. You don't know the weight because it never locks on a final one. You never get a final weight with two people.

👤The rubber grip on the handle can be bigger. It will be easier to use.

👤I used someone else before I bought this, it was great for weighing what you need.

👤This doesn't work. You don't know the weight because it never locks on a final one. You never get a final weight with two people.

👤This scale is harder to use than the previous one I bought. It's hard to know the exact weight of a suitcase because the weight reading fluctuates rather than "sticks" to a weight. It works but is not as easy to use as other scales.

👤I used this product to weigh my suitcase, but it didn't give me the actual weight of the bag, and I tried to weigh it several times, and each time it gave me a different weight than the previous weight...

👤It works great and I can't wait to use it when I go fishing.

👤This was bought at the same time as a cheap scale from the Rolson. Having verified the results of the digital scale with other scales I knew were accurate, I was able to pack the two large suitcases right to the weight limit. It's small enough to fit into your luggage and measure your bags when you return. It's easy to hold and lightweight. The metal hook is the only downside and you can use it to suspend larger items. If you need to hang something from the hook, it's easy to do because the unit self-tares when you power it up. You can swap between units with ease. The backlit display is useful. It is recommended.

👤We needed this to weigh our suitcases before we left. There were no problems with it. It was easy to use.

👤The scales were not big enough to hold a fish.

👤I use these to weigh newborn baby goats every day for the first few weeks of life to make sure they get a good start in life. They work well and are accurate.

3. Fishing Odowalker Electronic Hanging Killogram

Fishing Odowalker Electronic Hanging Killogram

It isdurable and long lasting. The hanging scale is easy to use. Digital scale with convenient weighing unit switch, data lock and auto off function. The weight is up to 100 lbs/ 50 kilo. The display is powered by 2 batteries. A portable digital scale with a metal hand strap. It's ideal for fishing, hunting, luggage, postal mailing, home use and so on.

Brand: Odowalker

👤I used a scale to verify the fish accuracy scale. The item weighed 2lb 9oz on the fish scale and 15oz on the calibrated scale. The scale is not returnable even though it is off by 6 ounces, and that is only weighing a small item. I used the scale the way the instructions said it should be used. The scale should be replaced. I felt sad and disappointed.

👤There are some problems with this device. If you measure the weight, it doesn't stable. The scale didn't lock when I lifted the suitcase for 15 seconds. 2. If you think you can manage it without a scale lock, think again. The display can't be seen from other angles. If you have someone help you or lift the bag to your head's height, you won't be able to get a reliable reading. 3. The scale seems to be sensitive. It keeps finding small movements in weight. I'm going to use an analogue scale next time.

👤It is easy to take when you travel.

👤Small, compact, and digital. I hope I don't get to the airport anymore because I am overweight.

4. Portable Luggage Electronic Measuring Batteries

Portable Luggage Electronic Measuring Batteries

The kit comes with a screwdriver, velvet pouch, and built-in 1m tape, all of which are included. High accuracy and clarity. The Digital Fish Scale with Tape Measure can weigh up to 100 lbs. A 100 pound increment is below 10 kilo. The scale will be accurate to 10g if it's above 10 kilograms. A sturdy hook. The Hanging Scale has a sturdy Hook at the bottom that can easily lift up luggage or big fishes. You can know their weights immediately. The weight unit can be changed by pressing the Unit Change Button. You can change the metric units for different people. It can be used with your own habits. There is a quotient of 5.6 in x 3.8 in x 1.25 in. There is a portable size. Each scale has a back-lit display, memory function, and Auto-Off to save battery life. 2 Pack Fish Scales with 2 Tape Measures and 4AAA Batteries, and their wonderful customer support are what you get. Feel free to contact them with any questions.

Brand: Kabuda

👤I like to fish at night and hold a heavy fish out of the scales to read the digital reading, so I bought a few different scales. I wanted scales that were readable with their little above or below your field of vision, so I bought more than one kind. I paid the same price for one scale that was the same price for both of them and they are identical items, so it's hard to have them higher or lower.

