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1. Booms Fishing Gripper Largest Built

Booms Fishing Gripper Largest Built

You can weigh fish up to 40 lbs. with an integrated scale with two units of accurate measurement. The length is 9.45 inches. It's suitable for people who want to know the fish weight when fishing. The manual adjustment scales have a spring loaded scale which can help you know fish weight once you lift it. Single hand operation is easy because of the design of built-in spring at front top. It is made from polished steel and can be used in freshwater or saltwater. The handle is coated with quality foam EVA and has a stable grip.

Brand: Booms Fishing

👤This is great for catfish that are under 3 pounds. They will work in larger panfish. They allow removal of hooks without fear. They won't let go once they are hooked. The bigger the fish, the better. This would help a bigger fish. It is great to have these when fishing by yourself. These don't float are in the product description. They are gone if you drop them in water. If you attach a fish to them, you kill the fish. It's nice to be able to grab these and have the fish under control. It gives the fish a better chance of survival.

👤This is a decent fish grip. In the photos, I am showing it holding a large amount of weight. The weight. The fish grip is between 6-7 lbs. I show a cheap Chinese scale that shows the weight as just a hair over 10 lbs. The wire was tied around it. The scale model fish grip and the model without the scale were purchased by me. The model without the scale has a better fish grip than the model with the scale. If the scale worked, I'd give it 5 stars, but it's so inaccurate that it can't be used as intended. The no scale model is an excellent bargain.

👤I swap out my hooks on split rings attached to lures all the time, which results in screwed up finger nails, lots of getting stabbed and a lot of frustration. While sitting on the dock for five minutes trying to get a stupid hook on a stupid split ring, I thought there has to be a better way. And then I found this. Game changing. I like the little notch in the bottom that helps hold the ring in place, I did my homework on this one. It was the first time I tried it on the 4 and 5 split rings, not sure how it would work on larger sizes, but for what I'm doing night and day difference is an understatement. It works like a charm.

👤When you catch that big one, it will rip this little gizmo out of your hands. Lesson to be learned from my experience: see the strap at the end. It's there for a reason and you should use it. There is a huge Northern pike in Canada. I confess, I'm blonde and a girl.

👤I need to save my hand from the scales and teeth. This works well. It doesn't hurt the fish. It allow you to pop a bubble without touching the fish. One side... The scale broke. It was sticky sliding up and down. For the price and intended use. To weight the fish... Forget it.

👤I measured one fish with the tape measure after using this item 3 times. I only used this item in saltwater. I don't know if the weight scale is correct, but the tape measure is dissolving, which is very handy. It is heavily rusted and the white painting is starting to come off. I think it will be useless over time.

2. Fiblink Stainless Steel Portable Grabber

Fiblink Stainless Steel Portable Grabber

The weight capacity is 15KG, it's great for fishing. Sturdy structure. The main part is made of steel. One-hand operation, built in high quality spring, make the jaw more tension. The jaws are open and the grip hooks are loaded with springs. The smart design of the lanyard, hook and anti-skid handle ensures that the product will never slip out of your hand. You can weigh fish up to 40 lbs. with an integrated scale with two units of accurate measurement. The length is 9.45 inches.

Brand: Fiblink

👤I fish shallow water in South Florida. This is a good deal. This is shorter than the expensive brand named grip scales, but for most species it will work, although it would probably not use for toothy species. Scales are tested for accuracy as part of an active fishing club. The scale was perfect from 1# to 40# out of the box. Can't beat the price.

👤I bought this for my trip to Canada. It held up well after being used for a week by my father and I. We caught mostly 20 to 24" Walleye and Northern's up to 40". I took one star off because of the tape measure and scale. The tape measure needs to be guided back into the roll. It's unfortunate because it's easy to measure the fish to see if they were in the slot. The scale doesn't work well if you're over 6 pounds. It did register accurately when I tested it on a 6lb. weight. We caught a bunch of Northern's that thrashed around quite a bit, and the gripper worked perfectly not letting them get loose. It didn't destroy any lips, which is a plus. If you don't want to use the tape measure long term, I would recommend this. I will be going to Canada in September and will be trying another brand of tape measure, unless there is a way to replace my current tape measure. You can't go wrong for around fifteen bucks. It was easy to grab the fish from the water. If I can figure out a way to replace the tape measure, I'll update.

👤I have used the fish lib grabber to catch largemouth bass. The numbers are hard to read for my older eyes. I would be able to read the numbers in the bright sunshine if they had black paint on them. It appears to be sturdy and well made. I would buy again.

👤I am generally satisfied with it. I believe the spring inside may be standard spring steel. The tape measure is similar to regular steel tape. The weight is hard to read because the markings are not deep etched. If you hold the scale by the handle, it will affect the accuracy because the handle will compress and bind against the slide. It's meant to be held by the cord, which can be awkward with a heavy fish, because you need the weight markings at eye level to see them. The handle can be twisted to make it possible to calibrate. It will hold its calibration well, because it does not twist easily. It's well made, but could use some refining.

👤I recently purchased a portable fish lip gripper and I'm very pleased. I have used it on 3 fish and it works. There is nothing that would make me think that this is not a quality product and it is a bargain. I recommend it for anyone who wants an easy way to measure and weigh their catch. The scale graduations are hard to read with my tired eyes, I agree with the other reviewer.

3. KastKing Water Resistant Digital Scale

KastKing Water Resistant Digital Scale

Their digital hanging scale can be used to weigh a lot of things. It is possible to quickly and accurately weigh fish or other items in either pounds or ounces. You can store up to 9 different weights with the memory function. The high- strength frame is light but strong. The handle and side are coated with a slip resistant coating. The scale has a strong hook to hold fish, luggage or packages. The scale is small in size and big in features. It has a back-lit digital display, memory function, auto-off after 4 minutes of non-use to save batteries, and 2AAA batteries. Nopuncture design will not harm fish while holding it firmly in place for release, photos or for checking weight. Wrist lanyard and floating design will not sink if dropped in water. The ring on the handle is strong enough to hang from a scale. It's great for predator fish with sharp teeth.

Brand: Kastking

👤I've been looking for an affordable fishing scale for a long time. Many scales were out of my price range or were cheap, but not well made. I found the perfect combination when I bought this. The weighing system is easy to use. It is easy to understand and has features to keep track of a long day on the water. You don't need to put the scale tip under the gill plate if you grab the fish with the grabber and attach it to the scale. This is a product that I would recommend to anyone.

👤I like it if it goes up to 100 lbs, but with the plastic handle it may not hold up to that weight, and the measuring tape is hard to get out with wet fish.

👤It worked out okay. The batteries may have been old when received. Out of 3,Indicated 1 bar. The lip gripper worked well. The scale does not float. If you fish and paddle, get a boat that floats. Buttons are not easy to learn. At least they didn't claim it was waterproof. I didn't test accuracy.

👤You can always find great value on the fishing gear you need. I've been playing the guessing game for a long time when it comes to fishing, so when I saw that Kastking had a new combo, I jumped on it. The scale is small. It's easy to read with the backlight on or off. The lip grip seems to hold up well. I haven't tried the floating feature of the grip yet, but I don't plan to because of the lanyard that comes with them.

👤The scale is very affordable and easy to use, the instructions were very specific on how to use the scale, change the units and the memory option. The fishing add-on has a good grip and is helpful to get the fish out of the water. It's a great option to have on the fishing gear.

👤I wanted to see how much catfish I caught was weighed. I was surprised by the scale. The fish grippers are pretty decent. If you need a scale and don't want to spend a lot of money, I would recommend it.

👤I bought this scale because it can be used for anything you want to weigh. Another scale that doesn't go this high is made by Kastking. Both scales are easy to use. When you need it now. No more waiting for the scales to be set up while you wait for the fish to come in.

👤Product arrived as described. The scale is accurate.

4. Piscifun Gripper Waterproof Electronic Stainless

Piscifun Gripper Waterproof Electronic Stainless

All season pack for Hook2-4X. Powerful and Durable - Rugged high-grade steel construction for long-term dependability in fresh and saltwater environments. The loading capacity is up to 60lb. The new fish gripper is water resistant. It can maintain high work efficiency in all weather conditions. The large easy-to-read display is big enough to see in pictures, and the scale handle rotates at full tilt for best viewing and control. The function of memory and dual mode. The digital scale has a large backlit LCD, a memory mode to save and display up to 10 weight readings, push button selection of pounds/ounces or kilograms, and power saving auto-shut off with a low battery indicator. The scale and LCD are powered by batteries. Piscifun is dedicated to offering high quality, affordable fishing gear. One year of peace of mind warranty!