👤I had to order a new set. I ordered 2 sets of 2, so 4 total. After putting brand-new batteries in all 4 of them, they still didn't work. Replacements are okay.

👤I opened the box and saw the unit and thought it was perfect. I expected that. There are different units of measure, a small compact and the read out is clear.

👤I used this to make a scale. It works well.

👤The service was very fast. It's easy to weigh my dog.

👤They both fell apart.

5. Klau Portable Digital Hanging Backlight

Klau Portable Digital Hanging Backlight

The Mini pocket scale is portable and easy to carry. It is ready to meet your weighing needs. A useful pocket scale! Enjoy this absolutely risk-free purchase now! All of their products have a one year guarantee if you're not happy with your purchase. The Min.Cap. is 0.2 kilogram/0.4 and has a large capacity of. The Max.Cap.500 kilogram is 1000 lbs. The quality of the hook and loop is better for safety. When you first set the units to pounds, the memory keeps it there, so every time you turn the crane scale on it, it is ready to go. Press "TARE" if you are an auto or manual hold. The lock/unlock data function takes 2 seconds. "L-ON" means at the status of data locked automatically; "L-OF" means manual hold. It's suitable for weighing items that are hard to place on a platform scale.

Brand: Klau

👤I bought a scale to measure the tongue weight of my boat trailer. I used an engine hoist with the top connected to the lift hook with the supplied carabiner, and the trailer tongue connected to the scale with the supplied S-hook. The scale began recording the weight I was supposed to have on my trailer hitch as the trailer tongue lifted off the ground. The trailer tongue was dropped by the S-hook at 300 pounds, causing it to crash into the ground. If you are going to sell a scale that is 1000 lbs, you should have the same connections. I replaced the carabiner with a chain link one. Don't use the supplied ones!

👤I use this device to measure the weight of a propane tank to determine how much propane is being used each day. The results are not very consistent from day to day, but they are consistent in an individual series of measurements. The results are within 0.1 pounds when I weigh the tank three times in a row. If I weigh the tank 8 hours apart, the second set of measurements might be higher than the first. Overall, the device works well and is easy to use, however, it might not be the best for this application.

👤The scale works well. Zeroed out my lift chain. Picked up a rock, no problem. The scale went back to zero. Hardware is strong and no issues have been reported by others.

👤I was worried that it could hold 1,000 lbs. I'm sure the insides are up to the task. I think it uses strain gauge for measurement. I'm not sure. The plastic housing feels cheap. If you dropped it on cement, it would break.

👤It was off or my scales were off, but by less than 1lb. It was used to measure a sandrail frame and a transaxle. The weights are the same as what I find online and the frame is spot on according to weight by foot of tubing.

👤I work as a mechanic in my shop. I like the fact that the color is bright, which makes it easier to find. It is easy to lose the way it is placed on the scale if the hook is clipped onto it.

👤The scale is pretty accurate. I was using it to measure the tongue weight on my trailer and it reads 700 lbs at which point it says that it's been overload. If you're buying this for 700 lbs instead of the rated capacity, the scale is perfect and priced right. Look elsewhere.

👤I bought this to weigh an engine. The weight was close. When I weighed a known item, it was fairly accurate. It was very easy to change to pounds. The large display was easy to read.

👤This was exactly what we needed and it came on time. We might want to weigh something else at some point because it is far exceeds what we need. We used this to weigh a person who is handicapped and need to be moved on a lift. The patient was lifted over the bed by the sling straps on the scale, but it was very safe and secure. The weight of the sling should be subtracted for accuracy. We would recommend this scale.

6. Bonvoisin Industrial Portable Electronic Certified

Bonvoisin Industrial Portable Electronic Certified

It's suitable for weighing items that are hard to place on a platform scale. The crane scale has an accuracy of 500g with 3 ranges, 2 colors, and an optional silver and orange option. The reliability of the weighing results can be applied for measuring the weight of livestock, wood, precision machinery, automobile parts, etc. The hanging scale is made of quality material. The scale is made of aluminum. It is easy to carry with a light weight. There are multiple functions. The digital crane scale has 6 useful functions, including unit conversion, hold, zero, auto power-off, battery check, and warning overload. A large red digits display, clear reading in different environments, even in dark places, is what a large red digits display is. REMOTE CONTROL You can operate in a far distance with the remote controller on the electronic crane scale. There is a notice. The remote control can't turn on the scale.