Brand: Piscifun

👤I have had scales like this in the past that did not work well, so I was skeptical when I ordered. I was very happy with the scale I received. After taking it out of the package, I could tell that the jaws were strong and could handle large fish. I tested the digital scale with my expensive tournament scales and it was accurate. The scale has an easy to use screen that allows for easy weighing of the fish and it's one of my favorite features. I would definitely purchase this again.

👤I fish from a kayak a lot. I catch fish most of the time. I would like to accurately weigh the fish, but this Piscifun Fish Lip Gripper with Scale just won't do it. First time out, caught a large bass and tried to weigh it, the batteries were dead. I've given this piece of equipment more than enough chances, so I'm done. I've had two large fish shake off this thing while trying to get a picture, it doesn't hold fish well enough to keep it for a gripper. The scale/gripper is a bust, I have tackle bags and baitcast reels from this company, but save your money, boys and girls.

👤It's a good scale for most of the time. The fish/lip gripper works well and the hand grip is awesome. It is hard to turn on and off. The wrist strap is not comfortable. That's all. Don't use this for anything that requires extreme precision.

👤The digital meter stopped working when I used it three times. There is water under the glass. The batteries were good when I checked them. Water got inside the scale after it failed. TheTRACTION- I contacted customer support and they made it right. I will use the replacement hoping the scale doesn't fail again. Four stars for the unit. The customer service received 5 stars. All is fine if no more replies are forthcoming. The replacement did the same thing. The digital scale portion is not recommended. The grabber works well.

👤I love this thing so much. The fish scale is the first thing that comes with the gripper. This is strong. The jaws are made of high quality steel. It's over my mind when I'm up to 60 lbs. The waterproof design is my favorite feature. They said the scale can hold up for 5 minutes. I will not allow it to sink in the water for 5 minutes. I want it back immediately. When you push the Power switch for a few seconds, it will light the reading screen which can help you read the numbers at dark situation. It's too early to use it for night fishing. I am completely amazed at this tool. Now is the time to grab yours.

👤The Piscifun fish does everything I need it to do. The scales are reset after the jaws are clipped to the lip of the fish. The readings are very easy to read and you can even save the weights and look at them later. For sunny days and night time back lighting. The only complaint I have is that the screen scratches easily so be careful. I am so happy!

5. Tyhocent Portable Electronic Measuring Included

Tyhocent Portable Electronic Measuring Included

2 Pack Fish Scales with 2 Tape Measures and 4AAA Batteries, and their wonderful customer support are what you get. Feel free to contact them with any questions. The Digital Fishing Scale has a 165LB/75KG Capacity, a screen that displays weight in LB, JIN, OZ, and temperature. The temperature of the chip is different from the ambient temperature when the scale is working. There are Powerful Built-in Tape. Which measure the objects in CM/FT. The Back Slot has a Concealed Steel Hook. Hang on the goods to show its weight after the scale is on. If the lock function is on, the goods weight will be locked, the buzzer will sound, and the lock symbol will be displayed. Can add more goods by pressing the "on/off" key. It is powered by 2 xAAA batteries and can automatically turn off after 2 minutes.

Brand: Tyhocent

👤The bizz are used to weigh out baggage for flights to make sure you don't over pack. I used mine for international travel and it was within the airline baggage scale. I'm sure to catch some heavy Alaskan fish this summer with a 165lb weight cap. It works well for money.

👤It seems to be correct. It's good to use it around work for weight loss. It's easy to carry around.

👤The product is nice. Would purchase again.

👤I'm not sure about the accuracy. I bought a digital postal scale and a hanging scale. I get two different results for the same item. I need to find something with a known weight to determine which scale is accurate.

👤The product has multiple functions.

👤It's easy to use and I like it. The handle is comfortable to hold and the sound is loud, which makes me hear clearly.

6. Fishfun Digital Fishing Accurate Electronic

Fishfun Digital Fishing Accurate Electronic

The HEETA electronic fish scale has a number of specialized functions, like auto power off, overload, Data locking, and overload indication. The fish scales use pure aluminum alloy as the sensor to ensure consistent accurate measurement from 50g to 110lb/50kg; the metal structure, reinforcedABS outshell with high strengthstainless steel hook bear 50g weight safely. The electronic balance is reliable. Fishing gifts are perfect for men. The digital fish scale is long and portable, with a large handle, and is easy to use. Fishfun hanging hook scale is not only for static load. It can be set to test bow draw weight easily, and it can also track a weight as it is adjusted, no need to reset and reweigh. It's convenient to weigh things in a container. The included alkaline batteries have high capacity and can be switched off after 2 minutes. There is no need to change batteries frequently. The quick release mechanism holds strong and releases with ease and can be used to securely hold large catches or quickly weigh a fish.