Brand: Bonvoisin

👤I use it in many tasks and it works great, easy to read, but I still have to fine-tune it as it goes to idle, but that don't impede it, I like it to stay lit a bit longer.

👤Digital things can have a lot of fancy additional features, but at the expense of the basic task. The hook needs to be turned off and weighed. overloading will kill it. You don't know how much it weighs, that's the reason for weighing. I only use it once a year because batteries are dead.

👤It was very easy to use. Put in batteries, turn it on, and you're good to go. It's easy to read. I use it to weigh an aircraft. Works well. It is accurate. Within the stated tolerance. I would give it five stars for accuracy, but it weighs differently than lowering and raising repeatedly.

👤Works well. It is easy to connect to the item you are weighing. The metal hooks would make it easier to hook up.

👤I needed a scale to make sure I didn't overload the trailer. It is very easy to use. It worked well...

👤The box was opened and there were no batteries. Waiting for batteries to arrive is a false claim.

👤The weight goes away too fast if it isn't going up or down.

👤Works well. It is very easy to weigh a handicap man.

7. Digital Calibration Electronic Stainless Included

Digital Calibration Electronic Stainless Included

Made from the highest quality environmental materials. The hanging hook fish scale or weigh luggage is an accurate one. The Pocket Scale has a high precision sensor system that will give you instant and accurate results. There is no need to spend more money on this scale. There are 6 different measures. The digital scale can be used to convert measurement between in g/oz/ozt/dwt/ct/gn in seconds. It's convenient to choose the correct unit when using this scale. Indication. The gram pocket scale can alert users of low battery power. Power saving can be achieved by auto-off after 180 seconds of no use. The scale is easier to read with a backlit display. 50g caliberation weight is adequate. The jewelry scale has 50g of calibration weight so you can easily calibrate it. The Mini pocket scale is portable and easy to carry. It is ready to meet your weighing needs. A useful pocket scale! Enjoy this absolutely risk-free purchase now! All of their products have a one year guarantee if you're not happy with your purchase.

Brand: Amir

👤I use this scale in bowery and other crafts. The pros are 1. It's very accurate in the gn mode used in archery. 2. It's small for easy travel. A small. 3. The bright orange color of the case makes it easy to differentiate between tools. 4. Two strong magnets keep the lid closed. Plastic clips are likely to break. 5. Good battery life. 6. The display is easy to read. 7. Calibration weight is included. There are 8. The scale platform has a screen. This allows me to weigh arrows that don't fit on the scale pad. There are 9. The company cares about their product and the frequent emails for a review shows that. I appreciate that very much. The cons are 1. It must be adjusted frequently. I have to calibrate at every start up. A zero button would be nice. 2. Some fade on the screen when you touch it or remove it. I am concerned about the longevity of the screen. 3. When an object is removed, the scale will have a negative weight. I did this 10 times with the weight changing more than half the time. Accuracy becomes poor if the weight is not perfectly centered. I placed the weight in each corner and the center which gave me different results. I found that letting scale warm up produced better results. This information is included in the instruction manual and should be read carefully. 4. The hinges on the lid have been playing a lot. The magnets keep the lid closed. I expect the hinges to fail in the future. The lid can easily be opened and closed. 5. There is no seal on the battery cover. I don't plan to get my scale wet, but batteries can be damaged by leaking gases, so I'm not going to ground myself. This is normal and not a fault of the scale. I believe that the worn contacts will start to rust and create a mess. If your child's toy has batteries in it for more than 6 months, it's time to replace it. There is a chance that you will find rust and corrosion there. 6. The manual does not include a scale conversion chart or weight definition. I'm lazy with my research, but I can just get on a computer and find what I'm looking for. I don't know what dwt means or how it is used. I was hesitant to make this a con because I didn't buy a chart or scale. The question is for $20.00. Would I buy it again or recommend it to a friend? There is a I would buy it again. I think I got a better product than I paid for. I found that most comparable products bought from a store would cost me more if not twice as much. It's a happy yes if you recommend a friend. There would be very few issues to speak of if this were kept at work or a store front. If a person was in a more hostile environment, I would recommend a different scale. My opinion is that any tool performs best when applied correctly. If Brifit would like to target the archery community, I would suggest that he go to Malta Archery. He is well known and respected for his reviews. CH Archery would be another one. You can find several if you search for it. I don't know any of them, but the archery community is bigger than people think. Scales are used by everyone, even amatures like myself. Thanks Kevin Vandenburg.

8. SNAIL TRAIL Recording Included Tournament

SNAIL TRAIL Recording Included Tournament

Other useful functions are Retractable Ruler, Backlight, Tare, Weight Lock and Auto-off. The scale has a 2.2-inch reverse backlit screen that allows clear display in both dark and bright environments. It allows quick reference of weights. 8 of your best catches are recorded and automatically ranked on the lower row while real-time weight is displayed on the top row. It allows one-click operation by having 8 physical buttons on its body. You can use it without an instruction, there is no hidden button or complex operation. The scale ensures fish-friendly catches and releases up to 50 lbs. The weight units are 3. /oz. decimal lbs. & lbs.

Brand: Snail Trail

👤I went to their website because there weren't any reviews and it said that it floats. I can confirm that it doesn't float. I would have been more careful with it on my kayak if I had known that. I used it one time and it worked great. The only reason I am giving it 3 stars is because of the false advertising on their website.

👤I can't say that this product is great, but it looks good. There are no positives to tell you about doing it. It only works when it works. When a fish is tried to be weighed, nothing happens. If I take the fish off the hook it will try to show a weight. The fish should be put back on. I should have thrown my money in the lake. You can do better if you come on the snail trail.

👤The scale is great for the price. I checked this scale when I received it and it was within.01) ounces. I am very satisfied with the purchase of this scale, I have weighed a lot of fish with it. I would buy it again.

👤A scale to measure a variety of objects. I use it on my trips to measure food. It is cheap for its quality. Definitely recommended!

👤You can save the weights and keep track of the total catch. If you throw one back, you have to remove individual weights.

👤The weights are fairly accurate and the option to save the weights of your catches is available.

👤Used once and worked well. The screen on the new screen only shows half the data. The batteries still do not work after being changed. I would really appreciate a refund.

9. Farsaw Waterproof Measuring One Piece Batteries

Farsaw Waterproof Measuring One Piece Batteries

IPX7 is a waterproof digital hanging scale with 2xAAA batteries, fast weight and auto hold. Even if it's accidentally dropped in the water, it's still super accurate. It's an ideal scale for fishing. Digital fish scale and fish ruler. It is easy to use on anything with the 40in built-in measuring tape. It's simple to get the data you want, take it wherever you go fishing or weigh things. The Extra Wide Handle Fish Weight Scale is easy to use. A high carbon steel hook is sturdy and can hold up to 120lb. It is easy to store and use on fishing trips. 3 Units Changeable Read Easily and Clearly: Backlit digital fish scale, capacity from 0.1lb-110lb, high precision, and easy-to-read, easily switch reading betweenlb/oz, and the screen is very visible, you can see it when a dark and low light situation

Brand: Farsaw

👤The hook has a rounded edge which makes it hard to get a weight on a fish. I wasn't smart enough to trust how frustrating the rounded hook can be.

👤The barbell plates produced the right results when I tested them. I will use this around the shop, not for fish, so it is helpful that it can handle up to 50 kilogrammes.

👤The seller replaced my first one quickly.

👤My brother is an avid fisherman. I used my old reliable scales to check the results. The results are the same. Waiting for the fishing to start.

👤It works well and feels good.

👤The scale is good, it has a nice hook and a belt to grab larger objects. It gives the units of lbs, oz and lbs. Nice buttons. We have a tape that we use to measure weights. It was worth the money.