Brand: Fishfun

👤I bought this to take on a kayaking trip. It looked like it was decent quality when I got it. I put the batteries in and it turned on. Each function was expected to work. I had the scale in my backpack because it said it was water resistant, even though it was only a 4 day kayaking trip. The scale was on when I hung my bag up to dry for the night after some water got in it. There was water in the display part of the screen when I looked closer. When I opened it, I had to take the batteries out to turn it off. It was all rusted. The bag of water was completely fried when I woke up the next morning. It is definitely not water resistant. Sorry for a long review. Buying a name brand such as Rapala or buying one at Bass Pro Shop/Cabelas is worth the extra money.

👤I like that this scale has a tape measure, and I am impressed with the quality of it. How long the lip holder will last is questionable. I think it's a free bonus gift. If you are looking for a scale that is easy to use and good quality, this one is a good value.

👤The fish grabber is too small. I thought the grabber would be big enough to handle 20 lbs of fish. The picture makes the grabber bigger.

👤It seems like a nice scale with a nice finish. One of the selling points was to measure the peak weight that I would like to use for setting the drag on my lever drag reels but unfortunately, after carefully following the instructions many times, I am unable to access this function. I will need to go to the hardware store to replace the screws because they were ferous and will rust in short order.

👤The first time I used it, the plastic end cap that holds the cords on the fish holder came off. The end cap wouldn't hold them back in. The scale is made overseas and not user friendly.

👤The product is a waste of natural resources. It looks alright after being received. It starts, can function and is not glitchy. The string to plier tool comes loose during the first use. It is not possible to hang heavier fish after first use. It seems like it's still working after a second use. The measuring tape, battery case and back of the unit were rusted yesterday before being used for the third time. The unit doesn't start anymore. This product is easy to use and should be taken off the market. We can do better.

👤The batteries were dead in about a week after installation. The second set of Duracells was dead in a week. The batteries are dead again after it was pulled out to go fishing. The unit was put back in the box.

👤My dad is a fisherman who runs a charter boat in the summer and I bought him a Christmas gift. Some people want the experience but don't want to touch the fish so the fish hooks are a great way to not get your hands messy and the tourists love to have the total package and whole experience of weighing the fish. Great purchase!

7. Rapala RHCDS50 High Contrast

Rapala RHCDS50 High Contrast

Attachable 48 in/1. 2 M tape measure. Enhanced viewing can be achieved with reverse image display. The Directional Pad is being operated.

Brand: Rapala

👤It is a 9oz off on 2lb weight and over 3oz on the 4lb weight as seen in the pictures, but I only have a small criticism. What do people expect from a 40 dollar scale? I don't care what the bass weighs if it's under 4 lbs. I would use my old scale if I thought it was way off. This scale does well in any case. I have yet to weigh anything in the double digit range but I think it will perform just as well under those conditions as it would in the North.

👤I sent my unit to the certifying agency. It is very easy to use. The only complaint is remembering the sequence of buttons to clear weights. It is very easy to see the contrast color. The grip is a little on the week side, but it has been working well. If you're looking for an accurate scale, I recommend this.

👤The tournament model is too big to fit in a small pack. The weights were checked with weight standards and it was quite accurate. I just need to catch some fish. The metal hook and vise grip will probably be used based on other users thoughts.

👤The product seems to work well the first day we use it. The accuracy is off. Most of the fish we weighed were less than 30 ounces. That makes a big difference when fishing for bass. We tried to use it again a few days later and it wouldn't power on because of the water in the screen. We had a waterproof compartment in the boat and it confused us that the device was wet. We've used it about a dozen times and it only powered on 2 times. I wouldn't recommend this product.

👤The design looks cool but the use of many buttons does not match the menu in the browser. If you hold the button down for more than 3 seconds, the measurement units change sequence will be activated. Saving the weight readings into each of the 5 memories slot is just as difficult. What can I say about the backlighting that makes reading hard? There is no need for more than one row of readings.

👤It was taken out fishing one day. It worked, but only if you were off on weight. It won't give a weight to anything next time. I fooled with it and went through the instructions at home, but it's still not working. I was going to throw it in the trash but my wife persuaded me to return it. I wouldn't recommend buying it.

👤The product has one purpose and only one purpose. To weigh the fish that you catch. It is a simple setup. The batteries are not provided and there is a power on button. Simple right? No. This product will die on you without warning and will not turn back on again. I replaced them with a brand new pack after I thought they were dead. Nope, still dead. I tried to change the duration of time I held the power button for. There is nothing left. Either I got a dud unit or something. I will not be buying one from Rapala again. Two stars for accuracy and ease of use.

8. Keador Gripper Measure Portable Stainless Steel

Keador Gripper Measure Portable Stainless Steel

It is powered by 2 xAAA batteries and can automatically turn off after 2 minutes. The Keador fish grip is made of 304 steel. The components of the tube and tube won't break down in saltwater and will last a long time. The fish grabber will not be affected by the salt water. The length and weight of the fish scale meet the needs of most anglers. The scale can measure the length of the fish body and the weight of the fish. Their fishing scales can weigh up to 33 pounds and meet the needs of most people. The fish gripper has a tape measure of up to 3 feet and is very durable. The handle of this fish lip gripper is made of high density EVA material, which is both slippery and comfortable. The 304stainless steel is very strong. The closing clip will not loosen when it is tightened. This fish lip is easy to use. The handle design of the fish holder makes it more comfortable to use. You just need to pull thetrigger first and then hook the fish head. They put customers satisfaction their top priority. If you have any problems, please contact them. They will be happy to help.

Brand: Keador

👤I haven't used it yet, but I think you get what you pay for. The mechanism isn't very smooth to open the jaws, maybe it just needs some lubrication or wear n tear to smooth out, not overly concerned about that. The scale doesn't move unless you yank it. The weight didn't move after being lifted. It's okay. I believe it will serve my purpose.

👤I got this to replace a cheap one, and I'm pleasantly surprised by the quality. It is not top of the line. Definitely worth the money. I also bought a set that had the same thing. Will change my opinion after using it.

👤Love the product first. This product isn't for wade fishermen or kayakers who will use it in salt water. You'll love it if it's on a boat or in fresh water. Calle when you create a model. I'll be back.

👤The overall appearance is not up to par. I will eat my shoe if it lasts a year in salt water. The lip grip is not perfect but it works. The tape measure location is perfect and whoever thought of this should be on a Yacht. If it lasts a year, I would probably buy it again, but I would look for an American made product first.

👤It was nice enough for the cheaper one. It looked as though it might have been a return. I thought about taking the star away, but it did not take off and I will get it much dirtier than that. I like yard sales. I don't like getting new products back. It seems like good construction. Have yet to use up all of their resources.

👤Better products are out there.

👤It was bought for a spouse to keep in the boat.

👤There's nothing bad about the fish gripper.

9. OtooKing Backlight Electronic Measuring Batteries

OtooKing Backlight Electronic Measuring Batteries

The weight units are 3. /oz. decimal lbs. & lbs. The digital scale with measuring tape can weigh up to 100LB and can be extended to 5ft. or kilo. The handle of the fishing scale is made of plastic rubber, which makes it comfortable to hang heavy objects. It's convenient to use your whole hand to grab the handle. It comes with back light for low light and evening conditions and an easy to read display for enhanced viewing even in direct sunlight. The large and durable hook concealed in the back slot is convenient for you to hook up and remove from fish's mouth, luggage and everything in between. Data lock function holds the weight for convenient reading, auto-off saves power for maximum battery life, over load indication avoids damage, and low battery indication lets you know when to replace the twoAAA batteries. Friendly warranty support is part of the Super Guarantee. Gave mine to a friend and they love it. It is the best they have ever owned.

Brand: Otooking

👤Great device. It's handy to have. It's great to make sure the length and weight of the fish we catch are known to the Game Warden. It was easy to use. Large digital numbers are easy to read. The Digital Fish Scale has something included. Well packaged, it arrived.

👤The fishing scale will weigh up to a 100 lbs 50 lbs fish. I have already used this scale and compared it to a scale that measures up to 50 lbs and caught a 30 pound spoonbill, and it is very accurate. The spoonbill on the tape measure is the same as the one on the scale tape measuring tape, which is 39.5 inches. Adding the back light to the equation is an added plus. You don't need a flashlight to read the scale in the dark, you just pull it out and know how much it weights. There is no light to see the measurement. You need someone to hold a flashlight to measure your fish. This scale is well worth the money for its compact size and its ability to fit in any tackle box and in your pocket.

👤It was easy to use. It appears to be correct. It is very easy to replace twoAAA batteries, and they are cheaper to use. I don't know how long they will last, so the jury is still out on that. The readings are easy to see because of the blue light background.