👤This product worked great when I used it over the weekend. My people are not tech savvy. The kit had a screwdriver and batteries. It's perfect in the tackle box.

👤It was easy for my 7 year old to weigh a bass.

10. RUNCL Waterproof Fishing Gripper Non Slip

RUNCL Waterproof Fishing Gripper Non Slip

Share your successes. The scale and phone app work together to take photos of your trophy fish with a camera control button on the scale. The fishing scale is designed to meet IPX7 waterproof standards, with extra-wide comfortable handle and bigger hook, it's easy to hold. The data locking makes it easy to read the value at night and day. The Runcl fish scale has non-slip handles and easy-open jaws, which helps firmly hold the fish with one hand, and allows you to safely lift, weigh, photograph, and quickly release your catch without harming yourself or the fish. The waterproof scale can weigh up to 50 kilogram/110lb, and the smallest unit is 50g, with 40in built-in tape, which makes it easy to measure. One dismountable soft strap is provided to protect your items from being hurt. There is memory storage and summation. The portable weighing scale tells you the max value amongst them and you can even add all of them together by pushing the "T" button. The kit comes with a screwdriver, velvet pouch, and built-in 1m tape, all of which are included.

Brand: Runcl

👤I returned the Runcl FS300 waterproof fishing scale because of a number of reasons.

👤It works well for glory pics. It's not perfect all the time. It can be on or off. There is no big deal. The average weight I put on was 5# and it was 20 times. After it dried out, I dropped it in the water and it still worked great.

👤The scale is small for storing in your jacket pocket or boat. It was pretty accurate to within a couple ounces. The clip is good for securely holding a bigmouth. It's also waterproof.

👤He said it was pretty accurate and he was excited to receive it for Christmas. He is looking forward to fishing in the spring when the weather is nicer.

👤The scale works well. It was also accurate when compared to my friends scale. A great purchase!

👤I have used the scales on a basket for kids fishing outings.

👤Awesome scale for money. Runcl is a great company and I highly recommend their products, they are very easy to use and have a lil screwdriver to change batteries.

👤I used this for my luggage at the airport and it was perfect.

11. Tyhocent Portable Electronic Measuring Included

Tyhocent Portable Electronic Measuring Included

2 Pack Fish Scales with 2 Tape Measures and 4AAA Batteries, and their wonderful customer support are what you get. Feel free to contact them with any questions. The Digital Fishing Scale has a 165LB/75KG Capacity, a screen that displays weight in LB, JIN, OZ, and temperature. The temperature of the chip is different from the ambient temperature when the scale is working. There are Powerful Built-in Tape. Which measure the objects in CM/FT. The Back Slot has a Concealed Steel Hook. Hang on the goods to show its weight after the scale is on. If the lock function is on, the goods weight will be locked, the buzzer will sound, and the lock symbol will be displayed. Can add more goods by pressing the "on/off" key. It is powered by 2 xAAA batteries and can automatically turn off after 2 minutes.

Brand: Tyhocent

👤The bizz are used to weigh out baggage for flights to make sure you don't over pack. I used mine for international travel and it was within the airline baggage scale. I'm sure to catch some heavy Alaskan fish this summer with a 165lb weight cap. It works well for money.

👤It seems to be correct. It's good to use it around work for weight loss. It's easy to carry around.

👤The product is nice. Would purchase again.

👤I'm not sure about the accuracy. I bought a digital postal scale and a hanging scale. I get two different results for the same item. I need to find something with a known weight to determine which scale is accurate.

👤The product has multiple functions.

👤It's easy to use and I like it. The handle is comfortable to hold and the sound is loud, which makes me hear clearly.


What is the best product for fishing scale digital?

Fishing scale digital products from Rapala. In this article about fishing scale digital you can see why people choose the product. Meilen and Odowalker are also good brands to look for when you are finding fishing scale digital.

What are the best brands for fishing scale digital?

Rapala, Meilen and Odowalker are some of the best brands that chosen by people for fishing scale digital. Find the detail in this article. Kabuda, Klau and Bonvoisin are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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