👤It's great to check the weight of food items at the grocery store. I now know which stores include the weight of the packaging, and which bag of apples has a little more. It's a good idea to check the weight of your luggage.

👤This was in a plastic bag and not in a box. The scale was ripped from the box when it was delivered and the batteries were floating in the bag. It doesn't work.

👤This product was damaged. The silver lining on the buttons looks like it was scratched off. The battery case is rusty. I put the batteries in to see if it worked.

👤The scale was cheap but the batteries were dead and the scale felt flimsy. Excellent buy.

👤The package is torn, the batteries are old and the unit is dirty. I am waiting to get gloves so I haven't tested if the scale works. I am not happy.

10. Rapala Touch Screen Tourney Scale

Rapala Touch Screen Tourney Scale

A large screen. A heavy-duty weigh-in or hook. Back-up memory. The system consists of 8 pieces. There are three weight display options. It is water resistant.

Brand: Rapala

👤I want to point out the differences between the scales. The 15lb scale has an accuracy of one ounce, while the 50lb scale has an accuracy of 4oz. I think the scales are the same. I use the 15lb version of the scale in my bass fishing tournament. I got a digital handheld scale a couple weeks early because I was unsure how well it would work. I was quite pleased when I figured out how to turn it on. Even though it is light-weight, it feels very sturdy. The grip is made of rubber and will not slip from your hands. I was concerned that the spring-clip clamp for securing fish to the scale wouldn't be very good at keeping hold of the fish, judging by the picture on the listing. I was wrong. It is a very strong piece of equipment that can hold on to a lot of weight. I didn't feel the need to change the clamp out with the included hook because it did so well on its own. The scale may not be very accurate because it is light-weight and digital. I found out that the scale calibrates every time you turn it on. I went around the house and found several items to weigh and see how accurate the scale was. It was dead on nine times out of ten, and it was within one ounce on 3lb and 5lb weights. If you're careless, it's possible to throw the calibration off. If you hold the scale up and keep it on, it will calibrate pretty accurately. I think the weighing inaccuracies are due to me moving the scale in-hand while turning it on. It was dead on when I figured out how to calibrate. The scale was good enough for the tournament. I would first test the scale with the 3lb weight to make sure it was accurate. I got accurate calibrations every time I practiced. The ability to be mobile was my greatest joy. We've had scales that needed a sturdy floor stand before. Being able to climb onto the live wells with this scale in hand was very convenient. The comments I got about the scale were my second biggest pleasure. One guy commented that he didn't trust the weights I got on his fish, so I welcomed him to pull out his scale and we'd compare. The total weight of the five fish was 18lb 9oz on my scale. He thought his fish was bigger than that, so he was surprised and upset. I can see that the included system is useful. The running total weight is only measured in 1/100th of a pound, so I didn't use the weight bins for calculating weight totals. I can tell you that the bins work, and would be handy if you wanted to use them. I am very pleased with this product. The touch screen requires a bit of pressure to operate, and the functions take a bit of learning to get used to. The backlight shuts off very quickly. The temperature readings are inaccurate because of the fact that you're in the sun or holding it in your hand. I don't think you'll find a better handheld scale for less than $40.

11. Waterproof Floating Weighing Summation Include Fishing

Waterproof Floating Weighing Summation Include Fishing

If you are not satisfied with the product or results, please contact them. The fishing scale can be waterproof and float water. If it falls into the water, it will float. The fishing gear can record and store up to 8 different weights, and get a number with the simple press of the button. Lift the fish scale vertically, after the measurement data is stable, it will be locked. The weight range is 0-110 pounds, and it can be changed according to your needs. The fishing scale will turn off when it is not being used. The Lip Gripper includes a 9 inch lip that won't hurt you or the fish, and a one hand grip that holds the fish firmly and safely. The size of the Carry Bag is 11.2 inches x 8 inches x 1.2 inches, which is the best gift for friends and family.

Brand: Fulgati

👤I wanted to buy a reliable one. I looked at the site and it fit the bill.


What is the best product for fishing scale gripper?

Fishing scale gripper products from Booms Fishing. In this article about fishing scale gripper you can see why people choose the product. Fiblink and Kastking are also good brands to look for when you are finding fishing scale gripper.

What are the best brands for fishing scale gripper?

Booms Fishing, Fiblink and Kastking are some of the best brands that chosen by people for fishing scale gripper. Find the detail in this article. Piscifun, Tyhocent and Fishfun are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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